Once Upon a Time Renewed Season 6

Once Upon a Time Renewed for Season 6

Just days before launching the back half of Season 5, ABC’s Once Upon a Time has scored a renewal for Season 6.

Series co-creator Adam Horowitz, as he did last year, announced the pick-up news via Twitter on Thursday afternoon:

TVLine’s hand-carved Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

Interestingly, the early renewal announcement comes barely two weeks after ABC shook up its upper management, replacing entertainment chief Paul Lee with Channing Dungey.

Season-to-date, the fantastical drama series — which starting Sunday is heading to the Underworld — is averaging 5 million weekly viewers and a 1.6 demo rating, down about 25 percent from its Season 4 cycle. With Live+7 DVR playback, those numbers grow to 7.3 mil/2.6, ranking sixth and fifth among ABC’s dramas.

As scooped this week by TVLine, Once is currently casting the recurring roles of two sparring brothers, to debut at season’s end and continue on into Season 6.

What are you hopes and wishes for Once‘s sixth season?

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  1. ABG says:

    Great, but enough with the memory curses and the half-season new characters no one cares about.

  2. eric7740 says:

    Perhaps, Final Season??? Please let the show go out on somewhat of a high note!!! I love OUAT but if the ratings continue to dwindle, please don’t let it go beyond season 6. Thank you.

    • James T. Kirk© says:

      Exactly my thoughts, I hoped they stopped at the end of season 5 with a nice “and they lived happily ever after” :-)

  3. Kelly says:

    Fantastic news!

  4. Shaun says:

    This better be a final season,5mill and a 1.6 aren’t great numbers.Even with live +7 it’s only decent.

    • Rebecca says:

      More like 3 million since that’s what 5A finale was. Can’t imagine the ratings will get any better with the upcoming crap arc.

  5. sammy says:

    Amazing news. I think 5B will be amazeballs really. Season 4 felt a bit wonky but I think its coming together very nicely.

    Captain Swan is interesting and Regina and Henry are perfect.

    Only thing is for Robin to be more and for Snow to get her mojo back. Maybe with season 6 that will happen when Ginny and Josh stop popping out kids all the time…

  6. jeff says:

    Love the show but this should really be the final season. Give them notice and have them tie up all the loose ends: Lily & Maleficent, Merida, Red, Mulan… I’d rather have a good final season and finish on a high note.

  7. I was surprised at the early announcement. I wonder if later in the year we might find out that season 6 might be their last? It would give them a chance to work toward an ending while knowing it will be their last season.

  8. lqza says:

    So very, very pleased. Really sick of things getting cancelled.

    • Problem is, so so series are renewed, but good series are stopped without any proper ending, just cancelled. How did “Falling Skies” end? You can’t do that! That’s ignoring your viewers!

  9. Drew says:

    They should do a shortened season, wrap up the show, and be done with it. So many of the actors on the show are better than the material they’re given.

  10. Gail says:

    There have been people on this board hoping for the demise of this show since I think Season 2. It must be terribly frustrating to be wrong for so many years. Long live Regina.

  11. kirads09 says:

    “What are you hopes and wishes for Once‘s sixth season?”

    That it gets back to what made it great in S1& most of S2 – bringing these fairy tale characters and their stories to life. Gotten sooo far off track. 6th should probably be its last.

    1. That the Charmings (Snow and David) get their mojo back. Last time I watched, they were just arguing and boring.
    2. Rumple back as the dark one & be done with Dark Emma and this underworld business
    3. Aladdin, Jasmine, Agrabah – MUST happen
    4. No more Zelena,Oz, Frozen, Pan or Camelot
    5 Stop the focus from being all about the hookups/ships and get back to real story telling.
    6 The return of Red, the Huntsman, August, Jiminy and other great characters who have been woefully ignored
    7 Neal back for good somehow

    Those are my honest hopes and wishes for a “happy ending” to OUAT. I know I will probably catch h – e – double hockey sticks but…there you have it.

  12. cdeno says:

    interesting that ABC chooses to renew this before other shows.

