American Idol Is Taking Away Your Voting Power — and It's Infuriating

Jennifer Lopez already has a big-money Las Vegas concert residency, a recent Season 2 renewal for her NBC drama Shades of Blue, an A+ Dubsmash game and a badonkadonk worthy of being sculpted in marble and displayed at the Louvre.

Now, however, she’s sneaking into your living room with a masked Keith Urban and a maniacally cackling Harry Connick, Jr. and stealing your right to vote in the American Idol Season 15 semifinals (beginning tonight at 8/7c on Fox). And I, for one, am mad as hell.

Indeed, it’s traditionally been the Idoloonie Nation’s job to start voting right after the “Green Mile” Top 24 (or Top 36) announcement and choose a Top 10 — with the judges adding a few Wild Card picks to the mix once the results are tallied.

In Idol‘s abbreviated farewell season, however, it’ll be the judges narrowing the Top 24 down to the Top 14 — a process that flies directly in the face of what has made Idol so successful for so many years: The belief that average citizens — not soulless record execs or manipulative TV producers — get one chance per year to pluck a talented kid from relative obscurity and give him or her a major-label record deal.

Oh, sure, the Scott Borchettas and Simon Cowells and Nigel Lythgoes of the world have always had a million and one ways to influence our votes — through crafty editing, not-so-random performance order, song-choice restrictions and deeply biased feedback — but at the end of the day, Idol fans had the final say… with no one to blame but ourselves for choosing (flashback alert!) Karen Rodriguez over Kendra Chantelle or Ben Briley over Malcolm Allen.

How does it benefit the show to essentially fire its loyal fans from a job they love and cherish, and outsource it to a trio of industry vets who often gravitate toward wide-eyed youth over emotional maturity, and telegenic personality over vocal prowess? (Remember J.Lo’s declaration of just loving “fifteen-ness” or her comment that female contestants past their teenage years have a defeated look in their eyes? Oy!)

To clarify, here’s how the semifinals — one round of 12 has already been taped — will play out:

On Feb. 10 and 17, we’ll see pre-taped performances from 12 contestants apiece, with the judges eliminating five singers on the Feb. 11 and 18 results-shows (that will also include contestant duets with Idol All-Stars), resulting in a Top 14. That group will be whittled down — again, mainly by the judges — during the Feb. 24 and 25 episodes, with viewers saving some Wild Cards to complete a Top 10.

After that, the competition airs only one night a week starting March 3 until the April 5-7 series finale week, with the Idoloonie Nation finally regaining control of the voting process.

In other words, your Farewell Season voting window is going to last about six weeks. Cast your ballots promptly, passionately, and most of all, responsibly!

What do you think of Idol‘s voting changes for Season 15? Do they leave you dismayed, enraged, disinterested or not all that worked up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ben says:

    Yeah, I was aware of this and don’t get it either Michael. Maybe they just don’t trust results to work when people eliminate so many contestants per week… but it used to work back in the day when we’d pick 3 out of 8 of a semi-final (still my favourite format). It’s sad to see Fox treat this show this way. Would it really have been such a bad business decision to give us a complete final season? And, if it would, did they really have to spend 8 weeks on whittling everyone down before giving us only 5 or 6 weeks of voting?

    • Marty says:

      Of course they’d pull this. They’ve been chipping away at it and making it their own decision little by little, and thats why the show has failed more and more every year. Thats why we ended up with awful winners like Lee, and whats his name and whats his name and………I cant even remember a winner in the past 5 years because they’ve all been less than stellar. Kelly and Carrie are the only winners that have stuck in my mind, the rest are all folks that never won. Haley is my favorite non winner. She is EVERYTHING!

    • Mary says:

      In all fairness – not everyone looks at spoilers and don’t want to know the outcome. Yes, he could of mention about the judges picking the top 14 – but I believe that just came out a couple of weeks ago. It is great that other sites have allowed the spoilers for those who obviously like to read the last chapter before the actual book , but not everyone is in favor of that. If I know the outcome why would I waste my time watching.

      • christopher bee says:

        Yes, i know the outcome spoilers of tonights results, but…….

