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Flash Zoom Revealed Jay

The Flash Boss Talks About the Big Zoom Reveal: Is His True Identity a Clue to The Man In the Iron Mask?

The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s The Flash.

It was over a year ago that we first learned that Reverse-Flash aka The Man in the Yellow Suit was Barry’s kindly mentor Dr. Harrison Wells (or, you know, a facsimile thereof). This week on The Flash, another rival speedster — the sinister Zoom — was unmasked, and yet again there was a “friendly” face lurking underneath.

At the close of the episode “King Shark,” the masked maniac who has dogged Barry Allen and tormented Earth-Two’s Dr. Wells deposited Jay Garrick’s lifeless form inside his lair (“This… is a complication”) and then revealed his true self, Flash Zoom Revealand he is… Jay Garrick, as in the speedster who had been hanging with Team Flash for months.

As in the man who melted widowed Caitlin’s cooled heart.

As in the fella who pointed out to us his own doppelganger and claimed that the bespectacled guy’s name was Hunter Zolomon — when in fact that is his own damning identity.

As in the poor sap who last week loitered too close to the speed cannon, allowing Zoom to seemingly reach through from the other side and kill him, then yank his body back to Earth-Two.

How can all of the above be true? After all, “our” Jay has been so nice. Vanilla, even. Heck, his only shortcoming has been that time he disappeared for a poorly timed… nap?

“I don’t think you can assume anything that Jay has said to the team or the audience is the full truth. It is a version of the truth,” Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine via email.

And if anyone is surprised by the reveal, Kreisberg says the evidence was squarely placed in front of you in the aforementioned park scene.

“What’s funny is we showed that Jay’s doppelganger was Hunter Zolomon, and we assumed the comic book fans would say, ‘A-ha’ right away. ‘Jay must be Zoom.’ But I think that, like Barry and the team, they didn’t want to or just couldn’t believe it.”

The nitty gritty details about how Jay pulled off this despicable, sometimes improbable ruse will be detailed in the coming episodes (starting March 22). But until then, another (perhaps) related question:the-flash-season-2-photos (4)

Is Zoom’s identity our biggest clue yet as to another, newer mystery — the identity of the imprisoned Man in the Iron Mask?

“The mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask will play out over the rest of the season with some clues being layered in along the way,” Kreisberg says. “When you do find out who it is, everything will make sense in a very satisfying way.”

What did you think of the Zoom reveal, as well as the nifty King Shark attack that preceded it?

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  1. Gary says:

    The real Jay Garrick should be the man in the iron mask and Zoom should be either a doppelganger or twin but that doesn’t explain the third Jay which has been vacationing on Earth 1.

    • Yash says:

      Maybe there are more that just 2 Earths. This Jay has been travelling around and killing all speedster in all earths and taking there speed. Kida like that Jet lee movie, ages ago – “The One”.

      • Joe says:

        Or a shapeshifter. Earth-2 Hannibal Bates?

      • cmmorgan32 says:

        I could certainly see them introducing additional earths this season. There has been dialogue during this season that suggests that those from Earth-2 are aware (and may have access to) other earths. The dialogue between Killer Frost and Deathstorm in the bank scene from Welcome to Earth-2 is a prime example of this.

      • MikeB727 says:

        Zoom is not Jay. He most likely is Hunter Zolomon. Jay is the man in the mask. You can see that because that man in the mask has blue eyes like Teddy’s. Hunter or the version of Jay who is Zoom has brown eyes(you can see this both in e2x15 and the set photos – he is probably wearing contacts) which suggests he is not Jay and has nothing to do with the Jay who was with the team because that one had blue eyes.

      • devesh says:

        I don’t think they’ll include another earth…. it’ll be kinda boring…..

    • alpha says:

      Zoom was probably out of his suit for the park scene, but i knew jay was zoom right after the park scene.

