Once Upon a Time Neal Returns

Once Upon a Time Season 5B Brings Back Michael Raymond-James as Neal

The covert op is up.

TVLine can now confirm that Michael Raymond-James — who stars on NBC’s midseason drama Game of Silence — recently found time to reprise his role as Once Upon a Time fan fave Neal Cassidy.

As teased by this TVLine Blind Item, Raymond-James last month sneaked back to Vancouver to shoot a scene for the Season 5B premiere (airing Sunday, March 6 on ABC), in which Neal’s one true love Emma braves the Underworld… to save freshly deceased Hook’s life.

And when we say he “sneaked,” we mean it. I hear that because of the mutual admiration he shares with Once creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, MRJ gamely traveled with a group and incognito, especially as he deplaned in Vancouver. And rather than hole up at one of the usual hotels where guest actors passing through town are spied on the regular, he bunked with friends outside of the city.

As a final safeguard, Raymond-James’ scenes were filmed indoors on a soundstage — away from the ever-looming paparazzi known to spoil many an outdoor shoot. (Alas, despite all the secrecy, two tiny hiccups threatened to expose his return, including a castmate’s quickly deleted Instagram. Oops.)

Now, with hundreds attending this weekend’s 100th-episode screening, the cat was poised to spring out of the bag.

The nature of Neal’s reappearance is under wraps but the possibilities are many, seeing as in Once Upon a Time‘s Underworld, the dead only loiter if “you haven’t found closure yet,” Once Upon a Time Neal Returnsco-creator Eddy Kitsis recently told TVLine. Or, Raymond-James could again appear via a (new) flashback, as he most recently did in the Season 3 finale (after being killed off months prior).

When asked if Neal’s name would come up as Emma, Rumple et al traverse the Underworld, Kitsis said, “I think that it would be very disappointing for her to go down there and not have somebody talk about Neal.”

In addition to his role on NBC’s midseason drama Game of Silence (premiering April 7) — in which a rising attorney (Revolution‘s David Lyons) finds his perfect life upturned when his long-lost childhood pals (Raymond-James’ Gil included) threaten to expose a dark secret — the Once alum’s recent TV credits include History’s Sons of Liberty miniseries, as Paul Revere.

How do you think dearly departed Neal factors into Emma’s Underworld trip?

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  1. Jackie says:

    It was inevitable, but man, did I hate Neal. What a tool. He treated Emma like CRAP, so I hate to see her referred to as his one true love. The show has totally retconned him & whitewashed what he did to her.

    • M. says:

      Uhh they totally whitewashed Hook’s actions…

    • andrea says:

      are you talknig about Neal or Hook? because that description could easily apply to Hook

      • Vari says:

        Neal. You know sending her to prison for his crimes. And then the show acting like it didnt matter when it was the important painful time for Emma. And then ret-conning and acting like he was some good person and real person. NO he is wasnt.

        I can dislike Neal on its own.

        • PL says:

          Let’s recall he didn’t do that on his own or particularly willingly. He did it because August told him it was what had to happen to get Emma back on the right track. I’d hardly call him selfish or acting like it didn’t matter when the WHOLE REASON HE DID IT was because of how much he loved her.

          • Cass says:

            Sorry, don’t buy it. Neal didn’t have to abandon her, especially considering how much he hated magic.

        • NopeNopeNope says:

          Maybe go back and actually watch the show. Neal let Emma go to prison because August told him it was the best thing for her in the long run– and August had already proven to Neal that he knew things about Emma’s future. And Neal didn’t even know Emma was pregnant.

