Arrow Felicity Oliver Breakup

Arrow Recap: Son Burn — What Did You Think of Felicity's Reaction?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Damien Darhk’s abduction of Oliver’s super-secret son William set in motion a series of truth bombs and twists, the last of which allowed paralyzed Felicity to actually walk out on her fiance.

In the wake of the mayoral debate, Darhk confronts Oliver just as he and Felicity leave her first post-biostimulant microchip therapy session. Oliver’s phone buzzes, and on it he sees video of William, none the worse for the wear, but… you know, kidnapped. After Darhk lays out the terms for William’s release, Felicity asks the obvious question — and Oliver at long last spills his secret, that he has a son.

Oliver is quick to detail the circumstances that dictated his secret-keeping, the (unusual) ultimatum that William’s mother Samantha foisted upon him. Even so, Felicity is understandably hurt, especially given their end-of-Season 3 agreement to tell no lies. Felicity puts a pin in her full reaction, though,Arrow as the team tends to the situation at hand, while Oliver enlists his magically gifted friend Mari aka Vixen to help quell Darhk’s powers.

The team’s first run at Darhk and attempt to retrieve William is a bust, as Darhk is able to fend off Vixen and nearly pitches Oliver out a window. But then they get the idea that a la Mari and her necklace, Darhk also has a “totem” through which he channels his magic. Following the “ley lines” (“the Internet for magic”) running through Star City, they get a bead on Darhk’s compound in Sky Woods. The team then launches an infiltration, and it proves successful once Vixen uses all her supernatural might to snatch and then shatter Darhk’s idol. Green Arrow then KOs Darhk, as freed William, now a converted former Flash fan, looks on.

Afterward, at the loft, Oliver records a video for William to watch on his 18th birthday, in which he explains that, as much as a child should have a father, he has decided to stay far, far away so that William might have the gift of a normal childhood. Felicity enters as Oliver is finishing up, and then proceeds to say her full peace — after removing her engagement ring and placing it in front of him. She says that while Samantha confirmed the ultimatum she forced Oliver to accept, marriage is about inclusion. And not only did Oliver keep the William secret to himself, he apparently now has decided, on his own, to send the boy away.

“I don’t think you know” how to lean on your partner, she observes. “Once again, you have left me out of the decision.”

As Felicity says those impassioned words, her foot stirs, the microchip apparently kicking in. Within moments, she has risen to her feet, stood up… and proceeded to walk away, and out on, Oliver.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* I love that, for however short a scene, they covered Laurel’s own reaction to the son Oliver had with another woman while they were together. A nice touch.

* Upon discovering that it was one-handed Malcolm who actually abducted William, Thea vows to end this “song and dance” between them once and for all. Malcolm urges his daughter, to no effect, to see the “bigger picture,” but then says he’d rather she hate him and be alive than love him and be dead.

* If Oliver’s suspended mayoral run sticks, is Parker Young a frontrunner for 2016’s Most Thankless Role Award?

* In the island flashbacks, Oliver’s glowy tattoo made Milky-Eyed Ghost Conklin vanish. Seriously, this storyline could be its own series.

What did you think of “Taken”? How will we get from The Big Breakup to whatever is going on in this photo? And is Megalyn E.’s Vixen worthy of her own live-action show?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. steven says:

    And here comes many grieving Olicity fans.

    • Liz says:

      LOL. Olicity fan here. Not grieving at all! :)

        • tyranthraxus says:

          Where does the character go from here though.

          Lets take Felicity. Does she continue to aid the team? Does she walk away from it for a while. Remember she came back because she missed the chase, she missed the bad guys. Oliver came back because.. she wanted back.

          Obviously Oliver isnt going to leave again BUT I just dont see the Arrow cave functioning with such an issue in the air.

          • yosra says:

            I disagree . If you remember last season after their alley scene (where felicity tells oliver “i don’t want to be a woman you love”, they still worked together. Yes, there was definitely tension but they didn’t let that get in the way of their mission. And i think that goes for this season as well. i think that with oliver and felicity being a couple now, we tend to forget that a couple of seasons ago we had no hope of felicity ever being the romantic interest for oliver and she still had an important role to play. At this point, felicity is a well rounded character. her relationship with oliver is important and very much focused on but her relevance isn’t tied to it. She is team arrow’s resident hacker, is now a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company so she is currently the one financing the team and linking curtis holt AKA Mr.Terrific to the rest of the team. Not to mention that if this episode has proven anything it’s that Oliver and Felicity know how to compartmentalize really well and put aside their personal feelings to save their city. Also, Stephen Amell said in an interview that Olicity will handle it like adults.

          • MZ says:

            they should just borrow Cisco, Caitlyn and Harry. I love the dynamic between the 3

      • christina says:

        i agree!!!

    • Josh says:

      They’ll get back together eventually I liked that Felicity dumped his ass. He still doesn’t respect her to tell her the truth she could’ve helped protect that child instead of what happened with Scumbag Malcolm knowing about William

      • steve says:

        r u forgetting in the crossover. he told her she subsequently got shot and killed. barry ran back in time and this time got ollie to not tell felicity because it led to them losing to vandal savage. so ollie had his reasons.

        • Josh says:

          What were you watching she wasn’t shot and killed in the crossover they were all burned to a crisp AFTER she found out. I’m sick of this Oliver has his reasons bullcrap yes he had good reason to keep it from someone who would only help not endangered him like Malcolm who knew about the kid

          • tyranthraxus says:

            He should have killed Malcolm though as soon as Malcolm mentioned William. You dont trust a person like that with that sort of information.

          • Bran says:

            I’m sick of the romanticized notion of honesty between couples that morons seem to have. It didn’t fit Felicity’s character as she should have been smart and mature enough to realize life and love aren’t perfect. It was completely out of character to be so dense not to realize she had placed unrealistic expectations on Oliver, and for her to be so stupid to not see that Oliver had good reasons and the love of his child came before her unreasonable demands. Also, it revealed that Oliver deserves better, because he deserves to be with someone who loves him enough not to allow the transgression of a middle schoolers’ notion of love end their relationship.

      • Mysteryb says:

        Dude you have to many comments that basically say “You go girl!” Are you a woman?! Stfu, Felicity should die she is an annoying woman, I am sure you relate to that tho “Josh”

        • You know acting like that through words on the internet isn’t tough. It shows your inept ability to coexist within an adult setting over a conversation where the question asked for your opinion, not to be cruel or ignorant t others

      • Deron grant says:

        I thought Felicity knew bout Oliver having a child. I may be off base but didn’t she confront Oliver’s mom over that million dollars when mom was running for Mayor

      • Jack says:

        Lol what, you are using the same arguements Felicity did…Oliver told no one about his son in this timeline. Malcolm found out, Thea found out and Barry was the one who told him about it. Samantha gave him ultimatum and yeah of course he will choose his proposed gf over son…

    • OlicitySuks says:

      After going through this comments page it’s clear to see that Olicity is a cancer and it needs to be removed. These writers need to kill off Felicity if they ever want this show to have a grain of dignity as a “superhero show”.
      Why do they keep pandering to shippers!!
      Apparently Oliver’s overall likability now rests sorely on how he performs as a boyfriend/fiance & NOT the reason why the show exists in the first place, him being a hero/the Green Arrow…

      • Julian says:

        Amen to that! Olicity is the reason of the series’ decadence. I’m not a Felicity hater but writers need to stop that ‘ship.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          No.. the show has suffered because of all the extra Superheroes. The show worked best when it was Oliver/Diggle Felicity in their arrowcave. The addition of just 2 extra characters to that.. in Canary and Speedy has cause the entire focus to turn to more of an ensemble Super Friends show. Everyone is in on the secret, it just dosnt work.

          • I agree. My daughter was like just invite everyone to the secret hideout when the mom of William walked in.

          • NathanJ says:

            And suddenly Ollie’s forgotten his five years in hell because now he fights like a noob so that there are minions to beat up for the rest of the biker brigade.

            Don’t mind Olicity, better than Laurel as the main love interest, but the relationship drama can really use some major cut down.

          • Lizzie says:

            I could not agree more. The show has really suffered trying to make it about more than Oliver. He’s the main character, he should be the focus. Instead they’re trying to create a Justice League and it just doesn’t work.

          • David says:

            You have to remember that Felicity wasn’t such a whiny, all eyes on me character when she was part of the team back In the day. I hate felicity now. With all of my being. I want her dead. Personally she has ruined this show for me, and I have almost quit season 4 multiple times because of her stupid face.

      • Couldn’t agree more. But sadly, you need the ship to bring in the people that love the drama and romance. The hero has to get the girl, the bad ass girl has to get the bad ass guy.

        Personally, despite the ship not existing in the comics anymore thanks to the DC reboot known as the new 52, I would like to see a throwback to the old Dinah Laurel Lance / Oliver Queen ship. They were an amazing couple and worked in tandem together quite well (watch the DC showcase Green Arrow, the ending scene where Black Canary saves his ass is awesome, right before he pops the question).

        If you have to have a ship, it should be someone who actually truly understands the issues of being out there, on the ground, in the fight. Yes, Felicity understands SOME danger, and even more so since the attempted assassination of Oliver that made her paralysed, but if anyone actually, truly understands Oliver, it’s Black Canary.

