American Idol Top 8 Performance Recap: Girl, You Earned It

I’m not going to kvetch about American Idol failing to reward one of its dozens of worthy grads with a Thursday-night performance slot — there are only six weeks left, after all! — and instead using it to promote the doing-just-fine-already former X Factor judge Demi Lovato. 

I won’t complain that the show’s producers learned nothing from last season — and have once again returned to a format where current contestants spend two hours waiting with nervous anticipation to find out which of ’em are at risk of elimination, then carry said jitters into their performances after Ryan’s “get up and sing!” vote-total reveals. (Why not announce the Bottom 3 at the top of the episode — and have them perform first — then let America’s top vote-getters exhale and Shoop Shoop Shoop, Shoo-Be Doop Shoop Shoop…)

You think I’m going to wring my hands that after being given an unprecedented amount of power to choose the Farewell Season Top 10, Harry, J.Lo and Keith once again were allowed to meddle with America’s choice, and save one person from the Bottom 3? I kinda sorta want to…

Instead, however, I’ll channel the late, great Bernie Mac and ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA?”

I could be referring to the Trump Ascendancy (not a new Matt Damon thriller, unfortch), but rather, the Idoloonie Nation choosing Lee and Tristan (have we forgotten their unspeakable pitch problems from last week?) over Avalon and Olivia.

We have’t seen this kind of next-level voting foolery since Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott were sent to the Hunger Games so that Paige Miles and Lacey Brown could advance. (OK, OK, I’m forgetting Lazaro Arbos’ sixth-place finish on Season 12, but I think it’s better if we just place that whole mess in a box marked “Repressed Memories.”)

Anyhow, let me get crackin’ on letter grades for this week’s performances — bearing in mind I’ll be back overnight to update this URL with more detailed reviews.

Sent to Safety (in Order of Performance)
Dalton Rapattoni — Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” — Grade: C+ | Whether or not you’ve liked Dalton’s prior song rearrangements, there’s no denying the guy has been one of the more engaged and energetic contestants in Season 15. Which is why it was so jarring to see him deliver “Radioactive” with so little oomph that I wanted someone to come wrap him in a foil poncho and hand him a bottle of electrolytes when he’d finished. The way Dalton’s voice faded into the background at the ends of phrases — and that blaring bit of harmony that I’m 90% sure didn’t come from his mic — made for a head-scratcher of the highest order.

Lee Jean — Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” — Grade: C- | J.Lo really stretched in an attempt to be nice — “You have more voice in you than you know!” she exclaimed — but listening to Lee’s decent but not fully matured voice attempt to growl out Kings of Leon’s hit was akin to standing around at the gym and watching an arthritic grandmother try to bench-press 400 lbs.

Sonika Vaid — Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” — Grade: B | Wait, were the judges tougher on Sonika than they were on Lee? Of course, because she doesn’t have a penis! (Did I just type that? Oh yeah, I went there.) Look, Sonika’s playful hand gestures and eye intensity helped carry through last week’s “I’m suddenly fierce!” story arc. And the vocals on this challenging number were mostly in tune. But Keith was right that she needed to infuse the lyrics with more fire and “angry girlfriend” energy. And also maybe not cover Kelly Freakin’ Clarkson, y’know?

MacKenzie Bourg — Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” — Grade: B | I actually dug MacKenzie’s midtempo, percussion-heavy flip of Whitney’s cheesy ’80s jam. What I didn’t love was how the background singers (including my beloved Allison Iraheta) did so much of the heavy lifting on the chorus — nor the way that MacKenzie went for a bunt rather than swinging hard at a number of the big notes. There’s a difference between understated and underwhelming, after all — and it’s MacKenzie’s job to know the difference.

La’Porsha Renae — Beyoncé’s “Halo” — Grade: B+ | Look, when I update my 30 Best Idol Performances of All-Time gallery in a few weeks, La’Porsha’s “Diamonds” will make the cut (unless she one-ups that epic moment between now and late March). So I do understand her brilliance. But despite the judges’ wildly enthusiastic feedback, I’d argue “Halo” fell well short of that gold standard. The mid-point a cappella breakdown — “Oh, I can feel it, I can breathe it” — meandered like a Randy Jackson critique, and I heard at least a half dozen questionable notes (or questionable melodic choices anyhow), to boot. All that and a bizarre costume that read Soul Train by Way of Mt. Olympus, and I’m comfortable saying when the season ends, no one will hold this up as a peak moment in La’Porsha’s trajectory.

Trent Harmon — Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman” — Grade: C+ | Trent, too, got high marks from the judges, but while he was far more technically accurate than last week, I agreed with Keith that the Mississippi waiter’s focus on avoiding face-pulling threw him off his game. So as much as I’m still obsessed with Trent’s audition — and am still hoping he’ll fit the Elliott Yamin-sized hole in this season — I can’t lie about him, either. So, if you’re a Trent voter, skip the rest of this paragraph, in which I’ll opine that the dude’s finished product this week had all the emotional oomph of a four-year-old staring at a bowl of beets.

Tristan McIntosh — Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain” — Grade: B- | Maybe Tristan deserves a B, given that her sweet and stripped-down Vince Gill cover marked her best vocal since her audition. But as much as her post-performance explanation about dedicating her song to her grandfather (who’d recently broken his back) was touching, I didn’t get a lot of that personal sentiment from the 15-year-old’s actual delivery.

Bottom Three (Performing for the Judges’ Sole Save)
Avalon Young — The Weeknd’s “Earned It” — Grade: A- | It’s rare to see a contestant attempt an overtly sexy vocal on Idol (Adam Lambert being an exception), but Avalon’s supple, stankface-inducing delivery — and her decision to remain seated on a stool from start to finish — created a delicious tension that sent good vibrations through every note. I’m a little worried about Avalon’s pre-performance interview hinting that she’ll never again leave her comfort zone — was “Stitches” really that big a stretch? — but for now, I’ll just basked in her well-deserved salvation.

Olivia Rox — Pink’s “Trouble” — Grade: B- | Based on last week’s “Unconditionally,” there’s no way Olivia should’ve been Bottom 3. No. Freakin’. Way. But there was something about her “Trouble” — the purple bomber jacket, the single glove, the practiced fist-pump — that came off like a kid dressing up and playing the rocker more so than actually being an artist who rocks out. Which isn’t to say the vocal was bad — heck, it was actually worthy of cracking next week’s Top 6, I’d argue — but it was also oddly bloodless. And thanks to America’s dumb-dumb voting, now the kid won’t get to redeem herself!

Gianna Isabella — Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” — Grade: C+ | You knew Gianna was doomed the minute she acknowledged in her intro package that the judges had warned her against “another grown-up song,” but then admitted she was going that route in spite of their advice. The jazzy opening verse was too shouty, the middle section too pitchy, and the end… well, let me just cut myself off there. It’s not like J.Lo upended the democratic process and saved the spawn of industry vet Brenda K. Starr, so there’s no reason to kick the 15-year-old while she’s down. Good luck to ya, Gianna!



OK, your turn. Vote for your fave performances in our poll below, then hit the comments and share your reasoning — and your thoughts about this week’s eliminations!

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  1. Jaszy says:

    This double elimination really sucks right now. Olivia was TOO GOOD to let go. Can’t believe those judges! Not knocking Avalon, she sang her song extremely well, but if the judges took everything into consideration, her spot should’ve went to Olivia. Olivia gave a better performance than Avalon last week. She has also been consistent with her vocals even when she’s been sick. I for sure thought this girl would win! My heart’s a little broken now. I know it’s just a show, but Olivia was my favorite contestant this season. Hope she can go on to bigger and better things. Maybe she could be proof that you don’t always have to win to make it big. Here’s hoping that’s the case.

    • Gailer says:

      So sad! Olivia was a mini Florence!

