The 100 Spoilers

The 100 Boss Previews 2 Mind-Blowing Twists, Offers Hope for Bellamy Fans

Thursday’s episode of The 100 (The CW, 9/8c) packs a one-two punch that will send your brain, and potentially your tear ducts, into overdrive — and showrunner Jason Rothenberg can’t wait to read your reactions.

“I definitely anticipate a lot of capitalized tweets in the moments following those reveals,” Rothenberg tells TVLine about the twists, which he first came up with “at the very beginning of the season, before the writers even started.”

To say anything else about the game-changing surprises would risk spoiling you — trust me, you do not want to be spoiled — so let’s move on to something we can talk openly about: What the heck is going on with Bellamy?

“Bellamy is definitely on the road to a decision point that he will not be able to go any further down Pike’s path,” Rothenberg explains. “The question is: How far will he go down that path before that decision point happens? He definitely believes in what he’s doing. He’s torn. He’s not a fool. He understands the extreme measures being taken, and he still believes in them at the moment, and is trusting Pike. But there will come a point, we hope, where that’s no longer the case.”

That said, you won’t actually see Bob Morley’s character this week — a fate shared by more characters as the season progresses.

“There will be a few episodes like that this season, where characters who have been in every episode until now will not appear,” Rothenberg says. “That’s simply because our cast is so large now and the world is so expansive.”

I know this was vague, but do you have any theories about what Thursday’s big twists could be? Drop a comment with your best guess below.

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  1. Katy says:

    So…..Lexa will probably die (im guessing at the hands of Titus) as for Bellamy……all those dead Grounders he participated in there deaths i’m kinda done with him tbh.

  2. Dee says:

    And before people freak out about Bellamy not being in the next episode – he appears in 308 where Clarke, Lexa, Ocatvia or Murphy won’t appear.

    • nathiest says:

      Love The 100, but I will not be watching 308. Clarke is the show.

      • Luli says:

        I will watch that episode, but I do agree that Clarke is the show. When I read she wasn’t in an ep I was shocked.

      • Lysh says:

        I mean, she’s the main character, but it’s called The 100. And it’s a pretty serialized show, so you’ll probably miss important stuff if you miss one episode.

      • heatherguenther says:

        Please keep watching. If people refuse to watch episodes for one character, ratings may go down, and you may never meet Clarke again. Let’s not make that happen! Clarke and Lexa are awesome, but there’s so much going on this season. Deep diving into the perspectives of other characters is essential.

    • Leah says:

      How in the world can Clarke not be in an episode? Or Bellamy, for that matter. I’m mighty confused. No wonder the cast are upset.

      • Wordsmith says:

        Maybe they’re planning an episode set entirely within the City of Light, so that only people who have taken those infinity pills will appear?

    • Luli says:

      And Lexa won’t be in a couple of episodes too, so they can stop bashing Alycia and the other actors. I never get why people can’t just enjoy a show without going on social media and harassing the actors and/or writers. It’s fiction, the actors are just doing their job. If the want to bash the show or characters great, but doing it to the actual actors? not so great.

      • Zelda Hernandez says:

        Alycia has to take small breaks here and there with the show for a few days due to also being on other shows, but she usually only goes for a few episodes before coming back :)

  3. xomareen says:

    Ugh, I am so upset about the Bellamy thing still. It makes sense that he’s doing what he’s doing, but everything happened way too quickly and was rushed beyond belief. I’m at the point where I root for him too see the light even harder than before, simply because I’m so upset the writers thought him taking this path was a good idea.

    • nathiest says:

      It makes sense for him to kill innocent people and put the lives of his friends and family in danger? Nothing about Bells story arc makes sense. His death will make sense.

      • kismet76 says:

        They’re not going to kill him, though.

      • Michelle says:

        lexa’s death will make more sense

      • Jami says:

        sure it does. Bellamy was no choir boy when he landed. He has been fighting the Grounders since they landed. Lexa betrayed him, Clarke chose to stay with the grounders over her own people. Bellamy needs Clarke ying and yang. Clarke understands him and can work together with him. He is hurt, jealous and very angry with Clarke. He lost his sister to a grounder, he lost Clarke to Lexa he is not an idiot even though he is acting like one now. He lost his friends killed by the grounders. They only have 16 episodes to tell a story no filler episodes in The 100.