        I don’t agree with the people who blame Speedy/Canary for the falling of the show in the past two or 1 1/2 seasons. Green Arrow always had Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow, and pre 2011, he also always had Black Canary. Dig and Felicity are the odd people out the show has created for the Flarrowverse. Same with Cisco/Caitlyn/Joe over on the Flash.

        Also, Oliver really does need his company back. Queen Industries was always a backbone of the Green Arrow crusade.

        Felicity and Oliver will probably reconcile, but I legitimately don’t think that is the way to go. The entire relationship is based on some sort of romanticism on both sides. Felicity fell for Oliver over physical looks if you remember season 1, and Oliver developed feelings for her because, despite being part of the team, she was the ‘normal’ one. His shot at a normal life. That was even more displayed in the leaving Star City and become a house husband when they moved away. They have put each other up on a pedestal.

        Also, I don’t agree with Felicity’s anger. Oliver was attempting to be involved with his child, which is more than I can say for a lot of men in the real world who have a child out of wedlock. Furthermore, he is attempting to do what is best for HIS child. Felicity is in no way the mother, she was never going to be a maternal figure to the child. She was always going to other woman his daddy was married to. For her to get angry for Oliver making a decision about his child that very well may save the kid’s life is ridiculous, and shoddy writing, unless they are legitimately using it to end the ship, in which case that is the only scenario I can agree with. If a woman told me the only way I could see my child was if I didn’t tell anyone, including my fiancee`, then I am sorry, but fiancee` would never know, because being a part of my child’s life is by far more important then any romantic or sexual or human connection with any adult. Double so for any decision that would fall under the protection of said child.

        Felicity is no guardian, mother, foster parent, etc, and she has no right to be angry for not being part of the decision. Only Oliver and the mother have a say in the child’s upbringing.

        end rant.

        • Well said! I completely agree with you about Oliver and Black Canary being together as a couple and sort of always saving each other like the comics and having that strong bond and understanding. Maybe with Laurel being so upset she will let him know and that will in return rekindle that relationship with less drama and continue the good fight on crime.

        • OlicitySuks says:


        • kath says:

          I understand that you love the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship of the comics (although many women don’t due to Oliver’s repeated cheating).
          But thE TV show isn’t the comics, and Laurel Lance is most definitely not the Black Canary of the comics. If anyone was, it was Sara who went through the hell caused by the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit like Oliver did and has the same self-loathing and PTSD issues.

          You also do the Black Canary a disservice if you think she would want to be with a guy who lies and shuts her out of the most important decisions of his life. No woman, least of all a strong one like the Black Canary,deserves that.

          If anything happened to Samantha, where do you think William would end up? With his father, and the woman his father is married to.

        • DeViiLzZ says:

          Cisco and Caitlyn are in the comics, Vibe and Killer Frost except they just didn’t work with the Flash as a team

      • Tom says:

        Couldn’t be more spot on. The show sacrificed so much of Dahrk’s screen time for Felicity’s constant crying and Oliver trying to console her. One would think a no-nonsense “anti-hero” character would get sick of someone like Felicity by now.

        Arrow’s writers need to learn a thing or two from the Flash. They abandoned that friendzone Iris/Barry nonsense and finally focused on the supervillians.

        • OlicitySuks says:


        • Luis says:

          What more would you have the villain of the show do that didn’t happen because of Felicity and Oliver’s relationship?

        • Ayr says:

          Felicity only appears for between 5 and 10mins max in any given episode, rest of the 30+ minutes are focused on the titular character & the season’s main plotline AND the villain AND the other 4 central characters. Why u gotta hate on Felicity? The bashing is unjustified.

      • ninamags says:

        Completely agree. This is now the Olicity show. How embarrassing for the writers and producers now that they have let the show become this.

        Oliver makes the gut-wrenching decision to separate himself from his son for his own safety and Saint Felicity thinks SHE has a say in any of it?

        What happened to the bad-a$$ superhero? Years of trials and hardships out in the middle of nowhere only to be reduced to Bad Boyfriend! Bad Fiance!! What a joke.

        This is why The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are surpassing this soap-opera, both in storyline and ratings (The Flash).

      • courtellis says:

        I agree!! I come to watch the heroes in action, not Felicity try to make the Green Arrow into what she wants.

      • fred says:

        Felicity is already getting annoying and the writers not doing a good job on how the Arrow series turned out right now. I’m an avid fan since it started, but now I’m losing interest on the series. And why does Oliver keeps getting beaten up with some of the mediocre villains, when I thought he was already a master since he trained with Rash in season 3.. It’s getting lame already…the fight scenes are hideous. Why not make it like the Daredevil fight scenes..shesshh…as for Felicity, well she’s annoying and the character became a self-centered person with all the drama. I thought she would be a hard core type already after all what happened since the beginning. My gosh..enough already..this is not a drama series…it should be an action/marvel series!

    • me says:

      I thought it was awesome, absolutely no grieving here. /olicity fan

    • I think Felicity dies in the end. I mean the end, end. It did not say that Felicity will end up with Oliver.

    • Not greiving either. The show is more interesting if they concentrate it on their main plot, not adding complicated family matters. If this show is going to continue “Olicity” , this show is going to become like Grey’s anatomy – so many family ties and end up fraustrating its supporters

    • courtellis says:

      I think i could just go on without the whole Olicity thing and just get on with the Oliver Queen, Green Arrow. The extra super heroes don’t even bother me at all because I love the crossovers and new heroes showing up, but the unknown kids, and Oliver fighting like a noob; I mean this guy spent five years in hell and what should be happening is Oliver showing up to save their buts at times. The Olicity thing her getting mad every time a secret comes out better just Oliver Queen, Green Arrow whipping up on the bad guys with his gang and that’s it!! Either that or Felicity should be able to understand that some dude who was on an island and who knows where for five years is gonna have some dang baggage!!

    • courtellis says:

      no sleep lost at all, and now back Arrow!!

  2. Josh says:

    You go Felicity! No sympathy for Oliver, a scumbag who kidnapped William and told Oliver he knew about the Child knowing before Oliver’s team makes me have no sympathy for Oliver. Nice that the writers tried to ruin Diggle and Laurel by having them accept that crap from Oliver. BM with her ridiculous demands. Oliver should’ve called a lawyer to know his rights

    • Lilah says:

      Laurel is a lawyer…

    • Tom says:

      What business would Diggle and Laurel have between a man and his son anyway? Can you imagine finding out you had a son for the past 10 years and you never even knew he existed? Wouldn’t you want to get to know him even if it meant keeping him a secret for at least a little while? What’s even more amazing is that Felicity couldn’t accept the fact that Oliver was stuck between a rock and a hard place. But I guess she stayed true to her character by throwing a fit, and leaving the room with a teary eyed face. I couldn’t be happier to see the relationship end. The two characters had absolutely no chemistry. Hopefully Oliver gets back with Laurel again.

      • wonderwall says:

        Felicity was understanding of Oliver in that she knew he was put in an impossible position. She acknowledged that. But what pushed her over the edge was that Oliver was making the same mistake of keeping her out of a big decision without even talking to her about it. And I’m not saying Felicity meant that wanted it to be her decision, or even a joint decision between Oliver and her. She just finds it telling that Oliver wouldn’t even want to discuss it with her or get her thoughts before making such a big decision. That suggests to her that he just doesn’t value her as a true partner, which doesn’t work for her if they’re going to get married.

        • 134sc says:

          Well said!

        • Oh good God get over it says:

          Thank you. All you guys that don’t like Felicity’s actions, THIS is why she left.Not that she was so butt hurt she could not understand the tough spot Oliver was is, but that he turned around and did it again (not treating her as a partner), by not at least sharing his choices before coming to a big decision.

        • Josh D says:

          Finally someone who actually gets the whole picture. I get so sick of seeing comments like “Felicity should die” or “Oliver is a scumbag”. Felicity ended it with him because he never comes to her for support when things are troubling him. It told her that he doesn’t trust her like that. I think if Oliver had just talked with Felicity about the decision to send William away and opened up how it felt to her, she could have forgiven him. But i still hold out hope though. This isn’t the first time she has walked away from him. As for the people wanting Oliver and Laurel together, I’m sorry but its just not going to happen. This isn’t the comics and there is way too much history between them. They already tried in the 1st season and it didn’t work. I mean what woman would get back with a guy who cheated on her with her own sister and then come to find out had a child with another woman while he was with her? There is no romance between Oliver and Laurel anymore, strictly friendship.

