The Good Wife Season 8

The Good Wife to End This Season

The verdict is in: The Good Wife will come to an end in May after seven seasons. CBS broke the news Sunday via a commercial during its telecast of Super Bowl 50.

The promo ran toward the end of the second quarter and touted the drama’s “final nine episodes.” The series finale will air Sunday, May 8 at 9/8c.

It was announced last month that Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King would step down as showrunners at the end of the show’s current seventh season. However, CBS president Glenn Geller — citing the show’s “deep bench” of producers — said the network was open to bringing the drama back. “We haven’t made any determination,” the exec insisted at the time. “It’s just January, so we have to determine if there will be another season or not.”

Two weeks later, leading lady Julianna Margulies foreshadowed Sunday’s final-season declaration at a Casting Society of America event honoring her bosses in New York. “[The Kings] think I’m here for them,” Margulies told the crowd. “But I’m unemployed come April, and I think you [casting directors] haven’t seen me in a while, at least not in person, so I thought I should show up.”

In a statement released Sunday following the promo’s unveiling, Geller conceded that the the Kings’ looming exit played a major role in the decision to pull the plug. “It’s never easy to say goodbye to one of the crown jewels of your network and studio, much less to a show that is among the best on television,” he said. “But it also feels very right to end with the seven-year story its creators envisioned, and to celebrate the show’s final run while at the top of its creative game.”

The Kings, meanwhile, released a statement of their own on Twitter: “Telling the story of the Education of Alicia Florrick is the creative dream of a lifetime. It was always our plan to tell it over 7 seasons. We wanted the story to have a beginning, middle, and an end — that’s the only way actions can have real consequences — and it’s the reason we had episode titles count up from one word to four, then back down again (it would have been pretty embarrassing if we were cancelled in our fifth season). We are forever grateful to our fans, cast and crew and CBS. We’re excited to celebrate the final 9 eps and bring the story to its natural conclusion. Here’s a spoiler: the last episode will be called ‘End.'”

Lastly, Margulies said, “Being a part of The Good Wife has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. As an actress and a producer, it has been an absolute honor to be a part of a series that, throughout seven years, never settled on being just good… but always strived to be extraordinary. I have witnessed magic happen when Robert and Michelle King put pen to paper, and it has been a privilege to be in the company of their brilliance. To the most amazing and talented cast and crew, there will always be a special place in my heart for our Good Wife family. As we close the book on our beloved show, I am humbled and grateful to know that together, we created and were a part of something truly remarkable.”

What do you think? Relieved CBS opted not to move forward without the Kings at the helm? Watch the Super promo again below and then hit the comments with your reaction!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt says:

    Will miss it but it’s the right decision with the Kings leaving.

    • Big Mike says:

      100% agree. It’s been floundering aimlessly for 2 seasons now.

      • lori says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I wonder if that was part of the “7 year plan”

        • ex360 says:

          Yeah. There’s no way they planned it to go this wrong.
          Did they plan all along to make Robyn and everybody else at Lockhart and people simply disappear?

          • Bob says:

            they very easily could have taken this into a whole new spin off without changing the name. Diane and Carie simply stopped mattering. Alycia and Luka were the new show. The spin off. They could have had their own firm with her own issues. I think the Kings ran out of ideas. Out of ideas, they had Alycia returning to Lockhart and Agos.

    • EllenAce says:

      Love TGW! I’ve made my peace, knew the end was near and now it’s official, as CBS has had the final say. All the best to the entire remaining cast and crew! It’s been a “Good” run and God’s speed!

