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Rick and Michonne Sex

Walking Dead: EP Scott M. Gimple Reveals Why He Finally Went There With Rick and Michonne

If this week’s episode of The Walking Dead is collecting dust on your DVR, or if it has yet to air in your time zone, steer clear of this next story.

Apocalypse, wow.

The Walking Dead on Sunday threw the ultimate curveball at viewers when, in the episode’s closing minutes, Rick and Michonne suddenly and without warning took their platonic relationship to the next level.

First there was a seemingly innocent hand-clasp. Then an exchange of googly eyes. Then a kiss. Then some barely-audible pre-carnal cooing. Then another kiss. And then… the sex.

Below, showrunner Scott M. Gimple reveals when and why he made the decision to go there with Rick and Michonne, the surprising role dearly departed Jessie played in the duo’s years-in-the-making hookup and the “very good deal” of conversation that went into designing that provocative morning-after nude “tableau.”

TVLINE | How long had you been planning to hook up Rick and Michonne romantically?
It was a story I was interested in pursuing for a long time, even before I was running the show. Then, starting Season 4, my overall goal was to bring them to a unique place of respect and intimacy, possibly/probably leading to romance.

TVLINE | Why was now the right time to play this romantic beat between them?
At this point in the story, the characters have fought their battles and won their home, their safety. Over the past weeks, they’ve found a certain peace. And that’s when these two characters could realize what they had.

TVLINE | Any concern about it following so closely on the heels of Jessie’s death? Or was that sort of the point?
Yes and no. Weeks and weeks have passed, so the events of the last episode have been processed for the characters for a while. The Jessie relationship was critical for Rick in opening up that side of himself, for having a larger personal world, to have something more than survival. Jessie’s impact on Rick was making him see that he is a whole person and he can live a full emotional life, despite the state of the world, despite the history he’s had.

TWDTVLINE | What was Andrew and Danai’s reaction to the story?
Without going into the exactitudes of it — as my memory is truly shot from working several different aspects of S6 and S7 simultaneously right now — both of them supported the story; they felt that it made sense for the characters.

TVLINE | How much time and attention went into the placement of their arms and legs during that opening morning-after shot?
A very good deal, and I appreciate you asking. There were a lot of conversations with [episode director] Kari Skogland [and episode writers] Angela Kang and Corey Reed. We wanted that tableau, in many ways, to represent their relationship — the balance of it, who they are to one another.

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  1. Laura says:

    This is so far off the reservation from the graphic novel, it’s going to take me some time to process it.

  2. Jules says:

    I enjoyed the episode….specially the crazy road trip of Rick & Darryl…..
    But I’m happier to caught the Night Manager trailer…..58dys to wait for able to watch it…

  3. I’m so glad that Rick and Michonne finally got together romantically. I thought it may be coming, and it’s great because Michonne loves Carl and Carl loves her a lot. Rick respects Michonne for her honesty and her valiant efforts in keeping their family safe. I believe Michonne has always been interested in Rick, but it was always bad timing!

  4. Tony says:

    It’s about time it happened. I mean, it was building up to something happening between the two. Whether or not a full on romance happens remains to be seen.

  5. This is the greatest series that I have ever watched. Right now we don’t have AMC tv so I depending on reading the reviews. I can’t wait to see each new episode for myself. I’ve read the comics and it does divisor from those a bit.

  6. Holly H. says:

    Holy cow!!!! What is going on. I am a HUGE HUGE obsessive fan of the walking dead. Michonne & Rick….that was awesome for the show & came at the perfect time But I’m still trying to process it. I am 25 with 3 children all under age 5 & just had brain surgery in the end of December 2015 & was still talking about the walking dead starting again in February haha. I love this show & I would just die if it ever ends. I love Daryl, I love Rick, I love Machone & Glenn & Maggie & Carl. I feel like they are my own family.

    • Julie Ann Roldan says:

      I feel the same. I love the idea of Rick and machonne together its diverse and in these times of chaos in our own world it’s nice to see interracial couple like this come together and be equals at everything. I love love love it!!