          • Lisa says:

            I love the whole Oliver and felicity dynamic, I think without it the show would be too dark and miserable, she literally brings that little element of light into it which is a good thing and I don’t think it takes anything away from the show at all. Laurels character however annoys me, I am not familiar with the comic books but I really hope the show doesn’t follow suit as I just can’t warm to her at all I think the actress does a really poor job and there’s zero chemistry between Oliver and laurel in the series which was very evident in series 1 I think, you believe Oliver has something to fight for with felicity and I hope they keep the duo going till the end otherwise I feel like the felicity romance which they work really well is just going to end up in disappointment

          • neil says:

            i love ur comment. laurel and oliver wont work because there is no chemistry . why people don’t like changes I don’t know This is not the cartoon. I love that all the story line is not the same because I can take on watching a movie I watch already with the same, same story cartoon or human form. if it was everything like the cartoon I would not be wasting my time to watch it. I like laurel, felicity ,tea, diggle and oliver. The love oliver have for felicity i don’t see he had them for laurel not when he was with her or even now.At those time he cared for her sis more than he cared for her .oliver had no right to keep it from felicity because is not like felicity will tell anyone to put his child in danger so he could have trust her to tell her. she may not be the child mother but she would have been his stepmother and that give her a lot of right to give her advice on the problem he is facing. If anyone one of those people is agains felicity if that same thing happen to u all I bet that u all would be angry with your partners and if you all say no then you all are not human. oliver was forgive for keeping his secret but felicity got angry when he did the same thing again with the video and she is fully right to be. yes his job is hard, yes people life is in danger But you keep secret only from people you cannot trust and he have show her he can’t so why married some one you can’t trust. But lest put it like this felicity and oliver fall out and broke up like normal couples do. lets hope that oliver learns from his mistake ,felicity forgive him and they find a way back to each other because it is what love is . Everyone is super angry felicity cries but who human beings don’t cry when they are hurting. You all are acting like nothing happen and felicity sits down and cry like a mad person. I read on some other site where people was cursing because they want all action and no romance but I don’t think it have any movie i ever watch that did not have romance or little of it. somebody is all ways going to like some body in a movie. The movie is not like real life and movies was made to entertain people otherwise we will be bored ah hell. But they have to make the part of it some what like real life and that mean everybody needs love even in the movies.

        • Bran says:

          No poorly said. Felicity’s romanticized notion of honesty and sharing in a relationship was beyond ridiculous, juvenile and unbecoming of her character. Anyone who places such unrealistic demands on a relationship, especially in light of the circumstances, reveals themselves to be the one unworthy of that relationship, and also needs to grow up. Real relationships last because each partner is willing to allow the other to have some degree of privacy and freedom, which is a deeper show of trust than “running everything by each other”. Besides, the love of your child comes before any romantic love with your partner, and for Felicity to not understand revealed her to be unworthy of the relationship if she couldn’t love Oliver enough to look past what was an unrealistic expectation in the first place.

          • kath says:

            I can’t figure out if you’re serious or writing a parody. In reply, I will refer you to the past 50 years of research into relationships.

            Felicity never asked for Oliver to choose between her and William. She just wanted to be included when he made the decision.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        That has got to be the mildest fit ever.

      • Ayr says:

        Given their horrible terrible awful history, Oliver getting back with laurel again is illogical & sick. Now that would be unnecessary drama. Plus, there’s no chemistry between the actors as a romantic pairing.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Many shows are guilty of defying logic an reason like Oliver not asserting his parental rights. It’s like a show sending someone to prison for murder for what was clearly self-defense. I guess shows ignore such real world logic because they think it makes for better drama, when all it really does is illustrate the writers’ stupidity.

      • Anna says:

        He has no rights, he is not on the birth certificate and therefore HAS NO rights. Look it up!

        • kath says:

          All Oliver would have to do was take Samantha to court where they would mandate a DNA test. If it proved that William is Oliver’s son and that Samantha hid him and lied to Oliver for 11 years, she is the one who would be in big trouble.

  3. Liz says:

    That was anti-climatic, I think? I love Olicity together and I’m still rooting for those two to work it out but that break-up was nothing. It felt so rushed and I don’t really feel anything about it. And Felicity suddenly being able to walk actually made me laugh. She wouldn’t be able to walk like that straight away! This show really misses the mark sometimes.

    Vixen was awesome but I have to say everything else felt rushed and messy. And removing Damien’s powers also feels anti-climatic. What now? Definitely not the greatest episode.

    • Liz says:

      Forgot to add that I’m pleased Felicity was so calm and she didn’t cry or anything like the original timeline in 4×08 when she first found out. She felt like Felicity with her reaction this time which was great.

    • Janie says:

      I agree! I’m glad that Felicity walked away but I expected to be more devastated by that breakup scene. I think the fact that Stephen Amell played it so cold and shell-shocked took away a lot of the emotional punch.

    • MJ says:

      That’s exactly how I felt. I wanted to like this episode but it all happened so fast. If this episode would have been broken in two parts, with everything drawn out more, I think it could been an awesome part of the story. I loved Vixen and thought she played her part helping to stop Damien, but I also felt cheated because she deserved more screen time. Felicity being able to just walk out of nowhere was funny though, because come on. But I do like that she was able to actually “walk out” on Oliver.

      And on another note:
      Laurels scene with her Dad broke my heart. She was so aware that her feelings were nothing like Oliver’s, Samantha’s, or Felicitys, so she was fully there for them, but she still got her moment with her Dad to let herself be sad for a minute. With that said… When does 1st season awesome Laurel come back? She was this do good lawyer who was feisty and stood up for herself, and even though she is a superhero, I feel like she is not as empowering as she used to be. I don’t want her off the show, but if they can’t give her a storyline then they might as well. I feel like she is the only supporting character who hasn’t had a storyline, or even a meaningful part in the main storyline, this whole season.

  4. leejay29 says:

    “Bored now.”

    Groan. This storyline is definitely pushing the limits of my patience and goodwill.

    • ? says:

      Seems to me like the writers were aware of the huuuuge backlash this dumb “don’t tell your girlfriend about your son” storyline created and tried their best to take that into account when it came time to write this episode–but not enough to alter their plans to use it as the excuse to break up Oliver and Felicity. Super lame.

    • Love the Buffy reference…and totally fitting. Im sorry but Ollie’s scenes with Felicity are boring. Honestly I thought she was being a selfish baby at the end.

  5. E says:

    Olicity is not over!!! They will work it out eventually. As for her reaction to everything I don’t blame her one bit! I would be mad as heck if my fiancé had a secret child that it seemed everyone knew about but me

    • Mysteryb says:

      “They work it out eventually” Well she didn’t have the ring on in the grave limo scene so we knew this was coming, but they will never marry, in the comics he ends up with Laurel, the show will take the same route, Felicity has also become a parasite of a character that should be put down.

  6. dancmh says:

    I liked the Vixen intro and character about 20x more than Hawkgirl. I hope they show us more. I can only assume they kept pulling the great ape effect out of the bag because someone found a flash drive with some prototype Grodd designs on it.

  7. Dj says:

    Malcolm never lies to his daughter. He just avoids the truth like a plague. But I did like the talk Diggle had with Oliver. Diggle being a parent would understand why Oliver did what he did. Also in the second season of LoT can Vixen (and Nightwing) be a member of the cast. The worst part of the show was at the end when Felicity gets the strength to walkout literally on Oliver.

  8. Gail says:

    Felicity is right. Oliver doesn’t know how to be an an equal partnership with a spouse. Oliver has some growing to do. This breakup made more sense than the alternate time line.

    I am going to guess the archer on tomorrow’s DC Legends of Tomorrow is going to be William. I know Ollie will also be on the show but the one the team first meets is William instead of Connor Hawk.

    • DP says:

      Connor Hawk is confirmed to be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow so don’t think it will be William.

      As difficult as this episode was in some ways, it’s good the lie is out. Now to see if Oliver can work towards more inclusion and show Felicity he’s changing. Then we can see them work through things in their relationship.

    • Mysteryb says:

      Wtf how would you think it is William, it already showed he is a black man, and Oliver is the other Green Arrow they literally have set photos of this and the black guy (Conner) already appeared last episode, how stupid are you?

      • Oh good God get over it says:

        Dude , Everybody does not look at set photos before the episode.Quit acting all superior to others who don’t. And could you please stop with the name calling.

    • justme says:

      I’m pretty sure the archer in the preview for tomorrow’s LoT is black

  9. Roger says:

    Great episode. We’ve finally gone full circle and the two lives Oliver lived have finally meshed. And all grievances have been aired out. Nice to have multiple story lines closed from both Flash and Arrow. And Barry did warn Oliver. It was going to be bad either way but at least no one died this timeline.

    Loved Vixen and the producers said that they want to make her part of the team. Hopefully she gets her own show or goes over to Legends of Tomorrow with Constantine in season two.

    Also really liked how the chip worked at the perfect moment.

    Really like how magic has played such an important part of season 4. BIG departure from season one. Looking forward to twist they give to the Big Bad and the season finale.

  10. peterwdawson says:

    Here’s hoping Felicity walking again isn’t just fixed with no future consequences.

  11. GirlvsTV says:

    So, pretty much the whole purpose of the horrible Baby Mama Drama storyline was to break up Felicity and Oliver and that’s what we got? I am really disappointed, that was so ‘meh’ and I think Felicity deserved more of an opportunity to react and respond to the situation. Tbh, I dislike Oliver so much right now I’m not sure I want to continue watching. I may cool off some over the hiatus, but I found that I really didn’t care about anything happening with his character tonight. I wasn’t invested in the stuff with his kid because we never got to see them actually have a relationship and I honestly didn’t care if he was sad/angry/upset about anything. Also, no matter how many lines the writers feed other characters to justify Oliver lying to Felicity it won’t work. Oliver was fully in the wrong and I’m not sure I care if Felicity ever gives him another chance.

