The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Musical Thrones

If Klaus and Cami are the Ross and Rachel of The Originals, then Friday’s episode marked the uncomfortable “We were on a break” portion of their relationship — only replace that line with “You stole my dark objects.”

Klaus’ “therapist” — which is a weird way to refer to your girlfriend, but whatever — had every intention of trading the White Oak Doll™ for the objects he’d taken from her, but Cami forgot one very key detail: New Orleans is literally crawling with supernatural thugs, and any one of them would kill to get his/her/its grubby mitts on it.

Enter Aya’s li’l army of witches, whom she tasked with retrieving the location of the White Oak Doll™ from Ariane’s lifeless brain. Davina was the only one able to break in, and since she wasn’t about to give up her girl Cami, Aya’s super-grumpy witch leader was forced to pull it out of her. But wait… she wasn’t working for Aya! She actually stole the doll for Aurora, who proceeded to turn it into a set of White-Oak bullets!! There are not enough exclamation points to sufficiently express how bad this is!!!

Elsewhere in the Big Easy this week…

The Originals RecapPOLITICS AS USUAL | Marcel Gerard? More like Marcel Charade! (For the record, that joke works much better if you read it in Aya’s accent.) Anyway, Marcel — who’s apparently much smarter than I’ve been giving him credit for — took advantage of Elijah and Aya’s (metaphorical) peeing match over leadership of the Strix, swiping the coveted charter right out from under them. But wait… it turns out Marcel and Elijah were actually working together to distract Aya from White Oak-gate! [Insert gif of my mind being blown here.]

And since the two are apparently so chummy, perhaps Marcel will share what Aya revealed in the episode’s final moments: that there’s a spell capable of severing the sire lines, and Davina is just the witch to get it done. (It’s too bad I wasted all my exclamation points earlier, because I could really use a few right about now.)

Odds and Ends:

* I was excited by the prospects of “Campire,” and I still have faith in the writers, but I wasn’t expecting her to take such a villainous turn so quickly. How do we feel about that?

* I’ll bet Hayley just loved hearing about Elijah and Aya’s epic romance. Truly, it must have been the highlight of her week.

* I wasn’t too pleased to hear that “things are not going well” for Kol, but I’m excited that Davina is determined to rescue him — especially if it means she’ll keep pairing up with Ariane. (I really miss Chasing Life.)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Katie says:

    This show is so depressing. What happened to the real Klaus? I’m out. I didn’t sign up for Klaus being bested by a newbie vampire. The rest of the show would be sooo good if they dropped the dead weight and made the originals actually in character instead of propping up characters.

    • pebbles51 says:

      Remember when it took Bonnie channeling 100s of witches to take Klaus down and only during his transformation after breaking the curse? Even Celeste said it would take 100 witches to put him in his place. Now everybody beats him. Even a day old vamp.

      At least they are writing good for Elijah and Marcel.

      • Valerie Mendez says:

        Yes, the writing is good for Elijah and Marcel, But I would love to see a witch separate Marcel, and Ayah from their sires that would be interesting. But in meantime Klaus needs to be his old self. I can’t stand to see him being plunked like a little boy and by Cami she needs to be checked.

      • zed says:

        So true- but those TVD says are over pebbles51! And Cami going all- Klaus is not going to hurt me! Well, I wish now the real Klaus rears his ugly head and actually kills Cami!! Yeah, I want the Klaus, who thinks love is weakness to come back and take his throne as the one who is the most feared vampire now hybrid back! Make end season 3 really badass!!

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      Oh, Surely agree because I feel that the writers are off their mark. Klaus needs his old dark take no BS, kickers morbid self. I know he’s a father, but this softness I can’t take it. I want to see my bad hybrid back.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        I blame it on fan service. Everytime Klaus did something dark, for the greater good of his family in most cases… All the “goodie two shoes ” who are watching start ranting how terrible and unforgivable he is… Even tho if most cases something much worse would happen if Klaus didn’t do what he does. Like right now…

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      I Miss Jackson Kenner he died in Season 3, Episode 11: Wild At Heart. Tristan ripped his heart out right in front of Hailey his wife. I knew he was going sometime, but I cried 😣. Hailey think she’s going to be happy with Elijah it’s not going to be easy. I just wish the writers would have her pregnant with Jacksons baby, I pray for a boy for Hailey let him have a name sake.

