Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Mommy's Friend'

Friday’s Vampire Diaries, which gets my vote for the best episode of the season (so far), felt like a true return to form for the seven-year-old series: It was funny, heartbreaking, exciting… and, uh, can we talk about those last seven words?

“Where are we going?” one of Alaric’s daughters — who were totally born this week, but we’ll discuss that later — asked in the episode’s flash-forward. “To New Orleans,” Caroline replied from the front seat, “to visit Mommy’s friend.” Mommy’s. Friend. There’s only one person that can be, right? Like, say, someone charming and vaguely British who paints using other people’s blood? TVD‘s been crushing these flash-forwards all season, but this one blew my mind like no other.

I know this is might seem off-brand for me to say, as I’m so often reminded on Twitter, but I really do hope “mommy’s friend” turns out to be Klaus. As this show heads into its golden years, I’m finding myself more appreciative of the complicated history everybody shares, and I’m down to see any of it revisited. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pulling for Stefan and Caroline to get it together, but I’m also curious to see where this leads.

Meanwhile, in the present…

STATUS UPGRADE | Let’s start with the good news: Elena is alive! Somewhere in Enzo’s busy schedule of being captured by Rayna and letting her steal the Phoenix Sword, he found time to tell Damon that the casket he burned was — wait for it — an empty decoy. Elena, as it turns out, is staying with “mutual friends” of Enzo’s and Tyler’s. (Man, this episode is full of mysteries: Who has Elena? And since when is anyone friends with Enzo?)

LABOR PAINS | Caroline’s pregnancy might be the most ridiculous storyline in TVD history, but you can bet your buns that I cried like a baby when Alaric re-introduced his surrogate to his newborn twins: Josie, in honor of Jo, and Elizabeth, in honor of Sheriff Forbes! Oh, who am I kidding, the whole birthing process was an emotional rollercoaster for me — and don’t even get me started on that romantic scene Stefan planted in Caroline’s head. (Like, stab me in the heart with the Phoenix Sword, why don’t you?)

‘X’ MARKS THE SPOT | I’m glad we finally got some answers about the freaky little “x” scars we’ve been seeing all season, but I really wish we didn’t have to learn them at Stefan’s expense — not to mention at the expense of his relationship with Caroline. She took the words right out of my mouth: “I just wish it didn’t always have to be you.” (And of course he got Rayna’s mark while saving Damon, because that relationship needs more baggage.) As much as it pains me to say it, I think Stefan leaving Caroline to keep her safe officially marked the beginning of their end.

BEAU NO! | More unfortunate news: Stefan was only able to receive Rayna’s mark after her previous target — Beau, who apparently had a golden singing voice before the Huntress took away his ability to speak altogether — met his own untimely end.

Odds and Ends:

* Did I imagine the crazy chemistry between Bonnie and Damon this week, or did other people also see it? She may end up with Enzo in three years, but a lot can between now and then…

* I really appreciated how pieces of Rayna’s backstory, particularly her father being one of “the Five,” tied in with previous storylines on the show.

* Speaking of previous storylines, Damon’s scene with Krystal (with a K!) filled me with fond memories of Season 1 Damon — even if there was an underlying “I’m getting too old for this s–t” vibe.

Your thoughts on this week’s killer TVD? Any idea who “mommy’s friend” might be? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Gul says:

    Stefan and Caroline were beautiful this episode *cue haters saying they’re boring, chemistry-free, sibling-esque blah blah*.. but they were.. the “date” in her head, his freakout and how he got flashes of their relation? Beautiful.
    Im verrry interested in the FF and Caroline’s visit to NOLA as well as Stefan’s next week.. Bring it.

    • Rachel says:


    • Mari says:

      OMG. It finally happened after TWO years!!! He wanted to show her NO and now she’s going!! Now remember he’s not there but there’s a phone call between them!!! KLAOLINE!