    • Ash says:

      I agree with you 100%. The only reason we got this stupid BM story line was because the writers had no other way of breaking them up. They had to come up with something and in came this crap fest. Like you said everything with the Kid is done off camera so we haven’t seen any interactions with him and the kid besides the Flarrow crossover. I think the writers realized what a big mistake they made with this story line and decided to kill it tonight by shipping them off. I’m just hoping we never see them again. The breakup felt rush. I loved how Felicity handle the whole situation even though my heart was breaking for her. It shows you how strong of a person she is. As for her walking again, well I wish the writers could have I don’t know done some research on this. I’ll let it slide though because she use her first steps to walk away from him. I am so proud of this girl. Vixen was a total badass. Loved her. Can we have more Vixen please?

    • bbussey says:

      Olicity break-up and the end of the mayoral campaign it appears, although the Olicity split is probably temporary. Unfortunately.

  12. Ian Barber says:

    So the whole William story line was just to give Olicity a little hiccup? Kind of lame. On the upside, I loved Vixen and Damien this episode! The animated Vixen series on CW Seed is actually pretty cool – if you have a spare half hour or so, you should definitely check it out!

    • wonderwall says:

      The whole William storyline would’ve happened exactly how it happened regardless who Oliver was with which is what’s wrong with the whole plot in the first place. So contrived and generic and all around terrible.

  13. Bob says:

    One reason I loved about season 1 no one was holding Oliver back

    • Patrick says:

      Agreed. People around Ollie seem to think this is a game, or like the old Adam West Batman where the bad guys go down after a few punches. If someone actually put on a suit, and carried a bow and arrow, to fight crime, PEOPLE WOULD DIE. Plus, just killing these bad guys would be better than sending them to prison with debilitating injuries, some of which would result in long term injury/pain. Only Speedy seems to get that this is not a game, and that there are tough decisions that have to be made in order to secure the greater good, and that those tough decisions might have consequences. For the last 2 years, Felicity seems treat this endeavor like a game, or a hobby. In her mind, Ollie would work out during the day, beat up a few muggers, and then get back to bed at a sensible hour. Even with her injury, now completely overcome sidestepping consequences once again, she’s never grasped that this is serious. She treats it like a carefree game, and it is getting annoying.

      • wonderwall says:

        I’m sorry… How in the world does Felicity treat vigilantism like a game when it’s clear that she treats it like it’s her calling? Give me examples of when Felicity treated being a vigilante like a game. Please do.

      • wonderwall says:

        Hate on Felicity all you want. But at least hate on her for a real reason that is actually true and not just made up in your head so you can justify your hate.

  14. N says:

    So……….how long till a live action “Vixen”

  15. A says:

    I think Felicity had the perfect reaction. She didn’t blow up at him, she didn’t leave without explanation like in 4×08. She did what was right for her (and with everything that happened recently piled up on her as well!) and left to get some space. I KNOW they’ll get back together at some point (probably this season), but I think Oliver needs to do a little bit of growing and maturing first and Felicity needs to focus on herself.

    Not usually a fan of Laurel but the scene where she opened up to her dad was perfectly done. Even though she’s over Oliver, it will still hurt when his bad BF past rears its head. And she was right to tell Samantha that it wasn’t her fault, but his.

  16. Thanh says:

    I hate the flashbacks on Arrow. The first season’s flashbacks at least served a purpose in giving us an idea of some of what happened during Oliver’s missing 5 years away. Now, these flashbacks are unnecessary detours from the actually relevant and more interesting main storyline. Instead of flashbacks, the show could be spending these flashback scenes on giving more storyline and airtime to the many other main characters on the show.

    • Mysteryb says:

      The flashbacks have always tied in what happened during his time away and what is happening now, they have remained constant in that. Obviously his island experiences were vast to give him the knowledge and skills to not flinch when he sees meta-humans or magic, it is showing how he got said experience. By the end of season 1 he had spent 6 months on the island, you would have ended the flashbacks there? That is why you don’t write shows.

  17. CK says:

    I’m laughing out loud at the fact that Felicity regained the ability to walk just in time to leave Oliver.

  18. Jerry says:

    So the fight choreography was really bad this episode wasn’t it? Fights seemed in slow motion. at one point in the hallway fight one of the bad guys slammed his head on the table without anyone touching him. And Darkh’s stunt double was obvious and looked nothing like him. What happened?

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. But I’ve actually thought the fight scenes have been bad for a long time. They’re just sloppy. Probably because they have to fit in so many masks now.

  19. Andrew Hass says:

    I can understand why Felicity is mad at Oliver and why she gave back the engagement ring because right now she can’t be with Oliver in any way.However now it’s up to Oliver to win her back.I also understand why Oliver sent William away because he’s trying to protect his son and that’s what a parent does.However i’m wondering if this isn’t the last time we see William this season.For example he could return just as Oliver and Felicity are getting back together and maybe both William and Felicity are in danger and Oliver only has time to save one of them.

  20. Luis says:

    Felicity was exactly correct in what she did, but the relationship is far from over. More importantly, get Vixen a series! NOW!!!

  21. A says:

    1- I loved Vixen I hope she gets a spin off and visit both Arrow and The Flash.
    2- There is final closure of Laurel’s past with her Ex by talking to the BM
    3- Also Happy that Oliver finally let go of William
    4- Felicity got to walk again

    These are the only thing I liked about the episode as for Oliver he still needs of growing up to in order to fix things with Felicity he really needs to stop keeping lying and keeping secrets from her and learn to be an equal partner.

  22. Carla Krae says:

    Of course they cure her paralysis so quickly…..

    • A says:

      Emily said it herself in a few interviews recently- its frustrating that they didn’t get to do more with the storyline and look at how it affected day to day life, Felicity’s outlook etc, but with only 8 episodes left, the writers felt like they had to move quickly. She was frustrated too.

    • Liz says:

      Sadly this is what happens on Arrow. They just rush through plots so quickly. I’m kinda glad though because I hated her paralysis.

      • Esteban says:

        Wow. Ableist much? What disturbs you so much about handicapped people? Is it that it deprives you of, what, “acrobatic sex scenes?”

        • lauren says:

          thank you for saying what i was just thinking, did not know there was a term for it! the *strong* aversion some Olicity fans have to the paralysis thing is for lack of a better word icky. wonder how these people are IRL around wheelchairs.

          • Liz says:

            This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Blaming dislike of a storyline on a ship. WOW. I’ve heard it all.

        • Liz says:

          Wow, what? My hatred of the paralysis storyline has nothing to do with sex scenes WTF?! I just felt it went nowhere and it didn’t give the time it deserved.

  23. Bruce Wayne says:

    End Olicity once and for all!

    Here’s to Lauriver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for the Black Canary and Green Arrow to finally become a couple.

    • Glenda says:

      Laurel showed courage and leadership tonight..The BC has earned respect. Oliver, not so much..he doesn’t deserve Felicity or Laurel ..time for Mr. GA to make amends.

    • Momo says:

      Yes!! Except Stephen and Katie have zero on-screen chemistry and any romance between them is physically painful to watch a la season 1.

    • Luis says:

      I suspect the whole “knocked another girl up while we were dating, on top of taking my sister on the boat ride that nearly killed her” is probably a little too much to expect that relationship to come back from

  24. James D says:

    Vixen was the only good part of this episode. Last scene made me crack up out of the sheer stupidity (I hope she stays away, sorry Olicity Fans but this fan recieves no pleasure from watching them, no offense to those who do). I’m forced to ask was this an episode of All My Children?

  25. What a stinker Vixen was good but everything else wow!!!!

  26. This episode was head and shoulders above most of the recent ones. It was great to see Vixen in live action, and hopefully she’ll get to appear more – either on Legends of Tomorrow or in her own live action series (though I heard that they already green-lighted a second animated season).

    What I didn’t like that is how Felicity’s subplot in so far as her crippling went – what, she just magically was able to walk again? If we go by the assumption that she was crippled since Christmas, that would mean she hadn’t been walking for about 2 months. Muscle atrophy in that time would have made it rather difficult to walk about. And of course, the arc wasn’t played out to its full potential, which is always a bummer.

    I’ve never been a particular fan of the pairing of Oliver and Felicity, since its seemed plagued by rather shoddy writing, like in the ending when Felicity ends her engagement with Oliver. Any responsible parent would definitely choose their child over their girlfriend, and I’m not sure why she thinks that she should have any say in Oliver and Samantha’s decision to ensure William is kept far away from them as possible.

    Props to special effects though – the visuals for Vixen were amazing!

    • A says:

      Maybe because Oliver himself said in the episode that he would have liked Felicity to be in his sons life? Plus the fact that she has lived through not having a dad around?

      • Hi there :).

        At the end of the day though, she’s not one of William’s parents; Oliver and Samantha are. Acting as though her opinion should be inserted into every facet of Oliver’s life was a bit high-handed of her I think – plus, Felicity just admitted last week that some lies are necessary to protect one’s loved ones.

        I do understand that Felicity’s trust issue is grounded, and breaking up with him was probably justified, and Oliver definitely could have handled it better, but the way it happened was ridiculous and more than a little contrived.

        The episode didn’t really show us a full, genuine conversation where they both sat down and had a heart-to-heart discussion where Oliver gave her the full side of the story, nor did she seem to acknowledge that Oliver was stuck between a rock and a hard place, that Oliver’s child’s safety, as a priority, is something a bit bigger than their relationship. Relationships in real life are based on compromise, acknowledging personal differences and living with things that they don’t like, including secrets.

