The Good Wife Recap: Consummated Professionals

Colleagues who work in glass offices shouldn’t be trying to physically re-enact the 17-minute edit of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” (without even bothering to close the door/shut the blinds). But in the case of The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick and Jason Crouse, the skirt-hiking, zipper-dropping nastiness was so profoundly overdue, we’re going with a “not guilty” verdict — and kinda hoping they’ll give us an encore before the CBS drama wraps its seven-season run in May.

This week’s episode was titled “Targets” — and I think we know Jason and Alicia hit theirs.

Sorry, that was as “Dirrty” as an underrated Xtina jam, but it’s not like Julianna Margulies didn’t already take it there with her delivery of this juicy afternoon-after tidbit: “You want things simple. I want things simple, too. So here it is: I want you again. Don’t you want it?”

But the bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy was hardly the only news out of this week’s episode. Military tribunals! FBI investigations! Elsbeth Tascioni, her ex-hubby and a chihuahua! Let’s get it on recap!

107678_0773bOFFICE INTRIGUE | David Lee (and Cary) get a little suspicious when a trade magazine doing an article on Lockhart-Agos-Lee wants photos of the female equity partners alongside junior partner Alicia. David hires Jason to investigate. Diane figures out Jason is investigating. Everyone is as paranoid as if it’s early Season 5. And Jason seems as baffled as he is amused by it all.

When Alicia returns from a secret assignment — verrrry late at night — he probes her for intel about Diane and her long-ago thought about an all-female firm, but it turns into an altogether different kind of probe when Alicia talks about her need for tequila, Jason asks her to do some breathing exercises, and winds up with Alicia’s face in his hands, kissing with a frenzied lust that had me thinking, “GUYS! SHUT THE DOOR! CLOSE THE BLINDS!” OK, sure, security had turned off the Lockhart-Agos-Lee lights, but nowadays it doesn’t take much to switch off motion-sensor lights (as I learned in a bathroom in West Elm about a week ago)!

The day after, Jason lets Alicia’s call go to voicemail — and it makes me worried that maybe their canoodling was part of his investigative plan. But it turns out he’s just wary of her still being married to the Illinois governor. (Fair enough!) She tells him Peter is fine if she’s got some side action, but Jason’s not so sure. Which leads to the aforementioned quote about “Do you want it?” And Jason’s naughty grin is all the answer we need.

107678_0588bPOLITICAL INTRIGUE | Eli hires Elsbeth to help Peter figure out why he needs a lawyer in the first place. They dance around the idea that it might have something to do with Peter trying to rig Alicia’s State’s Attorney election, but a conversation between Elsbeth and Marissa about dairy farming, purse making and Israel prompts Elsbeth to drop the case — and pass it to her ex-husband Michael. (The horrified way Peter and Eli stare at the chihuahua in Michael’s hands during their meeting, you’d have thunk it was a giant hunk of kryptonite!) Through some exceptional mind-game playing, Eli and Michael get Elsbeth to meet in person with the client who presents a conflict of interest: And it turns out to be a powerful Jewish businessman who found a job for Marissa at the aforementioned dairy farm and who was a major contributor to Peter’s campaign. “They’re coming after Peter and one of his donors,” gasps Eli. (Side note: Is it just me, or does Peter’s presence in this arc almost feel like an afterthought?)

MILITARY INTRIGUE | The case of the week is one of those fascinating deep dives into the law at which showrunners Robert and Michelle King have excelled for years. Alicia and a conservative attorney join a panel of military and government experts in a top-secret tribunal to decide whether or not the U.S. can legally justify the killing of an American citizen who’s become a recruiter for ISIS — without every pulling a trigger or overtly inciting his followers to violence. Alicia makes the winning case for execution — the man is providing the bodies with which ISIS has carried out so many violent bombings — but gets into hot water when there’s a leak in the confidential hearings traced back to her.

107678_0605bWhich leads us back to the NSA wire-tap boys… yep, not only are they still recording Alicia’s calls, but they can grab audio from up to 20 feet away from her cellular device. Turns out the intel about the ISIS case got leaked via someone within the NSA. One of our jaunty wire-tap fellas gets carted off for questioning, and you have to wonder if — in clearing Alicia of any wrongdoing — she might learn about the whens/whys/hows of the wiretap she’s been subjected to now for a very long time.

