Once Upon a Time Episode 100

Once Upon a Time's Midseason Premiere: An Evil Birthday, a Blushing Hero and 10 More Teases

ABC’s Once Upon a Time celebrated 100 episodes on Saturday night with, among other things, a screening of the milestone hour aka Season 5’s winter premiere (airing Sunday, March 6).

TVLine was among those on hand for the VIP presentation. Knowing that spilling full-on spoilers “comes with a price,” here are some teases involving Emma, Regina, the Charmings and the other major characters arriving (or already residing) in the Underworld.

♦ The premiere kicks off with one of the series’ most powerful and emotional cold opens ever, doing justice to storylines past and present.

♦ The episode is a bit Regina-centric, from both her current-day conundrum in the Underworld (Mayor Cora lays out a rather grim ground rule) to flashbacks of one of her birthdays, where a surprising someone sets out to gift-wrap for the Evil Queen the only thing she desires.

♦ A case of mistaken identity leaves one of the heroes a bit flustered.

♦ Fitting for the milestone episode, a character whom we first met in the series pilot and who has not been seen in a while resurfaces when you last expect — to great comedic effect.

♦ Under the oversight of the Blind Witch, the menu at Underworld Granny’s now offers gingerbread… and children :-O

♦ A first meeting between two characters just may leave you a bit misty.

♦ Seeing the key to Room 8 tees up a sweet moment between Henry and Emma.

♦ Freshly deceased Hook has seen better days.

♦ “Chip” puts in an appearance, sparking a flashback to a “lost” scene between Rumple and Belle.

♦ By the end of the hour, one character will experience an extreme reversal of fortune.

♦ From the first moment Underworld’s pampered overlord is revealed, it’s clear that Ally McBeal alum Greg Germann is having a helluva good time playing Hades.

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  1. Vari says:

    “The episode is quite Regina-centric” not surprised. How many centrics is she getting and has gotten so far… urgh

    • Sammy says:

      I dont understand this either considering the show should centre on Emma, Henry and the Charmings… I mean Im on team #evilregals and all but it makes more sense to have it about them. Also the whole point of the underworld trip is save Emma’s true love… whatevs… The writers better knock 5B outta the park like 4A…

    • Jackie says:

      ITA. It’s really a shame & annoying they made the 100th episode a Regina-centric. A milestone episode like that should’ve been for ALL the characters and not focus on any one character. Disappointing.

      • Vari says:

        I rather see more Charming Family with Emma and Henry. Since we are going FOR Emma overall (and obvs her true love Hook[look forward to what shape he will be in,.. Poor dude). Like dedicate some time there and callbacks. Not just callbacks for Regina it seems.. but unless this episode is an episode that also opens up the way for arc and how it will playout throughout the season then ok.
        But its annoying also in the sense 100th episode also seems to be an episode based on we see Regina’ birthday? in the flashbacks or something?

  2. Duke says:

    “A case of mistaken identity leaves one of the heroes a bit flustered.”

    Charming for his twin?

    “A first meeting between two characters just may leave you a bit misty.”
    Hmm… Maybe Henry gets to meet his namesake?

  3. OUAT says:

    Thanks for the scoop! I find it a bit strange that they made the landmark 100th episode very Regina-centric. Why not have ALL the characters play a big role in the special episode without one specific focus on one character? Or at the very least make it more of an Emma-centric since she’s the main character?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Better to have story organically drive things versus some sense of what is “proper.” The Regina-centric Underworld story is imperative to quickly establish the ground rules.

    • Carly says:

      No offense, but I think you’re always going to be disappointed if you expect this show to be Emma first, everyone else supporting to her. That’s not what it is and it’s never what it was either. It started out as a show about three strong, female lead characters and their respective relationships and the ways in which their paths are intertwined formed the story. I quite like that about it. And season 5 was heavily Emma centric so far, which is why I don’t have a problem with the two other ladies getting some focus in the first two episodes of 5b. It’s overdue actually, in my opinion. A full season needs balance and OUAT works bests when it involves all its main players and the respective strengths they bring to the table. If Cora’s the Mayor of the Underworld and we get a first glimpse of what it’s like and how it works through her as a sort of tourguide, it makes sense to involve Regina.

