Fuller House Recap

Fuller House Season Finale Recap: Did D.J. Make the Right Choice?

No one got arrested after skydiving into a tomato truck, but Fuller House‘s season finale wedding — which began as a vow-renewal ceremony for Jesse and Becky — was still full of surprises.

For starters, Kimmy and Fernando strong-armed the Katsopoli into making it a double wedding, following through with their promise to remarry after their quickie divorce. I use “big day” loosely, though, considering none of Jesse and Becky’s friends or family members — not even Nicky or Alex, with whom they live — returned for the sparsely attended service. (I’m obviously not including Joey, who officiated, or Mr. Woodchuck, who is an inanimate object devoid of feelings.)

But after three trips down the aisle and countless forks-full of wedding cake, Kimmy decided she wasn’t ready to say “I do” (again) just yet. It’s kind of a win-win for everybody, if you think about it: Kimmy and Ramona get to stay at the house, and Fernando doesn’t need to lie to strange women about not being married while he bones his way down the west coast.

Of course, Kimmy’s big decision was merely the warm-up — the cocktail hour, if we’re sticking with wedding metaphors — to the finale’s main event: D.J.’s final choice between Steve and Matt, both of whom were invited to the wedding by a drunk Kimmy and a drunk Stephanie, respectively.

Despite both contestants presenting solid, Bachelorette-style arguments for why they should be chosen, D.J. went with… drumroll please… neither! “

“I’m sorry, but I just started dating again and this got really complicated,” she told her disappointed suitors. “If it’s this hard for me to decide, I must not be ready for a serious relationship.” (Seriously, though, is anyone Team Matt out there? Show yourselves, I dare you!)

Thus, the She-Wolf Pack lived to prowl another day. But will it live to prowl another season? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Fuller House‘s first 13 episodes.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lola says:

    Definitely!! She’s barely widowed. The show will probably continue for future seasons on Netflix. There is no need to settle her into a relationship this soon. I’d like to see a slow real progression towards that. And for the record, I love Steve but I also love Matt. I can’t wait to see the rout they’ll go in moving forward.

  2. Natalie says:

    I literally only watched the season finale to see if she ended up with Steve. The writers had the chance to write a wrong and they blew it.

  3. Zachary Flye says:

    If the show had given DJ and Steve real closure to their relationship or just had them be friends I would have been fine with Matt, but the whole love triangle things felt weird and rushed and with Steve still in play I couldn’t take it seriously. So yeah I think DJ made the perfect choice for herself I also love that the guys have a less combative relationship when the season ends and look forward to them possibly being good friends in the inevitable future seasons

  4. Jill says:

    I thought I was team Steve all the way, but DJ has way more chemistry with Matt! Team Matt.
    For now. Obvs, DJ and Steve end game. :)

    • Lola says:

      Yow! I thought it was just me. My heart is telling me to pull for Steve but DJ and Matt’s chemistry was off the charts.

      • Rama says:

        Exactly! DJ and Matt are sizzling hot!! Matt is confident with himself and Steve is somewhat insecure.Previously I was all for Steve to reunite with DJ, but I now feel if they get together, things get boring quickly. Matt is the best choice because Matt pushes DJ to have a future, he even gave her the half of his ownership for the Harmon Pet Care.

        And doesn’t anyone think Fernando is pretty hot? His smile? Ohmygerrddd..

  5. Amc says:

    I love Matt, they made Steve even weirder and not in a cute way. He’s way to tied to her past, while if she chose matt its like she is moving forward

    • RC says:

      I have no opinion on Matt, but I agree on Steve. I hate the way the wrote him this season, like some weird, creepy, clingy guy who was way too attached from the first minute and really immature.

    • Megan says:

      As soon as they were all standing there I knew she was going to pull a Kelly Taylor and choose herself. Going into the series I thought I’d be Team Steve but I agree about the weirdness. They made him really creepy and possessive. I love Matt and he and DJ have amazing chemistry.

  6. Regina says:

    I actually really liked Matt… But definitely felt too soon to have DJ be in a love triangle. Also thought it was strange that they had the episode be about Jesse and Becky renewing their vows when they didn’t have the whole family (especially Nicky and Alex) there. They could’ve had it just be Kimmy’s wedding and the story would still have made sense. Jesse and Becky could’ve come for the wedding.

  7. Savanna says:

    Team Matt. Forever. I like Steve for nostalgic purposes but for the modern day show, I think Matt is the right guy for her.

    • Ann says:

      Not really. You forget that she has three young kids, so she’s not only looking for a husband, but a father to her kids. Steve showed more interest in her kids than Matt did. If she only had a choice between the two, she should choose Steve because he would be a good father. Matt doesn’t look like he’s the type ready to raise three young children. I think that’s what the writers tried to capture during her dates. Matt is into her…but he wasn’t a natural with the kids. Steve ended up making his date about her kids, not just the two of them. As a single mother of 3, that’s a big thing to look for in a potential husband.

