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Rick and Michonne Romance

Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Weighs In on the 'Amazing, Beautiful, Moving' Twist He Never Saw Coming

The following story contains massive spoilers from Sunday’s The Walking Dead. If you have yet to watch the episode, hit the nearest exit.

Walking Dead leading man Andrew Lincoln literally screamed when he found out the show was finally pulling the trigger on a Rick-Michonne romance. Although Lincoln says co-star Danai Gurira “had an inkling” producers were heading in an intimate direction with the characters, the actor maintains that he “had no idea.”

Below, Lincoln opens up about how he first learned that love would blossom between the “two warriors,” reveals what he and Gurira did to prepare for Sunday’s big love scene and teases the obstacles that threaten to stand in the way of their “burgeoning, beautiful romance.”

TVLINE | When and how did you find out that this was happening?
Danai had been acting weird in the makeup trailer a few days before [the episode started shooting]. The midseason premiere was quite busy for me, so I hadn’t had a chance to read the script for [Episode 10] yet. She was just acting weird and bashful and kind of shy [around me]. And I was like, “What is wrong with you? Why are you not talking to me?” And she said, “Have you read it yet?” And I said, “What are you talking about?” And she said, “Have you read [Episode 10]?” And at that point I had only read through Act 3, so I said, “Yes, it’s great. The episode is tonally very different. It’s funny and light.” And she said, “No, have you gotten to the final scene.” And I said, “No.” And then, of course, I [went back and] read it and I just screamed. I ran to [her] trailer and I said, “What?! Why didn’t you tell me!” And she said, “I couldn’t! I was freaking out!”

TVLINE | Once the shock wore off, how did you feel about their coupling from a creative standpoint?
It was amazing. Certainly, people have been waiting for so long for this to happen. When we [shot it] we wanted it to have a feeling like these two great friends just looked at each other and realized, “Of course.” It was just natural… And Michonne has been a mother figure and best friend to Carl for so long. And she saved Rick’s life and Carl’s life on countless occasions. There’s something rather moving about these two warriors getting together.

TVLINE | How did you and Danai prepare for the scene? You’ve worked together for years, but never on this intimate a level.
You kind of hold hands, walk to the edge of the cliff and jump — and continue holding hands. It’s that thing where you just trust someone. I’ve been working alongside the brilliant, bright and superbly talented Danai Gurira for three-and-a-half years now. I’ve admired and respected her as a workmate. Also, it is part of the job description. It’s there in the small print, Michael. [Laughs] This is what we’re paid to do. Fortunately, I got such an amazing and beautiful leading lady… But it is unusual and it is strange.

My only reticence is that I hope people realize there was a six-week-to-two-month time jump [since last week’s episode]. When I read it, it jarred me a little bit coming on the back of [Jessie’s death]. But Jessie was vastly important in opening up a side of Rick that was shut down since Lori’s death. And this is an evolution of that. Jessie was a valuable [part] of him exploring that side of himself.

TVLINE | You mentioned that it’s in the job description, but romance and happiness rarely come into play on The Walking Dead. Was it refreshing to be able to play those beats on such a dark, violent show?
Yes. It was. And all the stuff with [Rick and Daryl] in this episode was a hoot. We had such fun. It was just a completely different energy on set. The crew was quite amused by it, as well. But it felt natural. And I think [showrunner] Scott [Gimple]’s intention was to give people a glimpse into a potential civilization. What could be. What are we fighting for if you can’t fall in love? If you can’t have humor and laughter again? That’s hopefully what this episode was about. These are whole people who can laugh and can live again… Also, you guys — the audience deserves a little bit of a break.

TVLINE | Yes, we do!
To be fully committed as a fan to this show is, sometimes, a matter of endurance. And I commend you all. [Laughs] It’s an amazing commitment. Because you do suffer alongside the characters. If you love a character that gets killed, it’s agony.

TWDTVLINE | That morning-after overhead shot of Rick and Michonne laying in bed was very artful. How much discussion was there about the placement of your hands and legs? 

Honestly, we could’ve written a thesis about the placement. [Laughs] There was a lot of conversation about how much body contact there should be. And how intimate it should be. I’m really thrilled that it came through. We wanted it to feel like this was the first time, that they were in love and that they were equals in all areas. And we wanted it to feel natural, beautiful and grownup.

TVLINE | What can you say about where their relationship goes from here? Do they panic and pull back? Do they go full-steam ahead?
The story moves very fast from here. [Laughs] Unfortunately, like with most moments in the show, things get in the way of a burgeoning, beautiful romance. But where there’s life, there’s hope. It was a lovely respite, but we do get back to more of a normal show in the next six episodes. We meet a lot more people, and the world opens up in beautiful, brilliant, but also quite terrifying way. So, hold that thought. I don’t think the romance is going anywhere. I think that they love each other. But you may have to wait a little while before the next moment of intimacy.

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  1. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    YASSSSSS….RICHONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY. Overall great episode.

    • JJ says:


    • Yes, tell it like it is!!!!! RICHONNE!

    • I don’t care about the people who stop watching, they won’t be a significant enough portion to get the show cancelled. It’s pointless to argue with people on this site (or anywhere else for that matter) they’ll never own up to their true feelings. It’s always the same tired excuses when it comes to BW/WM becoming canon on TV (even though BW/WM parings are rare) She’s too independent for a man (as if black women aren’t worthy of love or romance) I saw them as brother and sister (so just because their myopic little eyes saw them that way EVERYONE else must see them that way too) They’re aren’t enough platonic relationships on TV (funny how platonic relationships only matter when one half of a pairing is a black woman). It’s too soon (but it wasn’t too soon for Jesse). Black female characters are always held to a different and unrealistic standard. It was OK when Michonne was a warrior with not feelings, or if she had feeling they were OK so long as they weren’t romantic ( at least not towards Rick or Daryl)

      Rarely do you ever get someone who is 100% honest with their racism, because they do not want to appear racist towards black people, but because they don’t want to appear racist to their equally racist friends, they don’t care how they come across to black people, and will only talk over you (as if they know better) when you try and educate them. We’re not supposed to talk about racism because it makes racist uncomfortable, and they’d like to keep on believing that racism is a thing of a past. Why why would a discussion about racism ever be comfortable?