      • Vari says:

        Emma in terms of character and who she is. She is central main protagonist, so their is difference to the other mains as well.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        +125 TVLine Power User Points (no cash value)

        • laura says:

          So, you’re a big Regina fan too? Great, now I can’t enjoy reading about ouat on this site anymore :-(

          She’s the whole reason I stopped watching in 4B…I didn’t think this show was supposed to be about the bad guys winning and getting literally everything they want without even showing a speck of remorse! Looks like I won’t be watching 5B either, damn.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Hi. The points were awarded for understanding that Regina’s story serves as our entry into the Underworld.

          • laura says:

            I can’t reply to your reply but thanks for responding–I think I’m just a little emotional about the show sometimes because it’s both my favorite and my most hated show on television right now…

          • Regina has shown plenty of remorse-she was tying to saveMarionfrozen heart though Marion was the wife of the man she loved.Regina saved Marion from the monster in early 4a.She also played double agent in 4b with the villains,Queens of Darkness.She helped Emma saved Storybroke in s2 finale.Shes stepped aside to let Robin be with Marion if he wanted to.Since s2 finale,Regina has done nothing but show remorse and be good.She helped Emma fightIngrid and the snow monster.She also was originally initially going to take theDarkness in her to save Storybrook.Shes also being nicety evil sister Zelena,letting her be with her baby and believing Zelenacanbe good.Regina didn’t get everything she wanted either-Marionwasbrought back, spreading her and her true love or soulmate Robin then Zelena tricks Robin into impregnatingher again separating her and Robin or at very least ,complicating their relationship.She hasn’t killed Zelena though she probably could..

      • Kealea says:

        Boom. Perfectly said.
        Fandoms have no chill. To me the episode sounds great from what Matt teased.

    • BM says:

      Emma may be the Savior, however, Snow and Regina (and Rumple, too, though in a different way) play as important a role in the story as Emma does. Without Regina’s Story there would have been no curse, so there would be no show. Personally, I don’t think that Once Upon has a true main character since the protagonists all have a part in the story and I find it somewhat fitting that it’s Regina-centric since it’s her (original) curse, and the town is her creation. *shrug*

      • Griffin says:

        I feel the same way. It was Regina’s character that really got the ball rolling. If it were not for her there would no story to tell. I am really looking forward to this episode. I always enjoy Regina-centric episodes.

        • Technically... says:

          If we want to get into technicalities, it was actually Rumple’s character that got the ball rolling. If it weren’t for his quest to want to find Bae, he wouldn’t have had Regina cast the curse and there would be no story to tell. So really, it should be Rumple who gets a 100th episode centric.

          • Griffin says:

            Actually both of them because he needed Regina to cast the curse. They were basically partners in crime if you will.

  4. MSC says:

    Love Regina -centric episodes! Can’t wait!

  5. Eve says:

    Finally a Regina-centric. It’s been high time. These episodes never fail. They are always interesting.

    • Just sayin' says:

      It’s only been like 9 episodes since her last centric? And she had a flashback in the last episode?

      • Eve says:

        It’s been like 84 years. No wonder the show’s popularity kept declining. That flashback in the last episode wasn’t even about her. She was Hook’s supporting player. And the one who made him reconsider his plan to kill Emma’s family.
        Yeah, Regina always saves the day.
        That’s why they planned her 100th. To set ground rules in the UW and save the show. Hehe.

        • Eliza says:

          Actually, that poster is almost correct. Regina’s last centric was “The Price” which was the second episode this season. If you don’t include her appearance in the last episode “Swan Song”, it’s been 10 (not 9) episodes since the last Regina-centric. Considering Regina has also had by far the most flashback episodes (Rumple might be up there as well), you come off a bit melodramatic when you say it’s been 84 years since her last centric.

