Summer Glau on Castle

Firefly Reunion on Castle: First Photos of Summer Glau's Private Eye

The March 7 episode of ABC’s Castle is titled “The G.D.S.,” but we’ve got a better name for it: “Déjà Vu.” Or “Have We Met Before?” Or “A River Runs Through It.” Or “Serenity, Now!” (I’ve got tons more, FYI.)

As TVLine reported last month, the Los Angeles-set installment reunites Nathan Fillion with onetime Firefly co-star Summer Glau, who guest-stars as a provocative P.I. that competes with Rick to solve a deadly mystery. The hour also features TV vet Gerald McRaney as the head of the legendary, secretive Greatest Detective Society (aka The G.D.S.), of which Glau is a member.

The episode’s outsized premise and enviable guest roster triggered speculation that ABC was testing the waters for a rejiggered Season 9 in case either Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic don’t re-sign. The chatter intensified when network president Paul Lee recently confirmed that “there are a lot of conversations going on” about how to extend Castle’s longevity.

Lee, though, would not disclose which particular avenues are being explored for any possible Castle Season 9. “I don’t want to give a glimpse to what those ideas might be,” he said, “but I’m feeling optimistic that we’ve got some good ideas.”

Scroll down and check out two more exclusive images from the Alexi Hawley-penned episode, and then hit the comments with your own theories and snappy judgements.

Summer Glau on Castle  castle-summer-glau-3

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  1. Coco says:

    Beckett isn’t in this episode again ? Is this impossible to include her in the episodes with Firefly people or what ?

  2. brad says:

    lol they make it to easy for there spinoff if thats the case whos gonna be castles love interest i it

  3. Disappointed. says:

    Well if Lee’s “good ideas” mean a Beckettless S9 count me out. Season 8 has been bad enough, time to find something else to pass the time.

    • John NYC says:

      I think they’ve all made clear that a Becketless S 9 would be Stana’s “good idea”: not TPTB first choice at all.

      • Just one thing says:

        As long as that makes sense to you, then go ahead and run with it.

      • Susan Smith says:

        JOT is correct. Blaming Stana is strong in John NYC .Most of us think Stana is being pushed aside for the Castle PI/Castle spinoff set up

        • John NYC says:

          So your theory is Stana is fully committed to a 9th season and her leaving the show, would that be the case, is entirely from things outside her control rather than her just wanting to explore other aspects of her career?

          Given how far down the line last year’s negotiations went I’m more inclined to suspect she was reluctant last year and were she not to have a change of feelings were she to leave, a big WERE, it would have been on her terms.

          Which BTW is no more “blaming” Stana than “blaming” Cote would have been: people have to make decisions about their careers, it’s their lives after all. Responsibility is a lot different than blame.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Joseph, not being critical but just letting you know that the cap letters and exclamation signs interrupting sentences makes it nearly impossible to read what you’re trying to say. You might want to reconsider your formatting style.

          • Touché, John NYC. I’d like to add that these folks are regular people, looking to keep their chosen profession “fresh,” just like we all care to with ours. Having Castle S8 be the last with Nathan and Stana would be sad for us as viewers of the show. However, if one or both of them choose to move on from Castle, it is THEIR decision to do so. Be happy for them, and encourage their new endeavors. I know I will. After all, it’s a *television* show, people.

  4. Just one thing says:

    Ha. Haha.
    An OLTL reunion one week. Another Firefly reunion the next. And yet no ratings increases likely on the horizon.
    Also, GDS sounds like an STD.

  5. Tammy says:

    If they do a spinoff with Castle but without Beckett; I’m out; and I think most Castle fans will be. Castle is about a WRITER AND HIS MUSE SOLVING CRIMES. Period. This season has sucked enough. Blah.

    • Coco says:


    • c-mo says:

      Not me! Why does one have to be Team Stana or Team Nathan, why can’t we support everyone? I like both characters and would watch the show regardless of which one stars if it turns out to be one or the other.

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        It’s not team Stana or team Nathan, it’s Team Caskett. Which is what Andrew M created with Castle. A writer following his muse, take one or the other out, and it’s just another cop show, or another P.I. show, or whatever Rick is doing now.

        • John NYC says:

          So a recast Becket would be okay then because “Caskett” would be preserved? If Stana has decided to leave that’s another choice.

          Maybe Alana De la Garza?

          I think I’d prefer the Cheers:Fraser alternative. But hyoh.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            No, a recast would NOT work for me. It has to be Nathan & Stana. I know Hollywood thinks women are replaceable but they’re not. They’re trying it with the new Hayley character, and making Alexis his partner in crime solving and that just gives me hives.
            Castle is Caskett working together solving crimes, which is Stana & Nathan, no other formula works for me, or the 6+ million who left since 6×23 aired. It’s just that simple.

          • KLS says:

            I think Alana De la Garza is in that new Criminal Minds spin-off. Not to add fuel to the fire or anything…. Or start up a huge conversation about who could replace Stana Katic, like the news that they are adding a strong female lead to NCIS. Every actress in Hollywood has been mentioned.

      • KLS says:

        Would you watch it if either star were replaced?

        • Castlebuzz says:

          And the basic premise/outline of the show remain? NO. Shouldn’t be done this late in a run. An actual spinOFF might be acceptable to some, although not to me if it continued the Castle character as played currently.

          • Kirk says:

            The only actress i can think makes sense is Angie Harmon if she would even be interested in the role ?????

    • FormerCastleFan says:


    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say +2 million…but it could easily be more than that.