    • Whitney says:

      Klaus is her last! ahhhh She trust him with her and the kids safety! KLAROLINE is rising!

    • Autumn says:

      Between Stefan’s breakdown over Elena last week, his relief that she’s alive this week. Enzo’s “Your precious Bonnie” to Damon and Bamon bloodsharing and top that off with Caroline going to see “her friend” Thanks to tvd I’m ecstatic!!!

    • Char says:

      OMG they’re creepy to watch. It’s like watching a brother and sister make out. Totally uncomfortable and makes us want to vomit and take a showerThey are CREEPY. They are a joke

      Now Bamon is hot hot hot

      • I don’t think they’re boring, they’re sweet and tender OK. it’s not the height of passion but it’s certainly watchable. They have a great deal of shared history+they did genuinely like each other before the love bloomed. Bamon fanatics should lay off and give their ship a rest.

        • Val says:

          They are definitely dull and it’s like watching siblings be romantic with each other. I seriously can’t watch them and this is coming from a someone who wanted them to work out. It’s just not and that’s ok. Sometimes chemistry works and sometimes it doesn’t.

          • SNT says:

            Stefan and Caroline have chemistry . People are so hung up on Klaus with Caroline taht they can’t see it. Paul and Candice are great actors who have chemistry together. Ther is nothing brother-sister about them at all

          • Karen says:

            This is to SNT for some reason there’s no reply. Anyway in your opinion they do but NOT EVERYONE AGREES WITH YOU and I’m not a Klaroline shipper! lol *News Flash* to all SCers. Some people do think Paul and Candice have NO CHEMISTRY and act more like siblings…even one of their cast members said it!

      • spu says:

        That’s what you say now. But if ‘Bamon’ starts hooking up, it would be awkward as hell.

    • Amber says:

      *cue haters saying they’re boring, chemistry-free, sibling-esque blah blah*
      Well Gul, if the shoe fits….

      • Char says:

        *cue Delena’s* desperately hoping even though Nina will NEVER return is not even given a thought of reconciliation with the true Love Story of The Vampire Diaries.


      • Gul says:

        You guys try SO hard.. its funny, really. Theri scenes last night were amazing. like 2 people in love. If you dont like that, i dont really know what you expect form a romance tbh.. Unnecessary murder attempts? *cough* DE,BD,KC *cough*

        • Char says:

          At the end of the day the only people watching TVD’s are Delena’s. Certainly says a lot about majority and how the ratings are down.
          Kevin never should have left Ian’s fanWOMEN Julie and Caroline in charge. Unfortunately the crush they have on Ian has ruined this show. They forgot this show had a great group of actors who have either left the show or are staying to direct. Should have cancelled this show in season 3. Would have been remembered as a great/hot show. Now it’ll just be remembered as a has been show.

        • Karen says:

          For you they might’ve been but not everyone feels that way. I don’t see any sparks between them. You have your opinion of them and I have mine. Don’t force yours on others.

        • CA says:

          *cue Calaric rising from the ashes* I. CAN’T. WAIT!

  2. Lena says:


  3. Beba says:

    Bamon was amazing in this weeks episode can’t wait to see more of them next week, hopefully they repair denzo’s friendship. I felt so bad for Caroline at the end of the episode. Care is on her way to see Klaus, everyone is saying he’s not in NO in the timejump but idek. Enzo’s new friends are vampire hunters the people Matt sold him out to a few episodes ago.