      None of their hate, self-denial, or issues, will stop me form enjoying the fact that Richonne has become canon, and in such a beautiful way too. I’ve wanted Rick and Michonne to get together since before the show. I’ve wanted them together since the comics. Andrea and Rick came out of nowhere in the comics, hardly heard a world of complaint about that from anyone. Same thing with Rick and Jessie, it was all it’s “Oh about time Rick found some one.” Michonne isn’t the type most of TWD fandom would think Rick would find attractive, and have no trouble saying so on social media, constantly saying it, but ask every person who doesn’t like the idea of Rick and Michonne as a couple and they’ll sing you the same song. “It’s got nothing do with race.

      Oh well nothing I can do to change their mind and nothing they can do to change mines.
      My ship is canon and nothing anyone says can take that away. Scott Gimple had been planning this for three seasons, and if you didn’t see it, it’s because you didn’t want to. A of TWD fans are only OK with Michonne if she “stays in her place” as a black woman, and that place is not a love interest, especially not for the white male lead, messes up their ability to self-insert

      • LanceUppercut says:

        So, like, you mean…they’re just being racists?

      • Lynn Taylor says:

        I believe that true Love sees no color only the loving soul of a person. It will take awhile longer for racism to end but I hope for humanity’s sake it will end one day for my children,our Grand children or further down my lineage. We are all the same inside until people open their minds and hearts racism will stay but I’ve raised my kids /young adult men, Love knows no boundaries follow your heart regardless where it leads loving is the only thing that matters. Not race, or sex of a mate should matter for true love.

      • Scout says:

        Very well-stated. And thank you for saying it. LOVE Richonne. Long may it last!

      • Raven12 says:

        Lectures, lectures, lectures. Really did you have to go off on one like that. A lot of us could like the chemistry of an interracial coupling on one show, but not like it on another. I adore and waited for Rck/Michonne since they looked at one another over a barbed fence surrounded by walkers. The screen literally caught on flames when they shared a scene then after. But I see nothing special about WestAllen. I can see more fire between Lucifer and Mazikeen but see nothing in Ichabbie. So does that make me a part-time racist? No just means chemistry is subjective.

      • Glenda says:

        Well said. 😎👍

      • Veronica Griffin says:

        I think it was too soon because I think Michonne deserved more consideration and respect. His ex little romance died a few weeks prior. It was way too soon. I wanted to see a realization from Rick..I wanted to see a gradual build up…not a flippin rebound or help me through my grief kinda thing. They cheapened what could have been a magnificent story line and romance.

      • This word…”Canon”…I do not think you know what it means…

      • Norwegian says:

        I am white Norwegian woman. My dislike for Richonne has nothing to do with racism. I think Rick is mentally unstable, and after he tried to sacrifice Michonne by giving her to the governor, I lost all respect for him, as a character. He also tortured Michonne when they first met, by stabbing her wound, and no sane woman would have forgiven that.

        However, I would rather see Michonne with Rick, than that awful Jessie. She was just horrible. It took Rick five days to kill her husband, by creating an opportunity.

        Michonne is amazing, she deserves someone amazing. And mentally stable. But now, all the good ones are either taken (Glenn), weird (Eugene, who I adore), gay (Aaron) or not interested in romances (Gabriel, Daryl)

        I would love Michonne and Heath together, but then you would accuse me of being racist, wouldn’t you? You do not seem to be very tolerant or open minded, come to think of it.

        • La says:

          I’m sorry, but why Heath? Who is he again? Lol. I just had to look him up (that should tell you). Why would you prefer him for Michonne? Is it because they are both black and therefore seems better suited In your eyes? You just proved the OP’s point.

          • Winni says:

            I feel like you didn’t properly read everything she wrote. She doesn’t like Richonne because she doesn’t like Rick. It doesn’t seem to be about race for her, especially since she likes them better than Rick and Jessie. Some people do have problems because of their ‘races’ but I don’t think she’s one of those people.

          • La says:

            This is for winni below….. I’ve already analyzed all that, but her open dislike for Jessie doesn’t mean anything. It could be the lesser of two evils scenario., And therefore, she could still have issues seeing a black woman romantically with a white leading male charector, or with any other while male. It could also be subconscious. Why didn’t she suggest Daryl, Jesus or even Deanna’s older son? Again, why associate Michonne with Heath out of all the other choices?

          • Winni says:

            She did mention Daryl and put him as uninterested in relationships (which I agree). She did the same thing with Father Gabriel who’s black. Why in the world should she mention Spencer? That guy is pathetic at best. Michonne could never see him as anything more than future walker food. Heath can at least take care of himself and has some leadership skills. Look I absolutely live for Richonne (I’m obsessed!) but I’m not going to question every hater’s motives, especially one who gives valid reasons why they dislike it. Also a racist will never think an interracial couple is the lesser of two evils when paired with a white couple.

          • Winni says:

            Forgot about Jesus. If she did mention him, I would have been annoyed since we didn’t know much about him at the time. She also didn’t mention Morgan (thank God), which is a lot of people’s go to.

      • Grace says:

        I was irritated when he went for Jessie. I was like: “Dude! Michonne is RIGHT THERE! Badass, super hot, and ALWAYS has his back. Second mom to his kids. Come on.

  2. Pati says:

    Omg I love Andrew Lincoln and the entire scene was so sweet how they were looking at each other and the ending was so good. Loved this episode

  3. Fed up says:

    Cannot believe that just happened! What is wrong with yal. You just lost some fans that have been with the show since the beginning. We’re done so you go right ahead and keep muddy up the water if thats what you think the PEOPLE want. Dumb… move…thanks for ruining it for us.

    • Molly says:

      Eeesh not even going to try to guess what you mean by this….