      • MikeB727 says:

        Jay is not Zoom. Jay is the man in the iron mask. Hunter is Zoom. They eye color is different. Hunter(or the doppleganger in Zoom suit) has brown eyes and Jay has blue eyes, like the man in the iron mask. And the Jay who you think is Zoom is now dead.

    • alpha says:

      or he could hve been a twin idk we shall find out.

    • MikeB727 says:

      I’m thinking that it would be strange if they didn’t explain the dead Jay being the Rival or the Golden Age Reverse Flash, given that this arc seemingly has a lot of implications for Jar Garrick and the formers are his nemeses in comic books.

    • Wes Porter says:

      You are right on with the twin theory… However zoom is not Jay Garrick twin, he is hunter zolomon twins… Hunter zolomon is the one that Jay Garrick found on earth one and thought it was his doppelganger… The reason he cannot find the real Jay Garrick From Earth one it’s because when Zoom crossover, he obviously abducted Jay Garrick… Hey Derrick is obviously the man in the iron mask… That is Earth 1 Jay Garrick.

    • Almase says:

      can the man in the iron mask be earth 2 wally? what if there is no Jay? and maybe Jay Garrick is the man seen while they were travelling through the multiverse.. Henry Allen, Barry Allen in the 1990’s the flash. what if he is Jay in that universe? you know considering it as a ‘golden age’ flash show compared to this ‘silver-age’ one.. well i know that bit is a stretch.. but this Jay/hunter zolomon probably was recruited by zoom and promised speed or health.. I think zoom probably gave him velocity 6 that depleted his health..
      Anyway I say the man in the iron mask is Wally because Zoom, Hunter Zolomon is Wally’s nemesis and Barry never met Wally’s doppelganger..

  2. Flash villains tend to be doppelgangers of the Flashes, like Rival, a duplicate of Jay, and Reverse Flash, a duplicate of Barry, in the comics.

  3. Salvador says:

    the man in the iron mask is also Jay, pretty much opening up the doors to Earths 3, 4, & so on. This season pretty much reminds me of that Jet Li movie “The One.”

  4. modwildtv says:

    So. Zoom = Caitlin’s Jay. Hunter Zolomon is just a random doppelganger for now and there may or may not be other Teddy Sears-faced characters. I thought that was clear as mud, but Kreisberg thought we were supposed to “get it” from that ending? Interesting.

    • MikeB727 says:

      Caitlin’s Jay is the dead one(probably the Rival). Zoom is probably Hunter. And the man in the iron mask is the real Jay(at the end of the episode, when he is scared, you can see he has blue eyes, like Teddy and Caitlin’s Jay, and if you pay attention you can see Zoom has brown eyes, like the man in the suit in the set pictures.

  5. Gail says:

    So the guy who was on Earth 1 was not Jay Garrick but was Earth 2 Hunter Zolomon who happens to look like Jay Garrick? Or he was Jay Garrick and Zoom is Earth 2 Hunter Zolomon .
    I am guessing the first case. Earth 2 Hunter Zolomon wanted to be like Jay Garrick and started taking Velocity 6 so that he could be a speedster.

    I am also guessing that Barry ends up on Supergirl’s Earth while attempting to get back to Earth 2.

    • Salvador says:

      my guess is that every earth in the multiverse has either a Jay or a Hunter. Same person, but different personality. Earth 1 happened to have Hunter, Earth 2 has Jay, Earth 3 has Hunter (Zoom), and it seems logical to assume that the man in the iron mask is Earth 4’s Jay.

    • MikeB727 says:

      Caitlin’s Jay(I’m referring to the Jay we knew on Earth 1 as Caitlin’s) is the dead one(probably the Rival). Zoom is probably Hunter of Earth 1. And the man in the iron mask is the real Jay of Earth 2(at the end of the episode, when he is scared, you can see he has blue eyes, like Teddy and Caitlin’s Jay, and if you pay attention you can see Zoom has brown eyes, like the man in the suit in the set pictures.
      Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they played on the story with the crises on two earths and Zoom would be a Jay from the earth 3(I think) where the doppleganger of every hero of earth 1 or earth 2 is a villain and analogous for villains.