      • EllenAce says:

        I must say…JM is a class act! That farewell fan letter written above, truly came across as heartfelt and genuine and made me tear up! I remember when the show was first announced, several years ago. Seems like yesterday. There was a gorgeous full size picture of JM on the side of a New York City bus and I thought to myself quietly while walking to work, “That’s gonna be a good show…I’m definitely watching it!” Needless to say, I was hooked since the first episode! Just pure greatness! Complex/layered, smart and thought provoking. Superb television. This was truly well done tv, as the writers were able to cover personal situations, legal issues, political dilemmas, balancing throughout. The Good Wife will be seriously missed. It’s truly a sad day.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      They can always reboot like the X-files

    • Jeri says:

      Agree it was the correct decision. It was a wonderful show in the good years, before Josh left and when Archie was an important cast member. After these losses the show has just gone downhill and I have nothing good to say about JM, her interference is what destroyed the integrity of the show. Will miss Christine, Matt, Tim/Eli and some others. Good luck and God bless to them.

      • Lalala says:

        Juliannas acting is one of the best part of the show. It wouldnt have been the same without her. We dont know what happened, so it stupid to say its all her fault. Maybe Archie really did something bad

      • potterchris says:

        Dear Jeri: How in the bleep do you know it was JM’s “interference” that got the show cancelled? Talk is SO cheap! Would you mind adding some facts to your accusation?

    • Annette says:

      There’s always someone else to take over.

  2. StephonJS says:

    this sucks.. but this is no surprise

  3. Sam says:

    About time.

  4. hayes says:

    Just posted on the commercials thread. I am happy – I think most of us will be happy to hear this news. I hope we get a satisfying ending!

  5. Phun says:

    Wasn’t surprised about the announcement. Kind of expected it the way things have been going with the show. Just surprised that they just aired the announcement during the Superbowl.

    • hayes says:

      You mean when 100 million people are watching?

      • KCC says:

        I think it has more to do with getting $5M per 30 seconds of air time being surprising. That announcement aired during the SB cost CBS a lot of money in lost revenue.

        • rowan77 says:

          That’s a drop in the bucket. $5M is nothing to them. CBS raked it in yesterday.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Plus, they will always run house ads, they’re factored in. No money was “lost” from promoting an acclaimed show’s farewell run.

      • Kathie says:

        That’s right it was always on the top 25 list every week in T.V Guide They should never have stuck such and amazing show in that Sunday night slot. It was so often held back because of the football games.

    • dan says:

      Interesting way to make the announcement! Way to make an impact CBS!

      • dixie2u says:

        And that impact certainly left a dazed and confused look on Eli’s face at the Super Bowl.
        Way to go, producers, now an innocent man is wearing Sibling Rivalry when he’s much bigger than that!

    • Nina says:

      Appropriate that they announced it during the Superbowl. Football games running over meant 1/2 or none of the show recorded regularly!

  6. MJ says:

    I was wondering when it would be reported. I just saw that during super bowl as well.

  7. Steven says:

    As soon as I saw The Good Wife commercial I knew what was coming. I almost teared up when THE FINAL SEASON flashed on screen.

  8. drhenning says:

    No real shock here… Let’s them go out on their own terms.

  9. ABG says:

    Good move! Love the show but it’s time.

    • ABG says:

      Would love to see Kalinda back for a small arc but that’s impossible, right?

      • Bill Cord says:

        Her scene’s would have to be filmed from another city considering how the star of the show fells about her.

      • Karen says:

        I really hope it’s impossible. Kalinda/Archie was so overrated. I was sick of her self serving attitude (both on and off the show).

        • Mike M says:

          Oh ha ha ha – like Archie was the one responsible for the dramas that happened off screen on that set. People loved her on that set, she did The Fall and became great friends with Gillian Anderson. Your comment is made with no basis, and no supporting facts, because there are none. You are simply wrong.

          • Seriously? says:

            Huh, I guess only YOU are entitled to have any opinions regarding this show. Uh, no, you are the one that is so wrong–and extremely childish. Grow up and play like an adult. SMFH.

          • You have no supporting facts either. Very little has been revealed about the feud so Karen is no more right or wrong than you are.