    • KCC says:

      A spinoff is taking a character from a show and creating a NEW show with that character. A spinoff with Castle and Beckett would not be a spinoff, it would just be a continuation of “Castle.” The spinoff is not “Castle.” If you watch it expecting it to be exactly like “Castle,” of course you’ll be disappointed. Like it or don’t, just don’t complain it’s not the exact same show it was spun off from. It won’t be and isn’t meant to be.

      • John NYC says:

        Indeed: I’ve started to realize something like Cheers : Fraser. Just a way to still have a character or two on screen.

        Rick already being the title character being a complication. Now if, as some clearly prefer, the show had been titled “Caskett” then all would be simpler.

    • Boiler says:

      Not speaking for me Tammy. Why don’t you try something positive?

      • Touché, Boiler. I’m so done with all the negativity Castle fans seem to have the past few years. It’s a *television* show, people. The stars don’t do all the casting, there’s no conspiracy to keep one co-star’s screen time to a minimum, and good grief stop with all the “Well, I won’t watch a spinoff.” Good! Perhaps tuning in to a new show or enjoying a new hobby will make you happy. Le sigh.

  6. John NYC says:

    They had me at Gerald McRaney. And I say that about few actors.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      I do like him and will be watching as I’ve decided to watch through the end of this season. But, come on, the Greatest Detective Society? What is this … a Hardy Boys mystery set on a Hollywood soundstage? And, really, why no Beckett? Why the return to the LA scene? Why must Hayley and Alexis go along? The whys go on….

      • John NYC says:

        Why’s get answered when you tune in.

        Or not.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          True but if this ep is supposed to be about Rick’s disappearance, wouldn’t you think Kate just might have more than a passing interest?

          • John NYC says:

            So tune in and find out? Radical concept I know.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            What part of “I do like him and will be watching …” don’t you understand? Is speculation now forbidden?

          • John NYC says:

            No just pointless, IMO, rhetorical questions that, as I wrote, will be resolved by the actual show not fan’s handwringing.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Castlebuzz, I get your point, but a precinct Captain in NY has no jurisdiction in L.A. And also can’t just drop everything to accompany her rich husband across the country. Her job has prevented them from having a proper honeymoon… Why isn’t it realistic to believe it prevents her from going to L.A.? And who says Kate is “disinterested?”
            I get you and others don’t like the direction the writers are taking the show, but that isn’t changing anything. And we haven’t even seen how this is all going to play out yet.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            DarkDefender, there’s so little realism left in this show, even within its own canon, that I doubt the writers couldn’t have had Captain Beckett take off a few personal days if they had wanted to show her more involved. More importantly, I’m still committed to seeing how “this is all going to play out” at least through the end of this season and hoping against hope that there’s a good reason for how these showrunners have directed this season. For example, I’m hoping the reason for keeping Beckett at a distance in this ep’s explanation of Rick’s disappearance is because of the nature of that explanation, that Rick had more choice in the matter than at first it would seem. Perhaps it could involve his having a choice of leaving minutes before the wedding or a choice of letting her know he was alive those two months. Something, anything, that would give some justification and closure to the arc that began with the ending of 6×23.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sorry, Castlebuzz, but I think the likelihood of the show wrapping up the abduction storyline that in any way puts even a modicum of blame on Castle is nil.
            You and I are more likely to sprout unicorn horns and fly on Pegasus wings into the sun.
            I’m sure that, if they could, they’d retro-fit the half-baked story to put the blame on Beckett and her mission against Bracken and Company.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Jot, I was so hoping “to sprout unicorn horns and fly on Pegasus wings into the sun.” You’ve dashed my hopes. :):) Don’t worry. I’m not betting the ole homestead on my crazy hopes. BTW I came up with those specific scenarios after someone on Twitter claimed to have been able to read a part of the script that Rob Kyker had torn and tossed in the trash bin and then posted a pic on his Twitter. One of Rick’s lines, spoken to Hayley, was reportedly about whether “she” (obviously referring to Kate) would be able to forgive him.

        • Just one thing says:

          And when one tunes in, and their questions still aren’t answered, are we allowed to continue asking them here?
          Or should we file for a permit from your Fan Thought Police HQ?

      • KLS says:

        Was disappointed in the name. Saw the ep name weeks ago, thought it meant something cooler The Greatest Detective Service. Oh well.

  7. John Z says:

    Sounds awful. a secret society of PI ? come on. who F-ing cares.
    No Caskett, no interest. Show needs BOTH Castle and Beckett.
    The show has gotten mired in stupid .

  8. JImN says:

    That’s a set from the Final Frontier, 5.06, where laser blaster was made. That’s the only positive thing I can say about anything connected with this episode.

    • Castlebuzz says:

      Really? You’ve got a great eye and memory. I was thinking it looked like one of the old, abandoned NYC subway stations and wondering why the heck they were using it for a story set in LA. Laughing at myself now.

    • Disappointed. says:

      It may turn out to be a gem when compared against 8×18 when Hayley is front and centre.LOL

      • castlefurever says:

        HAYLEY! Just shoot me now…..

      • Anonymous says:

        I honestly don’t get it. Hayley an absolutely useless addition gets her own episode. And publicly Ryan/Seamus is begging TPTB to give his character something. Lainie is practically non-existent these days, Alexis and her screen time is beyond annoying. And forget about Beckett. She’s become an after-thought.
        It’s beyond obvious why another million plus viewers bailed on the show in the ratings. Show is limping home to episode 22. Sunday ratings should be interesting. Up against Grammys, NBA All Star Game, and plain old Valentine’s Day activities.

