Mad Dogs Cancelled Amazon

Amazon's Mad Dogs: No Season 2

The barking has been silenced at Amazon.

Mad Dogs‘ executive producer Shawn Ryan, who adapted the series from its original British format, tweeted on Sunday that the thriller will not return for a second season.

In a series of tweets — 19 in total, all of which can be read below — Ryan lauded fans for their commitment, thanked the cast and crew for their tireless efforts, and cleared up a few questions surrounding the series’ (seemingly) early end:

Mad Dogs told the story of four friends who got together to celebrate their pal’s early retirement — only for him to be murdered. The series starred Michael Imperioli, Steve Zahn, Romany Malco and Ben Chaplin; the 10-episode season was released Jan. 21 on Amazon.

Were you a fan of Mad DogsDrop a comment with your thoughts on its ending below.

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  1. John Jacob says:

    It dragged and was somewhat boring at times. It wasn’t a series where I was hoping for more anyways.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Boring series. Ten hours of life wasted.

    • Stinky Feet Lover says:

      You thought it was boring, yet still watched 10 hours of it? Why do ppl always continue to watch thinks they dislike, then complain about it?

  3. Suso says:

    First “Terriers” and now this. Let’s hope Shawn Ryan doesn’t try to reboot “Lassie.”

  4. Et al. says:

    I never even heard of this which is odd because I thought I was familiar with the Amazon originals. I was even one of the 12 people who saw ‘Mozart’ before it won best comedy.

    • junus cyclone says:

      loved it . amazon needs to focus on what people want , and if it is making them money then why not . its a win , win

  5. rainey13 says:

    I’m halfway through the series, and really enjoying it. Since I haven’t seen the ending yet, I can’t comment on that. But given the series of events that happen to the four main characters, I can understand how it would be hard to continue the story. Sometimes it’s better to stick with the plan – in this case, 10 episodes – than to mess too much with the formula which made it work in the first place. But I am looking forward to finishing the series, which is hugely creative!

  6. tonivb says:

    I loved this show. Looked forward to the series ever since the pilot a year ago. I could never anticipate where the storyline was going, which is rare these days, and it had plenty of humor to balance out the violence. Sad to see it end, but they tied up the finale nicely.

  7. Simon Jester says:

    I loved THE SHIELD and TERRIERS, but couldn’t see the point of remaking the British original.

  8. Stephen says:


    I’m scratching my head because I was satisfied at the ending and I thought it was over, especially since the British version was a miniseries. I don’t see how it could continue further and be of similar quality as the first season. Not every story is meant to last years and years.
    Good job Amazon. I hope you work with Shawn Ryan on future projects.

  9. ScottJ says:

    Totally unnecessary re-make anyway.

  10. Charlene says:

    I really liked this series a lot. But can see why it had to come to an end.

  11. Bernd says:

    “executive producer Shawn Ryan, who adapted the series from its original British format” – I’m pretty sure Shawn Ryan would say that he mainly supported Chris Cole (inventor of the british original) with his his knowledge in how to produce a TV show under the american model/conditions

  12. Paul says:

    No Mad Dogs 2, bad move! Have you ever heard of Breaking Bad. It’s seems the direction was primed perfectly with Joel and Lex’s experiences in the last episode, oh by the way a group member who could become a dirty lawyer. They could all overthrow Jesus, loosing themselves in the process. This series could have been Breaking Bad for Amazon. I don’t get it, why take something with momentum and end it. I think there was a lot left to explore about these characters.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree. A lot of potential. It’s a show that captured me and was just fun to watch. Didn’t take it self too serious. Created characters that I wanted to be friends with lol. People complain about how it is slow. Have you watched the wire. Have you watched game of thrones. Have you watched breaking bad. All were slow. The wire could have ended after season one. So happy it didn’t. I feel that way about mad dogs ending. I want more. Give me more.

  13. Silvia Colon says:

    So disappointed it is not being renewed. It was well so different,and balanced mystery,drama,and comedy so well.I am gonna miss those guys.There acting and chemistry was spot on.Please reconsider just one more season,the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger.

  14. SuzannaBanana says:

    SUCH A BUMMER!!! I Loved the show.

  15. Ronald Weeks says:

    My girlfriend and I just finished watching all ten episodes of Mad Dogs. We also just found out there would not be a season two. The ten episodes did end well but it certainly left the door open for more to come. Give it some thought and in a couple of years bust out the next 10 episodes. For the comments about it being boring…”yeah right” …”whatever”… This was a good show.

  16. Jerardo DeLeon says:

    One the best series I seen. Just wish I knew who was Jesus. I think it was the daughter.

