Chris Rock Oscars 2016

Chris Rock Hosts the Oscars: Grade His Race-Conscious Opening Monologue

Leave it to Chris Rock to not only address the elephant in the room, but to invite it to center stage and put it directly in the spotlight.

The comedian and Saturday Night Live alum opened his second Oscars hosting gig Sunday with a nod to the preponderance of white nominees, a situation known by the Twitter shorthand #Oscarssowhite.

“You realize, if they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t even get this job!,” he quipped.

Rock stayed true to his take-no-prisoners stand-up style throughout the opener, offering up commentary on police violence and skewering the Hollywood elite for choosing not to show up. A few highlights:

* On why he didn’t boycott the Oscars on principle: “The last thing I need is to lose another job to Kevin Hart!”

* Rock said that other years, black people didn’t protest the Oscars because they were “too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won Best Cinematographer. When your grandmother’s swinging from a tree, it’s really hard to care about Best Documentary Foreign — Short.”

* “Jada [Pinkett-Smith] boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties — I wasn’t invited!”

* Rock also mocked the #askhermore movement to query women on the red carpet about more than their outfits; the comedian joked that the only reason men are asked more is that their looks are boring. “If George Clooney showed up with a lime green tux on and a swan coming out his ass, somebody would ask, ‘What’re you wearing, George?'”

Press PLAY on the video below to relive Rock’s performance, grade the host’s Oscars opening via the poll below, then hit the comments to expound upon your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. shadowtruths says:

    I was hugely disappointed by his swipe at the “ask her more” campaign.

    • GeoDiva says:

      They are paid thousands of dollars to wear those dress, shoes, jewlery, etc… If I was a designer and didn’t get my label mentioned because someone wanted to talk about baking cookies, their next $10M movie, etc… I would be pissed. It is part of their job.

      • Christina says:

        Baking cookies, wow that’s not sexist or anything. Way to be part of the problem. Value women for looks and skill in the kitchen. Really?

  2. T says:

    ahhh, but did anybody notice how he pulled a #travoltaflub with Charlize Theron’s name?!

  3. . (@yikes77) says:

    The Jada snark was perfect.

  4. Lucifer says:

    It was funnier than I expected when he announced he threw out his original material to make it coincide with the controversy. There were a few cringe-worthy and stupid lines, but overall it was decent. I loved how the room went dead silent when Rock dared to joke about the stupid #AskHerMore campaign.

  5. Sabrina says:

    He nailed it. I loved it 👍😂

  6. peterwdawson says:

    Loved it, straight shot of pretty classic Chris Rock, granted a bit cleaner in terms of language.

  7. Kathleen says:

    Chris! You “Rock”!

  8. shiva says:

    Chris, u rock!
    Encore encore encore

  9. Robin Kurtz says:

    Nice job Chris Rock. You managed to simultaneously condemn racism in Hollywood while exhibiting a full-frontal sexism. Your monologue ran the gamete from getting into Riana’s panties to dismissing the progressive new policy encouraging journalists to ask female actors something more than “what are you wearing?”

    • Lisa says:

      Way to miss the point entirely. That being said those women are PAID to wear and to TALK about what they are wearing. If you paid someone a ton of money to promote your clothing then they didn’t mention them wouldn’t you be pissed. If they don’t want to talk about what they are wearing then wear a dress off the rack at walmart!

    • MC says:

      Good points. Everyone acknowledges that actresses have to talk about their designer clothes. They also want to field other questions, hence the word “more” as in additional. Some people are mistakenly assuming this is an askherinstead movement. The Rihanna joke was odd when you consider that Chris has been very friendly with Will Smith and Jada over the years. I also don’t think of Rihanna as a sex symbol, but it’s obvious that other folks find her to be endlessly fascinating.

  10. Brian says:

    He killed it!

  11. Barb says:

    Very tired of blacks wining. Chris should be encouraging blacks to become writers, producers and actors instead of wining that there aren’t enough blacks nominated. Honestly get over it!!!!!!