  6. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for the scoop Matt. Can’t wait until the 6th. Hope you had a blast last night and the party.

  7. Oncer says:

    I’m glad that Regina is getting a centric episode but did it really have to be the 100 episode,,i mean shouldn’t that be Emma centric since she is the main character.

    • EvilRegalDada says:

      It depends on one’s point of view. I don’t think Emma is the main character. Regina is. If there was no (not so) Evil Queen, I wouldn’t watch the show ☺ and I know I’m not the only one.

      • Eliza says:

        No, it doesn’t depend on point of view. In terms of story structure and the way the show is written, Emma is the main protagonist. If you asked the writers to pick one character who would be the closest to the lead main character, I guarantee you they would all say Emma. If my point of view is that Rumple is the main character because he’s my favorite, I can be allowed to say that, but it wouldn’t necessarily be true.

        • Glen says:

          For the love of God, there is no “main protagonist” or “lead main character”. These terms do not exist. The protagonist is the main character. End of story. There is no superlative version of that. Either you are the protagonist/main character or you’re not. I know fans are often obsessed with making their fav the most special snowflake to ever snowflake and I honestly don’t care, but as someone who’s dealing with linguistics and narratology every single day this sort of thing makes me cringe.

      • EmberValdez says:

        I agree and disagree with you. No, Emma is not the main character, but neither is Regina. I’m pretty sure nobody is the MAIN character. They all have their own times. I mean, it could be argued that Henry is the main character. If it weren’t for him believing in his book (and wantinh to meet his real mom), he would never had went out looking for Emma. It could also be said that Peter Pan is the main reason for a lot of things. If he hadn’t been so set on be young again (yes I know, he named himself Peter Pan after Rumple’s old toy, but I don’t know his real name in the show), he never would’ve left Rumple. Yes, he had been a gamblerbut still.There’s lots of different points of views in OUAT and that’s why I love it.

  8. Oncer says:

    Shouldn’t the 100 episode be Emma centric since she is the main character

  9. Brandi says:

    Greg Germann as Hades!!! That’s fantastic!!! I’d watch just for that.

  10. It's Delovely says:

    Can’t wait to see Chip again, and the Rumple/Belle scene. I wonder if it’s a scene of them saying goodbye to one another before he left for the Underworld? Also looking forward to seeing the Blind Witch again, and trying to figure out who the reappearing character from the pilot is.

  11. Chet says:

    Why are Hookers worried? The entire series is about Hook now. Regina will get shoved into the background like everyone else in episode 2.

    • Vari says:

      Im not worried. And i dont think thats happening sadly lol. (like she hasnt had more backstories and focus all seasons) lol

      • Eve says:

        That’s just not true. She did have the focus in S1 together with Rumple (but lo and behold, nobody complains about THAT) and in S2. After that, she’s had a fair amount of time like anyone else. She did have two centrics in 3A, but how many in 3B again?
        Oh and there is always 4A. Not one, right?
        I really don’t understand what you’re all complaining.
        Emma is indeed the protagonist, and the focus is always on her. Always, no matter how many “centrics” Regina has had.
        She’s just had a major arc + CS arc.
        There is absolutely NO reason to complain.
        Another reason for Regina-the Evil Queen to have the 100th episode – she brings in ratings.

        • Kay says:

          Regina centrics always get the lowest ratings every season…and 2b, 3b and 4b were all about her and her boring ass story and now 5b is apparently along with the 100th episode for crying out loud!

    • Wish83 says:

      That’s what makes dealing with his fans so exhausting and tiring. Yeah, I know that’s harsh maybe and I don’t want to generalize as I’m sure there are nicer ones too, but the loud ones who comment on every article on the net, the loud ones, come off like bratty children now.

      Regina, Snow and Rumple will likely get 1 episode for each of them tops, Charming, Robin and Belle may not even get their own centrics. Between three dozen scenes of Hook and Emma babbling about their undying love, more Hook backstory that’s relevant for nothing else storywise, Zelena being her usual over the to villain self and the Underworld stuff getting its own eps. So really. Can’t they just let fans who like characters other than Hook and CS be happy they get a single episode for their favorites in this whole arc?

