Angel From Hell Cancelled at CBS

Angel From Hell has traveled back to the other side.

CBS has cancelled the Jane Lynch-Maggie Lawson comedy — and will yank it from its Thursday-night comedy bloc beginning this week, TVLine has confirmed.

A repeat of The Big Bang Theory will fill the 9:30/8:30c time slot, before 2 Broke Girls moves in beginning Feb. 18 — the day after Survivor’s new season reclaims Wednesday’s 8 o’clock hour. Our sister site Deadline broke the news.

After premiering last month to 8.1 million total viewers and a 1.6 demo rating, Angel From Hell took a tumble in Week 2, but then stabilized in the neighborhood of a 1.4 rating — two tenths below predecessor 2 Broke Girls’ average in the time slot. With DVR playback, the comedy grew 36 percent on average.

Only five of the comedy’s 13-episode order have aired thus far. TVLine’s renewal scorecard has been updated with the information.

Will you miss the short-lived Angel From Hell? Share your thoughts/grief/disinterest in the comments!

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  1. Boiler says:

    Too bad for Jane but great for 2 Broke Girls

  2. MNN says:

    I thought this was a super cute show! I’m disappointed!!!

  3. chris says:

    Color me shocked that show had no shot

  4. Cait says:

    Yow. I mean, I wasn’t at all hopeful for it to be renewed, but you’d think it was getting 1-2 million viewers a week and crashing by half with each episode. Is there really reason to pull it immediately? That’s harsh, CBS.

  5. BrightLight says:

    I’m not shocked at all. I didn’t even finish last week’s episode. I stopped it after she met her soulmate too early and said “What is this show even supposed to be about?”. Wonderful cast but after watching all four episodes that aired and still not knowing what the show was supposed to be about, I was no longer invested. Seems like others were feeling the same way.

    • Cait says:

      You’re totally free not to like the show- I did like it and still thought it had major ups and downs- but I’m kind of confused by this comment. It was about a dubiously moral angel helping a human through life. And the soulmate thing was a part of that- if she met him too soon, they wouldn’t wind up together. I thought that was a bit absurd, but that’s about what it was about not making much sense, not it not being about anything in the first place. (That sentence was English, I swear).

      And, frankly, what is Big Bang Theory about? Smart guys sitting around and annoying each other and eventually meeting significant others. What is Two Broke Girls about? Poor people complaining about their lives? Heck, what was a classic like Friends about? People making jokes wile somehow managing to live well beyond their means? This isn’t a criticism of any of these shows- most sitcoms aren’t intended to have a plot to follow the way dramas do.

      Angel From Hell actually had a MORE well-defined “what is this about” than most sitcoms. If anything, that was part of the problem. The plot could be stifling, because there’s only so much you can do with it. But that still doesn’t mean you can’t tell what the plot is. IDK. Maybe I’m just not getting what you meant to say.

      • Timmah says:

        Those shows you mentioned are funny though.

      • MC says:

        I must be the only one who thinks Friends was bad because they lived way beyond their means and the one-liners often fell flat. The relationships also did not feel organic. Everything about “Friends” was forced. The theme song was a “classic,” but the actual show was atrocious.

        • Oh, you’re not alone. Friends was very far from being a show I watched on any kind of regular basis. Didn’t like it at all.

        • Marie says:

          I also never watched ‘Friends.’ I was all about ‘Whose Line?’ on ABC!

        • KLS says:

          Never watched friends, either. It was sooooo unrealistic, plus when they colluded to get $1 mill an ep each, it became about the money and even worse writing.

        • Was never a Friends or Seinfeld fan for that matter. Backstabbing “friends” ? Who needs them? Angel From Hell had a supportive, quick witted, entertaining cast. Apparently CBS doesn’t think we’re up to that. We just need more 2 Broke Girls. While I enjoy the two leads’ interactions, the rest of the show is the PITS

      • liza says:

        I agree!! Sorry to hear Angel.. cancelled so abruptly!! there’s enough depressing crap on tv. Why not keep something imanginably undertoned with positive hope!

