How to Get Away With Murder Recap: She's Got a Blanket-Space Baby

The bullet hole in her abdomen is the least of Annalise Keating’s problems in How to Get Away With Murder‘s first installment of 2016.

Our heroine protagonist has had two weeks to recover since Shooting Night (TM pending), and while, yeah, there’s blood seeping through her dressings and into her trench coat — a big inconvenience when you’re trying to spin a whopper of a courtroom yarn under oath — it’s not like Ace makes a bandage sturdy enough to deal with the psychological and legal issues in front of her.

CHARLIE WEBER, MATT MCGORRYSure, she’s got pajamas that cost more than three months of rent at Wes’ run-down apartment, but Annalise no longer has Nate’s torso of steel at her disposal, she’s got an imaginary infant (code name: “It”) who keeps appearing in her living room, and she’s the only member of #TeamKeating who’s missing out on Frank’s homemade ziti. (Food Baby > Hallucinatory Baby, yes?)

On the bright side, at least she didn’t have to bash Wes over the head with her metal bull’s head sculpture — THAT IS, IF WE’RE CERTAIN WES WAS ACTUALLY IN HER BEDROOM… NOT JUST IN HER IMAGINATION! (Oh, yeah, I went there — and I did it in all caps, too!)

While you try to put your brain back together from everything we just witnessed, allow me to recap the highlights of “What Happened to You, Annalise?”

MARY PAT GLEASON, AMY OKUDACOURTING DISASTER | You thought Annalise made a mess of the crime scene at the Hapstall mansion where Emily Sinclair’s body was found (both crunched and splatted) and La Keating got herself shot? Oh, that’s nothing compared to what she does in the courtroom — showing up in pain, slightly disheveled, bleeding and… feeling some real guilt when Wes gives her the “Girl, stop!” face as she tries to frame Catherine for her shooting. And thus, on the stand, Annalise feigns confusion, messes up her testimony and spills privileged information from the time Catherine was her client — and has her entire testimony dismissed. Then, she convinces Caleb to convince Catherine to admit to shooting Annalise — but under the influence of drugs and Philip’s mastermind. (Can we pause here to acknowledge we don’t know that Philip has ever committed a crime worse than having one of Catherine’s creepy paintings in his apartment?) Whatever the case, it looks like Catherine will serve five years in a minimum-security prison (hopefully one that offers art lessons) for a crime she didn’t commit. Now, who killed hers and Caleb’s parents? That’s a mystery that, according to my clock, showrunner Pete Nowalk & Co. have five more episodes to answer.

THE KIDS AREN’T ALL RIGHT | Meanwhile, the Keating Five aren’t all dealing with the fallout from Shooting Night/Sinclair Splat with the same aplomb. Asher is hanging out at Connor and Oliver’s — and drinking a lot. Wes can barely get out of bed — and would probably be doing a lot worse if Laurel wasn’t puppysitting. Michaela, meanwhile, is miffed that her pals aren’t more concerned with her emotional wellbeing — especially since her Big O provider Caleb is (not incorrectly) hissing at her that she and her legal comrades “all belong in hell.”

L IS THE NEW B? | Post-shooting, Annalise is suddenly relying heavily on Laurel — although, seeing how she lies and says she just told Wes that Rebecca was dead to provoke him to pull the trigger, maybe she doesn’t fully trust her new left-hand woman. Meanwhile, we see Annalise pulling away from Bonnie. I think it’s partially because she doesn’t want her weeping supplicant to see her in her weakest state, but also, when Bonnie accuses Annalise of truly wanting to die at the Hapstalls, Annalise astutely points out that Bonnie didn’t stay by her side or do anything to stop her near death. (That said, Bonnie did hurl a rigor-mortised Emily off a third-story balcony just to make sure the Keating law firm didn’t get any more bad press, so that’s gotta count for something, no?)

