Fuller House Joey Married

Fuller House Scoop: Why We Haven't Met (or Heard About) Joey's Wife, Kids

Here’s a topic you probably weren’t expecting to read about today: Joey Gladstone’s love life.

But I assure you, it’s worth taking a minute to discuss. After all, he’s the only Full House “adult” who isn’t in a committed relationship on Fuller House; even Danny got hitched to a younger woman (played by CSI: Miami‘s Eva LaRue) at some point during the past 21 years. So, what’s the deal? Is Dave Coulier’s wise-cracking character doomed to a life of spooning with Mr. Woodchuck?

Not so, according to Fuller House‘s powers that be!

“It didn’t make it into the script, but at one point, we had him with a wife and kids back in Vegas,” series creator Jeff Franklin tells TVLine.

Adds executive producer Robert Boyett, “It just didn’t fit anywhere in the stories we developed. We had Joey — in the stories we were using him — come in for specific reasons. We just haven’t gotten to everything yet, and we don’t get to everything, even in the 13 episodes.”

“We’ll get to see something from Joey [and his family] hopefully in future seasons, should they come out,” says Franklin.

Fuller House viewers, do you wish you could’ve seen more of Joey — with or without his secret Vegas family — in Season 1? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the Netflix revival series below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. thisismenow says:

    Dave Coulier was my main reason for watching Full House in the past. He was my teenage crush and absolutely aged well. I definitely hope they give him more screen time in future seasons and give more depth to his character.

  2. ? says:

    So he’s not gay?

    • Stars1 says:

      He should be. But then, people might question his friendship with Jesse.

      • sruss745 says:

        He should not be gay. It would totally not work.

        • gigi says:

          I agree omg does every sitcom show have to have gay/lesbien on enough i miss the old school days when everyone gay was in the closet & u had to guess when i not have to fast 4ward a scene because of it

          • this show is a conservative leaning show you should know from the way they mocked donald trump and i am glad they had the guts to do that. so i doubt that joey is gay at all i did notice his ring when he did the rocky and bull winkle impression.

        • Vail says:

          It is sort of weird that they live in San Francisco, yet have only met one gay person. and he was just visiting from Ireland. But yeah, not a lot of gay people in TV when Full House was on.

      • Vail says:

        That is… are you kidding? Gay people date gay people. Why would you assume that “people might question that:”? are these people new on earth? LOL. Gay people really still are not out there to make “converts”. Don’t you have gay friends?
        The kids on Fuller House go to freaking Harvey Milk (middle school? I forgot) School. The absence of gay people in a show set in San Francisco, the kids go to a school named for Harvey Milk?
        Google him, I’ll wait.

    • Elle says:

      lol that was always my fear! lolol

  3. Karen says:

    I figured he wasn’t married still & had no kids. Especially since he flys in to babysit.

  4. Christopher says:

    I hope they get Alanis Morissette to portray his wife. That would be hilarious! :)

  5. Max says:

    Why can’t Joey have a husband? and adopted children of different races to bring in some diversity … should there be additional seasons.

    • nhogan47 says:

      I don’t think that’s the issue so much as that he has always been straight and dated women.

    • Chris says:

      Because not everyone wants the homosexual agenda pushed down there throat…making someone gay for the sake of having “diversity” is insane…and inaccurate. Most of America is not gay, doesn’t mean we hate gays, but fuller house represents a typical American family…like it or not that is not two dads.

      • Mark says:

        Wow that really hate filled. Sad.

        • NM says:

          As a homosexual male, I can agree with what Chris is saying and not be offended. I get diversity, but I also get realism. Not everyone has a gay friend, much like everyone does not have close friends from a variety of cultures. No need to push agendas for the sake of ratings. Especially on a character where being a homosexual would be extremely sudden.

      • You can’t sit there and accuse of someone “pushing the homosexual agenda down peoples’ throats” and then say “we don’t hate gays.” That very thought or opinion IS HATE.

        What is the homosexual agenda anyways? And how is representing an ACTUAL REAL part of humanity, “pushing it down someone’s throat”??