      Like, that’s how spoiled children act. You get so much from the writing and promotion, but is it ever enough? No, of course. Of course you feel like you’re entitled to having what little attention this show gives to anyone who’s not CS taken away and given to your favorites, too. Exhausting, so very exhausting.

      • Get Off Your High Horse says:

        Every single character fan does this. When there were articles being written about Hook being the Dark One, there were plenty of Regina and Rumple fans who complained like children for the exact same reasons you listed. So stop trying to make it seem like it’s exclusively an issue to Hook fans…this ENTIRE FANDOM is full of exhausting childish fans. If you haven’t seen the exhausting and tiring comments from Regina and Rumple and SQ and Rumbelle fans, then consider yourself lucky. They’re just as loud and bratty.

  12. Aly says:

    After a really bad first half of the season, I’m quite looking forward to this episode – being Regina-centric and seeing Cora again (Barbara Hershey is amazing). We haven’t had many Regina-centric eps recently, especially with Emma-Emma-Emma in 5A, which I’m quite frankly bored of (A&E have both said there are three leads of this show – Emma, Regina and Snow). Hopefully 5B starts as it means to go on…

    • Jemma says:

      Can I just ask, when did they say that? I’ve always seen Emma as the main character…

      • Wish83 says:

        Google “‘Once Upon a Time’ team: We show women who aren’t afraid of power”. That’s one article I know off the top of my head in which they discuss writing a show with three women as their leads. They get into it by describing how they see OUAT as a show about mothers and how they have the three women in this different motherhood roles/family dynamics. But if you go back and watch season 1 again… it’s also just obvious from their writing. Emma as one central role as the savior, but Snow and Regina’s roles are no less important. They are all just important in different ways. And the screentime was equally distributed as well.

    • Griffin says:

      I’m looking forward to see the interaction between Cora and Regina also. You’re right about 5A it was basically all Emma. I’m ready for more Regina and Snow as well as Emma.

  13. crysania4 says:

    Totally here for Chip and a Rumple/Belle flashback!

  14. Rebecca says:

    I wonder if the 100th episode will reveal whether or not A/E will write in Emilie’s pregnancy?

  15. Swanfire says:

    The Regina-centric episodes have always been the show’s strongest episodes. Emma has always been a main character in Storybrooke. We generally didn’t see Emma-centric flashbacks until this season. I can’t wait for 5b. Thanks for the scoop.

    • anon says:

      Well that might be in your opinion, but in ratings, the lowest-rated episode of every season so far has been a regina-centric (1×18, 2×20, 3×18, 4×17) except last season was robin’s which is pretty much regina’s since his only role on the show is as her boyfriend.

      and we got a whole episode of emma flashbacks in 2×06, tallahassee, when we see her history with neal…judging by your username i’m surprised you didn’t know that. and while they were mostly terrible episodes, 4×05 and 4×19 were all emma flashbacks too, in addition to 4×10, all of which had abby ross playing young emma. there’ve been several emma flashbacks, just not a whole seasons worth like there are of regina flashbacks.

      • Eve says:

        Ah.. Really?
        The pattern here is well established in all series. The ratings are inevitably the lowest in episodes 17-20. Then they go up.
        I agree about The Stable Boy. That’s because, as they say, they don’t want to watch “the spoled brat whine over her dead lover’s body”.
        The Evil Queen was not the lowest rated of S2. It was Tiny.
        3×18 wasn’t even a “Regina-centric”, for heaven’s sakes. It was a Cora centric with strong reference to Snow’s family. Regina didn’t even have a centric in 3B.
        As for 4×17, It is a Robin-centric with lots of Zelena/Rumple moments. Regina was there like for 2 minutes out of 42. Robin is a new character so his role in OUAT should be established in time. I hope so, given that newsletter from Sean Maguire’s agent and his cryptic reply about the “rumor”.
        Oh and the best part is that the lowest rated S4 episode was Sympathy for the Devil.