        That’s what I made of it anyway.

        • wonderwall says:

          At the end of the day she’s not William’s parent, you are correct. But she IS Oliver’s fiancee. Felicity wasn’t angry for putting William before her, she was angry that he yet again didn’t treat her like a partner like what married couples usually do.

          “I don’t think Felicity wanted or needed to have a say in the choices Oliver made when it came to William. She just wants a relationship with him that’s open and honest so they can count on each other in good times and bad. Oliver let Felicity walk away because he admitted he just not able to be completely open with her. Not at this time anyway. If Oliver continues this way, he will become more and more closed off and Felicity will become resentful of the secrets he keeps and the choices he makes. Their relationship wasn’t going to work under those circumstances. It’s best for them to take a pause and figure out what they want as individuals and as a couple out of their relationship and go from there. Call me crazy, but I think they will figure it out and be better for it.” — Got this off another site because I’m tired of people not understanding and I’m tired of typing.

          And the whole “Let’s not tell Felicity because it keeps the kid safe” is complete bull because guess what? Oliver didn’t tell Felicity and the kid ended up being kidnapped. So it definitely wasn’t a safety issue.

          • neil says:

            correct,correct,correct. No matter how good you think u are at keeping a dam lie it always comes out. look how many secret his mother had and he found them out. he did not learn from that. thank you wonderwall you said it well.

    • Blah says:

      I think what bothered me the most was that it was presented as a choice. Yet it was a choice that no normal person would ever have to make. Oliver and felicity were engaged. Their relationship was quite advanced and even mature when the writers weren’t messing with it for drama.

      In reality Oliver would tell Samantha about felicity. They would meet separately and felicity would likely have very little to do with William. She might not even meet him. But as the spouse of someone with a child. She has every right to know of his existence.

    • Kira says:

      Here is the thing I am not an Olicity fan at all. But I do get what Felicity is saying in terms of inclusion. When my mother and father split my father got remarried and never told his new wife about his kids. Then when my mother decided that she wanted to move to a new state my father placed child support on himself so that he would have legal rights with us, but his doing that did not just affect him it also affected his wife, not only was her house hold affected but just imagine someone you plan on spending your life with keeping a secret like that. Any person who thinks that a step parent (a good step parent) has no effect and nothing to do with the raising and nurturing of a child (even on who is not biologically theirs) is clearly delusional. And I keep seeing comments like “Why would he not choose his child over her”. It’s not a competition between William and Felicity she wasn’t asking him to choose her instead of William she just wanted him to share the burden he was in, include her so that no matter what he choose to do about William she could be there for him. He didn’t do that he did what he always does and lied. The issue was not William. If you are going to be someone’s partner in life then you have to trust them to do what’s best for you and the people you love. Oliver clearly did not trust Felicity enough to do that.

      • 134sc says:

        Both of you make great points. The writing of this storyline has been great. I think Oliver made the right decision. But Felicity also has the right to know. Sometimes both sides do the right thing and everybody gets hurt. Unfortunately that’s life.

  27. Fox says:

    Flash ended with Zoom revealing his identity
    Arrow ended with Felicity bitching at Oliver :/

    This Olicity crap has ruined this show. Kill her off or have her leave town, replace her with Nyssa, Vixen, or any other DC comics female who can actually provide value to Team Arrow rather than crying and whining.

    • Josh says:

      She didn’t cry or whine she just rightfully dumped his lying ass. Olicity ain’t ruining the show either. How dare she want honesty in a relationship! And she is a very valuable member of Team Arrow

      • Ws says:

        She was a more valuable member before they started the relationship stuff… I agree that the Olicity stuff has wrecked the show…

        • wonderwall says:

          How did she become less valuable after the relationship stuff? Please give me examples of how this is so… Like I said before, hate on Felicity all you want, but at least have your reasoning be something true. Don’t make up lies to justify your hate, it’s weak.

          • Raz says:

            I personally think Felicity has become too useful. Her hacking has reached levels where sometimes it’s like the rest of Team Arrow is pointless. I remember Laurel going off to find a warehouse(?) recently, and Felicity just hacking it and leaving Laurel high and dry.

            But, I tend not to use that argument in case people think I don’t like strong female characters or something.

          • kath says:

            Speaking of Felicity’s value, she’s the one who funded his run for mayor.
            Does she get her money back now?

    • Ash says:

      I didn’t see her crying or whining. And it’s not call bitching. It’s call a mature woman dumping her lying fiance’s ass. She is probably the more valuable member on the team. Look up the definition of Overwatch. It should tell you her importance on the show. FYI, if they kill off Felicity let’s see how long arrow survive. She is $$$$$$$$.

  28. Oliver’s well rid of her. She’s easy on the eyes, but she’s not very understanding. There’s no manual for balancing a life as a costumed vigilante with some semblance of a normal personal life. And that sort of life is bound to confront someone with choices, sometimes impossible choices that other people never have to make. Oliver’s only human — he’s made mistakes, and he’s going to make more. The last thing he needs is someone who is going to walk away every time he does something she disapproves of (this isn’t the first time Felicity has broken things off). Relationships are hard work, even without the stresses of a double life. And while there are most certainly some lines that can’t be crossed, people who are serious about making them work learn to compromise, allow for personal differences, live with a few things they don’t like, let the inconsequential things slide while communicating and making it clear what’s not negotiable, and above all, how to forgive. Felicity shows little inclination to do any of this. Giving ultimatums and/or walking out every time there’s a disagreement about something is a SURE sign a relationship is doomed to fail.

    This is a problem with nearly all TV shows that depend on romantic tension and a “will they or won’t they” relationship to keep viewer interest. You can only keep that up so long before it loses credibility. Either they’d get together and stay that way, being suited for each other and willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work; or they’d go their separate ways. A years-long on again off again relationship just isn’t credible for people who have aren’t mentally all f@%#ed up like Hogan’s goat.

    • Josh says:

      Yes please ignore that a Pyscho like Malcolm knew about the kid before the woman he wants to marry does.the same Pyscho who was responsible for Willam being kidnapped. How dare Felicity want her man to be honest with her! How dare her!

      • The problem is, she reacted the exact same way in the alternate timeline on Flash. It was horribly immature there and equally immature here.
        Yes, he should have told her. It was wrong of him not to.
        But, it was heavily implied that if he had told her, she would have insisted on him choosing between the two of them. (Which is a choice she would lose IMO.)
        I feel like saying that either one is fully in the wrong here is ridiculous. Ollie should have told her, she should have reacted better. Both of them were idiots.
        Also, if it turns out that the writers broke them up in order to push Ollie and Laurel together I will be so frustrated. Yes, they’re comics canon, but even there they’ve always felt a little forced. No need to repeat it on TV.

        • A says:

          How on earth was it ‘heavily implied’ that she’d make him choose?? She literally said ‘i dont care that you have a son, I CARE THAT YOU LIED’. She said that in both timelines.

          • Raz says:

            She also hid the fact that she was working with Team Arrow behind his back at the start of this season. Felicity is definitely to me a little hypocritical at times.

          • wonderwall says:

            One secret is about the lives of others/the safety of others… Oliver’s secret was about what…? Keeping William safe even though his lie proved that William wasn’t safe at all and probably teling Felicity could’ve helped KEEP the kid safe? LOL OKAY. Both lies aren’t even the same. Oliver’s lie doesn’t even compare to Felicity’s. And did you even watch the episode? Felicity understood Oliver’s position. She just didn’t understand why he couldn’t keep her in the loop when it came to making the big decision to keep William out of his life (something that would probably hit home for Felicity considering her father walked out on her too).

        • Liz says:

          She didn’t react the same way at all. The outcome was the same – they split up – but she was calm and didn’t cry whereas in 4×08 she was OTT and a bit whiny. I much preferred her reaction in this episode. And I don’t know where you got that she would insist Oliver make a choice between her and his son?!!! WTF show are you watching? She specifically said she didn’t care that he a child. She just wanted to know about it. And as someone who grew up without a father, I totally believe she would want Oliver to know his son.

        • bbussey says:

          Not only did Felicity react the same way, it was the same dialog. Just not at the same decibel level.

          And yes, other people found out about William, but not from Oliver.

          I hated the premise of the final scene, that Felicity expected to be consulted regarding Oliver and Samantha’s decision that Oliver would stay out of William’s life, even though she is neither related nor has any relationship with William nor would be affected by the decision. Oliver would have briefed her on the decision, but it was not her place to be consulted prior to the decision being made. And getting up out of a wheelchair and being able to walk out after two months of muscle atrophy was ridiculous and destroyed the slim plausibility of the scene that existed, following the monologue. Horrible writing, although it was well-acted.

      • Yes, please ignore that Malcolm found out ON HIS OWN, through his League of Assassins informants. Oliver didn’t tell him. You are at the point of blaming Oliver for things he didn’t do.

        And it’s how dare she. Grammar, dear boy.

    • Liz says:

      I disagree so much! I think Felicity has been really accepting of a lot of Oliver’s crap. Last season he kept all of the team in the dark and he kidnapped Lyla and left baby Sara vulnerable. He made them all think he was leaving them to die. Oliver has done some really awful things and Felicity has forgiven him so easily. It’s different this time. She was about to marry him. Trust and inclusion is important in a marriage. And essentially she would have been William’s step mother. So knowing about his existence is pretty important. Oliver should have found another way. He should have fought harder but he didn’t. He just took the easy way out and lied. Felicity was right to end things with him. He needs to learn he can’t just lie all the time.