          • BirdieWolf says:

            I am sorry, but that doesn’t fly with me. You let some random dude convince you that in the future Emma needs to go to a town the break a curse and the only way that happens is if she goes to jail? No. Then he never once checked up on her after that? Even after he got the card saying ‘curse broken.’ Had the writers made it so that August prevented Neal from meeting up with Emma would have helped me buy their love story, but they decided to let Neal send Emma to jail.
            I like Neal, but he doesn’t deserve Emma. He had his chance and he blew it in an epic way, and that is what Emma said. She acknowledged that she loved him, and most likely always will, but the pain he caused her was too much for her to forgive. It is still a recurring issue with her parents that they gave her up. And it is best for Emma for her to be with someone who never once abandoned her. Hook is that person for her, and even if you don’t like Hook for that then someone else. Neal is out of the question though. She struggled to open up to Hook because of what happened in her life. I don’t think she would ever allow herself to fully open up to Neal again after what he did. He is the reason why she has her walls in the first place. Side note: I never really bought their chemistry anyway.

            And to all these fools that bring up Hook’s past, they do talk about it on the show all the time. He is always talking about how remorseful he felt about his past actions more then any other character on the show. So if you are call out Hook’s past, then call out everyone’s. That means Regina, Rumple, The Charmings, etc. Yall love them. Which I find hilarious since Hook is pretty green when compared to some of these people.

          • Len08 says:

            How about not forgetting who Neal’s father was since that was big reason of him never wanting to see his dad or his dad to look for him and also not be with Emma.
            He knew August’s plan but he went along with it. And also he never came back – he had chances upon chances. He told her if he had known who she was he wouldn’t of gone near her etc

        • steelneena says:

          and you’re not blaming August? It’s he who deserves all the hate your giving Neal. Horowitz confirmed that Neal was unaware of August’s plan. August called the cops. Neal didn’t know.

          • Ash says:

            You all act like Neal is an invalid. August did what he felt was necessary to get Emma to Storybrooke. Neal choose to stay away just like he choose to move on, and was even engaged (if I remember correctly).

    • hannah says:

      umm he never treated her like crap. He made a mistake. that is all. and that mistake was because he LOVED her. it was because august told him that it was the right thing to do. he sacrificed his happiness because of his love for her. And if Emma can forgive Neal, so can you. smh.

  2. I am excited to see him return. I hope his scene and mentions have more to do with Rumple, Emma, and Henry than they do with Hook.

    • LindseyF says:

      If it’s about unfinished business, I would expect it to be about Henry, who was under a memory curse when he died, and/or Rumple, who hasn’t made much out of the life that Neal had to trade for his.

      • Stephon JS says:

        agree it should involve Henry

      • Anne Marie says:

        YES!! Henry deserves his goodbye and Rumple deserves a punch in the face for his waste of a second chance.

        • Sarah says:

          I don’t think he deserves a punch in the face for that. For lying to Belle yes, but not for anything he did recently that involves Baelfire. Rumple dying to save Bae and everyone else in Storybrooke and later absorbing his son to keep him alive at the cost of his own sanity and freedom is not wasting his second chance. I doubt he would’ve turned on the town if they’d bothered to free him when he was being held as a slave.

          • One good deed-killing pan and sacifing himself-doesn’t erase years of evil deeds.After Neal died Rumple promised to be good only to blackmail Hook,deceive Belle about the DO dagger and try to kill Zelena (secretly,so Belle wouldn’t find out)&sided with the villans theQuens of Darkness to overthrow the heroes and finally tricked everyone again about the DO dagger to once again becometheDark One.Even the prospect of dying-the coma and his bad black heart-or of losing Belle didn’t change him for the better.

      • Desiay says:

        I’m excited about Neil never wanted him too die

    • ERic J says:

      I was hopeing they would also involve Milah

  3. Guilherme says:

    He’s annoying.

  4. Wee says:

    Why don’t we talk about Graham instead? He’s in the underworld right? Can we have him back? I liked him way better than Neal

    • Stephon JS says:

      Jamie is bust making movies

    • Dina says:

      But who needs closure with Graham? Emma wanted to date him for a day, had feelings for him after he died, and has now moved on. Even if she still thinks about his death sometimes, I don’t think she needs to see him to have closure.

      • Carmen says:

        Graham needs closure with Regina. And not in the romantic sense…she unfairly killed him and that has been kept a secret for 5 seasons now. And I, as a fan, need closure with the way he died. I loved his character and it’s unresolved closure for me to see Emma walking around thinking he just died of natural causes when Regina has actually been keeping that a secret this entire time.