    • Radadny says:

      Agree. Ditto

      • Bobbie says:

        I didn’t watch the oscars for this type of show. It was entirely about the poor blacks. Very sick of this.

        • Countryrob says:

          Since Obama became president so many blacks, yes blacks like BET have have become entitled racist encouraged by people like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Harry Belafonte, and the list is always growing. I have NATTIVE AMERICAN CHEROKEE BLOOD and I would never use it as any type of race card nor do I hear the JEWS crying about the Nazis The Denver Broncos won the super bowl with a white quarterback and the San Diego Chargers lost with a black quarterback. does that make Peyton Manning a racist. Take responsibility for your actions. ” Black lives matter ” ” Hands up don’t shoot “.Go to church!

          • Kara says:

            Exactly! Also, Hollywood is full of a bunch of idiots! They are in such a bubble. Black lives matter and police are bad but yet who do they call when they have a crazy fan knocking on their door. Also I have never owned a slave and you have never been a slave! Get over it. Obama has started this brewing race war. Thank god the election is coming up this year otherwise if we had 4 more years of him I truly think there would have been a civil war. In my momentarily crazy moments I almost wish Bernie would win and tax the rich hollywood liberals 90%. I bet they would change their tunes real quick!

          • mazel tov says:

            The San Diego Chargers have a black QB? Who knew I bet Phillip Rivers is surprised. Do you mean Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers/

            The rest of your post is just nonsense.

          • countryrob says:

            Sorry I got the football team wrong but its the rest of my previous message that counts. Mazel since you are able to use keyboard look up Iraq vet Chris Marquez was beaten by teens who asked him if black lives matter. Further more the night of the Rodney King verdict I was jumped by 4 black guys on the A train at Nostrand Ave in NYC at 9pm on my way home from work all for being white. With that said my Pastor is a wonderful black man. With that said regardless of your color are your nationality. You will always know them by their fruits. Everything in my previous post was completely sensical. That is probably why you were not able to elaborate on anything wrong with the post other than a mistake with the football team and quarterback mentioned. Look how smart you are being the only one to figure out the mistake regarding the football teams!

    • CourtTV says:

      Very hard to get over institutionalized and systematic racism. The Oscars just highlighted a true issue in our less than perfect society.

      • dan says:

        No they didn’t. Here’s the thing…if black people want Oscars they need to take Kate Winslet’s advice and act in $###ty movies about Nazis. Seriously, look at the trash that was nominated this year. All Oscar bait garbage, except for Mad Max which I think only snuck in because of a strong Female Lead. The Revenant? LOOOOOL Leo gets bearbacked (see what I did there) and gets Nommed while Creed, A F-ing masterpiece and my favorite film of the year gets nearly shut out. That’s just how it is, Creed was a great movie that wasn’t made to appeal to the people with S####y taste who pick the nominees.

        • Lisa says:

          I think the main point people miss is that most movies these days make their money in overseas (primarily Chinese) markets. China is a notoriously racist Country. Is hollywood really racist or just greedy?

    • Lolo says:

      YES! Get over racism. You’re so right. Wow why didn’t black people think of that before?????! Wow you’re so smart. And you’re also right about how there is just a lack of black actors, writers, directors, and producers. I hear there are only like, 4 black artist. And there weren’t any black artist who should of got noms either. Ryan Coolger? Who’s that?? Michael B Jordan? Isn’t he a basketball player? What was that movie? Straight out of Commons? It has nothing to do with lack of opportunity due to systematic racism and everything to do with there just not being enough black artist. My god.

    • Keysha says:

      There are plenty of black prducers, writers, and actors. The reason people are upset is because said people were nit nominated. Ummmm…..kind of the point of the controversy

    • Fang says:

      There is a reason why they keep repeating the word opportunity. If you have never actually experienced it at a personal level its going to be hard for you to even imagine how it is. You obviously have no clue whatsoever.

    • Mariana Trench says:

      Your comment may have more credibility if you spelled “whining” correctly.
      Just sayin’…

    • David4 says:

      I’ve very tired of ignorant whites complaining about how racism is hard to hear about.

