Post Mortems
X-Files Finale Chris Carter

X-Files Creator Chris Carter on That Cliffhanger Ending, a Lingering Mulder Mystery and the Latest on Season 11

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The X-Files revival finale.

Just like you, we watched the final moments of The X-Files‘ revival finale Monday night with our jaws on the floor (and our hands tingling with the urge to strangle Monica Reyes).

Unlike you, we got to talk to series creator Chris Carter immediately after the episode aired. And because we are much more benevolent overlords than Cigarette Smoking Man, we’re happy to bring you the highlights of the conversation.

But first, just on the off-chance that hypnoregression therapy is messing with your memory/making you think you’re a Civil War soldier, a quick recap: When masses of people began getting sick with a variety of illnesses, Scully realized that the elusive men in power were trying to kill everyone via a “Spartan virus.” (There’s a lot more to explain there, but you want to get to the good stuff, right?)

X-Files Finale Chris CarterEventually, Scully realized that her unique (read: messed-with) genetic blueprint was what was keeping her from getting sick, so she synthesized a vaccine from her DNA and started healing everyone. Meanwhile, Mulder — who’d tracked down Cigarette Smoking Man (who, we learned, was employing the former Agent Reyes as his right-hand woman) — refused to accept the baddie’s offer of salvation and was in very bad shape by the time Scully brought the antidote to him.

She theorized that he’d need an infusion of William’s stem cells in order to live… then a UFO appeared above them and shone its bright light right on Dr. Scully, who stared up in horror as the episode came to a cliffhanger close.

Read on to hear what Carter had to say about a Season 11, William’s whereabouts and why Mulder (an abductee himself) wasn’t immune to the virus.

TVLINE | Let’s say the planets don’t align and there are no movies and no more seasons — are you OK with ending the series on that note?
I can tell you this: Fox owns this show. I can’t imagine, with the ratings that we’ve got and the way we ended this season, that there won’t be more X-Files. They will find a way to get that done. Because I spoke about it briefly with [Fox CEO] Dana Walden today, so there’s an appetite there and… a chance certainly to find how we’re gonna get ourselves off this precipice.

TVLINE | We had that shot of Alien Scully at the end of the cold open, which Fox released weeks ago. Was that just to mess with us?
[Laughs] Well, if Scully believes that she has alien DNA, this is something that’s going on in her subconscious. She’s possibly as alien as she is human, and that was playing with that idea.

TVLINE | Between the first episode of the revival and the finale, Scully and Mulder feel as though they’re growing back together — maybe not romantically, but they seem to want to be in each other’s company again.
Yes. There’s tension there, because they love each other and have, I think, since the first season — maybe even from the moment they first met. There’s a tremendous amount of love and respect there. That is what still exists, even if they’re not back together, I think you saw through our six episodes a warming, a thawing of whatever cold places they’d both found themselves in. And when they are arm in arm, or hand in hand, walking in front of Mulder’s house there [in Episode 5, “Babylon”], I think that’s a moment, for me, of a thawing of the situation.

TVLINE | William was referenced in a bunch of the episodes, then again right before the cliffhanger. In your mind, do you know where he is and what he’s up to?
[Laughs] I can’t tell you.

TVLINE | Of course you can’t! But do you know?
Well, if anyone knows, it’s me.

TVLINE | Do you have a favorite scene or moment from the last six episodes?
I love the scene in the graveyard between Mulder and Guy Mann [in Episode 3, “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster”]. I just love it. Actually, lines come back to me when I’m just sitting and thinking about something, just Rhys Darby’s delivery of certain lines, I just love.

TVLINE | He was great casting in that episode.
Yes, and it’s funny: It was something we had to fight for. He wasn’t the network’s first choice. So I feel vindicated. I love Jim Wong’s directing in Episode 2. I love the Scully scenes, dealing with the death of her mother in Episode 4. I like Mulder’s wild ride, his placebo-mushroom trip in Episode 5 — but I also love that scene, the pietá on the boat, a vision of light in Hell. And Episode 1 engendered wildly different reactions, and I guess I loved that fact. And I love the cutting-edge science in Episode 6.

TVLINE | Scully takes on a very Mulderesque tone in this episode, and it occurs to me that we saw Mulder act very Scully-like in the episode where Maggie dies: being very supportive, just being there. Was mixing it up that way one of the goals of the revival for you?
We’ve done this before, this role-reversal, to really great effect. [Writers Glen] Morgan and [James] Wong did it so beautifully in the first and second season… But I think Scully’s seen too much now for her to always maintain her perfect bias and skepticism. They are prone to finishing each other’s sentences at this point.