      • Emma says:

        I was surprised that Olivia and Avalon were in the bottom, I thought they were two of the more popular contestants but I guess not. The 2 eliminated last night were the 2 that performed first and second last week, so maybe next week Dalton and Lee will be in the bottom. LOL. Who am I kidding, they both have you-know-whats, they ain’t gonna be in danger!

    • Meg says:

      I thought Olivia would be in top 3 or 4. She just chose forgettable songs. She apparently liked them though.
      Kept thinking about Clark Beckham ‘s Earned It. That was so spectacular; not even close tonight.

      • Jaszy says:

        I thought Trouble would be a bad song choice for her. She ended up singing it well, but if it would’ve been in an acoustic or piano driven arrangement, I think that would’ve been fantastic. I was hoping that everything would go well for her with this song, but it was not the best song for her…PERIOD.
        Now I can’t even say “Olivia FTW” anymore. Well, I could…but people would be wondering what I was smoking.
        Must not get invested into contestants anymore. Must not get invested into contestants anymore. Must not get invested into contestants anymore. In the end, they’ll only break your heart without even knowing it.
        I know what you’re thinking…I have no life.
        Olivia = ROBBED!

        • SherriGarramone says:

          Dido for me..but the bottom line it’s all the song choice..

          • Meg says:

            Do these judges NEVER look at contestants on you tube? Apparently not. Olivia has spectacular music (One of the best is Stay.) I think she will be a huge success regardless what happened on this ridiculous show.

      • AlyB says:

        I’m so sad to see her go. I thought she’d be top 3 or 4 for sure. Her song choice did her in this week. Not that I’m upset that Avalon made it through. I just wish we didn’t have to lose Olivia in order for that to happen.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I’m not sure if this is what you were implying, but I’m gonna put it out there: I MUCH preferred Avalon’s version of “Earned It” to Clark Beckham’s. Clark’s the more powerful vocalist, but Avalon was far smoother, and brought a lot more charisma and investment.
        Was Clark given that song? It felt like he was, anyway. It was pretty clear that Avalon chose it–she seemed very at ease, which really helped sell the vocal.

        • Tracy says:

          I totally agree. I love Avalon’s version more. Her version has more character into it, while Clark’s sounded like imitating the song. It was good, but I remember his disconnection with the song.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            That glazed look he tended to get in his eyes when he sang didn’t help. Avalon’s eyes were dancing!

        • LIzzie says:

          Avalon’s performance was not good.

    • I think the fact that Tristan wasn’t in the Bottom 3 after last week’s dreadful performance is the reason Olivia went home, not because of Avalon. Avalon, other than last week has been amazing, and should stay, but so should have Olivia. GIanna was a no doubter to go home, but if Lee or Tristan went to that would have been better. I think that should be rectified next week. Tristan was better this week, but that’s not saying much, did not deserve a standing ovation from Keith and Jennifer. And Lee gets an “A” for effort, but his vocals were seriously lacking. The 2 of them should be gone next week.

    • Smokey says:

      I am not surprised. Olivia sang first last week and there is some degree of truth to the “death spot” theory for the first two spots when you have 10 singers on the roster—…………
      – if the first singer doesn’t set a really high standard for those who follow, they get lost in the shuffle. Plus singing in the second half of the show is a plus in terms of the number of people who watch and vote…………..

      Predictably, 2 more girls went down this week. Guys get more voters than the girls on the average, even if they are not better singers, because girls/women more often vote for guys than girls in the competition, per a number of polls I have seen over the years… .

      • acrossthebay says:

        Not really much of a surprise when you take a glimpse at the audience in the Idol-dome every week.

      • HTGR says:

        So true about girl’s having a tough time to get votes and the first spot curse. Add thin and pretty and then forget it. Add in blonde on top as you may as well book the ticket home upon setting down in LA. And add in a pop singer and maybe go back in time and fly home before you even arrive.
        It’s absurd Olivia left this early.
        Despite what I said above, I’m still surprised that it was quite this early. And with her average over the last two weeks being better than Avalon’s and seemingly a semi-producer favorite it was surprising to see her go.
        Again, not that I thought she had a prayer to win or even make the finale (which says NOTHING about her talent). As I commented the other week when someone said she was the clear favorite because she was the total package I was like yeah but heck no for reality TV. Cute, thin, blonde girls GET NO VOTES unless they are country! None. They just can’t buy votes on these shows. They are pretty much Kryptonite on these shows.
        There are always just enough middle-aged southern women (who dominate voting) who can’t handle seeing such a combo so that is strike one.
        And then the GWG sucks in votes faster than a black hole sucks in matter among the most rabid voting demo and that is strike two.
        And then mix in pop music singer and forget it (funny how in a nation that has so often been dominated by female pop music, it is the U.S. that has barely ever had any female (or male for that matter) pop music winners on these shows. Honestly, off the top of my head, Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks are the only two, out of all these shows ever, that I can think of! And even adding in guys, I’m not thinking of anyone else other than maybe Lee Dewyze? Interestingly, on these shows in other countries, female pop singers do have a prayer to win and don’t seem to carry much disadvantage at all. It’s been practically a decade since one won.
        Anyway, and that is three strikes and you’re out, sad to say.
        Just being female alone usually costs at least one spot and often two if you are not seriously, seriously country (at times even three spots). And being cute (if female) probably costs at least one extra spot, sometimes two (if not country).
        And you always read in these forms comments oh she is white and hot, it’s no fair she’ll automatically win. LOL. You know the last non-country white girl to win Idol? Yeah, Kelly Clarkson! Not since the first season! That’s it. In fact that is it ever for all of these shows in the U.S. (other than for Pope, but she both came in with a huge fan base to start, had a country music coach and started turning a touch country on top).
        And Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks, out of something like 30 potential winners over all of these shows and seasons, are the only pop female winners ever, so that is a 6% win rate (and 0% over the last decade) which does not remotely match the what goes on in music in the real world.

    • Connie Hall says:

      Totally agree with you. Olivia too good to get kicked off.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree Avalon earned her spot and to be honest I think she has more potential than Olivia. Don’t get me wrong neither one should have been in that position because frankly Lee and Tristian were the worst last week. It is obvious they have supporters who are tone deaf.

    • Raymond says:

      I really like Olivia alot, Now I will keep supporting Laporsha.

  2. Jaszy says:

    Sighs. This is why I can’t get invested into these contestants, because they always end up going home. So upset that Olivia has just been eliminated. The thrill for this show is gone now. This girl was a STAR! If the judges would’ve took every one of their performances into consideration, then Olivia would definitely been the one chosen to go through. I think singing first last week KILLED her.

  3. Jaszy says:

    Avalon did give the better performance tonight, but man…why did it have to come to this? Why was Olivia in the bottom? She sang EXTREMELY WELL last week. She did better than Avalon, for sure.
    Why didn’t you vote PEOPLE?!? Olivia Rox was TOO GOOD to let go. I can’t believe this. She would’ve won this show. By the judges’ reactions, it was obvious that she was one of the two leaving.
    It was a great ride Olivia. You did well. Please, your only saving grace now is The Voice! You’re still a winner in your fans’ eyes! Keep on rocking!

    • Lyn says:

      Believe it or not Olivia’s problem was lack of likability. Her vocals are average, but she is not memorable or warm. Bit of a princess, well hidden of course.

      • MamaLis says:

        Yes, Lynn. Likability was the problem for Olivia! I’m not exactly sure it was “princess,” I got “emotionally disconnected” more than anything else. She had a nervous smile in every situation. Even in her singing she couldn’t seem to plug-in. Very unfortunate though.

        • LIzzie says:

          Avalon is the one with a likeability problem. Likeability is why Lee Jean is still there, despite shaky performances. Olivia seems a bit ethereal but not ethereal with underlying substance. I didn’t find a way to connect to what Olivia was doing in her performances, it was sort of suger-free Jello to me.

      • Jess says:

        Good grief, you couldn’t be more wrong. She is extremely sweet and very likable.

