Could Malcolm Be Arrow's Killer? Did Grey's Doc Jo Say No? Did Originals' Newbie Vamp Do a 180? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Originals, Supergirl, The X-Files and The Big Bang Theory!

The Originals1 | On The Originals, does it feel like Cami had a personality transplant when she became a vampire, rather than her emotions just being amplified?

| Did you suspect that Sleepy Hollow‘s Sophie had an otherworldly incident in her past?

| Is it safe to assume that Saturday Night Live only booked The 1975 as musical guest because the show premiered in that year?

4 | Though it would have been a slap in the face to Stephen Colbert, might it have served CBS better to air The Late Late Show immediately after the Super Bowl, seeing as it had considerably more energy than Late Show‘s live episode?

| Is the security at Supergirl’s DEO as lax as that at The Flash’s S.T.A.R. Labs? And why didn’t anyone cage (or at least stomp on) that Black Mercy once Kara was free?

| Did Scorpion’s intense earthquake episode positively scream “Should have aired after the Super Bowl instead of a talk show”? Was Paige, a mom, perhaps not the best choice to risk her life to save the cab driver from multiple manners of death? And speaking of her son, wouldn’t you tune in for a buddy comedy spinoff starring Sylvester and Ralph?

Jane the Virgin| Is Petra’s wedding dress from Jane the Virgin the prettiest one you’ve ever seen on TV?

| Who else howled with laughter upon realizing that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was committed to having Paula and Scott recite the entire theme song — followed by the mid-show appearance of the title card?

| On The X-Files, what’s your theory on why Charlie is estranged from the rest of the Scully clan? And why did Dana have her brother, whom she’s always called “Bill,” listed as “William Scully Jr.” in her phone?

10 | Wasn’t it a little early in The Magicians‘ run to do a “What if it’s all in Quentin’s head?” episode?

11 | Did Full Frontal With Samantha Bee provide more biting political satire in just its series premiere than Trevor Noah’s Daily Show has in nearly five months?

iZombie12 | TVLine reader Linda asks: “Where did Barry get The Flash’s suit [when on Earth-Two]?” And which doppelganger thus far has been most surprising? Lawton with the lousy aim?

13 | So, how do we think iZombie is going to tragically break our hearts with Liv and Drake?

14 | As fun/silly as it is, does Limitless sometimes lose you with its dalliances in over-the-top next-gen tech/science, such as disembodied “stolen minds”?

New Girl15 | If there was an Emmy for best physical comedy, would New Girl‘s Max Greenfield have the competition beat following his Drumline routine?

16 | Had the idiot prison guards who unknowingly allowed contraband to be smuggled in via lasagna in the SVU/Chicago P.D. crossover never seen a prison escape on TV?

17 | After this week’s Arrow, do you think the “him” responsible for the death in the flash forwards — aka the one whom Oliver has to kill — is not Damien but Malcolm? On a related note, how pissed will you be if this season doesn’t end with the former Demon’s Head’s death? Lastly, how/why did Felicity not tell her fiance Oliver straight away that her long-lost father had resurfaced?! (And Donna got looped in even later!)

18 | Were you bummed that American Crime‘s confrontation between Terri LaCroix and Anne Blaine was so short? (A waste of the mega-talented Regina King and Lili Taylor, wasn’t it?)

19 | If Big Bang Theory‘s Bernadette knew she was [spoiler], wouldn’t it Momhave been irresponsible to get in that hot tub?

20 | Was Mom‘s visual/intimation about the size of guest star Joe Manganiello’s shoe TV’s dirtiest joke this week?

21 | Does Legends of Tomorrow‘s magic “translator pill” feel like a cheat? And were you surprised it wasn’t used to more comic effect?

22 | Are Grey’s Anatomy fans to surmise that Jo turned down Alex’s proposal? And that’s why Mer was urging him to go see her at the end?

23 | Did you quietly applaud there on your sofa when Scandal’s Fitz didnt take Olivia’s call?

24 | Who’s the genius that keeps scheduling the Democratic Debates on Thursday nights opposite the likes of Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist and #TGIT?

25 | That Prius/Super Bowl commercial sure wore out its welcome quickly, huh? Has it been the most overplayed spot from the Big Game?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 4 – it may have a good or bad decision for CBS to air The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after the Super Bowl. In my opinion, Scorpion would have been a great fit for its post big game slot.

  2. Mallory says:

    17. I have been thinking that its Merlyn actually for awhile now! They’ve been very careful to only say “him” and “That SOB” … never Darhk’s name. It wouldn’t surprise me honestly.

