Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: No Banshee Left Behind — Plus: Scoop on That 'Ship

I’d like to begin with a big, fat praise dump: Tuesday’s Teen Wolf was the best, most compelling episode in years. The acting, the editing, the action — and, most importantly, the answers — were out in full force this week.

Let’s start with my favorite, and longest-overdue, part: the answers! A chilling exchange between Lydia and Valack — and aren’t they all chilling? — clarified that the Dread Doctors are trying to get the new Beast of Gévaudan, created in the original’s image, to remember the cold-blooded killer it was in the 1700s, before it became a beast. That will effectively wipe out the teenage chimera living inside of it, allowing it to reach its full potential. It really was kind of him to fill in the blanks… you know, before Lydia blew his freakin’ head off with a single scream. (A round of applause for that, please.)

Theo’s plan was also spelled out nicely for us this week. I know it wasn’t a total mystery before, but Stiles explaining it point-by-point (“You want Lydia because she gets you to Parrish, you want Parrish because he gets you to the Beast”) was a welcome refresher help for those of us who struggle to keep up with the orgy of never-ending supernatural developments that is MTV’s Teen Wolf.

And while I’m discussing Stiles and Lydia, let’s not pretend that this week’s episode wasn’t a golden hour of television for long-suffering “Stydia” supporters. The hand-holding, the look on Stiles’ face when Lydia woke up, her “Stiles saved me” line… it was almost too much to handle. I’d admittedly given up on them as a couple, but after this week’s episode — and this scooplet from executive producer Jeff Davis to TVLine: “This episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years” — is giving me new hope.

But I saved my biggest source of excitement — yes, even bigger than those “Stydia” moments — for last: Mrs. Martin is finally in the know! The way she casually popped up from behind Tracy and tased her was some next-level Beyoncé-at-the-Super-Bowl badassery. Now she and Stilinski will have a lot more to talk about on their dates.

Other Assorted Thoughts:

* This entire episode was an incredible achievement in CGI/editing, but I especially loved seeing Parrish dive onto Lydia to prevent her sonic-boom scream from killing her friends. That was tops.

* I think I suddenly love all the little baby chimeras now. This week gave us some real quality time with them, and it was much-appreciated. Don’t die, small ones!

* My love for Mason also grew three times bigger during his pre-crash pep talk.

* And that Hayden/Liam sex scene? Yowza!

(Lastly, a retraction of sorts: I got some heat for referring to last week’s episode as “filler,” and after seeing this week’s, I now realize there’s no way these two installments could have been chimera-merged into one.)

So, Teen Wolf Nation, did you enjoy this episode as much as I did? Any new theories about who’s lurking beneath the Beast? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katie says:

    Couldn’t agree more, this episode was by far the best and the acting was so great #teamstydia; who am I kidding #teamstiles

  2. A. D. says:

    Excellent episode!

  3. Lois says:

    BEST EPISODE IN YEARS. Even though I KNEW my little banshee queen wasn’t dying I genuinely believe for a couple of seconds there that she was actually dead. My god. And don’t even get my started on the Stydia. Everything from here on out changes, this is the turning point, and what so many of us have been waiting for.

  4. Vanessa says:

    does anyone have any thoughts on who the beast is? i know it has to be a chimera but what if it is Peter or Derek or even Deucalion. I’m just throwing out names. I really want to know who it is. lmk if you have any thoughts on who it is!😊

    • Brandon says:

      It’s been killing me also…the one person I keep coming back to is Donovan….think about it we assume he died when stiles brought the scaffolding down on him but we never actually get confirmation. When stiles goes back in the school the body is gone…and unless I missed something he is not one of the body’s at the nematont…so what happened to him? Did the dread doctors take him?…he was never classified as a failure by them…also who better to use to resurrect a psychotic beast than a psycho like him.

      • CatLover says:

        We saw Donovan’s body in the morgue when Stiles and his dad were standing over it, and having their heart to heart talk about how Stiles felt about killing Donivan.

    • Nicole says:

      Well it’s none of those characters for a variety of reasons, most important of which is the fact that the chimera inside the beast is a teenager.

      I think it’s Brett. The preview for next week shows the team playing lacrosse and they say that the killer will be on the field. The only lacrosse player we know besides Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Kira is Brett.

    • AlPol says:

      It’s gonna be teenager for sure.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I’m wondering where Peter and Derek are as well, I feel that the Beasts ability to transform in the way he does is somehow related to the same unique ability to Hales’ possess. Season 1 Peter in his alpha form, almost looks like the Beast, jut not as strong.

    • Steveo says:

      It’s Mason.

      • Tolu Bada says:

        Exactly… I totally agree with you. It is Mason because we have not seen mason when we saw the beast. I hope we are wrong but i think it is mason. Even dr. Valeck said that it could be someone tgr pack knows. Lydia blowing his brains off was epic btw. Lydia and stiles together throughout this episode gave me hope, bu twhat about parrish and malia???