  4. Michelle says:

    Jason is a troll. When two of your actors are publicly talking about how they didnt get the storyline, and how they have no hope for the season, and the character arc this season, theres a problem. Bob said that. Then you have Ricky Whittle on twitter basically confirming Lincoln will die. And retweeting fans asking why as a main character hes never on the show. The horse has more screentime than him. Thats a problem.

    Jason let the fans dicate his writing. I cant blame him. Once he found out “Clexa” has a huge following, and thus half the ratings, hes going to prop that relationship up, while putting other characters down IE-Bellamy. Which is upsetting. I watch the show for the plot. Not for the romantic pairings. And thats what its about now. Now if Jason kills off Lexa? Some of those crazy rabid fans will be out for blood. And it’ll be his fault. You created this mess, buddy. None of the character arcs make sense this season. So excuse me if I dont believe a damn word what he says in this interview. Its the same old crap.

    Less romance and heart eyes, and more sci-fi badassness.

    • nathiest says:

      This show is about one main character and that’s Clarke Griffin.

    • Elioenai says:

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Bob usually likes to ease stuff down on the interviews and he tried so hard when he was asked about Bellamy this season to answer it the best as possible and he couldn’t. It’s heartbreaking because he’s “trying hard to make it work” Jason is so not credible anymore. We have more and more viewers for what this random season has to offer and those like me who’ve followed both prior seasons are just not getting this show anymore it’s sad.

    • Michelle says:

      ADC has to be gone at some point. AMC doesn’t really seem to like sharing. So J Roth will have to deal with the fans and that is on him. When a cast member’s mom has words for J Roth…you know things are bad behind the scenes.

      J Roth was stupid to cater to Clexa. He messed up Clarke, threw other characters under the bus and now, trying to prop up Clexa… How sad. This show was promising..

    • Everwaen says:

      (First of all sorry I’m french and my english is far from perfect I know ^^)

      That’s actually pretty weird to say that the show is about pairings now more than before. If you only watch the show for what it is and forget about the crazy “internet” world there’s almost nothing about ships and relationships actually in those episodes. How many times do have characters kissed this season ? How many times did they talk about the love they had for eachother ? Almost NEVER !
      You have the feeling this is all about relationships just because people are not able to stop talking about it every damn day and fighting over fictionnal characters on the internet. That’s it. That’s the fans who are always talking about those ships, the show isn’t.

      I really don’t get the whole “This is a problem if a main character does not appear in every episodes” thing. The 100 has a lot of main characters, more than in most of tv shows that air today. And when you have that many characters on a show, that’s just quite logical to give some of them more screen time than others (like in GOT for example). Jason and the writers don’t owe people anything ! And If seing Clarke or Bellamy during one episode doesn’t seem to fit the storyline then the character is not present, that’s it.
      I don’t get why fans of the show can’t stop bashing Jason and the writers every damn day, that’s so boring and it really ruin the experience of watching the 100 for people like me (and many others) who just happen to enjoy the story, (all) the characters and the “mood” of the show. People are always fighting, always trying to find something in those interviews just to prove that “Aaah ! You see ! Jason/the writers hates “Bellamy/Clexa/Lincoln/insert someone else here’s fans !”.
      I miss the good old times, when season 1 was on, we were discovering that great show and people weren’t jumping on each other throat on a daily basis just because they had’nt the same expectations about damn relationships…

  5. nathiest says:

    Lexa will not die.(thats an actual twist)

  6. Luanna says:

    As long as Lexa don’t die I’m ready for anything that can possibly happen

    • Sky says:

      Please bring Lexa back! Without Lexa .. I don’t feel like to continue watching this movie again.. How could Lexa main role is dies tonight? So disappointed:(

  7. Luanna says:

    As long as Lexa don’t die I’m ready for anything that can possibly happens

  8. kismetkomskaikru says:

    This sounds very much like JRoth trying to mollify the Bellamy/Bob fans because he’s not in this episode…

    • nathiest says:

      Mollify? Cool word!! ty

    • Sawyer says:

      Bellamy is not in the episode because, Pike will kill The grounders, Marcus, Lincoln and Miller for treason and, to retaliate Pike is a Blood for Blood. I predict Octavia will kill Pike. I think Pike is Bellamy’s Father. Jason said we find out who Bellamy’s real father is, and I am guessing it would be Pike. Jason said it wasn’t Kane. Bob Morley is Multi racial, I am betting it is Pike.