    • CL says:

      So what blacks are whining . I havnt heard but a few posts. how many have you heard ? 45 million ? cause thats how many blacks there are in this country. Keep your racists petty remarks to yourself. You don’t know who whining. Sounds to me like your the one whining.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Plenty of white people are in a similar situation as black people now a days. And there’s more whites in this country, so therefore there are more white people going through issues in this country, we just can’t complain about it and pull the race card. Coloured people make it sound like every white person is born rich and privledged, but in most cases that’s not true. With diversity wanted in the workplace and schools, if anything coloured people have more opportunities than whites do in this country today.

        It’s stupid that were fighting each other over something like colour, like we claim to be an advanced society, but we can’t even get over something as simple as skin colour! It’s ridicules. If we’re going to fight against a minority, let’s fight the rich people who manipulate us all to accomplish their dreams, while making the majority of the public work for basically penny’s compared to what they make, to make it happen.

        • Radha says:

          Did you HONESTLY just say “coloured people”? Seriously? COLOURED people. I have no words.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Well I didn’t feel like listing out every nationality… If that’s what you took from what I said, then I have no words. This is just pathetic.

          • NJMark says:

            But “people of color” is OK? What’s the bloody difference?

          • countryrob says:

            I am a 49 year old white man. In my life time I have seen your titles go from negro, colored, black and now African Americans. How many face slashers have you seen on the news that weren’t black. Why do you have BET awards Black lives matter and expect to be called African Americans! I am called white for 49 years and I don’t always look for a reason to complain that life is unfair everyday! Its as if some people will never be happy no matter what. You know I bet the Lord will be picking on many of you come judgement day.

        • NC Cosgrove says:

          Phoenix5634 I agree

          Radha, grow up

    • Dhd says:

      Exactly feel like so many are just sitting around waiting for someone to hand them an opportunity. Go out and make one. Have blacks not seen all the diversity in the best director category the last five years? I feel like when blacks say they want more diversity they really just mean more black.

    • Paloma says:

      Except there are plenty of black people who are writers, actors and producers or want to be writers, actors and producers and don’t get hired because they are black. So even if he did encourage more people to aspire to those jobs, they still wouldn’t get hired. Get a clue.

      And a dictionary. Wining is drinking and whining is complaining, which you do but not well.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        News flash, that’s happens to whites and everyone no matter their colour. If anything coloured people have better opportunity in our country becuz diversity is wanted nowadays.

    • t says:

      So rude! Its not whining! There cant be more writers, producers, actors when you are given limited opportunity. As someone who is black im tired of the same black actors hollywood uses. There are many more but its as if only a handful can be used. You have not walked in my shoes do dont consider someone whining if we are just speaking up

      • Sherry says:

        Seriously! Why do blacks say you haven’t walked in my shoes. Whites have problems also yet we are not allies to have “only whites” anything. What happened during slavery was terrible but u was not born yet but black think whites need to pay for something we weren’t around for. Also, remember the Africans brought the blacks to the United States and sold them as slaves

    • karen says:

      I agree.GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  12. The oscars and kid rock just finished my watching. Let’s ask if white people have their own network like black people do (BET) only black channel or universities because the are just black universities. The list goes on and on . Tired of black people being racist against whites because it is ok for the blacks to talk about whites. Choose not to watch your racist show

    • Radadny says:

      I’m horrified ruined the whole experience for me. Do whites say where are we in Football, Basketball, tons of TV commercials.. Hey there are Asians, Hispanics, Gays, Indians..please get over it!

    • Lisa G says:

      The fact you can’t tell the difference between Kid Rock (white guy) and Chris Rock (black guy) sort of proves their argument.

    • Karen Saunders says:

      BET came about at a time when programming that featured black characters was not being made on those nonexistent White networks. The programs on BET are not strictly performed, directed or produced by black people. As for black universities, again they came about when black people wouldn’t be admitted to any universities without ridicule or physical danger. Those colleges such as Howard, Spellman…etc are “Historically” Black schools. They enjoy diverse student bodies.
      I don’t know your race but if you are younger than thirty-five and a race other than a minority or if you aren’t uneducated or poor then I completely understand how bored you are with the topic of the evening. I would, however suggest you do your homework before you use examples without mentioning their history or evolution. It completely deflated your argument.