    • I’m hoping it’s Danny. That would explain why he’s been missing for so long.

    • Laura B says:

      I never thought about Donovan he’s probably a good choice, I had a thought it might be Liam but not sure.

  5. tyranthraxus says:

    I like that they finally realised that possibly pairing up Lydia and Parrish wasnt really working., I did predict a long time ago that it was unlikely they would go anywhere with Stiles and Lydia until the end of the series.. so I hope that isnt coming up.

    I also noticed Scott wasnt mentioned once.

  6. This was the best episode since season 3! I’m so glad I’m still with Teen Wolf! Please give us Stydia, Jeff!

  7. Aw yeah! says:


  8. MK says:

    Omg the Stydia was almost too much to handle. Totally was expecting a kiss. Let’s not forget Lydia’s “you’re going to die” premonition to Stiles oh that scares me!! Someone quell my fears…

    • Jenny says:

      She only meant that he would die because his ears were bleeding. That threat went away when they stopped her screaming.

    • Tracie says:

      I totally thought he was going to kiss her to wake her up. Also… You’re like the only other person I’ve seen that’s worried about the premonition about how he wasn’t going to be okay…. Was that just because his ears were bleeding? Or is there something coming up that’s not good? Agh! This was just a good episode! I loved all the Stydia too!

    • CatLover says:

      I also felt like she was supposed to have been talking about something more than just the blood that was currently flowing from his ear. I agree that it was some kind of premonition.

  9. taylor says:

    I’m crying #stydiaislove

  10. Mo says:

    Looks like I might need to start watching again. I’d all but given up because it seemed every episode was even more of a mess than the previous one. And I’m not a shipper, but I am 100% behind some actual Stydia happening, finally. Those two carry the show for me.

  11. CK says:

    You love all the chimera babies? Even Tracy? It may be the Kanima in her, but she’s the least redeemable of them all. I really enjoyed the episode. I’ve found the Doctors storyline to be a complete drag, but I’m fully “who’s the beast” mystery that they’re setting up.

  12. Karen says:

    Guess I’m the only one who is still on the Parrish/Lydia ship then? I just don’t see the love between Stiles and Lydia – great friendship, absolutely, but nothing more. There was more ship tension between Stiles and Derek than I’ve ever seen with Stiles and Lydia.

    • superhappygenki says:

      Too many people have bought into the idea men and women can’t be friends, but I see Stydia as an important friendship. It may have started with her obliviousness and his crush, but now she’s more likely to be clued in to him than Scott is which doesn’t mean romance. If Stydia was going to happen like that, it would have happened back in 3b instead of him getting with Malia.

      That said, the moment that Parrish stepped forward to keep Lydia from hurting anyone? Yes! Stiles may have saved Lydia, but Jordan saved her friends.

      • hannah says:

        they didn’t happen in 3B bc like jeff davis said it has to turn into an adult love first. a real connection built on friendship, trust, and connection. their friendship was building. and they wanted stiles to have that experience with another girl before he and lydia end up together.

      • Mmmmmmm says:

        For some reason I don’t remember er why stiles and Malia aren’t together anymore ? The last thing I remember is the dead pool and her finding out that Peter is her father. Was that when they broke up??

      • trooperwife says:

        Was I the only one that got a total flashback Xander/Willow “veiny crayon willow” vibe from the Stiles/Lydia moments

    • Ella says:

      Completely agree. They work beautifully as friends, any notion of romance was built on a sad, unrequited crush Stiles had until he actually found someone who loved him the same way. I love Stiles/Malia and Parrish/Lydia. The idea of Stiles and Lydia being a couple is entirely alien to me.

      • hannah says:

        no. their romance is built on an amazing development between two people who became very closefriends. but have such a strong connection and are soulmates.

      • Radha says:

        Stiles and Malia was thrown together off screen–I repeat, OFF SCREEN– and then when the season started were already together and we’re supposed to identify with him and her as a couple? When Malia should still be getting acclimated to society again–not hooking up with a boyfriend? Yet, for some reason the major argument is that Stiles and Lydia shouldn’t be together because he had a crush on her. Lots of people have unrequited crushes. Lots of people’s unrequited crushes then become returned sometimes. Lydia had a boyfriend, of course she wasn’t into Stiles at the time. Stiles had to grow up and see her as something else than just a crush. He had to have his own relationship first. Lydia had to learn to depend on him as a friend first. Both of them needed to be on a level playing field. THIS is the time they can become something real. You Stydia haters act like this has never happened before in the history of romance.

        And don’t get me started on wanting a teenage girl with a grown a** man. And adult who is also a cop. I don’t care if she’s 18. Do. Not. Want. I don’t know what is up with Pretty Little Liars and this show where they constantly convey that it’s okay to date much older people when you’re a teenager. In certain situations, yes. But there are also plenty of teens who actually date in their age group. Let’s have some representation for them please.