ALFRED ENOCHWHOA, BABY! | While she’s on pain killers — no booze, though, thanks to Bonnie’s diligent cleaning of the liquor cabinet — Annalise hallucinates a woman with a French or West-Indian accent coming to her door and leaving her with a chubby, crazy-cute baby. And since her house is a place you go to for vodka, takeout and alibis — not diapers, bottles and soothies — Annalise freaks out big time. We learn from Bonnie that this isn’t the first time Annalise has had this vision, and later, when Wes shows up demanding answers, we see a flashback in Annalise’s mind that explains… well… something? Ten years prior —and not long before Wes’ mom was either murdered or killed herself — a pregnant Annalise deliberately strolled up to her in a park, struck up a conversation and observed a young Wes (then known as Christophe) joyfully playing kickball. (OK, did anyone else wonder for just a sec if Annalise wasn’t actually with child, but wearing a prosthetic baby bump in order to disarm Wes’ mom? Damn, that is how paranoid HTGAWM makes me!) How that kid winds up months later in an interrogation room answering questions about discovering his mom’s body, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Poor Wes, he’s as in the dark as we are, seeing how Annalise not only refuses to reveal the nature of her relationship with his mom or how she knows his name is Christophe. He tells Annalise he understand why his mom killed himself — and that, like her, he just needs to “make it all stop.” It’s a sad, sad, scene, but then maybe Wes should stop the cycle of homicide/attempted homicide on people with the last name Keating? (Just saying!) Maybe it’s guilt, maybe it’s the Percocet, but Annalise ends the hour rocking that imaginary baby in her arms, and it’s simultaneously heartbreaking, creepy, upsetting and mysterious.

IN OTHER NEWS | While Wes told Laurel he was disposing of the Shooting Night gun, he’s still got it in his drawer. Nate isn’t sure he wants to be with Annalise if she doesn’t want to be alive (but he clearly still cares for her a lot based on the tears in his eyes). Why do I think Caleb is the one who killed his parents?

Your turn. What did you think of HTGAWM‘s 2016 return? What are your biggest burning questions and craziest theories? Take our poll below, then hit the comments!

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  1. Frank says:

    Awful … jumped the shark episode

  2. kevin says:

    Thought it was a fantastic episode. Viola killed it as usual.

  3. WMusic says:

    I had the same thought…I definitely think Wes was only a hallucination in her bedroom

    • Angela says:

      That actually hadn’t occurred to me right away until mention of it here. If that’s the case, that makes that entire ending sequence all the creepier and more haunting. Seriously, Annalise was scaring me this episode with all these hallucinations and the struggle to deal with her wound and whatnot.

      • Mrs E says:

        It couldn’t be a hallucination as we saw Wes in her house going thru her papers and he mentions that to Annelise.

        • greysfan says:

          That may be true BUT he could have left beforehand…I call hallucination. Was a very weird but smart episode in one. Made us think what is and isn’t real.

  4. Para says:

    i loved it

  5. Bandslee Lee says:

    Did I look away at the wrong time – was there a “10 years earlier” seque into that flashback where Annalise is pregnant, the lady and the kid at the park? Didn’t Bonnie say something about prior baby hallucinations (or something to that effect) earlier in the episode?

  6. Mrs. Brown says:

    When young Wes is in the interrogation room saying his mom “looked dead,” why are Annalise and her lawyer friend skulking nearby watching, and why does the friend say to Annalise, “What did we do?!”

  7. Katie says:

    Oh man, what a crazy episode. And I’m so proud, I totally knew Frank had tucked something into his jacket at the hospital. My personal opinion about Annalise’s pregnancy is that she lost the baby in some sort of violent crime against her? Because the woman said something along the lines of, “You were shot, but you’re strong, the baby survived” didn’t she? I dunno, that’s just my thought. And I find the team so much less irritating this season. I used to have no interest in Bonnie, Laurel, and Frank, and now they’re pretty much my favorites. Other than Annalise, who I’m always cheering for. Such a great way to bring back this show. And by the by, didn’t they say we would figure out what Frank “owed” Sam for this season?