          • Lalala says:

            Ehm… you are the one with no basis nor supporting facts. We dont know what happened and we never will, it stupid to keep on blaming Julianna and pretend that Archie was angel: theres a reason if the problem was with her and not with the other actors

        • “self serving attitude . . . on & off the show” ? Assume you’re referring to media stories about how Margulies wouldn’t film the final Kalinda episode with Panjabi, they had to be done separately. But that was Margulies “I’m the star” attitude, not Archie Panjabi. Really don’t think that Margulies has ever learned her most important “show biz” lesson: whether you’re winning or losing, never piss off anyone; always be gracious. You never know when you might need them. Margulies went more than 15 yrs between hit shows. And now she’s pushing 50. Let’s see how long it is before we see her again, if ever.

          • ex360 says:

            Maybe in a Kalinda spin-off: Kalinda and her snakes on a plane.

          • Lalala says:

            Still you dont know the reason. It stupid to blame Julianna and say pretend that Archie didnt do anything wrong

          • Frog says:

            I think your post is a horrible thing to say! There are hundreds of 50+ men on TV. Age shouldn’t make a difference. Would you like people to say that about you when you are ‘pushing 50’ I hope for your sake you are allowed to work until retirement age.

          • Darren Hood says:

            Julianna has no real need to work. She along with her co-stars (sans Sherry Stringfield) made a fortune off of the ER syndication package back in 1998 and she still receives checks for ER related revenue to this day. Not only that but I’m sure her contract entitles her for streaming revenue for The Good Wife. She will be fine.

  10. Well it was a good run. At least there is time for a good series finale

  11. Sophie Carmichael says:

    No tears here. Tired of Alicia’s whining.

  12. xx says:

    So what are they claiming is the biggest surprise yet?

    Josh Charles in a dream sequence? She finally divorces Peter? She shares the screen with AP?

    • TayMads says:

      I think the biggest surprise is that this is the last season. I think that was the point of the commercial. The “surprise” is that this is the last season and that they announced it during the Super Bowl. At least that is what I took it as.

    • Mm says:

      The biggest surprise yet was that it’s the last season, heretofore unannounced (but suspected by anyone reading the writing on the wall). So, ausiello— any spinoffs possible?

    • RP says:

      I think they were referring to the fact that it was the final season.

  13. EJ says:

    That Iowa episode on Jan 10th was AWFUL. The show’s been so bad for at least a season and a half. Any chance Archie P can make a surprise appearance in the season finale? No? I thought not.

  14. BrightLight says:

    Best commercial so far! ;) Actually, at first, I thought it was a joke since I had heard nothing about it, but kudos to CBS for keeping it under wraps and announcing it when the most people would be watching.
    That being said, even though the show has had its ups and downs for the past three seasons, I’ll actually miss watching it on Sunday nights as it was part of my usual schedule. Hopefully with the last few episodes, they can redeem it and make it worth watching again. Hey, they did it with last week’s episode. If they could keep that momentum, they just might salvage this show after all.

  15. Greta Hurley says:


  16. Andy77 says:

    The last two seasons haven’t being the best especially don’t like that most of the cast don’t interact with Alicia most of the time. At least they get a have to write a good series finale…it’s time!!!

  17. me to my mom(who has seen every episode) right after the ad
    “well i guess cbs mad their decision”

  18. Katie says:

    I was wondering how that one got past you!! Saw the commercial and came right to the site and saw it was still listed as a safe bet. Crazy way to announce!!!!

  19. Shira says:

    Good call! It was a great series but it came to its natural end so prolonging it would make no sense.

  20. leash10 says:

    Agree, it’s the right decision, but I was still shocked to see it announced that way, almost to tears. The people I’m watching the game with thought I was having an attack of some sort, lol.

  21. Annie says:

    With the Kings gone, this is the right choice. Though I will miss it immensely. It’s been must-see tv for me since episode 1.

  22. Brian Mcleary says:

    LETS START A HASHTAG TO GET THEM TO KEEP GOING!!! #15seasonsand5movies !!!