      • Peachy says:

        To muddy the waters is to stir things up. Ever jump into a creek and see the water change? I don’t read the comics but I’m going to assume this story line veers from the novel. People really need to stop assuming that everything is racist. It makes me wonder more where you mind immediately went then original commenters.

        • Winter says:

          It kind of veers from the comics in that this story line occurs but with a different character to is already dead (and has been for sometime) on the show. Otherwise it unfolds pretty similarly. I agree I don’t think Fed up was being racist but I personally am excited about Richonne.

          • Peachy says:

            Lol… way to leave me hanging! On the edge of my seat trying to figure out who, we’ve lost so many. I have to say I was shocked, but in a good way. The Rick/Michonne was something I kinda always wanted to see happen, but was afraid it would mean we would lose her. Relationships seem to always end in a painful loss with TWD.

          • Lynn Taylor says:

            I am glad they are veering away from the comics. I think it is better this way more creative, great writers award winners in my book thank you for be blessed with your talents continue to surprise us, on pins in needles for upcoming shows I hope this show lasts for many, many more years fan for life ♡

        • Doogonotpu says:

          The language is questionable in the context. When using a ridiculous cliche to justify whatever you’re justifying you should think things through. If you’re talking about an interracial romance and you’re making a point to post on an article about it, put up or shut up.

      • Lynn Taylor says:

        To those Dead heads we lose over this eposode : See ya this doesn’t hurt TWD one bit losing you as a fan. This is very artful! I’m glad they finally came together a love has always been there regardless if they are of race, true love sees no color but only sees the beauty of the soul, it was plain out beautiful! Michonne was finally feeling real feelings again, not just going through the motions like she did before, but real. She was very vulnerable this time and Rick started coming around to this once he said to Carl that he wanted a chance to show him a new world meaning a real life,love and everything that comes with it, Hope for a real future to continue the race on. Then he started reacted like a,real human with letting music back into his life,soul this is where Daryl was having a,hard time with but I think music therapy is good for the soul, healing and hopefully Daryl comes around but it will be awhile. Andrew Im glad you didnt have the love seen scripted because you two did a great job it was Hot I just wonder how your wife felt about tgat seen it looked as if you wanted to devour that beautiful woman! Great Love scene by the two of you! To the writers great job! Awesome episode you left me wanting more…Thank You!

      • Lynn Taylor says:

        To those Dead heads we lose over this eposode : See ya this doesn’t hurt TWD one bit losing you as a fan. This is very artful! I’m glad they finally came together a love has always been there regardless if they are of race, true love sees no color but only sees the beauty of the soul, it was plain out beautiful! Michonne was finally feeling real feelings again, not just going through the motions like she did before, but real. She was very vulnerable this time and Rick started coming around to this once he said to Carl that he wanted a chance to show him a new world meaning a real life,love and everything that comes with it, Hope for a real future to continue the race on. Then he started reacting like a real human with letting music back into his life,soul this is where Daryl was having a,hard time with but I think music therapy is good for the soul, healing and hopefully Daryl comes around but it will be awhile. Andrew I’m glad you didnt have the love seen scripted because you two did a great job it was Hot!!! I just wonder how your wife felt about that scene it looked as if you wanted to devour that beautiful woman! Great Love scene by the two of you! To the writers great job! Awesome episode you left me wanting more…Thank You!

        • Lynn Taylor says:

          Sorry phone glitch reposted, but I think Carl is starting to have some feelings for a certain young lady! I can see a little change in Daryl not big but don’t count him out. I would like to see a little reprieve in this show a little normalcy allowing some new people in. Start rebuilding but still always alert and on guard. Some semblance of a new society forming. It won’t hurt we have to start rebuilding send taking chances on allowing new people in.

    • Kelechi says:

      Yes, I would like to know what you mean by this….muddying waters? But you had no problem with Rick and Jessie right?

    • Dysturbed says:

      By “us” you mean the very tiny portion of viewers who are too closed minded to accept the concept of an interracial romance? It’s a shame that such a thing can have such a negative impact on you, but to each their own.

      • Pavel Alves says:

        What the hell you talking about interracial? It’s wrong because Rick and Michonne are like brother and sister, there was absolutely NO romantic chemistry between them, just respect and friendship, except in the “closed minded” who keep cheering for couples like teen age girls!

        • CK says:

          A person complaining about an interracial relationship using the phrase “muddy up the waters” isn’t doing it on the grounds of chemistry or plot.

          • Right. Especially since when it was “Jessie” it didn’t “muddy up the waters.” They love each other. And Michonne was already living with Rick and his kids. She is practically Carl’s mother, so what is the problem. It was natural and wonderful. Made perfect sense. Yeah Richonne!!!!!!!

          • Lucifer says:

            A person thinking the term “muddy up the waters” is racist needs to actually look up what it means. I like Rick and Michonne together, but to try and claim people are racist for not wanting it because they liked the platonic dynamic of the two is completely ridiculous and ignorant.

        • Aidan Yawdor says:

          Hold the phone, so are you saying the way Rick looked at Michonne in ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’ ‘Clear’ ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ ‘Claimed’ ‘What’s Happened and What’s Going On’ ‘The Distance’ ‘Claimed’ ‘Conquer’ and ‘Heads Up’….That’s how you look at your sister? That’s just wrong man….

          • Lachel says:

            Personally, while Michonne is obviously positioned to be the perfect romantic partner for Rick – as someone on this thread pointed out, she’s practically Carl’s mother at this point and is a trusted companion, they live together, etc – and I have long wondered why they didn’t build a slow romance between them like with what happened with Jessie and Rick, I had just assumed the show writers didn’t want to do the cliche’d bit and put the two main male and female characters together. I very honestly never saw indication of interest between the two in any of their interactions up until last night’s episode.

            Maybe that sounds nuts to you, but I think the fact that the actors themselves had no idea this was coming is a good indication that those of us who are flabbergasted aren’t nuts for feeling this way and that, yeah, that’s how you look at your sister/best friend/whatever. They weren’t acting in a way to spark chemistry or anything, so those looks were not intended to be anything but deep platonic love between two very close friends who have been to hell and back together. Think of Sam & Frodo, for example. Certainly, I know I would look at my two best friends that way in the same situation.