TVLINE | Were there any fan nods you couldn’t get into the revival, like Mulder’s Knicks tee shirt in Episode 3?
It’s funny: I think we put everything I could think of in there. But there are always things you want to do and are unable to. There is something, but I can’t remember what it is. I was lucky to put the Lone Gunmen back in. We had to bring one of the actors all the way from Australia to do it. So that’s a case of actually getting what you want.

TVLINE | If there are more episodes, can I get a definitive answer on whether Scully will get a desk or not?
[Laughs] I don’t know — there is another little room there, so she might find herself in that cubbyhole-sized room with her own desk. Who knows? Maybe she will supplant Mulder now that Mulder is in such bad shape.

TVLINE | Speaking of… Mulder was also abducted at one point: Why is he not protected from the Spartan virus?
That’s a good question. And one that needs to be answered.

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  1. Mare says:

    THERE HAD BETTER BE MORE EPISODES, FOX! I still need my Scully and Mulder reunion.

  2. David4 says:

    Fox owns X-Files and should never let Chris Carter near it again.

    • Kelly says:

      I hate to say it, but I agree. There’s life left in the series, but it needs better writing at the very least. Of course, as an XFiles fan, I will continue to watch.

    • Morales says:

      Agree. Cut the cord. Let someone else write if there is another. Don’t Lucas it.

    • Shaun says:

      The Truth is right here!!

    • Robert says:

      So you honestly think Chris Carter has let you down with this series?

      • Donna says:

        He’s been letting fans down since, ohhh, maybe season 4? Earlier? This show was great despite him, not because of him.

        • Jake says:

          I think season 3 and four are fantastic. For me the mythology goes off the rails season eight, but especially season 9. But even that is acceptable to me. This mythology ignores the rest of it.

          Stand alones are still good. I still want it back. As someone mentioned, Vince Gillian needs to come back and save CC.

        • McSatan says:

          Bless you Donna. I’ve been saying that for SOOO long. :) I refused to watch this revival and now that I’m reading about how it ended, I’m certainly glad I avoided it and the movies as well.

          • Watch the middle episodes; they’re so clever and funny, it’s a shame to miss them. The last episode is Absolutely Terrible. Worse X-Files episode EVER, and there were some stinkers.

      • JoMarch says:

        Yes; for reasons stated in my own comment.

    • River says:

      Chris Carter is a perfectly capable writer. Glen Morgan and James Wong’s episodes weren’t any better. The only problem here is FOX not giving them the budget or time to match his vision. If they had a more relaxed schedule and enough money to go out on location more, the show would work much better.

      • dmdcash says:

        Chris had TEN EFFING YEARS to get this right…my God you people will make every excuse in the book for CC’s shortcomings….there is a REASON his only other new attempt “The After” was DESTROYED and canned after ONE episode…..CC blows.

  3. DarkDefender says:

    Was not expecting a. Cliffhanger, but I absolutely loved all six episodes.
    I believe there. Is more truth out there.

  4. Kim Breese says:

    I am completely obsessed with this show…AGAIN! I loved the original show and still watch the old ones whenever they are on. I do hope they come back for a full season of shows!

  5. Jake says:

    I’m glad the show is back and there has been a lot of great stuff. But how anyone’s first question to Chris Carter is not about the contradiction the new mythology creates and what it does to the first six seasons is beyond me. Do we ignore all the syndicate scenes? I can’t be the only one bothered by this.

    • Chris says:

      I’m plenty bothered, too, Jake. I still try to fit the new conspiracy with the old. And I haven’t forgotten black oil and bees and super soldiers and a UFO in Antarctica!!!

    • Doug says:

      I totally agree, Jake! I greatly enjoyed the new episodes and am very happy the show is back, but you’re right, he’s completely contradicted the entire nine previous seasons (more than just the first six, really).

      • TV JUNKIE says:

        Thank you! Like I said, in my comment, I feel like I am left with even more questions after this season than when the series originally ended. And I don’t want to wait 20 more years to find out the answers either!