  5. Lysh says:

    I’m glad. His death episode felt so rushed and I felt he deserved a better send off. I’m hoping he has a scene with Rumple.

    • Cass says:

      For fans of Neal, I can agree that his death-scene seemed very understated. Personally, I never liked the character myself (though I’m a huge fan of the actor) and was rather pleased when I could finally stop hearing Neal’s hypocritical tirades toward Rumple that did more harm to their objectives than aid. Honestly, it’s like Neal truly had no concept of his own faults and misdeeds, instead placing himself on a pedestal of his own self-righteousness and bitterness. That’s what made him so unlikable to me. Well, that and the fact that there was absolutely zero sexual chemistry between Emma and Neal. Anyone who disagrees, I challenge you to go back and rewatch every scene between those two and try to pinpoint a single moment that didn’t feel like a couple of co-conspirators or best friends or even, disgustingly enough, like brother and sister. There wasn’t an ounce of sexy between those two, not even for the car scene.

      That being said, I would very much like to see Rumple faced with Bae in the underworld, because I think it’s about the only way we’ll be able to see a return of the Rumple we all fell in love with without visiting the same old storylines of series’ past.

  6. Ann J says:

    I never liked Neal. From the moment he appeared in the season 2 premiere, I knew he was Henry’s father and he abandoned Emma.

    • Dina says:

      How?! How did you figure out from 30 seconds that he was Henry’s father? That’s amazing.

      • Jon says:

        Literally everyone knew Neal was Henry’s father and also rumples son from the second he was cast lmfao. In fact, people were saying that rumples son was Henry’s father from the second it was revealed that Balefire was trapped in the human world allllll the way back in season 1.

  7. Stephon JS says:


  8. Emma says:

    Great to see him back. He’s been sorely missed.

    • tvjunkie says:

      by who?

      • Rebecca says:

        By non-CS/Hook fans.

        • Lisa says:

          CS/Hook fan checking in. Also missed Neal. Your logic is false.

          • Rebecca says:

            Well I’m talking about CS/Hook fans who keep on saying that Neal treated Emma like crap & basically calling Hook a saint because he never did anything bad to Emma at all. Even though we had all of S2 to watch, the constant lying throughout S3, S4, 5a, jumping off the roof to get her attention, his “trophies”…oh & Hook trying to kill Emma & her family under the same curse Emma & Rumple had. With Neal all they say is that he let Emma go to jail, that’s it.

        • Elyse says:

          That’s not completely true. I am a CaptainSwan/Hook fan and I still liked Neal.

          • Tai says:

            I’m also a Captain Swan/Hook fan who likes Neal. I can admit both characters are flawed. But it seems like extreme fans on both ends tend to ignore their flaws.

          • Rebecca says:

            I just meant the hypocrisy that happens with CS. They say that Swanfire shouldn’t happen because of what Neal did to Emma & yet they want CaptainSwan to happen even though there’s evidences on screen that Hook has done way more bad things to Emma than Neal.

        • jakis says:

          I don’t like either Hook or Neal. I think they’re both bad for Emma and she deserves better. And I don’t care at all that Neal is back and I didn’t miss him.

        • Cass says:

          Sounds like you need to take off the rose-colored glasses, sweetheart. Neal was FAR from perfect, and trying to point out Hook’s faults is kinda redundant considering we all watched him say the exact same thing for close to two seasons. Hook was the first to admit that he was a pirate and villain and shouldn’t be trusted, and yet he and Emma fell in love anyway.

      • steelneena says:

        Many people in general. I love him completely.

  9. Barb says:

    Well considering there were actually two posted pictures while he was there, and there was a post of a ‘score’ for this episode called ‘Neal’s Warning’ this isn’t a shock at all, I’m assuming he warns someone of something. I know it’s probably not going to happen but I’d love to see Graham again.

  10. jerrired says:

    Yay! I had a feeling that blind item was about him. Glad to hear he will make an appearance on the hundred episode.