  4. marydspain says:

    We love Steroline more than anything. Nothing will ever compare to their beautiful and amazing development over the course of 7 years. Nothing. That’s what a real couple looks like, and not a man stabbing you or killing the mother of your ex boyfriend 😊

  5. jerrired says:

    I think I agree with everything you said in this recap. I loved this episode, it was season 1 or 2 level good. It had everything that used to make the show great. I am also pretty anti-Karoline but I too am looking forward to their interaction next week. I think both characters have changed so much that it would kind of be nice to see a mini-reunion. Plus, I am curious if Klaus will even be alive three years from now, with the way The Originals is going. And how will a 5 (6?) year old Hope interact with Jo and Liz? And I am also pretty anti-Steroline but they got me this week. I was actually, dare I say, enjoying Stefan’s devotion to her. It finally really felt like he loved her. And I agree about Bamon…the writers seem pretty set against a Bamon pairing but with Damon sleeping with Krystal, and the chemistry he had with Bonnie tonight, and how scared he was of losing her… it just seems like they might finally be opening the door for Bonnie and Damon to happen. But not going to get my hopes up too much about that. Enzo was even 2 percent less annoying than usual on this episode. So a win all around.

  6. Heidi Faulkner says:

    Why not give the Elena character to someone else and stop all this flip flopping. I hate it!! I have been a loyal fan from the beginning and buying the series.

  7. Shannon says:

    Yay! I cannot wait for next week!!!!! Okay I admit I am not a steroline fan. But those scenes were so beautiful. And damons look of relief was so well done. And that last scene. I haven’t thought about what the future scenes will look like but I cannot wait to see Caroline as a mommy. And I cannot wait for my next Bonnie and ENzo fix.

  8. SweetyK says:

    Klaroline <3

  9. Stacy says:

    So excited for some Klaroline!

  10. jhem says:

    i got so excited for #tvd after that last scene..klaroline is here and im so excited

  11. Jason says:

    In the end Stefan and Caroline will be together. Until then though, lovers of Steroline will have to endure a tumultuous ride of heartbreak. It is Vampire Diaries after all. No joy achieved without a gallon of blood and tears shed.

    • Anna says:

      Ugh! No way Steroline is dull and boring, Calaric have way more chemistry and would rather them end up together than S/C. Stefan and Caroline would wind up boring each other to death. PLEASE!

  12. Kristen says:

    Finally!!! Can’t believe it’s taken so long for Caroline to finally head to NO. I know the spoilers say Klaus isn’t there, but it’s nice that their history is at least being acknowledged. It would be nice to see CA and JM interact at least one more time in the same scene before both shows end- not just with a phone call, but an actual face to face encounter. I don’t even need the 2 characters to necessarily end up together. I just want to see if the 2 actors still have that amazing chemistry and if they can bring some of that magic back to the shows. Their old scenes together were just incredible.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      No, I want to see them together and why is she going to NO. Well it’s probably going to see Stefan, but that makes no since I don’t get any of it, please explain.

  13. Austen Mabel says:

    Bonnie and Damon have always had chemistry Andy that isn’t just a this episode thing. They are what made this episode enjoyable. All those heavy stuff aside they managed to soften some of the unnecessary blow ups.

    • Christine says:

      You are absolutely correct Austen, in the early seasons when the show was setting up the triangle, the Bamon chemistry was getting in the way of that, so much so they limited their scenes to balance things out. And this was a great episode because of the amount of Bamon scenes. Bamon sadly lacking in the last two episodes, but their chemistry cannot be denied.

  14. Valerie A. Mendez says:

    The episode on TVD was awesome!!!!!!!
    But, in three years time Caroline and Alaric are going to be together and I’m already prepared for her and Stefano to break up. The writers have no business getting them together in the first place. Besides it was suppose to Elena, but she chose Damon which I still believe was wrong. But now Damon knows the truth about Elena it would be interesting to see how that goes.

  15. Bamon scenes were the best !!! Bamon needs to happen right now. Their sexual tension and chemistry are off the charts. Get on there writers please !

  16. Luli says:

    Everything you said in the Labor Pains section…. you just get me. I’m so glad Alaric named one of her daughter Elizabeth. Killed me. So emotional in that scene. And I’m glad Caroline has the mom role in the future.

