Fuller House Season 2

Fuller House: Can We Talk About Kimmy and Stephanie's Big Kiss?

Kimmy kissed a girl, and she liked it — but not as much as Steve.

If you were excited for the release of Netflix’s Fuller House this past weekend, chances are you’ve already plowed through all 13 episodes of Season 1. Which means you definitely saw Kimberly Louise Gibbler plant a fat kiss on Stephanie Judith Tanner in Episode 12. So why aren’t more people talking about it?!

I’m not sure what there is to say about this — if anything even remotely intelligent — but I do know that if you’d approached me in 1994 and told me that, one day, D.J.’s best friend and little sister would swap spit in the Tanner family backyard, I’d be like, “No way, José!” or “Whoa, baby!” or “Like what Joey does with Mr. Woodchuck?”

Also, is this kiss — along with Macy Gray mistaking D.J. and Kimmy for a pair of “luscious lesbians” in Episode 3 — the closest the House franchise has come to acknowledging the existence of homosexuality in San Francisco? (For the record, I’m not saying either of those events actually count.)

Either way, Steve loved it. To him, it was like watching two sandwiches going at it. Just look at that face:

Fuller House Kimmy Stephanie Kiss

And if you’re wondering why D.J. looks so horrified, I have two words for you: Candace. Cameron. … Buré. (Crap, three words.)

(Side note: Yes, I know Matt and Steve also accidentally kissed in this episode, but Stephanie and Kimmy’s deliberate kiss is my real takeaway here. I’m proud of Fuller House for going there, even if just for a laugh.)

Do you have any thoughts on this wonderfully weird event? General thoughts on Fuller‘s first season and/or hopes for its inevitable second? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. I think it’s much better when things like this aren’t singled out (debated, discussed, etc) but just accepted as run of the mill and commonplace.

    • Kay says:

      People debate things like this because is exciting to even have a little bit of representation even if it’s not actually representation. People talk about it because representation is exciting. Especially on this show that has never even acknowledged that homosexuality exists

      • Loved it says:

        Yeah. “exciting to even have a little bit of representation even if it’s not actually representation” is a really good way to put it. It’s also really exciting seeing part of my childhood look a little like me! Even if it was played for laughs, I’ve always had a crush on Stephanie.

    • Rob says:

      True but this kiss must have made BIGOT Bure livid. Would not watch this rehash cuz of her hate of LGBT community.

  2. C says:

    There was also the accidental smooch Matt and Steve shared when they both went to kiss DJ’s cheek at the same time.

  3. hmm says:

    It was awesome, something I never knew I wanted to see! It was so surprising and well timed.
    Also, why is Steve such a focus in this article? I barely noticed him in this scene? A kiss between two main female characters (played for surprise and laughs) some how the point of view of Steve is so important? What? Out of all the characters in this scene, Steve is the least important or focused on in the series to date…

  4. Katie says:

    I wish this hadn’t been such a blatant spoiler! As much as I wanted to watch all of the episodes this weekend, I wasn’t able to, but that doesn’t mean I wanted to know this! I highly doubt you would have put such a big spoiler right in the headline for other Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black…

    • hannah says:

      this is not a big spoiler. it was just a joke. its not like its a start of a stephanie and kimmy going romantic or anything close to that.

      • Tina Fey says:

        The fooking TITLE of this article is a huge spoiler for those of us who haven’t loser-ishly binge-watched the entire season in the first few days of its release! I’d like to give ole Andy a SWIFT kick in the arse!

        • Wendy says:

          With all due respect, the episodes dropped at once and this is a TV entertainment site. You took the risk coming here and reading knowing you haven’t finished watching the episodes.

          And, as was pointed out, this isn’t some big plot, anyway.

          • A fan of TV says:

            There’s no due respect, they called binge watchers losers. No due respect required.

          • NJMark says:

            No, it’s simply very rude to put spoilers in HEADLINES. Are people supposed to live under rocks until they’ve caught up on episodes?

  5. I came out of this show shipping Kimmy/DJ, Stephanie/DJ, DJ/Steve, Steve/Matt, and DJ/Steve/Matt (another solution to the love triangle). I loved the moment where Steve and Matt accidentally kissed when both were trying to kiss DJ.

  6. Jared says:

    Fuller House was a lot racier than I expected but I am totally ok with that. I honestly thought the kiss between Steph and Kimmy was just for laughs because that episode was hilarious but who knows??..To me the hotter kiss was between Matt and Steve anyway. I just hope Netflix gives it a second season to play out some of the storylines planted in S1.

  7. Jared Munson says:

    Why not talk about the “Donald Trump” quip Max says in the first episode as a bad word. it’s clearly a dub over, and something Candace probably wouldnt have signed off on

    • Tamara harland says:

      If Candance had any real say on the show, the same sex kisses wouldn’t have happened either. Or the references to DJ/Kimmie being a lesbian couple.

    • Jamie says:

      I heard about that. Can anyone read lips and figure out what little Max had to say?

    • Jeff says:

      Is Candance as crazy as her brother? I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and not say she’s anti-gay just because she’s Christian. There are plenty of good Christians, after all.