        Also “typical American family?” As in dead spouses and all living under one roof? And being completely white?

        There’s no such thing as a “typical” American family. Every single family is different, made of different genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, economic means, etc etc.

        Celebrate diversity. That is the real America.

        • Erick Redd says:

          You can absolutely push an agenda down someones throat, and that person can absolutely be tired of it or annoyed by it, WITHOUT that meaning “HATE”. This is the problem, its a country of free speech and ideas, but even the “liberals” maintain the “you are either with us or against us” mentality, which last I checked, is NOT free anything (I understand the difference of freedom from government and freedom with what you say on the internet, so please don’t twist my point). But its just such a backwards idea, that liberals would say “get with it or else”. Why be a liberal??

      • Rob says:

        I love when ignorant people make grammatical errors. It’s like the cherry on top of a homophobic cupcake.

      • Clearly says:

        Careful Chris, your bias is showing. Danny’s kids had a mom and a dad (mom died). Jesse’s kids have a mom and a dad. DJ’s kids have a mom and a dad (dad died). Kimmy’s daughter has a mom and a dad. I hardly think one same sex couple on the show would be representing it as “typical”, and it wouldn’t make the show “two dads”. And Full House and Fuller House actually represents ATYPICAL families – two generations co-parented by a biological parent, an uncle/aunt, and a best friend. How is that typical? You either haven’t watched the show, or watched and missed the point completely, which is “family” are the people who are there for you when you need them, regardless of social expectations or what might be “typical”. BTW, at least 1 out of 10 people identify as gay or bisexual, so having one same sex couple on the show full of heterosexual couples would be a pretty accurate representation of society, hardly a “homosexual agenda pushed down *their (not there) throat(s). But keep winning at life dude. *end rant

      • Katie says:

        The show is actually supposed to fit the shift in American society; it’s perfectly reasonable to have a character struggling with sexuality. While most of America isn’t gay, most of America knows someone gay -so, a very valuable lessons can be taught if the topic is assessed correctly.

        All in all, if they do decide to include same-sex relationships in the show’s mix -they’re not shoving anything down anyone’s throat. Turns out there’s a “Back to Browse” button in the top left corner. There are plenty of family shows excluding LGBT couples, all from the comfort of Netflix’s instant browse.

        • gigi says:

          Katie!!!! Aren’t u a smarty pants….just because the world is filled with gays & lesbien ppl doesn’t mean they should always have to have it on a sitcom or soap its just as easy to boycott so sick of it why can’t we just have an old fashion sitcom to watch we live in america but if people don’t like gays or lesbien they cyber bully people well i don’t hate gay/lesbiens but i don’t believe in there life style i think they are making God really mad its america freedom of speech so i spoke my mind & i not care what anyone says thats my belief & u have urs

      • B says:

        Most of American is not gay, but the show IS sat in San Francisco? Ok, that’s some realism for you right? I don’t care either way, it’s enjoyable regardless. Candace Cameron is so hardcore Christian I don’t think she’d do the show if it had a gay character. The only diversity I see so far is Gibbler’s ex husband and daughter.

      • Aliece says:

        Thank you! I have a gay step brother, cousin, and coworkers, but I am sick of having the “gay agenda” shoved down my throat. Plus I don’t think Candace would go for it!

      • gigi says:

        U said it 100%

      • Roy says:

        Besides fuller house and full house is very conservative

      • Brian says:

        Yep. A “typical American family.” Which includes a widower husband who lives(d) with his brother-in-law and best-friend all in one home, and further included his brother-in-law and his wife (a former co-worker) and their children. (His nephews through marriage, slightly removed by death,)

        Sounds typical too me, adding a gay character would have ruined that.

  6. Priscilla says:

    I absolutely hate laugh tracks. After 15 minutes of watching, I could not stand the fake laughing after every single comment one of the actors made, most of which was not even the least bit funny.

