Criminal Minds Paget Returns

Criminal Minds: Paget Brewster Set for Springtime Encore as Prentiss

Paget Brewster is returning to Criminal Minds to help the BAU catch an international killer.

TVLine has learned that the CBS crime drama’s former series regular will guest-star in a springtime Season 11 episode when BAU team member-turned-Interpol Agent Emily Prentiss enlists her Stateside friends to track an elusive serial killer, convinced that his next victim will be on American soil.

Now starring opposite John Stamos on Fox’s freshman comedy Grandfathered, Brewster wrapped her full-time Criminal Minds run at the close of Season 7, then popped up in the middle of Season 9 for the drama’s 200th episode. She also was courted last summer to come back and help fill maternity leave-bound cast member A.J. Cook’s vacancy, but Grandfathered being ordered to series created a scheduling conflict. “It just didn’t work out, which was a shame,” she told TVLine at the time. “I really wanted to do it!”

Brewster’s post-Criminal Minds TV roles also include a run on Community and appearances on Drunk History.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Meh. I think the show is just fine without her but it will be nice to see her again.

  2. Mary Bucklew says:

    Super news!!!!! Loves me some Emily Prentiss!

  3. Kendall says:

    I can’t wait!!!!

  4. ludi66 says:

    I just love Paget Brewster and we miss Prentiss! I hope that she decides to stay.

  5. Angela says:

    Awesome! That’s exciting news. Can’t wait to see that!

  6. Great news, I miss her so much on CM

  7. Yo says:

    Really enjoyed the CM reference on Grandfathered last night. I seriously watched that clip 5 times… Yes, it was that funny. Wish Paget could do more episodes of CM.

    • Laura says:

      They’ve had a couple great Paget references on Grandfathered: the CM one last night, and an earlier one where she takes a quiz, “Which FRIENDS character are you?” and I think she got Ross at first, so took it again, “Oh c’mon! I’m Monica!” Hilarious.

    • Beth says:

      I want to see that clip! Is there anyway someone could post it on the CM Facebook page?

  8. CAN says:

    On Grandfathered, John Stamos said she was smart, like a character on Criminal Minds.

  9. YAS!! Excellent news! I wish they would bring her back full-time though…

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    This news makes Criminal Minds fans very happy. Don’t know what the fate holds for Paget’s other show Grandfathered.

  11. Jay says:

    YESSSS!! I’m so excited; definitely going to have to watch this episode!

  12. Is this the blind item about a fan favorite coming back?

    • Angela says:

      They would’ve said so if it were. Plus, the blind item implied that many fans never expected the character in question to return. Emily already made a guest appearance in season 9, and as the article notes, Paget’s expressed interest in wanting to guest star again, so fans’ chances of seeing her again were, evidently, quite good. And the item also said that the character’s appearance would be a tough one to explain (or some variation of that). All Emily has to do is hop a plane to see her friends (or vice versa), so her showing up doesn’t exactly take a lot of work on the writers’ part.

      • tannerose5 says:

        She was just a phone call away. If the writers wanted to, they could have paid her for a day’s work for one phone call.
        She’s one of the few people who can keep up with Reid’s brain. Paget and MGG are the best of friends. I’d like to see that friendship again on screen. But, I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Angela says:

          I just meant that the blind item seemed to imply that there were some serious obstacles that would need to be overcome in order to explain the character’s return that a simple visit home via plane wouldn’t require. The show won’t need to go through some convoluted explanation for why she’d visit the way some other shows would have to for any characters that returned after a long absence.
          I would love to see some interaction between Emily and Reid, definitely :). Their friendship was always so lovely. I hope we do get some good one-on-one interaction between them, as well as between her and the rest of the team.

  13. This is some good news. I can never have too much Emily. :) I wonder what episode it is, because they are just finishing up episode 18 and there are only 22 episodes this season.

  14. Haley N. says:

    This season is so bad. Much needed!

  15. Peegee says:

    Glad to see her back, But Danny Glover as Derek’s Dad – I thought he was shot
    and killed in a robbery

    • Angela says:

      He was. But if Morgan’s having flashbacks of his dad, or some sort of near-death experience or something, then that would explain his dad’s presence in the upcoming episode centered on Morgan.

  16. Yes! I love Paget, and Grandfathered has surprisingly been really awesome, but I LOVE Emily Prentiss! So glad she’ll be around for an episode!

  17. Ceylan says:

    and right after Grandfathered alluded to her time at Criminal Minds this week

  18. Valerie says:

    Love Padgett as Emily. Glad to know she will appear on C M.