    • sir young M.C says:

      Exactly, hate the fact that he can be beat by elijah

  2. Phoenix5634 says:

    This is an awesome show, and my favourite on the CW, but I really miss the intelligent, ruthless, master manipulator, always one step ahead, do anything for his family, Klaus. And the intelligent, morally superior, elegant, heart ripping, an the same do anything for his family, Elijah.

  3. ChrisGa says:

    Gotta say I’m not at all feeling Campire. Feels like the writers thought the only way to salvage the character was turn her; now she’s just another one note vampire. I would’ve much rather seen her remain human (big ups to Matt Donovan for lasting this long).

    That said, as long as Elijah is on my screen every week I’m good to go.

  4. AP says:

    Obviously the only reason the newbie vampire bested Klaus is because he let her. He knew she wasn’t actually going to use the white oak against him. He cares for her and, of course, is not going to kill her! Duh!! That being said, I still think Klaus needs to be ruthless with his REAL enemies and show his hybrid side every now and again!!!

  5. Phoenix5634 says:

    How many white oak bullets did Aurora have made ? I think I remember like 7 or 8.

    I’m not sure those bullets would kill Klaus, or if they would have a similar effect like Tyler had when that one Hunter kept shooting him, like stunning him. Since he’s a hybrid, and the size of the bullets.

  6. Liza says:

    I am not linking Vampire Cami at all! The show can kill her off this season and bring Caroline over when TVD is cancelled. The Originals would need to do the 3 year time jump like TVD to keep it consistent and figure out what to do with Alaric’s twins, but a show with Klaus and Caroline as a romantic team would be EPIC!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Cami is going to be so pissed at Aurora, she did this to Klaus becuz she was sick of being used and manipulated an what not, and it ended up costing her life. And now she just found out she was used and manipulated once again, by the person who took her life. She’s going to be mad.

      At some point their going to have to do a time jump, or a spell to make Hope grow up to an age she can be a playable character. I hope she’s at least like Davina’s age whenever they do that, but that’d be a decently big time jump considering Hope is like what, 3?

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      I truly don’t think that Klaus and Cami should continue being in a relationship, I feel it’s too forced. He needs to be his true self. I believe he will find that point. Especially when there will be more enemies to come.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Cami lost his trust this episode, and Klaus is all about trust. It’s part, if not mostly why he fell in love with her. This definitely changes the dynamic of their relationship, you could see it on both their faces at the end.

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      Truly agree I didn’t care for her from the start, maybe if she would of been real with Klaus instead of acting like she’s pure, please oh and don’t get me started on that therapy crap she was handing out. Aurora maybe out there but she ain’t a fake like Cami. She will die it’s matter of time.
      I like Aurora, but her and Klaus not met to be either. Caroline Forbes is the one she knows he’s bad but she knows he can be good and she let’s him be him. But on TVD she’s engaged to Alaric in the future HE’LL NO, NO WAY, NOT HAPPENING . Please someone sound off.

      • n4738 says:

        I don’t care about Klaroine. Caroline and Klaus would never work because Caroline and him don’t value the same things and she can’t accept the dark side of him. Klaus was saying those things to get into Caroline’s panties. I’m sure he’s professed intentions like that many times in the 1000+ years he’s been alive. Aurora is too dark and deranged. Plus, Aurora has that weird Jamie/Cersei thing going on with her brother. I used to like Cami and Klaus as friends. Cami is way too annoying now. She needs to leave town and figure her life out. Her and Klaus should have never been romantic in the first place. Klaus shouldn’t be romantic with any of these women. I don’t want to see Caroline trying to change Klaus into something he isn’t – cause changing men into what you want always works right, lol? That’s going to he an annoying mess. No Cami or Aurora, please. They need to create another character for him and bring back the old Klaus. He is too whimpy and I can’t stand Cami and Klaus talking to Klaus blaming him for EVERYTHING and talking to him like he’s child that made a mess in the kitchen. I’m tired of both Cami and Hayley. Sadly, I don’t see these basic b*tches going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Tanvi says:

      omg I completely agree!!!!!!

    • Elijah says:

      Klaus did tell Caroline, ” I may not be your first love, but I intend to be your last.”
      So maybe this can / will happen in the future.