  8. MJ says:

    I feel as most here that the love triangle was a bit weird and too soon. I also thought I would be Team Steve for sure, but her and Matt do have really great chemistry. I can see Steve as more of the family man. He seemed to get along better with the boys in my opinion. I am not sure how Matt is going to feel when he sees that jersey on his credit card that Jackson bought. I did not like it was Jesse and Becky’s wedding vow renewal and their kids were not there nor Danny. It doesn’t seem like how the story truly would have happened. It feels like they are trying to throw the original cast members of Jesse, Becky, Joey, and Danny in here and there and it does not feel natural at all. I am cool with bringing them in when it makes sense, but most of the times it does not make any sense.

    • Zerb says:

      “I am not sure how Matt is going to feel when he sees that jersey on his credit card that Jackson bought.”

      At the end of the episode where the card was used, Jackson said he worked out with Matt that he’d be washing his car every week.

  9. I’m happily surprised that the show had some gay references and Candace wore clothes that were revealing/danced with Kimmy/kissed two guys passionately/drank alcohol because I’ve always thought that she was too much of a prude to even have her character engage in these kinds of activities.
    On the Steve vs Matt front I like her with Matt but want all the ladies to date around for awhile.

  10. Ugh says:

    Are you not going to bring up the Indian cultural appropriation at all?

    • Bigger Ugh. says:

      Cultural Appropriation isn’t even real. Cultural Appropriation is created by a bunch of guilty people on the internet who want to segregate us all again.

      Culture is to be shared and spread the love of all people and their history between humans to make one big loving world and most of the PoC off the internet I’ve spoke with would seem to agree with this.

      Keeping us from using one another’s cultures in arts, food, etc isn’t going to solve anything. In fact it will harm more than anything, because it’s dividing us into separate groups instead of just one. The human race.

      I could understand anger about them using parts of a culture if they used it for jokes and to make fun of them. But they were really respectful about the Indian culture used.

      • thisismenow says:

        I applaud you in a non sarcastic way. Finally someone gets it

      • ec says:

        I disagree that cultural appropriation isn’t a real thing, because ding-dong hipster girls are still wearing what should be deeply significant headdresses to coachella, and Iggy Azalea is apparently still a thing, but I agree that cultural appropriation wasn’t what happened in that episode. It was an embrace of culture, not a careless misuse of it.

        • BiggestUgh says:

          A turban IS a deeply significant headdress. Not a costume

          • ec says:

            I went back and ff-d through the episode, and you are totally right. I was multi-tasking while watching and for some reason missed that the party thrower was not Indian, which is what I’d first thought. A while back my boyfriend was in an Indian wedding and was asked by the groom to wear traditional garb, including a pink turban, and I thought this was the same sort of deal – that the guests were dressing for the host. Completely missed that there was no actual Indian person involved (also somehow missed the cow sight gag) and it was essentially a costume party, so yes, totally the definition of cultural appropriation.

      • BiggestUgh says:

        Yes nothing says respect like bringing a cow to an all white Indian party as a prop. Next time, I’ll bring a cross and booty tooch all over it

  11. RJ says:

    I feel like Matt and DJ have amazing chemistry, but for some reason I can’t imagine them being together… forever. Know what I mean? Steve seems to be the end game, he seems like a funny father figure. The writers made him seem way too desperate this season, though, and he had some pretty awkward moments. I think WHEN there is a second season (I’ll be heartbroken if there isn’t), the writers should make Steve less clingy and more independent, but still madly in love with DJ. Steve gets along so well with her kids and makes DJ laugh. I think the writers could take Steve and DJ’s relationship and make it more serious. I like the idea of Matt and Steve becoming friends and not really ‘competing’ for DJ anymore. It’s up to DJ to figure out who she’s more in love with, anyway. And let’s not forget the possibility of either one of these guys finding another woman!

  12. If there are more seasons, Fuller House will do what Full House didn’t get a chance to do, which is end with DJ and Steve together. They weren’t going to do that now because if they did there would be nowhere to go afterwards. TV shows with romantic angles prefer to focus on the chase and catch than on the aftermath, specially after Moonlighting when ratings took a drastic drop after they got together. Look at Castle. The season began with them together until they quickly pushed them apart.

  13. A fan of TV says:

    Series was an A+. Exactly what I thought and hoped it would be, which isn’t too say is as good as other A+ series out there, but I’m judging it from an equally satisfied place emotionally. And DJ only made the right choice if they get another season, maybe with even more episodes.

    I’m still Team Steve, but I don’t remember him having such horrible game ;) Granted, with perspective he totally didn’t have a ton of game in high school, either. Lucky for him Matt isn’t that much cooler, which suits DJ perfectly.