        I enjoy very much live Performances and as a musician myself i love a good Liveband.
        That has been my pleasure of Idol since Series 6 (my first full season) and my favorites delivered their craft in no particular order:

        S6 (Melinda, Blake, Phil, Chris & Chris)
        S7 (David A., Michael, Brooke, Amanda, David C.)
        S8 (Allison, Adam, Alexis)
        S9 (Chrystal, Michael, Casey)
        S10 (.Haley, Casey, Stefano, Paul, Pia) my favorite diversed season so far.
        S11 (Joshua, Elise, Phillip, Jessica)
        S12 (Candice, Kree, Angie, Amber) the ladies can sang
        S13 (MK, Jena, Caleb)
        S14 (Clark, Joey, Quentin, Jax)

        S15 so far (Avalon, LaPorsha, MacKenzie, CJ, Sonica, Amelia)

        But, let´s see what´s happening.

    • Timmah says:

      They’re not gaining any time doing it this way though. In fact, they’re taking two weeks to go from a top 24 to a top 14 as I understand it. The only difference is that they’re leaving us out of the decision.

      • Joe R says:

        Exactly. They could have let us vote tonight and give us the results tomorrow. Same as next week. There’s no reason to yank us out of the decision-making except for producers thinking they know better than we do.

    • MyFavoriteSong says:

      Not true that this info has been kept a secret – there have been many spoilers online that indicate when the LIVE shows (aka when viewers can vote) for more than a month now. Don’t JUST blame Slezak even though he is not my favorite columnist.

  2. Michael says:

    The judges have needed more control over the years. Unless you think the constant success of bland cute boys with guitars who fade from the public mind minutes after the show airs is a good thing. Maybe lets not leave the majority of the power to twelve year old girls who have nothing to do but dial a phone for hours on end.

    • Rob says:

      I hear that but for every cute teenage boy with a guitar you also get a Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Haley Reinhart etc etc etc. I’m just saying that the beauty of American Idol was always that, whether it was or wasn’t, it felt like the decision was in America’s hands. If this were any other season than its last, I’d be intrigued by the change. But for this to be the way they’re doing things on their FAREWELL season is a real shame.

      • Elaine Neff says:

        I can see the difference it is making. The best performer was James VIII and I could not believe he was sent home. He is really talented. He held his own and even sang better in the duet. I liked to vote. It was more the choice of the majority, not choosing because of some reason taking place on the show or between the judges.

        • Carlene says:

          It seems to me that they aren’t judging off of raw talent but maybe 1 person per category. There is no way that the real pretty girl with the long hair should have left the show but they kept the cow girl. ( I’m sorry I don’t know their names). I think she was already too good and without a sad enough story to be kept in the competition.

          • Caren Daugherty and Brent Daugherty says:

            Caren and Brent both agree with you We think they kept the cowgirl because she is quirky. The other girl you refer to is way more talented. Her duet was awesome .

          • Dollyce says:

            I agree with you. Categories could be a priority of the judges. But it’s odd that James VIII was sent packing, and he’s the only Rocker in this batch of 12! Jeneve the hillbilly (with the 50-gallon hat) should’ve been sent down the road on her mule. Her duet with Scotty McCreey was creepy. She pulled faces that made her look ridiculous, tetched in the head! Ugh!

            Stephany with the long black silky hair Definitely should’ve stayed on. I’ll bet Stephany was SHOCKED that Jeneve made it and she didn’t there at the last. I wasn’t shocked that they kept Jeneve, I knew the judges find her interesting, someone who will stir up interest, contention, talk, arguments. But I’m shocked they threw Stephany down the toilet. It’s really too bad. I could watch her perform all day long.

            I’ll undoubtedly fast-forward through Jeneve’s “performances”. (I record the show for 20 minutes and then begin watching so I can FF through commercials and bad or boring performances.

          • Priscilla says:

            Carlene, totally agree with you!..Cow girl (I call her Mountain girl!) is Jeneve Rose and pretty long hair girls is Stephany Negrete, another missed talent going home in addition to Jessica Cabral!

          • Larry Davis says:

            Of course they are, on raw talent, not on image of fitting a certain spot. They made the right choice with Jeneve over Stephany 100%. Jeneve may look awkward but that’s not the point. She is more original and quirky, has TRUE raw talent in voice and instrumental ability. Stephany is NOT raw talent at all, she’s too packaged, but is also soulless and emotionally flat & disconnected. Yes she is hot and I will miss that, but no, she didn’t deserve to go farther. Talent & artistry over image and package always, and many seasons on Idol, they had that all wrong. This final season, they finally got it right.

    • John says:

      Completely agree. I don’t mind the change.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Exactly this. Seconded. It’s not lost on anyone that Kelly and Carrie were the stars of this series for the past 15 years, and if I’m American Idol I’d rather go out hoping to find that again as opposed to watching another cute guy with just sufficient vocal range and a guitar take the win, only to fade into obscurity because they’re a dime a dang dozen.