        Seriously though. Stiles having a crush wipes any notion of him and Lydia off the table for you, but pairing her with a grown man who is in a position of authority and so far has only had creepy sexy hallucinations of her is right up your alley.

        • Jane says:

          Yes! Stydia is the real deal! Stalia and Marrish were gross.

          • yinloveyang says:

            Wait for disspointment, those who still think Stydia as romance is a big deal. It won’t happen.
            But I love them over romance if you don’t know it. Romance in TW is not as good as in the other tv shows especially in tv show LOST/The X-files and La Femme NIkita (the one show that the new NIkita with Maggie Q was based on) :)))

    • Tolu Bada says:

      Ikr… I like Lydia and Parrish together. Plus the Hellhound and the Banshee are drawn to each other according to Meredith. I want them to be best friends nothing more. I kinda also want Malia and Stiles back.

      • yinloveyang says:

        :))) Yeah cause of supernatural connection Lydia and Parrish should be a couple. Please, no, it’s just that Jeff thinks they are hot in his mind :)) Even Malia and Stiles being back together is making more sense than Lydia and Jordan.

    • Kat says:

      No, I definitely agree. I adore Parrish and Lydia. I prefer Stiles single and IMO I don’t see no chemistry or heat between Stydia so it just makes it worse.

  13. Phoenix5634 says:

    Can we please see Deucalion NOT being like a prisoner of the Chimeras. I want to see him find a way to steal the Beasts power himself or something, honestly Deucalion is who made me watch the show and get hooked, give him some kind of great storyline again!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I’ve been waiting for Deucalion to make his move for awhile , they all think he’s blind, but he’s had his alpha eyes on this whole time, so he Can see. He’s just waiting for the perfect opportunity, and while he’s waiting planting done mistrust within the chimera ranks.

  14. Sara says:

    I’m sorry but I cannot stand Tracey! Get her out of here…she awful!

  15. mike says:

    what if Alison is the beast

  16. Jeanne says:

    I think the beast is Mason. They keep saying the teenager doesn’t know he’s the beast. They haven’t shown him in any scene that would show us that he’s not the beast.

  17. Holly says:

    I think it might be Danny as the beast..he mentioned some sort of heart surgery a few seasons back..and has now been AWOL for awhile

  18. the beast I think is Allison Argent

  19. Brad French says:

    I hope that I am only one of millions who is constantly amazed with Dylan O’Brien’s steady growth into an incredible actor. He’s a natural, but he’s also intelligent and smart. Dylan Sprayberry also grows in every episode. Not only does he grow as an actor, he’s growing into one hell of a handsome man. This is not to discredit the rest of the Teen Wolf pack. There is not a loser in the bunch. Thank God and Jeff Davis for Teen Wolf!

  20. Cari says:

    It was an AMAZING episode!!! However, I’m a little disappointed that Marrish most likely isn’t happening anymore. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the episode!

    • yinloveyang says:

      There is promo for 5×17 that I don’t know is maybe a fake one (as it’s not from Mtv) but it has got Lydia and Parrish in a library scene and he’s hurt or something but I don’t know maybe it’s his another vision or what…

  21. Laura B says:

    Omg I totally agree with everything you said. The cgi was used really well in this episode, like they didn’t make it too big that it looks fake like they do sometime but the impact of the cgi was still fantastic. Lydia’s headshot was also so well shot! Whole of season 4 I was a bit bored tbh and 5A was better & I could feel it was going somewhere good but these last 2/3 episodes I’ve been hella into. Like almost as much as I was into teen wolf in season 1,2&3. I’m actually really desperate to know who the beast is!

  22. Laura B says:

    I also feel this episode I actually liked Liam. Before I sort of liked him, I just didn’t really care whether he was there or not. This episode though, he was funny and strong and he contributed!

  23. C&J says:

    We have an idea who’s the beast! It is…GREENBERG. x’D

  24. michelle says:

    If Stiles dad and Lydia’s mum date, what does that make Stiles and Lydia? If the dates go well and they marry…..Step brother and sister?

  25. spu says:

    #STYDIA!!!! I loved this episode. Why couldn’t they have kissed though? I mean I don’t just wanna see them get together at the end of the series or something. I want to see them as a couple. Is that too much to ask Jeff Davis??!

  26. Bill says:

    Beyoncé at the SB badassery? I guess it’s cool to represent a symbol of hate and racism in your eyes?

  27. Harry says:

    I think Theo is the beast. I think that noone knows the other chimera because there are no more chimeras. Theo was under their wing for a long time, maybe they’ve finally perfected him.

  28. guichard says:

    Stydia est le plus beau et le plus intense duo de cette série…!!! Stiles et Lydia sont et ont toujours été connecté émotionnellement!!! Stiles et Lydia s’aiment, l’un de peux aller sans l’autre..Parrish n’a pas la meme connection avec elle, c’est juste leur pouvoir qui les réunis et rien d’autre..Lydia n’a jamais rien fais pour faire penser que Parrish était plus qu’un amis!!