Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Greenlit at Nickelodeon, Series Creator Confirms

Nickelodeon’s long-awaited second Hey Arnold! movie is finally a go — and fans might want to think about investing in a mosquito net.

Series creator Craig Bartlett on Wednesday confirmed (via Instagram) that Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie has officially been given the green light:

Based solely on Bartlett’s caption, we now know the movie will be two hours, told in two parts. This confirmation comes several months after our sister site Variety reported that a Hey Arnold! movie, set after the events of the 2004 series finale, was in the works.

UPDATE: Nickelodeon has released the following information about the made-for-TV movie:

A two-part animated TV movie written and executive produced by the series’ original creator Craig Bartlett, will pick up where the original series ended and resolve unanswered questions and plotlines, including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents.

fans, are you losing your damn minds over this confirmation? Whatever you’re feeling, drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Azerty says:

    This news brings back so many childhood memories! I hope Arnold will find his parents!

    • CartoonMan389 says:

      Let’s hope they cast Kevin Michael Richardson as Harvey the Mail Man, replacing the late Lou Rawls respectively.

      • CartoonMan390 says:

        Forget about my Kevin Michael Richardson idea, I just noticed on Wikipedia.com that Ernie Hudson is gonna do the voice for Harvey the Mail Man, replacing the late Lou Rawls respectively.

  2. iHeart says:

    although I don’t really care for nick shows, I’m, kind of looking forward to this, though I don’t know if Nick Canada will air it at the same time as in the US

  3. LE says:


  4. Angela says:

    Awesome :D! Can’t wait to see this!

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about TV movie. Excited to see it!

  6. Matthew Sims says:

    I hope their voice actors sound really close to the originals. Well, mostly Helga xD

    • David Brown says:

      Nickelodeon has actually been holding meetings with most of them. Presumably to gauge interest in their return or see if they still can do the voices.

      • I think some digital remastering would work for most of the actors who’d need to sound younger (Specifically Arnold and Gerald).

        • Fran Smith (Helga) said long ago that if the movie was greenlit, she would 100% be involved and Nika Futterman (Olga) just recently confirmed she would be returning, so we know at least the Pataki sisters are gonna be voiced by the originals and I don’t see it taking much effort to get Kath Soucie (Miriam) and Maurice LaMarche (Big Bob) on board.

  7. Jaclyn says:

    Whoo hoo!!!!! Loved Hey Arnold! Can’t wait to see it!

  8. johnhenry92 says:

    Definitely interested.

  9. Teresa says:

    Will we FINALLY get to hear Arnold’s last name?!

    • NightSky says:

      Arnold’s full name is ‘Arnold Shortman.’ I never knew this until I looked it up. I thought it was just a nickname his grandpa gave him XD. But his full name is Arnold Shortman.
      You learn something new everyday lol!

    • Lauren says:

      It’s shortman

  10. Louie says:

    I’m so happy so happy. After 12 years we finally get the jungle movie. Thank-you Craig barrlet and nickelodeon for finally making this happen.

  11. Justin says:

    Well we know a few things about this movie 1 is its going to have Arnold Gerald and Helga as thearly main characters 2 the first movie never happened 3 Arnolds grandpa might have a plane that’s how they might get to the jungle 3it’s going to be a 2 part movie 4 the original creator are making it

  12. Arya says:

    Oh although his parents are important but I want to see what will happen between Arnold and helga finally . Yayyyy

  13. JL says:


  14. Just as many others, I have waited to watch Hey Arnold:The Jungle Movie for years…re-watching the episodes and the movie can take you just so far. I seriously look forward to finally watching it. The problem I see now is, what will happen to The Patakis?

  15. Rachel says:

    Finally after all these years we get to see the finale we’ve all been waiting and hoping for! I’m so excited! I hope this one does well for Craig and the crew.

  16. Karen says:

    YES FINALLY !! 😍😍 I hope they air in Mexico ! 😀

  17. Lauren says:

    Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙉👏this made my day thank you soooooo muchhh Nickelodeon and Craig and all the others being apart of the movie!!!