    • Matt says:

      Well I thought about that as well and and if you look at Scully’s narration it shows a pic of Well Manicured Man when she talks about the syndicate, so I had assumed since CSM was still alive that there were still leftover members of the syndicate that didn’t get killed off, as well as new members brought in to the conspiracy.,

      • Doug says:

        Yeah, I saw WMM and realize they’re saying the Syndicate was always behind things. That part fits. But why was WMM killed? (just as one example) If everything he revealed to M was a lie? (that the whole Purity colonization plot was all lies) What about all the times we (as viewers) saw the Black Oil taking over life forms, like the Neanderthals in FTF?

    • River says:

      If you go back and watch episodes like Paper Clip, 731 and Redux II, it actually all fits in remarkably well. But never assume each new twist in the mythology is The Whole Truth. Everybody lies, especially CSM!

      • The virus part could probably be made to fit, but so much of the Purity colonization and Alien Bounty Hunters (not to mention the whole Faceless Alien Rebels stories), as well as the Alien Replicants (called Supersoldiers) stuff doesn’t fit. Why didn’t the alien shot in “My Struggle” have black blood? The sad truth is that CC just makes stuff up as he goes along, and doesn’t really strive for continuity. There’s a reason TV Tropes has an entire phenomena known as The Chris Carter Effect (look it up!). And I say this as one of the world’s most hardcore Philes! I’m hoping that a lot of it will actually be revealed to be lies, because prior to S10 it all fit remarkably well (well, all but “The Unnatural”, which is a brilliant episode, but I view that one as a case of an unreliable narrator, as it otherwise contradicts the Mythogy). There’s dozens of hours of past episodes that don’t fit with this “new twist” at all, and will totally contradict it.

  6. Amanda says:

    I absolutely LOVED everything. But I need to rant here. WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO WITH AGENT REYES? SHE WOULD NEVER WORK WITH THE CSM!!! NEVER!!! Butchered her character alright :(

    • Matt says:

      I know right? I was hoping that they would say she was working undercover or something but they didn’t and that did not seem her character at all, maybe that will be addressed in the next season or movie

    • Cate53 says:

      Completely agree. I loved Annabeth Gish as Reyes on the show, she had real integrity so there is no way she would side with CSM unless there is more to it than just being on the survive list.

    • She spent 10 years or so with CSM and manage to gather the Intel to let Scully developed a cure.

      I wouldn’t be surprise if it was reveal that Reyes was working undercover the whole time inside CSM organisation, with Skinner aiding her.

  7. KryceksAngel says:

    I’m confused. Didn’t Mulder have alien DNA and that’s why he was abducted in Requiem?

    • True, but I’m assuming it has something to do with the fact that when he was returned and completely healed, he went back to normal pre-abduction human.

      • Teena says:

        YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASSUME. This is the problem with Chris Carter and his ridiculous “mythology” in a nutshell. It’s all over the place, it NEVER made any logical sense, and then he leaves a GIANT plot point like this one just hanging there. It’s insulting.

      • BM says:

        That’s what I think, too. That the fact that Mulder doesn’t seem to have alien DNA has something to do with the intent to make him a “super soldier” and that he was cured. Or maybe he does have it and it was made inactive.
        As far as CC goes, I think the revival was great as a whole, and I much preferred the finale over the premiere. The premiere was hard to follow and very slow going, this one felt much faster paced (in comparison). However, if CC stuck to series showrunners, it would be fine with me. I’d rather stick with old showrunners, new ones seem to fail more often than not.

  8. Verna Duckworth says:

    The X Files always has been, and always will be, one of the most ingenious, fresh creations ever to grace the tv landscape. Please….. We must have more … I was practically on the ceiling during tonight’s cliff hanger!

  9. michael1960 says:

    William is in that spacecraft, friends. My alien DNA can feel it.

  10. Scarl banana hat says:

    Farts in your face Chris Carter, no one wants a spinoff! Finish your story instead of stringing people along and then going “well fox owns the show so maybe they’ll finish it”…lazy!!!!

  11. Jobe says:

    More X-Files episodes?…. The “truth” please….they must be “out there”!

  12. TG Johnson says:

    This was one of my favorite shows when it was on before, and it’s still a great show! HEY FOX (the station, not Mulder) BRING THIS SHOW BACK PERMANENTLY! I loved every episode!

  13. ninamags says:

    Carter is being awful coy with some of his responses.

    I’m thinking that there will definitely be more. They wouldn’t have ended it the way they did if that was it forever.

    I would be happy with another 6 episodes.

