Beauty And The Beast Premiere

CW Sets Containment Premiere Date, Reign's Return, Beast's Final Season

The CW on Thursday announced dates for its upcoming premieres and returns — plus two season finales — finally putting to bed all of our lingering scheduling questions for the network. (And there were many).

First up is the premiere of Julie Plec’s midseason drama Containment, which kicks off Tuesday, April 19 at 9/8c. The medical thriller will take the place of iZombie, which wraps its sophomore season April 12.

The question of Reign‘s return — the period drama ended its Friday run last month — has also been answered: Mary and the gang will resume their third season Monday, April 25 at 8 pm, filling the void left by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which concludes its freshman run on April 18.

Additionally, we’ve learned that Beauty and the Beast‘s final season will begin Thursday, June 2 at 9 pm.

Here’s a full rundown of premieres and finales over the next few months:

8 pm iZombie (new episode)
9 pm iZombie (season finale)

8 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season finale)
9 pm Jane the Virgin (new episode)

8 pm The Flash (new episode)
9 pm Containment (series premiere)

8 pm Reign (Monday premiere)
9 pm Jane the Virgin (new episode)

9 pm Beauty and the Beast (season premiere)

Which announcement has you the most jazzed? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Mike says:

    First thought why doesn’t The CW have a 10pm. I think this is getting incredibly silly. Second Thought is that Reign needs to be banished to summer. Third thought I don’t think anybody believes that containment will get a second season.

    • Andy Swift says:

      If you’re sour on Containment, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see (assuming you give it a chance).

    • Kristen says:

      In all honesty, from what I’ve seen of Containment, it looks a little too good for the CW. I’m worried it won’t do well, because it isn’t on a better network. Granted, I have only seen a small clip. I agree with the CW not having a 10pm slot. Back when it was the WB it made sense. Now, they really need to create a later slot. I also agree with your Reign comment.

      • Vince says:

        Darling it’s getting the plumb post-Flash slot. If CW wanted it dead, it would’ve landed Friday slot.

        • brandydanforth81 says:

          Vince it’s also WB in a field of good performing WB shows & WB likley renewd like TO for syndication,Ntflix and VD likley to get a final season.Premirig ashow ust before May in usually a death sentence.Plus,CW said its “limited serires event”-sound one and done.They can’t premire it on Fri due toFi already being full.Only reason it got a good timeslot/leadin was cause IZombie has limited episodes.

          • Vince says:

            No Flash is CW’s no. 1 show. You don’t waste that kind of lead-in on a burn-off. If ratings is good,it’ll get renewed.

        • brandydanforth81 says:

          CW only promotes one new midseason show and this season,that’s LoT.Containments notcoverdd by the Netflix deal and by the time it premires ,CW will have already decided on pilots and renewals/cancellations.Plus,the pilot was laughed at at CC & had to be redone-not a good sign.99% of shows premiering in Mid to late are done with no expectation to renew.CW has a full enough schedule with enough renewable shows so no room for Containment and they have to cancel something.Also,the inky reason it didn’t go Fri is cause 1.Fri are full2.It was incompatible with Jane so putting it in CEG slot was out ,the only other slot that woukd be open was post Flash since Izombie has a limited/shorter season.It’s Onky getting Flash leadin for like 3 episodes,no big deal.

    • Z says:

      Has to do with many of the local affiliates the CW runs on having very lucrative 10 pm news shows….. that the affiliates would not want to give up.

    • Shaun says:

      I don’t think they have the resources to open up 5 extra new shows.

    • James says:

      Same reason why Fox doesn’t program 10pm weeknights.

    • That’s what they said about The 100 too.

    • Dude says:

      Why does Reign need to be banished to summer? It’s been fantastic this season and is a high quality show.

    • Bryan says:

      I think if they put a show at the 10 pm slot, it will have 0.0something ratings

    • Gospino says:

      Lol, Fox, a much older network with much higher overall ratings than the CW, doesn’t program 10pm. It’s very naive to say that not programming that hour is silly. The fact is, affiliates don’t want to give up that hour because they can make way more money with different programming then. The CW can barely handle the hours the ten hours it currently programs. The thought of them trying to add the 10pm slot is incredibly silly.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I would think expanding to Sundays (2-3 hours of programming) would be easier than expanding to 10 pm week nights (5 hours). Then the CW would have the same schedule as Fox. I understand the affiliates not wanting to give up their 10 pm local news, but Sundays (at least on my CW channel) are filled with syndicated reruns. Why wouldn’t the local networks want to switch that out for new programming?

  2. Kristen says:

    I am so excited for Containment! :)

  3. Gilded Lady says:

    Containment! Finally! I’m so excited for it :)

    I’ve had Chris Wood withdrawals!

  4. Kathleen Novak says:

    Totally pumped abt CW’s #BatB Beauty and the Beast!!!!! It’s the best tv show!!!!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Putting Reign on Monday will likely seal it’s fate in my house. That night is already very full unless some of the shows end before April 25th.

  6. Will says:

    Wonder how many episodes of Reign and Containment will air into the summer? I’m surprised Reign wasn’t completely held off until the summer or why Containment isn’t airing earlier in the season to utilize more new episodes of The Flash as a lead in..