    • They do have there own networks, just turn on the TV

  13. Lori says:

    Chris rock’s joke that the oscars In memoriam will show blacks killed by cops on their way to the movies. Despicable. Turned show off. No more award shows for me

  14. Movies says:

    Let’s help fix the race issue in Hollywood. Join me in boycotting all movies for the next five years.

  15. Wooster182 says:

    I thought he was impressively strong. He made his point without being offensive or hateful, which is an improvement on Ricky G.

    My only issue with his monologue was that he focused solely on black vs. white. There are Asian and Hispanic actors and countless different ethnicities. To make it a black and white issue rather than a race issue is succumbing to the “sorority” mentality as well.

    • Timmah says:

      I had the same issue. Discussing race as if there’s only one minority group that matters is itself racist.

      • James says:

        Yea I’m black, but that was my one real issue. It should have included more people of color and not just black people.

      • Randy says:

        It’s racist to suggest only minority groups matter!

        • countryrob says:

          God feels my white life matters. Oh no I hope all the raciest blacks wont be mad at my God for feeling my WHITE life matters, Morgan Freeman supported Obamas deal with Iran. I will never watch another movie with him in it. I wonder if the Jews think of Hitler when they see Obama after the Iran deal?

  16. L says:

    To much. Why can he make people feel like the color of there skin matters. It doesn’t. We will never move past this if we don’t screaming about it. We all just need to respect each other.

    • Wooster182 says:

      He had to address it. It was a huge elephant in the room. He clearly decided to bulldoze through it and move on with the rest of the show.

      • Movies says:

        No he didn’t address it and move on. It stays center stage. This isn’t the Oscars. This is an infomercial about one groups views on how the rest of the world, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. needs to fall in line.

      • Michele Escandon says:

        Over did it most blacks and whites do not really worry that people making millions don’t get a nomination really a lot more important things for most people to worry about

  17. Kate says:

    Really. People are finding this entertaining. Not me. I’ll read who won tomorrow. Over and out.

  18. wrstlgirl says:

    It was great!! BUT is this whole night gonna be full of black and white jokes?

  19. Kenneth Brierton says:

    He was very racist,especially toward white athletes,Rembrandt Rocky Marciano.

  20. Radadny says:

    Too much about Race.. It hijacked the whole night. I shut it off it was very offensive. Ruined the entire award show. I may never watch it again..

  21. Jo Ann says:

    Too much about racism. The Oscars are not about race, they are about excellence. What now, a black person has to be nominated in every category, just for the sake of diversity? Then the Oscars will be about race and not excellence.

    • Wooster182 says:

      The Oscars are already about race. That’s clearly the point. We all have our natural biases. If there were no male and female categories, as Chris pointed out is a pointless division, do you really think that as many women would get nominated?

      TV has made a very pointed effort at being more diverse, not only with race but also with gender and sexuality and it has paid off. Look at the Emmys and Globes and then look at the Oscars. Film has to start being more diverse in order to have more diverse nominees.

    • Lol so true then we would have to nominate a black person just so they don’t complain.

  22. Jill Conroy says:

    Disgusted that he made a joke about police shootings the day after a rookie officer died on her first day on the job.

    • Nigel says:

      he probably didn’t know about that, and it doesn’t really matter to his monologue. plus, he made a joke addressing 2 issues that are affecting african americans at the moment

    • Nigel says:

      Chris Rock killed it, amazing. Reading all these comments below I can tell some of his joke went over your heads or you didn’t watch the whole thing though.

  23. Neha says:

    Chris took the bull by the horns and addressed the controversy head on !
    I think he nailed it ! Very funny !
    Chris you rocked it!!

