Supernatural Rob Benedict Returns

Supernatural Season 11: Rob Benedict to Return — Is God In the House?

God may finally be answering Supernatural‘s prayers.

Rob Benedict will reprise his role as Chuck — Dean and Sam’s possibly-All Powerful prophet pal — in Episode 20 of Season 11, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Details about Chuck’s reappearance are being kept under wraps, but the current season’s heavy focus on God’s sister, The Darkness, suggests that the man believed to be The Creator may at last be showing up for a confrontation. Or perhaps he will respond to one of the Winchesters’ pleas for help?

Benedict — who made a surprise cameo at the end of last season’s 200th installment — isn’t the only fan favorite on tap to return to the CW series. As TVLine exclusively reported, Jim Beaver and Steven Williams will be back as hunters Bobby and Rufus, respectively, in an upcoming episode that flashes back to a Season 5 case.

Supernatural fans, what are theories about Chuck’s comeback? Hit the comments to share!

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  1. Mark says:

    Surely Rowena will be back at some point, right? She died, but she must have gone to Hell, which means she’s still around to torment Crowley…

  2. Mare says:

    I really hope they don’t make Chuck officially God. It will ruin him. I liked Chuck but Supernatural ‘s God is a bad brother, deadbeat dad and kind of a jerk. Don’t make Chuck that jerk :-/

    • percysowner says:

      Completely agree on not wanting Chuck to be God.

      • Dan says:

        Add me into the list of people who don’t want Chuck to be God. Eric Kripke never meant for the title to be literal, and as much as I like Rob Benedict, shouldn’t God be played with a lot more gravitas? Plus, as Mare mentioned, there is no way to excuse the fact that He just sat idly by while the rest of the world suffered. They would be ruining a beloved character by making him The Almighty.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Agree, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to make Chuck play God, his character is great the way it is, a God twist on him would be really bad to be honest. For continuity issues, along side it would ruin his character.

          I’m excited to see Chuck return as his original character

        • Wuh says:

          You can’t say he’s sat by and done nothing throughout the show because he has. Remember when Lucifer was released all of a sudden sam and dean went back in time a few moments and appeared on that plane. Also Cas was brought back to life. There is a reason he hasn’t intervened and they may or may not explain it in the upcoming episodes but im incredibly excited to see Chuck as god. The moment i saw that episode where it introduced him and at the end he just kind of faded my excitement exploded at the idea that he was god. I cant wait for the end of the season to see what they do!

        • Amano says:

          Sorry you are not in charge and i’m sure that they have already confirmed that Chuck will have to role of playing God

          • percysowner says:

            No. They have strongly implied that Chuck is God but it has never been stated in the show. We are allowed to hope for our preferred storyline, even if you don’t approve.

    • I don’t think he is a jerk, I just think he believes in giving his “children” free will. He did save Sam and Dean when Lucifer first escaped the cage and he brought Cas back after Lucifer made him explode.

    • Chris Coburn says:

      He HAS to be God, though. According to Supernatural lore, there can only be one active prophet at a time. If Chuck is still alive, that would mean Kevin never could have been chosen. Unless he actually WASN’T a prophet to begin with.

      • percysowner says:

        Yeah, and the only way to open the Cage was to break 66 seals and then we got The Book of The Damned. Crowley and Cas worked together for a year to try to find Purgatory when all along all Crowley had to do was hire a rogue Reaper or just roll away one rock in front of a door between Hell and Purgatory. Canon has become very flexible and so we could have 2 prophets. Or Chuck could have died and been brought back to life, practically everyone else has been.

        • Nickles says:

          But Chuck never died. He just disappeared in Swan Song (which doesn’t mean death, only means he was taken away or willingly left) and returned suddenly in Fan Fiction.

      • Casey says:

        Chuck drifted off into non existence which would give way to another current day prophet aka Kevin. Now Kevin’s dead maybe it’s chucks time to shine again?

      • Jeff says:

        I’ve always had a theory that God, in order to appear on Earth, still needs to possess a human. However, in God’s case, he can only possess a prophet.