  11. HeatherC says:

    I really hope they don’t ruin his character like they seem to have most of the other ones in the last two years. As much as I loved him (and contrary to what others will say, Neal was always a good man who knew that he’d made mistakes, apologized for them, and tried to do better), I really wish they weren’t bringing him back at all. MRJ deserves SO much better than this shell of a show that was once really wonderful. It just makes me sad now. =( (OTOH, I cannot WAIT for Game of Silence to debut in April! That show looks really intriguing and has an awesome cast.)

  12. Ian says:

    I was more of a fan of Neal and Emma than her and Hook, as it felt more natural. Hook always felt like more of a character that was supposed to just be passing through.
    Disappointing that he’s only appearing for a scene. I’d rather he didnt at all since this isn’t going to end in any way to make the Swanfire fans happy. Its just a spit in the face.

    • Len08 says:

      Its about them. Because its not them anymore. Neal still has his papa and henry. So look at it from that angle.

      Also Hook was wanted since season 1. and made main regular cast before Neal ever was.

    • Theo says:

      Agree. Even Colin himself said in an Irish radio interview during Summer 2015 that he was supposed to only be on for a few episodes. So, where people get these theories about Hook being there from the beginning is nonsense.

  13. Jerry says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year.

    • Grelka says:

      Indeed, let’s hope they bring him back permanently & remove that annoying clown Cap’N Shmook for good i’m so sick of this show catering to obnoxious shippers & it became ultra cheesy & unwatchable in S5. Also Maleficient & Lilly – what about their story im S5B? Doubt it will happen.

  14. Fay says:

    I didn’t think the blind item would be him because who cares about Neal and it was inevitable he’d be back anyway. I didn’t like him but I’m not shocked about this.

  15. Carly says:

    I’m very glad to read he will be back. I never understood why they killed him off all of a sudden when he still had so much story left to deal with a variety of characters. He certainly still has ufinished business so it makes sense for him to be involved in this story.

  16. Cara says:

    Ugh….disliked this character so much. Can we just not? He was awful for Emma. She forgave him, which is great, let’s move on please.

    • steelneena says:

      What about Henry? Does it have to be all about shipping? Neal was Henry’s father, and they both deserve closure. Neal’s last words to Henry were “I’ll see you both again” and he only got to see Emma. So don’t say it’s time to move on, especially if you care about Henry, because Henry cares about Neal.

      • Ilsa says:

        I was glad he was coming back, but since several ouat fan pages got acess to the episode and decided to live tweeted it, the scene was spoiled and i must say was a waste of time to bring him for that when they could have used other characters to say what he said, and once again the show, instead of having family themes, they decided to take the ship road, is very disapointing that they chosed this way.
        Im sad that he cameback to do that scene bc what he says is pretty much inconsistent with Neal story bc of all the unfinished business he had, and since after this episode he wont appear again, sort of felt, like the brought him back just to say to fans, dont talk to us about Neal again, bc we wont see him again and i wont say more bc there are to many people that spoiled the scene. But in the end is also not surprising looking at this comments that the fans look at ship part of the story instead of the big storyline, i mean when writers say that ships are what matter, then why would the fans think and see other things besides the ships?

        Is also very sad that people just because they dont like one character, decide to take it against the actor, especially because they didnt saw the actor other jobs, like i saw some people here, going to other MRJ project article that still didnt air just to say he is a bad actor and he will destroy the show even tho the story is good, how do u know u wont like him in another role, if u still didnt saw him?
        Is known that even the best of actors in the world and before i get hate, im not saying MRj is the best actor in the world, but when the writing is bad, is not like the acting can be good, look at Robert carlyle he is probably the best actor of the cast, and since S3 he says he doesnt prepared Rumple anymore bc the writers change his character in every episode, so yeah, i say before u judge a actor, i suggest u see other shows with him and be open minded about the actor and his character and i say in personal case, i didnt like the way Neal was writen, but i dont blame the actor, i blame the writers, i mean is not like the actor just say those lines and acts the way they want, no, they have the writers instructions of how they want the character to be played, but either way, i didnt like the way neal was written, i thought MRJ could have done better, until a friend showed me his other jobs and i say OUAt was for real his lower acting, bc he is very good in all the others jobs, True blood, Terriers, Sons of liberty and i saw the trailer of his new show and i think i will like it.
        Not to mention that he appears to be a great and funny person, always caring about social problems and not like many of the actors out there that only post selfies and care more about themselves than the others.