  7. Holly H. says:

    There has never been a better show on TV…in my opinion than the walking dead. I’ve never missed an episode & I always DVR them so I can go back & watch them as many times as I want. I feel awful for the walking dead fans that have a cable carrier that doesn’t carry AMC. I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD…CAN I GET AN AMEN HAHAHA

  8. kjmiller2012 says:

    I LOVE IT! So, so glad to see this relationship build in such natural (as you can get in the middle of a zombie apocalypse can be) way. The whole moment was beautifully done. BRAVO!!!

  9. DarkDefender says:

    I have been waiting 3 seasons for Richonne. They are more solid than any other couple in the show. I’m glad they finally acknowledged that they had more than just friendship and mutual respect between them. The scenes with Karl and Michonne were also proof of the amazing dynamic within this “new world” family.

  10. Jackie says:

    Could it be that they’re killing off Michone now, you know, like they did with that teenage girl’s boyfriend in “Fear the Walking Dead” so that the romance doesn’t get too involved? And, to set up us viewers too be destroyed when she dies.

    • Kenny Lane says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking.
      Rick Grimes reminds me so much of Jack Bauer from the AMAZING “24”
      Series. Every time that Jack found a love interest, the woman ended up dead….. the same thing seems to be in play for Rick…..

    • Bailey says:

      Rick and Michonne will be a couple. The same as Rick/Andrea in the comic. Michonne doesn’t have to die just because Lori and Jessie died.If Michonne dies I don’t think it will be right away. That would be too cruel.

  11. Jackie says:

    I’ll add that foreshadowing comment of Carl to Michone — “I’d do it for you”–concerning putting her down if she turned. That porch scene, instigated by Michone, seems to have been designed for that very foreshadowing statement. Michone is going to die.

    • Bailey says:

      If you watch that scene again you will hear Michonne say she would do it for Carl too. I took this scene as Carl telling Michonne that he loves her. She is his family. In the finale I think her life will appear to be in jeopardy but someone else will die.

  12. Becca says:

    That moment was so perfect. It was so sweet and so intimate and just a little bit awkward. Exactly what it should’ve been with these two. I love that Scott Gimple has been planning this for years. I think it really shows in how he’s written this relationship in the past and particularly in some of their scenes this season. I also love that they’ve developed the Carl and Michonne relationship into this pseudo mother-son dynamic. I’ll be interested in seeing how Carl reacts to this change in Rick and Michonne’s relationship.

  13. Bark Star says:

    *sigh* … and its all about romance again. You people are so small minded.

  14. Jeff says:

    Rick and Michonne? 0 chemistry. Sorry, bad choice of direction. It was awkward as awkward gets.

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. It was good to have a Rick and Daryl episode. Happy Rick and Michonne finally happened.

  16. Meeta says:

    Disgusting there are a lot of chances Loren who love the walking dead. They should have just skipped without showing all that. Gross as my kid put it and why.

  17. Jasmine says:

    I find the two of them kissing very weird. It was like watching a brother and sister make out then have sex. Feels wrong and weird. Not sure if the actors don’t have that romantic spark going on that gave me this feeling. I was always thinking Michonne would find love elsewhere outside the group. Rick’s kind of girl seems more like the girly type i.e. Lori, Jesse.

    • Kenny Lane says:

      I AGREE! Michonne, and Daryl’s brother, MERLE, would have been a better HOOK UP! Andrea would’ve been better for Rick….

    • Bailey says:

      I find it very interesting when some people say they don’t see romantic chemistry between them. I saw it in season 3 and I’m not alone. You probably don’t think Michonne is attractive enough for Rick so that’s why you feel awkward about it. I think that scene was hot but everyone have different taste and opinions.

    • Winni says:

      Ah, so your real problem is that she’s not YOUR type of Rick’s love interest.

      In my opinion, it’s impossible to see them as brother and sister.

      -they look NOTHING alike
      -they could only be siblings if one was adopted
      -the show never calls them brother/sister
      -they don’t call each other brother/sister
      -they don’t & can’t have sibling conversations(requires the same relatives)
      -they look NOTHING alike

      The only way to legitimately see them as brother/sister is if you told yourself they were adopted siblings from the day you saw her till the day you saw them kiss. Otherwise their background and physical characteristics are too different to immediately (or even slowly for that matter) jump to witnessing incest.