  17. Mike Torres says:

    Wow! What a ride. A fantastic show. It’s a shame there won’t be a second season, but I totally agree with the reasoning behind it. Congrats to the creators and cast.

  18. Ray Medico says:

    I find it incredible that a show that had incredible writing, superb acting, direction & production was not picked up by Amazon…
    It is absolutely amazing that there are shows on Amazon that are horrible and poorly written, yet they are into their 3rd and 4 the seasons..Cudos to Chaplin,Imperioli, Malco, & Zahn, they were all incredible!

    • Ryan says:

      Huge crush on everyone in the show. Especially Chaplin. This and the wire are the only shows I have ever seen more then once. That says something. I suppose. The wire was because I stopped half way through the last season when I moved and didn’t have cable for two years. Mad dogs rewatch was because it was awesome. Second watch by self. Third watch with friend. Fourth with sister lol. I live a boring life. If the mondY project can be picked up for another season by Hulu The figgin mondY project. This should find a home else where

  19. Ryan says:

    Thought it. Was so much fun. People expect everything to be this epic game of thrones show. This was simple and fun. Sad it is not on reboot. Was the only reason I held on to Amazon prime after accidental purchase.

  20. Marlene Sartini says:

    We just finished Season 1 Episode 10 of Mad Dogs and LOVED it!!!
    So, now we hear that there will be no Season 2. The first season was amazing….Thank you, thank you. What a ride!!!

  21. Brandy says:

    So in love with Mad Dogs, watched all episodes in 3 days!!! Anxiously awaiting for more to find out there is no more. SUPER SAD! please reconsider the writing was so good!

  22. Peter M. says:

    Mad Dogs was superb, gritty, unnerving entertainment. At virtually no time was the viewer comfortable as the four friends went through insane hardships. The tension was palpable
    and the chemistry amongst the 4 were excellent. Ben Chaplin was superb as the darkest of the four and Steve Zahn excelled as the weasel finance guy. The other two were also terrific.

    It’s sad that it had to end but realistically, it probably had to in order to maintain its purity.

    Well done Shawn Ryan and Chris Cole. An achievement for sure.

  23. Brad Wright says:

    Crazy, CRAZY good series. I could not stop talking about it to everyone I know. I got on the web tonight after watching episode 10 to see if I could find the buzz that should be all over this production. Was floored to see that there would be no season two. Come on Amazon. Give Shawn and Chris freedom to go full vision! Best fun I have had watching TV in a long time. BTW, many well said, supporting posts and could not agree more about the cast, the writing, directing and filming.

  24. Mark says:

    I love this show, I’m stunned that there will be no more Mad Dogs.
    Hopefully you can find another way to make it as true the the first season. Great actors and chemistry, all around great show but Steve Zahn left the show too soon, but very shocking and unexpected !!!!
    Best wishes, from Mark Akerley.

  25. Jill says:

    Mad Dogs is by far the most entertaining show I’ve ever seen. And I’m a bit of a tv junkie. Not reality but real. I felt each characters emotions w them. Watching it was an amazing experience. I’m sad that it’s over. Wonder where it would go.

    #maddogs #bummed #1fan

  26. Craig Colbert says:

    What a shame —-I was looking forward to season 2—-I have no doubt it could have been as good as braking bad if the writers and directors we’re left alone —-there was a lot of story left in the writers pen

  27. felicia says:

    great show I wish there was a Season 2, Joel was going to be awesome to watch

  28. JR says:

    At least it kept you coming back for more. It was a series that kept you interested in what was going to happen next. Not to beat a dead horse, but in this regard it was much like breaking bad. Of all these garbage that’s on TV and they cancel or not renew this series, a mistake was made.

  29. vic says:

    I felt that there were many direction to go in season 2. They obviously thought about a second season when they left Joel in Belize, and the fluid plot with Jesus. Not sure what the reluctance was. I hope one of the other streaming company with see the potential.

  30. Bill Wardino says:

    It was murder, mayhem and mirth in between! I loved it; I predicted that Jesus was a woman and that Joel would take Milo’s place in the end. The writing, acting and directing was fantastic!!!!

  31. Mats Kehlmeier says:

    Just great! Thanks for the show😀🍻

  32. carol w says:

    hey. i am 75,my husband 83, and we loved mad much junk on tv,bored, go to bed early and listed to the radio, bring back mad dogs,kept our old interest.. bob and carol w.

  33. Christine says:

    Just watched the entire season this weekend! Loved it!

  34. Sharon Morrison says:

    Wow! Shocking, didn’t see Joel’s character going there. Well done!

  35. Ray Reynolds says:

    What a mistake!!! Make Season 2!!!