  17. UB says:

    I always had one complaint with Neal’s death – no closure. Henry couldn’t properly grieve him, neither could Rumple, and Emma never truly got the chance to choose to move on (I’m a CS shipper through and through, and I do love how everything played out, but I really wanted Emma to choose to be with Killian, not get that easy way out). I also wanted more on Killian-Bae, coz Killian really cared about Bae but it was never made completely clear what adult Bae thought of him.
    This scene might give at least a little to this (hope it does!!)

    • Liz says:

      Yeah that’s why I never really felt like Hook and Emma where a good thing. I mean yeah she “chose him” but because she really had no other choice. Because even way back in season 3 when they where on Neverland she was still not falling for him even when she thought Neal was dead. Just thought that Emma, Neal and Henry never got the chance to be a family.

  18. tvjunkie says:

    I didn’t like or hate Neal and I didn’t miss him. If his appearance is integral to the story so be it, but if it’s just an appearance to make an appearance then they shouldnt have bothered.

  19. Carmen says:

    This is great news! I always enjoyed Neal’s character and felt like his story was never properly wrapped up. And why all the Hook hate in the comments? I enjoy both Neal and Hook and it’s annoying to always see the comments turn into a war against each other.

  20. Vari says:

    I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Vari says:

    Neal and Emma are not TRUE LOVES!!! thats joke!

  22. It's Delovely says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Neal again. He’s such an important part of the whole OUAT story, and the aftermath of his death was never fully dealt with on the show. I hope that Neal gets to provide some closure to Henry and Rumple, neither of whom got a chance to properly mourn him.

  23. Dina says:

    I actually think Emma and Gold got some amount of closure when Neal died in their arms. I think Neal, who died twice without saying goodbye to his son, is going to appear for Henry, especially as he may be about to get two stepfathers.

  24. Lily says:

    Great news! I hope he has a scene with Rumple and Henry. There was so much story left to tell about him with his father and his son. It’s a shame the writers felt that they had to abandon those stories to make another story work.

  25. Oncer says:

    I’m glad he’ll be back, i missed him and while he did something bad when he and Emma were together that dosn’t make him a bad person, he was a good guy yes he made mistakes but he loved Henry and wanted Emma to move on when he died and i think we all need to remember that no one is perfect and every character on the show at this point has made at least one bad decision and Neal sacrificed himself and Henry never got the chance to grif his father. I loved Neal’s relationship with Henry and i wonder what he would say if he knew that his father willingly became the dark one again.

  26. Dominique says:

    i would much rather see graham come back. it’s ridiculous how Adam and Eddy continue to ignore all things Graham yet declare neal to be some sort of massive hero and one true love of emma swan.
    perhaps someone should send them a note that there aren’t a lot of people who like neal.

  27. Rebecca says:

    It’s hilarious watching all the Hook/CS fans whine about Neal’s return. Shut up. We all have been having to sit through Once Upon a Hook/CS ever since they killed off Neal just to make your ridiculous, fan pandered ship happen. No one wants to hear your whining over a character we love and miss. Who will…. More than likely, only be around for one episode. Let us have this since you all get everything else you freaking want. I’m sick and tired of CSers getting everything while the rest of us get scraps and you all….. Come in and spit over the scraps we do get. BACK OFF CSers.

    • Lisa says:

      As a CSer, I take offense to this comment. I really liked Neal when he was on the show and am excited for him to return. I didn’t want him to die. I’m upset with how the writers handled all of that. Don’t make sweeping generalizations based on a few comments you read on the Internet.