      • CK says:

        I think that ignores the fact that the “cute guy with just sufficient vocal range and a guitar” has always been propped up and put through initially by the judges and the production, the people in charge of picking the top 14. It can go both ways, tbh, but given their history, I’m expecting a bunch of shaky teens and guys with guitars in the final because the judges and TPTB eat that up.

        • If that were strictly the case, then the judges would’ve made sure James VIII went through last night. Yet when the voting public (i.e. dumb preteen girls) get a vote, we end up with the likes of Daniel Seavey (Season 14). I’d rather the judges vote at this point.

        • A fan of TV says:

          It’s a chicken vs. egg problem at this point. The producers need to step in to try to get a final winner who is actually memorable and has staying power, but they also need to acknowledge they are feeding the viewers what they assume they want most with the same sort of swoony guitarists with shiny white teeth, giving them the screen time that bumps IP their popularity. Do they prop up the same acts for the perceived ratings, or have they ultimately engineered the sort of show that is watched most fervently by the sort of voters who like the swoony guitarists. It really is a good thing this whole social experiment is coming to an end, because its not like the show ever launched any true artists. It launched several songbirds with great voices and an ability to be moulded into what record execs thought would sell, but ultimately only two of those singers even managed to transcend the show itself. I’m not including Chris Daughtry because I believe his 15 minutes have truly passed.

          • A fan of TV says:

            And while Underwood and Clarkson get co-writes, and can sing far better than me, of course, they’re still 75 per cent their label execs.

      • Mary says:

        Lets take the big diva voices this year – LaPorsha or Shelbie Z. Do you honestly think they would be more successful than previous winners who you obviously loathe. The truth is Kelly and Carrie was a different time in the Music world. As much as I love them, they wouldn’t be half as successful today.

        • SMDRN^^ says:

          Considering that Carrie and Kelly are still successful today, they would still have stood out and won.

          • Timmah says:

            Agreed, Carrie and Kelly are huge talents who proved on the show and after that they could sing nearly any genre and sound fantastic. As opposed to most of the boy winners with ok voices whose main talent was looking good while strumming a guitar.

    • Mary says:

      Those cute boys with guitars might not be your cup of tea, but many feel differently. I don’t know let see, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, gee even Keith Urban. AI was always a stepping stone not the end all. You all are blaming the twelve year old girls but look at the demographics of the show – it isn’t them.

      • Guest says:

        Come on though, Ed Sheeran is a brilliant songwriter. American Idol guys just sing.

        • Timmah says:

          Therein lies the reason why all of the Idol WGWG winners have been failures after the show. If you’re going to be a successful singer-songwriter, you’ve got to be able to write hit songs, which only a very few can do.

          • SMDRN^^ says:

            AI just doesn’t know how to market these kids. They let Caleb Johnson hang out to dry, and he was the best male singer on that show by far. The songs they write for these winners as their first ‘big single’ pretty much suck.

          • Timmah says:

            Caleb had little going for him except being able to do a good imitation of a 70s rocker. There’s not much they could have done for him to be successful in today’s market.

          • IG says:

            Not all the WGWG winners have been failures after the show.

          • Timmah says:

            Name one that’s been as successful as Kelly or Carrie, or even Jordin or Fantasia.

          • pym says:

            Phillip Phillips?

      • Gailer says:

        I agree, I’ve never voted for a woman on this show, not my kind of music

    • I’s been a popularity contest for years.

    • IG says:

      On the latest Forbes list of highest earning Idols: 1.Adam. 2.Carrie. 3.Daughtry 4.Phillip. 5.Kelly/Scotty.

    • It`s not that big of a deal. They pick the most talented, then we pick who we like. I don`t have a problem with that. I agree with you Michael.

  3. John says:

    This is lame, but all I want to know is where they find a way to put Jessica back into the competition. Only then will this season be acceptable.

  4. Maria says:

    Keith Urban can sneak into my living room any time he wants!!

  5. So are we losing two contestants a week? And do we know if they’ve figured a less awkward way to do it then the green/red chairs? The contestants seem to perform much worse under the pressure of that last year.