  3. John NYC says:

    “13 | So, how do we think iZombie is going to tragically break our hearts with Liv and Drake?’

    She’s gonna kill him. Awful stuff….. Which they do VERY well.

    “19 | If Big Bang Theory‘s Bernadette knew she was [spoiler], wouldn’t it Momhave been irresponsible to get in that hot tub?”
    The hot tub? Bernie asked Howard to make sure it wasn’t too hot (which is the key) that set up the Howard riff on only being “hot” but in retrospect also fitted her knowing about being cautious of hyperthermia if she was spoiler.

  4. A says:

    A much more pressing Arrow question: Once Oliver knew that Malcolm knew about William- and with Malcolm’s threat- why didn’t he come clean to Felicity? Surely she (and the team) could help him keep William safer?
    BTW in answer to your question- the writers made it quite clear that they thought Felicity’s dad being back was small compared to Thea being almost dead (again), so why would they bother to write in her telling people straight away? (as you can tell the rush of this storyline was not my favourite thing)

    • shunda1177 says:

      A much more pressing Arrow question: Once Oliver knew that Malcolm knew about William- and with Malcolm’s threat- why didn’t he come clean to Felicity? Surely she (and the team) could help him keep William safer?

      Right!!! I mean, come on. I keep yelling at the TV – “Have you NOT been paying attention?! Did you learn nothing in the past three years?!”

  5. Kate says:

    8. I too laughed out loud at that, and I think I slapped my forehead.

    9. It could be because, like me, way too easy to just import everyone’s information from Facebook or Linked in or whatever and then not bother to change. I’m pretty sure my mother’s full name comes up when it rings.

    10. No, I actually thought it was a good time to do it, because it was sort of playing on that this whole magic world was actually fairly incredible, so maybe there is a chance that it was all in his head. I mean, I accepted it was a spell (though that Julia and Marina were responsible for it was a surprised, I honestly thought Quentin had done it to himself) but the what if was still a possibility. And then the way it ended was sort of like, okay, we’re all on board this is real, right? Okay, now we start.

    14. Okay, my issue with Limitless is more CBS’s fault. That episode should have aired right after the evidence room switch one because, I’d forgotten about the button.

    17. I’m more lost as to the him than before, either one is likely at this point and I still would factor in Lonnie as he’s supposed to keep showing up. Yes, Malcolm needs to go and honestly, at this point, Thea needs to do it. I actually think perhaps both Oliver and Felicity need to work on their communications with each other. Even if everything is super busy which is so going to be a reasoning as to the William of it all, that he wasn’t sure until right before everyone went to fight Vandal Savage and then Samantha had issued her edict to him. I mean, mind you, I’m still not sure (and I could see this being a problem with the writers too), how does Oliver start that conversation?

    21. Not really, but then I watch Dr. Who and accept that the TARDIS does something similar.

  6. Wordsmith says:

    14) I’m okay with the Limitless future-tech. the part where they lose me is the overindulgence in childish goofiness like puppet shows and absurd fantasy sequences.The show has really wandered away from the tone and character that they set up at the start.

    • dan says:

      Agree. I like Limitless, but I find myself losing interest the more often Brian goes off on a long tangent with pop-up bubbles showing us either what he is thinking or what is going on somewhere else. I feel like they’re doing more of the silly-Brian antics each week and I prefer the tone of the earlier episodes.

      • sanchopanza says:

        Agree with both of you. I often “watch” shows in the mirror while I’m at the computer and have my back to the TV. Limitless is one of those – I don’t bother to follow all his tangents. Thanks for the reminders, I had forgotten that the early episodes were more demanding.

  7. Wordsmith says:

    25) I would watch that Prius commercial a hundred more times if it would get that terrifying puppymonkeybaby to stop haunting my dreams…

    • Winter says:

      Word that image is so disturbing and I made the mistake of tell a couple of my students it creeped me out so now they walk around my desk whispering puppymonkeybaby. Terrifying stuff.

    • dan says:

      I keep seeing the Prius commercial along with the black-and-white commercial for the constipation medicine (the one with the sad looking man who sees everybody else, including the neighborhood dog, going to the bathroom without a problem). And I can’t stand the smirk on the lady’s face at the end of that commercial (she is walking with toilet paper attached to her shoe). Worst Super Bowl commercial ever (along with the horrid puppymonkeybaby thing)!