          • Cami says:

            Exactly…lol. Says more about him than Michonne and Rick.

          • Cami says:

            Glad you pointed that out.

          • MISSY says:

            Don’t forget Rick also offered up his “sister” to the governor to be tortured and murdered. Some brother he is.

        • Shida says:

          come on u really think that idea just dropped out of the sky? this is something that was suppose to happen a long time ago but it had to take time.. I never saw them as brother and sister they grew as friends and guess what friends turn to lovers.. Rick shut down his emotional side after his wife died and that is where Jessie came in to pave the way for #Richonne

        • @ Pavel.
          I agree with you. I didn’t see any chemistry between Rick and Michonne. They seem more like friends than a romantic couple.

          I too tire of all the “shippers” out there who insist on pairing every one up – whether it’s Carol with Daryl or Daryl and Beth, or Rick and Jessie, or whomever. It’s very annoying and tiresome.

          • Jane says:

            Neither did I. (I expect I’ll be shot now). Never even thought about the, two that way. Close friends yes, but lovers? Nahhh. And Daryl and Carol?wtf? She’s like his big sister! All these damn shippers get on my nerves. It’s an apocalypse for Christ’s sake. Not some romantic slushy soap,opera. Sheesh.

        • Bailey says:

          Them being interracial may not be an issue for you but for some it is. I’ve been reading racist comment about their relationship since the episode aired. I never got the brother and sister vibe from them either. I always saw them as good friends slowly falling in love but not realizing it. I also think some don’t find Michonne desirable. If Michonne looked like Jessie everybody would be okay with it.

          • Right on point! And for those that whine about being an apocalypse kind of show, give me a break, nobody stopped eating, peeing, or other things, why would stop falling in love? And why stay alive if you already dead inside, incapable of feelings? It’s just an excuse, If you want to see only killing and gore, turn In ZNation. TWD always been and I hope always will be about the characters, and how they are able to survive and keep going on in the new world they live in.

      • Disappointed says:

        So if someone doesn’t like the same forced ship as you the only possible reason is cause they’re against interracial romance? What IS a shame is that people like you reach out to make use of the fact that they’re from different races as an argument against those who don’t support the same ship as you. People like you are what keep racism alive. There was absolutely no chemical romance between Rick and michonne. It’s just very forced. They had the most brother and sister relationship ever. Now, if we were to talk about Abraham and Sasha, now THOSE two were starting to have something. I’m sorry but this is going to disappoint a very BIG portion of the fan base, especially those who have been since the very beginning.

        • Michelle says:

          Explained how it was ” forced”?

          • Nataly says:

            All the series they’ve been watching each other’s back, being the most badass friends without a single romantic hint, then suddenly in a single episode michonne is living and banging with rick. Slightly forced. It would’ve been much better to see them develop a romantic relationship.

          • Wowzer says:

            Right. This is literally exactly how it happened in the comics with Andrea. She said something like “Might as well” and the next scene Carl called her mom.

        • There was absolutely no chemistry between Jesse and Rick. None. And Michonne and Rick had this tenderness of love and respect between them. It was wonderful.

          • flower1petals says:

            I agree. I never saw any chemistry with Jessie. Even though she’s been in 14 ep, I feel like I didn’t really know her. I felt nothing for her. He never looked at her the way he looked at Michonne. There is an above poster who named all the eps of him looking at her in that “way”. I’ve always seen it. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

        • Aidan Yawdor says:

          LOL, Can you give me the lotto numbers for next week???

        • YOU a Damme LIE! Real WALKING DEAD FANS and anyone who lives with another person for years, saved their LIFE REPEATEDLY not to mention Rick was always checking Michonnes ASS out through out the seasons WANTED THIS! You are as WORSE as the If Daryl Dixon dies we RIOT FAKE ASS FANS that if they don’t get what they want they claim they going to STOP WATCHING! PLEASE! Muddy the water though?

      • anderson says:

        I agree. This is what the true fans have been waiting for.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Now now, let’s not start with the “true fan” comments. Just because some people don’t like the pairing does not mean they are not passionate about the show. People have different likes and dislikes, can we deal with that without the labeling?!?!?!

          • True FANS would NEVER STOP WATCHING are just because their favorite dies or get laid by someone other than your personal CHOICE! I had a fit when Shane DIED,I wasn’t happy when Rick was falling for Jessie,even if my favorite Michonne DIES I still would WATCH! So like I said FAKE ASS FANS NEEDS TO STOP WATCHING!

        • Lachel says:

          I don’t think this has anything to do with being a true fan or not. I’ve been there with the show since day 1. Every Sunday night, my family gets together and we watch our beloved characters survive this crazy zombie apocalypse. I would consider myself a true fan, but I’m still not onboard with how they made this pairing a thing.

          I don’t hate Richonne – certainly, Michonne is positioned to be the perfect partner for Rick – but I seriously didn’t see this coming realistically. Maybe that sounds nuts to you, but I think the fact that the actors themselves had no idea this was coming is a good indication that those of us who are flabbergasted aren’t nuts for feeling this way. They weren’t acting in a way to spark chemistry or anything, so what the rest of us got from them was nothing more than deep platonic love between two very close friends who have been to hell and back together. They should have spent at least a few episodes turning that platonic love (like I said, not even the actors themselves saw this coming) into an obvious romantic/sexual one, not just dumped it all into being in the last 5 minutes of the episode.

          • Doogonotpu says:

            But the actors did see it coming. Did you read the article? Not everyone can make inferences. Nothing to be ashamed about.

          • Veronica Griffin says:

            Absolutely!! I agree 100%! They dumped it on us. I feel cheated …there was no progression. Part of the fun of watching a romance develop is the actual development. I just don’t find it believable. Plus…his last love interest died a couple of weeks prior. I find this all so cheap and annoying

          • Bailey says:

            First, Jessie wasn’t Rick’s wife. Second, 2 months has passed. Is Rick suppose to mourn over someone he’s only known briefly? As for Michonne, there was a build up. Little hints here and there. Not the shows fault some people didn’t catch on. This is also an apocalypse things move fast. Did some viewers want Rick to take Michonne out on a date first,so they can understand something was brewing?