        • Puchinsmom says:

          I agree, Jess, I didn’t get a princess vibe, or even a disconnected. Just a “young and needs more experience ” vibe. I liked her, and she absolutely deserved to still be around. But I liked Avalon a bit more. Jaszy said it best: why did it have to come to this? Tristan should have been leaving. Or Lee. But the judges got it right with Avalon. Bad situation. I can only imagine how they felt when faced with Avalon and Olivia as a choice.
          And, Michael, much as I’m still chuckling at your penis comment, I have a different take on Sonika’s heavier criticism. He’s cuter, younger,and they like that.AND PLUS! Maybe, ( hopefully), they feel like she will use the comments and grow, because she has more potential. She does have a spectacular voice.( Not that that always correlates to success, mores the pity…)

      • Shawn Latham says:

        Her Vocals were not average, she does have to learn how to control them more but she has power in her. I’m not sure why you think she’s not likable it seems if girls are confident people see them as not likable but if boys are confident that’s okay. I don’t see anyone on the show this year that is not likable

      • HTGR says:

        LOL and this is why no thin, cute girl (unless country) has a prayer to win these days. They simply attract too many catty comments, sure not from all, but for a long time now, from just enough to make too much of a difference in voting. Somehow they are always secretly unlikable, total princesses, stuck-up, nasty, etc. etc. and if the show decides to give them a B edit (which they did not do this time at all) then you can reallly forget it.
        I think it was Jaszy who said the other weak Olivia should be the favorite because she has it all, voice, style, looks, pop music and I was no way. Everything about her screamed no votes to get to finale or even top 3. She is female (worst strike of all). She is thin and cute (and blonde, horror). She sings pop (shockingly bad strike too considering how popular pop music is in the U.S.). Three strikes and you are out. Now look at the real music world and those are probably all counting as bonuses and make someone do better than their voice alone would suggest, perhaps. But in American reality TV voting those are all vote killers.

  4. Ethan says:

    How in the WORLD did Lee Jean make it farther than Olivia Rox?? And farther than Jessica Cabral for that matter. Ridiculous.

    • Bib says:

      Because half the country is tone deaf, others vote on ethnicity, good looking or pretty, current days performance instead of all, and many more stupid things. It’s all about talent. Jeneve has more talent than Lee Jean, gianna, and Tristan but because of her looks she didn’t make it.

      • Jessica says:

        Jeneve can’t sing. Her voice is extremely weak IMO. She had a great audition but everything else was not so good. I hope it had nothing to do with her looks, it didn’t for me. GO TRENT!!!

      • JoMarch says:

        It wasn’t her looks; it was her style. Not many people in America can relate to someone who doesn’t have electricity and dresses like the Jesse doll from Toy Story. She was beyond country to remote.

    • I don’t understand how America is voting this season…Lee over Avalon and Olivia? WHUT Well, happy La’Porsha and Trent are still in…voting hard.

    • Jaszy says:

      It doesn’t make ANY sense, does it? Olivia, oh my god, she could’ve been FANTASTIC!
      Yeah, Trouble wasn’t the best song choice for her, but her VOCALS were INSANE! She was mini Kelly!
      Don’t even get me started on Jessica Cabral…that tragedy of her not advancing to the final 24 will never be forgotten.
      But I’m still reeling over Olivia’s elimination…I can’t even…

    • Timmah says:

      It’s the same world in which Demi Lovato is thought to have talent.

      • Leo says:

        Demi has more talent in her pinky finger than the rest of the contestants on Idol. I’m not even a superfan of Demi but saying she lacks of talent is one of the stupidest thing.

        • LIzzie says:

          Say what? Demi was really bad last night, and she seems to be on a way overconfident run, given her average amount of talent. My husband heard her singing, and asked if that contestant was going home – I said it was Demi Lovato. Occasionally Demi has done a good song, and she has a few that are quite good. The bulk of her songs are forgettable and show her lack of range, lack of talent, lack of quality in her vocal. No idea why they put her on the show this week – I would rather have had a previous Idol winner do a song that they want heard, not Demi.

        • Ben says:

          I’m agree. She’s talented… but her performance was quite weak and flat that night (and no talk about Mr. Harry Connick jr…. Lee Jean did better vocally… xD).

        • Timmah says:

          Your Disney overlords would no doubt be proud of your brainwashing.

      • Smokey says:

        While I like some of Demi Lovato’s music, I didn’t care for her song at all tonight.

        • Lyn says:

          Ditto. She was screeching so horribly I finally just muted it.

        • Nyx says:

          Absolutely agreed. She sounded just shrill throughout both her songs. The second one, especially, was way outside her range, both tonally and musically. She does best with hooky pop songs. She’s not in any way a blues singer, and her attempt to sing a dark bluesy song was just embarrassing. I was cringing at her growls and runs — they sounded tinny, shrill, and utterly affected.

      • lily says:

        Totally agree! There is something so fake about her that I cringe when I see or hear her.

      • LG says:

        Demi was awesome on Barney and Friends!

    • Smokey says:

      Going by a formula of points as a handicapping of the Idol race, (which is not all based upon just singing voice but includes other factors) it was predictable that Lee would survive this week and 2 girls would get rocked out of the race. ……….if they show a bottom 3 next week, Lee will likely be in it along with 2 girls again. LaPorsha will eventually be the last female in the race,

  5. Christian says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I am officially DONE not just with the season, but with the show. Tristan and Lee over Olivia! Are you kidding me. I am done with America’s decisions. It’s ridiculous. The judges used the fast pass to save Olivia just so she could be in 10th place? I wish there would be a twist to bring her bask, but I know it’s not going to happen. Im always crushed when my favorites get cut, but Olivia had so much potential and to be cut first sucks. I hope she finds success. Who knows? Tori Kelly made it without Idol. #OliviaDoesRox

    • Jaszy says:

      Thanks for reminding me. Lee got more votes than Olivia?!?!!! Seriously? His voice absolutely SUCKS compared to Olivia’s. The teeny bopper vote really saved him, unfortunately.
      And Tristan (I love her as a person) was ATROCIOUS last week, but she wasn’t even in the bottom?!?! But she’s from the South where tons of people vote. Olivia’s from California, right? And I think singing first last week was her downfall, though it was through no fault of her own. I really wish there was a way she could come back on this show! I really wish.
      I’m so pissed right now.

    • Andrew says:

      Luckily for you Idol is done after this season anyway :)

      I agree that Tristan was worse based off last week’s performance, and I was mentally preparing myself for her departure. However, she really killed it this week, and was better than the others in the bottom 3 (imo). I think she would have made it to next week anyway.

      • Mary says:

        Votes should have been based on last week performance which by the way sucked. There was no way her song last week was better than Olivia or Avalon. I will give her credit, yes she was better this week but for me it is too little too late. She never should have made the top ten. Also as much as I hate who was at the bottom, the judges should not have last say. Eliminate the bottom two per votes at the top of the hour and just let others sing without the fear.

    • Gailer says:

      Idol has been over as we knew it for awhile I guess. I just can’t see the original judges ever being told what to do like these overpaid yes men.

    • Timmah says:

      I’ve only been watching it as a goof. I don’t know how anyone can take this dumpster fire of a final season seriously.

      • Jodi Anderson says:

        You know what, Timmah? I actually feel sorry for anyone who truly feels this season of American Idol is, indeed, worth watching. This season, out of all the seasons, one would think, would be the most memorable to watch. Instead, so many can’t wait for such a show to end.

  6. Somebody says:

    I don’t understand why Michael doesn’t like Trent. For me, he has never given a bad performance. He was probably my favorite tonight.

    I didn’t actually think the bottom three were too surprising. I mean, I kinda did, because I feel there were weaker contestants, but if we’re being honest, neither Olivia nor Avalon had their best showings last Thursday. And then Olivia’s performance tonight was so “whatever” that I didn’t even feel bad about her leaving the show at this stage.