      • Rebecca says:

        Have you seen the rest of the comments on here? All the rest of the CSers are literally crapping all over everyone else’s excitement over this. Want to make a difference in this fandom? Don’t be offended by me talking about other shipmates of yours and how badly they treat us and maybe actually stand up to the one’s that treat everyone else like crap.

        • abz says:

          Please, I’ve come across several of your comments in the past and you’re just as bad. You piss on Hook fans all the time for liking the character and then you play the victim when they return the favour.

          • Rebecca says:

            Ummmmm…. I rarely comment on here…. You do know, that Rebecca is a popular name, right? Please don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do. There’s actually another (different) Rebecca commenting on this article and….. It’s not me.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            There are in fact two (2) different Rebeccas commenting here, and at least 10 different Rebeccas who have recently posted to TVLINE.

          • abz says:

            If that’s true then I’m sorry. Your comments on here just sounded very much like hers as she endlessly bashes every article even mentioning Hook on here all the time and then plays the victim.

        • Lisa says:

          You mean I should post comments like yours that use the words “shut up”, “ridiculous”, “fan-pandered”, “No one wants to hear your whining”, and “BACK OFF”? Maybe you should take some of your own advice and try to comment with a bit more respect.

    • Joey says:

      I find it funny that it comes out that Neal’s back for one episode, and you see Hook fans swarming to this post to talk about how no one wanted him back and everyone hates him. Hook is only mentioned in the article in terms of the plot only, that Emma is traveling to the Underworld to save him. Yet Hook fans seem to have such a thin skin, or are so afraid of their ship not being canon anymore (despite MRJ not coming back to the show full-time, rather just appearing as a guest star), that they have to come here and attack Neal, the show, and Neal’s fans.

      • Joey 2.0 says:

        I find it funny that it comes out that Neal’s back for one episode, and you see Hook haters swarming to this post to talk about how everyone hates him. Hook is only mentioned in the article in terms of the plot only, that Emma is traveling to the Underworld to save him. Yet Hook haters seem to have such a thin skin, or are still annoyed with their ship not being canon anymore (despite MRJ not coming back to the show full-time, rather just appearing as a guest star), that they have to come here and attack Hook, the show, and Hook’s fans.

  28. Ash says:

    Neal…we need him back on Once like I need a cavity. There are so many characters they could have brought back for closure such as Reginas stable boy or Peter Ruby’s ex that Ruby accidentally killed or even the huntsman. Instead we get boring obnoxious Neal back.

  29. acurat says:

    I think what a lot of people like about OUAT is they sweat the details. They try their best to bring back old characters, no matter how brielfy, if they are on other shows. They did the same thing for Red a couple of seasons ago (who is now more available since that show is canceled while OUAT continues). Nice to see them doing it again working around Michael Raymond-James’ schedule.

  30. CWL says:

    As the character of utmost importance to the very foundation of the show, I really hope they don’t screw this up. If it’s just a one-shot opportunity, I have my doubts that they can make it count. But I support MRJ, and hope they use the opportunity to its full potential. And please. No more retconning. It’s so obvious when they do it, I just want callbacks to some of the most powerful scenes in the series, when it was about family and self-sacrifice.

  31. Sayre42 says:

    Neal will really be back! Ohmygosh, I hadn’t dared to hope! MRJ was such a joy to watch as him, and his character was so central to the show. I’m so happy he’ll be back, even if it’s only for a scene.

  32. abz says:

    Seriously, what a waste of a blind item. All I can hope for is that MRJ doesn’t phone in his performance this time around because he has truly sucked in the role in the past. I’d much rather see a flashback with young Bae instead, but the kid is most likely a bit older now and who knows if they can use him.

  33. Mel says:

    I haven’t watched the show since Neal died, and I’ll probably just watch his scene on Youtube…but man does this make me nervous. OUAT hasn’t done right by the character, and I’m hoping this further that. Neal is too precious.