    • Michelle says:

      -1 racist.


    • naynay says:

      STFU ignorant a$$ racist — get with the times — it is the apocalypse, idiot!

    • Aidan Yawdor says:

      If you’re a fan from the beginning, you should have seen this coming. You weren’t very good at English literature were you? RICHONNE! RICHONNE! goodbye one fan, the other 14mil will let you know how it works out.

      • Doogonotpu says:

        I literally said the same thing. Making inferences is something that you learn in literature class.

        • Lachel says:

          Unfortunately where you had responded to me previously didn’t give me the chance to reply to you so I figured I continue the conversation here.

          I did read the article. Did you?

          “Although Lincoln says co-star Danai Gurira “had an inkling” producers were heading in an intimate direction with the characters, the actor maintains that he “had no idea.””

          So, I misspoke in saying neither had an idea this was coming. Danai “had an inkling”. Andrew had no idea though – main character, half of the pairing – was primely positioned to have more insight than us, and yet he had no idea and Danai only had an inkling. So, this has nothing to do with whether I am able to make inferences or not. I was *excellent* in English class – one of the top students, always in the accelerated programs, tested out of college English requirements while in high school, etc. I have plenty of capability and experience making inferences from texts and analyzing works, but I seriously think that there was more chemistry between Daryl and Beth or Daryl and Carol even, than there’s been between Rick and Michonne. Hell, there’s almost more chemistry between Daryl and Rick than between Rick and Michonne.

          It’s not that I’m necessarily against the idea of Richonne, but I just don’t think the progression of that aspect of their relationship was done well at all. They have always seemed like very close friends, not lovers. That’s how they’ve been portrayed for 5.5 seasons. And, certainly, the actors weren’t acting in a way to put chemistry within the relationship if Andrew Lincoln had no idea it was going to go that way and Danai Gurira only had an inkling the producers were headed in that direction.

          • Bailey says:

            Daryl and Beth had more chemistry? We are obviously not watching the same show.

          • Winni says:

            lol you lost some credibility with “That’s how they’ve been portrayed for 5.5 seasons”. They met 3 seasons ago.

            Close friends become lovers all the time. My ex was my good friend for years before we dated. All it takes is one situation, setting, moment, etc. for a spark to ignite into flames of desire.

    • Skm says:

      I totally agree. They have no chemistry I hope they find that out. First they make Rick and Daryl dumb enough to lose the van and now this? No need to keep watching if stories continue like this.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Dumb enough to lose the van? Clearly you’re not getting just how good Jesus is at what HE does, even though the guy showed you over and over in last night’s ep. Jesus is a master and THAT is the point, not that Rick and Daryl were ‘dumb enough’ to lose the van. Oy.

      • A fan of TV says:

        And I’ve been watching a diff skid if these two have no chemistry. I disagree totally. Rick makes her feel safe, strong, she makes him feel complete… I’ve seen all of this developing. I’m sorry you haven’t, but you haven’t missed it because it hasn’t been there. It has.

      • Bailey says:

        They do have chemistry. Just because you don’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there. If they didn’t I’m sure Gimple would have looked elsewhere for a love interest.

    • a anderson says:

      It was great. Ur crazy

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      My guess is that the OP is referring to the comic books as Michonne and Rick don’t get together in the comic books. So far this season has been pretty faithful to the comic books and this is a pretty big departure, although I think it really works for the TV show at least. Funny how people automatically assumed the term ‘muddying the waters’ had racist intonations. I think that says as much about the individual commenting as the post they were responding to.

      • Peachy says:

        Thank you! I agree. I read Fed Ups comment and thought, “guess it’s different then the comic” I admit I haven’t read them. I was shocked and disheartened to see that people immediately jumped to it being a racist comment. Come on people, can we please just leave the ugliness at the door and revel in the awesomeness that is The Walking Dead.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Well said. I get so tired of the name calling and outright rudeness of some people just because someone has a different opinion than you. How bold we are sitting behind a computer, sheesh. Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting in a kindergarten class listening to the class bully. It’s so uncalled for.

          • Melody says:

            Thats pretty funny considering how I have seen you rude here.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            If I have to defend myself I will but you don’t see me calling people names and/or jumping all over somebody just because they have a different opinion than I do. There’s a big difference.

      • A fan of TV says:

        The show has been seeing them up to be the Rick and Andrea of the comics for several years now…

        • Roland says:

          To the folks that were surprised and shocked….not sure what show you’ve been watching….Very organic, very realistic… I can’t speak for anyone else but my wife is my best friend. Respect, trust, friendship, communication…those are the things that create an environment for love to blossom. Seems natural to me.

          For the “Forced” camp….I think it’s forced if they spend chunks of multiple episodes devoted to building an obvious bridge to this relationship for those who haven’t seen the potential for it building for the past 3 seasons.

          We all look at tv shows for different reasons and in different ways. It’s the reason we like or dislike characters and have different favorite episodes. It’s small-minded to say folks who don’t care for the pairing MUST have a racial component in their reasoning. It’s unfair to reasonable discourse. It’s also small-minded to think the folks who are all for it MUST have a racial component in their reasoning. It’s the Internet after all, people who aren’t “brave” enough to say what they really want to say here NEVER WILL. No amount of coaxing or antagonizing is going to “reveal” someone else’s “true” self. Any attempt to do so only weakens any valid opinion you have on the subject at hand. Let’s be kind enough to realize this and take each other at face value. I was taught that there is an art to correspondence. “We speak to be understood, but we must write not to be misunderstood.” I don’t think most people commenting on an article while Web-surfing are keeping that in mind, so … ALL OF YOU PASSIONATE PEOPLE…KEEP THAT IN MIND because 1. Most people are texting or typing a quick comment before the go back to(insert anything remotely important or productive here). 2. Anything you read is always viewed through the prism of the reader. Let’s not do anyone else or ourselves the disservice of “reading between lines” that aren’t there.