    By contrast, Tristan–who I assumed would be in the bottom three–actually proved that she probably /does/ deserve another chance. So I can’t even fault the voters on how things turned out.

    In any case, I’m glad they saved Avalon.

    • Somebody says:

      Oh–one thing I wanted to add: Avalon’s performance made me find Clark Beckham’s performance of “Earned It” from last season’s Idol. Dude was great (I honestly like his version better than The Weeknd’s), and it wasn’t even one of his best. How did Nick Fradiani win again?

      • Dan says:


      • Nick’s new single will be released 3/11. Album to follow. Then you will be reminded why he won. Clark so talented as well – off and doing his own thing too!! There’s room for all.

        • Somebody says:

          I doubt I will, because throughout the entire season, I never liked Nick. Practically every week I thought he was going to be in the bottom three. Obviously, however, people liked him, and so I have to accept that my opinion is an unpopular one. But hell no–I won’t be listening to his album. ;)

          That said, I listened to some of the albums that Clark has on Spotify and didn’t love them either, so I’m not saying I’d have enjoyed a Clark Beckham album either. But I did love him in the live shows nearly every week.

        • bradybunch4u says:

          Let’s see how it does.

      • Becky says:

        Nick won because he didn’t offend Scott Borchetta and the judges. Clark did! And the voting public does not like disrespect!

    • exactly I just read him on my comment Trent is amazing

    • Susan Espanol says:

      I don’t like Trent either – he hurts my ears and my eyes. Complete yuck. The guys are all bores. Love La’Porsha, Avalon, Sonika and Tristan. Olivia got hosed. Lee Jean but not Olivia?? Olivia WAY more entertaining and talented than Mackenzie and Dalton too. Serious hose job. Too many teeny boppers voting for the limited talent of the guys.

      • Bernie says:

        Sonika and Tristan are bored. No stage presence at all. Trent is bloody well amazing.

        • We can agree to disagree!

        • Somebody says:

          I like Sonika–she usually gets the benefit of the doubt with me. Tristan I like when she’s behind a piano.

          But yeah–Trent, I love every time, facial contortions and all. I definitely agreed with J-Lo on that.

          • Mary says:

            I can’t get pass his facial expressions, it is such a distraction and not in a good way. I also think he uses his vibrato way too much. I will say out of all the guys he one of the better ones but I would never buy his music. In fact I wouldn’t purchase Dalton either, I do not see the appeal. Oh well I just have to survive a few more weeks of this torture.

          • Lyn says:

            Different strokes. i find Trent’s voice acceptable, but otherwise he’s obnoxious. He thinks he’s way bette than he is and he seems dismissive.

      • Jaszy says:

        I agree with you on Olivia! She was definitely wronged.

      • Safado says:

        Disagree. Trent, MacKenzie and Dalton are true talents. The only female that stands out for me is La’Porsha. Avalon comes close.

      • Gailer says:

        I can’t stand Trent

    • Rick says:

      I just got dumber reading your comment, Lee jean does not even belong in the top 24. Gianna has been pimped by J-Lo and has been all over the place, she shouldn’t have even made it too Hollywood let alone the top 24. Those two should have gone home, a total no-brainier. I have no idea what they were listening too but Olivia is in the top 3 talent wise.

      • Somebody says:

        I don’t think you got dumber reading my comment, since I don’t think you actually read it. I didn’t say they were the three weakest contestants–I actually said there were weaker contestants. I said I wasn’t surprised. And nobody should be. She obviously wasn’t a strong contestant. To deny that is to deny reality, since she got so few votes.

        Note, I said “strong contestant”. I make no comment here about her talent (which she obviously has–but then again, they all do).

        • Rick says:

          “I didn’t actually think the bottom three were too surprising. I mean, I kinda did, because I feel there were weaker contestants, but if we’re being honest, neither Olivia nor Avalon had their best showings last Thursday.” You did or you didn’t?

          If we are being honest (like you say) Lee Jean, Gianna, and Tristen have been singing off key or have picked poor songs the entire time. Tristen’s improved performance last night only counts for next week. We agree on Trent but Olivia was killing it every week, was sick last week and they put her in the doomed leadoff spot. The judges and producers know darn well Oliva is the only one powerful enough to give Laporcha a run for her money. Only 16 or 17 year old choops I’ve heard that good were Jessica Sanchez (best raw talent singer on the show ever), Allison Irreheti and Jordan Sparks.

      • Smokey says:

        True, in terms of real talent in both singing and performing, many were left behind by the “casting”, side-story and diverse planning by the producers advising the Judges on what they wanted to be funneled toward the top 10……….

        . I am sure there was also some good talent that we never seen any clips of that were snuffed-out so they wouldn’t threaten the picks made.

  7. Tim says:

    Why can’t the vote just BE the vote!? No more judges’ save, no more Twitter save, no more of any of that. You cheapen my vote by tampering with it and diminish my enthusiasm. And Slezak is absolutely right … reveal the results at the top of the show and move on. The nervous anticipation (“you’re safe, go sing!!”) ruins the contestants’ performances. I think that’s a big reason why tonight was lackluster compared to last week. They do it because it’s “good TV,” but it’s really, really NOT.

    • Mike says:

      Because they like to change the rules all the time. Maybe it’s time that Idol is done. This is getting ridiculous. First it was, well maybe you should pick a more popular song. So it matters now how popular the song is instead of how well it was sung? Really? Now tonight they say to Olivia, well, it should have been sung with more vulnerability. She sang it almost exactly like Pink does. But hell, if you think you know more than the original artist then by all means, criticize. And them picking on Sonika just pisses me off. We know, you want LaPortia to win. You’re sopposed to be unbiased. Act like it.

      • Smokey says:

        Yes, the plot for the show is to still have the Judges rescue whoever they want from the bottom 3 so far. The most past few days action/hits on youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook might have played-in to their decision, which I suspect may have been made even before the 3 girl sing-off.

      • Jodi Anderson says:

        My sentiments, precisely! It’s almost like they don’t anyone to win, but their pet, La Porsha! Who, btw, isn’t even all that great! This show is displaying injustice, like no other.

        • Lori says:

          It’s a little far fetched to say she’s not great lol. Even if you don’t like her style, you must acknowledge that she is talented.

          • Jodi Anderson says:

            My comment is not farfetched, at all! La Porsha is not talented, she is spoiled. I am a Musical Theatre major. Every voice instructor uses La Porsha as an example of what not to be like on stage! Her kind will not last in showbusiness. Mainly, because she is boring and sings like any other BLACK woman with a voice. She is nothing new!

          • Jodi Anderson says:

            BTW, when I said voice instructors, I meant the ones I was being taught by.

        • Debbie says:

          From the moment this season began it was very clear who was getting the most screen time. Every promo and even in all the group photos it is clear who is the “favored” singer. The rules will change again if the voters don’t choose the singer the powers that be wants to win. Why bother to vote. I can name the top 3 right now.. Haven’t been wrong so far. Just being loud and and do great runs does not make one the best entertainer in my opinion. I know they are looking for a “bookend” for this season but when the show began a lot of the contestants were people who were discovered during the process, not people who have been performing for years, recording and also a part of a band created by the producers. I think it would be interesting to see how many of the top 24 were invited to participate from the production department.

    • Somebody says:

      Same reason the Democratic Party has superdelegates? It gives the producers a little bit of wiggle room. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing–certainly not intrinsically a bad thing, anyway.

      Let’s be honest–you know that at least /one/ of the contestants that got sent home tonight was in the bottom two. So it’s not too big of a deal for me. At worst, the third lowest vote getter had to go home. Oh well.

