Nashville Season 4 Wedding Spoilers

Nashville: 10 Teases About Rayna and Deacon's Wedding (It's Almost Here!)

Allow us to echo a sentiment voiced by one of Nashville‘s key players on the eve of Rayna and Deacon’s long-awaited nuptials: “‘Bout damn time!”

ABC has released the country-music drama’s midseason premiere — which airs Wednesday, March 16 at 10/9c and which takes place on the couple’s big day — to the media. And while it may be bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony, it can’t hurt to give you a glimpse of what’ll take place during the hour, right?

The following spoilers are intentionally vague, in an effort to maintain some of the event’s surprises (and to keep the network from revoking our invitation). Think of these quick hits as the passed hors d’oeuvres course during cocktail hour: tasty, yet leaving you hungry for the main course.

Without further ado, here comes the bride, y’all!

* Not everyone is psyched about the upcoming union; three characters in particular strongly make their misgivings known.

* We get an update on Juliette. (Related: You’ve all gotten the update on Hayden Panettiere, right?)

* Avery drinks a lot of whiskey. (This one may or may not be related to the previous spoiler.)

* Early in the episode, Deacon does something he probably shouldn’t.

* Someone not known for being level-headed makes a really good point, but then the situation descends into histrionics.

* Gunnar crumbles under pressure, and it’s pretty funny. (Seriously, one of Nashville‘s best decisions was to use Sam Palladio as comic relief from time to time.)

* Someone you would expect to attend the wedding… doesn’t.

* Context-free quote: “Are you into poetry, music or animals?”

* Someone stress-vomits.

* You’ll hear a beautiful new arrangement of a song you already know.

Are you looking forward to Rayna and Deacon getting hitched? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. MIss ELlys says:

    Nashville is ending with rayna and deacon in a good place which I appreciate.

  2. sunshine says:

    I’ll just be glad if Deacon isn’t sullen anymore. Enough of that already.

  3. Jenny says:

    better enjoy the 5 minutes of happiness people, because everything after the wedding sucks donkey balls for the rest of the season. Just sayin.

  4. Jess says:

    Oh I CAN’T wait for this episode!! Very curious to see who doesn’t attend. Also, cringing a bit at Deacon’s actions early on…. Let’s hope we Deyna fans really feel the love and that this is a celebration on their journey.

  5. Carol C says:

    Psyched for this!

  6. Em says:

    Who do I have to pay for it to be No One Will Ever Love You that we’re hearing again?

  7. Summer says:

    So looking forward to this wedding! I am really going to savor this episode as an honoring of their love & happiness, naively willing to soak up every morsel of happiness before it gets taken away again – Nashville has done it before and I have heard the rumors too. Haven’t read any spoilers because I don’t want anything to spoil this wedding: Deacon & Rayna are meant to be together and Deyna fans have been waiting/hoping/praying/dying for this wedding to happen for nearly 4 years now. We’ve taken these characters to our hearts, and some of us have been looking forward to this day as if it were a family wedding – I wish. So, we’ll be there on March 16, wearing our wedding hats and sipping champagne, and we’re going enjoy this episode as a celebration of their love. They deserve to be happy. And so do we. Please, Callie Khouri.

  8. Andrew Hass says:

    I think Rayna and Deacon will get married but then drama might be how they deal with been a married couple.As for Juliette, maybe she’s able to send them her congratulations in some way.

  9. Unless this is the end, I suspect before much into a next season, Deacon will fall off the wagon AGAIN or either he or Rayna will cheat on the other one.

  10. whats my ip says:

    What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity regarding unpredicted feelings.

  11. Mona says:

    Just posted a comment I wrote at the end of season 4-a.
    THEN, I read some spoilers… oooookeeeeeyyyyy… nope, not getting excited again, Nashville_ABC! Actually felt my interest-elastic finally snapping. Pity. Pity. No idea why the network / showrunners / writers would think we like to watch our favourite characters being miserable and/or metaphorically assassinated. When I dread watching another episode after the wedding, I don’t call it fun anymore. Nope, not getting excited.
    This comment-posting is of course purely for private frustration unloading… thanks for the space TvLine. If even HRM the Red Queen of Everything didn’t manage to push the course of this ship in another direction, nothing will, I guess. I felt the urge of printing and distributing “Free Connie Britton” shirts, but she woman is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and she’s the only reason I’ll flip through Nashville. In June. Pity.

  12. Mona says:

    We finally also got a bit more Rayna time, please, please, pleeeeease keep that up, pump it up! And I do have to say that though I miss a lot seeing more of her out in the world, doing business, performing (love Rayna singing and her energy on stage!), I love for example how she calls out Deacon, his man-child antics and demands respects. She still feels like Rayna and I still llllllllove her, surely thanks to HRH the Red Queen of Everything Connie Britton doing her thing with the writers and other EPs.

  13. Mona says:

    Looking forward to seeing Juliette and all her spunk back. Sparring with Rayna, great couple. But of course mostly wishing all the best to Hayden Panettiere.
    Give your main characters and storylines time and development, Nashville. Let the cast access all of their talent.
    Bring back stories around the making of music and around performing it.
    Do something, anything, with Maddie. And Colt. And Luke.
    Get Will going. At Highway 65, of course. And Layla.
    Get Avery back to performing again.
    Scarlett and Gunner… give them development, depth, give us performances.
    Step away from the soap opera. Get us excited again, Nashville!

  14. Mona says:

    … … what are we going to do about this show… …
    I watch because I love Rayna, and Rayna and Deacon, they’re great.
    But after having patiently craved for them together again for one and a half seasons, what did we get: a great get-together-again-episode, sure, and immediately a weird post-get-together-sex-chit-chat, then episodes and episodes with 30 seconds scenes, or not at all, and only glimpses of that amazing feeling they can conjure (a great hospital near-wedding scene and a couple of others). Why?! Whyyyyy?!
    We finally saw a bit more of them together, and not everything needs to be perfect, sure, let them adjust to finally being and living together, fight, find their way. But the attraction of their storyline is definitely not the lame boring uncreative (sorry, but I’ve really had it) drama/tension/jealousy/soap opera twist and turns.

  15. Mona says:

    I want to see their strength. I want to feel through the screen again that bond pulling at them emotionally, fisically, musically etc.

  16. Mona says:

    Sorry y’all for the comment posting mess, I’m not a pro and it seems the system is exeriencing some glitches? I need to get this out now and get on with the rest of my life ;). Anyway, thanks again TVLine for the space to share my frastration with other Nashville fans.

    Always love your recaps, Kimberly! While I’m not watching, I’ll enjoy reading them while the episodes are airing.