  24. Frank Sannic says:

    I’m afraid that if the academy is pressured to vote for blacks to win awards, one will wonder if they really deserved it. It will be very similar to a doctor who feels that others may think he is in his position because of affirmative action instead of his own merits. As a whole there are very few fields that are so inclusive and supportive of minority causes than is the entertainment field. I find it hard to believe that this community would not nominate someone of color or sexual preference because of their color or sexual preference.

    • Wooster182 says:

      I don’t think it’s an issue of actively refusing to nominate actors of race. It’s two things:

      1. The voters are typically older whites so they are going to watch a movie and be moved by that film based on their own culture and experiences. If you can’t relate to the Mexican experience or black or Asian, you might not see it as superb acting because you can’t connect emotionally.

      2. Films are not diverse enough. Put more people of color in films and there will be more opportunities to nominate them. And don’t just put them in “black” films or films about slavery. Put them in a role you could have also given to Geoge Clooney. It broadens the actor’s scope and the viewers’ viewpoint.

      • JC says:

        You don’t just put a person in a role arbitrarily, you pick the person that fits that role. Movies are about making money, not a community college theater play.

        • Wooster182 says:

          If that’s the case, then whites must naturally be better actors.

        • kenny knowles says:

          Oh Ok! I guess thats why they have so many roles with white people playing Jesus, Pharaoh, and many other historical figures that weren’t white. Honestly, you people sicken me, the way you sit back and try to justify such foolishness.

  25. jasper reynolds says:

    Chris Rock didn’t put anyone on blast inre OscarSoWhite. Pretty much he said protesting the Oscars was foolishness. He is right. Poor guy is going to be put on blast now for telling the truth. (No doubt Shaun King is currently trying to twist his words to go against white people.)

  26. Sue Wong says:

    I am 5 minutes from turning this show off! Sick & tired already of the white bashing and black whining! Shocked that white people DONT find this all disrespectful. As if the work white actors /actresses have done is somehow meaningless.. It’s not ok to use this forum to complain endlessly and blame white people once again for all your problems! Why are white people laughing.. This is not ok. We’ve made a mockery of the Oscars! If black people want to be recognized, then go to work, work hard and stop your damn whining! White peoples dont do this.. Whine & cry and pout!! We just work harder, and realize they life isn’t fair and not everyone wins!

  27. V L Dodds says:

    Totally ghetto monolog. Final straw mocking nominated hardworking actors by making fun of their performances. Felt like Chris was acting like Kanye. Make your point and move on.

  28. LynnH says:

    Some of the greatest films in history have been controversial. I have no problem with the Oscar monologue being controversial. I thought Chris did a very good job.

  29. M Grysko says:

    It sucks I’m tired of blacks whining about everything I turned it off cris rock stunk not funny

  30. Joanne Yarbrough says:

    Chris very tastefully and professionally addressed the elephant in the room from all perspectives and left it for everyone to stand accountable for the future of the Oscars. So proud of him.

  31. Cheryl augustine says:

    He only made it about black and white. I thought the whole no diversity issue was any non white. Now the non white and non black ethnic groups should be upset about being left out.

  32. KatsMom says:

    It’s about what I expected from Chris Rock. There were some excellent, wry observations about systemic racism (which clearly those benefiting from it here are quite happy to continue to ignore and/or deny it exists), but he failed to talk about how the problem does not just affect black people. And, while I can understand that he would feel ill-equipped to speak on behalf of other marginalized groups in Hollywood, I think an acknowledgment that the struggle for non-whites is quite real would have been appropriate. But, given that he clearly can’t even think beyond his own experience to understand the point being made by the #AskHerMore campaign, it’s probably better he didn’t try to broaden his reach. All in all, I gave it a B.

  33. keenen says:

    Wow, you find out about people. I am disappointed, but not shocked, by the number of posts that reference “blacks” whining about everything…or the idea that all black people were included in the boycott, or that “blacks” want something for nothing. Chris Rock was in a no win situation. I have yet to watch the monologue, but I’d hoped he would ignore the issue, the same way that Hollywood and others have been ignoring it for years.Why bother? I know of few black people who actually put any stock in the Oscars (or the NAACP awards). As he said, not everything is about racism and sexism..but the reality is that some things are. There is always going to be someone offended….but when a minority person feels offended or marginalized it is perceived as “whining,” because they should just be grateful for what they have?