  8. Annie says:

    16: THANK you. Yes. That was stupid. SVU’s not exactly highbrow, I know, but … c’mon.
    18: As hard as this show is to watch, I always feel like I want more of each performance. They are all so talented.
    19: First thing I was told after the positive pregnancy test (and “Congratulations!”) was “don’t get in any hot tubs.”

  9. Bwhit says:

    1) I am so confused by what Cami is doing. Granted The Originals has now moved to Fridays and by eight at night I have indulged in some wine but, did she take Hope’s toy (the horse that can kill uncle, daddy and auntie) because Klaus took her toys (the dark objects)….why? To regain control or something? I have no clue where they are going with this but I hope it makes sense. It’s like she sort of has her humanity off and sort of not.
    16) I get that they were trying to mirror what happened in upstate New York this summer but it wasn’t done very well.

  10. Wordsmith says:

    1) Cami’s personality shift was definitely a bit drastic. They’ve talked about how there’s that darkness in her family, which she’s been suppressing, but we haven’t really SEEN enough of that stuff peeking through previously to recognize this other side of her now that it’s unleashed.

  11. Linda says:

    12.) LOL you used my question about The Flash’s suit. Thanks, since I thought it was a stupid one.

  12. N says:

    18.) I really thought the whole brief confrontation scene in the restaurant was all in Regina Kings characters head, and she never actually went in restaurant but stayed in the car the whole time. Once i realized it actually did happen, i couldn’t believe it was so short. weird choice to do it that way.

    17.) my thought for a while has been that Dhark is the Killer, and Donna is the victim. Donna has been that character who has, almost magically, come of the bench this season to connect herself with many of the players this season but would not impact the show if she were to be killed off. After the mid season premier I started to believe tr was Malcolm, but i cant pin point then who the victim would be, it could still be donna though. My last guess, and its a bit out there, would be Felicity’s dad, the calculator, as the killer if only because of how shaken up Felicity was and the fact that Calculator may want revenge for felicity setting him up. Any which way, I think donna is the most likely victim, anyone else and Oliver would have been more upset in the flash forwards.

    14. ) Limitless is a lot of fun to watch, but I agree that there cases lately are getting to out there, like this weeks and the whole robotic arm thing a few episodes back. id rather they focus more on solving more typical cases with the advantages of NZT, then ones that are almost scifi in nature.

  13. Wordsmith says:

    5) I think the Black Mercy shriveled up and died almost immediately once it detached from Kara. I blame Supergirl’s VFX department for not making that clearer. Maybe have it turn to ash or goo or something.
    Then again, despite their cool gadgets and swanky HQ, the DEO seems even less competent than Grimm’s clueless Portland PD, and somehow manages to have a higher workplace mortality rate.

    • dan says:

      That Black Mercy was disgusting. Congrats to the prop/FX department for coming up with that scary looking thing.

      • Wordsmith says:

        Yeah, they really captured the look of the creature/plant straight from the original comic and the cartoon version (both of which deserve to be iconic in their own right, by the way).

  14. Yessy says:

    17. I have for the most part thought it was Malcolm that was “him” and I agree there is only so much more the team could handle until they kill him and I’m thinking whoever is in the grave is the push. As for Felicity I took it as that’s the first time she saw Oliver since the Palmer Tech presentation… I don’t think Team Arrow gets much sleep.

  15. Lauren says:

    17. Did time pass faster to other viewers than it did to me? Felicity went straight to coffee with her Dad after seeing him at Palmer Tech, while Oliver was simultaneously taking Thea to the hospital and getting the ultimatum from Nyssa. She was wearing the exact same dress. Was she supposed to have texted Oliver, “Having coffee with the father who abandoned me. See you soon”?

  16. Leah says:

    Here’s one for the Big Bang Theory writers – how did they not remember that Penny was 21 when she first met Leonard? Didn’t that jerk physicist with a wife mention her being a hot 21 year old in that episode he was in?!?!

  17. neaorlean says:

    7. Petra is, generally, the prettiest thing on TV right now. Also her hair for the Milos wedding was the prettiest ever.

  18. Tom says:

    6 | Did Scorpion’s intense earthquake episode positively scream “Should have aired after the Super Bowl instead of a talk show”? Was Paige, a mom, perhaps not the best choice to risk her life to save the cab driver from multiple manners of death? And speaking of her son, wouldn’t you tune in for a buddy comedy spinoff starring Sylvester and Ralph?
    I mean, Happy’s brain was needed. Should have sent Cabe I guess.
    25 | That Prius/Super Bowl commercial sure wore out its welcome quickly, huh? Has it been the most overplayed spot from the Big Game?
    No. Puppymonkeybaby. Also, can we talk a moment about how they’re basically saying it’s ok to root for bank robbers so long as they drive a prius?