        And it explains why ABC keeps throwing out the one good Caskett promo each week. They need it to bait viewers to come back. And even that ain’t working anymore. Former fans are wise to what’s happening and just giving up. The showrunners and Nathan Fillion have no one to blame but themselves when the show is not renewed. It’s garbage now.
        And all of you who wanna keep believing and thinking he didn’t have a hand in the shift away from SK and Caskett as part of his contract to renew….you are deluding yourselves. It’s so clear now, that it simply can’t be denied. You just refuse to acknowledge it.
        And shame on SK for signing back up for this if she knew it. Liar about “art over finance”. I call BS. If she did not know, she now knows her trust was completely misplaced. And she should skewer her agents and manager. And ending this crap at episode 22 and not signing in for season 9 if it happens at all will renew my faith in her as an actress. This show has become dreadfully awful. And should be put out of its misery.

    • KLS says:

      It also looks like the old set from CSI:NY (which was filmed in LA). The first couple of eps, the morgue was in the basement in a room with that ceiling.

  9. CastleFan says:

    UGH!! How many more Firefly cast members? Is Nathan or someone going down the IMDB list? Enough is a enough.

    • John NYC says:

      I think it’s nice people he’s previousely worked with are wiling to join him on another show for a turn. Acting is a tough business so that small show of friendship is heartwarming.

    • KLS says:

      Again, what difference does it make? If they do a good job, let it go. People are really stuck on this….

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Maybe because it doesn’t appear that anyone else on the show gets to do it? Or perhaps it’s because when it happens ABC and TV commentators make a big deal about it? Or perhaps many Castle fans are sick and tired of hearing about Firefly? Or all of the above.

        • KLS says:

          I repeat, what difference does it make?

          • Just one thing says:

            You can keep repeating your question, but if you’re unable to comprehend or unwilling to understand someone’s answer, you’ll continue to be confused.
            And guess what? Your lack of comprehension doesn’t negate the issues people have.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            Hillary is that you? :P

          • FormerCastleFan says:

            It makes a differnce to me because I am not a fan of Fireflye and I am tired of hearing about a show I have no interest in.

        • LGC says:

          Fans who love to harp on this clearly have selective memories. They’ve never been interested in being fair, only in double standards. Jack Coleman who played Bracken and Kenny Johnson who played that baddie both worked with Stana previously. Not to mention Stana’s dear friend Mark Polish got a directing gig on the Castle DVD.

          If the actors guesting on Castle previously worked with any actor on the show are good actors had good chemistry with Castle cast, what’s wrong with them being on Castle? It’s a win for the show if people were being fair minded about it at all. No one ever complained when Dana Delany who was on two shows with Nathan guested on Castle.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            When people have worked in the business for a time, it’s obvious that their paths may cross again. That’s not the point. I don’t recall anything being mentioned at the time of Coleman or Johnson being cast that they were being brought in because of Stana. Nothing about their connections were touted in the promotional info for those eps. Not so with Nathan’s former buddies, especially those from Firefly.
            I think many of us are just sick of all the Firefly references on Castle. I know I am. It took me a couple of years to hear enough about Firefly on Castle to borrow the DVDs and give that show a try. Had never heard of it before. Wish I still hadn’t. My brain was nullified after two eps. Stilted, wooden, and like every other run-of-the-mill scify. But that’s my taste. I get why it means so much to Nathan, but every actor has an experience like that. It doesn’t mean those experiences have to become constant throwbacks in a later show.

        • KLS says:

          How do we know no one else on the show gets to hire their friends? How do we know that each time a “Friend of Fillion” is mentioned by ABC sand TV commentators that they aren’t pushing those actors in other projects?

          I never watched Firefly, so I can’t say anything about that, but I admit that I never thought of it, it’s stars, directors or creator until Fillion started mentioning it and people in social media keep reminding everyone of it all the time.. Maybe he’s just doing free PR for his former “crew” to help them get work?

          – Hillary

          • Castlebuzz says:

            KLS, we have our differences but thumbs up to you for taking on the Hillary nom de plume. :):)

          • PatriciaLee says:

            I never watched Firefly, until after I went to the movie, Serenity. I could not believe that those fantastic episodes were the only ones filmed. What a loss and artistic tragedy, similar to what happened to Terra Nova and Almost Human.

  10. Joseph Marks says:

    While I Agree! That They Maybe Experimenting On The Possibility Of A Spinoff! In Case Ether Nathan Or Stana! Or The Both Of Them Do Not Sign A New Contract! ABC Best Bet Would Be To End Castle On A Happy Note! And Just Create A New Show! And Call It By A Different Name! Especially If Nathan Leaves! But The Strange Thing Is! That Neither Nathan Or Stana! Have Really Mentioned Or Said Or Hinted Anything About This Being Their Last Season! With Both Of Them Winning The PCA Awards! In My Opinion! I Would Think That They May Be Better Off Staying With A TV Series!That Gave Them More WorldWide Recognition More Than Anything Else! And Despite The Low Ratings! Can Come Back For A Season 9 Providing That ABC Renews It! And Again Of Course Stana And Nathan Do Sign On! The Problem Is Not With The Acting! It Is These Show Runners Very Poor Story Line! That Is The Major Problem! Fix That And Bring Back Story Lines! That Are More Castle Like! With Castle And Beckett Together! And Ditch This PI Thing! And Bring More Romance Into It! Then In My Opinion! I Think The Series Will Become More Popular Again! New Cases Of The Week Are More Interesting! Instead Of This LokSat Thing! And This Wasted And Senseless Separation! That Has Been Going On Way Too Long!

  11. John NYC says:

    IDK: when circumstances challenge a show’s people to rethink their premise due to a cast member no longer being available I tend to give them the chance to show what they can do: so were that to happen in Castle’s case I’d tune in and see what they came up with.

    • JImN says:

      No Caskett, not Castle.