  7. Marie says:

    I wonder if the main reason why Joey’s wife and kids are so secretive is because maybe he is married to Danny’s sister and the producers want to keep it under wraps until the big reveal. I remember on Full House Joey got into a relationship with Danny’s sister but they never explained what happened to it and it just disappeared. So maybe that is reason.

  8. Mallory says:

    Isnt he wearing a wedding ring in this picture?

  9. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Just assumed he was a bachelor by choice.
    I also find it annoying that once again the middle aged guy has a much younger wife.

  10. Eh, why does he even needs a wife and kids? People “of a certain age” who decide or happen to still be single do exist, you know. I wish they’d give him more screentime, family or not.

  11. Stephon JS says:

    More about Joey and why Jesse and becky didn’t have more kids.

  12. Elle says:

    Joey needs to be a grandfather!! And even the twins need to be over 20, right?

  13. Rob says:

    Perhaps not surprising considering that Coulier is rumored to be the subject of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughtta Know”.

  14. Jack marks says:

    It was a fun program to watch after all these years then making a newer version of it is something new and fun that I enjoyed watching and seeing and I like that did you stop to series meaning that they made the girls go all have fun drinking and make it a newer version of it I gotta say the truth I really enjoyed the whole season it was great

  15. Kayla says:

    I don’t like the fact that they portrayed uncle Joey as some kind of a freak, with his unnatural relationship with a woodchuck ,worse than it was on full house, to changing his religion to hockey. They should’ve made him seem at least a little bit more grown up and with his family, but at the same time keep the same uncle Joey. Also I would like to know more about Tommys death, they explained Danny’s wife’s death, so why can’t we know more about what happened to Tommy.

    • Neera says:

      I completely agree. Even if there was no place to add characters in scenes, it would’ve been nice to know Joeys settled down. He was not portrayed well in this series

  16. Cathy Viviano says:

    I think that Renee Morrison (nee puente) should portray Joey’s wife.
    Renee is Matthew Morrison’s wife
    Just saying :)

  17. chaz says:

    I have been watching full house since it debuted on ABC’S TGIF which I watched religiously every Friday I miss those days back in the 80’s but for me full house was about 2 characters uncle Jesse and Joey I like the idea for fuller house would like to see more of Joey and Jesse in the show also I think with how close the characters were from the original series everyone moving so far apart just don’t fit for me I think fuller house would be better with more involvement from the other characters the focus should stay on DJ Stefanie and kimmy and their kids but have more frequent appearances by the others and have more than just 1 or 2 guest stars on at a time to show the evolution of the friendships among the whole family that’s what made full house so popular

  18. Aliece says:

    Yes! I would love to see all the older generation anymore and would love love love it if one of the Olsen twins made an appearance! I, and everyone around me from 6 to 69 is really enjoying this new show! Can’t wait to see what season 2 brings. Hope we don’t have to wait too long!

  19. Curtis says:

    I loves fuler house great job

  20. sruss745 says:

    I really want to see Joey with a wife and kids at some point. It would make a really cool show to discover that they’d been thought lost at sea or something and then finally found on a island somewhere? Well, something like that. Only whatever you do, don’t make him gay. It would totally ruin the series. I don’t care if they have some gays run through the show, but please don’t ruin the family image with the main characters being that persuasion.

  21. Amrita says:

    what ever happen to Danny’s sister ?? I thought she and joey made a nice couple !

  22. Edwin Myer says:

    how can joey be gay if he asked a girl to marry him.. then he found out it was a big mistake

  23. Vail says:

    I am watching Season 2 Ep 6 (“Fuller Thanksgiving”, and WOW would I have been happy without meeting Joey’s kids! :) They are funny but holy cats are they obnoxious. There was a moment in Ramona’s room where I thought Baby Jane and Honey Boo-Boo somehow had a child, and there she was!

    Yikes. Poor Dj! And pretty much everyone in the path of the junior Gladstones. But still better than any Thanksgiving in my life since … yeah, 1992. So it still looks fun to have that many people in one place, we just have 3-4 people every year now and only 2 who eat meat. Yay!