      • TV Gord says:

        It was never really explained or depicted why she needed an angel. She semed perfectly fine without one. I kept waiting for the point of Lynch’s character.

        • DrkScorpion says:

          She didn’t need one, everyone had one…. It was the fact that hers was Jane Lynch… a crazy Angel, who needed guidance herself.

      • Pat Arnold says:

        Watched a couple of Friends episodes; didn’t like the guys on it. I agree they didn’t give AFH show a chance. It can’t be due to the moral aspect, otherwise why allow Big Bang to go on so long? I think 2BG is stupid and very un-funny, & Life in Pieces is way too disjointed to try to follow.

    • If you had finished watching, you would have found out that ….. well I’m not going to spoil it for anyone else that hasn’t seen it yet.

  6. HollyC says:

    Maybe we will get some Person of Interest, finally

  7. Mary Bucklew says:

    Jane Lynch is fabulous, but she needs to stretch her acting muscles beyond “the sarcastic but lovable bitch.” C’mon, Jane, surely you must have more characters inside you that want to come out??!!

    • steven says:

      She played a mother superior in The Three Stooges movie. Completely different character then what she usually plays

    • MaryR says:

      She was fantastic as the Schizophrenic mom of Reed on Criminal Minds.

      • Angela says:

        Was just going to say this. And on that note, while I am sorry for Jane in terms of her show being cancelled, at the same time, is it wrong that my first thought was, “Oh, hey, this could free her up to guest on ‘Criminal Minds’ again sometime!”

        • You’re a mind reader Angela. I know they already gave Diana’s diagnosis, but I was hoping that now this would give Messer a chance to pounce on this latest development. And bring back Diana Reid, so we can see how she plays a schizophrenic mom with early onset Alzheimer’s

      • Deb Hauglie says:

        Totally agree!

    • Dee Fick says:

      I enjoyed Jane Lynch as the shrink on Two and a Half Men, was intrigued to see her on AfH…….to bad it was cancelled, thought it was cute, something different!

  8. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Not at all surprised. Hopefully Maggie Lawson’s next show does better…

  9. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    It was a show in search of a purpose.

  10. dm says:

    Not surprised by this- I did not think that this funny . I lost interest after the first
    episode. Then again it is far better than the re treaded Odd Couple. Watching
    anything is better than that show even watching the channel guide is more enjoyable.

  11. Tricia says:

    Another sitcom too good for CBS.

    “I can’t laugh unless they tell when”

  12. Maggie Lawson hasn’t had any luck post-Psych finding a show that lasts. I like her and I hope she gets something good soon.

    • Pineapple says:

      Unfortunately, none of the Psych actors have scored anything big. I’d say the biggest post-Psych success is Galavant, which is really good but ABC is probably pulling the plug on it in May. It makes me sad because they all have so much talent! However it does free all the actors up for a Psych reunion movie!

  13. nadialus says:

    Aww man, I really liked this show!

  14. Jooshua says:

    No! I really liked this show. I love Maggie Lawson and hope her next show is a huge hit! I was hoping the team-up with Jane Lynch would keep the show on the air, and the ratings top notch.

  15. what the hell.. we liked it and looked forward to watching it each week.. cbs blows

  16. Reba42 says:

    This really sucks! My husband and I made it a point to watch this live. So funny!

  17. Glenda Fowler says:

    I really liked the Angel from Hell. What I don’t like is super girl. Can’t stand it. Why not cancel it to.

    • Mike says:

      Well why do you think moron ? Because Supergirl is on 4th place of all their shows.

      • KLS says:

        No need to get nasty! Super-hero shows are taking over the networks, I agree. Not too happy about it either

      • Maybe because there is nothing else on tv on Monday nights? Poor acting and stupid plots. I would rather watch my DVRs of AFH than Supergirl next Monday.

