Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Zoe Crane Preview

Sleepy Hollow: Maya Kazan on Zoe's 'Other Woman' Status, Crane Angst

Let’s address one thing right away, Sleepy Hollow enthusiasts: Maya Kazan is very aware that you’d rather watch Ichabod catalogue the archives in real time than spend an evening courting Miss Zoe Corinth.

“I have definitely noticed that the fans of Sleepy Hollow are gung-ho in a way that fans of any other project I’ve worked on have not been: intense in their love of these characters and also, therefore, in their dislike of me,” she tells TVLine, laughing.

And Kazan, whom you may recognize from roles on The Knick and The Mindy Project and who brings her history-minded alter ego back in Friday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), says she can’t even blame them.

“I totally understand people ‘shipping that Abbie/Crane romance. It has been a little strange to be the other woman, because Zoe has the best intentions for Crane, and she seems like a pretty sweet girl to me.” She laughs again. “But let no one stand in the way!”

Read on for more intel on the hour, straight from Miss Corinth herself.

TVLINE | As an actress, how do you reconcile that Zoe’s totally OK with the weird way Ichabod talks and dresses?
She doesn’t know anything about his situation, and his true inner life is so different from a modern-day person. But she just thinks he’s a little eccentric, and there’s something appealing about his old-fashioned charm. He really is very chivalrous and treats her with so much respect. Modern dating culture is not that polite. She’s willing to let go some of these more oddball things… because he’s so nice to her. It’s very different from the way people act on Tinder.

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Ichabod Zoe

TVLINE | The synopsis of this episode mentions that “Crane finds that his romantic encounters with Zoe may have caused long-lasting trouble.” What can you tell us about that?
Because Ichabod has not been able to be honest with Zoe — in my experience, secrets do not lead to a very healthy relationship. There’s some tension between the two of them as a result of him not being able to be completely honest with her. She’s on the outs with him because he can’t tell her what’s going on with him. That doesn’t bode well for a very happy and healthy dynamic.

TVLINE | You and Tom Mison seem to have fun on screen. You hadn’t worked together before, right?
I didn’t know him before. We had some friends in common. I just love him. He is a wonderful actor. I think he’s so talented and just one of the nicest people in my acquaintance. Fans of the show fall in love with Crane because he’s such a delightful and charming person, and that’s absolutely true of Tom, as well.

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  1. Ian says:

    Where’s the interview with Gross? Why are we even discussing Crane’s, what, 4th relationship in this show, when we’ve seen nothing of Abbie’s personal life?
    Are they finally gonna cancel it this year?

  2. Jessa says:

    Oh, she was Gallinger’s wife, I hadn’t caught up on that! Seems like a lovely person. But it is so weird Crane is the one with a romantic interest after the way last season ended…

  3. Ruki says:

    Aside from the Ichabbie shipping, most fans didn’t warm to Zoe because she wasn’t written as a real character but a plot point. If we had seen shades of personality displayed from her as in the interview above, she might have been tolerable. As it is, she’s lucky to have been given promotion of her character and screen time dedicated to her interactions with Ichabod when ACTUAL series regulars haven’t been granted the same courtesy.

  4. Lily21 says:

    I’m not even interested in an interview with the actress. Bring on the card catalog.

  5. Rhiannon says:

    Ugh…what is up with Sleepy Hollow?! I’m bored to tears with the Zoe character. The actress seems likable enough, but we’ve had virtually no background regarding her and also no character development. She’s awkward and nerdy, yet seems to lack the intellect necessary to stimulate Crane’s interest. We get it; they share a love of history. Beyond that, there is no chemistry and they seem to have zero in common. As the poster below stated, I’m rather more interested in the card catalog than I am in hearing the actress’s thoughts regarding her character on the show.
    Speaking of characters lacking chemistry and depth, how much longer will Sleepy Hollow fans be expected to sit through the fumbling that is Jessica Camacho’s form of acting? There’s a reason that she’s been bounced from one TV series to another with barely more than an episode each and it all has to do with the fact that her talent is lacking. She reminds me of another Kelli Giddish, destined to kill one promising series after another. Would it be too much to ask if we just lost her already? I can guarantee that fans of the show would not miss her, especially if losing her meant the return of Nicole Beharie. Although, from this fan’s perspective, the magic that is Crane and Abbie is the genius of their ‘bromance’. Putting these two together as a couple would ultimately kill the show. They’re better off as great friends. I’m even open to Crane having other love interests (although, I was a fan of the actress who played his wife), but a bad@ss like Crane needs someone other than shrinking violet Zoe.