  34. Sprite says:

    YAY! I’M SO HAPPY NEAL IS COMING BACK! Even if it’s only briefly, it’ll still be great for him to have some time with Henry and his father

  35. Gail says:

    OK Since Cora is the mayor of Underworld Storybrooke and the blind witch runs Granny’s , speculation about what Neal does, Sheriff? Librarian? Ice Cream Scooper ? Teacher? Doctor? What other jobs were in Storybrooke ?

    Glad he is back. I am sure they will explain why Hook is the only possible one they can bring back. Surely Henry , Rumble, Emma will want to bring Neal back. Hope there is a good reason and not something that makes my eyes roll.

  36. Gail says:

    How about you can’t come back from the underworld unless you confront and or change places with the one who killed you? Since the Wicked Witch killed Neal he wouldn’t have a chance to come back since she went back to OZ.

    Most looking forward to the dead meeting the people who killed them. Cora and Snow, Peter Pan and Rumple, Regina and half the population of the Enchanted Forest.etc.

  37. I think people need to wait, watch and chill. I hate seeing how divided our fandom gets when it comes to Captain Swan and Swanfire. I’m a CS shipper for sure, but I still have respect for the others.

    • steelneena says:

      We appreciate that at least someone is kind. I try to be so in return.

      • Cass says:

        Really? Reading your comments, I’d say you have a pretty funny definition of “kind”. You’re very combative, sweetie, so maybe keep that in mind next time you want to say something grandiose about Neal at the expense of Killian.

  38. Meres says:

    I wanna see Sherrif Graham again!! Please bring Jamie Dorian back to my weekly screen!

  39. NotHappy says:

    Just glad the blind item wasn’t Izzy from Greys

  40. Mark says:

    Well if we have to suffer more Hook, can they at least get the sherrif to make an appearancein the underworld. We might as well get to see all herold flames before we get hook forced on us again

  41. Jada says:

    Yay! He was one of their best characters and it sucks that they killed him off just to fanservice shippers.

  42. Liza says:

    I love Neal and was so sad when he died! I really thought ” happily ever after” meant that he, Emma, and Henry would be a family.

  43. Amanda says:

    I’m glad Neal’s coming back. Even though I’m a Captain Swan shipper I did like Neal and will be nice if he does reunite with Henry and Rumple. However, wasn’t there also filming spoilers that the teen actor who played Neal was back too for a different episode where Miliah is back as well? Just wondering how that works if they both are coming back.

  44. Rachelle says:

    Big time CS fan (hate when people make assumptions). I LOVE this character! So excited about his return. He wasn’t used enough at all. Most importantly he didn’t get to say goodbye to his precious son. In addition to Neal/Henry, I’m hoping for something with Neal/Rumple & also Neal/Emma. What I love about OUAT are the bonds that the characters form with each other. They’re beautiful & yes sometimes dysfunctional (hello Mills/Charmings) but also important. Can’t wait!

    • Katie says:

      What a lovely, respectful comment from a CSer, seriously. It’s so nice when shippers can put aside their bias and look at the overall picture. Wish everyone was like this.

  45. GraceM says:

    Next up, the sheriff, if he’s not too busy filming the two Fifty Shades movies.

  46. Len08 says:

    – “fan fave,” “Neal’s one true love,” “mutual admiration.” This all sounds wrong.
    Fan Favourite that’s big joke. Fan favourite is not him.
    I don’t like Neal and I will admit I rather not see him again but I also say that it would quite odd if we didn’t mention or hear about him down in Underworld

  47. Mike says:

    This is going to be tough. Emma wants to save Hook but will possibly run into Neal while Hook loves Emma but most likely may reunite with his first love, Neal’s mother Mila.

  48. Tee says:

    Um…excuse me? “Fan Fave?”

  49. Grelka says:

    Neal>Cap’N Shmook

    Bring him back permanently maybe i’ll resume watching this drivel that became perfect for cancellation. And i see that those two ‘showrunners’ are still intent on making a mass-murderering hag false victim aka 100th episode idall about her.