          As a fan, IMO…some hits and some misses, but overall great episode. A needed respite for the faithful. What’s the point of surviving if nobody’s actually LIVING?

      • Michele says:

        I agree with you regarding this doesn’t happen in the CB version. Mich falls in love with Morgan, Morgan dies with the Zombie attack of the town. Mich says she’ll never find love again, that’s what we’re thinking was going to happen. Her & Rick didn’t happen. It’s not a black & white thing, it’s a it never happens thing. IMO :D

        • Winter says:

          true except it is exactly what happens between Rick and Andrea or at least pretty close and the show has basically set Michonne up to take Andrea’s place in the story telling. Which is fine by me I was never very found of the way Michonne behaves with men in the comic.

        • So the show has to follow the comics 100%??? Then there should be no Daryl Dixon and Andrea and Sophia should still be alive. Judith should be dead, and there would have been no Beth. Stop using the “it didn’t happen in the comics” as an excuse. If what happened in the comics happened in the show Carol would be dead by now after boinking a 19 year old and then walking into a chained up walker. Since season one the show has stated that it doesn’t follow the comic books 100%, Michonne isn’t a lawyer on the show, she doesn’t have two daughters, she didn’t have a love triangle between Tyreese and Carol, so please be honest, because the it didn’t happen in the comics excuse is 100% BS, and you know it.

          • Kizzy says:

            *slowly claps hands* I agree with you 100% I don’t read the comics but for those that do I’m not understanding how some of them are confused or shocked with the story-lines that’s been happening on the show. To my understanding the show has been veering off the path of the comics since season 1, not to mention that the writers of the show and Alan Rickman (writer of the comics) stated on multiple occasions that although some things in the show and the comics overlap, the show is separate from the comics.

          • Kizzy says:

            on another note, I have felt the underlying chemistry since Michonne was introduced on the show. I think that Rick and Michonne didn’t notice each other in that way until now but they have always had that absolute trust love (not romantic) for each other it was definitely a slow build-up the way she cared for Judith and gained love and respect from both Carl and Rick. I don’t think it was rushed at all, I just think it;s taken the characters time to realize how they feel about each other. I have personally been waiting for this pairing for a long time because I think it’s based on real love trust and respect. I just hope it doesn’t end before it gets started because they can have something beautiful. Ricks women don’t seem to last long though so I’m a little afraid for my girl Michonne…lol.

    • JMay says:

      What do you mean, “muddy the water”? That sounds…hmmm.

    • Melody says:

      Spoken like a racist.

    • Allie says:

      No problem Fed Up! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

    • LanceUppercut says:

      It would be more useful if you explained why it is you didn’t like the plot line, rather than just complain without elaborating.

    • Lynn Taylor says:

      See ya!

    • Cami says:

      I could understand if a favorite character was killed off. But getting this upset over characters’ relationships, to the point that you would stop watching, is truly sad. Would you feel the same way if Carol and Daryl got together? Probably not. So go ahead and leave. The rest of us will keep enjoying the show. Great move, Mr. Gimple! Keep up the good work!

      • Bailey says:

        It’s really ridiculous to stop watching because you don’t approve of a coupling. This tells me they are just invested in who should be a couple and who should not. Can’t really talk crap about the shippers. When I saw people suggest Carol, Maggie, and Sasha over Michonne I was too through.

    • CreativeArtist91 says:


  4. Mak says:

    Aww Danai’s reaction…acting all shy & bashful is just so cute.
    Loving this pair!

    • PeachChiq says:

      Yes, I gushed over that reenactment from Andrew! Same way I felt, I guess. Seems like the actors have usually been pretty clear about them not thinking things are headed that direction, though I don’t read EVERY TWD interview or article. I liked that he still adamantly said he didn’t see it coming, but she was starting to wonder. Gaww!

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    I’m confused and bothered by Richonne. Can they both just stay single? >_>

  6. Rebecca says:

    Idk, I loved them more as friends than lovers. This just goes into a story where they try to make a family and it never works out on TWD. As a couple it risks her life. Rick’s love interests always die. Did anyone think of that?

  7. The way they came together was so real and organic, I LOVED it. They’ve been a family for a long time, and the entire scene was very sweet. I’m glad we have some hope during the apocalypse!

  8. Bob says:

    The picture IS a spoiler. Rude.

  9. Kelechi says:

    I don’t think the show tries to create “relationships” with people in that way. Realistically there is no time! I think Michonne and Rick had a real life type of reaction to the connection they have shared for years. Michonne has had Rick’s back for a LONG while. In the real world, what man would constantly overlook that?

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    Rick has horrible time keeping his women alive. Now I’m worried about Michonne, LOL!!

    • Rebecca says:

      No need… Michonne doesn’t need Rick to keep her alive. She just saved him in the previous episode. Unlike Jesse and Lori, she can and will take care of herself if she needs to.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Hahaha, I knew somebody would reply saying this. I know she is fully capable of taking care of herself. That’s not what I was getting at.

        • LanceUppercut says:

          I know what you mean. Yes, she’s fully capable of taking care of herself, and we know this, yet there is still this sense of impending doom that something bad might happen, bc Rick is a tragic hero who always loses his loved one, and well…this IS TWD, after all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for these two!

  11. Ashley says:

    Michonne is taking over comic book Andrea, and the power couple romance with Rick is part of it. Anyone that has a problem with it obviously has never read the comics and seen it done OR they have another “issue” with it (we know what that is)

    • Nicole says:

      Accusations of racism are even more forced than this horrendous plot twist. They should’ve at least taken a couple of episodes to start and build up a relationship between the two, one that is ROMANTIC.