  17. Beks says:

    Calaric scenes with Alaric introducing the babies to Caroline was beautiful! I also loved ALL Bamon scenes….and Andy, Bamon have always had chemistry where have you been?
    Last but not least Klaroline: “Mommy’s friend” How long have we waited for these two to even mention each other? It was perfect!

  18. dovelina says:

    I AM VERY ANTI-KLAROLINE BUT, I’m interested in what the interaction will be. But, dear god make it so that it fits the PLOT AND NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE SHIPPER FANS PLEASE!!! I loved Caroline’s birth scene but, THE INTENSE CRAZY CHEMISTRY BAMON AND BONENZO😍❤😌💙 HAVE OMGG!! Has BEEN ON MY MIND I HOPE THEY GET TO COME TO NEW ORLEANS AS WELL!!!! But, dear god all this flip-flopping KILL ELENA OFF ALREADY SHE’S NOT COMING BACK MAYBE IN THE SEASON FINALE BUT, please!! The episode was awesome!! I give it a 9.4 rating, it was as good as it can get!! Keep it up!

  19. Audrey says:

    I’m just hapoy that the heretics were becoming less annoying, the Calaric and birth scene killed me, I hate Stale steroline but, today I loved them!! I don’t want Klaroline to get together but, it would be interesting to see them together once more! And yeah Dovelina I think it would be pretty awesome for Damon, Bonnie, and Enzo to come to New Orleans I would love to see The ORIGINALS’s interactions with them! And Jesus I get it klaroline and caroline blah blah blah BUT DID YOU SEE THE BAMON CHEMISTRY SO UNDERRATED BUT SEXY NONETHELESS AND DON’T GET ME STARTED on BONNIE AND ENZO, and how Enzo referred to Bonnie as Damon’s “precious little bonnie and her bestfriend”. Dear lord!!!

    • Amber says:

      “I hate Stale steroline but today I loved them” that’s because if you noticed Stefan was acting alone while Caroline was under. So most of their scenes weren’t together. All during the birth and the phone call they weren’t together and the times they were if you will notice was Stefan comforting his best friend…such as the beginning scene and the ‘dream’ scene. They are best friends and should go back to being just best friends because that’s what I believe in, not this forced, stale, chemistry free, siblingesque romance.

      • Winter says:

        Jesus can you give it a rest and let people have opinions? I get that you don’t like them and please express that but don’t go ripping everyone else’s opinions down.

      • SNT says:

        Actually they were on a date in this dream sequence , which is ” best friends ” don’t go on. They are great together as a couple. Please stop hating them .
        Also Paul truly is a great actor.

        • Moria says:

          I’m not hating I just don’t see them as more than friends if you do great that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. I loved their friendship and you can see that come out more in their scenes than the romantic aspect does. but to each their own. When it comes down to it it’s all subjective and not everyone is going to like the same things. SC just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and you know what? That’s OK. This is a tv show with fictional characters so of course it’s different strokes for different folks.

        • CA says:

          Yep that wasn’t a date but a best friend comforting and giving a comforting hug to his best friend. I’m really looking forward to Alaric and Caroline they at least have chemistry.

  20. Shaun says:

    So how did Stefan not get drained by that Sword?

    • Nia says:

      Because he wasn’t completely stabbed by it, he was just marked. I think had Rayna pushed the sword all the way in, he might have landed right back into his personal hell

  21. Bwhit says:

    I don’t really care either way but the scenes with Stefan and Caroline on their ‘date’ and all of the Bonnie and Damon scenes were really well done and enjoyable to watch. I usually just watch TVD as the opening act for The Originals but this was a very good episode. I enjoyed it a lot.

  22. beangelic1000 says:

    It was so lovely to see Bamon back in this episode, and as usual, their banter and chemistry made this episode for me. They are the two things that has remained unchanged and have even grown over the seven seasons the show has been on the air. Looking forward to even more Bamon scenes, they are so enjoyable to watch.