    • LIzzie says:

      I would love to know who got the lowest number of votes, my guess of the three would have been Avalon and Gianna, so this let them fix the result by letting Olivia go. I would have kept Olivia another couple of weeks. Tristan’s age is showing, her song choices are not good, and she has been shaky – the piano seemed to help, but it still seemed more high school talent show than Idol. My least favorites remaining are Avalon, Sonika (so wooden, so boring), and Tristan if she doesn’t take a moment to embrace the Alicia Keys opp vs. being a country singer. Makenzie is kind of neutral to me, and I don’t see myself buying his music, but others do.

  8. Logan says:

    Ironic almost. Avalon DEFINITELY earned it.

    Laporsha was the second best of the night, weird saying that sentence.

    • James says:

      Haha, right? La’Porsha was great, but Avalon really excelled tonight. I could care less about the others at this point.

    • Mary says:

      I though LaPorsha was off last night or maybe because I do not care for that song. She was better than some but definitely not as good as last week. Nobody really stood out and Harry should have been voted off – my gosh that was bad.

  9. Esther says:

    Trent a C+? Really, Michael?

    • OhMy says:

      I know. That was a D at best.

    • Scout says:

      I miss Trent’s facial-antics. I feel him thinking too much about “not doing the face stuff” because he was told not to. (Ugh, I can’t believe I am agreeing with JLo) – but it really was part showing his displaying his passion, and ultimately, who he is as an artist. I loved his voice tonight, but it felt like his fire was missing because they are trying to change him. IMHO. I would have given him a B- though. It was fine.

  10. dj says:

    I agree, they haven’t learned from prior seasons. And I don’t like the combination of the performance show and results show. This season feels like a cheap remake of an old classic. Also, I don’t like Ryan’s hair.

  11. Andres says:

    I refuse to except the fact that avalon and oliva were in the bottom 3 and tristen was safe. Although tristen sounded better than last week,she should have been in danger.
    Anyway, la porsha mackenzie and avalon were my favorites.

    I predict that lee trent/tristen and avalon(only cause I think the same thing will happen to her just like rayvon with the save) will be in bottom 3

  12. Lori says:

    Lee Jean needs to kick out some serious blues, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray ….. He rocks!

    • Somebody says:

      You know, I agree with you. Not that Lee rocks (though I do think he has a lot of potential that we haven’t remotely seen), but that he needs to stop trying to sing pop songs. His voice and style are so much better suited to a genre like blues.

    • Scout says:

      Hm… this might give him the gavitas that he needs. Right now, he is inconsequential in both delivery and song choice. He can do MUCH more. Good suggestion.

  13. Trent says:

    My heart is breaking Olivia right now. She was great last week and this week too! I can’t believe Lee and Trostan made it into the Top 8…
    Also, a C+ for Trent? Sure there were some not-so-great instances, but on the whole it was in my top 4 for the night and definitely not on the same level as Dalton and Gianna

    • Jaszy says:

      I agree with you on Olivia. Have you read my comments? I’m a little dramatic, but I was really invested in this girl. She’s a star! How come the judges didn’t see that?!

      • JayNC says:

        Yes, we know you are devastated about Olivia. Sorry, but it is time to let it go.

      • Emma says:

        The judges did see that, remember they did put her straight through to the top 10. It was America’s vote that put her in the bottom 3. I was surprised to see her there, but you can’t blame the judges for that.

  14. HeyZeus says:

    Long time listener – First time caller.
    I’ve never gone to an American Idol Tour concert,… BUT I may just have to go this time (There WILL be a tour, right!?), and put up with the throngs of screaming teen girls… Just to see La’Porsha perform. My God, that woman is special! And good for her too! Go La’Porsha Go!

  15. danin says:

    Dalton=C-, Lee=C,Sonika=C,Mac=C, LaPo=B, Trent=A-, Tristan=A, Avalon=B+(I can’t believe she sat through that whole song..who gave her that direction??)

  16. kevstar says:

    Olivia being in the bottom 3. The trouble with having America pick vocalists.

    • Jaszy says:

      Olivia being in the bottom 3 was a travesty. But she sang in the death spot. I blame the producers. If she would’ve sang later in the show, we wouldn’t be talking about this now.
      It just irks me. America and the judges let the WINNER go.

      • tealeaves says:

        Olivia had the death spot on Thursday and she did not perform at all on Wednesday last week. I think she got robbed. I like Avalon. But of those three I think Olivia is the one who might have been in the bottom due to her performance order on the previous week.

        • Smokey says:

          Olivia was also on America’s Got Talent in 2013 for a while,,,,,,,,,,,,, made the top 10 on Idol and had a toe-hold in the You Tube/Olivia Rox music exposure before Idol————–

          so if she really has a future in performing,,,,,,, she now has a foothold with all the exposure and network of influences she has met on the show. So if she pursues it and has special talent, she could be on-her-way regardless of leaving the show.

      • PSCali says:

        I agree with you about the producers and the death spot. I wonder which victim will be given the death spot next week?

  17. Guy says:

    So every week the judges get to decide who goes home? What happened to this show?!
    Also, Dalton and Lee both gave horrendous performances tonight. Avalon was good today, but if we’re judging overall, Olivia should have stayed. I’m just not an Avalon fan.

    • Scout says:

      Dalton was atrocious tonight. It all seemed very flat. He’s lucky he’s that cute. Just sayin’. It’ll give him another week… I would be impressed if America (or the judges or who decides things on the stupid show?!!!) actually voted him out, but that ain’t happening.

      • JayNC says:

        Sigh – I know. He is just not that good, despite the votes and the judges praise. But we all know this is not really a singing competition, right? It is a popularity contest first, singing second.

    • Smokey says:

      The Judges/producers are holding more control up to the top 6, because they think they can steer the competition better than the voters. Yet this group of Judges and the panel 3 years ago, have not produced a real star in the business in their tenure. Even though the past 3 winners have good vocal skills, and have made some good money from the show and perks therefrom, we don’t see them around much in the music charts.

      • JayNC says:

        I am doing the math here and it looks like we will have double eliminations for the next 2 weeks. With just 5 weeks left, it would mean 8 to 6 next week, 6 to 4 the week after, then 1 each the next 3 weeks. Or are they planning a 3 person finale? I wish they would publish these things, but I think they make it up as they go (like the judges save last night – I think they saw who was in the bottom 3 and threw in a save so they could make sure at least Avalon or Olivia was safe).

  18. Jaszy says:

    Olivia didn’t even deserve to be in the bottom three, which should’ve been Tristan, Gianna, and Lee…
    To think this would’ve been a great season…Out of all the younger people this season, this girl was the BEST! Smh…

    • Scout says:

      Olivia was the best of the younger set, but is that really saying much. I found her a bit too practiced – like those Toddler and Tiaras kids. They are adorable robots. Sorry if that is rude, I did like her – but I am very “meh” about her departure. But, yeah sure, if we could have a clean sweep and knock out Tristan and Lee next, that’ll work too. However, Tristan isn’t going anywhere this week. I mean she was good, finally.

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, she was a bit choreographed, but she could’ve worked on that. I didn’t see a robot. As you can see by my numerous comments, I’m am upset that she’s gone. I really thought she could win. I don’t consider her elimination part of a clean sweep. She deserved to be there until the end. Her voice alone was STELLAR. I really did hear glimpses of Kelly Clarkson in that voice of hers.

        • analythinker says:

          Except I can’t forget that one off note on her “performance” with Demi.

          • Jaszy says:

            I wasn’t really paying attention to that, really. Every performer has off notes though.
            Olivia’s still amazing.

          • analythinker says:

            I was referring to Tristan, not Olivia. The former has off notes each and every time.

  19. Katie says:

    I thought they got rid of the judges “save.” Well, lol I guess the joke’s on me because now I’ll never know if my votes for Olivia were valid. Otherwise, I’ll live…for now.

  20. Paula says:

    A- for Avalon???? Seriously????!!! All four of us in the room cringed, sadly, which included TWO voice coaches! They knew it was mediocre, high-school talent show quality. Sorry Olivia….you got jobbed!!! Badly.