        Chuck was always just Chuck until the season 5 finale, when God possessed him and he vanished.

        • percysowner says:

          Although I would far prefer that God never appear on this show, I could accept your explanation.

          • Idaho says:

            There’s no way that God never makes an appearance on this show. I mean even this season it’s all about Him and Amara. There’s absolutely no way he won’t make an appearance at least once even if it’s the season finale OR series finale.

    • Krish says:

      Well, there’re always two sides to every story, aren’t there? Maybe, God had to make a few tough choices along the way.

    • Dean says:

      Deadbeat dad? Come on, use your head. There would be no show if God just solved every problem in the world with just a snap of his fingers. It’s called free will, God resurrects Castiel every single time, God helps the Winchesters by giving them certain weapons (like their angel) and habilities. He is just a natural order entity. He doesn’t intervene. Don’t speak just for speaking

    • Vicky D says:

      Completely disagree. Chuck as God is a brilliant thing! Why so serious? Anyway, who says all communication from God has to be austere and doomy-gloomy. Surely, you need a God-character who’d be unexpected and the opposite of what you expect ~ like some semi-Geek who writes weird fiction about the boys and is kind of weird. NB he’s the author of those books. Like The Author of religious texts. Get it??? Also, that’s only the impression of him that other characters have given. I hope they do make it explicit. But I doubt they will.

    • Kristi says:

      Is it wrong of me to hope that he is Jesus? so that there would be an explanation to his magical powers , but still he wouldn’t be god per say, i think that would work on the narrative as well because he was a prophet actually

      • percysowner says:

        It’s not wrong to want something. For me, Chuck being Jesus would be 1000 time worse, because I’m not Christian and it’s been hard enough having the Judeo-Christian beliefs be validated while other, current religions have been declared worthless. Turning other deities into cannibals and stating flat out that a mere angel can defeat ALL other gods, not just gods that are no longer worshiped bothered me. Validating Jesus would tick me off.

        I wish the show would leave God and other sacred entities out of the equation.

        • Kristi says:

          I see your point. Technically there have been no creation level gods (f.e chaos in greek, or nun in egyptian or the giants(ymir i think, i don’t remember his name) in norse mythology) so it can be argued that all other gods that are killed in the series aren’t “creator” level gods. To be honest i want God to be included in the series because other than that i don’t see a logical way of defeating amara. And just personally i don’t want chuck to be god, so i kind of want a way to explain his disappearance at the end of swan song. And they aren’t mere angels , we are talking about lucifer, an archangel so powerful that he fought against the darkness and rebeled against god.

        • Kalli says:

          I am Catholic and while I agree with you on how they rip into anything non Judeo-Christian, I also think that by bringing in God’s “sister” and floofing around (even making up) angels they are trampling on everything they built up as true and tearing it back down all on their own.
          I feel the only option they have is to confirm Chuck = Jesus, but I do not know how they can reconcile that with the concept of the Holy Trinity, Anything they do will destabilise the world they’ve built.

    • Kalli says:

      Chuck is Jesus.

    • Nonya says:

      the crew already said chuck IS god, get over it.

    • Kaptkorneevo says:

      I disagree but that is just my oppinion. I think they already showed us that he was god when he disappears at the end of season 5. I mean thats what i have assumed since then.

    • pinky says:

      Chuck hints at being a “cruel, capricious God” so i wouldn’t mind

    • Sonya Smith says:

      To late… I called it when he arrived at the play in the Calliope episode I think…

  3. makparis says:

    CHUCK!!!! We have missed you.

  4. Lou Gene Milam says:

    If he is God, what took him so long .

  5. Love me some Rob Benedict, and Chuck was always a great character. Never gonna buy that he was God. Too much ret-con there, but if it brings Rob back to the show, I’ll deal! Now BRING BACK BENNY and my joy will be complete.

  6. kay says:

    Honestly whatever tgese guys choose is going to be amazing. 11 seasons and everyone of the episodes keep us guessing.
    Cant wait to witness the gold these guys give next..