    • OlicitySuks says:

      Felicity is exhausting…anytime anything does not go her way she throws a tantrum…a petulant child more like. Oliver has enough to deal with, without adding Felicity’s craziness. The writers need to take care of this Olicity ship once and for all. Arrow is now so dependent on Olicity..alot of people have left this sinking ship of a show and now just watch The Flash…you can’t blame them really…when Felicity/Olicity is now the focus of the show…and everyone else kind off falling off the wayside…even Oliver is only accepted and loved by the shippers when he is being an ideal boyfriend.

      • Lizzie says:

        This comment bought the LOLs. Thank you. I disagree with everything you’ve said. I’m an Olicity fan and I love Oliver, even when he’s being an idiot. The beauty of his character is that he gets to learn and grow from his mistakes and I like watching that. You can love a character and still point out when he’s in the wrong. And all Felicity wanted in this episode was honesty. That’s not throwing a tantrum. That’s just what being in an adult relationship is about.

        • OlicitySuks says:

          Of course Oliver is always the one being an idiot..never Felicity! Even though she continues with the delusions of wanting/expecting to have a NORMAL r/ship with a vigilante. How does she not realize that some issues are beyond just her need to feel included.

      • the ratings been about the same since year one so there’s no big drop of viewship

    • KatsMom says:

      Exactly. And thank you for the common sense! You’re absolutely right about Felicity showing no signs of compromise, or allowing for the fact that Oliver’s personality is to internalize…not start sharing every little thought in his head. That’s actually pretty common with men. My husband’s one of those guys who’s not a sharer. He’s always been one to keep things to himself. Is it infuriating when he’s struggling and doesn’t tell me until he’s kind of reached a breaking point? Absolutely. Does it change anything for me to continually whine about how he doesn’t tell me things or include me as he should? Not really. He just feels like I’m piling on when he’s already got a lot on his mind and resents me for it. He’ll tell me anything I want to know, but he won’t voluntarily share anything. That’s the best he can offer with total openness and honesty, and it’s worthless when I don’t know the right questions to ask. I can either accept that and the fact that occasionally all hell’s gonna break loose and we deal with problems together at that less-than-ideal juncture, or I have to accept the fact that he’s not the guy for me because, while he’s willing to learn very specific lessons when he screws up (ie. I need to know about physical pain you’re experiencing because doctors will ask me if something happens to you. . . ), he will never learn the big broad lesson of “just tell me stuff.” He’s going to keep making mistakes and the best he can do is learn from them afterward. I can either accept that or I can’t. Obviously, I’ve decided I can accept that, and that’s all well and good for me, but it might not be all well and good for Felicity. I hope that eventually what happens here is that Felicity realizes that she just can’t accept or be with Oliver as he is and they both move on. No shame in it. She wants certain things emotionally and he can’t give them to her. It happens. I think she should move on because she’s never going to get Oliver to be Mr. Open and Honest, and that’s clearly what she craves in her heart of hearts. But, I’m doubtful that’ll ever happen. These writers seem to love having Felicity up on her high horse declaring that Oliver Queen has failed her as a boyfriend/fiance.

  29. ktc1986 says:

    That episode was great until the last 2 minutes. I get that Oliver lied to Felicity but he done it in the best interests of his son and because the mother of his son asked him to. He was caught between a rock and a hard place and Felicity kicked him in the junk. In comparison, Laurel found out about another girl Oliver had slept with during their relationship (you know, other than her sister) and she took it like a CHAMP. Honestly, the sooner Oliver and Laurel hook up and he starts calling her his Pretty Bird the better off this show will be. Oh and FYI, in the current Constantine comic book, John Constantine is ACTUALLY in Hell. I’m sure the writers meant it as a funny “typical Constantine!” line but it ended up being an actual reference to an on-going comic. 9/10 episode, 10/10 if Vixen were to slap Felicity.

    • Shaun says:

      Not really,he could have told her and asked her to play dumb,lol.

    • A says:

      Felicity has kept his secrets for years…..he could have told her this and Samantha would have never known. You know why Laurel took it like a champ? Because the writers literally don’t care about Laurel/oliver anymore….been there, done that in season one.

      Also, if he EVER calls her Pretty Bird that will be the most embarrassing thing on tv.

      • ktc1986 says:

        So she would have been complicit in him lying to the mother of his child, going back on an agreement that allowed him access to his son. Seems reasonable, far more reasonable than say fostering a platonic relationship with Samantha in the hope that she eases up and relaxes the conditions she sets.

        • A says:

          The minute Oliver found out that MALCOLM MERLYN of all people knew about William he should have told Samantha ‘hey, look….someone found about William. He’s not a nice man. Can I tell Felicity so that we can keep William safe?’
          Samantha was only keeping him from telling his friends and family because she believed he was the same playboy he was and she hated him for it.

          • ClippinWings says:

            “…Can I tell Felicity so that we can keep William safe?”

            What the hell do you expect Felicity to do in that regard?

            What is she going to do… blockade the door with her wheelchair?

          • A says:

            Wont let me respond to your actual comment but here goes, 1)way to assume that being in a wheelchair means she cant do anything. That’s an awesome attitude you have there! And 2)she has genius level intellect and is second to none on a computer, she could have helped.

          • mari says:

            For a start, she would have suggested cameras and other monitoring equipment so that they could keep an eye on William when he’s alone. If that had been set up, they would have known 1. as soon as William went missing, and 2. that Malcolm Merlyn took him. That would have affected their game plan.

            Or maybe she would have suggested William and Samantha take a long trip until Darhk is defeated. Sure he has school but he could still study and a trip is educational.

            Or maybe she would have told Oliver to talk to ex-soldier Diggle to see what ideas he had.
            There are lots of ways Felicity could have helped to protect William.

          • Todrick says:

            She is second to Curtis in all things intellect.

    • Liz says:

      Sorry but Samantha’s demand was stupid in the first place. You don’t force someone to live a double life and that’s what Samantha was asking Oliver to do. You also don’t enter into a marriage with a secret child hanging over them. The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous. Felicity had every right to be mad. And I totally believe Laurel would have had that same reaction if she was in Felicity’s place and she was the one still in a relationship with Oliver. Because let’s not forget, this awful storyline was originally intended to split Laurel and Oliver up because they were the original pairing. You’d be singing a different tune then. LOL.

      • Liz says:

        Forgot to add, Laurel taking it ‘like a champ’ is code for being a total doormat which she pretty much was in her entire relationship with Oliver when they were younger. She knew he cheated and let him get on with him. More power to Felicity for having the courage and strength of character to not accept Oliver’s lies.

      • ktc1986 says:

        Oh yeah it was totally stupid, i don’t disagree with that. I just firmly believe that Oliver was put in a tough position and Felicity made it about her, she even complained that she had to put her feelings aside (you know, when they were trying to find a kidnapped child).

        • Liz says:

          I don’t see anything wrong with Felicity telling him she put her feelings aside. That’s what she did. I imagine it was pretty hard for her to carry on when she was feeling so much. But she did what she had to do. She’s human though. She’s allowed to feel hurt. And I don’t see it as her making it all about Felicity. She’s just found out that the man she planned to marry was lying to her for months. I think it probably shook the foundation of their relationship to her. What do people want? For her to just go ‘Fine, cool whatever.’ No way. I’d rather she take control of her heart than act like a doormat and let Oliver continue on this path where he lies all the time.

        • Todrick says:

          She put her feelings aside… then ignored his.

          Felicity is the worst kind of human, one who thinks everyone should be concerned with their feelings, but no one else is allowed to have any… unless she agrees with them.

    • wonderwall says:

      I think you’re really forgetting the issue here. It’s about the lie (on top of every other lie Oliver told her in S3) and about Oliver making decisions without even asking for Felicity’s opinion first. When you’re in a serious adult relationship, you can’t make big decisions without letting your partner know. And the thing that pushed Felicity over the edge wasn’t the actual lie, but the fact that Oliver made yet another decision without consulting her which obviously means he’s not ready for marriage.

      Laurel found out and was okay with it because she isn’t in a relationship with Oliver. She isn’t building a future with him. They don’t love each other anymore. That’s why it was easier for her to let it go.

  30. Shaun says:

    Malcolm sure has a short memory….Thea nearly died and loved him last week!!Guy is full of nonsense.Bad CG on Olivers rapel movement,decent CG on Vixen.Liked Laurels talk with her dad.

  31. wonderwall says:

    I think Felicity was 100% right in this situation, and anyone who thinks otherwise probably has never really been in a serious relationship before. Oliver/Felicity were going to marry each other, he should respect her enough to include her in big decisions. She didn’t tell Oliver that he should’ve told her so she could tell him which course of action to take, she told Oliver that in a marriage, there should be honesty and open communication and Oliver is severely lacking on both fronts at the moment.

    There’s being reasonable, and then there’s being a ‘doormat’. Felicity definitely isn’t the former. There’s only so much she can handle (especially with all the lies that built up in season 3).

    • A says:

      You mean she isn’t the latter?