      • Ann says:

        Just because a person doesn’t agree with another person’s actions, doesn’t make them a bad person. People have valid reasons for disagreements sometimes. But with that being said, Candace doesn’t seem to be as strict with Christianity as her brother. Afterall, Kirk refuses to kiss anyone onscreen except his wife, even for acting purposes. Candace is seen kissing two guys in this show that aren’t her husband. She seems to understand what acting is about.

    • chadcronin says:

      I read already that the joke was not added later

    • A fan of TV says:

      DJ Tanner isn’t Candace Cameron Bure and DJ Tanner made a slightly impressed face when Max said Donald Trump was a bad word. It wasn’t dubbed in later, the camera straight up showed the kid saying it so you could see his lips move.

  8. Tamara says:

    No one is talking about it is actually a good thing for LGBT rights because it doesn’t matter that it happened, just like all the times DJ made out with Steve and Matt or Kimmie made out with Fernando this season. It’s not a big deal because it’s NOT a big deal.

  9. Larry says:

    I think it was just for laughs and not anything that big and I think DJ was horrified because sister and best friend

  10. Sam says:

    I love that Fuller House is keeping up with the times. When Steve and Matt kissed, my jaw dropped. But when Kimmy and Stephanie kissed…I saw it coming and it actually happened! I love it how racy Fuller House is. Perfecto!!

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  12. Lisette says:

    I love full house I grew up with show , and they had a lot of moral standards back then , fuller house is ok , for some of us that still keep are moral standard really high they shouldn’t add spioiler like that, they should keep it neutral . I personally love the show just that they should keep neutral too respect either side .

  13. bigdede says:

    I just love this show especially that little middle child. He is so funny and cute

  14. A fan of TV says:

    I think everyone and their mother plays up two straight girls kissing for laughs, because it’s more societally accepted than two guys, just like Steve’s reaction illustrates. That’s why Matt and Steve’s kiss, though an accident, was more interesting, mostly because nobody acted with any disgust, fear, or serious homophobia, just surprise.

    I’m all for a gay character joining the show if/when there’s an s2, because in my mind neither one of the kisses in this episode had anything really to do with LGBT representation at all, just used the kisses as a couple of gags. Wonder if they’d ever have one of the kids be gay, like Ramona maybe, or if the best to be hoped for is a recurring character in the show’s periphery (like finding out Steve or Matt has a sister/brother who’s gay.)

  15. Kate says:

    I certainly have nothing against LGBT storylines or lifestyles, and I understand that Candace Cameron Bure is on the far end of conservative, but I think it’s a little manipulative to speculate that she’s outraged at this.

    “And if you’re wondering why D.J. looks so horrified, I have two words for you: Candace. Cameron. … Buré.”

    Yes, Candace Cameron Bure is probably not supportive of this in her real life, but taken in context, doesn’t it make sense that DJ is probably more than a little grossed that her best friend for 20 years was suddenly kissing her little sister.

    Also, don’t forget that DJ called Kimmy her partner in that ridiculous dance-off in Episode 3 and didn’t look grossed out, offended or like she didn’t know what she was implying by saying it.

    I’m not a huge CCB fan, but sheesh, give the woman a break.

    • A fan of TV says:

      100 per cent agreed. What I liked about s1 is that Candace’s life and opinions did not become DJ’s, which fits in with the fact that the Tanners were never heavily religious, their moral lessons were never based on externalized morality, and at the very least they are a conservative-ish family in San Francisco, which would qualify them as unacceptable conservatives in a place like Texas. Stephanie certainly doesn’t seem like she’s conservative, nor Kimmy, and I agree it’s unfair to hate DJ because, since the show first aired, Candace Cameron basically was born again. DJ Tanner’s character already existed, and nothing in s1 indicated Candace made any efforts whatsoever to make her character more like herself.

  16. Molly Privett says:

    This just totally ruined full house for me. I grew up watching full house and always loved it! but this just ruined it all for me!! Not family oriented!

  17. Damn, I’m gonna have to get Netflix just to watch Fuller House. :)

  18. DJ says:

    Maybe its no big deal and maybe she’s horrified because (gasp) it has nothing to do with her last name and a lot to do with it being her (scripted) sister and bff? Lets not make this bigger than it is.

  19. Nikki Lane says:

    Was I the only one to notice a ear piece in Jodie ear during the outside scene? When they stood up from the Twister game.
    I haven’t seen her wear be in the past.

  20. Bahama Mama says:

    So I’m done watching fuller house. God is against lesbianism so therefore so am I. My children are dissappointed in kimmy and Stephanie they looked up to them. They know a woman kissing a woman is wrong so they totally agree that we would not watch it anymore. I love people that are lesbian but I hate what they do. God hates it too. It’s wrong but God still loves the person. 😔

  21. scott says:

    I hope something more comes of that kiss. Then full house might become intresting. but i doubt it will. But still it would be funny to see those two date.

  22. Kim Alexander says:

    I feel like children watch this show…keep it clean, don’t curse, don’t talk about lesbians and don’t talk about the Becky special and boopers. Just because it seems like the norm doesn’t make it right.