  7. Chris says:

    Prayer circle that he smites Amara. She’s literally one of the least likable characters I’ve ever come across, and it’s a shame because she could have been awesome.

  8. Bonnie says:

    The writers will do whatever they do so what I want won’t matter. I like the idea of not knowing who God is rather than putting an actual face on him. That said, Rob Benedict is terrific and glad he’s coming back. Love to see Benny, too. So far. loving season !1.

  9. Art says:

    Yes! I love Chuck, and I’m really hoping he can come deal with his whiny little sister. But seriously, how bloody cool would it be to see Dean, Sam, Cas, Chuck, and maybe even Gabriel and Lucifer (assuming Cas is saved by then) teaming up against the Darkness? That would be AMAZING.

  10. David Adams says:

    PLEASE let this mean this is the final season of this show. We NEED an ending before it gets tired and stale.

    • nhogan47 says:

      I think the darkness could last one or two more seasons.When the ending comes, they’ll say so beforehand, I bet. If I’m not mistaken, Jared and Jensen signed deals for Season 12 already.

      • Art says:

        No one has signed anything for season 12 yet, but I’d also be VERY shocked if they didn’t get at least a 12th or 13th season. I would put actual money on the fact that Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Mark will be around until the final season, and I’ve always had the feeling they’re aiming for 13 seasons. Good number for a show like Supernatural.

    • Orchardist says:

      I’m not remotely tired and don’t want it to end anytime soon.

      • Ari says:

        Agreed. If you’d asked me in season 7 I would have been on board with ending the show but season 8 brought new life to this old series and the momentum hasn’t really stopped. I say go until it becomes financially unreasonable to continue or until one of the boys wants out. They certainly righted the ship after a couple of meandering post season 5 years.

    • Jane says:

      No way I dont want Supernatural to end at least not yet.

  11. ninamags says:

    Chuck!!! Fantastic. I think he’s still gonna be Chuck, prophet of the Lord. God will probably still be missing.

  12. AyuChan says:

    For all who don’t know, on a Convention Rob himself said, that he(Chuck) actually is god. He was wondered and did not get it the first seconds. You can find it on YouTube.

    Honestly, I would love to see ‘Chuck'(if he ever existed. Because I don’t think that god would possess one of his beloved own humans)again.

    And yeah, I still wondering myself what took god so long to do something. I want to see his face, when he meets his two sons Cas and Lucifer sharing one body. I mean, god have to love cas much, if you looking at the fact how often he brought cas back to life. Just want to see what he will do about the Casifer Situation.

    • Art says:

      Oh, good point – Cas has always been one of God’s favorites (he’s saved him many, many times over the years). If Dean and Sam haven’t figured out how to save Cas and get Lucifer back to hell, then I bet Chuck will.

    • percysowner says:

      Well to be fair what Rob said was that Kripke once asked him how it felt to play God, after Swan Song had been shot and shown. It was never stated on screen that he was God. It was implied in SS, but never confirmed. Since then Kripke has left the show and isn’t responsible for where they take the mythology.

      Also consider that in season two Kripke flat out stated that there would never be angels on Supernatural. Even though he was in charge, he changed his mind because that fit the story.

      So Chuck is not necessarily God. The current writers may well decide he is and make it undisputed. They may decide he is and leave a little wiggle room. They may decide he’s not an make that undisputed or they may decide he’s not and leave some wiggle room. We will have to wait and see. In any case I’m not going to rely on what an actor told a convention that a writer, who is no longer with the show told him.

  13. Rita says:

    Best news ever!!!!

  14. brian says:

    Please kill off Sam he whines to much and Jared is a horrible actor it’s getting tough to watch him.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah that’s never gonna happen.