      Hate the ship if y’all want but not for that silly fake reason.

    • Jemma says:

      I absolutely agree with you Jasmine. I don’t actually feel like they’re brother/sister but more like best friends. It just seems wrong. Andrew and Danai make their roles very believable and while Rick and Michonne have some sort of spark, it is not a romantic one. Michonne is Rick’s right hand [wo]man and a sort of friend to Carl. As much as Michonne is an amazing character, she is not meant to be in a relationship with Rick.

      Anyone wanna talk about a good and well balanced couple? How about Carol and Daryl? Carol balances Daryl’s brash attitude with her friendly one. While she is a badass, she can also be kind and understanding. Most of all, she understands Daryl, seeing as they both had abusive pasts. I feel like that spark is more present between Daryl and Carol than Rick and Michonne. No offense to them.

      People kept shipping Richonne from s3, I just found it wrong. Now, that is MY opinion and don’t feel offended but please don’t give me bullsh*t for it. I know that many fans are sensitive about this whole Richonne thing, and I get it (I would defend Janto till the day I die) but please remember, this is a comment section. We write what we think and so respect what others have to say, no matter what you think about it. One can respectfully defend their point of view without giving the other crap for their own p.o.v.

  18. Rene says:

    Not sure this is a good direction. They have such a close friendship, will there be bad blood if the romance doesn’t work out?

  19. Maria says:

    In the comics Rick is with Andrea but they killed Andrea in the show a few seasons ago so it makes since to transfer the storyline to another character. I saw this coming a while ago. I don’t have a problem with it. I always liked how the show balanced the comics with doing their own thing so those of us who have read them don’t always know whats going on.

  20. Sarah says:

    I got jealous. I knew before there will come a time that rick and micchone will romantically to one another. Hope this will last..and wl bring them just one cute baby. That would be even better.

  21. SF says:

    The Rick/Michonne pairing makes sense. Their relationship has been developing over time..I have always noticed the chemistry between them, the respect, the selflessness, the intimate conversations..the fact that he wanted her in the house with them, her mother/son relationship with his children..all of that lead up to this moment. The writers did an excellent job, it was sweet and natural. The loving looks they exchanged between them on the couch, The yes I want you was great.

  22. Effie says:

    I love The Walking Dead but to me that was not romance. It’s totally out of left field. I haven’t seen a budding romance between Rick and Michonne, and because of that I found it totally unbelievable and strange.

  23. Lynn Taylor says:

    I agree this coming within weeks of Jessie’s demise didn’t matter it was Rocks turning point,opening his eyes and heart allowing love back in and realizing he had a family with Michonne already but sometimes it takes awhile to see Great Job to the writers and directors can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. But please, please keep Rick and Michonne together gives us the viewers this one please.

  24. Lynn Taylor says:

    Oh and by the way I think we will have a big surprise coming with Michonne and Rick a little unprotected love making I see a baby in their future! At least I hope so.

  25. Donna says:

    I can’t be the ONLY one who thinks the hook-up was stupid.

  26. Donna says:

    I can’t be the ONLY one who thinks the hook-up was ridiculous.

  27. Donna says:

    Am I the ONLY who does not see the value in the hook-up?

  28. yuck…they seemed more like brother& chemistry between them.

  29. alice says:

    i love both characters , but i cant watch this. they are family, it should be pure family love not romance….dont hookup with your siblings ⊙﹏⊙

    • Winni says:

      They’ve known each other for less than 2yrs, live together and raise his children together. They are not related, are incredibly good looking and have working eyes and active libidos… Who in the world would say “no that’s my fake sibling that I’ve only known for a couple of years… we have too much history of not being related to fall in love”?

  30. Brenda L. says:

    Lovely and at the right time. Let it last!

  31. Amrcncpprhd says:

    This is just perfect! I have noticed the chemistry between them for a while and I’m so happy they finally got together. Love it! And they both look so freaking happy now…yay!

  32. Bria says:

    I am a late TWD fan, I’m currently on Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember”, and I just knew that Rick and Michonne would hook up, so I had to google it and spoil it for myself. I admit they make an awkward couple, but they very much have chemistry and that’s what makes it so right!