  23. gigi says:

    I think stefan is going to new orleans so caroline is going to meet him in the flash forward

  24. Liza says:

    As much as I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE for Caroline’s friend in NO to be Klaus, I am afraid it is going to be Stefan. We know he is on the run and on his way there.

  25. Bamon scenes were the best !!! Bamon needs to happen right now. Their sexual tension and chemistry are off the charts. Get on there writers please ! Please make Bamon endgame ! They are soulmates !!!!

  26. Sorera says:

    People dont wait for Bozo except for the real Bozo fans. We all wait for Bamon reunion after 3 years later. And how they wanna kill Rayna the Vampire Huntress.
    Also, Bonnie and Damon have such a great chems after 7 years. Its not easy to pair them with an outsider. Tbh, episode 10 and 13 are the best for now. Give us Bamon.

  27. You didn’t imagine it! Bonnie and Damon are so much fun, my favorite part of any episode they’re in. Hope they’ll start giving them screentime again now!

    • Bonnie and Damon absolutely deserve more screen time together! Honestly, they are what keeps me watching week to week, and I hope that greater breadth and depth of their relationship is focused on going forward and through the rest of the series run! And I’m so here for a romantic coupling between these two, it is definitely worth the time and exploration by these two wonderful characters! : )

  28. Lovely says:

    OMG!! Bamon so lit in this episode! the bantering, the protectiveness, the comfort zone, the keep you out of harm, eyesex, Bloodsharing! too GOOD and this episode so enjoyable. and They sooo Looks like an old Married couple! No need to force anything to get the scene soo lovely. I assure you, whenever Bamon happen, its always like they are in their own mind and world. and the story wil become soo interesting because they a complex with so mich things.

  29. Whodatf says:

    Bonnie and Damon have amazing chemistry you guys just noticing it bamon fans seen it all along.that why i ship bonnie and Damon so hard. I love their friendship but i want on move on actual relationship. I know that Kat graham and ian somerhalder will kill those love scene I love them so much.

  30. spu says:

    Loved tonight’s episode. It was better compared to a lot previous episodes. And damn you Julie Plec, for those amazing and heartbreaking Steroline scenes when we know it’s going to end. The phone conversation in the last scene between Stefan and Caroline felt so real and was acted out very beautifully. And I felt there was absolutely no chemistry between Damon and Bonnie. Atleast not a romantic one. They should remain friends, I mean c’mon does everyone have to hook up with everyone else on this show? Also Bonnie is Elena’s best friend and with the whole ‘their lives being tied together’, it would be inappropriate.

  31. Flashrow says:

    So can the travel to NOLA means that creepy twins are going to start a coven with Hope?

  32. Andy, you didn’t imagine the chemistry between Bonnie and Damon…it’s been there for several seasons, if not since the beginning…and when you put whatever relationship Bonnie and Enzo have going in the flashfoward, against what we see happening between Bonnie and Damon, it pales in comparison. That Bamon chemistry is second to none :)

  33. Michelle says:

    Oh I felt it Andy, that Bonnie and Damon blood sharing scene showed some real tension that had my eye brows going up. I’m sorry but Enzo who? When Bamon had that little joke about not hearing him in the room, I was like ditto. That scene was very questionable on if they will give Bamon a romance. I also enjoyed all the funny scenes between them to. It was the light to all of the dark moments in the episode.

    Yay for the twins are here, sucks about Stefan, and I’m intrigued about this crossover

  34. Stacy says:

    I only ship Klaroline but have to admit that Bonnie and Damon have mad chemistry. Wouldn’t mind them as a couple, but probably will never happen due to Delena, but that won’t stop me from enjoying their scenes together. They play off one another nicely!

  35. Winter says:

    I just have visions of Rick and Caroline’s twins playing with Hailey and Klaus’s little Hope and I’m all filled with warm and fuzzies. I know it won’t happen but I would love to see it.