      • John NYC says:

        “No Caskett”: Which describes every other show on television. So this is the only show you watch? Remarkable.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          You are of limited imagination, aren’t you?

          • John NYC says:

            Not at all: which is why I’m open to watching a “Casketless” Castle just like I watch other “Caskettless” television shows.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Lesson 1: other shows never had Castle and Beckett. Lesson 2: Castle was built upon Castle and Beckett, a writer following his muse. Lesson 3: writer and muse get together and Caskett is born. Take home message: No Caskett, not Castle. Spin off as much as you want. Just don’t call it or pretend it’s Castle.
            Think of it this way: Would HTGAWM be HTbah, blah if Annalise were replaced by Kate? Wes by Rick?

          • Just one thing says:

            I wouldn’t bother trying to argue this point. It’ll go nowhere. Waste of time.

        • Joseph Marks says:

          You should know! And I am sure you do that the core of the show is Castle and Beckett! And it has been that way until these show runners came along! Pi thing is a waste! Castle belongs working Along with Beckett and her team! The separation storyline real or a fake is a total waste having Haley and especially Vikram is also senseless! Hawley and Winter should know better than to change the DNA of a successful show! They should have stayed to a story line that more in line with what the show is like! No Castle And Beckett Either in a spin off or a renewal! Will fail!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      You are right that some things work in a work of art, and other things do not. Freaking out does not help. Standing back to calmly assess is the way to go. One continues from the messed-up point to tie things together, better. I find doing a TV series is like painting a portrait, which is a more cerebral artistic expression than a purely emotional one.

  12. CeeCee says:

    Honestly, I feel like insane people hijacked this show! It’s hard enough to enjoy season 8 without these spinoff rumors going around to make it worse. This episode does not appeal to me at all!!! In fact I’m dreading it!
    I think if BOTH leads don’t sign on for season 9 Castle should get a proper ending. Caskett deserves a happy ending!!!!
    ABC should consider the whole show and why we watched. We kept this show in for 8 seasons because we love to watch Castle and Beckett and the gang at the 12th precinct. We love to watch the Caskett love story. If they cant give us that anymore they should shut it down. We don’t deserve to be replaced by firely fans.

    • LGC says:

      Honestly, I feel like insane people hijacked the Castle comment thread….

    • AJR says:

      And you are sane? Why not watch the episode before trashing it. But I get it. Some Castle fans are incapable of doing that because they’ve let they’re own character / actor bias create a pool of idiocy. For the life of me, I don’t get what you folks who hate the show (now) gilet out of all of this bashing! It hasn’t helped change the direction of the show and it is only creating a very negative eb of energy. Are you all that miserable in your own private lives you have to take your frustrations out on your fellow fans? Grow up. When you get in the real world (some of you clearly haven’t work a job other than McDonald’s or WalMart), you will find out your attitudes will get you a meeting with HR and boot firmly up the wazoo and tossed out. If you hate the show, then why are still watching and commenting. Don’t give 1st Amendment BS. Do you know why people don’t comment? You folks with the Negative Militia have the run of the place. You’ve made it unwelcoming!!!!

      • CeeCee says:

        My insane comments weren’t directed at fellow fans but at the people who are thinking of changing the format of the show. To me it is insane. I don’t hate the show I hate the idea of changing the show because I was enjoying the story the way it was. I am trying to stay positive and enjoy season 8 but it is hard when it is rumored that entire show may be different next season. This doesn’t appeal to me. From what I’ve read I am not alone.
        And I do have a right to my opinion and to express it. It doesn’t make me miserable in my own life or inexperienced in the real word. I didn’t make a personal attack on you so why are you attacking me?
        I would love for Castle to get its footing back and continue on but not with a new format.

        • AJR says:

          You’re missing the point. Your right to express an opinion ends when you constantly become a repeat offender by lashing at the format of the show. It hadn’t changed after seven seasons and was growing old and tiresome, not too mention predictable. If you don’t like the change, so be it. But don’t sit and bash away endlessly at your keyboard calling for it “to go back to the way it was” because it’s never going to happen. Comments like yours about how you dislike the format have grown old.

          You and fellow narcissistic fans who feel the need to come onto TV Line (and others like it) to berate the show need to chill out. Take a deep breath. The show isn’t going to change simply because fans like you and their multiple personalities/accounts are going on and on about how you dislike it.

          In my 50 years of life, I’ve never seen such a childish display by people who “claim” to be adults. If I didn’t know any better, this fandom was made up of a bunch of second graders. But maybe it is.

          On one side, you have the Stana-lovers making up stuff because they feel her time has been diminished. They make up rumors to explain it all way in their feeble minds. On the other, you have the Nathan-lovers who don’t realize that Castle was a success because of the chemistry.

          Then there’s people like you CeeCee (FTR,I’m not a fan of the spinoff either, but I think it has much of a chance at happening as Elvis coming back from dead), you trash something unseen.

          Who’s the insane one now?

          • Castlebuzz says:

            No, AJR, you’re missing the point. CeeCee, you, I… everyone has a no limit right to express their opinions until those who run this comment section say enough is enough. All CeeCee is saying is here we are in season 8 with Katic aboard and this is what we’re getting, a change in format so radical it can be hard to tell what show we’re watching and to recognize the characters on it. She clearly said that was insane to her. If the showrunners want to do a spin-off, fine, do it at the end of the current show’s run under a different name just like numerous other shows have done in TV history. You and your ilk are the only ones doing any name-calling and bullying of other posters.