Your turn. What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Was the Alicia-Jason hookup as hot as you’d hoped? Do you or don’t you want more? And how bad will this investigation of Peter become? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Do we know when the show will come back since there’s no episode next week? (Judging by the lack of a promo after the show)

  2. Jimmy Tidwell says:

    Another annoying filler episode. The minute I saw Michael Urie’s name listed in the opening credits I new the NSA storyline would rear its annoying head. If this isn’t important to the final story can we just move on already.

    • Lucinda says:

      Someone please tell me exactly HOW lawyer Alicia was chosen for the military tribunal??? What credentials did she posses? Several seasons back, Elspeth was selected to join actress Jill Hennesey’s power law firm. She was also having an affair with a government employee of some kind (?). However, tonight she and her ex-husband are acting silly.

      I am so tired of the NSA geeks!

      If tonight’s episode was an example of the rest of the season, forget it.

      • I got to agree this episode seemed so all over the place. It just seemed like a bunch of nonsensical story lines and do nothing plots thrown together to make an episode. I do hope this kills off the NSA for sure now, that plot is dead, boring and never should have came back. And what’s wit the crap of Cary and David Lee being paranoid about Alicia and Diane starting an all women firm? Where did that come from, and how could they think it’s even possible with the way Diane and Alicia have butted heads just last show? And I like Elsbeth but her use here was stupid and mishandled. And I agree why the heck would they ask Alicia of all Lawyers in the US to be on that secret committee. I would think all the scandal surrounding her and her husband would disqualify her.

        • bjdogtrainer says:

          I heard recent talk of a possible spin-off series with Diame and Elsbeth and Eli. Maybe this was how they were planting the seed?

          • annette109 says:

            The actress playing Elspeth has her own sitcom now….so unlikely.

          • HAP says:

            Carrie Preston’s other series kicks off March 2. It was a 13 episode order, and I’m guessing many are in the can already. That said, her co-star is Patrick Warburton. Anyone care to bet that the show runs the full 13?

            So, it’s a good bet that she will be available for a spin-off of TGW.

        • Beth says:

          Alicia was recommended by the Military Judge that presided over the case when Alicia/Will represented the female soldier who accused the military contractor of rape. The judge has appeared a few times and seems to respect Alicia as an attorney.

        • Kris10 says:

          Agreed. I had to come to read the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one who thought this episode was stupid in more ways than one.

      • xx says:

        The show already told you how Alicia got there. Leora Kuhn (Linda Emond’s military judge who showed up three times from seasons 2-4, name-checked by one of the commission guys) and Hicks (two of those episodes, the guy in glasses at the hearing) recommended her as a fairly bleeding-heart civilian attorney they’d worked with before.

  3. burt says:

    This show is stupid.

  4. Steven says:

    They need to stop the filler episodes and actually get somewhere.

  5. Karen says:

    I feel like The Good Wife is finally getting back to the show I used to love until this season. Alicia and company have been so miserable that the show hasn’t been a lot of fun. The past few episodes have been more like the past 6 seasons that I loved. Keep it going GW writers!

  6. Confused says:

    I thought that Alicia had won her election fair and square but took was forced to take the fall because Peter and the Democratic party had rigged other elections and didn’t want anyone looking into that. But in tonight’s episode Eli said to Peter that he could be investigated for rigging Alicia’s election. Did that make sense to anyone?

  7. abz says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed most of this episode and the case. The Lockhart Agos scheming however was completely unnecessary and boring. Come on Kings. Give Diane and Cary something of substance these final episodes. Give Diane her judgeship storyline or bring back Oliver Platt because those episodes with him are some of her finest. And bring back Kurt so we can get an update on her personal life. Give Cary a brief project of his own. I don’t care about David Lee. I love this show so much but all the Lockhart Agos storylines this season have been subpar. Enough is enough.

    • Jimmy says:

      Completely agree about the law firm story lines. Cary is useless, David is more annoying than ever, and Diane suddenly reverted back to her Season 1 personality. Cary has basically become a poor man’s Will.