    • NM says:

      It’s not that ABC hasn’t renewed other shows, it’s that the creator took to Twitter to announce the renewal of the series before any media outlets. Chances are there are a few other renewals on their way today in addition to OUAT. However, something like Grey’s Anatomy are probably still working out contract renewals with the original cast before renewing anything.

  13. BM says:

    Thrilled it’s renewed. Hoping that they bring in fewer outside characters for season 6; 5A really was too much, so hard to keep track of them all and all that was going on. I would love if the focus returned to the core characters. And please, no more Zelena!

  14. Bree says:

    This just made my day week and year love ouat❤💙💕

  15. Not a sheep says:

    Glad to hear it.

  16. This announcement did not say final season… I don’t understand people that say “let this be the last.” Don’t watch. But leave me to my escapism. I love this show, new 1/2 season characters and all.

    • Billy jr says:

      Yeah I agree I want it to go on if everyone else don’t want it to then your right they need to quit watching it

  17. My hope for season 6 is somehow to get the feeling of S1 and S2 back. Those were its best seasons, IMO, especially season 1. I would like to see more focus on family. I would like to have more of Rumple and Belle and Snow and Charming. I don’t think the romances that have come since have had quite the same impact on me as those two did. I think Emma and Neal had the potential for me to get invested in them, especially with the familiar connection to the other characters. I like family stuff, which is part of the reason I got invested in the show in the first place. If there was a way to bring Neal back that would be great. I think the show has suffered since his death. This is just my opinion. I understand that others might feel differently.

    • HeatherC says:

      I totally agree with you which is why I stopped watching at the end of S3. No comment on the renewal…I just wanted you to know that you weren’t alone in missing Neal or feeling that S1 &2 were the best seasons.

    • Mandi says:

      Neal probably want come back since the guy that plays him is on another show called game of silence and it’s awesome! However I would like to see Hook come back. That just really made me want to stop watching. I wasted a whole season watching them stretch out this whole underworld crap just for Hook not to come back? I’m pissed!

  18. Yeahman says:

    For the next season they should get Aladdin and Jasmine and bring Jafar from Wonderland.

  19. Mr. Tran K says:

    How come ABC didn’t mention that the upcoming season of OUAT is going to be its last?

    • They may wait til May for that or maybe they’re not planning on s6 being the last(show runners want 7sand depending onOnces ratings & abc overall next season,it could get s7).

    • Danielle says:

      Because they have not made such a decision! Man people, Grey’s is on 13, we can get OUAT to the 7 the showrunners want.

  20. shirley says:

    So glad Once has been renewed.
    Hope the same happens for Castle.
    Just make us Castle fans happy too.

    • Britney B says:

      I totally agree with you. I love both shows. OUAT is an awesome shoe wouldn’t change nothing at all. Man castle is another great show. Keep both running

  21. Mary says:

    I think next season they shouldn’t introduce new characters and just have the characters they already have just have more screen time. There is a lot of unfinished character arcs, such as Lily, which isn’t the writers fault because she was pregnant, so maybe deal with her and her mum, and Ruby, Mulan and so on.

  22. So happy & excited by this

  23. Susannah says:

    I love The Goldbergs, so happy it was renewed! Now they can do that Halloween Thriller episode Adam Goldberg wanted to do last year!

  24. Wr3ckaStow says:

    I am so excited for season 6!!!
    In addition to the main characters, I enjoy seeing new characters come on board ( whether for a split second or half a season) because it keeps the show suspenseful.
    I hope this will NOT be the final season. The show just need more advertising to activate the fan base. People are so caught up in the fake reality TV shows that they can’t appreciate the talent of real art when it’s being displayed. A HUGE Thank you to the writer’s of Once Upon A Time and ABC for bringing a great (non-reality TV show back). Looking forward to this Sunday! 😊

    • philip humphries says:

      love once upon a time I always watch it with my brother Jamie who lives in Melbourne and he loves it too. my birthday this year has a theme and its once upon a time thats how much I love it. I love all the cast and it does not worry me of what episodes are about. no criticism for me would be awesome if it ends on the 10nth season or 20 ill just be happy. love rumple he makes me laugh and reginia. love it when some of them gagged like any male awesome

  25. Jim J. says:

    Announcing Season 6 as the last season for “Once Upon a Time” is just another way to get people to go back to watching “The Simpsons” (which airs against “OUaT”). I hope season 6 of “OUaT” isn’t the final season. “OUaT” should go to eight seasons.