  9. Leah says:

    Anyone enlighten me to Ricky Whittle Twitter comments? From what he tweeted it sounds like he’s left? Also, I haven’t watched S3 so far but not having Bellamy in an episode? How weird is that. He’s like the second lead, am I right, behind Clarke?

    • nathiest says:

      Clarke is not in next weeks episode and shes the main lead.

    • kismet76 says:

      He’s supposed to be a lead actor in The 100. Look at how Bellamy’s character devolved in S3, though. I’m starting to like this show less and less with every episode. Too much clexa. This show wasn’t supposed to be about romance, right? Yeah, right…

    • Emily says:

      From what I can tell, Ricky will not be filming the same time as the 100, so that may mean he’s just taking on two shows, or, unfortunately, he is killed. And not having a main character in an episode could be to focus on another story line though I’m not exactly sure

  10. The big deaths I’m expecting/fearing this season: Lexa and Lincoln. And I’m sure other characters are in danger too. I actually don’t mind the Bellamy storyline because I feel confident he’s going to have a redemption arc…and this show is all about making things morally gray, so of course it was going to put beloved characters in complex, difficult situations. I can’t wait to see where the season goes and am SO excited about the upcoming episode!

  11. maryploppins says:

    Spoiler alert: Lexa is not going to die. She will never die. She will live into eternity. I’d almost be willing to bet the farm on it.

    I didn’t see the video of what Bob said at that convention thing in France last week (I assume that’s where he said these things?), but I saw some gifs of it with his quotes, and oof. It sounded really discouraging. I want to see it in context to see if it’s maybe not as bad as the out-of-context quotes sounded, but I’ve been afraid to even try to find the video hahah. For all I know, it could just make me feel even more bummed out.

    And Jason, “But there will come a point, we HOPE, where that’s no longer the case” … not real encouraging either hahah. Errgh.

  12. Liz says:

    We’re obviously saying good bye to Lincoln but I think Lexa is dying too. Which is okay for me because I don’t really care for the Polis plot as much as a love Alycia. I started watching this show because it was called The 100. A show about 100 Delinquents sent to earth and how they dealt with it. I’m fine with expanding the world. But it should not be an even amount of time (sometimes more) than what is going on in Arkadia.

    *SPOILERS* I know we saw pics of Lexa shooting the last few episodes but they’re obviously in the City of Light. Which seems to be a drug induced hallucination. Lexa in full Grounder gear and Clarke in Sky People clothes. I’m guessing Lexa is dead and Clark is imagining it all. I’m not sure if there were other pics released. But those were the ones I saw.

    • Kim says:

      *SPOILERS* I don’t think the CoL scenes are a drug induced hallucination. I think Lexa dies and goes to the City of Light. Remember a few weeks ago when Otan died and Jaha told him to go to the City of Light, and that Alie would be waiting for him there when he died? I think that those connected to the CoL can go there after they die (that was part of Alie’s solution to an overcroweded Earth). Lexa clearly has the infinity tattoo, hinting at the fact that she’s connected to the City of Light too, and this is how she communicates with the previous leaders. I think Lexa will die, but be alive in the City of Light, and it will be very hard for Clark to want to be in the real world after she learns that…

      • Kim Peacock says:

        And knowing the writers’ propensity for impossible choices, I’m also guessing that they’ll probably put Clark (or someone who loves Clark) in a position where they’ll have to destroy Alie and the City of Light for the greater good, “killing” CoL Lexa in the process. It would be especially twisty if it were Jasper, given what happened on Mt. Weather…

  13. Jen says:

    I don’t care about Clexa, but I love Lexa’s character. Most loved actress in this show-FACT. I’m hoping that they will not kill her off, it’s okay if she’s just a guest star in the future as long as she is alive.

    • Umm… not a fact. Raven is the most loved female character on the show. Probs the most loved of any gender. The only reason it seems that Lexa gets more fan attention is because people talk about her in the context of Clexa as well as individually. If fans had to choose between killing off Raven or Lexa, they would choose Raven. Who would you choose?

      • Carol_R says:

        I don’t believe that Raven is more popular than Lexa. Lindsay Morgan’s acting has improved since General Hospital but it’s still very weak as an actress.

  14. karathrace20 says:

    When will people understand the concept of an ENSEMBLE cast? I adore Clarke. Bellamy intrigues me. Lexa is my favourite character. Murphy confuses me. But there are so many threads to follow that it makes sense for different arcs to take centre stage at different points, to allow for a climactic joining of those threads at the end.
    Just enjoy the journey and trust that this creative team are working hard to shock us, entertain us and make us think about the nature of humanity.