  19. Beth Mueller says:

    Wish she would come back for good….she was such a plus to the show. I thought Jeanne Triplehorn would have worked out well but she was gone quickly. Miss the crew with Prentiss in it. Could not stand Elle Greenway so when Prentiss joined the crew, it was like a breath of fresh air. Would really like her back for good….

    • 2much says:

      Jeanne got so much hate, she felt like she was ruining the show. Which is absolutely heartbreaking. The truth is: CM would still have 11M viewers / week if she stayed. People stopped watching CM cuz S10 was awful. It wasn’t even about the Team. During S10 i didn’t even felt like i was watching CM when i was watching CM. I was wondering: where’s the real cast, is this the jlh show?

  20. I love Criminal Minds but sure do miss Emily aka Paget

  21. Jayne says:

    Anyone else sick of her coming and going? I loved her when she was on but all this back and forth seems like she thinks she better than the show but goes back when she needs it/to stay relevant among show fans.

  22. Ringside says:

    Bring back Paget and get rid of Aisha!

    • Brandon says:

      This needs a +1
      Nothing against Aisha, shes just not a good fit for this. Shes a comedian at heart and it seems out of place to see her in a serious role.

  23. EllenAce says:

    Love CM! This is Awesome news! I wish Paget would just make it permanent already! Love my Team and it would be great to have her back for good! Aisha can continue as well! Come on CBS, let’s do this! So happy! Yay!

  24. Anna says:

    Yes! She’s always been my favorite Criminal Minds character. She has been sorely missed.

  25. Olivia says:

    YES. YES!

  26. 2much says:

    Who else have the feeling Paget couldn’t have been in S10 because of the crap JLH pulled? AIsha and Jeanne both “let her” come back but JLH didn’t. Like.. who does JLH thinks she is? CM is not her show, it never was her show.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty certain that JLH had no say in whether or not Paget appeared on the show last season. Nor do I think Jeanne or Aisha had any pull in getting her to make an appearance in season 9 or this current one. Paget was on the show “Community” as a regular cast member last year, and I think some of the filming of that season took place when CM was filming. And if I recall rightly, she was also working on other projects, too. She’s been wanting to explore the comedy side of things in general lately.
      So if she didn’t make it on the show last season, it was because she had other stuff going on. The rest of the cast may want her to come back and discuss the idea, but they aren’t the ones who make that final call. Nor would they be the ones to make the call about NOT letting her on the show.
      And where are you getting this idea that JLH ever gave any indication that CM was her show?

      • 2much says:

        Paget is on ‘Grandfathered’ right but she was able to find a way to come back to CM, unlike last year. How interesting.

        • Angela says:

          So? Again I say, that wasn’t the only thing she was working on last year. I seem to remember her also filming some pilot for some online streaming thing, and she may have had other projects alongside that and her work on “Community” that kept her busy at that time. Plus not all TV shows’ filming schedules are the same, some are more time-consuming than others. And she got married not long after when CM’s 10th season started, so I’m guessing she was also likely busy spending time with her new husband and having fun doing whatever with him.
          Bottom line, ther is no conspiracy. You’re reading WAY too much into things.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            +250 TVLine Power User Points (no cash value)

          • Angela says:

            @Matt: Woohoo ;D! I feel privileged, or something :p.

          • 2much says:

            So now you’re saying that she couldn’t have been on CM last year because she got married. This conversation is getting better and better…

          • Angela says:

            @2much: *Sigh* No. I am giving a possible reason why she might’ve not had the opportunity or time to come on the show. All I do know for certain is that she’s a busy person, and she likes to do a lot of various things, and there’s plenty of valid, logical, non-evil manipulative reasons why she may not be able to guest on this show as often as she’d like.
            Seriously. Let. It. Go. Your theory makes absolutely no sense and has no basis in fact.

          • 2much says:

            Actually, YOUR theory makes absolutely no sense :D

  27. Anna says:

    Excellent news!!!

  28. Jan says:

    Paget Brewster, formerly from Criminal Minds..

  29. Ella says:

    I wish she’d come back to Criminal Minds full-time, no one has been able to fill that void and she was so awesome. As was her chemistry with Hotch, which was never fully explored :(

  30. T Lapierre says:

    I wish Page would come back full time to criminal minds D o you think this will ever happen?

  31. John hibert says:

    We want her back full time. We miss her she makes the series complete

  32. jahoney1 says:

    I am glad to see her back. I am also glad she is doing so well outside of Criminal Minds

  33. Chris says:

    Is a season 12 due to be aired in England in the near future . People are saying that Cbs isn’t making anymore. it’s The best thing on TV at the moment

  34. Kkkkmmmmlllll says:

    She needs to stay!

  35. Markha says:

    OMG! I love her and I really want her back on criminal minds .
    She’s the BEST