  23. cp1945 says:

    So sad to see this. It’s been my appointment TV for 7 years. It needs to finish with Alicia on top and the Florricks divorced.

  24. Yoko says:

    Justice for Kalinda

  25. Bill Cord says:

    This show should have ended when Josh Charles left the show. Last season was so fake and boring it could only be watched via DVR so the bad parts could be skipped with fast forward.

    This season has been highlighted by an ex-con (Peter) running for president, Eli’s small office, and The Good Wife at the bottom of the court-house (bond court).

    • potterchris says:

      The bond court episodes were hilarious. This show was never squeamish about going off on different tangents. That’s one of prime reasons it was so compelling. I also loved the Iowa Caucus episodes — once again a whole new angle!

  26. lqza says:

    About time, I didn’t watch the last series. Without Kalinda it was boring.

  27. Dani says:

    You people call yourselves fans? This season has already been filmed so obviously they didn’t prepare for an ending. The Kings stated the same thing. This show deserves a proper ending unless they go back and make changes.

    • Jane says:

      It’s only February, they’re not done filming.

    • KLS says:

      It’s been filmed already? Shouldn’t they be filming ep 16 or so? 22 for the season, right?

    • BrightLight says:

      Whether it’s finished filming or not, you can be a fan of a show and not know when it starts or stops filming. Suffice to say, the majority of a show’s fans don’t go online to see when a show starts or wraps filming for a season.

    • EJ says:

      Uhhh, the finale won’t be shot until late next month at the earliest.

    • Mike M says:

      Totally false – they wrapped shooting last season in April 2015. Please don’t make up your “truth” as you type.

      • Eran says:

        Are you seriously suggesting The Good Wife wrapped shooting on season 7 on April of last year? Mate, not one season 7 script had even been written at that point!

        • Kris says:

          I think Mike M was stating that Season 6 concluded filming April 2015, just to point out that Season 7 isn’t likely to be done filming yet.

        • KLS says:

          Hah! That’s funny! Mike M was just saying that last year, they finished shooting their eps in April. So, they may be on the same schedule this year. They are probably shooting ep around 17 or 18 now. 8 days per ep. 4 more to go. 32 working days. 6 or 7 more weeks of shooting. End of March, early April end date. Show’s over. Plenty of time to work in ending.

        • Mike M says:

          Thanks Kris & KLS – I thought I was pretty clear by saying last season, not THE last season. Eran you just misunderstood. Shooting by the way is almost 100% NYC based, despite the show being set in Chicago.

    • Wow, y’all don’t realize that most shows that air from Sept. to May continue to film til mid-April! Hence the reason Julianna said she would be unemployed in April. Google everything about what’s been said since the beginning of Jan.

    • Lalala says:

      It does have a proper ending

  28. big cheddar says:

    That was a shocker! It’s a great show, but starting to get redundant. I hope they really put their all into these last 9 episodes and end the city on a high note.

  29. I’m really sad about this news, but I wouldn’t want it to stick around and have the quality suffer. This is a favorite show of mine and I will really miss it.

  30. Bill says:

    Smart move!!

  31. joe says:

    Good! I hope Juliana doesn’t get a job anywhere anymore after pulling such childish things with the Kalinda character! She thought she’s so great. Now they are going to say that she didn’t want to go on with it. I said it last fall that it was the LAST season!

    • Lalala says:

      Youre disgusting. Wishing a person doeant get a job just because you think she did something bad. Newsflash: you dont even know what happened, and even if Julianna doesnt find a single new role, she will always have more success and money than you will ever have

  32. Mr. Tran K says:

    About time. Can’t wait to see how TGW will end.

  33. aph1976 says:

    The Good Wife had a great 7 season run and now it can end in a satisfying way.

    • potterchris says:

      So what would have been wrong with trying for a great EIGHT-season run? There was obviously something going on behind the scenes that we weren’t privy to — and perhaps never will be.