  16. Katie says:

    Well, if I wasn’t already excited for this episode (I was) this would do the trick! Sounds like it’s going to be a good one.

    A little stumped on this one, though: “a character whom we first met in the series pilot and who has not been seen in a while resurfaces when you last expect” – Wouldn’t that have to mean that either they managed to get Jamie Dornan back, or Archie/Blue/Gepetto died off-screen?

    • Teresa says:

      Someone else in the comment section was also wondering about who it could be. I’m pretty sure it’s Sidney Glass. He came out in the pilot and Giancarlo Esposito (the actor who portrays Sidney Glass) was said to be coming back for the 100th episode.

      • Firestorm says:

        Sidney was not in the pilot. Is he the returning character (which btw was already announced)? So is it a mistake then?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yeah it’s not Sydney.

        • Cory says:

          Well it would not be Sydney anyways as he and the magic mirror were not introduced until episode 2. The only person that comes to mind was Graham (at least as far as dead characters are) I mean he was introduced in the pilot, he has not been seen since episode “Welcome to Storybrooke” in season 2, and he is dead. Not to mention, I know there was a blind item not to long ago stating that there was a character returning to a show despite how they went out. That the actor was kept pretty well hidden to ensure that it would not be leaked out. Something like that means it has to be a huge return, and what would be bigger than Graham in real time, and not just some flashback?… I know the creators said that they would love to have him back, but he was just so busy… yeah, we’ve heard that before from many show creators. I’m 86% sure it is Graham.

  17. Renaboss says:

    Matt, I am stumped as to who it could be showing up from the pilot episode… I hope you don’t mean Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror, cos he debuted in episode 2…

  18. kate says:

    My bet for the return is that Disney asked Marvel to give Sebastian Stan a day off for the Mad Hatter to return maybe just to give them another path back like if he is dead but still has the hat.

  19. Kay says:

    I certainly won’t be watching this live – I need to be able to fast forward the Regina parts. I just…I can’t believe they’re wasting the 100th episode on a freaking Regina centric! It will be exactly like the 50 other Regina centrics we already have which tell the same boring story over and over again – oh look Regina is murdering everyone but it’s not her fault, look can’t you see she’s crying! Why can’t they do an Emma centric (she’s only had about 5 flashbacks in 5 seasons!) or make it about everybody???

    • Wish83 says:

      Just because Regina, Snow White, Charming and the dwarfs are the ones who appear in flashbacks doesn’t mean they’re the only ones this episode is about. Chill out. We’ll get to see everyone arriving in the Underworld in the present day timeline. Matt already said it’s tied to Regina because this is the angle they use to open up this new world to the viewer in the first episode. I don’t get why you have to act like you’ll see nothing but Regina in this episode when nothing in spoilers and articles confirms that. Just relax and watch the episode before you freak out about not getting what you think you should get.

    • Laila E says:

      Unless you want the show cancelled, knock yourself out. It’s the first episode of the 5B arc that matters. From there, as every time, the ratings go down inevitably.
      If the show is cancelled, you won’t be able to enjoy your Emma (whom we’ve seen a lot anyway).
      Anyone whining or threatening not to watch because it’s Regina centric, think about it.

  20. Becca says:

    The only characters we haven’t seen in a long time who were in the pilot are Graham and that random guy Emma went on a fake date with so she could take him into custody.

    Regina’s dad, Sidney Glass, and the Blind Witch didn’t appear until episode 2. Of those 3, the only one we haven’t seen in a while is the Blind Witch.

    Unless they’re counting Archie who we last saw in 4×03, but that really wasn’t that long ago.

    • Freddie says:

      What about Archie/Jiminy Cricket? Anyway, it’s probably a good thing that the premiere will be Regina-centric. If anything, the last half-season shows that the show can’t write “good” characters unless they’re villains (albeit lame ones).