  8. Angela says:

    OK, did anyone else wonder for just a sec if Annalise wasn’t actually with child, but wearing a prosthetic baby bump in order to disarm Wes’ mom?
    Yes. Certainly wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, given all the other manipulative stunts Annalise has pulled thus far. I also agree with the theory that Caleb might’ve had something to do with his parents’ murder-ever since that episode where he showed Michaela that gun hidden in some little spot in the mansion after they slept together, I’ve had my suspicions about him.
    So. Yeah. This episode was WEIRD, to say the least. But the hallucinations were eerie and added some serious tension to the moments when Annalise was alone (I was so sure she might have a car accident on the way to the hospital, or fall down the stairs in her house), and the episode set up some really intriguing storylines that I’m looking forward to watching play out, so all in all, it worked.
    Laurel covering for Wes was a surprise. I like her being all protective of him, though, and expressing some emotion over the fact that nobody was there for Asher when he needed them. I’m all for some more bonding between Laurel and Wes-I think she could be a much needed stable presence for him. And I think she could make for a good protector of the gang as a whole.
    Asher staying with Connor and Oliver is an amusing thought, but I’m kinda wary of Asher’s behavior of late, too, especially in regards to him wanting to investigate his dad’s death. I somehow get the feeling that’s not going to end well, for him or anyone else.
    And I liked the interaction between Bonnie and Annalise. Despite everything between them, and Annalise’s continued attempts to push Bonnie away, it’s interesting to see Bonnie continuing to try and take care of her (albeit in rather unorthodox and iffy ways, but that’s how these people roll, so…). I’d love to see more moments like this between them in the future.
    As for Annalise? I…am very worried about her. That ending was seriously unsettling. And between Wes’ anger and pushiness and Annalise’s hallucinated thinking, I sense everything involving their past is not going to be revealed in the most proper and calm of ways :p. This should be interesting.
    Good to have the show back! Can’t wait to see what the heck’s going to happen next.

  9. Gailer says:

    Thanks for recap, I come here everytime, Michael, for clarification on this show! I just don’t have the attention span to catch it all #multitasker

  10. Hayley says:

    Am I missing something here? I think the answer is obvious. Annalise was pregnant when she was speaking to the woman. Therefore, her hallucinations had to be a role-reversal situation. To me, that’s what the entire episode was hinting at. Let’s say the woman was handing her the baby. Well, why didn’t she raise it? No, I think what they are trying to tell us is that Annalise is in fact. Wes’ mother. Sure, they visited the precinct when he was older, but who says that has to be the same moment his mother died? Although, can someone remind me of that scene again? I don’t remember why they showed it but I know they explained it somehow.

    • Hayley says:

      Am I missing something here? I think the answer is obvious. Annalise was pregnant when she was speaking to the woman. Therefore, her hallucinations had to be a role-reversal situation. To me, that’s what the entire episode was hinting at. Let’s say the woman was handing her the baby. Well, why didn’t she raise it? No, I think what they are trying to tell us is that Annalise is in fact. Wes’ mother. Sure, they visited the precinct when he was older (and not a baby), but who says that has to be the same moment his mother died? Maybe something else happened that day. Can someone remind me of that scene again? I don’t remember why they showed it but I know they explained it somehow.

    • flower1petals says:

      But the flashback said 10 years earlier. So if Anneliese was pregnant with wes, he would only be 10.

  11. John says:

    I think the scene with Wes in Annalise’s bedroom is a hallucination. We saw that there’s a pill in her bedside in her bedroom – which is impossible to be there since she can’t go up the stairs.

    • Siobhan says:

      Those were the sleeping pills that Bonnie snuck into Annalise’s ice cream, so it makes sense that Bonnie would have kept them upstairs where Annalise wasn’t supposed to go. I don’t think it was a hallucination, since they showed Wes in her house looking through files and whatnot. But you never know with this show!

    • herman1959 says:

      In the scene, whether it was a hallucination or real, Wes tells Annalise he found the pills leading us to believe it was the same bottle he spotted downstairs and, therefore, took upstairs with him. But then…

  12. dan says:

    Was somewhat disappointed with this episode. Other than Viola Davis’ acting (which was terrific), the usually choppy show was choppier than ever. I can’t believe that Frank, Bonnie and the Keating Five would think that the Judge would accept a typewritten statement from Annaliese that wasn’t notarized or at typed by a court stenographer. The Judge was right not to accept that statement. However, the Judge was wrong about forcing the prosecution to proceed with the Preliminary Hearing while the star witness, who is also the only living victim of the crime (Annaliese), was still recovering. The Judge could’ve had the parties take a statement under oath or she could have delayed the hearing until Annaliese had recovered. Of course, Annaliese turned the whole fiasco in her favor, but I hate when they clearly have no idea how the legal proceedings should work (especially when there are simple ways to “fix” the problem in the plot). To those who think Annaliese is still Wes’ mom: how can that be? The flashback to a pregnant Annaliese said 10 years earlier and Wes has to be at least 21 or 22 to be in law school. I’m convinced that Caleb killed the parents; that is why he convinced Catherine to take the fall for shooting Annaliese while under the influence of Phillip. Caleb is using Catherine and Phillip to cover for himself.