  26. Paris says:

    Yes best show on tv

  27. Robert says:

    I suggested this idea on another website but I will suggest it again. I would like to have and episode or two where Lily and Emma are rejuvinated back to the age when they first met. Imagine when the Charmings come to claim her and she first see’s them. At first she will ask who they are and then she will intuitivly know who they are. I can imagine that after she got over being stunned emotionally that she would have some cross words for them.

  28. Kirsten says:

    Season 5 has so far been boring, corny, and even the acting seems off somehow. Hopefully season 6 won’t be as disappointing as the current one

  29. Tony Hannah says:

    very disappointed in this season not happy about the depiction of a lesbian relationship between the werewolf and Dorothy that should not be brought in to the fairytale scene based on children’s stories not goodwe watch this show with our children we will consider something different now

    • Leanne says:

      I agree. I hope Red and Dorothy don’t stay on the show.

      • OuatLover says:

        Actually, although I was surprised with the Red/Dorothy relationship, I didn’t mind. They should have gone a bit deeper with Dorothy. Basically, in one episode she is a poor innocent girl apologising for melting Zelena, crying. Then she is an angry not trusting person.

    • Billy jr says:

      You just sound like a homophobic back in the day people were like that they just hid it because they are cast out just like every fairytale and man is the one that save the girl but in Frozen it actually shows that the sisters stick up for each other and didn’t need a man

  30. Leanne says:

    I was disappointed in Red’s storyline. I don’t like it or approve but that’s my option.

    What I hope to see in Season 6:
    – Hook and Emma move in together (and get married). I think Storybrook deserves a weedding.
    – More Snow and Charming – I love them. True love! :)
    – Regina and Robin’s relationship bloom
    – More characters like Cinderella, Ariel and Elsa come back …maybe to help celebrate Emma and Hook’s wedding?
    – More scenes with Emma and Snow and Charming building their relationship
    – More scenes with Hook and Henry – I loved those few episodes where they bonded

  31. jai says:

    Love this show to pieces gives adults like me an imaginative story to enjoy an also to reminisce on our childhood Disney cartoons…couldn’t thank u enough for keeping this series going it’s my all day an night time best tv show to look forward to after work an on my days off.

  32. Vicki Payne says:

    I hope S6 crosses paths with other characters from “Princess and the Goblin, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses or Thumbelina! (I hope all the Original characters from OUAT will be in S6, cause the show won’t be the same without them)

  33. olivia says:

    Quit killing off good character I want Regina and Selena to be happy Robin Hood needs to be brought back And Neal also so it good for the show to kill people off and leave orphan children.

    • olivia says:

      Bad people need to be happy kill off the characters that don’t matter like the some of the people in the diner who no one knows.

  34. John McCarey says:

    The only reason that we have watched your show was that it was free to watch against Sunday Night Football. My wife and I liked the show and loved the cast. However, enough is enough. We are seeing the same circle of evil replayed from every direction imaginable. I do not see an end to it and am now bored with the show. My opinion may not mean much, but I felt that I should speak up to support others that may feel the same as I do.

  35. Bobby Carr says:

    I hope Rumplestiillskin wins out and stays the dark one. it always works out better when is the most powerful in Story Brook. He should embrace being the Dark-One and not give up Magic. I would like to see him & the Evil Quuen team up.

  36. Candi says:

    When is will season 6 start? I cannot wait. Love this show a lot!

  37. K.Waite says:

    You have to admit Hades is pretty badass. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I’m finally catching up with season five thanks to Netflix!

  38. Anon12 says:

    I think Once should be cancelled after S6. Al is repetitivo & stupid. Zero chemistry between the characters