How to Get Away With Murder Recap: The 'Fessed-Up and the Furious

Why is everyone so mad at Annalise Keating on this week’s How to Get Away With Murder?

Our protagonist — who’s recovering from a recent gunshot wound to the abdomen, need I remind you — just wants to take a nap. Is that so terrible?

It’s not like she’s abandoned one of her students to a stint in the psychiatric ward. Or refuses to feel even a smidge of guilt about framing one of her former clients on murder charges. Or is possibly carrying around a decade-long secret about mixing up an innocent single mom in some rich dude’s murder trial that eventually led to that woman’s demise.

Oh wait. Come to think of it, Annalise is kinda guilty of all those sins. And thus, the “we’re outta here!” united front of Michaela, Connor, Laurel and even Asher begins to make sense.

But that’s hardly the only bombshell from “She Hates Us.”

Indeed, Frank makes a whopper of a confession to Laurel. Connor learns that somebody has damning video footage from “Shooting Night.” And the Caleb-Michaela love train gets (at least temporarily) derailed when they lob the word “whore” at one another. Shall we recap?

THE WEEK IN FLASHBACKS | We go back 10 years to see Annalise very far along in her pregnancy, sweetly sparring with Sam about her maternal reluctance and sharing a tender moment with Bonnie (who was in therapy with Sam, and seems to know an awful lot about what makes a pregnant woman comfortable). Still, she gets the OK from her doctor to take the 90 minute flight to Cleveland to work a Federal case involving the murder trial of a hedge-fund heir named Charles Mahoney — and it’s there we realize Wes’ mom Rose had some connection to the case. She thinks Annalise is just some nice new pal she met at the playground, but when Annalise slides her files across the coffee shop table, Rose looks terrified. Annalise promises she can protect Rose — but knowing the woman ends up in a pool of blood in an apparent (but possibly suspicious) suicide, it looks quite possible that our heroine fails to make good on the deal.

WES HAS BEEN TRIGGERED | Our guiltiest law student goes to the hospital seeking sleeping pills. He’s only been getting 2-3 hours of zzz’s per night, but the gorgeous young doctor puts him under a psychiatric hold when he casually mentions he might commit suicide if she doesn’t fill his prescription. Therapy proves good for Wes’ soul, as he finally unloads some past burdens about his mom’s suicide and the pressures of being in law school — but much to the relief of his fellow Keating Fivers, he doesn’t mention the events of Shooting Night.

MUTINY AT THE KEATING FIRM | Laurel gets indignant that Annalise refuses to help spring Wes from the ward — and loses her job as the “New Bonnie” when she insists Annalise would make it all better by forgiving the guy who was supposed to aim for her leg but instead went for the kill shot (or something close to it). Asher, Connor and Michaela are aghast when they learn the truth — mostly because a spiraling Wes holed up with a professional listener might lead him to confess — but the quintet bonds rather nicely after going to the hospital to ensure their pal’s release. As Asher puts it, who needs psychiatric help when “we all gots each other”?

CASE OF THE WEEK | Annalise is thisclose to finishing up a guilty plea for a client who shot a romantic rival — until the victim’s mother (Women’s Murder Club’s Paula Newsome, absolutely devastating) shows up demanding to be heard. She wants a “restorative justice hearing” — and possibly a shorter prison term for her son’s killer — because she needs to let go of her anger, make something good come from her grief, and not watch another young life get flushed away, too. Annalise opposes pretty much everything the victim’s mom is saying, but just as she’s swayed to join the cause, the young man takes a life without parole plea. Newsome’s brief goodbye hug to the killer — and her insistence they stay in touch, that they’re “in this together” — shouldn’t have been so moving, given the brevity of this story arc, and yet, somehow, I was reaching for the Puffs when it concluded.

WAIT… WHAT?! | Annalise leaves her old file on Charles Mahoney propped against Wes’ apartment door — though we don’t know exactly what it is he’ll learn (or if the file contains any intel on his mom). Laurel tells Frank she can’t take all the lies between them, since she’s falling in love with him. She admits to taking the blame for Wes in Annalise’s shooting, but when he doesn’t offer any quid pro quo, she assumes he wants to break up. As she flees the apartment in tears, he stops her cold with three words: “I killed Lila.” And if that’s not enough OMGoodness, Connor gets a video sent to him via email showing Wes at the Hapstall Mansion, dashing into the bushes with Michaela and Laurel. He only shares the intel with Annalise, but his working theory is that Philip is back! (Why do I think somehow Caleb is involved, though?)

IN OTHER NEWS | Annalise refuses to take Caleb back as a client (despite his begging) — and on his way out, he spars nastily with Michaela, too. Frank goes to see Nate and try to convince him to check in on Annalise — which he eventually does, leaving Chinese takeout and wine on her doorstep when he finds she’s not home.