    • Guy says:

      Pretty much everyone on the show this season is mediocre high school talent since they decided to cram it with contestants who can hardly drive yet. I’ve lowered my expectations this season since its Teeny Bopper Idol. I’m not expecting any memorable performances like in seasons past.

      • Smokey says:

        Avalon and Dalton both have only basic mediocre vocal ability to deliver a song and are not as skilled and naturally talented in terms of range, projection and delivery of a song as some of the others are. ………..

        however, Dalton is the rad rocker in leather and smoke— part of the cast,,,, which some viewers enjoy and the Judges are supporting so far……………

        .Avalon brings something different in the grunge look, Hip-Hop songs,,,,, and helps hold the audience that enjoys that as compared to the standard beauty contest hairstyles,,,makeup, ,,,pretty dresses and covering predictable show standards.

    • Jaszy says:

      Olivia was definitely ROBBED! Can’t believe this. I thought Avalon deserved to make it through. But Olivia SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN IN THE BOTTOM 3! Then we wouldn’t be mourning (For lack of a better word) her loss now.

    • Scout says:

      Honestly, I would have been fine with all 3 of them going. As long as they didn’t save Gianna – I’m OK. They can knock out the rest in whatever order they choose until we get to the inevitable Trent-LaP finale. I also like seeing old idols clips and performances. I am glad they shortened this season because they have completely ruined the show by not letting the America’s vote stay untampered. It’s lame.

    • JayNC says:

      Paula I think something must be wrong with your television sound, then. I would call in a qualified repair technician to take a look, or buy a new TV.

    • Dax says:

      Four idiots! So are the TWO voice coaches also full-time baristas.

  21. C+ again for Trent? Are you serious Slezak? He was vocal perfection tonight.

    • Scout says:

      I agree. This grade seems low.

      • Ben says:

        +1. Vocally that performance was quite good in comparison to other idols, it deserve at least a B-.

        I’m not a fan of Trent (just ’cause i hate those faces during his performances), but he was on my top 3 this week.

    • Bernie says:

      He was one of the best of the night. Him and La’Porsha. The hate SLEZAK has for him I don’t understand.

    • Mary says:

      Go back and listen it was far from perfection. I thought C+ was generous. Nobody, guess included were above a B- for me. I was being generous with that B-.

  22. Slezak! why are you always hating on Trent? That performance was by far the best of the night at least for the guys. His performance was stellar, and your face pulling remarks he obviously is trying to correct them. He will be in the top 4 which will be Sonika, LaPorsha, Trent, Dalton.

    • Scout says:

      Slezak always obsesses over a girl. Haley. Alison. La’P. It’s just how he rolls :) I’ll wait for his explanation on the Trent grade though.. Who knows?

  23. analythinker says:

    You’d think being in their fifteenth year, they would have already found the right formula of “good TV.” But they keep adding or eliminating things and what’s left is a sour note in the mouth. We want delicious treats for the farewell party, producers!

    • Lyn says:

      Yeah. It’s like the Little Rascals said “Let’s put on a show”. Except they would have done a better job.

  24. I think the judges built up avalon’s performance so much that the other girls knew they were going to lose before they ever got a chance to sing. Probably affected their performance.

    • Jaszy says:

      I know right? I mean, even after singing, just by hearing the judges’ comments, Olivia KNEW she was done. I knew it too. Just a travesty, her elimination. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for me to get over this. (I know, I’m dramatic but being invested will do that to you.) I hope Olivia’s faring well.

  25. Who cares says:

    Avalon should never had been in the bottom 3, she, Dalton and Trent are by far the best 3 singers on the show. My opinion Laporsha and Tristen should have been the 2 that left, for the simple fact I wouldn’t wanna hear either voice on my radio, their voices are so over rated that we hear on a daily basis, where as Avalons, Trents and Daltons voices are so unique and those are the only 3 I see that are staying true to themselves and not trying to be a “Wanna-be-something-they-aren’t” I am so glad this is the last year for American Idol since the American people are tone deaf and/or bias and most hypocrites, vote for their talent not their sympathetic stories.. The 3 I mentioned don’t have one they are real and deserve to be in the top 3. But that is my opinion, just expressing it!! GO AVALON, TRENT and DALTON!!!! 😃👍🏼😃

    • Rob says:

      For this exact reason, La’Porsha won’t win but she has the absolute brightest future ahead of her of any of the contestants on this season. And denying that just means you’re the one who’s tone deaf.

      • Lyn says:

        I disagree. Nothing against La’Porsha’s vocals, but singers make their $$ touring not on music sales. I don’t see people flocking to her concerts because she’s kind of a one trick pony, all runs and little variety. Not to mention that video killed the radio star and she’s not very attractive.

        • Jodi Anderson says:

          La Porsha will not make it in showbusiness! First off, she is boring and sounds like any other BLACK woman with a good voice and second, she looks like she will drop dead of a heart attack, if she moves to much on stage!

    • Guy says:

      There’s nothing that unique about Dalton’s voice. He sounds like any emo-band singer.

  26. dj says:

    And what was with Harry singing something that sounded like it should be sung by Dick Van Dyke on Marry Poppins?

  27. MSD says:

    Olivia’s elimination reminds me of Sarina Joi Crowe’s from last year… Girl with such promise and potential- gives one wonky/mid-level performance and she’s outta there. Of course, that narrative has never happened to a guy on Idol. Too many talented girls have gone out too early.

    • Jaszy says:

      Definitely agree with you. Though I couldn’t get into Sarina Joi, I was all about Olivia Rox. I felt she was definitely the strongest of the younger kids. Who am I kidding, I thought she was the best in the competition…period. La’Porsha’s good, but she doesn’t excite me. Olivia’s voice is so different, so deep, so sultry, full of grit…I just can’t accept that I won’t be hearing it anymore on the show. Dang it.
      I wonder if she would’ve went home anyway, if there wasn’t the Judges’ Save. I really hope she didn’t get the least votes.

    • Smokey says:

      Almost every year of Idol, you see talented girls dropped by the Judges before top 24, then eliminated bam, bam, 1-2-3-4 once the top 13, 12, now top10 starts. The voting nuances favor mediocre guys over talented girls — that’s just the way it is. …..

      I always much prefer the girls, but have come to know that they need to be outstanding, exceptional and make very good, crafty song-choices in order to outlast the guys.

    • JayNC says:

      My first thought on this comment was Burnell Taylor in season12, who should have lasted longer than several of the girls that year. But that was the “a girl will win at all costs” season. Otherwise I agree with you, too many times talented girls have left too early – Sarina, Majesty, Erika and Elise from season 11, Pia Toscana, Carly Smithson, Mandisa.

  28. Paul Graff says:

    I thought Olivia had the 3rd best performance of the night. What really sours me about the judges is they anointed Avalon after her performance and just spoke to Olivia how she had made a mistake. Totally inappropriate for the moment I think. And for worst performance of the night. HARRY CONNIK JR. by a landslide!

    • Scout says:

      I can’t watch Harry “sing”? It is not something should not be done on TV. Period.

    • Somebody says:

      Ugh–Harry is a terrible singer. I’m glad somebody else said it first.

      • Smokey says:

        Connick Jr. is neither a great singer nor has he helped to choose effectively in the talent area, since he’s been there. He was a good mentor that one season, but has been way too caught-up in trivialities and nit-picking over musical arrangements, etc. since in the Judges seat.

        • Emma says:

          I was so annoyed by both Demi and Harry performing last night. If they aren’t going to let former idols have those spots then just cut out the filler all together and keep the show to one hour. So much for this season being about nostalgia and honouring the past and celebrating former idols successes. Really disappointing.

  29. I think the fact that Tristan wasn’t in the Bottom 3 after last week’s dreadful performance is the reason Olivia went home, not because of Avalon. Avalon, other than last week has been amazing, and should stay, but so should have Olivia. GIanna was a no doubter to go home, but if Lee or Tristan went to that would have been better. I think that should be rectified next week. Tristan was better this week, but that’s not saying much, did not deserve a standing ovation from Keith and Jennifer. And Lee gets an “A” for effort, but his vocals were seriously lacking. The 2 of them should be gone next wk.