  36. You most definitely aren’t the only one who noticed the off the charts chemistry between Damon and Bonnie last night! It was almost palpable, and if my twitter timeline is any indication, people were so here for it. Bamon shippers, have been talking about their amazing chemistry since s1 and are exceedingly happy others are beginning to see and acknowledge it too! I, for one, can’t wait to see what the rest of this season has in store for these two amazing characters. : )

  37. This was yet another extremely strong episode in this second half of the season. It really is some of the best writing that the series has had. I hope the trend continues, as there is so much potential here. No, you didn’t imagine the chemistry between Damon and Bonnie. Unfortunately, as that isn’t where TPTB wanted focus, they’ve not had the opportunity to shine very often. (though quite a few of us have seen their potential for heat since the first season) Their relationship has really been fun to watch unfold, and whether it develops into something more or not (I’m hoping for the former), I hope we continue to see them blow us away!

  38. sarah says:

    i loved last night episode. I loved the bamon scenes, they were the best thing in this episode
    Personally i don’t give a damn about steroline, klaroline… She can end up with whoever she wants i just don’t care.
    The only thing that bothers me this season is elena, it’s always about her. She’s gone and these bitches (julie plec and caroline dries) always have to mention her, that’s crazy. They refuse to let damon move on.

  39. tmporter says:

    Bamon was everything i wanted and more. Their chemistry was on 🔥. Every time they are together you can see this dynamic grow .

    The episode i enjoyed as a whole. I was so their feeling for steroline. Baroline small moment… I wish we had more of these two girls together. Defan was caused me so.much pain.

    And the Klaroline hint at the end. Even im wondering what will happen there.

    This episode was great.

    Bamon was Lit🔥.. Im out 😘

  40. Lady says:

    I am looking forward to Caroline and Klaus meeting up again since it has been so long. I always thought they had very good chemistry. It doesn’t help that I feel bad for the soon to be Stefan and Caroline break up though. So happy that Bonnie and Damon we’re finally back together in an episode. Their witty banter and amazing chemistry always make for must watch TV. I really hope they pursue a romantic relationship! Gotta love when a storyline shows growth for characters to go from enemies to frenemies to friends and hopefully the blossoming of those two soul mates in to lovers.

  41. Jean says:

    No doubt about it……it’s Klaus!!!! 🙌🏻

  42. isha says:

    Finally, KLAROLINE is back!!! Oh my god, I am so excited…

  43. Ray says:

    Finally! Here’s hoping Caroline winds up with Klaus because they’ve got it going on. Sorry “Steroline” acolytes…Stefan and Caroline were way better as friends. Sorry that this opinion doesn’t fall into lock step with your contrary, Stefan-and-Caroline-should-be-forever-and-ever-and-ever (cue sounds of breathless weeping here) opinion. Isn’t it great that we can still have different points of view in America? At least for now? Thanks for the nice possible return to the to a Klaus romance for Care, writers of TVD!

  44. Jacquelyn says:

    Klaroline!! Finally new scenes. They have even more in common with their children in their lives.

  45. Kristen says:

    Am I the only one that is realizing that if Klaus is still in New Orleans in 3 years time that it means the Mikaelson’s beat the dreaded prophecy? Lol That was the first and only thought when Caroline said she was going to see “mommy’s friend”. I really hope she’s talking about Klaus, b/c then I can stop stressing over this dang prophecy on The Originals.

    I saw a lot of sparks between Damon and Bonnie. “You didn’t hesitate”, and him feeding her his blood. I’ve always liked them together. So sad that Stefan was marked by the huntress while saving Damon. I’m glad he didn’t leave him to die, but it broke my heart to see him have to lose everything because of his brother. Can’t wait for the crossover with Klaus and Stefan. :)

  46. ktothek2004 says:

    I hope it’s Klaus but, it could be Hayley(even though she did snap her neck once). Either way we all know that she’ll end up running into Klaus anyways!!!