      • KCC says:

        Wasn’t “Caitlin’s Jay” the Jay originally from Earth 2? He represented himself as such, unless he was lying. If we accept Caitlin’s Jay as a good guy and not a liar, he was the Jay originally from Earth 2 and is now dead. So if the man in the iron mask is a version of Jay (eye color does not prove anything, a lot of people have blue eyes) he’s not originally from Earth 2.

  6. ZOOM IS HUNTER Zolomon always been and always will be boy were we way off lol

  7. Jerry says:

    This definitely bolsters my thoughts that Jay kept injecting himself with drugs to go faster and eventually managed to split himself. I think original Jay is in the mask, crazy Jay is Zoom (still trying to get more speed), and Caitlin’s Jay is a broken Jay echo.

  8. Sam says:

    What if Wally west is in the guy in the mask

  9. James says:

    So… there are like 3 different Jay Garrick? The one from Earth-1 that Caitlin and Jay saw from afar, Zoom and the one who is now dead?

    • MikeB727 says:

      The Jay whom we saw fro afar aka Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, and it’ll be explained how he breached to Earth two before the singularities, because I have a feeling that he will come again to earth 1 before they reopen the singularities.

  10. This is why I love The Flash, even when they have a filler episode, they drop a bombshell for the fans.

  11. Mr. Pool says:

    If “Caitlin’s” Jay Garrick was killed and the one dropped on the floor, then how is Zoom “Caitlin’s” Jay Garrick?

  12. kacey says:

    I thought this a few weeks ago- Jay has a twin Hunter. Therefore there are two ‘jay’s’ on each earth. hunter, jay, zoom and the iron mask. Only real explanation :/

  13. Kim says:

    This season has been laced with all types of surprises. We just finished watching our DVR “King Shark” Flash episode. Our original guess turned out to be the correct one! Now we are trying to run through all scenarios of how could Zoom clone another human, OR could the lifeless Jay G be a “good” twin which Zoom used to manipulate? Then, there is the man in the metal helmet. Could it be Henry Allen from Earth One or another Jay G (maybe the original Jay G???) Either way, we are soooooo looking forward to picking back up in March.

  14. W0NK042 says:

    Jay Garrick [Dead]: Jay from [E2] Present

    Zoom: Jay from the future. Over time, the addiction to Velocity became greater & greater. So much so, that he travelled back to a time when (he knew) there were breaches to multiple dimensions/speedsters. Hence the problem: Zoom just killed his past self.

    Hunter Zoloman: Zoom/Future Jay, pretending to be [E1] version of Jay, so he can move about freely.

    Man in Mask: I keep thinking that Henry Allen has been far to quiet/conveniently unavailable, but other than holding him to get info, I can’t think why it would be him, in the mask.

    • Gail says:

      I can’t think of a reason why the man in the iron mask would be Henry Allen or Wally West.

      On the EW website the producer says Zoom is Hunter Zolomon aka Jay Garrick. What does that mean?

      • Well, remember, we DID see John Wesley Shipp in his 1990s Flash costume when Barry was crossing between earths — along with seeing Jonah Hex and the Conor Hawke version of Green Arrow (who will both show up on Legends of Tomorrow) and Supergirl.

        It could be that Henry Allen was a speedster on Earth-2 (though you’d think Harry Wells would have mentioned this) or, more likely, another earth entirely. Then it’s just a question of why Zoom has kept him alive for apparently quite some time.

    • AnonMe says:

      If Zoom killed his past self, wouldn’t he have faded out of existence?

      • Not necessarily. Eddie Thawne’s death caused Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash/fake Harrison Wells to disappear from existence, but then he appeared again as his original, pre-mimicking Harrison Wells self. Altering his own past could have just created another timeline that still holds. Maybe.

