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Younger's Nico Tortorella Breaks Down That 'Raw, Emotional' Josh/Liza Twist

After weeks of flirting with disaster, Josh and Liza finally reached a turning point in their relationship on Wednesday’s Younger.

At Liza’s request, the tattoo whisperer agreed to leave her out of his T Magazine interview for fear that fact checkers would uncover her real age — but when a blissfully ignorant, not to mention slightly belligerent, Kelsey tore into him for failing to mention his girlfriend in the piece, he just couldn’t take it anymore.

“He’s gaining celebrity in his life, and he wants to be able to share it with [Liza], but he just can’t,” Nico Tortorella tells TVLine. “That’s a big deal-breaker for him.”

But don’t assume that the inevitability of Josh and Liza’s split made the break-up scene any easier for the actors to film.

“We knew something was bound to happen after these past few episodes, but the way the scene read on paper was so much different than us doing it in person,” Tortorella says. “Sutton [Foster] and I are both raw, emotional people, and when we have to do any type of darker scene, we fully commit to it. When we got to work that day, we couldn’t even look at each other without one of us getting emotional. Everything happening in that scene was how we were actually feeling.”

Below, Tortorella takes us inside Josh’s brain and previews what’s to come for the newly single Brooklynite.

TVLINE | What’s Josh’s next step?
He’s focusing on himself right now. He’s got a lot going on at the tattoo shop, and with the Times, and he just has to get back to the basics. He’s ready to start working on himself.

TVLINE | I’m sure Gabe will be thrilled to have Liza gone.
[Laughs] I don’t know, she really helped him out with that calamine lotion in the last episode. … No, I think he’ll be excited to go out and party with Josh again.

TVLINE | He’ll need to go buy some new bathrobes.
I’m sure he’ll find one somewhere.

TVLINE | Josh is only friends with Kelsey and the others because he’s dating Liza. Without her, is he still going to maintain those relationships?
We saw that a little bit when they broke up in the first season; Kelsey and Lauren came to the bar and he was like, “What are you guys doing here?” I think he’d be open to having a relationship with them if it didn’t have anything to do with her. Josh is probably pretty quick to forgive and forget and move on. He’ll find something in his life to make him happy to turn him back into the Josh that everybody loves.

TVLINE | Since you brought up the last breakup, how is this one different?
Well, we’re older now, no pun intended. We’re more grown up in this relationship. We know how to deal with heartbreak better, and we know what we want out of a relationship. Josh just made up his mind that this wasn’t working, so he removed it from his life to live as authentically as he could.

TVLINE | This is kind of unrelated, but I just realized I still have Youngers all-Josh calendar sitting on my desk. How did that come about?
[Laughs] The whole thing started out as a joke. TV Land was doing our promo shoot for the second season, and they were like, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we did a Josh calendar?” I was like, “That’s not funny. Let’s actually do it.” … The original plan was just to do different faces each month, but I was like, “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it the right way.” I got my buddy hired to shoot it, and I pretty much art-directed the whole thing. I sat on art-direction phone calls for hours, getting everything set in stone. … My favorite month is probably April, because I have the most clothes on.

TVLINE | That seems to be a running theme on Younger. How do you feel about the objectification of Josh?
Oh, I’m all for it; there’s a time and a place to be objectified. It’s one thing if there’s a character that’s just serving body all of the time, but he doesn’t have the talent to back it up. That’s not necessarily the situation here. We’re able to have these dramatic scenes, like we do this week, but also balance it with everything else.

Younger fans, are you ready to mourn Josh and Liza’s relationship and move on? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. josh is best actor on show. hope he still gets a lot of screen time

  2. Lily says:

    No, I’m not!!! I’m not happy about this at all. I loved their relationship in the book and on the show so much, I’m pretty sad to see this all go.

  3. Drew says:

    I blame Liza. She could have stopped Kelsey’s tirade before Josh even showed up, very simply, by telling Kelsey that it was her (Liza’s) decision to not be in the article.

    Yes, Liza’s afraid her true age will come out, but she could have handled that situation so much better. Not sure how much of a Liza fan I am now…

  4. Carol C says:

    I’m heartbroken that they’ve broken up even though I suspected it was coming. Next Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  5. Mak says:

    This is heartbreaking… I don’t blame Josh at all for this decision.
    Poor Liza & Josh…hope they can work it out soon

  6. That scene was brutal. And to have it contrasted with Kelsey’s engagement made it even worse. She is great at throwing punches but is a mush, no matter how hard she tries. That was why that tirade was so brutal, so was cruel and loud and firey about someone else’s relationship when in reality she was mad about her own. I desperately wanted Liza to stop her and say it was her idea. I wanted Liza to tell him that she bragged to her roommate about his TImes article. Something, anything to stop this … Can’t blame Josh for being horrified and upset. She put the constraints in the relationship (really all of them) and then came off like the victim.