          • Susan Smith says:

            Castle lost a Million people in February. So that is their opinion of the Caskett less Castle. You can castigate those of us who criticize the stupidity of the new direction and pulling the heart out of the show (that would be a writer and his muse solving murders together ) since you just don’t seem to get it.But ,the numbers don’t lie. Sad because Castle was a great show loved by many.

        • John NYC says:

          So if the speculation is correct is Stana insane? Her leaving forces a change in the show no matter what anyone else would prefer.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            I certainly hope she’s not! Always lovely when I see her on set.

          • Grey says:

            @Matt, is that a hint that you finally got yourself an interview with Stana or you’re just teasing us?

          • CeeCee says:

            Thank you Castle Buzz for understanding and defending my point.
            And John…no I don’t think Stana Katic is insane!! I never said that! I really hope she stays but if she decides to leave I feel the show should end. I feel her character is too important. That’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            You’re welcome, CeeCee.

  13. bob says:

    lol why does stana get to skip out on entire episodes and not nathan

    • Grey says:

      While Stana was shooting episode 8.15 Nathan was vacationing in Hawaii

      • bob says:

        for like 4 days it takes 8 for a episode

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Four working days which is all that Stana missed over the show’s holiday break. Besides there’s no need to show up if there’s nothing in the script for you, e.g., “Cool Boys.”

          • bob says:

            lol she missed more then 4 days of filming for 8×14

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Nope, she left two days early and returned to US two days after filming resumed. Whether she was needed on set the first two days after returning was not up to her but the script. The next week she worked several consecutive days from dawn to well past midnight according to tweets from various crew members. It’s the way it goes on movie and TV sets.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Meant to include: Nathan had the same three weeks off over Christmas plus one extra day, then nearly a week off in Hawaii, then missed two or three working days for Mardi Gras this past weekend. I’d say neither of them are being worn to a frazzle by their work on Castle.

        • Grey says:

          Or five, or six. She doesn’t write the scripts.

          • Just one thing says:

            Fillion has no power over casting decisions, but Katic makes decisions about Beckett’s presence in every episode.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      Did Stana skip out or was she not included? Which came first, the chicken or the egg. We’ll probably never know.

    • castlefurever says:

      It’s scary how people stalk this cast. They’re just people with jobs and trying to have lives that don’t restrict them so much after 8 years. I think that’s the only mystery behind their sneaky disappearances from filming that the writers write around. Imagine starting to work mid summer, working long days, and never ever being allowed to vacation during work schedule. Oh and don’t forget that fans hyper criticize their every move. I don’t care if you get part of the year off. That level of inflexibility would be a huge drain, after awhile. And if you don’t want to do it, you shouldn’t have to. Just saying.

      And it’s very possible that if Stana leaves the show, she really wanted to go. I think she would be crazy to leave, though.

      • LGC says:

        Agreed that it’s scary how people stalk the cast not to mention often criticize their every move. If Stana negotiated more time off in her contract, what are the writers to do? Not blaming anyone, it’s normal for leads in long running series to want shorter hours on set. I don’t understand why Stana fans of all people have to find someone to blame for something that was likely Stana’s own preference.

        • Susan Smith says:

          You’re assuming.It looks to a lot of us Stana is being pushed aside. And that doesn’t explain the almost total lack of Caskett solving murders together. Nor does it explain the obvious change in the characters of the show.No always.Kate “forgets” that she realizes Rick is more important than her work or her obsessions? The horrible LocStat story that has no logical sense? Castle and Alexis instead of Castle and Kate? You cant blame Stana for that.But you will try.

      • Mike Weisser says:

        I agree. Seems like when shows get popular and the lead actor leaves to pursue other interests they slowly dissappear from the limelight.
        I know Stana has done several indie movies while working on Castle, but they were relatively obscure and I would surmise mostly watched by fans from Castle. Castle is what made her and will continue to keep her fan base which allows her to pursue these other acting parts. Stana is great but Hollywood is full of great actors, she needs to keep her good paying sure thing which allows her to support her causes,such as ATP, which I totally support. She is fantastic on Castle and needs to stay till it runs its course. If she leaves that may kill Castle as well as her popularity.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Interesting take on the situation. When Stana re-signed for season 8, which surprised many of her fans, there was speculation that she did so to give TPTB an opportunity to wrap up the show as well as time to develop some sort of spin-off. She was reportedly told Beckett would be given an interesting storyline in season 8 and her character’s character would remain intact. Had that happened there might not be so much discontent in the fandom. It’s certainly why I was impressed by XY and XX and the introduction of LokSat early on. Unfortunately, Hawley and Winter have treated that suddenly introduced and highly dramatic arc just like Amann treated Rick’s abduction/disappearance in season 7, largely ignoring it for way too long.
          As for Stana’s “demise” after leaving Castle, I’m not too worried. She appears to enjoy her privacy, acting in Indie films, perhaps further developing her own production company’s projects, not to mention a rich personal life and varied interests. Not everyone in the acting biz is in it solely for fame and fortune.

      • AJR says:

        Here’s a good argument: Scott Caan from Hawaii Five-O wanted more time off so he could spend time with his family in Los Angeles, the producers and writers said “ok” and have allowed him to film less episodes. It’s NOT uncommon. Nathan has wanted a four day work week. Stana got a four week as a result. They’re available less for an episode. Either you work them to death when they are, or you write to accommodate their new schedules. They went with the changing of the storyline. It’s not *that* hard to figure out, but then maybe it is.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          All possibly true but there are many ways to change the storyline to accommodate changing schedules. I and many others don’t like the one these showrunners chose. And that’s not “*that* hard to figure out, but then maybe it is.” Hmmmm?

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      See that’s the thing, she can’t just skip them. She’s there if they write words for her to say, or places for her to stand in. If not, why should she be at work? Do you go to work if your boss tells you you don’t have to work?