    • Grelka says:

      *all about her

    • Ash says:

      Maybe because Regina is a well written character. Neal was never a sympathetic / relatable character to the extent Regina became because of her love for her son. Neal rarely had scenes with Henry if at all. The writers were too busy forcing that awful love triangle with Emma and Hook. Henry had a male adult in his life, Archie. Archie did more for Henry then Neal did, for sure. I suspect Neal will have more of an impact on Rumple. Henry will probably caught up in whatever Regina is doing.

      • Grelka says:

        Oh really? I think you all forgot the monstrosities she did & for every single one of them she didn’t said a single sorry instead she bragged about how she has no regrets. She needs to burn in hell literally but she won’t cuz she’s a writers’s favorite pet same as that spineless Rumpleweakling!!!

        1. She killed Graham cuz she was jelaous & crazy. (Emma & co. still don’t know that)

        2. She commited patricide aka murdered her own father whom she ”trully loved” at that time.

        3. Seaparating innocent kid & father from each other (only cuz father didn’t fell for her), so what did your ”well written” character did?! She killed the child’s father & buried him who knows where. And when that child grew up & started enacting revenge on her in Emily Thorne style she dodged a bullet & poor guy died without fullfiling what he planned to do.

        4. She took Zelena’s baby away from her. What Zelena did to Robin was sick but if all mighty diva let her sister kept a baby i bet Zelena would’ve changed for better. Now it all went down the water….& yeah she banished her back to Oz.

        5. She constantly blames EVERYONE for her unhappines, i’m sorry but the difference between her & Benjamin Linus from LOST is that although he was a monster just like her, he didn’t cried & demanded his happy ending nor did he wanted one because without Alex alive it meant nothing to him. (Guess what, Alex wasn’t his biological daughter either). And if she really cared about naive Henry like Ben did for Alex it would be beliveable that she was changing but no, he’s just her tool same as dull Robin.

        6. May i remind you that she’s the one who actually killed Marian 1st!

        7. Massacre on whole innocent village just so the hag could satisfy her ego….no comment!

        etc. etc etc.

        Bottom line, she’s one hell of a vile human being that needs to atone for her crimes!

        • Dez says:

          Zelena is an unrepentant monster. She’s a rapist who enjoys taunting Regina with her rape of Robin. The idea that a rapist should be allowed to share custody of a child with her victim and subject him to constant reminders of the way he was violated is disgusting. She wants to raise her child to be a villain, and the only reason she wants it at all is to stroke her ego. Her massive inferiority complex guarantees that she would do her damnedest to poison that child against Robin and Regina, and would resent the child for having any positive feelings for Regina. And to top it all off, when Regina sent Zelena back to Oz she thought that she and the rest of the Storybrooke heroes would be sent to the Underworld and leaving Zelena alone to run rampant.

          How anyone can say that taking the baby from her was wrong is beyond me. The woman is petty, vindictive and insane. .. And that’s being kind.

          Regina’s done a lot of terrible things but this is not one of them.

          • Grelka says:

            I can agree with what you said about Zelena, good points there. Still on the grand scale Regina is much more worse. She basically got everything handed to her on a silver plate & yet she’s still whining about happy ending while Zelena struggled being all on her own since childhood so i can understand where her bitterness & evilness comes from. I guess Cora is the one who is to blame for her daughters being messed up.

      • Grelka says:

        About Neal…it was quite contrary for me because he was relatable, not that sympathetic but in a sense i liked how his bond with Emma was real & their history was interesting. Sad that they killed him for no reason whatsover, oh wait, currently sunked ship (let’s hope it stays that way permanently) had to sail & there was no room aboard for Neal. And what makes me hate Hook even more is that he was also involved in a affair with Milah, Neals own mother! Enough is enough.

  50. Bahra says:

    I absolutely do not want to see Michael Ramon James back. His acting is so poorly performed compared to the other cast members. The way he moved his mouth when he had a sad scene just turned me off. I could not even watch him. None of them can compare to Colin O’Donoghue on the show. He is a joy to watch and a superb actor.