  6. Eric says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I see no issue with this. I can understand the frustration, but I think it’s a good thing. It helps ensure that we might actually get someone worth something this time around. Instead of putting the decision in the hands of tweens and teenagers (because let’s be real, who else sits there for hours on end dialing a phone number?) to pick who they think is “super cute,” the judges will actually pick the one’s that they truly see something in and that might have a chance at having a real, long-lasting career in the music industry. I’m in the minority in thinking that the crop of people that they have chosen over the years probably aren’t the best they could have gotten for the simple fact that people don’t vote for talent, they vote for who they think is the hottest, cute, or who is the most likable. Being attractive and likable is cool and all, but if I’m going to be watching a competition like this, I want to see someone win who is going to have an actual career, not someone who is going to either be a one hit wonder or someone who you never hear a single thing about after they win Idol, which is 95% of them. I get the frustration, but maybe we’ll actually get someone fantastic this year instead of all of these people who we never see again after they win.

    • Mary says:

      The issue is they are changing what made American Idol great. Being the last season, they should have kept it the same. Believe it or not, not everyone voted for the cute guy. You and many others might not agree about the winners, but everyone has different taste in music. The way the music business is today, plus the bias of someone coming from American Idol, it will be hard for any winner – whether we choose or not – to become successful. Right know they should of forgone the last season and maybe do a two hour special, on what made AI great. I don’t see how you think the judges picking would produce anyone more viable than the TV viewers. Many of the winners and other contestants do have careers. Not everyone wants or needs to be the superstar. In fact in today’s world many of those “Superstars” cannot sing their way out of a paper bag, but they can play the game and flaunt themselves. Over the last couple of years they have taken what made AI great and turned it into a shell of itself. If you look at the demo it wasn’t the tweens and teenagers voting, the fact is they stopped watching years ago. I think you are wrong, many do vote for talent, however; if you do not have the backing when you leave the show it is all for nothing. Oh well – I doubt I will be watching live, because their is only a couple of contestants I find interesting.

    • CK says:

      Eric, the judges and the producers are not going to let the cute teens fall by the wayside. Instead of having them split that teen/tween vote earlier on, J.Lo, Keith, and Harry are going to shuffle them through because that’s what they’ve done for this season so far. I get what you are saying, but the history of the production and the judge’s choices say otherwise.

    • I totally agree with you Eric.

    • Kate says:

      Ive been saying that for years except I’m a month ahead of your comment time wise and we have La’porsha, Trent, and Dalton. So I don’t think it’s really working out that way… I mean really try and picture each of their albums… I bet the only one you can picture with an album is the one you like the least.

  7. Summer says:

    Didn’t they do this a few seasons ago (or something similar), the year TPTB decided a girl was gonna win? There was such a drive to manipulate results for several years in a row, I’m not sure, but I think it was that year.

  8. Matt says:

    Wow why is fox trying to get rid of idol so fast? While it’s not what is used to be it’s still bringing ratings for them… I thought they would have a little more respect being the final season

    • Mary says:

      Probably because it is costing them money paying JLo the big bucks, which quite frankly, she doesn’t warrant. It it all about the bottom line.

      • Cat Woman says:

        I read today that JLo is raking in $17.5 million for judging Idol this season! Outrageous! Keith and Harry are only making $5 million.

  9. Tim says:

    It just sounds like Season 12’s level of manipulation all over again. Just please, please tell me we’re not going to have those wretched red and green chairs again. I loathed that.

  10. CK says:

    I’d like to point out that this isn’t going to be the end of guys with guitars or shaky tweens because if Hollywood week has shown us anything, it’s that these judges prefer them to much better contestants. So no, giving the judges more power isn’t going to result in a better set of finalist. If anything, during the top 24 that tween vote that is usually split and while you’d get a Seavey or a Lazaro, you’d only get one. Letting the judges pick guarantees that Gianna, Thomas Stringfellow, Dalton, Jeneve and Lee Jean are all going to make it because they don’t have to compete with one another for that vote and the judges clearly like them regardless of their performances.

  11. A fan of TV says:

    Considering the base voters’ penchant to vote men on more easily than women, there are a few aspects to this which I’m glad aren’t entirely left to a voting public that has consistently saved subpar male entertainers at the expense of women accused of an ‘inability to connect’ with a voting base already judging them with a subconscious bias.

  12. lee says:

    Who cares. It is the last show.

  13. Larc says:

    Turning choices over to voters is surrendering direct control. For some reason, producers apparently aren’t willing to part with that much of their power yet. And I think ultimate power over who stays and who goes before voting starts is theirs, not the judges’.