  8. abz says:

    Also, I’m getting real tired of the way a lot of American shows are using the Arabic language. This isn’t the first time where I’ve seen a show use Arabic words on screen as subtitles, but they’re basically written backwards. Do they not do their research? The letters in Arabic words typically connect most of the time and are written from right to left.
    Same thing with actually having characters speaking Arabic. I have no problem with hearing a non-native speaker speak another language, but in a show if you’re gonna use Arabic at least consider hiring an Arabic language coach to help the actors pronounce the words at least even close to correctly. I mean just look at Arrow. The Arabic spoken on the show is atrocious. The actors don’t even say some of the words individually and just connect all the words into one extremely long word. It’s so hard to decipher most of the time.
    Sorry for the rant lol

    • VJ says:

      I hear you. Same with German on a loooooot of American television shows. I need subtitles to understand what they are saying. It becomes ludicrous when they are supposed to speak it fluently and with no accent (I’m looking at you, NCIS LA).

  9. Pixel says:

    I’ve to think that Matt Czuchry’s friendship with Archie Panjabi did affect his fate in the show big time. I have no words.

  10. Ashton says:

    Hot indeed!!!!

  11. Sally McLinn says:

    Wow, welcome back Elsbeth! But I didn’t get that whole segment about Peter and the private donor. Maybe it will come to me, but it was good to see wackiness again.

  12. Your Majesty says:

    Had anyone ever seen tequila with a CORK ?
    Sex scene was so rushed – and SO dangerous and DUMB ! Even for Alicia. Hard to believe anyone invited to serve on top level CIA (?) decisions could act so stupid. Just sayin’
    End of run sloppiness, maybe ?

  13. burt says:

    The grinning man is a bore and the lack of chemistry with the lady lawyer is a waste of air time.

  14. H says:

    This show is so out of touch. It’s really lost its way.

  15. robandco says:

    I may represent the minority here but I have loved everything NSA-related in TGW from day 1. I think it’s a very clever storyline and I hope it is what eventually brings Peter down for good.
    The episode was really good IMO, although the main Alicia storyline felt rushed, without any fallback. Office drama with David Lee, I am sold. I wouldn’t mind an all-female name-partners law firm but what would it mean for Cary?
    The end is near but we still need some major resolutions. Diane needs to be a judge. Cary needs to be happy, alone or not (Lucca looks like a good fit, although he has a tendency to use her). Peter needs to go to jail after Alicia divorces him.

    • Agree and thinking all of the crazy was leading to the finale Peter carted back to Jail, Alicia leaving for California with Jason, breaking up of Lockhart Gardner. And an expose of the extent of the NSA listening in on everything.
      Hope Cush Jumbo gets another role somewhere she is wonderful and Alan Cumming needs to be on air all the time. Also Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Burt the grinning man is a bore to you but I guarantee you when he grins lots of ladies are sighing and smiling and I think you flunked chemistry.

  16. Shar says:

    Sleep with me or I’ll drink. Now, that’s a pick up line to beat folks.

  17. luli101 says:

    Did anyone understand the video at the end with the avalanche and then the water? If there’s some metaphor I didn’t get…oh, well. I’m sure I saw a “B” in the ice and maybe an “A” before it. Does that mean something?

  18. Good Wife has not been a good wife (to Peter) or family for a long time Having said that her romantic tryst has not stopped me from watching nor hoping that she and Peter would rekindle and reconcile. While I liked Will and do like Jason, i believe lust rules the day for Alicia and Jason and usury was the rule for Will. Perhaps if football had not interrupted the time slot to watch the Good Wife, the show would still be with us. This is the Best TV on Sunday., Madame Secretary does not come close Hope some one can figure out a way to keep it going i love Carey, Dianne and now Lucca and Jason. They are brilliant and yes I still love Alicia.

  19. Gerald says:

    Ick. Not Hot. He is so slimey. She needs a good man to wrap the series with (if any) and not Peter.

    • DD says:

      Absolutely agree with you. I don’t like the investigator at all – he’s so slimy and cocky. It would be so much more satisfying for Alicia to end up with a good man.

  20. shirl says:

    We want more and we want them to fall in love before the show ends.

  21. lb says:

    Alicia and Jason should have a healthy, happy, soldering relationship. Let us know more about Jason.

  22. Silvia Artz says:

    I thought it was one of the best episodes this year. Alicia needs to get a divorce already, enough is enough with the cheating and the carrying on. Love Elspeth and her ex, it was funny and quirky. Frankly, the wire tap boys are boring and too fanciful to be real.