Your turn. What did you think of this week’s HTGAWM? How do you think Laurel will handle Frank’s confession? Take our poll below, then hit the comments!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Mahoney guy is Wes’ Dad!

    Like the flashbacks, but those 5 are getting ungrateful, they’re the ones that triggered all this mess. Had they not killed Sam, but then it wouldn’t be a show!

    • Cheyenne says:

      You’re forgetting that Annalise roped them into the mess. She’s a demon. She hand-picked those five with one objective in mind: she wanted Sam dead and she used them to kill him.

      • Amanda says:

        Have to disagree, Wes brought the Rebecca case to them, had they left her alone, Sam would probably still be alive. She might be playing puppet master, but they are pretty much digging their own graves. Every time she tells them to leave it alone, they just keep picking at it. Then when they get in trouble, they call her.

        • Mrmcgee says:

          Wasn’t Annalise already getting involved with the Lila murder case before Rebecca fully came into the picture?

          • CK says:

            She was getting into to defend the boyfriend at the behest of the school. Wes convinced her to take Rebecca’s case instead.

  2. Nick says:

    Flashback Bonnie was totally Gilmore Girl’s Paris!

  3. Yep! says:

    Biggest bombshell of the night to me….. “I KILLED LILA!”. Could not believe that Frank went there. I sat in stunned silence. This show is like crack, it really gets a person hooked!

    • dan says:

      So glad they finally addressed this. I was worried that they’d leave the “who killed Lila” reveal dangling until the end of the series (whenever that may be)

  4. Angela says:

    Between Frank’s confession, Laurel calling Frank out for his lies, Annalise firing Laurel, and the news about that videotape, I lost count of how many times I gasped or went “Oooh…” or had a jaw drop moment. They’re just throwing it all out there now, aren’t they?
    I feel for Wes so much-his casual mention of suicide unnerved me a bit, because I think he was at least partially serious about it (he does still have that gun in his apartment, after all). And then the realization that the gang was more worried, for the most part, that he’d blab than anything else must’ve been heartbreaking, too. I do like that they all came to get him, though, and talked out some of their issues with each other in the car ride home. Especially liked how Asher called Connor out for his conversation with Oliver and Michaela (though I do think Connor is genuinely concerned about him).
    Speaking of Asher, though? I’m really worried about him. I think he’s going to seriously go off eventually, even more so than he did in the mid-seaon finale.
    Loved the look into Bonnie and Frank’s early days working with Annalise, especially since they seemed to be part of her “gang” at one point, too. And I’m definitely intrigued to see how this case with Rose pans out, too-and how everything with Annalise’s baby goes, too. I suspect there’s bad news ahead with that story.
    Also loved the case of the week. I”m glad they touched on this kind of story (and I appreciated Annalise’s point about society locking men of color up and then griping about children’s lack of father figures). That ending got me choked up, too.
    Finally, Michaela calling Caleb out for showing her the gun when he did had me cheering. I hoped someone would point that out. Can’t wait for next week!

  5. Matt C. says:

    At the end scene with Frank and Laurel, I was screaming at my TV “JUST TELL HER!” but I never thought he actually would! I love how developed all of the characters (and I literally mean ALL of the characters!) have become in such a short span already. But this episode in general was awesome. So many bombshells and great character moments. It’s sad that this is the lowest rated part of TGIT when it’s by far the best show of the night.

  6. Katie says:

    Gotta say, I sympathize more with Annalise than any other character. I mean, at the end of the day, Wes murdered her husband, she covered the whole thing up for him, and he ended up shooting her and almost killing her. I don’t see why she would owe him much of anything. I don’t blame her at all for leaving him in the ward.

  7. kn1231 says:

    I really love Frank and Laurel. I was so happy he admitted that he killed Lila but I think this is the beginning of the end for them. Laurel is going to tell someone, Frank will find out after he trusted her enough to tell her the truth and then things will blow up. Laurel’s loyalty at this point is to the Keating 5. I wish she could protect both sides but I don’t think she can. I’m calling it now though, I think the series is going to end with the Keating 5 (and likely some helpers) killing Annalise.

    • Yep! says:

      If Annalise finds out that Frank did it and Sam did not (whether or not Frank was in some way obligated to Sam) I think she could lose it and do herself in, or at least attempt it. She seems to be hanging on by a thread, feeling very responsible for all the death around her.

      • Nona says:

        So Annalise always believed SAm killed Lila? I thought she knew it was Frank who did it.
        I always wonder why SAm made Frank killed Lila, what Sam had on Frank taht for Frank there was no other choice than doing it. Sam must had something on Frank that he had to do it in order not to expose him,

        • herman1959 says:

          My understanding was also that Annalise knew that Same killed Lila, and she pinned the murder on Sam because he was conveniently dead. That said, if you remember the flashback phone call between Sam and Frank, Sam seemed to have “dealt with” Lila at Sam’s direction. By law, if Sam told Frank to kill Lila, he was just as guilty.