        • Christina says:

          I had DVR’d Supergirl, watched 30 mins and erased the rest after cacelling my Onepass…my whole family are into all kinds of super hero shows & movies but no one could stomach this one, concensus was Calista wasn’t the only flaw, this show was just going to be a time sucking vaccuum and we all know you can’t get that time back!

    • hollie says:

      It’s impending crossover with The Flash has essentially guaranteed it’s renewal.

  18. Mr. Tran K says:

    Angel From Hell deserves to get cancelled and it looks like Jane Lynch should get back to her hosting duties on Hollywood Game Night (NBC). Happy to see 2 Broke Girls moving back to Thursdays after not doing so good on Wednesdays and what does this mean for Mike & Molly now that they’re closing in on its final season.

  19. Terry says:

    Typical CBS, cancel Mike and Molly and keep Two Broke Girls. Angel from Hell wasn’t funny at all from day one.

  20. Chamaine says:

    I really liked that show I thought it was funny boo cbs

  21. Why don’t they at least show us the rest of the season? I agree it’s not the greatest show with uneven character development but every one of them had potential … I liked them and the show and am disappointed it’s being cut before it hardly got started.

  22. damroberts744 says:

    Maggie Lawson has so much promise. I really hope she finds something soon.

  23. BostonGreekGirl says:

    Man Maggie Lawson and Kyle Bornheimer can’t catch a break. Now that Christian Slater is on a hit show the curse of the cancelled show goes to these two. I like both and was really hoping this would succeed but not surprised it didn’t.

  24. Jen says:

    oh this pisses me off! Jane was doing so good on this show stupid CBS you suck! and 2 broke girls is the most stupidest show *sigh* at least i can still watch jane on Hollywood game night

  25. Ugh, just added it to my TV schedule app! It was okay, didn’t think it would get renewed, but didn’t think they’d pull it this early. Well, one less show that I have to watch with commercials (Hulu’s no-commercial plan has spoiled me – CBS shows are a bit of a drag to watch on-demand with the same boring promos). Maggie Lawson deserves a better show.

  26. bertha cross says:

    No not at all.

  27. Mary S says:

    The Can’t Be Sensible network has done it again: put a really nice show in a really terrible timeslot! I enjoyed Angel From Hell so much that I set the DVR to automatically record it…but its timeslot clashed with 4 other shows that I also want to record…luckily, one of the other shows had a second airtime and I was able to get all 5 recorded. BUT, not everybody has that freedom, so when the Thursday night lineup came back, people went back to their usual shows and abandoned Jane and Maggie.
    I am so sorry to hear it…I do not like many sitcoms; apparently I am too mature for most of the other dreck that’s supposed to make me laugh, so I lose the few shows that do. I’m thinking of Growing Up Fisher and Surviving Jack, the other sitcoms that shared time on my DVR with Two and a Half Men…I adored Berta!!!
    Oh, well. Now I’m waiting for Grandfathered and Life in Pieces to fall away, too. James Brolin MAKES that show for me. Who knew he was such a good comedian?

    • dmspoon says:

      I agree! My hubby and I DVR’D it and watched it together and laughed and laughed! It was a good show! Can’t believe they cancelled it already when there are SO many other shows that have been on for way too long that are not a bit funny!! This really bums me out!! I had hoped it would be on for a long time to come.

  28. Steve F. says:

    Dang, that was fast… sorry for Jane Lynch, but hopefully that means she can appear on Criminal Minds now!

  29. I really like the show and will miss it. I hope one if the networks find something that works with Maggie Lawson in it. I think she has great talent.

  30. Cory says:

    Why?! It’s the only CBS comedy I enjoy at all.

  31. Schell m Peterson says:

    Jane Lynch is the epitome of female comedy! I loved every second of her on this show and I am so sad to see it go. Not to mention the rest of supporting actors were well cast. CBS bring AFH back!