    • Madhura Mukherjee says:

      This is the first time someone said that about Jared and thank you for that I never liked him and never understand why people are so obsessed with him

    • Madhura says:

      Brian This is the first time I heard someone saying about hating Sam. I never liked him and never understand why people are so obsessed with him

    • Laura says:

      Hi brian
      I felt that way during seasons 1-4.
      But IMHO the actor has really grown and now? I love Sam! Dean, of course lol😀 But I’ve watched Jared Padalecki go from learning to act, to a darn fine actor over the years.
      He’s impressed me and his portrayal last season, especially, was outstanding.
      I mean he tore my heart out.
      A good thing! 😊
      Plus I want this show to go on until they both need walkers! LOL
      I love this show. Jared and Jensen have a cult following because they’ve really gone b’s to the wall for Supernatural.
      Chuck and Cas + Crowley, and yep, Rowenna, are faces of mine… But Bobby and Rufus, too?
      Yay overload!
      Here’s hoping for seasons 12 and 13!

    • Orchardist says:

      The show is about the two brothers. It’s the PREMISE.

    • kelly edwards says:

      Then don’t watch. Go and watch something else. As far I know, Jared is a amazing actor. He is the reason I watch this show for the past eleven years.

    • Roxann Sellers says:

      Quit watching then, other people love it.

  15. Katie says:

    Well, count me in the column of people who definitely *do* want Chuck to be God. While the character of Chuck was adorable and all around amazing, I do *not* want the show to mess with something that has been Supernatural fan-lore for years And really, I’m so so happy to welcome Rob Benedict back, regardless.

  16. Erik says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW!! Excited to see chuck again!! Season only getting better!!! Hopefully they renew one or two more seasons!!! I want to see the Winchesters dad come back!!!! RENEW THE SEASON PLEASE

  17. Mie says:

    Chuck now being God, would explain how he’s alive…. He should be dead right, since Kevin was a prophet and there can only be one?
    His appearance in 200th would make more sense to me with Chuck being God… I think it could be fun!

  18. Cate says:

    To me if Chuck is God maybe while in human form he lost his memories as god, like trying to fit all that power in one being was an over load. Or maybe God just takes on Chucks ‘meat suit’ like Cas did with Jimmy and the reason why Chuck himself disappeared was because perhaps that’s what happens to prophets when the ‘purpose’ is complete. These are just my theories. But with Supernatural who knows, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  19. Amara Winchester says:

    Guys! You do realise that not only the PRODUCERS but also ROB himself has stated that chuck is God. Don’t look at him as a deadbeat dad, he left because of gadreel, he brought back cas 3 times, put the boys on the plane, upgraded cas to seraph. He doesn’t think it’s his fight anymore, he wants his ‘children’ to choose freewill, but I guess if he announces to the world he is God then he’ll help kick amara’s ass btw in my opinion I love amara and the bound that she and Dean has, I reckon lucifer will try and use that against amara

    • Dan says:

      Kripke never meant that Chuck was the literal God. Chuck was merely a representation of Eric Kripke himself, the creator of Supernatural. Rob Benedict, and now, the fans have bastardized this interpretation to mean that Chuck was the literal God of the show, when in fact Eric Kripke has said on record that this was never his intention. But I guess that will all be moot now because Robbie “fan service” Thompson wrote this episode and won’t be able to pass up the opportunity to pander to fans.

  20. Viv says:

    Chuck is def my idea of a perfect God… Oversentimental, nuerotic, perceptive… If we’re supposedly made in his image, he’s probably a lot like us anyways…

  21. I only want Chuck to be God if they continue to call him Chuck. *g*

  22. Manik Chhabra says:

    So i don’t really think that Sam and Dean would actually meet Chuck/God.. I guess what happened in s10e04 would happen again.. Chuck would come but won’t meet Sam and Dean.. Otherwise if they do actually meet Chuck, both of them will ask where he was all this time and ultimately he would tell them that he’s God which would ruin his character

  23. Derek Szwed says:

    lucifer still needs sam even tough hey tired to kill him he is showing sam he can do dammge to him sam will say yes

    • percysowner says:

      Tonight’s episode pretty well proved that Lucifer doesn’t still need Sam and is more than willing to kill him. There was also zero evidence that Sam will say yes to him, since Sam is about rescuing Cas and finding a way to cage Lucifer again.