    • wendy says:

      I personally think after reading all of these comments that Annaliese is his mom as well. I think that she may have given up Wes for adoption and hence why she’s having hallucinations and flashback images to a woman dropping off a baby. I think she’s seeing it reversed because she can’t take the fact that she gave the baby up. Felt that she wanted to see Wes later on and therefore, visited him at the park. She’s always been so protective as a mom would be to him. Just a thought. ..

  13. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    AAAAAAA…….LOVED IT!!!! Viola awesome as always.

  14. robandco says:

    When Bonnie started dropping the baby and when I realized there was no baby I screamed. It was an overall weird episode, and I am not sure I liked it. But it was entertaining for sure.
    I can’t wait to find out what happened to Wes’ mom.

  15. King says:

    seems like a true story I r4ecently hearefd

  16. Lori says:

    What court of law would force a person to drag themselves to court to testify, when they are medically not ready? No judge or lawyer would allow that.

  17. Sb says:

    Not sure if mentioned previously in the comments – the accent of Wes’ mom is Haitian. He mentioned that his mother was from Haiti in a previous episode.

  18. Why did bonnie put something in Annalise’s ice cream? Is she evil? Are all of them evil?

  19. Also, just in general: why does Annalise treat Bonnie so badly? What’s the deal with them?

    • best says:

      they have a very complicated relationship, but to me it’s clear there’s care there. Annalise pushes people away, but Bonnie is loyal despite all. We’ve only seen hints on why, but it seems Annalise helped her with her bad childhood, maybe she was her client. Who knows. Some people even speculated Bonnie loves her. So Annalise is mean to her because she knows Bonnie just takes it.

  20. Tracy says:

    Who doctored the 911 call and took out the “shot in the leg” part?? I can see Annalise being Wes’ mother, and had given him up. She and the friend most likely set the mother up to die or drove her to suicide.

  21. Bill says:

    Only 10 years earlier? Was I the only one thinking the age on Wes didn’t add up? He was maybe 10-12 in the park. Anyway great episode as usual

  22. Ryn says:

    I admit this episode confused the heck out of me. I loved it, but it was weird. I’m pretty scared for Annalise at this point. As usual though, the best scenes were between Viola and Liza. I loved the bonnie/annalise moment in the parking lot. These two always make me cry.

  23. Ok hear me out, I’m of the opinion that Annalise ‘could’ be Wes’ mother and I’ll go even further to say that Bonnie and Eve ‘could’ involved.

    My thinking, melodramatic as it may sound, is that Annalise went to check up on/leverage Wes/Christophe at the time of the flashback, but she’s actually pregnant with Sam’s baby. She and Eve have some plan in the works, sneaky lawyer stuff, and this serves their purpose. Somewhere during their “sneaky lawyer stuff” something goes awry, and now someone is dead.
    Many will remember Annalise was sexually abused at a young age (she and Bonnie have that in common), so It’s probable she had a child young and then became the Annalise we’ve come to know…

    Eventually, Annalise loses her and Sam’s child (Bonnie is probably around, tying her into Annalise & Sam love life), which is probably why these stories are juxtaposed in Annalise’s mind after the death of her husband.

    In any case, I was definitely disoriented after watching this episode.

  24. willmesha says:

    At the end of tonight’s episode laurel questioned whether wes killed his mother or not but why did she not show him the paper right then? She went with him To help him find answers (meanwhile throwing shade on annalise) but when she found some info she kept it from him! And told annalise? And why is Laurel all of a sudden trying to attach herself to wes anyway? What happened to annaliss child i think she was pregnant but i don’t think she wanted it..i think the guy who’s black mailing them may be her son idk i know i can’t wait for the next episode

  25. Last night’s episode was crazy too. So, if all the flashbacks were 10 years earlier, where the hell is her 10 year old child?