  15. Deborah-Ann M. Baisch says:

    I just started watching the show last week. It is amazing and I’m completely addicted to it. Please don’t kill off Lexa because I feel the storyline between her and Clarke is so important. The female lead being bisexual, and the sexual tension that has been intensifying has been wonderful to watch and both actresses are fantastic. It is refreshing to see a love story between two women on a network TV show, and really long overdue. Even though Eliza’s character is bisexual, I feel it would be a sell out to hook her up with a male partner if Lexa is, in fact, killed off. There is so much potential for the development of their characters moving forward together as lovers.

    • Radha says:

      And if she’s bisexual, it means she can–and will–have many partners of both genders. So far she’s had a male love and a female one. She can have a male and/or female again. So tired of people saying it’s a sell out if she ends up with a guy again.

  16. kate says:

    I’ve been holding my breath on two things Lexa’s death (since it was a pleasant surprise she was in this season because of Fear the Walking dead) and when Octavia and Bellamy come to blows because until that moment I just know Bellamy will continue making decisions that like at best will make him totally get what Clarke felt she had to do after Mount Weather and at worse leads him to being killed or being the trigger man on Jaha’s thing but either way he is totally responsible for probably Lincoln and I’d guess his death. Once the fight happens I feel like we have our Bellamy back.

  17. Dave says:

    Honestly, Bellamy’s sudden & unquestioning loyalty to Pike makes NO sense at all for the character. Hopefully he twists a knife right in Pike’s heart. Obnoxious character. And yeah, Monty needs to off his own mother, too.

  18. Jaime says:

    My prediction…Lexa and Clarke finally become intimate, but later Titus kidnaps Clarke after he gets the information he wanted out of Murphy, and takes her to the City Of Light. We’ll also see the tie in between ALIE, the AI, Becca and the Grounders & the 13th Polaris station. I think Becca has something to do with Lexa and the night bloods. It’s going to be a war between Grounders & SkaiKru vs. AI

  19. Bianca says:

    Plot twist? Clarke is, for lack of a better word, a key to defeating A.L.I.E. as she’s biologically the last of the Griffin bloodline. She’s able to discern what’s “real” versus an illusion, much like in 1×08 “Unity Day” she knew Jake was just a part of her hallucination. That ability to separate the two will be crucial in the CoL arc moving forward.

    Second plot twist? Becca was the original commander, prior to her demise she created A.L.I.E. 2.0 as a way to override the original. 2.0 is embedded within Polis Tower, which blocks any of A.L.I.E.’s drones from collecting data. Within Polis, 2.0 chooses the new commanders (the “reincarnation” that Lexa mentions in 2×10 Survival of the Fittest) and the Nightbloods are genetically modified descendants of some sort of nanotechnology – safeguards against the original program. They’re guarded by Titus, Fleimkepa – which literally means Flame Guard (re: firewall against A.L.I.E.)

    As for deaths… the most obvious would be Lexa’s, but seeing as how The 100 doesn’t DO obvious idk if anyone of importance will die (in this episode.) Ricky Whittle’s been on a three-month shade spree so Lincoln’s obviously going to die. I’ll miss him sfm he was such a light amongst this gem of a cast, but the writers clearly had no idea what to do with him. Such wasted opportunity. Happy he’s got American Gods, Starz picked a good one.

    I’m guessing Lexa will be dethroned as Heda and have to flee Polis, go into hiding. But that’s not much of a plot twist. No matter what Bellarke fans say, she’s integral to the plot, sorry your crackship isn’t canon but the Commander has always been a part of this show. Re-watch Season 1 if you think she’s fan service.

    As for Clexa getting more screen time? Lol please pay attention to literally all TV shows in the history of television? Clarke is the LEAD, therefore her love interest and their story will be prominent. I think the most ironic thing is that 95% of their romantic relationship is underlying their political one, even if you took their feelings for one another out of it they would still need to have these scenes and conversations. So please spare me the notion that they’re taking away from everyone else’s plot. Everything they do drives the show forward, it’s just that they don’t fit your particular biases so you choose to see it as “fan service.” (Ps. Lexa’s had the same if not less screen time in total than Pike throughout this season, and yet you’re still blaming her/Alycia. Y’all need a new argument.)