  34. Greg says:

    I am very disappointed in the racial bias presented tonight. This is not the forum. The Oscars are a celebration of movie excellence. Thanks for wasting my time.

  35. Michele Escandon says:

    Chris Rock has made a total farce of the awards I am totally disgusted. Honestly most black and white people could care less a bout whinny rich actors and the picture of suffering knight with two cops on each side is dispicable. We just had a 6 year old precious child killed by gunfire that is what should be important so very disgusted

  36. Phoenix5634 says:

    Clearly trying to save face and boost PR by white bashing after this years overwhelming response to the “white” Oscars. Great speech, but at what point does this become racist towards white people? He did raise a good point tho, if you want to make things more equal, make a category, like they did for male and female, for individual races in the Oscars.

  37. Lolo says:

    Wow so many of these comments are making me very uncomfortable. If people just talking about racial issues bothers you so much, clearly you’re already coming from a place of privilege where you don’t have to deal with it everyday of your blessed life. But a lot of people do. Stop telling them to get over it. Stop telling them to stop whining. Stop acting like they’re personally attacking you (They’re not). Why does it bother you so much for you to hear complaints (In a pretty light and non-confrontational matter, I might add. It’s the Oscars….) from a community you live and work alongside with everyday? Their lives and stories and struggles don’t stop because you don’t care. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home town or Hollywood. And stop calling it racism against whites. Tf? Grow up.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you. I am so amazed by how many people are so put off by the idea that inclusion is a personal assault to them.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        If a white guy hosted the oscars and directed this sort of thing towards another race, he’d probably be brought up on some sort of hate crime or something, and publicly harassed. Just saying, if the real goal is trying to be equal, it doesn’t come from racism or whatever you want to call it, towards white people. Which for some reason a lot of people refuse to believe even exists.

  38. Francoise says:

    This took courage to say and talent to deliver. Flawless. And he’s beyond right when he says that Hollywood has some of the most most well-intentioned, liberal people in the country, and they still don’t cast black people. Or as a recent video I saw from Canada says, “America, we’ll help you fix your race problem–as soon as we figure out why you still have one.”

  39. Mak says:

    Chris Rocked that monologue! If you find yourself offended or annoyed by minorities seeking equal opportunities then best tune out & stay offended in your dark ages!

  40. Bet says:

    If the blacks had worthy performance they may have been nominated. We are color blind!

  41. Bonnie Wilson says:

    Chris Rock was way out out of line.

    Lots of blacks in the entertainment field have done well like Bill Cosby v

  42. Nina says:

    I thought Chris Rock sucked tonight. I get he wanted to make a point, but making the whole thing about one thing ruined it. Turned it off

  43. Julianne says:

    Why don’t whites boycott, the NBA? There are clearly more black players than white Hmmm..

    • whiskey says:

      A false equivalency, and a ridiculous one at that. The NBA is, very clearly, a merit-based organization. Owners want to win games, thus they hire the best players (regardless of color) to play on their teams. There are a variety of reasons that the proportion of athletes of color in the NBA is higher than the proportion in the general population, but it has very little to do with racism against white people.

      The entertainment industry, on the other hand, is NOT primarily merit based. Actors and actresses get roles all the time for reasons that have nothing to do with their acting ability (primarily, that they’re simply more attractive than the next one in line). Also, many roles that could and/or should be cast with people of color are given to white people because of…drumroll…systemic racism: the assumption that only white people can headline movies, that only movies headlined by white people make money, etc. Actors of color, regardless of merit, are not often given the same opportunities as white actors. Then, when awards season rolls around, even the best performances by actors of color are overlooked in favor of sometimes-mediocre performances by white actors (Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination for Joy, anyone?).