  7. zed says:

    May I add- Marcel is so shady- friend, family, foe could so be him. I would love it.
    I loved the fact Aurora was the one who played them all- although we know she will be killed- and that’s a shame! Twisted Aurora is amazing refreshment! Whereas Cami is really pathetic now, I wished he killed her there and then-either keep Cami a bitch or a goodie-not both! Cami bitch is way better! And the bickering with Klaus is actually beyond pathetic!
    Both, Klaus and Elijah should be taught a lesson- all that is coming back to haunt them is their own doing! And I wish there is a witch to put them in their place! Just wish it is Bonnie, not Davina.

  8. Queen says:

    I’m loving the new Vampire Badass Cami or “Campire” as stated. Girl is still the same Beautiful, Intelligent and Fearless that i love but much better. She definitely won’t allow to be mistreated and abused anymore. If Klaus could have just given her the dark objects that her family owns and stop controlling her, none of this crap would have happen. Lesson- Do not mess with my Campire. One very obvious and evident about this episode is Klaus’ love for Cami. A lot of people (well more like the few Klaroline extinct fandom) expected Klaus to lash out and go full hybrid mode at Cami but I was so glad when none of that happened. He can hurt and disrespect his baby momma which he calls a mere one stand and stab and almost kill the resident Queen of bang Carowhine but He can never hurt Camille. Mr. Big Bad Hybrid is in love with Camille.

  9. Katie says:

    Well, color me surprised by the bitch witch leader of Aya’s group being in league with Aurora! My jaw really hit the floor with the knowledge that Aurora made wooden bullets out of the toy-Aaargghh! She is too demented by half but she is smart and I hate that. Okay, I was just starting to really dig Campire until last night. Then she started bickering with Klaus about whose fault it was-seriously girl? What happened to the “to hell with everyone else” ‘tude? And Klaus-he shouldn’t have kept arguing with her. He should have taken Vincent and ripped the town apart in finding the toy. I got a kick out of the scenes with Elijah, Marcel and Aya. Although, did anyone find the look on Marcel’s face after Elijah called the Strix clowns, a little worrying? I really believe he’ll betray the Mikealsons. Just intuition. I hope Davina is able to rescue Kol and if she really is the one to sever the connection between the Mikaelsons and the vampires they sired. I agree with those who say the old Klaus needs to rear his ugly head once more against his enemies. Save the gentler side for his daughter. I liked this episode but they’ve done better. You can call me crazy but I’m still sticking with it.

    • zed says:

      I just wonder what is to come for nine more episodes if they kill Aurora the next episode? Yeah, well, sticking to the end me too- LOL

  10. zaahirah says:

    It is becoming incoherent and very bore one, with no real exciting stories . Getting head ache with the season 3

  11. Noel Snow says:

    Why didn’t anyone ever think to make a fake wooden horse? It wouldn’t have fooled Claus but the witches had never seen it outside of visions. I kept waiting for a cut to scene of a bunch of wooden shavings and knife on the floor of the tomb and Cami stashing the supposedly lost toy horse in her purse. Meanwhile Aurora is arming herself with useless bullets.

  12. B says:

    I was really glad to see Marcel have greater involvement, and even happier to see that it was in league with Elijah. Not as happy about the bickering between Cami and Klaus. I agree with others that Klaus hasn’t been himself lately. I liked seeing a softer side now and then, but he needs to still be his manipulative, cunning self. Elijah definitely took that role in this episode, and it was great.

    The bickering … it seems like there are always a batch of episodes each season where there’s a lot of repetitious arguing before they head into the final run to the end. In my opinion, this series should only have 15 or maybe 18 episodes to avoid that filler content. Here, at least, they did still have interesting elements with Elijah/Marcel and also Davina, surprisingly, but the bickering with Klaus and Cami makes me wonder where they can go with that story.

    –The white oak toy popping up is a little annoying. What else will they find from those extinct trees when they need a convenient threat? Right now, even with a couple of interesting elements, the writing feels kind of stale, and, sorry to say, even the performances feel kind of tired and forced. I’ll keep watching, but if there’s another big patch of filler this season, the fast-forward button will definitely come into play.

  13. Stacy says:

    I want the Klaus from TVD back not this water downed version. Hope they off Cami or just ship her with someone else. I never liked her character. Also, some of the Klamille shippers are sure afraid of a supposedly “extinct” ship, lol. Klaroline is the only thing that could possibly save this show. With ratings down to 0.3, it’s not looking too good for renewal.

