Vampire Diaries Crossover Photos: Stefan and Klaus Bond Over Bourbon

The first official photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ crossover with The Originals are here, and they’re… pretty much exactly what we expected.

As you’ll see in our gallery below, the Feb. 26 episode — appropriately titled “Moonlight on the Bayou” — finds Stefan and Klaus having a few drinks together at the bar. It’s pretty much old hat for the undead duo, but what a damn fine looking hat it is.

“We knew we wanted to see Joseph [Morgan] and Paul Wesley together on screen; they’ve had the longest history on the shows, apart from Elijah and Katherine,” executive producer Caroline Dries recently told reporters. “Now, they have some interesting conversation over some bourbon.”

Browse our gallery of photos below, then drop a comment: What are you excited to see when TVD and The Originals collide later this month?

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  1. watchqueen86 says:

    let me guess convo about their significant others….:)

    • Izzy says:

      “We knew we wanted to see Joseph and Paul together on screen…” Well yea and so did the fans!, it has been tooo long. Just the picture has me freaking out! LOL Please let Paul Wesley go to TO. That’s where he belongs with Klaus and Rebekkah. Plus I can guarantee he’ll be excited working with those s/l compared with what they’re forcing on him at TVD. You can tell from his interviews he was happy about the c/o.

  2. SweetyK says:

    Can’t wait for seeing them talking about Caroline, we didn’t forget Klaus intends to be Caroline last love ! Klaroline forever <3

    • Ray says:

      Agreed! I still like and want to see Klaus and Caroline as a romantic couple in the end. I imagine the “Steroline” fanatics are seething at the thought….. :-)

  3. zed says:

    Well, I was thinking- they should have had one great show- meaning the Originals should have stayed on TVD- it would have been far more interesting- instead of having two shows with dwindling ratings….
    looking forward to Klaroline!

    • Izzy says:

      I could not agree more. They need to merge the shows at this point. Stefan and Klaus need to be frenemies and Stefan and Bex well, they just need to be.

  4. Bobby says:

    Forget killing people for blood, those characters on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals truly need an alcohol intervention. It’s pretty crazy how much they drink on those shows, especially TVD.

    • JT says:

      HA! I can’t tell you the last time TVD (don’t know about TO don’t watch) had a vampire drinking blood on a vampire show. When they have them eating regular food is when I start laughing and can’t stop.

  5. amandolin08 says:

    So is Klaus coming to Vampire Diaries, or Stephan going to The Originals? Is this a situation where we’ll need to watch both episodes? Let’s just say I’m quite behind on OG but current on TVD.

  6. Sherri says:

    I never watched the Vampire Diaries I had no idea Who was or is who or what it what I tried to watch it but just could not get into it but from the very first episode I have watched and Loved The Originals! I have not missed one episode I have season one and two on dvd so I have watched it over and over again and it doesn’t matter how many times you see it you catch something that you missed before some episodes you have to watch a couple times to get everything but the characters are so real and they are facinating, sexy, Klouse is just Klouse Elijah is sexy, Cami is doing to much since she turned I like her but I don’t and I don’t understand how The Originals is a spin off of the Vampire Diaries if they are The Originals I’m not sure if I like the new Kol but I watch faithfully I also finally after the first two seasons got my daughter hooked she watched all of it from episode one til now and she got her husband stuck on it as well we live close to each other so sometimes,we watch it together sometimes she records it so she can watch it with her husband since he works nights when we don’t watch it together we call or text wow did u see that coming? I drop what I’m doing and do nothing for that hour no matter if it’s Monday night at 8 Tuesday Friday I watch and I hope this prophecy is not the end of the Originals I’m so hoping we can watch hope grow up see how a tribred is? I’d like to see it go on and on I look forward to that time can’t wait til season three is out on dvd my daughter got me a daylight ring necklace for Xmas the ring like the Original wear someday I hope to get a gold one that’s really like theirs I also have the book and whenever I’m somewhere siting I read thank you this is Awesome and I hope it never ends and cami calms down

  7. L says:

    Please for the love of God put an end to ‘TVD’ already! It’s pointless going on, trying to make it interesting with new characters or including old ones like Claus.
    It needs to end imo :)

  8. no name says:

    The #new Kol is the Original/Real kol!!

  9. Storys says:

    I really enjoy these two on screen together. I know a lot of people wanted Caroline heading over to NO but I’m glad they chose Stefan for the crossover. I think if TVD ended, Paul and Ian would be great for ‘stopping by’ arcs. They have just enough dark in them to fit in for a bit but maybe not long term. Though, having them open up, say an antique shop there for the occasional person to stop in and get advice from would be hilarious.

  10. Vlatka says:

    Klaus found love in Camille, and Stefan in Caroline, they will talk about that.

  11. LIMP says:

    Poor old Stefan. Boring as hell on TVD he will now infect To with his pathetic presence. Stay away TVD fans.

    • jaybee29 says:

      stephan z a key star he brings out e best in ppo i thnk its nt fair 2 judge hm js cz damon z supa cul where as stephan z js “cul”

  12. jaybee29 says:

    dis z epic..its nt evrdae u c a 100+ year old friendship..cnt wait

  13. I really liked Paul Wesley on The Originals. I like the lack of overwhelming soap opera Vampire Dairies Drama. I just like the Originals a lot more. I really hope they end TVD next season and move some characters over to The Originals. The Vampire Dairies part of the crossover was just lame and confusing. The Originals part of the Crossover was AWESOME!

  14. Oh and the Original Kol is back! So that is fantastic too!!

  15. Really crossover was fantastic. Loved it..they should come up with more crossover episodes like Flash & Arrow