        • MikeB727 says:

          Yeah, but it only applied to Eobard because this season’s Eobard was from a point in the future that the past changes hadn’t catched up with yet. But Zoom in your theory would only be like from 2-3 years in the future(simply because he isn’t old) which is a little and the changes would easily catch up with his original timeline, thus making him vanish.

      • John NYC says:

        Perhaps the erasure is contained within one timeline? So the doppelgängers in other timelines remain…

      • JP Logan says:

        this zoom doesn’t have the speedforce. the accident which gave him his “speed” actually derailed him from time allowing him to alter the speed at which he moves through it. since he is derailed from time killing a past self might not erase him

  15. Justin says:

    I had a feeling zoom was jay Garrick/Hunter zolomon
    As for the man in the iron mask I think it the real jay garrick

  16. John says:

    The person with the metal helmet is Jay Garrick. The Jay that went to Earth 1 was probably a “speed mirage”. The reason why Jay was sick was because he needed enough speed to bring back to that Jay to phase out of there, but having the mirage would complicate his powers. As for Zoom, I think that it is Jay Garrick’s actual enemy in the comic books. Idk just a theory..

    • MikeB727 says:

      A speed mirage doesn’t last that long and it means that Jay had to move so fast to be in two places at once. And it isn’t possible because he is in that holding cell and he didn’t warn the team about the man in the cell as being him. And it isn’t Zoom’s mirage also because Zoom would have to move fast across two earths two do it.

  17. Trsietn says:

    I cant believe jay is zoom. I still dont get that witch jay (zoom or tha flash) is the real earth two. And who is hunter zolumn

  18. Trsietn says:

    Is there an earth three??!!!😫😫😫its so trippy

  19. w0nk042 says:

    Jay Garrick [Dead]: Earth 2 Split-Jay (Present) – This is the “unforeseen complication” caused by the first time Jay took Velocity. It caused him to split in to two. This one was addicted to Velocity & goes on to become Zoom.

    Zoom: Earth 2 Split-Jay (Future) – As time went on, Velocity became more & more addictive, so Zoom travels back to a time he knows there are multiple Earths/Speedsters available to him. This is why Split-Jay’s death is a problem: He just killed his past self.

    Hunter Zoloman: Zoom/Future Split-Jay, using the identity to freely move around Earth 1 & interact with people (like, say… Henry Allen).

    Man in the mask: Earth 2 Original-Jay. Locked up, so Split-Jay could go on to become Zoom.

    • Gail says:

      So Jay is like Triplicate Girll/Duo Damsel from the Legion of Superheroes who could split into into three and later two bodies ( after one of her was killed) ? Well why not. Its all DC.

  20. Daniel says:

    There is something off here. Doppelgangers from earth 1 and 2 always have the same name. Why is that different for jay and hunter? This will probably be answered by the revelation of the man in the iron mask…

    • Kira says:

      Supposedly earth 1 Jay aka Hunter was adopted and named Hunter Zolomon that’s according to earth 2 Jay (now dead). But in my opinion the earth 2 Jay (dead) is actually Hunter Zolomon and the real Jay is in that cell. (Man with Iron helmet)

  21. Gail says:

    At the end of the episode Zoom says ” This is a complication.” When he dumps ‘Jay” who visited Earth 1 on the ground dead. What if Zoom is from the past and went to the present where he had become good and had lost his speed and he killed his future self.

  22. Kelly Mabry says:

    Zoom looks like Jay Garrick. The man in the mask is probably Jay Garrick, the Jay found on Earth 1 was said to be Hunter Zolomon who looks like Jay Garrick.

    Therefore Zoom is Hunter Zolomon from Earth 2, who has been under our heroes’ noses the whole time.

    • Zisforzombie says:

      Yup, I think zoom is hunter, from earth 2. However, I have always thought the man in the iron mask is wally from earth 2.

  23. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome episode! Haha, anyone comparing the eyes of Iron Mask Guy now to the rest of the cast ? Lol. Jay, Henry, Eddie ?