  14. Andrea says:

    Actually, Season 1 allowed viewers to vote for 30 different people (3 groups of 10), and you obviously don’t realize that when the judges were deciding the Top 30 that season, they split the rooms in 3 groups of 15 (one group going home, one group of all YES’s, and one group of maybe’s). Kelly Clarkson was in the group of MAYBE’s!! If this season were her Season, we wouldn’t have been able to vote for her. Get a CLUE!!! Giving America LESS choice ensures that the judges have MORE power to pick a winner you don’t like…

  15. ME says:

    I think it’s insane that they are doing a short season for the farewell season – I mean come on people!!!! But as for the votes, go on the judges IG pages and tell them who you want them to vote for – maybe that will work.

  16. Wendy says:

    So far the season is great! The talent is amazing and it will make us miss this show when it is over after this season. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of the singers each week. I have to say I think two of the guys are my all time favorites already! I never have voted – so for me the format change is no big deal.

  17. Kate stephens says:

    Exactly why the show has gone down in ratings, there have been very talented people that they cut and sometimes talented people who don’t even make it to Hollywood. I’m still upset about the Bassett girl several years ago, she was great! I was so upset I didn’t even watch that season. They should go back to the way it was done when Kelly Clarkson won. Well I guess they won’t be doing that since they are going off air. Is it really that hard to find 24 genuinely talented people and then let America vote? Producers do way too much producing.

  18. Shira says:

    For all those who weren’t cetain it was rigged before (eye roll…)

  19. Deb T says:

    I never thought the public should’ve had the right to vote as they were not experts based on some of the past seasons where some horrid singers stayed in for a long time. I say leave the whole decision to the judges. They are professionals in the business. The public is not voting based on talent. We all know finalists went way too far for their looks and not their talent.

  20. Shawn says:

    I’m already disappointed in the judges choices. I really liked some of the changes this year until the bad cuts started up. I don’t appreciate choices that are ratings-based and not talent-based. The only singer who actually made me feel something more than mild amusement didn’t make the top 24. And people who can’t possibly be there for anything but a Sanjaya moment took her place. I’m sort of glad it’ll be a quicker end anyway.

  21. Iva Somers says:

    It’s the last show it don’t matter anyway

  22. Is that Kanye in the front looking like p**** poor ditch digger?
    As for the article who cares………………..

  23. It does not matter to me how the voting is done for the last season.

  24. Matt says:

    The changes are as good as Juanita Barber’s performance… (at least she gave us an Idol moment)

  25. Deb says:

    I like having the judges make more impact on the decisions. Then when it gets narrowed down to a smaller number, we can be assured the best will be left (not the AWB – average, white, boy). I would have really liked it if they threw out the rules of having an equal number of females and males. Way more talent with the females this year. It would have been fun to see them “duke” it out.

  26. Yes it sucks, but I’m not sure how much difference it really makes. Every season Idol has become more and more manipulated, less and less about the contestants. Who knew that Idol’s death warrant would be signed with the departure of loopy Paula Abdul. Every season since then has continued the descending spiral. I’ll be watching, mostly because I’ve been too invested all these years to miss the final gasps of air before Kieran finally dims the lights for the last time. But it’s much like not being able to look away from a train wreck. There isn’t much joy in it.

  27. Dax says:

    Back to the old complaint, it’s all about the judges! I don’t even want to talk about Scott B, PimpMaster extraordinaire! He probably wants someone lame to win so his precious Nick won’t be challenged……Ugh!

  28. Genie says:

    I wish the judges had had more control the year Josh Ladet was voted off. He deserved to win the whole thing. He was my favorite of all of AI history.

  29. Annabelle says:

    After a lot of cool people leaving, this voting is even more infuriating. It’s obvious – they are DESPERATE to crown Kelly Clarkson part 2. They do not want to be embarrassed with another mediocre white guy winner. (Being the final season, I don’t know why they even care anymore). My prediction: judges/producers choose 5 girls and 3 boys. Viewers will vote 2 boys to round out top 10. The girls are already obviously better technical singers. Any boy with a real shot vocally (like blond ponytail husband) will be shut out before viewers get a chance. After voting begins, the 3 boys that THEY chose will be harshly criticized into oblivion.
    I’m already over the top annoyed with the mother/daughter stories they are cramming down our throats.

    • MadAtIdol says:

      If they were that desperate to crown Kelly Clarkson part 2 they would’ve kept the talented Olivia Rox who’s been a songwriter since the age of 4. What an incredible voice! Seems like since the beginning they’ve been taking a rags to riches story. First with Fantasia and now LaPorsha. What about the people in life who have made all the right choices? They don’t get rewarded for their judgement. The needy wins again.