      • KLS says:

        Actually, yes! A lot of times, people get hired to just be “a body in a chair”. No work is required of them. They are being paid big bucks to sit there in case someone has a question. But acting is different. I would guess that if an actor doesn’t see his/her name on the next day’s call sheet, they sleep in!

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Really? There are jobs like that. OMG I want one! I’m excellent at sitting and can answer questions on a multitude of topics. Please let me know who’s hiring…LOL

      • Susan Smith says:

        It’s easier to blame Stana than hold the writers and show runners accountable I guess. A lot of us think she is being pushed aside for their own agenda ie, to push the Castle PI spinoff or whatever name they choose.

  14. william says:

    love summer glau, wish was in more tv shows.

  15. Hack says:

    I’ll agree with everyone saying that Castle without Beckett is…..well….it’s nothing! The heart & soul of the entire series is Caskett…..meaning Castle AND Beckett. You cannot expect the Castle fans to go along wiith any ‘spin off’ show without them together. The show started as ‘a writer & his muse’, & in my opinion, if one or both don’t want to continue, let’s end it on a happy note with Castle & Beckett together & a team! Now….in regards to this particular episode…..looks good, though I don’t tend to like episodes that have less Beckett in them. But she’ll be back!!!

  16. Bella Cintron says:

    They should stick to the original formula. Beckett as an expectant Mom could have an interesting story line , comedic because everyone would wonder who the father is. Dramatic and emotional because women want their Moms there during a pregnancy and birth. Hilarious because Castle would come up with outrageous names and birthing plans. Limiting Beckett physically and mentally (pregnancy forgetfulness ) would be endearing as well as funny to watch. Control freak Beckett getting emotional and not being able to micro manage a pregnancy would be do much fun to write and watch. Not to mention how beautiful Stana would look as a couture/statuesque mommy to be. Sexual tension and romance could be hot and the series would follow its’ logical progression. Nathan HAS to hang up his Firefly obsession! This show is called Castle and it is so much better than the junk he calls his greatest acting accomplishment.

    • FormerCastleFan says:


    • Maryann says:

      I have enjoyed Castle and watched several seasons, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to get Firefly back.

      • castlefurever says:

        I wouldn’t go that far. But I love the Firefly cast and like seeing them on Castle. The Cool Boys episode was huge fun.

    • John NYC says:

      Were, a huge if I’m hoping against, Stana simply unavailable having chosen to go another direction with her career then everyone else gets to decide how they’ll proceed and one option that’s been fine before is extract a character or two and build a NEW show.

      Fraser was not Cheers, yet it was successful for those involved. Joey wasn’t Friends and it wasn’t a success so the execution does matter. But there’s precedent. Continue a character, not the specific original show (“writer and muse”, NYC cop show etc. ). I’d tune in and give it a chance.

  17. JImN says:

    Sounds way to Marvel Comics my taste.

  18. Susan says:

    Looks like fun – can’t wait!

  19. John NYC says:

    Okay so the speculation is this has a Cheers: Fraser vibe? Continuing one character (or a few) out of s series into a new show?

    Okay that is a possibility I suppose. Though back in the day anyway did Fraser Crane visit that radio station within Cheers? But a minor point I concede. Mcraney is solid but who’s a long term foil for Rick Castle? That would be a key casting I don’t see yet. And Gina Torres is busy…..

  20. partisan says:

    It wouldn’t be the same show but a Nathan Fillion/Summer Glau spinoff? I’d watch that.

  21. I think Stanic is pregnant. That is why she is missing.

  22. Maryann says:

    I think more people would watch a “spinoff” if it had a new title and had neither Castle nor Beckett but instead strong new stars like Glau and MacRaney, along with maybe Esposito and partner.

    • Maryann says:

      Or I could sort of see it with also including Castle’s daughter. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Castle or Beckett in a minor supporting (or recurring) role, I am afraid this might really offend die-hard shippers. The question though is how it would affect the numbers. The showrunners obviously don’t care about shippers or this season would not have looked like it did. (I stopped watching last season and have just been reading about this season’s trainwreck, but I would definitely watch that spinoff.)

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        I think you should speak for yourself, and not “more people.” Especially since we lost 1 million live viewers from fall finale to ep 9.
        Why would you watch the spinoff, and not S8 which is basically a spinoff already? Honest question.

  23. Henna says:

    If they even consider going on with Castle without either Stana and/or Nathan. Well I can’t even come up with words explaining how utterly wrong that would be. I have had faith since day one for this show. I haven’t raged or ranted when they have been apart or their road (Casketts) towards being together have been bumpy. But if they even consider a spinoff without Caskett, they can keep that crap for themselves and I’d be so disappointed I might throw out all my Castle DVD’s to date. It would suck beyond anything, way beyond even season 8 so far. Just…. Say….. NO, to that ridiculous idea! Seriously …

    • John NYC says:

      Continuing the Rick Castle character could be entertaining. Wouldn’t be the current NYC cop dramedy but I’d give the new one a try. I like Fillions portrayal.

      I’d miss the rest of the cast that is usually left behind when this is tried: but if give their new shows a try whenever they landed new spots.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Which Fillion portrayal? The witty, suave but playful, good dad, smart writer from the early seasons or the bumbling, stumbling, frat-boy giggling, don’t care of I put my daughter in danger PI of the past season? One moment from this ep says it all IMO. Remember the handshake Rick used to indicate his love for Kate in season 5 when they were keeping their affair secret because of NYPD policy? Now compare that to Rick repeatedly rubbing his nose as his “love” signal in this ep. One was sexy as hell but still ended in humor when Rick’s hand got “sweaty.” A Castle classic. The other reminds me of a five-year-old whose nose is running. Not the least bit sexy or romantic. Big question: which Castle character will be continued? I fear the latter.