      I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around, but it is REAL. Denying it only contributes to the problem. No one is saying that actors of color should be handed awards simply for showing up. What they ARE saying is that they should be considered worthy of playing leading roles, and when they do hand in high caliber performances in said roles, they should be recognized.

      • Theodoros II says:

        But don’t black people complain about the MLB, MLS, NHL, NASCAR, Swimming, UFC, WWE among other sporting leagues having too many whites and that they need more diversity? Heck, blacks complain even about Quarterbacks in the NFL (which is like 65-70% black) being white dominated, even though white quarterbacks keep winning one SB after another (there have been 48 white SB winners and only 2 blacks). So except the NBA or the positions blacks dominate in the NFL, all the rest sports are not based on merit? Or you imply that whites should NOT or CANNOT be better than blacks? Your racism stinks so bad that I can’t even breathe.

    • dirk says:

      Good point. Turn the race card back on them

  44. mar says:

    What a wasted evening.

  45. Katie says:

    It wasn’t horrible, he did make a couple of good points but I just thought he went on too long. I really did like the points he made about protesting tonight’s show, about African-Americans in the 50’s and 60’s being more concerned with the rampant racism back then, than who won some award in Hollywood. I muted the last two minutes so I didn’t hear the #askhermore movement jokes but honestly, they talk about what and who they’re wearing to give the designers/jewelers free advertising to help them get more clients, which gets them more money. It’s been like that for decades. I did cringe at a couple of jokes but he had me laughing at the Rihanna joke, I’m not going to lie! I cracked up again when he mentioned it not being fair that Will Smith got paid $20 million to make “Wild, Wild, West.” What an awful movie! I gave a C because there were a handful of misfires in there plus, like I said, a little too overlong. I did shut off the show a half hour into it because it got boring plus Chris just kept going with the “elephant in the room” a little too much. I think it would help if better stories were written for EVERYONE and there was more involvement from every race to make movies all of us can relate to in some aspect. Stop with the stereotypical stuff all the time. Just some ideas.

  46. chris says:

    have the riots started yet?

  47. Fang says:

    All these comments about get over it, white people dont have BET or the NBA just shows a blatant level of ignorance by people who dont get how institutionalized racism is. White people have had ALL the networks already. Blacks are playing catchup. BET is blacks playing catch up. The Big 8 media productions are white controlled. Even the labels that appear black, Aftermath, YMCMB are under white owned distribution contracts. You have to get that this is at an institutional level. As for your sport euphemisms, lots of white kids actually play plenty of college sport before they go back to their promised sororities to do better things like take over ownership of the franchises the black guys play in. Black people play sport not because they like to but because they have to. Its the only way out of the slums in most cases.

    • JC says:

      Playing catch up like it is a competition who controls what? Black sports like the sport they play…for somebody to be at a pro level in any sport, I don’t care if your talking NBA, baseball, NFL, supercross, NASCAR, hockey, anybody black or white or other like their sport or they would not be at that level. Your way of base.

  48. marsi dennis says:

    I’m upset about the oscars this year
    why is it all about the black people
    apperently people of color didnt act that well this year. To boycott
    and protest is a bit much, I didnt think it was on purpose. Chris fine make your statement and move on..

  49. kaydeemoore says:

    Black president, look how well that turned out! Not!!!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      He did better than Bush. Just wait for whatever president wins your current election… None of them are worthy, it’s one big pissing match.

      • says do not go off topic, well is this really the Oscars !!!

      • Morisot says:

        The President of the ACADEMY is Black.

      • Stockton says:

        Right, when 93 million people are now out of work, 57 million on Food Stamps, $21 trillion in debt after his second term, opened our borders to over 20 million illegals that are taken advantage of our social programs, etc., And like all good Democrats, blame it on someone else. Oh, how about George Bush or even George Washington because he helped start this country called America! Wake-Up if you are a true American.
        I liked the line by the comedian presenter who said something like “I don’t hear the orientals complaining.”

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, ’cause all the white presidents we’ve had have been just so perfect, right?
      Seriously, some of the comments in this thread, I swear… *Shakes head*