  19. MSW says:

    I loved Petra’s dress! Although I really think Petra looks great all the time, her wardrobe in general is one of my favorite on TV.
    As far as the magicians, I agreed it was too early. They have opened up about a million and a half twists already, so to have an episode that provides basically no progress at the very beginning of its freshman run is a bit of a risk. I for one would rather have gotten some more answers. There is a fine line between leaving your viewers in mystery and anticipation, and leaving them lost.

  20. Lola says:

    Scorpion has been taken off my DVR. I loved the first episode. It really grabbed my attention, but the episodes since have been ridiculous. They would send the team unarmed to take on a Mexican cartel? Sylvester in prison? The whole up in the balloon to blow up the satellite thing. Really? i do enjoy a show that’s out there, but please be a little realistic. This show is just plain goofy now IMHO

    Still miss The Player.

    Scandal – Was happy to see Fitz not pick up the phone. Don’t believe for one minute that Jake is sincerely working with Daddy. I believe he is working for him to get evidence to get Daddy locked away forever (death would be too easy). I believe he’s not told Olivia about it. But no, my Jake is not the cold-blooded man that was presented. Somebody’s gotta take out Daddy, that’s for sure. (I think he left the GPS on the victim’s telephone so he would be found at the scene and knowing they would eventually figure out what he really did. All part of the plan. It’s all part of his plan).

    Dear Empire: PLEASE more drama/dialogue and less, way less full-length songs. I want more Cookie action. Actually, all the women in this show interest me the most. I just FF when Luscious is talking and when the youngest one has another temper tantrum. How about using the extra time that less song time would add to show us background stories other than just Cookie/Luscious? The secondary characters are almost caricatures of real humans. More talk, less singing.

  21. 2. That would be an interesting twist and give her common ground with Jenny and Abbie to bring her closer to the team.
    5. I may be remembering this wrong, or it may have lost them, but didn’t the Black Mercy have spikes? But it would’ve been satisfying!
    9. This revival series have been filled with not exactly logic goofs but more like little things to make the themes more obvious!
    12. Could his costume have been in the ring that Cisco has been working on? And my favorite doppelgänger was one we didn’t see: Mayor Snart.
    13. Whichever way they end it between these two, or don’t end because I can see the show surprising us like that, I’m all in!
    14. Not at all, I like that the show is willing to go all in with whatever may tickle the writers’ fancies, whether it be the meta jokes or tech.
    15. That was the absolute funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year and Max Greenfield is always reliable to make me smile!
    17. I think the better question is where does Felicity (who I’ve been enjoying these past two episodes) get off being mad at Oliver for William after this?
    21. I honestly didn’t even catch the translator pill tidbit and just assumed that the show was proceeding with TARDIS rules.

  22. Katie says:

    1.) Cami certainly has done a 180. She’s a lot more vindictive and smart-mouthed. I know she had darkness in her but damn..! I can see Aurora now, smirking, gloating about what she’s just pulled off-while she’s nursing her grief over “losing” Tristian, of course. Considering the sheer hell Cami’s been through her whole life plus dying…maybe the way she’s acting isn’t really THAT surprising.
    6.) YES, they should have aired this week’s earthquake episode after the Super Bowl! Anything other than Stephen Colbert, who isn’t that funny. Paige may not have been the best choice for rescuing the cabbie because she has a child but I understand why she did it and not Happy. Happy doesn’t really have the social skills to pull off what Paige was able to do, Cabe wouldn’t have been able to move that fast, so…I get it. As for Sylvester and Ralph-What a pair! I laughed every time they were on screen. I’d watch a spin-off of those two for sure. This was the first episode I’d watched since the season premiere. Fun episode. “More than wooooorrrds…HA!
    25.) Puppymonkeybaby is the most disgusting commercial from the SB but the Prius one is just as annoying. I didn’t like it the first time. We’re rooting for criminals running from the law in a…Prius?! I think not! I have a question of my own TVLine- Was it me or were the commercials aired during the Super Bowl-with exceptions of course-some of the worst we’ve seen in years?

  23. Angela says:

    I am so happy someone else finally said something about the fact that Bernadette was planning a night in a hot tub!!!!!!!! That was driving me insane!!!