        • John NYC says:

          You’d just have to tune in to find out now wouldn’t you?



        • KLS says:

          Is this a rhetorical question?

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Not meant to be. I was asking John NYC to clarify which portrayal of Rick Castle he preferred, the one in early seasons or today’s. But he’s run away again. I prefer the earlier one by a huge amount. How about you? Or don’t you see a difference?

          • John NYC says:

            You do need to review what “rhetorical” means it appears.

            Best of luck.

          • John NYC says:

            Oh and my preference is none of your biased choices as posed in that rhetorical manner.

            “run away”? ROTFLMAO

            Just so cute. Surely you can jerk your own circle?

          • KLS says:

            John NYC: surprised someone from NYC doesn’t recognize sarcasm. You’ve got the snarkiness down though. Every comment is a joy! Cheers!

          • Castlebuzz says:

            John NYC wrote a simple declarative sentence “I like Fillion’s portrayal.” [apostrophe added] I asked a simple question in return, “Which Fillion portrayal?” I then clarified that to indicate three possible choices: early portrayal, current portrayal, or are they not different. Sarcasm, ‘snarkiness’ and my given opinion aside, it’s a simple question.

      • Joseph Marks says:

        If there is a new spin off starting Nathan Fillion and the show is still called Castle! That show as far as i am concern! Without Stana Katic as Beckett! I think is dead on arrival and will not last a year at the most! Abc would have to give a new name to any new show that Fillion will have to start in! Right now there is too much speculation and theory as what will come next with Castle! But the reality is this! The show Castle should end on a good note and powers to be who has the say! Should create an entirely new show!Forget about Castle and pick whatever cast and gamble that it works!So hear is a thought revive Firefly! Nathan Fillion favorite! Or just create a P I series! But again with a different title for the show.
        I think that all answers will come to all us at the end of this terrible seasons to whether or not Castle will be renewed and as to whether Nathan And Stana sign for another season.Nothing really official one way or another from ABC plus nothing official from either Nathan or Stana as to their status! So until we hear anything official! Nothing is cemented down! It all talk and rumor so far.

  24. Susan says:

    We would love for Castle to continue. We enjoy the character of Richard Castle and would watch the show in whatever way they choose to take the format!

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I enjoyed the actress on The Neighbors. I guess I just don’t get the frustration some fans are having with the character. She’s fun, and she can stay or go in the Castle universe, imho.

        • FormerCastleFan says:

          They added a similar character to POI in season 4 and I found her just as annoying as Hayley, so for me it must be that I don’t like that type of character. On Castle it doesn’t help that they have several existing characters that could be developed instead of adding new ones to stories that are already annoying for many.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


      • PatriciaLee says:

        Good title/concept!

      • KLS says:

        Is that the new Muppet Movie?

      • Just one thing says:


      • anon10 says:

        If they decide on a spin-off then so be it. Frazier (Cheers) worked but Joey (Friends) didn’t. There are no guarantees in this business.
        But where I am experiencing the disconnect is that both Cheers and Friends were more successful than Castle.
        Therefore, why do they persist in going forward with a spin-off of a show that is now experiencing failure and showing no signs of improving. They are throwing everything at the wall and nothing is sticking. I have conceded Caskett. The magic is gone so it is time to accept that. But Castle PI never arrived. It failed out of the gate.
        A spin-off with a show pulling in a 1.0 rating? I don’t understand.
        Are they desperate?
        So the question is since Castle PI is not working with a Beckett still on board, do they expect Castle PI to work sans Beckett?
        I don’t know why Castle PI is not working. maybe it is because fans refuse to accept it because it minimizes Beckett and Caskett. Maybe not.
        In my world it is just bad and awkward but I cannot speak for the masses.
        It has no appeal whatsoever and don’t the ratings support my feelings.

        But TV is not my field, so what do I know. I only know what I enjoy and I am not enjoying Castle any longer.
        But what do they expect to happen with a spin-off?

        • PatriciaLee says:

          He is a world famous, world-class fiction mystery writer. He earns millions with each book. Castle PI wouldn’t work, however, it was a hoot for him to walk into the new office saying something about a tax write off. I can’t remember the exact dialogue, but it was funny. What would work would be for him to set up a PI office as a tax write off and have his detectives figure things out for ideas for his book mystery plots. That would be continuing the original premise of the show.

      • John NYC says:

        It certainly would be easier to gain some separation were it the Beckett character that was extracted: the title character is a tougher job. Joey wasn’t “Friends” and Fraser wasn’t “Cheers”: Rick ‘Castle’ IS.

        Fun and all but I’d prefer TPTB stay with the current show. But that’s not entirely up to them…..

        • anon10 says:

          John NYC, does the current show mean you want Castle PI or does current mean Castle and his Muse, ie Caskett?
          If you mean Castle PI then I disagree with staying with the current. That story gets worse as the season progresses.
          If you mean A Writer and his Muse, I vote yes but with no hope for that. That ‘love story’ is now embarrassing and non-existent.
          Rick ‘Castle’ IS was never Rick ‘Castle’ is. It was Rick and his muse Kate.
          Do you actually believe that the show was about Castle?
          Can’t you see that would not have last 13 episodes as witnessed by the present state of the show. That is fan desertion.
          It is now Castle-centric and it is failing, Bigtime!!!