  21. Jenny says:

    Please let the character from the pilot be Graham! And that he can finally let everyone know it was Regina who killed him and it wasn’t just a freak accident like Emma thinks it was.

  22. Corey says:

    I hope we will get to see the snow queen. I wish they would explore malificents baby daddy that they promised the viewers in season 5

  23. IMBGAT says:

    Apparently they find Hook in the 100th episode and he looks horrible. Since filming started back in January he’s looked like his normal self. What do you think happened to him? Is Hook going to be the character that receives going experience and extreme reversal of fortune? I feel like Emma and Hook will share a heart by the end of the episode or something drastic will happen that brings Hook back to life by the end of the episode. Do you think they’ll give CS their TLK/moment within the first 5 episodes?

  24. Chloie says:

    This has gotten me more excited for the show then I’ve been in a long time. Great variety in the teases. Sounds like a big ensemble episode.

    But I’m also incredibly excited to hear Regina has a nice bit of focus. Her centric episodes have always colored the canvas of the show and her role is always relevant to the overall story of an arc. Regina adds so many layers to the storylines and the shows themes. Her having a prominent role in a milestone episode beginning an arc makes sense.

    Thanks again for the teases, Matt!

  25. tracy says:

    So excited for more Regina! She’s my favorite character. Can’t wait to watch this episode.

  26. Thank god! We’ve been deprived of Regina for far too long. I like all of the other characters, but I feel like Emma & Hook have been shoved down our throats so much lately, that I’m getting a bit fed up of them. Which is a shame because I have always enjoyed their story lines before. I wish there was more of a balance between them all.

  27. Jen says:

    This sounds interesting! I was very weary of the show after 5A, and determined to stop watching. While I enjoy almost all of the characters, Regina is my favorite, so I may not be able to resist watching this one (damn you Horowitz & co. for luring me back one last time). But whomever the focus is of the episodes, I hope the writers go back to character based writing. This plot based writing has ruined it for me.

  28. I’m so happy we’re finally getting a Regina-centric. It’s been so long and don’t forget that the whole show begun centering around the Evil Queen’s curse. There’s no one main character on this show and Emma gets plenty of screen time all through the seasons – more than anyone else so there’s no reason to complain. The 100th will be amazing!

  29. Becca says:

    I for one cannot wait for the episode. Regina and Cora is still such an interesting and rich dynamic and I have missed the Evil Queen. Always a great reminder of how far Regina has come and how far we have come with her.

  30. Anna says:

    People are exhausting, aren’t they Matt? Love Regina! Love that you gave us this scoop… Wish you hadn’t been bullied into changing the wording of the article, but that’s no fault of yours! Welcome, again, to the OUAT fandom. 😘

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, I changed a word because in retrospect, there is almost equal amounts of Emma’s own journey. But the flashbacks certainly give Regina the edge if one were to call this a “-centric” episode.

    • Eliza says:

      Matt wasn’t bullied into anything. He’s a professional journalist. If he felt the need the need to change any wording, it’s because he had a good reason for it.

  31. Eesh says:

    I love that the people complaining about a Regina centric are all CS fans. Hook dominated the 2nd half of a disappointing 5A, and I for one am thankful that we seem to be returning to the women of the show. We are long overdue for a good Regina centric.

    • Eliza says:

      Yes, and guess which fans all flocked to the comments sections and complained when Hook was the centric of “Swan Song”? It’s the circle of life in the Once fandom. When Hook gets a centric, fans complain. When Regina gets a centric, fans complain. Repeat ad nauseam.

  32. Scarlett says:

    I’m not a Regina fan, so I’m a little bummed that they’re making her a big focus of the 100th episode. I’d rather the focus be on Emma and her mission to save Hook. The scene with Henry sounds interesting, though, and it’ll be cool to see the returning characters.

    Oh, and please, if they’re going to focus on Regina for the 100th, I hope they at least give Robin Hood a big role, too. He’s about the only thing that makes Regina bearable, and it’s annoying how they turn this legendary hero into a background character.

  33. robson21 says:

    Matt is it true that Sean Maguire is leaving his role as robin hood?

  34. Briar says:

    Doing justice? pls i don’t believe it

  35. Kerry says:

    Any ideas around room 8 reference!? I’ve been racking my brain

  36. Nina says:

    Regina is the best character on the show by far! I was tired of her being left aside for so long!! Her arc with Robin has so much potential and they just don’t use that!!! Ginny and Josh also need a LOT more space to work on the show. I’m so tired of it being Once Upon Emma and Hook.. They aren’t even the best characters on the show! I need more zelena too tbh

  37. Christina says:

    Thank you for the tidbits Matt! So glad that the episode pays some focus to Regina at last. After the first half of the season being entirely about two characters, I think she at least has earned all the rights to own the milestone episode (then again, she owns them all even with 1 second of screentime)! :)

  38. Jenn says:

    Too many Regina centrics…we already know she was a poor unloved child who has no fault of the crimes she has commited as an adult. 100 ep should’ve been about Emma, Henry, the Charmings or at least something special with all the characters.

  39. Silvia says:

    I’m very happy about this!! I love Regina. My favorite character by far!!

  40. Bella says:

    So so excitd for a Regina-centric episode! She hasn’t gotten so much screentime in the first half of the season, so she deserves this one!

  41. Just A Person says:

    It’s about time we’re getting more Regina in this season. It was getting kind of dull with her being pushed to the background.

  42. Glen says:

    I’m glad they’re getting Barbara Hershey back. I really like the character she plays. Looking forward to the 100th ep.

  43. Ben says:

    Sounds great! Definitely looking forward to more Regina- I felt like last fall was, too its detriment, way too lopsided. I miss the balance this show had with Emma, Snow, Regina, Charming, Rumple, and Hook all prominently featured. I think Neverland probably did the best job of that and I was hoping Camelot would too. Although I’d never say no to a bit more Henry and Belle too!

  44. Morgan says:

    So excited for a Regina episode. Not to mention Cora and the amazingly tragic relationship between the two of them. I feel they are doing the 100th ep justice with these teasers, not to mention an Evil queen ep, haven’t had a proper one in season 5a

  45. Artina says:

    I’m actually happy about this being a Regina centric episode it has been far to long. Lana as well as other core characters are the reason this show has been such a huge success. However the decline in viewership has to be acknowledged and that is because it has become a ship show. The writers need to go back and look at season one and do that again because it was dynamic. This show is about a family of strong Women you do not need a man to save them that was Adams words every time he spoke about the show. Three strong women who are brought together all for the love of one boy. Adam Eddy you guys have lost focus and as a true fan of this show if you can’t find it END it. I loved this show I loved the characters that you created some more than others I’ll admit. I want to love this show again but only if it goes back to beginning . When this show was about family and not the latest squeeze

  46. Yuval says:


  47. Atrin says:

    Good to see Regina getting some screentime after going largely missing a few eps into the mostly god awful first half of the season.

  48. I’m excited to have a Regina-centric episode! I know that it will nicely tie together all the other characters arc’s as well! Of all the people who are travelling to the Underworld (with the exception of Rumple), Regina will have the most potential for painful interactions with people from her past. I am excited to see the other characters witness those interactions, and see how they respond.

  49. J1020 says:

    This is very exciting! Considering this whole show hinges on Regina’s original curse, and the fact that they’re going to the Underworld (and it’s safe to say the former Evil Queen should ave lots of unfinished business), it makes perfect sense to me to have this landmark episode be a Regina-centric. Plus her centrics amost always bring excellent development to everyone else’s stories too, probably because she’s the one who has the most connections to the rest of the core cast. Bring on more Regina! As for the return visitor from the pilot, tell me it’s Archie! He was always good for perspective, which I think they’ll sorely need in the UW

  50. jr35 says:

    Regina’s one of my favorites, so I don’t mind the occasional Regina-centric episodes. :)