    • Robert says:

      I agree…for that to be the definitive finale…seems improbable. I have a feeling there will be more, and I think Hulu or Netflix will buy it from FOX. Simply for the fact that there doesn’t seem to be strong support from FOX. They might just sell the commodity, and it would do better in that arena.

      • Jerry says:

        I’m pretty sure The X-Files is FOX’s second highest rated show this season by far (only behind Empire). I’m sure they have reasons to want it back

  14. Denverg says:


  15. Gail says:

    They probably saved placenta stem cells from Willam’s birth so they won’t need to find William to save Mulder.

  16. Having seen all the episodes my main critical takeaway is, I wish the science was a little better. I can do were-human-monster working at cell phone stores because that is how it works, doesn’t have to be nit picky accurate, just seem more current, I feel the way the vaccine/antidote was made could have been handled better, I mean it jumps from electrogel to kind of large scale production over the course of an hour, I get that there are time limitation and that this is the finale, hmmm, I just feel there is a more savvy way to handle it.
    PS: It was nice to watch some new x-files on the same local station I used to watch them on. It was a nice surprise that I was going to get to watch some NEW episodes, I haven’t been hanging with my TV/Movie savvy friends so I hadn’t heard that it was coming back till about 9 days before the first episode. WUUU! X-Files! I will watch any further episodes or movies happily at this point.

  17. CourtTV says:

    Good interview! I feel better about that last episode now.

  18. So. Very. Disappointed; not only was there just 5 seconds of Mulder/Scully interaction, plus a cliffhanger. Fans deserve better. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. Jooshua says:

    Is it possible Robbie Amell’s character is actually William? Or is he too old? Yeah. He’s too old.

  20. Andreia medlin says:

    How can the smoking man talk when he has a tracheotomy?

  21. Bark Star says:

    Carter is a poser. He got lucky with The X-Files and while the revival was decend, you can see from everything he says that he has no idea what he does or where he is going.

  22. El says:

    Chris Carter is stuck in the nineties, in every sense. That flat didactic writing with corny, on the nose dialogs feels extremely outdated after we had Sopranos, House, Breaking Bad and other quality shows. The mythology also pales in comparison to what the world has to deal right now in reality. The technological aspect of the show feels like it was handled by a 5 year old. I haven’t laughed that hard at the mighty FBI laptop with a phone finding URL since Jeff Goldblum’s Levinson infected the alien mothership with a virus.

    The best part of the revival for me was watching Mulder and Scully doing a scene together. On mute.

  23. Luis says:

    Of course, Fox is doing more “X-Files.”

  24. Jane says:

    I love X-Files, I want there to be more seasons (and oh dear GOD please not a spinoff with wannabe Mulder and Scully as the leads), but I have to agree with the comments about the writing for these episodes. Some worked really well, and felt like genuine X-Files episodes, and some felt like I was watching a bunch of actors doing a read through, not really feeling the lines. Hopefully if there is a season 11 (and there BETTER be after that cliffhanger), the writing staff will either get their crap together, or better writing staff will be hired. I think Chris Carter needs to take a backseat writing wise, maybe just be the guy that proofs the scripts as opposed to actually writing them, because his A game was most definitely not in this season.

  25. dave says:

    There should be some insertion of Ancient Aliens theory. As cancer man is trying to reduce population? the Great flood? black pledge? are all past reductions. ha ha. fresh thinking.

  26. JoMarch says:

    The revival was total BS. Fans were without the show for years, all the hype about the revival and it ends on a cliff hanger? Total slap in the fans’ faces, IMO. It was just an ad for the next series with Einstein and Miller.

  27. Zoe says:

    Seriously, when is Season 11 gonna be confirmed?

  28. TV JUNKIE says:

    I very much enjoyed being able to watch new X-Files episodes. It made me feel like a kid again. However, I am actually angry at the cliffhanger! I was under the impression that this was a 6 episode mini series and not the start of more X-Files. So to leave everyone there, is not at all fair! I really hope that they are going to use those episodes to lead into another movie, or into the 2nd half of season 10. To be honest, I can’t stand when networks half the series like they do. But of course I have no say.
    I feel like I have even more questions after this season than at the end of season 9 when they ended the show “for good”. I really hope that Fox picks it up soon. I don’t want to wait 20 more years to see if the world ends…

  29. Scott says:

    Where and When did Mulder become a expert fighter?
    In world full of cell phones the last scene will be huge news and would certainly expose…something.
    What they did with Reyes was almost criminal . Annabeth Gish is very likable on screen. Reyes and Dogged were very awesome supporting characters.

    the biggest Issue for me was, in any real world context , the fact Mulder , at his age and what he’s been through, didn’t unload rounds into CSM is completely , wholly unbelievable. The idea he even lived is hard to stomach.