    • Ruki says:

      But not Abbie, huh? Even though she is yet to be kissed, go on a date, or be in an (on-screen) relationship, yet each season, Ichabod is given one tepid love interest after another who he has zero chemistry with. The PTB mistakenly believe that Ichabod’s romances are a draw when, in fact, they’re nothing but a bore and a chore to sit through.

      What killed SH is terrible writing NOT putting the leads together. It’s the show’s insistence on keeping them platonic, separating the two, diluting their chemistry, and throwing characters together that make absolutely no sense that’s destroyed what was once a good show.

      Btw, Abbie isn’t Ichabod’s ‘bro’. Friendship isn’t an ugly word.

  6. Cee says:

    Has Nicole Beharie even done press for the show in the last year? Why are we hearing from this person? I didn’t even recognize the character’s name when I read the title of this article. This show has been stagnant for 2 years. And I mean truly just at a stand still. If the end game was to hook Ichabod up with a rando with poor judgement and social cues, they should’ve kept Caroline! Her character was about 50x more interesting, it actually made sense why she was attracted to Ichabod, they had more in common than just knowing the names of the founding fathers, and their scenes were enjoyable and fun.
    We literally know nothing about this character except for the fact that she seems very likely to get scammed for a greencard marriage.
    Abbie has not even gone on a date since the show began. She has her own home, a career, an overload of self-confidence, and a killer body and we’ve never seen her kiss another human, she has not a boyfriend, an admirer, or even been looked at like she was a woman to be desired, but an 18th century zombie who dresses like a star in the Hamilton play has women falling over themselves. The actual heck??

    • Teena says:

      She has not had a boyfriend? Luke Morales. Daniel Reynolds. She has not had an admirer? Andy Brooks. Calvin the reporter. Daniel Reynolds. Has not been looked at like a woman? Andy Brooks. Luke Morales. Calvin. Daniel Reynolds. You can take a seat now.

      And if you do not understand why Ichabod Crane would have women attracted to him, you clearly have eyesight (and judgment) problems.

      • Ruki says:

        No need to be rude. Not every single fan is an Ichabod Crane fangirl. The way he dresses and acts alone is cause enough for anyone to look at him suspiciously in real life. The writers have built him up as a ladies’ man while neglecting to give Abbie the same time and attention to her personal life. Which Abbie fans take exception to. It just isn’t realistic that all these women find him irresistible when he’s this awkward, sarcastic, arrogant know-all who has no means of supporting himself, yet gets all the romantic storylines. The difference between Abbie’s and Ichabod’s love life is simple: his gets played out on-screen while hers is alluded to/happens off-camera.

      • Cee says:

        You mean Luke Morales OFF-SCREEN, or rather, before the show even started?? Daniel Reynolds OFF-SCREEN? Calvin, who was there for a single episode and that led..where exactly? A date? A kiss? Even to freshman hand-holding? Ohh I’m sorry, Andy. Yes of course. The officer that died in the PILOT and that was an elastic-necked zombie and henchman for a demon that was said to smell like a decaying corpse until he was crushed by boulders in a tomb. How did I forget that epic love story.
        I’ll stand, thanks. And yeah, I don’t understand how a guy who dresses in old COLONIAL garbs and pirate boots has random 21st century women falling over him. Exactly why I presented my comment in the first place.
        I don’t understand how a half-man-half-wendigo, a 1700s revolutionary, an ex-convict and mental patient, a long dead spy/flag seamstress, and the freaking headless horseman of the apocalypse have all had actual romantic strorylines to deepen their characters, but Abbie, the LEAD and probably the most normal one of them all is just there to act tough and pay all their bills.
        Explain, Teena.