  24. Vicki says:

    I dont want Chuck to be God

  25. Keyser Soze says:

    If Chuck is coming back, what about Jesse Turner? He is the anti Christ, and Lucifer is walking free. There is no better time to bring him back since he hasn’t been seen since season five.

  26. Vinay says:

    I think Chuck is God

  27. lois says:

    chuck being God isn’t a bad idea

  28. Vicky D says:

    Dear everyone who doesn’t get that Chuck was God. Go watch the end of season 5 again. Actually watch the whole season. And Fan Fiction. He just is. Trust me, I’m a theologian.

    • percysowner says:

      I suspect everyone who doesn’t want Chuck to be God DID watch the first 5 seasons and Fan Fiction. All that proves is that however strongly the “fact” that Chuck was God was implied, it was never stated outright.

  29. Roxann Sellers says:

    We have been watching since the beginning. My daughter and I have both thought Chuck was God from the start. People need to quit looking at the show as a literal interpretation of Christian-Judeo religion or bible study. It’s a show with Hollywood interpretation of many religions texts to suit a script. It’s a great show, it’s fun. You are certainly able to worship at the Altar of the Brothers Moose & Squirrel if you want ~ I probably wouldn’t take it to a Conference of Theologians as such.

  30. I believe that he is God here to fight Darkness his sister

  31. mad says:

    With season 12 coming around the corner I think the writers could make some changes to there original plans with the possibility of s11 being the final season. For me seeing chuck as god would be a let down. I would much rather see him as gods eyes and ears watching over Sam and Dean all this time and reporting back to god. We see chuck disappear in swan song this could be god saving his connection to the Winchesters and giving chuck some peace from seeing all the blood shed in his books and future visions of blood shed. This leaves kevin to be the new prophet of god. God sends him back in season 10 as he knows the mark of cain has changed vessels and is worried that the darkness could be unleashed again and chuck is the only person with a connection to god who can help out. That’s my opinion. I would like to see Sam having to relapse on demon blood in order to be strong enough to fight against the darkness and possibly lose his soul again as well. If God is to be unviald on supernatural it would be cool if he bring back all the archangels and all the family Sam and Dean lost over the years for the final showdown against amara. On a final note spanning this story arch over a couple of seasons would be a change. I liked how the story progressed over the earlier seasons and not having a big bad to fight every seasons in the later ones.

  32. Cassandra Swanson says:

    I think that Chuck is God and Cass is Jesus. Will Michael ever find his way out of the pit??

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Cassandra, I just want the Winchester to have the ability to heal or be immortal I truly think they deserve that maybe one day or one season. I just get tired of them getting their assess handed to them.

  33. Wraymedic says:

    Chuck was a prophet. Cass stated that clearly and pointed out the Supernatural books were later going to be known as the Winchester chronicles. My personal belief is Chuck was a vessel taken over by God to hide away but still keep an eye on things. Hiding in plain sight as a phrophet. Suddenly he disappears of the earth and no one can find him. Come on Chucks not god…God’s in Chucks body. Get it. Just like Cass is not Lucifer. Lucifers in Cass.

  34. Jeannette says:

    Perhaps Chuck is GOD, after all Chuck’s leaving was never explained.

  35. ammy says:

    Chuck maybe the God himself! But I hope they never let out the secret openly infront of the Winchesters. Of course! He’ll work in his own mysterious ways without letting them know who he actually is. And when He says goodbye, the boys will find themselves wondering if he is really the God!! Or Chuck can be Metatron-2, the new scribe of the God or at least can pose to be. He can tell them how to deal with Lucifer and how to seal away the Darkness. And that will build the last episodes and the season finale.

  36. Sarnita Goswami says:

    Heart breakin part o the series is God has been posed as mere character. Foolin around bt when its time to work he is weak. He needed him and tge archangel to cast amara to cage. Thats funny I thought God himself should be enough. Like God even Amars sud be effected of God (light) dies