    I also love Stephanie’s deejay name. Laughed out loud at that, as well as the door sliming, Matt and Steve’s accidental kiss and DJ’s great line as they stand there stunned: “See why it’s so hard? You guys are both such great kissers!”

    I definitely don’t hope for a Jackson-Ramona eventual romance, I’d rather see a slow-burning enemies-to-TLF progression for Ramona and ‘Jackson’s Kimmy Gibbler,’ Popko. But only if the series goes the distance of course.

    Can I hug Max? I just want to hug Max. I’m all about little Max.

    All the corniest moments were total nostalgia for me, and I want an s2 announcement, please!

  14. Ashley says:

    Loved it! Great laughs and fun memories from the past but found myself drawn in to see where the future was going. I really hope more season’s are made! Go team Matt!

  15. Torie says:

    In my opinion DJ should get with Matt the kids love him and she knows they do. Yes,Steve is her first live n they will always click but Matt and DJ work together, they are a good team and they are together from work and home they will share a wonderful life. Matt and DJ should move in together and have a kid and give Jackson,Max, and Tommy a sister (only Bc most woulf guess boy) and have Mary-Kate n Ashley to guest star on it, and with Stephane she should hook up with Steve and make things awkward when DK tells everyone that she’s having Matts Baby. But that’s just my Opinion on the show.

    • Rebecca says:

      Reply back to Torie
      That is such a horrible idea what you wanna see in new season or Fuller House if the new season ever happens which I doubt

  16. Bonnie says:

    I loved the show and I’m on team Matt if DJ and Steve were meant to be it would have been already , new is always excited can’t wait for season too

  17. Nicole says:

    I (personally) could not stand this episode. I thought it was ridiculous that Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky would renew their vows without Nicky, Alex, and Danny there.

    The love triangle thing is ridiculous too.

  18. Andrea Pemberton says:

    I just want to know where DJ got her dress that she wore to the wedding on last episode of Fuller House. Thanks!

  19. Asia says:

    I’m still team Steve despite the writers exaggerating his character for comedy reasons. That ghost reenactment scene was hilarious. I don’t have a problem with Matt; he looks good with D.J but other then that I don’t feel anything for them as a couple.

  20. Team Matt says:

    Team Matt all the way. Steve is a creeper anymore.

  21. Lajo1012 says:

    :::raises hand:::: team Matt. All. The. Way.

  22. Julie says:

    I think DJ should choose Matt at some point in season 2, so Steve remains her friend and isn’t trying so hard all the time. Then, by relaxing and just being there for her and the the boys (I thought the boys wrestling with Steve in the backyard picnic was way more real/meaningful than the time the boys spent with Matt), DJ realizes Steve really is the right guy for her, but only after Matt realizes it and steps away like a gentleman. That could even span into the 3rd season leaving plenty of time for fun and hi-jinx along the way.
    Stephanie needs to find a nice guy. I like Darren, personally. She deserves better than the Uncle Joey treatment on this show!!
    Kimmy and Fernando were likable for me, but I also liked the idea of a show like this dealing with divorce in a real way. Maybe make them end-game and keep them separated to deal with those story lines in the meantime.
    Jackson and Ramona are just BFFs and I dig it. They can get married when they’re 25 (way after this show’s lifespan) if they want, just don’t hook them up AT ALL as kids.
    Max is super awesome. I want my nephew to aspire to be him :)
    And Tommy is the cutest thing. What is on the ceiling?!?!
    Also, enough of the catch phrases new (holy chalupas) and old (oh mylanta is abused). Those are best used sparingly to really appreciate them!!

    • jreyesm1 says:

      Exactly, I feel like Matt is just a filler to tie in Steve and DJ. They’re meant to be and you can tell by that scene with the kids in the backyard with Steve mellowed out they make a perfect family.

  23. Hipper says:

    I like how it’s not obvious who DJ ends up in the next few seasons.. Matt being so integrated into DJ’s life and is a very likable guy and Steve, we’ll always like Steve- rather it’d be with DJ or not.

    Yeah, a second season seems inevitable if the creatives of FH wants it.. and it seems like they do. Even if this revival gets panned, people are watching the hell out of it.

  24. Bailey says:

    I’m Team Matt all the way. Steve is too clingy and stuck in the past. Matt is her future,

  25. Mary says:

    I liked what they did, if they weren’t going to go with Matt! Sorry but it is endless stupid to think that some kid you dated in high school that you dumped and both moved on from would be the one.

    He was the high school boy, the first but it’s assine to think it’s her life partner after 20 years apart. Not to mention pathetic.

    Add to the fact Matt is hot and Steve is gross.

    • hannah says:

      um Steve was way more than “some kid she dated in high school. He was her FIRST LOVE. You never forget your first love. Theirs nothing pathetic about it. And Steve isn’t gross. Your comment is.