    Anyways. I’m waiting for Ontari to get back into the mix, she’s definitely murdering the Nightbloods in order to secure her position as the next Commander.

  20. Spencer says:

    Tbh, I only watch the show for Lexa.

  21. Sadie says:

    I LOVE the Clarke/Lexa interaction and hope Lexa isn’t killed. I don’t really see how people think that storyline is monopolizing the show because I feel there’s a lot going on with all the characters. Maybe the frustration has something to do with many of the lead characters being so split up this season and not sharing many scenes? Clexa scenes are by far my fave, but this strong ensemble cast is best when the leads are sharing more scenes together rather than with the minor characters

  22. Carlee says:

    I believe Caine might get executes because Bellamy will expose him to pike who will say he has to die and that’s when Bellamys path will reach the point where you guys say Thee is a decision point.

    • Sawyer says:

      Yes, me thinks the Grounders Desmond/Kane and Lincoln are killed by Pike. Pike will line them up and shoot them. Clarke discovers Lexa is a descendent of Becca.. Lexa is a Hybrid of the AI. Lexa has Black Blood, she will be reincarnated or be, born again in COL and return.

  23. Dominique says:

    well… rothenberg COULD give not giving his guest stars all the scenes a try, and you know, let the actual main castmembers have a line or two.
    i’ve been severely disappointed with the show this season, practically every character has become unlikeable and their actions don’t make any sense.

  24. Jujube says:

    Guys…. what if the big twist is that they’re actually NOT on Earth, but on another planet? THAT would be awesome – and a game-changer for sure!!

  25. Jen says:

    I think Lexa and Clarke face some thing bad and maybe they captive in a place sort of like time machine or some kind of that, separately… Which others think they died…but the fact is their still a live

  26. LeXaClarke says:

    lexa cant die ….am only watching the show because of her and clarke…..

  27. FutureAndPast says:

    Really, guys… If Bellamy had been just a good boy always doing right things, he wouldn’t have been Bellamy any more! He would have turned into a banal, boring, all-good character and that’s not him. All in all, he is an emotional young man who makes mistakes and then, probably, redeems himself. If you started to like this character in the first season then, I guess, it was because he seemed to be intriguing and ‘a dark star’. Not a nice guy who always does the right things. So, I do not approve his actions, but this turn of events can’t be called ‘terrible’. If anything, it only makes his plot line more interesting and conflicting. He will come around, sooner or later…. (at least, I hope so)).

    I agree that Clarke is the main character, but it doesn’t make others less interesting. If she doesn’t appear in one episode, she will be EVERYWHERE in the next one x) The same goes to Bell, because I think of him as the second main character.

    As to the pairings… Guys, you’ve picked a wrong show to watch if you want to see romance)) Seriously, I am a sentimental romantic myself, but The100 isn’t about fluff and Cupids. Just Read some fanfiction or a book to satisfy your shippers’ need xD It really helps!

    Just how do you imagine the final episode of the show? A happy family of Clarke, Lexa and their adopted son, named Finn? Or the same thing, but with Clarke and Bellamy? The two of them kissing and flying into the sunset…? Nope. It is the100. Better cross our fingers and pray that they will make it through the seasons and have an open end.

  28. Sawyer says:

    No Relax Lexa is not dying in this episode. Clark is going back to the Ark.

  29. Jami says:

    So do you think Clarke and Lexa say the L word tonight (love). I am betting Clarke tells Lexa when she leaves Polis to go back to Arkadia. Then Octavia will figure it out why Clarke really stayed with the Grounders. I just hope we get a good-bye kiss this sexual chemistry is driving me crazy. I think it has been better than expected season. I know a lot of people are upset with the Clexa storyline and COL and Bellamy Kylyo Ren turn. However I think after tonight we have 9 episodes left and guarantee Bellamy, Raven, and Octavia will have a lot of screen time. Clarke is going to be pissed when she finds out what Pike has done. The last place Clarke wants to see Lexa is on the battlefield.We need more Monty, and Murphy will align himself with Clarke to destroy Titus, Jaha and the chic in the red dress.

  30. M says:

    That’s nice. But can we talk more about how the pacing this season has been supremely rushed, there’s been ample amounts of retrograde development, and the vast about of the characters’ decision making has been off screen and only divulged afterwards by writers?

    Writing comprehensible stories is like telling jokes. If you have to spend so much time explaining it to get people to understand…you did it wrong.