          • Nona says:

            I guess Sam made Frank killed Lila, as probably Sam was blackmailing Frank with something and Frank had no choice but to kill Lila.

  8. dan says:

    Paula Newsome was awesome. Rarely has a guest star on this show impressed me so much. I actually cared about the case-of-the-week storyline which is usually the worst part of the show.

  9. Kavabuggy says:

    I think Annaliese and Famke Janssen’s character faked Rose’s suicide and that’s the “Oh my god, Annaliese, what have we done,” at the end of last year. To make it believable, Christoph couldn’t know. So, I think Wes’ mom is (1) still alive, or (2) dead now, but wasn’t dead then. I also think that Wes got lost in the system, so Annaliese feels guilty and that’s what her maternal instincts towards Wes are. Who knows…maybe Rose and Annaliese traded kids to help each other. Perhaps Annaliese gave birth in Cleveland or while Sam was away, and passed it off to everyone as a miscarriage or something, and then that was the beginning of the end for her and Sam, which led to him cheating with a new mistress.

  10. herman1959 says:

    There is no poll here, but anyway, you know it’s c-r-a-z-y when you have someone confess to murder so that his lover DOESN’T leave him. I can’t wait until next week.

  11. Leo says:

    Wow….I was watching with my heart pounding so hard. What a great television!
    And credits to the guest stars for the case of the week. You can see when someone with real acting chops show up, they made you care for the case so much. (At first, I thought the mother and the killer were in on it together. Sick mind.)
    And really writers, when are we getting a triangle between Oliver, Connor and Asher. So many suggestive scenes here and there. Yes, I want it.

    • Angela says:

      (At first, I thought the mother and the killer were in on it together. Sick mind.)
      I honestly wondered something similar. I think it’s a requirement to automatically be suspicious of people on this show-you just never know!
      And really writers, when are we getting a triangle between Oliver, Connor and Asher. So many suggestive scenes here and there. Yes, I want it.
      Oh, thank god, I’m not the only one thinking this :D. LOL. That could get…interesting. To say the least.

  12. Larc says:

    With all the killing going on, maybe Laurel will kill Frank now that he told her he killed Lila. He more than deserves it.

    • Nona says:

      But we did not know why Frank killed Lila he just killed her on Sam’s orders.. I mean there is another plot story there to tell as we have to know if SAm was blackmailing Frank for something. It can get interesting

      • Hope says:

        I may be reading way more into this but I think we saw a little (or possibly the beginning) of Frank’s ties to Sam in that flashback 10 years before. He didn’t make Annalise’s flight plans to Cleveland because Sam told him to wait until after her doctor’s appointment. Annalise was ticked and reminded him that he works for her and not Sam when she found out. I feel like I am investigating this show like its a case…looking through every little detail! lol!

  13. Gailer says:

    Tone down the music, I have a hard enough time figuring out this show lol

  14. Cate says:

    I liked the way the flashbacks were implemented this week, but I’ve got a real problem with them being set 10 years in the past. Wes in the past looks closer to 8 years old than 12-14. Unless he is a true prodigy and got his bachelor’s at 15/16, the aging just doesn’t work for me.

  15. robandco says:

    I can’t believe he told her!! THIS IS CRAZY!!

  16. Nadia says:

    Okay so I literally just binge watched HTGAWM after putting it off since the show begun despite being so obsessed with Shonda Rhimes’ other shows to the extent that I’m that annoying relative harking on about how everyone just HAS to watch them. And I love HTGAWM, don’t get me wrong. I just have some questions about what exactly is the deal with Frank and Laurel. He’s the manwhore-ish constantly doing one intern after the next which kind of screams: Doesn’t like to settle down, or be challenged by a partner to me. And she’s the privileged one. Got it. What I don’t get is why we’re being sold the two of them as a solid couple sneaking around (except not really because everyone knows) and generally being super into each other with all the boyfriend/girlfriend titles. He doesn’t seem to particularly like her when they’re not together but when they are suddenly he wants her to know him?? Why?? She’s just another flavour of the month isn’t she? They hardly had a huge moment when they realise they like each other more than they thought. Sorry, I’m just not convinced by those two, which is a shame because Frank intrigues me otherwise. Kind of.

    • Reese says:

      Are we watching the same show???? Their chemistry is off the charts! It started off as lust but has definitely evolved. I love the 2 of them together!!! I hope she keeps her mouth shut about Lila and continues to stand by her man!!!!

  17. TIgerLIL says:

    This is the nuttiest show on TV right now…LOL