  30. The Kendra Chantelle debacle made me stop watching. Haven’t turned it back on since.

  31. shirley bruso says:

    This new way of choosing is stupid and few will like it. But Idol has begin to do more stupid thingus from the beginning, and its surely one reason it is leaving the air. Its so much about the performing of the judges or all of the stupid jokes. Most of us watche show to see the people perform and to vote and give one a chance to go on to make music that we enjoy. I am glad this show is leaving the air. Many of the other talent shows are going this same route too. so sad

  32. Sue says:

    Very disappointed in Idol this year. It has always been one of my favorite shows but this year they have cut the amount of time the show is aired.

  33. Joe says:

    Anyone who thinks American Idol didn’t manipulate the votes in past years is fooling themselves. I gave up on that when Kris-what’s-his-name beat mega-talented Adam Lambert.

  34. belle says:

    Doesn’t really matter. Every year the rules have changed. And we are only fooling ourselves if we think there hasn’t been some manipulation of results. Simpy enjoy the talent!

  35. me says:

    Idol is rigged anyway. Consider the fact that out of all of the black males that vowed for a chance to be on Idol they only selected ONE….REALLY!!!!! And one and a half black females. HMMM!!! Do I need to spell it out?

  36. Linda says:

    Sit back, enjoy the last season and stop complaining. Life is too short to put so much energy into something so trivial.

  37. Alberto says:

    Its really stupid because it’s mostly who the judges want to be chosen we hardly have any say in what happens this season I won’t miss the show at all dumb way to end it

  38. Eloise Minn says:

    This is NOT INFURIATING to me. I just want to say IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!! Millions of preteens with absolutely no knowledge of even bad music making choices like those made in the past.

  39. Brenda Chikola says:

    My opinion is that I have had enough. I havn’t even watched it so far and don’t think I will. Good luck to whomever

  40. Mari says:

    I actually prefer this. As you even point it out, the public vote made huge injustices in the past. Thats because one state or town was more supportive of their contestant and that did not always translated that such contestant was more talented or had the star power. I support this method.

  41. Wnash29136 says:

    With the way some people voting for ‘looks’, I an not surprised. The judges vote on .talent,. More power to them!,,,,

  42. D Pong says:

    Who cares. That is why the show is ending. They acted like no one could best them.

  43. I think it is sad that they plan to bring us the top 10 this way. However except for a few I am basically disappointed with most of the top 24 who the judges put through. Now they have the power to get rid of more of the contestants? No respect at all for this show that for years brought in big ratings for the network. I know I will miss it. I might add that we have seen alot of exceptional talent during all the seasons that idol has been on. Sure Kelly and Carrie might be the so-called “big winners” of this show but many others that have appeared are still getting my money for their music.

  44. cbears40 says:

    After seeing the likes of Sanjaya Malakar, Jason Castro and Sam Woolf just to name a few, ALL making it FAR in the competition when they should have never been in the Top 24. These are just a few reasons WHY the fans shouldn’t be voting! OR, like I have said many times AI should have changed their voting criteria. up to a few years ago I could call 1000 times for one contestant. That is BS. Limit the votes per phone number to like 3. You get all of these weak knee’d teenie boppers voting for a guy just because he’s cute instead of on singing ability. In my mind the show stopped when the real judges left (Simon, Paula and Randy) They are the ones who found the true talent. Since they split there hasn’t been anyone viable. Hell the new judges have probably let go of more good singers than they let go thru!

  45. MagicMike says:

    It really doesn’t matter what Idol does regarding voting. They try to manipulate the public into voting whom they want to win. And…when the public snubs their nose at their favorite child, they throw the winner under the bus by promoting the one they wanted from the getgo, whether it be runner up or 4th placed eliminated.

    So who cares what they do these days. I haven’t watched this snoozefest since Season 10.

  46. GinaMorgan says:

    I Don’t like the idea of usnotvoting! We have always voted why notnow?

  47. Amanda Young says:

    Tonights show(February, 10),I see a resemblance of Christian Grey, as I look at Ryan.

  48. cyclingwriter says:

    Slezak…the show has been cancelled. Less than two months to go. It’s a dead horse. No need to beat it. Nobody will care about it or this group by the second week of April. Let it go, take a deep breath and R E L A X.

  49. Faith Rutherford says:

    If they kept it for more seasons with this format, I wouldn’t waste my time watching, we’ve watched since season one.

  50. Tina says:

    I don’t like how the voting is for this year but what can I do about it.its the last season