    • Liz says:

      THIS. THIS. THIS. If anyone thinks Felicity is wrong for wanting trust in her marriage, they probably have never been in a proper relationship before. I worry for these people. Felicity was totally right in ending their engagement/relationship. You can’t enter a marriage if there’s no trust there.

    • DawnMac says:

      Funny, I think if you have been in a serious relationship you would realize that never lying to your significant other is great in theory but…in reality it’s never that simple.

      Oliver was going to be wrong whatever choice he made and to completey dismiss that or ignore the situation he was in is a disservice to the character.

      I get it your Felicity fan, a hardcore Felicity fan and it’s much easier for you to put all the blame squarely on Oliver rather then see they were both wrong. Felicity lives in a black and white world when the rest of them live in the grey. She tends to walk away when things don’t go the way she wants them to or the way she thinks they should. Everything is an either or choice with her. Yes, I wanted Oliver to tell her, but I understood why his character felt like he couldn’t. Regardless when he told her she was going to walk away, we learned that in Flash. That is what she does, walk away.

      I’m nit team anyone, I want a cohesive story that doesn’t cater to fan service and put a certain character on a pedestal. It’s a disservice to the show and the fans that watched it from the begining. Please don’t give me the tired line that Felicity brought in viewers that’s pure bulls**t, the show has been diving in the ratings and it needs to get back to its origins.

    • Todrick says:

      “There’s being reasonable, and then there’s being a ‘doormat’. Felicity definitely isn’t the former.”

      Agreed… she’s definitely not reasonable.

  32. Ws says:

    Odd that they let Samantha know all their secret identities so easily.. considering they barely know her.

  33. wonderwall says:

    I really do wonder why it’s so hard for people to understand that the breakup was more about partnership than the lie (which it was also about but to a lesser extent)…

    • Liz says:

      Simple. Because they hate Felicity. It’s interesting to me that Lauriver shippers and Felicity haters think she was unreasonable. Huh. I wonder why…

    • CK says:

      People are always easier on Oliver, which tends to blow back on any one opposed to him (Hello, Felicity, Laurel, Diggle.). The truth is, he’s a bit of a man-child. Oliver’s problem was one of his own making. He should have stood up to his ex when she made that ridiculous demand and should have gone to court regardless to establish some sort of visitation as soon as he learned of his son’s existence. Instead, he let his ex dictate the terms of his current relationship by using their son. That’s insane and a red flag for any potential partner.

      • wonderwall says:

        I pretty much think that anyone who hates on Felicity after this either has never been in a serious relationship, or just hates Felicity. But yeah, I can see why people would be easier on Oliver especially after his heartbreaking goodbye to William. But the breakup was necessary and there’s no point in doing it at a later date because that would just be cruel to give Oliver that sliver of hope.

      • Todrick says:

        “should have gone to court regardless to establish some sort of visitation as soon as he learned of his son’s existence”


        “Hey Damien and anyone who hates me… I have a kid, in central city… hi sname is William”

        Court Filings are public record.

  34. Jenny says:

    The ending was lame.

  35. Raz says:

    So, um, remember last episode when Felicity said that sometimes people have to lie and keep secrets in a relationship?

    …Yeah. Sometimes I feel like Felicity only likes things when they don’t happen to her.

    • A says:

      If you don’t get the notion of foreshadowing in tv shows, I cant help you.

    • wonderwall says:

      Quentin lied because of Donna’s safety. Oliver lied because……..???

      • Raz says:

        From memory, it was because the last time he told her, it ended with everyone ever dying.

        I’m being sarcastic, of course.

        It’s a little tricky. See, on the one hand, Oliver hiding the truth from Felicity is a pretty cruel move. On the other hand, William not being involved in Felicity’s life doesn’t really affect her at all. She met the kid once, from memory. It’s unfair of Felicity to force the decision to be about her.

        Don’t think I don’t like Felicity, by the way. I really like her. And Oliver, just as much. I think the writing for this plotline has been pretty bad for both of them, to be honest, and does neither Amell nor EBR any favours.

        • wonderwall says:

          Didn’t say you didn’t like her. I will say that you misunderstood what Felicity meant at the end and it was because of rushed writing.

          “I don’t think Felicity wanted or needed to have a say in the choices Oliver made when it came to William. She just wants a relationship with him that’s open and honest so they can count on each other in good times and bad [and that means he has to talk to her about big decisions like letting William go]. Oliver let Felicity walk away because he admitted he just not able to be completely open with her. Not at this time anyway. If Oliver continues this way, he will become more and more closed off and Felicity will become resentful of the secrets he keeps and the choices he makes. Their relationship wasn’t going to work under those circumstances. It’s best for them to take a pause and figure out what they want as individuals and as a couple out of their relationship and go from there. Call me crazy, but I think they will figure it out and be better for it.” — Got this off another site because I’m tired of people not understanding and I’m tired of typing.

          • Todrick says:

            “I don’t think Felicity wanted or needed to have a say in the choices Oliver made when it came to William. She just wants a relationship with him that’s open and honest so they can count on each other in good times and bad [and that means he has to talk to her about big decisions like letting William go]”

            This seems like Classic “Women are from venus, Men are from mars”: generally it’s women who talk about their feelings while not looking for a solution to the problem… They feel better just talking about the problem. Men, one the other hand, only talk about their problems in search of a solution.

            Since Oliver already had a solution, there was no perceived need to talk about his problems. He would have told Felicity after the fact that he sent William away, since her input was not needed int he decision.

            Clearly if this was the issue, Felicity may be happier with a woman…. Nyssa’s single.

        • Todrick says:

          Felicity’s selfishness got an entire city killed…. Never Forget.

    • Lizzie says:

      It’s a different situation though. Oliver was lying about having a CHILD. She was going to be his step-mom. When she spoke about lies she was talking about Quentin hiding his involvement with the team. There is no comparison.

    • kath says:

      Felicity said that you have to trust your partner because maybe they are keeping the secret for a good reason. And she’s let him keep tons of secrets about the missing five years.
      Now she knows that Oliver wasn’t making Wiliam decisions fora good reason, he just pays lip service to her being his partner but doesn’t carry through.i

    • 134sc says:

      I think that will come back around, and mama smoak will have some advice for her daughter. It’s backwards storytelling, but in this case I think it’s believable. When it comes to trust with Oliver, Felicity has a one track mind. She can’t take her own advice, cuz she can’t see it.

  36. dan says:

    I sure am glad it’s so easy for Felicity to second guess a man (from her high horse) that’s been tortured, beaten to the edge of death and faced the unimaginable tragedy of his father’s suicide less than two feet from him and his own mothers murder only a few years later and then his sisters only to see her resurrected into a monster. I’m glad she finds it so easy to abandon the man who went insane with rage and grief when she was almost murdered and turned into a paraplegic and who stuck by her (sickness and health) but finds it so easy to walk out on him because he has difficulty making emotionally sound decisions through the cloud of his obvious and severe PTSD. Man the writing on this arc sucked and I’m really surprised and a little disgusted that people think it’s great she walked out on him. Where is the loyalty?

    • kath says:

      Oliver did what everyone else told him to do — Samantha, Thea, Diggle and Vixen. The one person he didn’t talk to was the one he promised to share his life with. The one person who didn’t tell him what to do, just wanted to be consulted before he decided.
      I agree the writing sucked but that’s because Oliver was once again made stupid for plot.

      • Todrick says:

        Why would he “consult with her”… he had made his decision, all he had to do was tell her, which he obviously would have when William was no longer around. This is classic difference between men and women… men only talk abut their problems to find a solution. He had a solution, no need to discuss his feeling with her before carrying it out if his mind was made up.

        What he did need from her was her understanding and a shoulder to lean on after such an emotionally taxing decision and video…. instead she just went “me,me,me,me” and walked out on him in his time of need.

        • kath says:

          The reason Vandal Savage burned Central City was because 1) Hawkgirl failed as a fighter because Carter didn’t awaken all her memories and 2) the oven mitts didn’t work because they were missing a piece of the stone. Those had nothing to do with Felicity at all.

          At the end of the cross-over, Felicity asked Oliver what was wrong. He lied and said nothing was now. she told him that she wanted to be the best partner to him that she could be but in order to do that, he had to be honest with her and talk to her about problems. That is how an adult relationship functions.

          In this episode he not only kept the secret of William’s existence from her even though Barry, Thea and Malcolm all knew, he kept making decisions like sending William away without talking to Felicity about it even though he consulted Diggle and Vixen. He shut her out, and so she shut him out.

          Once thing the show has made clear, Oliver makes stupid decisions when he doesn’t listen to Diggle and Felicity (e.g. teaming with Maicolm Merlyn s3). This is probably another one. Even Diggle said that he should keep William close.

  37. kath says:

    I want to thank the Arrow EPs for giving me an episode that will make me miss show during the hiatus not at all. That was TERRIBLE.

    Vixen was good. I liked the CGI and the magic, and Neal McDonough was terrific. His glee when he confronted Oliver/Arrow made the show.

    The whole Baby Mama/secret kid plotline was just awful because it make Oliver into an idiot..Samantha told him to lie about William so he did. Thea told him not to feel guilty about the lie so he stopped thinking he should tell Felicity. Diggle told him to keep William close so he decided to do that. Then Vixen told him to send William away till he’s 18 so he sent him away.