  7. Traci Thompson says:

    Don’t even want to watch the rest of the season now….

  8. Natasha says:

    I do want to see Josh & Liza back together…it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Gives a chance for Liza & Charles to take their attraction to the next level. Still #TeamJosh, #Jiza. Sutton & Nico work great together. Interested in seeing how Sutton & Peter’s scenes will be now 😃😉

  9. Amanda says:

    Ok.. Liza can’t honestly date Charles.. She’d have to be honest and lose her job.. So why not be honest to Kelsey.. And keep josh? You can tell they truly love each other. They will get this together somehow. Life is crazy that way.. Lol. Even on tv. Especially on tv.

  10. Traci Adcock says:

    I Will watch again when they get back together…until then I’m out.

  11. Andrea says:

    Not liking this break-up at all!! :( Maybe..just maybe, there will be another twist and they will reunite?! That’s usually never the case, but one can hope so!

  12. TJ says:

    I’m the only one that wants Liza with Charles? Really?

  13. Sheri Korn says:

    I think Liza and Josh should get back together.They have so much chemistry, it would be a shame to end.Maybe they can just break up temporarily and get back together. Liza should explain to Kelsey she is a private person and it was her idea to not be mentioned in the Times.Then Kelseyville should apologize to Josh for her outburst.

  14. Kim West says:

    We all knew it probably was not going to work out between Josh and Liza, but it was definitely fun to watch! I am all for Liza and Charles getting together so I hope that coupling comes about. I am curious to see where the writes take the two of them separately.

  15. Kate Landes says:

    No, Liza&Josh belong together!

  16. Brenda says:

    Timing is everything and it wasn’t the right time for Josh and Liza. It doesn’t mean it won’t be further down the road especially if they genuinely loved each other. Plus, I’m pretty sure they end up together in the book, or at least the ending insinuates it’s a real possibility.

    And while I’m interested in seeing the Liza/Charles attraction play out, I don’t understand why some assume he is the right fit for her. They may be closer in age but not closer in where they are in their life. Liza is rediscovering who she is and what she wants. Charles knows who he is already. He would completely stagnate her growth.

    Finally, I don’t get why some people say Josh is too young for Liza. If you really take a look at some of hollywoods successful couples there are HUGE age gaps between them. Brad Pitt is about twelve years older than Angelina. Sam Taylor Johnson is almost 20 years older. If you have a good sense of self age is nothing.

  17. Brenda says:

    One more thing, I just hope they don’t write Josh out of the show. He’s too pretty :) Plus, I love his character. Also please don’t have him hook up with Kelsey.

  18. Lourdes says:

    No i lime them together. It wouldn’t be the same.

  19. Ashley says:

    No! I don’t want to move on! If Liza and Josh aren’t together then I don’t want to watch 😉… Serious.

  20. Tilly says:

    I love them together, my boyfriend is much younger than me and in the past have had a few troubles but always end up sorting them out, we love each other deeply and would never think of being with people our own ages!

  21. BVM says:

    I know most people like Josh with Liza. What they don’t realize, is that there are going to be obstacles with the age difference. I think she should give Charles a chance. They are both of the same mature mindset. I think if Liza came clean with Charles, she’d still
    be able to stay at Empirical.

  22. Lulu Grace Stone says:

    Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! I so can not deal with them breaking up right now. Not like they did. Because I feel he got the truth and he agreed to try and he didn’t try for long. It’s not like Liza isn’t good and genuine as a whole person. She seems so worth trying for. He is too of course but AGHH UGHHHHHH. No.

  23. Julre says:

    That sucks! My wife and I love the premise of the show as it is. We feel that the writers are taking away from the story line by changing it’s direction.

  24. Debbie says:

    I’m so sad about the breakup. I want them to work it out!

  25. chriatine says:

    Well I think the Younger show is great and Josh breaking with liza is sad . However; its what usually happens in reality and thats what make it interesting …

  26. N Reese says:

    I don’t want the breakup if Josh and Lixa, in Younger. Josh is great actor and my favorite I the show. Stop the breakup! Thanks

  27. I think it was a lame reason for Josh to break up with her. I am still holding out hope that they will get back together, and get married already!

  28. josh phillips says:

    I think josh has lot going on in his life and isint shure wat to do but i know he does love liza very much and he does not want to see her hurt again she has ben through enoug in the past and thinks she needs more than wat he can give her case deep down he knows hes not the right man for her