  24. lee says:

    Can someone tell me if Petras dress was a made for tv thing? Or is it an actual dress that can be purchased? Because it is STUNNING

  25. steve says:

    im pretty sure barry was wearing flash suit under his clothes. he does sometimes on show. as for merlin , maybe, but we don’t know who is in grave but darhk could still be killer but oliver found out that merlin was responsible.

  26. Scorp1 says:

    No.6 about Scorpion – all 3 of those thoughts ran through my head when I was watching lol! Loved the ep. One of best eps of the season & Ralph & Sylvester scenes were comedy gold. Other Qs I had:
    – How did Paige not get even a scratch on her after being catapulted by an exploding car?!
    – Can we have more action/badass Paige please?
    – Scorpion is better right when it’s not just the Walter show?
    – If Korea Town was about to be decimated, you think Team Scorpion might have let the authorities know right?!
    – Not a Q but holy crap Quintis!!!! Now we just need Waige to move it on!

  27. Stacy says:

    15. I think Charlie McDermott’s physical comedy on The Middle has been sorely underrated! Max Greenfield’s hilarious, but this round goes to McDermott.

  28. The magic pill translator is no different from the language translator injected into John Crichton on Farscape. The Legends have a whole season of adventures ahead to bring the funny with that pill. So chill.

    • sanchopanza says:

      At least you could swallow it instead of sticking it in your ear like a Babel Fish.

    • Wordsmith says:

      My problem with the pill is that their explanation of how it works doesn’t make sense. Okay, it manipulates your vocal chords, but does it also move your lips for you? Because even if your voice is speaking Russian, if your face is still speaking English, it’s going to to look like a badly dubbed kung fu movie (which would be hilarious, but a dead giveaway)

      • Wordsmith says:

        Also, there was no mention of how it allows you to miraculously understand the languages other people are speaking. They should just have gone all-in and said that Gideon is hijacking the language centers of the brain with translator nanites. Creepy, maybe, but at least the logic holds up.

  29. SoFla says:

    #6 yes, definitely would LOVE Ralph & Sylvester show. The two of them together are my favorite duo on Scorpion.

  30. Luis says:

    21. What did you think, the ship was automatically going to translate for them? That’s just silly!

  31. Luis says:

    17. I congratulate “Arrow” writers on crafting an engrossing mystery and giving fans so many plausible suspects to discuss and debate over. Personally – I think there are only two people whose murder would draw such a vehement reaction from Felicity – her mother and Diggle.

  32. bj says:

    6.Was Paige, a mom, perhaps not the best choice to risk her life to save the cab driver from multiple manners of death?

    I was definitely thinking this at the time.

    And speaking of her son, wouldn’t you tune in for a buddy comedy spinoff starring Sylvester and Ralph?

    And I think it would make a great spinoff.

  33. JM says:

    10) No, it’s best to get that question answered and focus on the magic.
    14) I don’t mind the technology, it’s the fantasy sequences that Brian has that are overdone. I like the character and the actor, but sometimes they make his too childish, making it hard to sustain likeability.
    15) Max and Winston are the only reasons I would bother to watch ‘New Girl’, especially since Nick and Jess are horrible these days, but alas, even they can’t bring me back.
    16) There were so many things wrong with that epi, but yes, the one you mentioned was big.
    18) Yes, when Regina started in on Lily, I was so anxious to see it play out. That she left was so confusing to me. Let’s face it, this was incredibly poor judgement on her part, being the executive that she is so if she were going to ‘lose it’, it should have been in a big way.

  34. Mary says:

    5. I don’t know about security for the DEO (James and Winn were with an agent, but a better question might have been why did Alex spend so much time changing between her civilian clothes and her DEO uniform and why did Hank put on a suit to go pretend to be Kara?) Kara should have used her heat vision or freeze breath on the Black Mercy.

    12. Didn’t Barry or Cisco have a backpack? I know that Cisco had a lot of Twizzlers sticking out of his shirt pocket.

    19. Yeah, I though that Bernadette shouldn’t be getting in the hot tub and her telling Howard that she really shouldn’t just as he was climbing in wouldn’t have really been a good time to be breaking the news.

  35. Betty Taylor says:

    I was reading about daughters of celebrities. You mentioned that Katie Cassidy did a short stint on Arrow and moved on to other shows. She is still on Arrow. Is she leaving?

  36. Sooz says:

    Shouldn’t Rose be in the field in every Agent Carter episode? Brilliant performance.