      • Jay Snyder says:

        The modern racist defense nowadays – the ones making the racist accusation, or even slight mention that someone could be leaning the racist way, the racist then has the audacity to call the accuser a racist. They learned this trick on FOX years ago, if you say something racially insensitive, just yell back, no you’re the racist, you’re the racist.. Like it’s elementary school and the petulant child who has been bad all morning gets called out for it, and his mature response is “no you are”, “no you are”

  12. Michelle says:

    Of course the ” I like them better as friends” comments will run rampant.

    What an eyeroll.

  13. John Vee says:

    No way! Like BOTH characters, but this was a HORRIBLE move. Talk about getting soft. Ruined the show for us. And the episode was “GREAT”? What were YOU watching??

  14. TvPeong says:

    Yay!! So happy for them!, But…

    I’m worried that now that they’ve gotten together Michonne is going to die by the end of the season.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. So some people like them better as friends, that’s okay, doesn’t bother me.

  16. walkerzombella says:

    Omg. I can’t believe Rick and Michonne are actually (finally) together. Now I know that all of those small moments I noticed actually were leading up to something and weren’t by accident.

  17. Whitey says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I changed the channel at the end so I didn’t vomit.

    • Kizzy says:

      It’s dumb asses like you that the mass majority don’t mind losing as a viewer. Trust and believe TWD will keep moving right along without you watching #TEAMRICHONNE!

  18. Spence says:

    Not sure how to feel about this. I love them both (mostly Michonne lol) but I was never wanting them to be together. It was beautifully done so I think I’m more open to it! It just makes me nervous knowing that Negan is coming and anyone close to Rick is at risk because of that…

  19. Becca says:

    It was a gorgeous moment and both actors did a wonderful job bringing this new aspect into their relationship. I think they did an excellent job in showing that this was the moment when they realized their feelings for one another went beyond friendship. As someone who loves the friends-to-lovers trope, I was very happy about this development.

  20. MichelleR says:

    Interesting comments, many from people who missed all the leading up to this and subtext. The only way this was out of the blue is if you overlooked a lot. And even having missed all that, the scene of domesticity at the beginning made clear they were a family and a couple in all way except one.

  21. TWD Fan says:

    I was just disappointed that we didn’t get to catch up with everyone in this episode. We didn’t get to see alot of key people in this one. I am curious how this Jesus guy is gonna play into all of this.I don’t read the comics as I’m sure you can tell..I feel they wasted a lot of episodes in first half of this season . So hoping that isn’t going to happen in the second half. This episode was good but nowhere near as good as last weeks. I personally like the Rick and Michonne romance they have had a close bond for a long time and she is very close to carl as well.

  22. Vicky says:

    Have you thought it could be a one off thing before they started kissing they said they wanted to shut there mind off and doing a rumpy bumpy might be want helps them or they were just really horny lmao it can happen two friends turn to each other and find comft in each other maybe something more happen maybe not who knows will have to walk next week to find out

  23. Jeff says:

    Most awkward moment in TWD series. Rick and Michonne, just 0 chemistry. This is just a shock factor by the writers trying to throw us off from the comic. It is a well known fact that warriors at arms do not become mushy with each other.

    • Patrick says:

      glad I’m not the only one who felt this way

    • Brigid says:

      It’s not a known fact since almost every show out there with a male and female lead pretty much hook up. Why wouldn’t 2 warriors at arms hook up since they share a lot in common? I saw chemistry between them that when he first hooked up with Jesse, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t hooking up with Michonne. Not awkward at all.

    • Winni says:

      I guess you should tell that to our many military servicemen and women who date and marry each other…

    • riko813 says:

      lol “warriors at arms do not become mushy with each other”. What comic have you been reading. Rick and Andrea in the comics are warriors at arms that have been “mushy” with each other.

  24. TB says:

    Hell, I kinda thought it would have been Daryl there for a minute. Lol. All the hater keep hating. Rick has been into her for a long time. ITS HOT!!! Got my blood pumping.

  25. Natalie says:

    It’s about freaking time..

  26. ihatefanboys says:

    Great episode. Loved the end scene after the sex. Them laying in bed. Rick has his gun next to him , and Michonne has her sword nearby. In love, but never really off the clock. Awesome low key and fun episode after the bloodbath last week.

  27. B says:

    Richonne has been building up for seasons. Sorry that some of you are apparently blind or willingly chose to ignore it. The creator, both the actors, producers etc have explained how it was building it up and even Andrew (who literally plays Rick grimes) wanted it to happen so your “they should just be friends” opinions are irrelevant. Also there’s a very large richonne following so good riddance to those ignorant few who will no longer watch because for some “reason” it’s not bearable to watch Richonne on screen.

  28. Sam says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting on Richonne since season three… happy!

  29. Walkie says:

    The ending felt forced just like most of the show the past few seasons. They drag certain storylines out and then fast forward others.

  30. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview with Andrew. The scene where Rick and Michonne look at each other at the end was great. Glad they finally kissed. Glad to find out there was a time jump after last episode.

  31. Patrick says:

    one word: RATINGS!! scene was totally forced, and kind of awkward. Brother/sister the entire series, lovers in one episode

    • Walkie says:

      Yep. But they “finally went there” as if this was Josh and Donna from The West Wing. This wasn’t something that the show was hinting towards. This came out of nowhere and felt extremely forced.

      • Melody says:

        Michonne has assumed the Andra role. Bet you didnt complain when Andra slept with Shane and The Governor. I bet you would not complain if Michonne was white.

        • Norwegian says:

          I hope you don’t do a lot of bettng in your free time. I long for a day when the colour of a person’s skin has no impact or relevance. One day we will truly be seen as humans only, instead of black or white. There will be no Miss Black America, no mobo, because we are all equal.

          I hated Rick and Jessie and I dislike the pairing of Michonne and Rick. Mostly because I hate any romances in these kind of shows, but also because I think Rick is a prick and mentally unstable.

          I dislike Glenn and Maggie, because he is now reduced to someone who only lives for Maggie. Everyone else are just extras, placed there to either save Maggie, or to help him save Maggie.

  32. Hate it. They are like brother and sister. It is just awkward and doesn’t seem right. Incestuous.

  33. Mrs. Me says:

    He has a LOT more chemistry with her than he did with Lori and Jessie. It just makes sense!