  30. Rob says:

    Ok it’s obviously an unpopular opinion but I do NOT get all the Olivia hype. She’s fine. She definitely has talent and has a good voice when she sings in the right key, but her lower register tends to sound like someone singing an English song when English is not their first language. Am I the only one? Honestly, I agreed with the judges about her Pink song tonight but I’ll add my own critique: the only great thing about it was hearing the backup vocals of Allison Iraheta and now I’m DYING for her to record Trouble and release it as a single. Regardless, I’m happy to see Gianna go. The K. Starr family must’ve heard an earful about JLo tonight from Mama K. Starr. And I’m fine with Olivia going home as I always felt that she was somewhat of a producer’s (and/or Scott Borchetta) plant from the get-go. All in all, great job, America (but who am I kidding it’s really the judges making all the decisions).

    • Somebody says:

      Nope, I agree. She did a really nice original song earlier in the season–it was the kind of performance that made you stand up and take notice, and then afterwards want to give her the benefit of the doubt–but in my opinion, she sort of slid downhill from there. I can’t even really remember any of her recent performances.

      • Irene says:

        She was sick… she had the flu and was hospitalized…. she developed a condition that caused cramping in her legs and could’ve harmed her kidney. She was heading to the doctors office everyday of IV treatments… and yet she still managed to perform at the age of 17 with the flu!!!

    • Jaszy says:

      To each his/her own, but Olivia was amazing. I truly believe that. She’s a star. We better be seeing her on the Voice later on this year!

  31. SaraPo says:

    Michael, i love you, i really do, but i do believe i spot a typo in Trent’s letter grade. You cannot be serious. He was my favorite of the night and the only performance i watched twice. I love when Harry asked him if he’d been talking to anyone and his response was “I’ve been working real hard”. WE CAN TELL, TRENT. There was very minimal if any real face pulling tonight. Also, Michael, you have commented on multiple occasions about Trent’s attire/wardrobe and with the exception of La’Porsha tonight, he was the best dressed, extremely handsome. He is listening to the feedback and keeps getting better with every performance. Now, onto everyone else! Lee Jean, just NO. Howwwwwww did he get this far?? I don’t get it. I have not been a Tristan fan AT ALL this season, but I will say, tonight was the first performance of her’s i didn’t hate, i thought she sounded and looked beautiful. However, when Ryan asked her if that song was for anyone in particular, am i the only one that felt like she answered him on the fly? I’m not saying she doesnt have a grandpa with a broken back, but the exchange was awkward. Plus, i felt like it was showing up Mackenzie’s grandma shout out lol I am a bit heartbroken about Olivia, i have loved all of her performances, she is sweet, sincere, humble and extremely talented, i don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. I love Avalon and her performance tonight, but what was up with her styling??? Her makeup did not match her outfit, it was as if she went to Prom, then came home and got in her lounge clothes, was just off. Less makeup is more with her, she looked great last week. Anyone know what the them next week will be?

    • word girl says:

      I agree completely about Trent. My absolute favorite. I’m getting bored by LaPorscha. I didn’t think she was that great last night. I’m pulling for Trent all the way. Michael is just wrong on this one.

      • Jodi Anderson says:

        I see so many comments about how La Porsha is not intriguing enough, anymore, and I absolutely agree. Why the judges are so in love with her, who knows? The other contestants mix it up and, at least, try to entertain. For that, I disagree that La Porsha is the one to beat, but is the one that is going to get beaten!

  32. analythinker says:

    Someone said the theme is “Most Performed Songs on American Idol”. Clearly they have NOT been listening to their viewers. Seems like their “instinct” for the farewell season is to kick their fans (or whatever left) down. But really, is Use Somebody really one of those songs?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The Voice is having a pretty solid season in its first two episodes. Seems the pendulum swings back and forth. I’m really enjoying the other show a lot thus far.

      • analythinker says:

        Yes, I enjoy the other show much much much better. I’ve resorted to cringing most of the times on this one and it’s not a sign of a good show… sadly.

    • Smokey says:

      True, Idol seems to want to beat-to-death the same song-trains over and over again — “The Voice” is so much more diverse in types of songs, plus their band can step-up and do many different genres and do them well,,, on short notice… Idol continues to be stuck because their vocal coaches, producers and band support to some degree, are still stuck in past decades.

    • It’s true. Hope Slezak has a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc ready! He’s going to need it…

  33. Laura says:

    It seems like the producers and judges are unfairly getting rid of the best to secure a win for La’Porsha.

    • Jodi Anderson says:

      Exactly! La Porsha isn’t that great of a performer, in the first place! She sings the same way EVERYTIME! Talk about BORING! This is the absolute worst season ever of American Idol. Merely due to the fact that this competition seems fixed.

      • Smokey says:

        IMO I think LaPorsha has a professional level good voice and can deliver a song in her wheelhouse, very well………………………..

        But, I agree that she is more the stand-still-at-the microphone singer and doesn’t have much to offer in the performance dynamics area. ……………….

        .And, I can see where the same line of song-types and predictability can get a little boring as time goes on and we have seen her do mostly the same type, style of songs several times,,,……..

        But a lot of the voters enjoy that, focus on each note of delivery and like the old famous songs……………. so I expect to see her as the last female in the competition,,,,,,,,and if by any chance she was in the bottom 3 next week, she would be saved anyway. .

        • Jodi Anderson says:

          Exactly, La Porsha would be saved by the judges, even though America has clearly stated they don’t like her and are sick of her! Duh! The competition is fixed! Btw, she does not have a professional level class voice! As I said before, she sings like any other BLACK woman with a good voice. She is nothing new! She will not make it in showbusiness! Just wait and see!

      • Dawson says:

        Bashing La’Porsha again, Jodi? Come on now, you must have other opinions that are racist and sizeist.

        • Jodi Anderson says:

          First off, Dawson, I am black, myself. I am entitled to my opinion, as anyone else! Just, because you can’t handle the fact that not everyone loves your spoiled, boring, La Porsha, doesn’t mean you have to attack them! If you don’t like my comments, simply be adult about it and ignore them! Though, I would expect a devout fan of La Porsha’s to act so whiney and rude, as you are, just as she acts, on the show! No surprise there!

        • Jodi Anderson says:

          First off, Dawson, I am black, myself. Second, I have a right to state my opinions, as anyone else. Obviously, you are sensitive about anyone who doesn’t like your precious La Porsha. Well, tough! If you don’t like my comments, try to be an adult about it and just ignore them, instead of whining and crying about them.

    • MamaLis says:

      Or something Laura, right! I CANNOT BELIEVE JLO – a grown woman who should definitely have more sense – sat there again last night and zapped the souls of the other contestants in visualizing La Porsha “for the win!” #1. It’s just messed up. #2. It’s just so un-motivating and counter-intuitive to a competition comprised of young-people trying to better themselves and win! Honestly, it makes me cringe EVERY time. Just SO wrong.

  34. Amy says:

    Neither Olivia nor Avalon should have been in the Bottom 3 to start with. It should have been Tristan, Lee and Gianna. So the viewers have only themselves to blame. I was going to through something through my tv if the judges had saved Gianna, though — so at least I’m saved an expensive repair bill.

    Meanwhile, can they just STOP with the manipulative pimping of Tristan. How obvious was it when Harry asked Tristan who she was thinking about when she was performing and she brought out the story about how her gradfather broke his back.

    Now, I’m sorry that her grandfather was injured, but that was so obviously a manipulative attempt to get Tristan sympathy votes it makes me sick.

    And the theme for next week’s show might be the stupidest one ever — they are going to pick from the MOST PERFORMED songs in Idol history. Say what????