    Okay so the thing that is throwing me off, is the park scene with Hunter Zolomon. So is that a 3rd “Jay”, or was that Zoom? Okay we know who Zoom is now, but we still don’t know what his powers are exactly. (If his powers are like the comics then why does he want speedforce?… If he’s just an overcharged speedster then what explains the multiple Jays? )

    And haha I think Kreisberg is right, all the comic aware fans did go “A-ha”, but then they couldn’t or didn’t want to believe it to be true. It was almost so obvious to us, that it was actually a distraction lol, even tho some of us realized that too haha.

    Really hope the words Joe said to Wally at the end actually got through to him, I’m starting to really not like Wally. He was obnoxious as hell in his first episode, then he got abit better, but now this episode he was really rude to Barry, and just always turning his words back on him. It seemed no matter what Barry said that Wally was just going to response negatively to him… Easter egg for Wallys speed, Barry and Wally working on the plans for his prototype rocket car, the preferable fuel sounded an awful lot like how Wells talked about the Velocity formula when he was creating it on it.

  24. grass says:

    Here is the theory that makes the most sense to me. Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are identical twins separated at birth. Because they’re identical, whatever caused Jay Garrick to become a meta human on Earth-2 (I forget if they explained the cause) also had the same effect on Hunter Zolomon, thus they both have super speed. Jay became good, Hunter became evil. The man in the iron mask is Jay from Earth-1, imprisoned for unknown reasons by Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon (Zoom), When Earth-2 Jay Garrick (Flash) looks for himself on Earth-1, he can’t find him because Earth-1 Jay (not Flash) has already been taken by Zoom. However he does find Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon (not Zoom), and Jay explains that Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon was adopted (which as I theorized earlier, is the same case for Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon). Why Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon (aka Zoom) would kidnap Earth-1 Jay Garrick but not Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon, I don’t know. So at the end of the previous episode, Zoom reached through the breach and killed Earth-2 Jay Garrick (but Earth-1 Jay Garrick is still in the mask). This theory also doesn’t explain how Earth-1 Jay Garrick (Iron Mask) would know a WWII POW code for communicating.

    • RanRise says:

      Easy – assuming your theory is true – when Earth 2 Hunter (Zoom) went to Earth 1, he assumed that Earth 1 Jay would be Flash on Earth 1 just like on Earth 2. Naturally, first thing Zoom did when he discovered Earth-1 was to capture Jay-1 to 1) eliminate potential threat and 2) suck his speed, and left Hunter-1 alone.

      As for the WWII POW code, it doesn’t really need any explaining since no continuity is involved. The writers could easily slip a line in a future episode saying how Jay-1 just happens to know that code.

    • Diego says:

      Best theory yet! I totally agree with you!

    • Sarah D says:

      Wow! Your theory makes a lot of sense.

    • Amanda says:

      This is my thoughts exactly too. Having Jay and Hunter be twins on both Earths makes the most sense. Earth 1 Jay in the comics served in the military, originally in WWII, so they could easily write that in that he served and knows that code from like his grandfather or a special ops mission. Also if true it’s awesome for Teddy playing four characters.

    • Jacy Welch says:

      If you remember, Jay got the helmet from his grand-father that was in WW2. His grandfather could have taught him the code. He says as much early in the season.

  25. frothy333 says:

    Zoom is Jay from earth 1, aka hunter, but from the future. Jay from earth 2 is in the iron mask and zoom already has his speed. The Jay from earth 1 from the present was “sent back” to earth 1 with no speed in order to get Kaitlyn to develop velocity 9 so he could obtain speed which would eventually turn him into zoom. Goes back to last, etc….

  26. Ojjan77 says:

    The only word coming out of my mouth when ZOOM took of the mask was : WTF!!!