  34. LaVelle says:

    Could you PLEASE stop spoiling with your article images. It doesn’t matter if you are vague in your title if you put a image next to it showing what you are vague about. It’s stupid and unnecessary

  35. Couch Mom says:

    I love Rick. I love Michonne. But not sure how I am going to love Richonne. Will have to wait and see how the writers and show runners work it into the story.

    • Bailey says:

      At least you are keeping an open mind. They could be a great couple even better than Glenn and Maggie. There are too many people shooting it down before watching future episodes.

  36. Luis Gomez says:

    killing zombies is entertaining but what I love most about The walking dead is the character development and the family values. Brings a tear to my eye when everyone demonstrates their love and loyalty by unifying together to survive as a family! I feel like they’re all my family! I never want it to end ! Bravo! !

    • Roxane says:

      And……that’s exactly what the whole show is about. The show has been awesome since day 1. I don’t see that changing. Rick and Mich belong together….what a dynamic couple.

  37. jazzyt2u says:

    I heard them talk about this possibility of this happening a while ago. I was prepared for it then but then something happened where Michonne and Daryl were working together on something I don’t remember and I liked the idea of them together.
    Last night was like watching your parents get together after they haven’t been together in FOREVER… Wonder how Carl will feel…

  38. Taylor Anstrom says:

    I know they probably won’t have another baby since Judith is there and Maggie is pregnant….but can you imagine how kick butt a kid produced between Rick and Michonne would be? That kid would be taking down walkers before their fifth b-day! I would LOVE to see them have a kid..I mean if this new world Rick is talking about is really going to happen they need kids.

  39. BB says:

    Ive been a Walking Dead Fan, since day one. Iv’e read the comics and I also watch the TV series dilligently. What is so wonderful about watching the TV show is that: It doesnt follow the comics, it allows “us” (the comic book readers) to still be surprised. Sometimes knowing every thing thats going to happen takes the “thrill” and the “edge” off. It is a spectacular series, and, I take my hat off to all the writers and actors involved.

    • Antoinette says:

      Agreed and they can surprise us because they don’t strictly stick to the comics. For example, Judith was killed at the prison; Carol committed suicide and Sophia and Andrea is still alive. Which has me worried about Negan and just who it will be that will feel his wrath, i.e., Lucille.

  40. flower1petals says:

    Everyone who is saying it’s forced should really watch again. Better yet, youtube has a bunch of richonne fan videos compiled of their “moments” from all the past ep. It’s all there. Nothing is forced. This has been building for a long time. Yay – my heart burst when it finally happened.

    The ew interview with s.gimple was great. He explained it perfectly.

  41. Betts says:

    I have waited so long for this to happen. It was better than i expected….beautifully done!

  42. Liz says:

    Such a great scene. It really felt like they just looked at each other and suddenly realised they actually had feelings and were attracted to each other. I totally disagree that Jessie opened up something in Rick. I believe it was Michonne all along.

  43. Jeanie says:

    I have been a real fan, sense the very first episode, but I will NEVER watch it again, because of the “Rick & Michonne” scene.

  44. meonhere says:

    People who didn’t see this loving, respectful friendship blossoming over several seasons into the foundation for romantic intimacy and marital level bounds, and literal life partners, probably don’t notice when driving that beneath the red light they have the green arrow right of way.

  45. RICHONNE! says:


  46. Heather Oden says:

    I don’t like how they have rick jump around on with all these women he so called loved, I don’t like that they threw Michelle and Rick together so quickly after he totally lost it over the other chick. I understand that if it was ever this bad just maybe two beaten people would come together to feel that human touch, and an ideal of love, but these two were power houses, two completely different people. I know people change but , Michonne has worked hard at everything she has done, and who she has become to go this daft , and stupid soft. If anything I’m losing respect for Ricks character more and more. He has been everything he’s hated. Next will be Michone, this is not who she is. Call it a weak point in their day, but that relationship is weak by far. They both deserve better then some thrown together fling.

    • Melody says:

      Got news for you. If you do a Google search you would know that Richonne was planned for quite while. Google Scott Gimple and Richonne.

  47. I love this episode so much…it was a breath of fresh air before diving back into madness, lol…a much needed respite! I figured that since things are going to get intense from here on out, it’ll be awhile before my faves can have another moment of intimacy, but they’re in love (they’ve realized it) and as long as they still have the awesome dynamic that they’ve had for seasons, I’m good and can wait :)

  48. nikki says:


  49. Tiffany says:

    So that happened. Um, I’ve always loved Rick’s and Michonne’s friendship. I was a fan of the comics before I started watching the show, so I kind of have foresight into were certain plots are going. With that said, I did see hints of a Rick and Michonne relationship. *spoiler alert* Rick and Andrea hook up in the comic. Since Andrea was horrible in the TV show, I kind of knew that wasn’t going to happen. Anyways, I LOVE Rick’s and Michonne’s friendship so much that I wasn’t sure I wanted something to happen that could ruin it. Then that happened and I was like smiling from ear to ear. Yeah, I found the scene a little awkward and weird. However, I never thought of them as brother and sister. I’ve always thought of them as best friends. Anyways, sometimes sex is a little awkward and weird. I honestly doubt that this will affect the progression of the show. I understand that certain people didn’t like it. Moreover, I don’t think them not liking it makes them racist. Although anyone who says it was “too soon” after Jessie, really? The time jump thing was kind of weird but I never cared about Jessie’s character. I thought the flashbacks Rick had after her getting eaten were dumb. I was like thinking “you barely knew her”. Anyways, to each their own. I really doubt the writers did Richonne to please a small subset of fans. Anyways, if you’re out because of this plot then your loss because stuff is about to get interesting with Negan coming.

  50. oh great…lets at least keep rick n michonne n carl n judith as ah loving family unit. let there love blossom inspire of d zombies apocalypse. i like what d writers r doing. we viewers like to be on d edge of our seats, not figuring out what comes next…..keep it up