Days of Our Lives Renewed at NBC

The sands will continue to flow through the hourglass: NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives for another year, the soap’s 51st.

“NBC is incredibly proud of the legacy of Days of our Lives and we couldn’t be more excited to bring its fans new stories for the 51st season,” NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke said in a statement. “In a business where having a show remain on the air for two seasons is considered a success, what Days has achieved is extraordinary.”

Last month, Salke hinted that a renewal was imminent, telling TVLine, “We’ve been really happy with the show. I’ve been over there seeing Ken [Corday, executive producer] and the team and the new writers. They’re an incredible group and we love the show. They got a [ratings] bump in the fall for their 50th anniversary. There’s a creative resurgence and exciting storytelling going on right now.”

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  1. mooshki says:

    Now if they could just get some decent writers!

    • alistaircrane says:

      Beth Milstein’s work as the new co-head writer starts this month. She’s good.

      • mooshki says:

        I hope so. I thought her work had already started a few weeks ago?

        • Min says:

          If this woman is cool with focusing on legacy characters instead of arbitrarily killing people off for ratings, maybe I can be down with this. Writing was good for a bit, then it got bad again when they turned ben into a serial killer……so dumb.

  2. Pauljay says:

    Very good show ecept of the teenagers they are awful actors and actresses like Brady and Terresa singing together ..they’re quite good and glad the Demara’s are leaving a very tired plot ..getting tired of Hoopes hysteronics also but all in all it’s a good soap

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Hopefully this renewal comes with the agreement to stop filming so far ahead. I know that saves them money but it also prevents them from being able to tweak and/or end story lines that just aren’t working which IMHO hurts the show overall.

  4. Tononina says:

    Why the dont make it go away?? Time for the soap operas to dissapear. Sorry for the ones who like them but soap operas are long over due. They have their time many years ago, now we need other kind of programming on TV. Who watch soaps anyway if they air so early in the day? I guess they are aimed for housewifes and mothers who are not on the workforce outside their houses.

    Im not saying we have to be filled with reality shows cause some are really stupid and lame these days but fill the soap opera void with other more educational programming for the people at home.

    • Stephen says:

      Hello? This isn’t 1980. There are hundreds of channels and several streaming platforms for you to watch other things if you’re not into it. What harm is it doing you that they’re on?

    • GuessWhat says:

      um, since the dawn of DVRs — many people don’t watch shows “LIVE” anymore
      you can watch whatever you want anytime of the day

      and what would you like to see more of? talk shows repeatedly get cancelled because there is a glut of them

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Many people, myself included, who do work record the daytime shows to watch in the evening. So it’s not just for housewives, mothers OR fathers who are not in the workforce.

      • Danna says:

        Agreed. I record it everyday and watch it every night and I work 2 jobs so it isn’t just for housewives and stay at home moms. They probably have time to watch either.

    • Maria says:

      Personally I’m beyond sick of “reality tv” but you won’t see me b*#*ing about it on a website because my opinion won’t make any difference. And besides, I can just change the channel. It’s not rocket science.
      I am a Days fan. Started watching when Drake Hogestyn’s gorgeous face appeared on my tv in 1986. I love John and “Doc” (Marlena) together and as long as they’re on Days. I’ll show up and watch.

    • james jhnson says:

      hey I like days if you what educational programming watch your local pbs channel watching days for years if days goes done with local tv stations

    • James says:

      I guess you haven’t tried out EastEnders, Shortland Street, Hollyoaks, Doctors, Neighbours, and Home & Away.

    • Claire Cartwright says:

      if you want education go to school during the day. The daytime is for us who have been there and done all of what you want to do.. Also, if you have nothing nice to say then, “Please say nothing”.

      • Kathy stone says:

        Very excited to hear dool has been renewed. I understand TV Ratings but, considering this is a soap that airs during the day, when most people are working or in school, why would u expect the ratings to be hugh?!! Dool is the only soap NBC has so, if it’s receiving decent ratings, I personally don’t understand why it’s a yearly question of renewing it or not!! Dool should continue to air for another 50 years!

  5. GuessWhat says:

    My mom, who has watched all 50 years, at least once a week: “I don’t know how much longer this show will be on.”


    let me email her now

  6. Bobbi (@BobbiNJ) says:


  7. alistaircrane says:

    Bring back Jack, Carrie, Austin, Kristen/Susan, Billie, and Kim and Shane. These are the characters I want to see on Days, especially Matt Ashford as Jack. It’s heartbreaking to see Jenn in such a terrible story now when she should be with her soulmate Jack. There is so much story potential for Jack.