  18. CartoonMan30 says:

    Mason Vale Cotton as Arnold Shortman (voice), Jamil Walker Smith as Gerald Johanssen (voice digitally mastered to a higher pitch by using sound audio), Francesca Smith as Helga Pataki and Sheena Jefferson (voices), Anndi MacAfee as Phoebe Heyerdahl (voice), Justin Shenkarow as Harold Berman (voice), Max Charles as Sid Patterson (voice), Alexander Garfin as Stinky Peterson (country western voice), Noah Johnston as Eugene Horowitz (voice), Nika Futterman as Olga Pataki (voice), Olivia Hack as Rhonda Lloyd (voice), Ashley Buccille as Lila Sawyer (voice), William Wunsch as Thaddeus “Curly” Gammelthorpe (voice), Dan Castellaneta as Grandpa Phil (voice), Tress MacNeille as Grandma Gertrude (voice), Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons (voice), David Wohl as Principal Wartz and Mr. Berman (voices), Kath Soucie as Mrs. Pataki and Mrs. Berman (voices), Michael Hollick as Mr. Kokoshka (voice, replacing the late Steve Viksten respectively), Mary Scheer as Mrs. Kokoshka (voice), Lauren Robinson as Nadine Lowenthal (voice), Craig Bartlett as Brainy, Abner, Miles Shortman and himself (voices), Antoinette Stella as Stell Shortman (voice), Brian Doyle Murray as La Sombra (voice), Jack Black as Dundee (voice), Dakota Fanning as Penelope (voice), Eileen Galindo as the Magical Healing Woman (voice), Carlos Alazraqui as Eduardo (voice), Antonio Banderas as Eduardo’s Father’s Ghost Figure (voice), Jeannie Elias as Eduardo’s Mother’s Ghost Figure (voice) and Alec Baldwin as the Jungle Chief (voice).

  19. ThickishDead says:

    YES I AM LOOSING MY DAMN MIND!!!!!! o(≧∇≦o)

  20. Marlisa says:

    I can’t wait to finally see this! after watching the entire series, I was endlessly disappointed how they did not release the movie that was supposed to resolve the whereabouts of Arnold’s incredible parents and in my opinion, Hay Arnold Saves the Neighborhood has a huge mistake for nickelodeon to make because it was released right after leading the series to a plot I was anxious to know more about. Not that the movie was bad, it wasn’t. But it was so out of place and completely ignored the series and none of the issues from the show was resolved. Everything was supposedly the same again. They had the neighborhood back. If they had made The Jungle movie instead, I’m sure it would have been so much better and I would have finally felt satisfied to see Helga confessing to Arnold. Since we’ve literally waited 20 years for this. And waited past a decade to find out about his parents.

  21. Lut says:

    OMG super excited, i hope the movie will finally answer my all time forever question: whats up with arnold and helga? Ayyyisst missed the whole gang cant wait too see them n a big screen. Thank u Sir Craig

  22. Doug Shiro says:

    Annnd my heart just exploded, now that I see it’s legit…

  23. Tony Espinosa says:

    Craig Bartlett, I want Arnold to Reunited with his Parents Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tony Espinosa says:

    I want Arnold to Reunited with his Parents!!!!!!! Reunited means come together and stay together as a family. If I got my wish.

  25. Tony Espinosa says:

    I want Arnold to Reunited with his Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reunited means come together and stay together as a Family.

  26. I’m soooooo glad and fully excited that this is happening! So glad that I’ve grown up in an era with Hey Arnold! Arnold helga and Gerald my favorite charaters. This movie will be 👍!! Lots of laughs, mystery, fun, and come on of course love gotta be in it!!!! #Heyarnoldfanforlife

  27. Eric says:

    Yes, yes, yes, YESSSS! I have long awaited this movie for so many years and it’s finally happening! I was one of those die hard fans that constantly nagged executives to green-light this movie and now it’s finally here and I can’t hardly wait. Thank you so, so much.

  28. danny says:

    This is great I am so excited. I just hope they leave Arnold and Helga off on a good note, I want them together so badly.

  29. Tiffany Carvalho says:

    So excited!!!!

  30. Jacob Swanson says:

    Dear…. Nickelodeon & Yes I Do Got A Question Do You think That Arnold Will Stay Or Lived With His Lost Parents

    Jacob Swanson

  31. Jacob Swanson says:

    Dear… Nickelodeon I Got Another Is The Is Going To Be In Theater Because I Work At The Movie Theater At Showplace 12 That Will Be Very Cool

    Jacob Swanson

  32. Heather Sinclair says:

    I can’t wait for the mirror of Hey Arnold the jungle movie

  33. Heather Sinclair says:

    I can’t wait until the premiere Hey Arnold the jungle movie

  34. Tony Espinosa says:

    I wish Arnold to Reunited with his Parents. So he can be happy together and bring his parents home back to the Boarding House.

  35. pablo says:

    will Arnold and Helga get together finally?