    As a long time fan of this show, this finale was a sad let down.

    • Scott says:

      Also, since Carter mentioned Mulder not having any immunity to the virus, …I’d have him explain it by calling back to the disease Doggett and Scully mentioned Mulder was “dying” from before he disappeared in the 7-8th Season.

  30. That was a PAINFUL cliff-hanger! If we don’t get another season (and not 20 years from now) I may just die of withdrawals.

  31. Jenny Ferrara-Gonzalez says:

    I loved the new season of XFiles a NBA d would love to see more. Want them to find their son and confront the government conspirito rs.

  32. Cate53 says:

    I’m a HUGE X Files fan, my first internet fandom I got involved with, my introduction to the world of famfiction and shipping. Gillian Anderson has been superb in so many shows since XF ended so I was delighted the show was returning. On the while I really enjoyed this revival but boy oh boy, that finale along with the premiere was a huge pile of crap! Any XF fan knows Chris Carter’s episodes were hugely hit and miss in the original run, but these two were by far the worst of the six. It was preposterous nonsense even Anderson couldn’t sell. Einstein and Miller are annoying and uninteresting, Reyes wasted in a motiveless coward role. Only the creepy CSM maintained his original series menace.
    However, those middle 4 were good to excellent and it is great to have the show back on the radar. Fingers crossed for more in the future but as long as Chris Carter has the reins we will get incoherent babble-fests like this!

    • Jake says:

      Yes. What a tragic turn for the Reyes character. Like her or not, her character was above reproach as Scully would say. To think she would make that move is ludicrous. As a trick, sure. But just for herself is insane, and with CC not knowing at the time that there would be more, he was willing to let her end like that.

      • Dylan says:

        Jesus christ, are you kidding me? Ofcourse CC knew. Do you think Fox (talking about the station here) is stupid too? Why in all hell would you end a series like that if you think that it’s going to completely end there? Think for a damn second.

        • dmdcash says:

          LOLOL and now we wait….there is NOTHING for sure..GA was PISSED that she was lied to when told this will wrap up M/S story, then they EFFED her on her salary…do NOT be surprised if she doesn’t come back…she plays MUCH better roles with FAR FAR better writers than the garbage CC had her say….

      • Dylan says:

        And also, one would think that it would’ve just been a clever marketing ploy for Fox to market it as the last, and it worked. Second highest rated show on the channel right now, and for good reasons. I liked this season. Yes, it was pretty hit and miss at times, but they had to set up a premise for future seasons, right?

  33. Relax guys. It always said Season finale. Never once on a commercial, or the show did they say series finale. It’ll be back.

  34. Graham Fox says:

    I watched all 6 episodes, the 3 episodes involving Aliens actually surprised me. That is so close to reality it is surreal. The Roswell crash, Alien technology and most surprising the depopulation of this planet. For those who are interested look up Dr. Steven Greer, a trauma medical doctor and a two part documentary Sirius parts one and two. It involves interviewing people who have worked on secret government projects and are now speaking out. The depopulation of this planet involves decreasing the population from 70 billion down to 500,000,000 to make this planet sustainable. The producers of the X Files have made up these episodes to be partly fiction but they have obviously done some research because the other half is already documented and available if you care to do some research on the internet. The Apollo astronauts are now coming forward giving the unreleased version of what happened on their trips to the moon and back. These people are professional and must be believed. As the Vatican put it…. everything recorded in the bible was from witnesses that have been believed and it is the same for the astronauts. If you don’t believe the astronauts then you why should you believe anything said in the bible. That’s not me saying it, it was from the Vatican. Their statement is also available on the internet. NASA this week have just revealed some lost tapes or so they say they were lost saying that the Apollo astronauts told them there was music coming from the dark side of the moon. As Edgar Mitchell (Apollo astronaut) put it…. when he went to the moon a 100yrs prior to that the only method of travel was horse and cart and now he is landing on the moon. What about the internal combustion engine ……. we are using 100 year old technology still….. so who is stopping us advancing ……. and the final thing….. why do the Government Officials talk about “The New World Order”…..I have heard that comment from the Presidents from Reagan until now…. what the hell does that infer……

  35. Sam says:

    Please bring back X Files for season 11. The cliff hanger ending was terrific.