  14. Kalzay says:

    if Klaus dies I’ll stop watching this movie

  15. Kalzay says:

    am not sure Michael naducci and Julie Plec understand what killing Klaus means,loosing over 10million fans, killing the best and favorite character in the show

  16. Kalzay says:

    and if they’re thinking about putting Klaus in another body,bad option,joseph Morgan is the best actor on the show,such an amazing actor

  17. Russ says:

    Klaus is the most powerful monster on the planet and the best at being devious and coming up with plans that ultimately make him and his family the winners of whatever threats the Michelson’s come across! This weekness this newbe vamp his lil girlfriend needs to die! He already has to many weaknesses! His baby girl, Hali his baby momma she might be a hybrid and she’s very clever but she is not an orignal. Klaus doesn’t need any more vulnerable spots! Cami needs to go. And klaus needs to be and act like the monster he truly is inside! That would get everyones attention. And maybe they would think twice before messing with klaus Michelson anymore!

  18. Jason says:

    As much as I hate to admit…TO is starting to bore me. I miss the Original family we saw in the second and third season of TVD.. Not the originals we see now.. Especially Klaus.. This softer version of him ain’t it at all.

  19. Elijah says:

    All this can’t deal with klaus being soft crap is doing me in.
    Klaus ain’t gone soft, kami is the only one he really cares about outside the family. He also feels responsible for her demise at the hands of aurora, and besides all that she knows him better than anyone else after he confided all his secrets,good and evil to her when she was human.
    If you only ever see one side of a character then they become one dimensional and predictable.
    The best thing to happen was to show an unpredictable side to the most predictable character on tv.
    Also it’s a breath of fresh air to see mild mannered therapist kami get tough in her new vampire skin. Someone who can call it as it is and be a pain in klaus mikaelsons backside and put him in his place once in a while.
    Don’t remember anyone saying he’d gone soft when hailey had him under the thumb.
    He never wanted this for kami, but as his hands are tied, he has to allow her to find her feet. If that means she stands on a few toes on her way to gaining revenge on aurora then good luck to its pointed out in almost every episode lately, klaus is the strongest most feared of all originals for good reason. I have no doubt the right enemy will soon show the true klaus very soon.

    • Bex says:

      I agree, I like the character development. One dimensional characters are so boring. But I will be glad to see Aya get hers. She is such an annoying know-it-all

  20. K says:

    Me too, Andy. Chasing Life was the best.

  21. Jess says:

    Ross and Rachel? More like Rachel and Joey. I had a lot of problems with this episode and most of them came back to how odd Klaus was behaving. I’m all for character development, but the fact that he seemed to care more about Cami’s temper tantrum and what that meant for their relationship than for the fact that the white oak (the thing that could kill his family, the same family he’s been obessing over for centuries) just struck a really, really sour note with me. I haven’t enjoyed Campire at ALL (I like her less than Regular Cami, and that’s saying something) and I don’t enjoy the shortcuts that they took with Klaus’ character to make her and her bratty behavior seem viable. I’m over Cami, I’m over Klamille, and I’m over this version of Klaus that completely disregards seasons and seasons of character development for the sake of a frankly terrible ship.

  22. Kristen says:

    Is it possible that bringing Kol back is the key to preventing the fall of the originals? One is meant to die by foe, one by family, and one by friend. So, seeing as there is only room for three, perhaps resurrecting Kol has something to do with breaking the looming doom that they are all meant to endure? Wishful thinking perhaps, but it’d be a nice way to form a temporary bridge between Davina and the Michaelsons, so that they can wage this war together, rather than going it on their own. Also, how does Rebekah fit into this? She’s secretly sedated for the time being, but she’s meant to die if the prophecy is correct. Elijah is the only one who knows where she is, so unless this information gets out, he would have to be the one to kill her, which I don’t see EVER happening. I think it’s being hinted at that Klaus is the one to go after Elijah because of the Rebekah ordeal, but I think if Klaus and Elijah can get past what they’ve already overcame as a family, that Elijah’s decision to save Rebekah until everything blows over wouldn’t be the straw to break the camel’s back. Also, what if they bring Kol AND Finn back!? Also, how does the crossover fit into all this. I believe Stefan is seeking Klaus’ help with this vampire huntress business, but what does Stefan bring to the table that will feed The Originals storyline?

    So many questions!? Agh!