  27. Fouad says:

    Hunter and Jay are twins separated at birth on both earths. Hunter 1 is the guy in the park, Hunter 2 is Zoom, Jay 1 is in the iron mask, and Jay 2 is The Flash

  28. It’s simple. Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. Jay Garrick is Hunter Zolomon. The Man in the Iron Mask is Jay Garrick. However as Jay Garrick (HZ) said when he took the Velocity 6 drug it took his speed force. Something tells me it did more than just that. That it split him into a good half and a bad half. Both suffering from cell degeneration. Velocity 9 was shown to regenerate Jay Garrick (HZ)’s cells, and so if you think about it Zoom is stealing speed force so that he can stay alive and doesn’t suffer the same cellular degeneration. I don’t think Zoom meant to Kill Jay Garrick (HZ) because the only way to permanently fix the issue is to merge the two halves back together, and something tells me the only one who can do that is the Real Jay Garrick.

  29. Matt Stillman says:

    The truth is zooms actual name is hunter zolomon from earth 2 and hunter zolomon from earth 1 was portraying to be “jay Garrick”. The guy in the mask is the original jay Garrick. In all the comics jay Garrick is an older guy so why make him young? Which is why it explains hunter zolomon from earth 1 because that’s who he actually is. He told team flash that he was watching them all from the first episode. Exactly because he is hunter zolomon from earth 2. And he killed jay Garrick from earth 1 before he met the flash team so that way there was no way of tracking him. Not only was he trying to steal the flashes speed but he was having hunter zolomon of earth 1 help create velocity 9 to make zoom more faster even after he got Barrie’s speed.

  30. Hannah says:

    I’m going to say the Wally is the man in the mask. He clearly has dark skin, and for those who say the guy is blond:

  31. Hector says:

    What if velocity 6 made Jay split into many version of him self. That why he needs Barry speed not to be faster but to cure himself.

  32. pkd says:

    I think I got it. Jay is a twin departed at birth. His twin brother is Hunter Zolomon.
    Earth 2 Jay = flash, the one that was with the team this season
    Earth 1 Zolomon = zoom
    Earth 1 Jay = man in the mask
    Earth 2 Zolomon = regular man in the park

    • pkd says:

      Earth 2 zolomon is zoom
      Earth 1 zolomon is regular dude in the park
      Earth 2 Jay is flash
      Earth 1 Jay is in mask
      So there are four of them

      • Gene says:

        In the comics the Golden Age Flash is Jay Garrick and we know the DC Golden Age superheroes were on Earth-2. I have a hard time believing that Johns would allow Berlanti (sp?) to kill off the Earth-2 Jay Garrick.

  33. 134sc says:

    Here is my theory. There are only 2 earth’s at play here. Hunter Zolomon is Zoom. The reveal tonight shows us that. However, at some point Hunter Zolomon separated into two beings, the other being who we believed to be Jay. While the man in the mask is actually Jay.

    The only things that I can’t explain are why Harry referred to Jay as Garrick. Since he is from earth 2 shouldn’t he know this is not the real Jay? And why Hunter was posing as Jay on either earth? Did he think he was Jay for some reason or is there more to the story?

  34. jrex says:

    No praise for Grant for his scene with Joe and Iris this week? Once again he brought me to tears and tore my heart out when he explained to them what had happened on Earth 2. Bravo Mr. Gustin!

  35. dubesquire says:

    The man in the mask is jay from earth 2! The real e 2 flash.zoom went back and kidnapped his past self doppelganger and started his origin story via the Volocity drug wich made him zoom in the future!
    Jay even said ” im no hero” and im no flash! Before!
    Just my thoughts!

  36. Travis says:

    On topic of multiple Earths. We saw the original Flash, John Wesley Shipp, when Barry Traveled to Earth 2. What if the man in the iron mask is Barry Allen – John Wesley Shipp- who was captured by Zoom if has been traveling to other Earths. Random thought I know but a mind blower if true.

  37. David Elmer says:

    The only thing this reveal did is tell us that we’re dealing with at least 2 versions of Jay Garrick, and that, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, Zoom isn’t an Earth-2 native. E2 Jay is clearly now dead, and had no idea that Zoom was a version of himself.