    • Emma says:

      Oh no. Get ready for the “so-and-so sang it better”, “no they didn’t, you’re deaf!”, “yes they did, you’re the one who is deaf!!” comments. LOL

  35. I like Dalton, La Porsha, And Avalon. But I’m gonna be real. Dalton should not have picked a song that Caleb Johnson did 2 seasons ago, and Caleb hit every high note so well. Dalton couldn’t hit those notes that Caleb did, with radioactive. Plus, radioactive has been used way too much on all of the different talent shows

    • Hey was that Allison Ahrieta (spell ???) singing behind harry? With the pink hair. I hope so, I’ve missed her.

    • LIzzie says:

      I wondered if Dalton didn’t want to sing Radioactive. He’s usually so savvy about what to sing and how to sing it, and it looked like he was trying to do all of the silly instructions that the production crew and coaches assigned to him, instead of sing and feel the song. I like the guy, and I’d rather hear his school of rock influenced performances.

  36. christopher bee says:

    I´m realy disturbed what is going on with the last season of Idol. It´s full of wrong descisions, stupid dumb judges comments, very low production standards and crazy frakin selfdestroying storybooks/ Producer handbooks.

    If the backup singers outsing half of the flock of contestants then this is NOT American Idol anymore, it´s your Smalltown Karaokebar on TV. Yes i´ve watched it since Season 6 from Germany and yes i´m a sucker for Singing shows, but it´s a shame how the Producers run it into the ground.

    Yes, there are glimpses of a could be a good show and there are singers like LaPorscha, Avalon, Jessica Chabral, Olivia, Trent, Sonica and MacKenzie- who make such a show watchable.
    But i´m somewhat angry now, Folks please forgive my rant.

  37. Jdog says:

    Olivia Rox should have been saved. Nothing against Avalon, she is a good singer but does not have star power like Olivia. America got it wrong having either of them in the bottom 3 and the judges got the save wrong. Oh well. It is what it is. We’ll end up with a non deserving idol once again

    • movingtoBahamasifDTrisnextprez says:

      Olivia has a very good voice but I don’t see any star power in her, or in any of the other contestants, really. The S15 winner is not going to be a bookend to Kelly in terms of commercial success. They’ll make one album with Scott B’s label which won’t sell well, get dropped and then go on to have a nice little career as an indie artist playing smallish clubs. Just like all of the other Idol winners except Kelly and Carrie. Scotty just lost his label deal and I’m guessing Phillip and Nick will also within the next year or two. All these people are talented, but most of them just blend into the crowd of the thousands of other talented artists. You need to really stand out in some way to break out, and even then it doesn’t always happen. None of the S15 contestants stand out.

  38. Var says:

    A person could go nuts trying to figure out the voting patterns on this show. Lee and Tristan in the top seven? Seriously?

    • Timmah says:

      Not that hard to figure out. We knew all the guys with guitars were going to be safe. Just a matter of which girls would fall into the bottom.

  39. Cat says:

    Avalon has a pretty voice, but the range Olivia has is so much more amazing! Olivia was voted off way too soon

    • Lyn says:

      IMO Olivia comes off as a preprogrammed robot with ambitious parents. “Go ahead honey, sing your song”. She doesn’t feel it, she’s learned it like a multiplication table. Same goes for Gianna.

  40. peb says:

    Olivia Rox was one of the top 4 talents on the show. The mistake Idol made was having her sing first last week…always a precarious position. Plus, anyone who watched the show would have expected her to easily go through, and they may not have bothered to vote. It’s an extreme shame that we’ll miss out on her performances. Wish her the best!

  41. Sarah says:

    Keep your political opinions to yourself, thanks. Btw, I can’t wait to vote for Trump.

    Olivia was trash. Phony hair. Phony pesona. Phony name. Ugh America could see right through her. She was this season’s Jax.

    Avalon is a nice girl, but can’t sing. She’s Terrible.

    Mackenzie or dalton will win it. My sleeper pick would be Trent.

  42. E Rodgers says:

    10 points to: LaPorsha & Avalon
    5 points to: Sonika, Trent & MacKenzie
    I thought about giving points to Tristan, but she keeps singing flat. Melinda pointed that out . . . something weird about Tristan consistently singing flat. It’s distracting.

  43. Lily says:

    I don’t think la porsha has the best voice and potential to be a big artist like Carrie Underwood but she may win because the judges are set on her. Most potential for a successful career are Mackensie, Dalton, and Trenton.

    • Jodi Anderson says:

      I agree with you 100% about La Porsha not being all that! I feel it is quite rude of the judges to put her up on a pedestal, the way they do!

      • Lori says:

        Jodi, LaP must’ve done something to you personally because I’ve seen you talk down about her on this entire thread.

        • Mary says:

          I have to agree with her it is rude for the judges to declare her the winner. I will bet my last dollar she won’t be. She is good but I will say she isn’t my top pick and I probably wouldn’t buy her music, not my cup of tea.

          • JayNC says:

            Yes it is dangerous for the judges to praise a singer too much. Voters get turned off by excessive praise, or get complacent thinking they don’t need to vote for them anymore.

        • Jodi Anderson says:

          No, Lori, it is clear La Porsha is merely a spoiled wannabe, who is being carried through the competition, instead of fighting for a place on the show, as the other contestants are. Though, it is good to know that such bratty behavior, from her, won’t be tolerated in the showbusiness world.

  44. Marianne says:

    I just wish you would have added Alex Lambert’s name when you mentioned Katelyn & Lily. A triple travesty that night.

  45. Debra Coleman says:

    Idol should just give it to La’Porsha. Too much meddling from the judges on decisions. Top 10 should voted from America’s only not the judges.

  46. Jodi Anderson says:

    Why are the judges so mean to Sonika Vaid? La Porsha sings the same all the time, not to mention, is kinda boring and they give her no crap about it. Yet, they are always chewing Sonika’s head off for something, no matter how great she performs. I hope this contest isn’t fixed.

    • PaoloAKhan says:

      YES!! i agree! i think laporsha has become a little overrated lately. I also notice that every single contestant that might have even an inkling of chance to beat laporsha would immediately be eliminated. First, it was Shelbie Z, now it’s olivia, and next they’re trying to get rid of sonika. These are the three girls that can potentially beat laporsha in the final or getting the final girl spot. They know avalon and tristan can never beat laporsha that’s why the judges seem nicer to them!
      The thing is, Tristan is getting better and better! It could be a Melinda Doolittle/Jordin Sparks scenario in the end if Tristan can survive and deliver in the future weeks, and honestly, i really think Tristan has more star potential than laporsha.

  47. DeathbyChocolate says:

    OK now I’m convinced this show is all set up!!! Lee over Olivia or Gianna. And MacKenzie, for real, singing Whitney What an insult!! Done with the show, Glad it’s over, started going downhill and it’s still rolling! Good luck and God bless to remaining contestants!!!

  48. Loiszb says:

    Last week, Laporsha was great and Sonika was good. No one else was even worth watching. So, anyone but those two could have gone home with no call to complain. Olivia wasn’t quite connecting with the audience, and that’s most important than when the TV audience votes.

  49. Tahoe Mike says:

    I agree with Michael, Avalon and Olivia should never have been in the bottom three!
    I hate that the Famous Faces get to decide anything at this point.
    So much filler tonight, and Borchetta is such a D’bag.

  50. shannon says:

    It only took an extra week for everyone to show you that avalon is a terrible finalist, gianna finally gets sent home. And Olivia didn’t deserve to go this early over avalon. Hopefully, she will be gone next week. Avalon, gianna and jeneve were probably the worse 3 to ever make it to the final. What, 15.

    • Mary says:

      To each their own, but I had Avalon at the top. No the worst were Gianna, Lee and Tristin, it is just unfortunate that voters are tone deaf and vote for back stories instead of the actual singing. It doesn’t really matter because none of them will get the support once the show is over.