  36. We the x-files , Doctor Who Mash fans we need The X – Files . I liked Aquarius and i loved The Fall but we can’t always get those where i live .I have a roku and watch alot of the stuff on Hulu netflix or my favorite Acorn live and streaming British T V.

  37. There better be another x-files movie. Tv episodes will not be enough to show everything the last episode revealed. After this the series will be dead after the majority of the world will be dead. After that it will just be like all the star trek series.

  38. First i was upset because i thought einstein and miller would eventually take over the show… then i heard i’d have to wait for the next season and was like WHY are there only 6 episodes in a season.. NOW that i’ve read there are no more episodes even planned …i am SO disappointed!

  39. DTL says:

    “And I love the cutting-edge science in Episode 6.”


    Oh wait, Carter meant that?

  40. Peggy says:

    Yes, why isn’t Mulder immune? He was very much “messed with” also. But, wait a minute, Scully’s cancer cure was probably what reactivated her immunity, so possibly “nevermind”. (I’m using the same “consolidated” explanation we were given for a lot of things)

  41. sandman says:

    Episode 1 and 6 really expose many of the covert operations happening in the U.S. Tying it to scifi was very clever of Carter. I hope there is more to come.

  42. TCVAN says:

    I could certainly handle another decade of this show!

  43. James Jessee says:

    I for once found myself with my wife watching the well advertised final X Files. Now I’m in shock and don’t know if I’ll ever do that again. James Jessee

  44. Ulda says:

    There better be more episodes, they cannot leave us like that. For all of us that have love the X-files for years and faithfully follow each episode, it would be totally not fair, alien like :-), to leave us hanging.

  45. Jared v says:

    I love the X Files and as many fans, i want more episodes. But i cant go without saying i was partially disappointed by how they unnecessarily changed the mythology, 9 seasons are now lies?? WTF. Plus THEY RUINED AGENT REYES CHARACTER SHE WOULD HAD NEVER WORK WITH CIGARETTE MAN!!! that is just so Not believable. And no mention at all of Agent Dogget ??

    Please make more episodes but comeback to the original recipe “if it aint broken dont fix it”

    • Agent Reyes came to Scully for a reason. The CSM wasnt the reason, she was there under skinners orders it makes perfect sense if you keep that thought in mind and rewatch the first and last episodes. Skinner might actually be all along part of the Syndicate guys. I always thought he knew more then he ever revealed to Mulder and it was Krycheck that used him was for his own personal directions not the Syndicate which forced Krycheck into service later. Skinner is a friend yes but he also has always known way too more then a Assistant Director should. He could track down CSM where noone else on the planet could earlier in the show. Theres subtitle hints of this throughout the show and especially Season 9.

      • If you follow the timeline of the movies he also could track Mulder and Skully down no matter how remote or hard to find. Most people in his position would of never been able to keep their jobs as long as they did with the stuff he covered up for Mulder. The fact is the more you think about it he could be apart of all this from day 1.

  46. Ivan Mont says:

    My only problem with this season was they never got to explain how they got reassigned to the x-files so easily. I mean 16 years ago they were fugitives, fbi’s most wanted and the x-files were closed for good, and now suddenly they got forgiven like nothing happened and the x-files got approval just that easy? It doesn’t make sense, I think it was a bit forced because they didn’t have time to explain in such short series. Also AD Skinner still just an AD? unlike the comics where he’s top director already, also, 3 seconds of two Gunmen in a dream sequence? You owe us big time Fox!. Overall was a messy season, too many short cuts and forced stuff but keeping in mind the short time they had to run all those things, I think it was great handled.

  47. fancy1 says:

    There must be a continuation. Carter is the man for the job.

  48. Chad says:

    Seriusly… Give it to J.J. Abrams. Fringe kicked ass and made me want to watch the X-Files again. And Fringe was better. I bet Abrams could keep the old nostalgia of the Old X-Files with better stories, plots and all around writing like Fringe had.

  49. Bamboozle says:

    THERE HAS TO BE MORE EPISODES!!!, what kind of a season only has 6 episodes, i grew up on x-files and i know the fan base is there ,fox better green light season 11 and on

  50. perrrfection says:

    Anyone writing bad things about Chris Carter is irrelevant because they are either NOT a true fan or they are a troll! Bring back Xfiles & BRING BACK CHRIS CARTER!!! MORE EPISODES PLEASE!