  32. Linda says:

    So often the smartly written (with intelligent humour) shows that make us laugh out loud, get cancelled and things like Big Bang and Broke Girls go on and on – we don’t get it. Another good example of this is the cancelled Sean Hayes comedy.. so clever, so funny and well acted. I give up!

  33. Jim J. says:

    Whoa, “Angel from Hell” got cancelled by CBS already? That’s what Jane Lynch gets for denying Melissa McCarthy a chance to host the People’s Choice Awards.

  34. The Truth says:

    I’m surprised it was cancel this quickly. I knew it wasn’t going to get renewed but the series still got decent ratings. Even better then Elementary and Shades of Blue it the important 18-49 demographic. But CBS has a history of canceling shows that till get good ratings like the recent Mike And Molly

  35. JoyAnne says:

    I read all the comments and admire the viewers that discuss the shows that they they watch and enjoy. So my comment will (I hope) be brief. Can’t stand 2 broke girls. Didn’t like Angel from Hell but loved the actress. When will you get more Drama/comedies from writers that wrote shows like MASH and the original Odd Couple?

  36. curtlyon19 says:

    an actually funny show and yet they keep that dreadful Scorpion on

  37. Bess says:

    Yes, I enjoyed the show.

  38. vp says:

    We enjoyed Angel from Hell, it was a pleasant change from all the sexual references through out the whole show. on 2 broke girl’s. It is to bad that the dirty ones always win, what does that say about society?

    • It says that CBS knows that trash sells and intelligence isn’t understood by their demographic. The crudest thing on AFH so far was “Brad” wondering why he was flirting with “Amy”. Heaven forbid we get to enjoy such humor.

  39. Merle Freeman says:

    I’m sorry I found the show was unwatchable

    • sharon Thorbourne says:

      I really disliked Angel from Hell. It wasn’t funny AT ALL! It was so bad I expected it to be cancelled after the 1st episode! Life in Pieces should be next. I reserve my thursday nights for The Big Bang, Mom, and 2 Broke Girls! CBS should throw Mike and Molly in that 8:30 slot!

    • sharon Thorbourne says:

      I really disliked Angel from Hell. It wasn’t funny AT ALL! It was so bad I expected it to be cancelled after the 1st episode! Life in Pieces should be next. I reserve my thursday nights for The Big Bang, Mom, and 2 Broke Girls! CBS should throw Mike and Molly in that 8:30 slot!

  40. Mmay says:

    This show deserves a chance there are so many shows that go on too long but this one deserves a little more time

  41. It looked terrible from the trailer but it wasn’t doing THAT badly that needed to be pulled. I guess they had to make room for 2 Broke Girls. Any news on POI?

  42. Dracine says:

    AFH was a light hearted comedy and was enjoying it. I believe CBS is making a mistake; not their first and certainly won’t be their last.

  43. D Peters says:

    I enjoyed the comedy and felt it was just warming up. No patience seems to be the name of the game with the powers-that[be. . .:(

  44. Pat pierce says:

    I loved this show. It was funny and different. I can’t believe two broke girls is still on but this show isn’t given a chance

  45. Jeff Muetz says:

    so I guess we’ll see the rest of the episodes on saturday night where tv goes to die?

  46. TinLV says:

    Love Jane and think she is hilarious, but unfortunately, this show was not. What would be a better vehicle for her would be to expand her role of the sardonic shrink she played on Two and a Half Men into a show.

  47. mike says:

    Man Maggie just can’t catch a break. Just bring back Psych. Other than Lassie it doesn’t appear the others are doing much

  48. liza says:

    why Angel from hell cxd??

  49. Keniri says:

    Thank the good Lord this series was canceled. It wasn’t very funny to begin with.

  50. Sherry says:

    I enjoyed the show. Loved all the actors on the show. They don’t even give a show a chance anymore. That is why I hate to start watching something new because I know most likely it won’t even make it through the 1st season. TV is not what it use to be!