    Why does Oliver need Felicity? Because one of them has to have a functioning brain.

  38. Nick says:

    Oliver left her out of the decisions regarding William so she breaks off the engagement? This is the dumbest thing in the world. It’s decisions like this that make me question the writers, it feels like there is one of these stupid story elements every season and I’m getting a little sick of it.

    First of all, given Felicity’s character last year and the choices she made to be with Oliver when he was the Heir the the Demon. It makes no sense that she’d dump him over something like this, he’s done way worse to her, Thea, Laurel, Sarah and every other woman that has ever been in his life. But he’s the bad guy for not telling her he’s chosen distancing himself from a kid he didn’t even know he had until a few months ago when the kid’s mom put a gag order on him? How does that make any sense?

    Second of all, How was this choice any of Felicity’s business? Why did she need to be included when it really has nothing to do with her? If she really loved him she’d be willing to accept what ever decision he makes regarding William and understand that she has no role in deciding anything regarding that child. I’m a child of divorce and let me say my parent’s partners had no role in the decision making regarding my life unless they were asked. If they were not asked for their input they had to accept the choice my parents made as they had no legal or moral right to dictate my life any more than the mailman.

    If you think I’m wrong about any of my statements here I invite you to tell me how I’m wrong.

    F.Y.I. I’m not an Olicity shipper or fan, personally I find it hard to understand why they are a couple at all.

    • wonderwall says:

      Again becasue I’m making hte same argument over and over again so I’ve resorted to copying and pasting…

      At the end of the day she’s not William’s parent, you are correct. But she IS Oliver’s fiancee. Felicity wasn’t angry for putting William before her, she was disappointed that he yet again didn’t treat her like a partner like what married couples usually do. She wanted to be Oliver’s partner and help him make a decision, not that she wanted to make the decision herself and tell Oliver what to do. She wanted Oliver to lean on her and be honest with her and not make HUGE decisions without her. And it doesn’t help that Oliver decides to walk out of his kid’s life just like how Felicity’s father walked out on her life (albeit under drastically different circumstances, but it probably would’ve hurt the same)

      “I don’t think Felicity wanted or needed to have a say in the choices Oliver made when it came to William. She just wants a relationship with him that’s open and honest so they can count on each other in good times and bad. Oliver let Felicity walk away because he admitted he just not able to be completely open with her. Not at this time anyway. If Oliver continues this way, he will become more and more closed off and Felicity will become resentful of the secrets he keeps and the choices he makes. Their relationship wasn’t going to work under those circumstances. It’s best for them to take a pause and figure out what they want as individuals and as a couple out of their relationship and go from there. Call me crazy, but I think they will figure it out and be better for it.” — Got this off another site because I’m tired of people not understanding and I’m tired of typing.

    • kath says:

      Maybe she just got tired of him lying to her.

      The other things, with Sara and Ra’s and Thea, Oliver and Felicity weren’t together then. But then they become a couple and Oliver asked her to marry him so that changes things. In an adult relationship, you don’t keep secrets like that from your fiance and you make decisions together.

      Oliver takig the advice of everyone but his fiance is a big warning sign for a relationship.

    • Luis says:

      The point is that after everything he did in S3, Felicity committed to Oliver, with the belief that she was going to be a full partner, meaning no more deception and no more making decisions on his own. The decision to distance himself from William does affect their relationship because it affects Oliver. His choices, first in keeping William’s existence secret, then in distancing himself from his son, were both made without consulting Felicity. I believe she understood the first choice, under the circumstances, but once she was aware of William’s existence, Felicity deserved the opportunity to express an opinion on Oliver’s choice to remove himself from William’s life. By not giving her that chance, Oliver showed Felicity that there are portions of his life where he will not permit her. For Felicity, that constituted a deal-breaker. Whether you share her point of view or not, it was a completely legitimate decision.

      • Todrick says:

        “Felicity deserved the opportunity to express an opinion on Oliver’s choice to remove himself from William’s life”

        Why? Oliver chose an option that meant the decision in no way effected Felicity… she would never be a step mom to the kid she never met… At that point the ONLY thing she needed to give input on was in consoling Oliver after he made the video… instead she gut punched him and left.

        • Luis says:

          The overarching theme of the Ollicity relationship has been “trust.” Felicity has always been clear that the one thing she needs from Oliver is for him to trust her enough to be a partner to him. This episode made clear to her that he isn’t capable of that. When she confronts him with that fact, all he can say is, “I’m trying.” I would have been perfectly happy if she’d wrapped her arms around him and said, “Try harder,” but under the circumstances, she’s completely justified in breaking up with him.

    • Kira says:

      I will say that all though your step parents may not have had any say in the decisions regarding you they were more then likely aware of the circumstances involving those decisions. In others words they were not able to say “do this or don’t do this. But they were at least let in. You can’t tell me that neither of your parents ever discussed you with their partners. But Oliver didn’t do that he made a decision that obviously caused him a lot pain and didn’t discuss it with his fiancé. She’s not asking to make decisions for Oliver’s child she wants him to discuss something as important him as his child with her. She wants to be let in. I feel like people keep missing the point it is not about the child. If he’s making huge decisions like not allowing himself to see his child for the next 8 years then what other huge secrets/decisions will he be making that doesn’t include her?

  39. TootyFrooty says:

    The episode itself was actually quite solid. Oliver’s video to William was well done. Everything Oliver/Felicity was laughable, though. Not surprising seeing as that whole relationship is a joke. A bad one. Hopefully, Oliver stays single for a the rest of the season and maybe the next one too.

  40. Mysteryb says:

    Felicity was one of my favorite characters in season 1 and 2, but she has become stupid. She starts drama for minimal reasons, makes mountains out of mole hills and just broke off the marriage when Oliver is hurting far more than she could understand from choosing to not see his son. She is a bitch and I wish it was her in the grave (though we know it is not). I used to love you Felicity…wtf.

  41. Tom says:

    I’ve only just heard of “olicity” and I’m amazed it’s actually a thing. The showrunners needs to stop pandering to this “shipping” nonsense and finally end this ridiculous zero chemistry relationship. I would’ve thought someone like Oliver would get sick of the backseat commentating, sanctimonious b**** that Felicity is. “Save me Oliver! But don’t kill anyone, oh and don’t hurt them but save me quick while I cry even more!”

    Oliver didn’t tell anyone he didn’t have to about his son, and Malcolm found out on his own. But hey, I’m not complaining. Felicity finally seems to have had her last cry.
    I can only hope Felicity leaves the show. Flash is kicking Arrow’s butt so hard right now and Felicity’s constant whinging just sends the show into rock bottom.

    • Karen says:

      Seriously, you think that Flash is better than Arrow because of Olicity when they have just had the most revolting Iris/Barry shipping scene on Earth 2? At least Oliver and Felicity aren’t essentially brother and sister.

      • Squirrelly says:

        Nahhh, it wasn’t THAT revolting! There were no tentacles.

      • ninamags says:

        The Flash is better than Arrow on so, so many levels. They actually fight crime and deal with metas.

        There is no romantic pair that hits you over the head. Caitlyn and Jay were cute and only a tiny portion of the show addressed it. Earth 2 is not ‘our’ Earth so nobody minded that Barry and Iris were together. In Earth 2 they didn’t grow up together.

  42. MattySi says:

    I don’t get it. What literally clicked at the end to make Felicity be able to stand and walk out of no where? Did the chip just like turn on or something?

  43. immeam says:

    hate me but i shipped laurel with illy more than felicity..(even though people say they have no chemistry)..but their history is way more than felicity..

  44. Karen says:

    I am shocked, I actually liked Laurel for a change.

  45. Deron grant says:

    Didn’t she confront Oliver’s mother over this a while back during Oliver’s mother campaign. Cause I thought Felicity knew bout that million dollar check.

  46. Deron grant says:

    Didn’t she confront Oliver’s mother over this a while back during Oliver’s mother campaign. Cause I thought Felicity knew bout that million dollar check. Because she told Felicity if you want to continue to be in Oliver’s life you’ll keep your mouth quiet bout this cause there’s nothing a mother won’t do for her child

    • Todrick says:

      That was about Thea being Malcolm’s daughter, right? and the flashbacks, to which moira was referring, were about samantha… but Felicity did not know that.

  47. Pat says:

    My only complaint that I have with this episode was the ending when Felicity felt movement in her feet and then she just got up and walked out the door. For me that was so unrealistic that she had no problems walking normal especially since she was in that wheelchair for weeks and I would think her muscles in her legs still needed to gain more strength with the help of physical therapy.

  48. Imzadi says:

    When they get back together, how about a crossover with Say Yes to the Dress (or SYTTD Atlanta) with Felicity, accompanied by Donna, Thea, and Laurel, picking out her gown aided by Randy (or Lori & Monty, if Atlanta)?

  49. I totally understand her reaction and I was waiting for it all season. Having said that, I’m not giving up on Olicity. Olicity is endgame, duh. I just hope they don’t pull a Rachel and Ross on us so we have Olicity be apart for several years and seasons, until in like season 10, the finale we have our couple come together. I like Oliver much more when he has Felicity on his side. I don’t want brooding Oliver to come back. It’ so first season.

  50. Like I did not see her reaction coming. Come on Oliver if you going to commit to someone you need to be up front with her.