  26. Jen says:

    They MUSTrenew this show! I LOVED it, and I wasn’t even expecting to like it all that much. I will seriously cry if it is not renewed.

  27. PugMomma09 says:

    I do love Steve. However, I really love the chemistry between Matt and DJ. I find that Steve come across almost as a caricature of himself, while Matt is more of a fully formed character. I think Matt would be a good fit for her. Steve will always be her first love and she will always love him, but that doesn’t mean they should be together. I’m glad she picked herself. She needs time to date and doesn’t need to jump right into a relationship.
    Team Matt!

  28. brooksmw12 says:

    I’m on Team Matt, Steve is great buts is time for DJ to move on with someone new and doesn’t make her keep remembering her past with him. Matt is handsome and hot perfect for DJ.

  29. Jaclyn says:

    As soon as they started mentioning The Bachelorette constantly, I knew she was going to pick herself, which I’m completely okay with. In my opinion, it’s too soon for her to have a boyfriend. She needs to date first. I think her and Matt have amazing chemistry and actually don’t mind seeing them together, but for me Steve is and will always be end game. When I saw him with her kids, it confirmed it. Love the show and think it will be renewed very soon!

  30. Rob says:


  31. Jaclyn says:

    I am totally team Steve , but they really did a number on his character this season . It almost seemed like the writers wanted it to be a more DJ/ Matt scenario because it felt like they had much more chemistry while DJ and Steve seemed very forced and I didn’t see the chemistry . If they make a next season which I’m sure that’s the direction they’re heading , they need to tone down his character .That being said , I love deej and steve and want them to be endgame . I shed a tear during the flashback of his prom

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  33. Tom & Nancy Rowan says:

    Why does anyone care about this immature unimportant waste of a show?

    • A fan of TV says:

      Because some of us get our unimportant, immature kicks from a TV show, others get their unimportant, immature kicks by posting comments on the Internet designed to troll. Guess which one is more interesting, and guess who you are? ;)

    • hannah says:

      you obviously care. otherwise why would you waste time being here?

  34. LJT says:

    Team Matt! Steve has a huge dork 20 years ago and is still a huge dork.

  35. Ellie says:

    Steve had his chance when they were young, for some reason she didnt end up with him, that reason is most likely still there, i think she should leave the past in the past and go for new and date just Matt and find out more about who she really is. If all that leads her back to Steve then okay, but for right now I am team Matt.

  36. Allison Cloud says:

    I’m 100% team Matt. I find Steve VERY annoying. I would never be able to date someone like him. And I find him cringe worthy on the show.

  37. Babybop728 says:

    I’m 100% Team Steve. I actually thought he was adorable in this show. While Matt is ridonkulously hot, it’s always been Steve. He fits so well into her family. Praying for Season 2. I loved every second of this show.

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  39. JW says:

    I’m 100% team Matt!!!!!

  40. DC says:

    Team Matt all the Way. Steve is her past. Matt is her future

  41. latavia roberson says:

    Fuller house is my favorite show now i watch their espiodes over and over and i cant wait til some more come… Even tho full house is my favorite show when i was a lit

  42. Leena says:

    I’m glad she didn’t choose either. Though, despite the fact that I adore Steve, I definitely prefer DJ with Matt.

  43. 134sc says:

    I enjoyed the show very much. I really hope they get a second season. Does anybody know when Netflix will decide on that?

  44. Sandra says:

    I think she made the right choice. I´m team Steve myself, but they were both coming to strong on her and she just lost her husband a year ago. Also Matt is really hot so I don´t mind seeing more of him lol.
    I really like the show, hope it gets a second season. (That holy chalupas kid is really annoying tho. I know his just a kid but he screams all his lines)

  45. klarybel says:

    Hi you guys I love you fuller house I love you I love the most is dj tanner and last is Stephanie tanner

  46. Seven says:

    My inner alarm about Matt went of when DJ got scared that he sent her the roses. Then he shows up at her house and tells her that he knew she lied because he checked with all the night dentists in area and she did visit any of them. If that is not a behaviour of creepy creep from Creepyville, it is sure a sign of future jealous controlling and abuse.

    Not that Steve is any better, like pinning after your high school sweetheart this way, who does that, it’s no less creepy. He annoyed the heck out of me in the original series and I would love for him to disappear.

    Also, if Kimmy’s incredibly annoying ex went away I would not mind either.

  47. Yola says:

    I’m team Matt!!

  48. mash104 says:

    I want a change so I’m a go for Matt, I kinda want to see Steve move on

  49. Shannon says:

    i think they should make another season, i mean these 13 episodes were amazing omg i loved them, i binge watched this whole weekend and it was totally worth it. i really hope and excited for season 2 ahhh!!