  34. gary harms says:

    I would just like to say that CBS is relinquishing a high-quality show, perhaps the highest quality show on network TV today. These are the type of shows I have been migrating from network TV to HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon and other independent quality productions for. So while I may miss The Good Wife for a little while, I’ll find another equally high-quality program on another outlet other than CBS, hell I may even find some of the same cast members working there….like Jeffery Dean Morgan who is already working on the highest-rated cable show on television.

  35. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Please say Stockard Channing guest stars one more time!!

  36. glen williams says:

    Love the show, but agree..It’s time to end.

  37. johnhelvete says:

    Kudos to CBS for announcing it now. This is how all long running series should be treated.

  38. Diz says:

    Its been a good run. It will be missed. I will miss these great characters.

  39. Geleia says:

    A surprise way to tell us however I think it’s a good time to end. It was a great run. Love the show.

  40. Karen says:

    The show sucked for me due to the backstage crap with Julianna.

  41. Ruth Huff says:

    I’m shocked! It’s one of the best shows on TV. Julianna is exceptional! It’s a crying shame you always get rid of the good ones!

  42. Beth says:

    I’m heartbroken! Good Wife is my favorite show. I’m sure the show can go on without the Kings! Please bring it back in the fall!!!!!

  43. J says:

    I stop watching two years ago. Good bye! So long!

  44. Barb Wall says:

    Good decision. I have been bored the last 2 seasons. Just took it off my PVR, but will watch the remaining episodes.

  45. Mandy says:

    I think the ausiello spoiler of a surprise guest star (beloved) coming back is Will. I am hoping it is the big surprise teased in the spoiler!!! Maybe he had to fake his death for a witness protection thing to testify against bishop. I hope it’s not a fake dream sequence. Alicia deserves her happy ending. The last two years have been awful in comparison to what the show was. Let it end with an amazing twist and will and Alicia get their big happy ending. Peter and Alicia remain friends and divorce. Maybe she runs for office or writes her tell all book. Let there be a good ending with Will. (I know I am prob just dreaming but it would be awesome)

    • Jake says:

      Yessssssss. ☝🏻️

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Yeah i dont think so. Will is dead dead. I dont think we are gonna get a big ending. Its just going to be her continuing to be a lawyer.

    • Mary says:

      I have to say I agree with the Will and Alicia happy ending. I don’t know if the blind item has been answered about the return of a major character who disguised themselves to film the scene but…good storyline, Will had to enter Witness Protection (faking his death) due to a client. The call he made to Alicia right before going in to court was for him to tell her about it, but never got to. He’s been in hiding since and now the client is gone (dead, in jail, whatever) so he can return and they can have their happily ever after. Maybe just wishful thinking! That was also why they brought up the whole Eli deleting the voicemail from six years ago.

  46. EM says:

    I watched the first 3-4 years but my DVR and the foot ball over runs wouldn’t play nicely with each other so I gave it up. But it was a quality show with excellent writing and acting when I was watching it.

  47. Linda says:

    Very sorry to see the show end. It was the highlight of my Sunday evening. I will miss being able to wind down with Alicia before starting the work week. But I am sure she will recover soon and she will find something new that I will get hooked on.

  48. NurseBelinda says:

    This is one of my favorite shows. I’m very disappointed that the show has been canceled. This show is the main reasons why I watch CBS. Now I don’t need to watch it anymore.

  49. Greg Cabana says:

    It’s not cancelled, it’s just ending.

  50. Mary Jo says:

    This is such sad, sad news. It’s been my favorite show for many seasons. Great acting by every cast member. Great writing every week. I will truly miss this show, but I can somewhat understand them wanting to go out at the top of their game. I will be watching until the end.

    • J says:

      Totally agree. I will miss the show. I hope it’s picked up by CBS. Regardless of all the drama (not scripted). It’s still a well-written and compelling drama.