    • Daniel says:

      Because IZombie is paired with The Flash all season. Season finale of the Flash isn’t until April 12. No room to air in 19th.

  7. Kodie says:

    I kind of really love reign? It makes me angry as a history buff but as a cheesy drama lover I’m invested. If only Kenna would come back.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    I get BATB on my birthday! Sweet!

  9. Nikki says:

    Reign is awesome it is definitely a great solution to my Spartacus fix. Banish it never!!!

  10. I really hope Containment surprises everyone and is really good.

  11. Suzi says:

    Yay!!!! So excited to see the return of Reign. Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long. Keep this one going CW…it’s a fun show and you found the perfect cast. Kudos.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait for Reign to return!! I Love it!! Gets me in the medival mood as I wait for Game of Thrones & Vickings to return.

  13. sara says:

    I love Reign! Can’t wait to see what craziness mary and Catherine get into next.

  14. ninergrl6 says:

    Excited for Reign’s return! Earlier than I expected! And it’s jumping into the spot of CEG, which I watch religiously, so no new scheduling conflicts for me. Huzzah! How many Reign episodes are left this season? *fingers crossed for season 4*

  15. heather says:

    i just cant wait for reign to come back on, its my favorite show!!!!

  16. Vicky says:

    Hands down, I’m so excited about Reign” returning next month. It’s a complete package; murder, conspiracy and sex, what more do you need?

  17. Jenn says:

    Ugh I don’t like that they put reign on Monday I already have enough shows on that day as it is and my DVR will be full. =/

  18. Monika says:

    Reign + I want my show back!!! Hurry up people, no wonder the show is plagued with low viewership, you guys keep moving it & preempting it! I LOVE REIGN, and MISS IT which is something I can say of nothing else on TV!! SO GIVE ME BACK MY FAVORITE SHOW ON TV!!♥♥

  19. jewells says:

    Been waiting for Reign to come back! Taking too long! Hate waiting forever to see what is going to happen next…can’t wait until showtime has it on netflix 3rd season uncut! This has been a ridiculously long wait :/

  20. Sonja says:

    I was hoping to see more of Beauty and the beast. such a great show, with great actors and actresses

    • Vicki Gretzky says:

      I agree that Beauty and the Beast should have been kept. The actors are perfect. I was also a fan of Nikita and The Tomorrow People. With a dvr and an organized schedule it is possible to watch all the good CW shows with some time left for NBC Tuesday and Wednesday and TGIT plus Nashville. Sundays we watch ABC and we squeeze in Supergirl via debt. Fox gives us Gotham, Bones, and Sleepy Hollow. We have no time for sitcoms.

  21. Brittany says:

    I love Reign!

  22. Ariana says:

    Omg almost died when I saw that Reign is finally coming back!! I’m so excited I can’t wait!!! April 25th needs to hurry up already…

  23. Anita says:

    Reign definitely

  24. Vicki Gretzky says:

    I am anxious for Reign and Beauty and the Beast. I hope Containment is good. Our Vampire shows were excellent. The Legends is also excellent. CW continues to have innovative programs. I am a retired History and English PhD. Good programming pays attention to folklore and history and gives us stories that we can believe. I have become sympathetic to Queen Mary and are disliking Elizabeth. Please keep up the good programs.

  25. Holly says:

    Reign seems to be a pretty well off show. How is it that they can’t find time to air a show that is exhibiting real potential and then to just have 3 episodes air and then take it off again because of another show that has well surpassed its prime. It just seems like a bad business move. The Vampire diaries only should have lasted maybe another season after the Originals began to air. Let’s assume that most of the fans that watch the Originals were Vampire Diary fans. Originals has done nothing but pick up speed while VD has lost any and all momentum, plus half its characters upon creation of the “spin-off” which has been called a better show by MANY a fan. There is no reason for the hiatus aside from the fact that CW just throws a bunch of potentially good shows on and then when they have a few they are so confused as how to schedule them that it becomes a giant cluster. LOOK AT YOUR NUMBERS CW!

  26. Diana Weaver says:

    Leave the programs alone! This stop & start business is the reason viewing falls off! 2 episodes, a month off, 3 episodes, another month off & then the show suddenly disappears & you never know when they’re coming back, you lose track & by the time they do come back the audience has moved on to another show. It’s too confusing & frustrating! We want to watch but the network makes it so hard! Leave them alone, stop all the time off, l let the season run, have one finale, cancel our renew, stop all the shenanigans!

  27. Diana says:

    Reign is my favorite show. When are the episodes aired. When are the breaks, how often and how long. They seem to be too long. What is the new season start and finish dates of the season.

  28. Danielle Gamboa says:

    Reign is the best show on CW. I found it on Netflix and it lead me right to cw. I now watch Jane The Virgin, Flash, Arrow, and Reign. I really love all these shows.

  29. Reign is one of the best program on TV. Please keep it going. Great stuff. Love it

  30. cee. cee says:

    Can you please consider renewing season 2 contianment it is getting good give it a chance

  31. Hanna says:

    Will containment ever show again?