    I stopped watching Days in 2012 when they fired Jack, Carrie, and Austin, but I would come back if they came back full time. Their return in 2011 was the reason I started watching Days again.

    I know Jack is coming back for 5 episodes as May, but it’s likely as a ghost. Fans want Jack back alive and well and with Jennifer.

  8. Sheldon says:


  9. Mollytanner says:

    I’ve actually been enjoying Martha Madison, Brandon Beemer and JPL, and the teens are growing on me. They need to start an actual teen love story (Theo and Ciara or Chase and Claire). I just don’t know why Nicole and Eric weren’t reunited.

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    This makes me happy. Very sad that they lost so many cast members from the likes of James Scott, Chrishell Stause, Alison Sweeney, Blake Berris, Guy Wilson and most recently Kassie DePaiva and soon both Kate Mansi and Greg Vaughan are leaving. Glad they brought back Brandon Beemer reprising his role as Shawn-Douglas Brady.

  11. LT says:

    My thoughts on this…they HAD to renew. They are now playing chicken with ABC and General Hospital. The CBS soaps are fine and supported by other high-rated daytime programs around them. But, it is going to come down to who wipes out their daytime drama line up entirely…NBC? or ABC? and the one who does it first is going to have that lasting legacy of “killing soaps” and will have to live with that forever!

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      There’s a reason GH is still on for 50-plus years and it remains ABC’s lone soap opera since the demise of both AMC and OLTL. Y&R and B&B are still on top at CBS and it continues to be #1 on daytime (even for how long The Price is Right will end) after the cancellation of both ATWT and GL (both have been on the air the longest respectively for 50-plus years).

      • LT says:

        What’s the reason? In all reality, GH should’ve been cancelled before OLTL. And the second part of your post reiterates what I posted. Soooo help me out here.

  12. bigdede says:

    I read Sony made an offer to Becky Herbst. So if her contract signing doesn’t go well with General Hospital, she could go to Days. Sony knows she has a large fan base, for which I am part of, and I will follow her wherever she goes. Sony also owns Young and the Restless. So if Days doesn’t find her good role for her, hopefully YR can scoop her up as Mac.

  13. Elsie Rogers says:

    As long as Days holds on to decent ratings NBC will stick with it.

  14. JanJan says:

    As a child I remember my Mom watching and I would watch when I came home for lunch during school. Then when video recording came out, I recorded it and now it’s DVR of course. I will always watch Days of Our Lives. It’s as familiar and dependable as family. Please don’t ever cancel the show.

  15. Judith Murphy says:

    I agree with the comment below what happened to the characters we all liked. Killing Will and Paige was too bad Ciara and Chase are completely different from the younger actors. Killing Aiden and Bo was terrible turning Ben into a serial killer made no sense. Hope would never get herself in the mess she is in. You can tell there are more bad things in the offing. The characters are not true to who they were and the writing is Bad. The Valentine’s Day program was terrible, I hope the story line gets back on track soon.

  16. Sue says:

    I have been watching DOOL since the beginning. The writers really need to get it together. Today was the Valentines days episode and I thought it was the worst show I have ever seen.
    Please replace the current writers. I don’t think I can take much more.

  17. Jennie says:

    I am so happy to hear that my favorite soap Days of Our Lives has been renewed for another year! I have to be one of the shows oldest fans. I have been watching Days since it began. I am now 67 years old and still watching for new surprises the show brings to us fans. Good job writers!

  18. Pam says:

    YEA!!! Glad to see it’s still going to be on. It’s really the only soap I watch anymore. Used to watch AMC & Guiding Light. So I’m glad to also see Daniel Cosgrove is coming back from the dead or whatever.

  19. Deorre says:

    So glad it’s not canceled. ive been a fan for more years than I can count..

  20. Kathy stone says:

    I love dool, I’m 58 and been watching since it 1st aired. Some of the comments blow my mind! All soaps have ups and downs, they will never please everyone. Dool is just what a soap should be. No soap (including days) are based on real life. The deaths, breakups, evilness, unrealistic storylines, etc, this is what soaps have always been about! Dool is not against gays either. If renewed, keep watching because, there will be more gay storylines. Characters come and go, mostly by choice so, as a soap fan, I just move on and look forward to the next chapter. I love the characters (good or evil) but, there will always be change.

  21. Bonnie Freda says:

    I have been watching Days for almost as long as it has aired. I realize that you need to interest a younger audience, however, aging the children into teens and then casting teens that CANNOT ACT has ruined the show for me. In the past the acting has been wonderful. But, the blank expressionless faces and dull monotone speaking on the part of these new cast members is terrible!!

  22. Sam Thompson says:

    I DVR the show. The I can fast forward they the nonsense. Last month I missed 4 days while out of town and did not record. When I returned and watched again I realized I had not missed a thing!

  23. Eileen says:

    If you bring back one more dead person I’m done. Bringing back Aiden really now how stupid.

  24. Sue says:

    Have almost lost complete interest in DOOL…..the story lines are jumping all over the place and getting so far removed from the program as it used to be…too much going on with new characters that are shallow and uninteresting….getting very strange and not what I want to tune in to.

  25. Carol Garrett says:

    The writers need to be replaced! They are eliminating all the characters we have enjoyed! Some of the stories are ridiculous and the replacement of favorite characters has really damaged the show!

  26. Daisy says:

    Days of our lives has been on as long as young and the restless days doesn’t need to be canceled they need new writers why punish the crew that has been around all these years Fire the Writers

  27. annelize says:

    I am from SA and sadly days of our lives are ” stopped” from the 20th of July . Because there needs to be more local rubbish on tv!!! I watched days of our lives all my life and it feels like death in the family to know I won’t we able to watch my fav soap anymore! But hey this is SA and here you can make decisions even if you don’t have a education!

  28. shantel says:

    I am so upset days of our lives can not just end with no ending I have been watching the series since I was 13 I am 40 now if it is not going to show on sabc 3 it must show on another channel even maybe a dstv channel and carry on

  29. Bryson Cabernel says:

    Can Someone tell me is Days Of Our Live going to be Cancelled this year

    Bryson Cabernel

  30. Eileen Bendfeld says:

    Would just like to know when Days of our Lives will be back on TV. I have watched that show for 40 years and now it just stopped like that, would like to know what happened. Have not seen it since last week,all of a sudden it is not on.
    Thank you
    Eileen Bendgeld

  31. Joyce Goldstein says:

    We are only praying that with the new programming for 2017 on channel 7 WHDH Days of Our Lives will still be aired.

  32. Joyce Goldstein says:

    Please tell me that Days Of Our Lives W will still be on the new programming for WHDH next January!

  33. Donna Stafford says:

    I have been a Days fan since 1983; I was 17. One of the reasons I quit watching Days is that I do not care to watch two guys making out; and no, I am not homophobic. We all watched soaps back then to see the clothes, hair styles, mansions, horses and the fancy cars.

    The story lines today lack substance, there is no relationship between characters and the story lines drag on FOREVER, and they keep getting rid of the main characters.

    • Mrs Dawson says:

      Deny it all you want. You are a homophobe. Period. Who comes online to say something so discriminatory if you aren’t actually homophobic. Days don’t need you as a viewer and I certainly hope you never comment on another post here again.

  34. charmaine says:

    Now if only south africa will get it rite and put Days where it belongs…. and leave it there!

  35. Lola Arnold says:

    Thank you for renewing Days of Our Lives. I am almost 80 and have enjoyed it since its beginning.

  36. Marguerite Montigny says:

    Please don’t cancel DOOL – I got involved with it 3 yrs ago – please keep it going.

  37. Betty Marotta says:

    it’s january 3, 2017 and DOOL is not on for 2 weeks or more . Where is it?

  38. Sharon Cross says:

    Please do cancel DOOLS!!🙏🙏 I have watched the show for most of my life and at 75 that’s a long time The only Soap I watch!!!!!

  39. ann fisher says:

    have they cancelled days of our lives

  40. Lausa O says:

    OK so glad to hear it’s renewed for a year but us fans shouldn’t have to worry each year about it being cancelled, just keep in on permanently. You will always have viewers-true fans who love the show!

  41. Tina says:

    I absolutely love the show and please renew it for another 5 years

    • Joyce Goldstein says:

      Tell President Trump not to do all his news conferences the same time Days is on. Today another no Days. Will have to watch it on the iPad tomorrow.😭😤

      Sent from my iPad


  42. Mary Jane says:

    I hope the writers do the right thing the show really needs help glad to hear it though

  43. Donna Maes says:

    I love days of our lives, I have watched the show for30years. Thank you for keeping the show going for a few more years.