  38. Luis says:

    Wait . . .the guy who’s trying to kill Barry is the guy who was trying to help Barry? AGAIN??

  39. Greg says:

    Zoom could be solomon hunter so he could of kidnapp jay garrik and took his identity

  40. Dlorean says:

    It’s wale west in the mask

  41. aman says:

    whats interesting is that they revealed zoom’s identity in 15th episode as they did for reverse flash in season 1 out of time…

  42. In the comics, Earth-2’s Zoom was a villain and Earth-2’s Jay was the Flash so the show has stuck with the same basic premises while still having fun with their true identities. I like everyone’s theories of the twins/separated halves below but the show is going to have to be very careful of going the “evil twin” route because that’s going to the well too often and ruining the TV show future of villain Blue Colbalt… who just happens to be Earth-1’s Barry’s evil twin brother. (It’s not as cliché as it seems, actually a pretty decent storyline in the Flash comics given that it is a very common trope.)

    Since the only evil speedsters left after Reverse-Flash and Zoom are the Rival, Sivitar and Blue Cobalt, I’m assuming they don’t want to wreck Blue Cobalt’s origin by stealing it for Zoom. We’ll see.

  43. The One says:

    Its Eddy Thawn. he got sucked in the portal and swapped with jay. then zoom locked him up and that’s how he knows so much about earth one?

  44. Dan says:

    I’m thinking Zoom isn’t from earth 2. He’s been trying to steal speed from speedsters, that much we know. So who’s to say he isn’t another Jay from another earth, who brought along the man in the mask, another Jay who had fallen victim to having his speed stolen by Zoom.

    Considering the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover, it’s safe to say dimension hopping to more than just a single extra earth is more than a possibility.

  45. Zoom/Jay seemed to be obsessed w/ Caitlin. So the Man in the Iron Mask has to be someone connected to her. So someone from Earth who got stuck in Earth 2 during the ripped hole above CC. Gonna watch the season again and figure out which people went MIA since Zoom appeared.

  46. Blake says:

    Both Jay and Zoom were on Earth 2, before the portal opened. Then Jay came through, alone, first.

  47. Blake says:

    Both Jay and Zoom were on Earth 2, before the portal opened. Then Jay went through alone first, right before Zoom had the chance to kill him then. Doesn’t make sense to me that “it’s complicated” that Jay’s dead now vs before.

    • Julia says:

      How do we know Jay was telling the truth, since he confessed to Caitlin that zoom didn’t steal his speed, he lost the speed because of velocity 6.

  48. Brian says:

    I think Mask is the real Jay, “Jay” who just got skewered is Everyman-2 (you have to assume that he reverted back to his normal state just after the camera panned away from him), and Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. Everyone is from Earth-2, Jay and Hunter are twins, and there was never a Jay Garrick or Hunter Zolomon born on Earth-1. The Hunter we saw in the park was Zoom hiding in plain sight.

    A less likely theory is that Zoom is using Bart Allen’s trick of sending out time-displaced “scouts” to be his temporary clones (I’m a little fuzzy on the details of that power).

  49. spitntruth says:

    The man in the mask is Ronnie Raymond…aka 1st half of Orig Firestorm!

    He was not killed as supposed, but was first to to cross over into Earth-2 breach, which allowed Zoom to discover Flash!

    He is being held by Jay/Zoom of Earth-2.

    JAY (killed by Zoom is Jay from Earth-1). Jay from Earth one coveted the speed that Jay/Zoom of Earth-2 had. He was the first person that Zoom located when he came to Earth-1!!!! ******REMEMBER THST I CALLED IT HERE FIRST******


  50. zolomonzoom says:

    zoom is hunter zolomon of earth 2.. the one in the cell is jay garrick from earth 1 and jay garrick flash si from earth 2.. then there is the other zolomon that was sitting on the bench who is zolomon of earth 1…. i think jay garrick is twins with zolomon. They took the story of barry having a twin named cobalt blue.. just guessing