      • Showtired says:

        You mean “Fillion and friends”, right? ;)

  25. NDFan says:

    Apparently it’s hard to believe, but I still enjoy Castle and this episode looks cute. Yes the show has changed but I’ve always watched for all the characters so I’m okay with it. I would watch a spib-off or reboot too.

  26. FormerCastleFan says:

    I will not be watching this episode because I have no intetest in watching if Castle and Beckett are not working together (I’ve watched 3 episodes so far this season). Additionally, I dislike the Hayley character and find the daughter to be beyond annoying..
    . (thank goodness for fast forward on the DVR). I also have no interest in Castle’s disappearance….I haven’t watched a disappearance episode yet, why start now?
    If they want to do a spin off of Hayley and the daughter, more power to them, just take Vikram with them….but Castle is all about Caskett. If people at ABC can’t wrap their brains around that then they should end Castle now and give Caskett a decent ending.

  27. Boiler says:

    I continue to be amazed at the negativity and ultimate closed mindedness of MOST people who write comments on this show. Do you have terrible real lives too, perhaps not associated with TV

  28. A fan for now says:

    I highly doubt the show would be renewed. An old show like Castle is more expensive than a new show, older cast members with higher salary as an example. Its current numbers are at its lowest, in the danger zone compared to other ABC shows. It would be more cost effective and profitable going for a new cheaper show that would produce the same or higher numbers. These network presidents never say anything about cancellations because it’s just bad rep. I mean look at ‘The Good Wife’. The cat is out of the bag, they had to admit it sooner or later.

    Dragging it for a Season 9? Dwindling numbers would have it lower than a 1.0 rating by then or over the season. Would it be ironic if Castle Season 9 gets pulled due to horrible numbers and replaced by another show? After all, Castle Season 1 itself started off as a mid-season replacement.

    • kmw says:

      Most of what you are saying is true, however there is one thing you are missing; that is syndication money. ABC wants to milk their own cash cow for as long as they can whether their ratings have dropped(which of course they have). Think about this, if ABC was so concerned about Castle creatively they would have never allowed this junk of a storyline to get on the air. But since ABC doesn’t care about Castle in that matter( really how often is Castle promoted anymore? Not much it seems) its clear they don’t care what’s on the air just as long as its still running in syndication and pulling in money. As for pulling Castle now? ABC doesn’t have much to replace it with so I don’t see that happening. Andrew Marlowe seemed to have a different vision for his show than ABC does and unfortunately fans of Castle and Beckett won’t get the ending they deserve.

      • Fabulous comment. Finally, someone who “gets” that like any other big company, ABC is all about the benjamins.

      • A fan says:

        True, true. But the question is just how low can the rating go before they decide to pull it off the air? I doubt they can bear with low ratings. If it somehow gets renewed, then I see it being moved to a different day since a new show would benefit more from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or ‘The Bachelor’.

        The sad thing is that both Nathan and Stana have said in their interviews that it would be great for a show to end while it is at its prime. Sadly the opposite is happening, the race horse is going to keep running despite the horrible losses till they put it out of its misery.

  29. Simone says:

    Looks great! :D

  30. I am still watching Castle and I am not getting the feelings the I used to get watching the show. There was more talking between Castle and Beckett. More laughter and more of what made Castle and Beckett a couple. I hope that there will be a ninth season and some of the people that joined the cast this year will be gone such as the guy that is working with Beckett and the girl that is working with Castle. Just let Castle and Beckett get back together this is what makes the show WORK>

  31. Johnny Seals says:

    Keep Castle, meaning Rick and Kate coming. Wonderful show

  32. Ali says:

    I woould love to see Summer join Castle. It would be fun to see Adam Baldwin on the show with her as well.

  33. Leslie says:

    The way to extend the show and retain the loyal viewers is to improve the writing from Season 8. It has gotten so far away from how it used to be and the separation between the 2 leads wasn’t plausible, not interesting, and they already spent the first few seasons staying apart. Why separate them after they were only married for a short time. Also, please let the show Firefly die a dignified death. It’s over and Joss Whedon has moved on!

  34. lindag413 says:

    Since it has been already said that Rick uncovers the lost time and memory loss and it is tied to…what a shock Beckett and what she did in s6 I am sad that they could not let it be Rick and something he did and not again Beckett.They have been squeezing her down the rabbit hole since S 6 and not it comes to a head I guess.The fallout they say from that LA episode will carry over.Sad.
    But after this very poor season I expect anything and everything and nothing.No Caskett then no me.But I am not in the age group that they worry about soooooo.Never mind.LOL.

    • Joseph Marks says:

      In responds to what you said in your post! Yes i agree that Castles missing time is tied to Beckett! I think that the fall out! Will be tied to the drug operation that Sen Bracken and his partner! Which is part of this LokSat thing! This should make Beckett I think open up to Castle on what is going on! It is the same old same old! Keeping secrets from each other! Which in reality they are both guilty of! But one thing that seems to be interesting to me is the fact that in the next episode! Episode 16 Beckett will be moving back with Rick! Ending this fake separation! So i think that whatever fall out that befalls on both Castle and Beckett! will not be fatal in their relationship! Like in Always! There may be angry movements! But i feel that Love they have for each other will rule the day! When two people are separated like these two have been! Or had very big blow ups such as! The I cannot understand separation! In which she really hurt Castle! And now the fake separation! Love wins out! Neither one off them want to call it over! Because they are deeply in love! And at the end of the day neither one wants to let go! And one other thing! I do not think in came across Beckett’s mind! That whats she did would affect her wedding day! I do Not think she would have intentionally caused her wedding to the love of her life be ruin! So I do Not think she saw that coming! However we shall all know the answers and how bad the fall out will be when we see both episode 14 and 15!

  35. Yvonne says: