The Originals Kol Returns

The Originals Recap: Lethal Weapon

Another day, another prophecy about the Mikaelsons’ untimely demise. At least no one can say that Friday’s episode of The Originals wasn’t totally on-brand!

But before I dive into that bit of unpleasantness, let’s talk about vampire Cami Campire! Despite Klaus’ insistence that the newly undead psychologist “learn from the best,” Cami instead took a page from The Book of Hayley and rejected the eldest Mikaelson’s lectures entirely.

This led to a handful of unexpected twists — including Cami snatching the Original-killing weapon out from under their noses — but the greatest of all was her real-talk moment with a(n allegedly) grief-stricken Hayley: “It’s not grief, it’s relief,” Cami told her. “It’s obvious you’re in love with Elijah, and now that Jackson is gone, you’re free. It must be nice, like a weight lifted.” (My reaction, gif’d for your pleasure.)

Though Cami almost immediately retracted her heinous outburst, she wasn’t entirely off the mark. The final moments of the episode found Hayley breaking down and admitting to Elijah that what she’s really feeling is guilt: “Loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?” (Dark… but kind of true.)

Elsewhere in New Orleans this week…

MARCEL, MARCEL | Was anyone else surprised to see Marcel prove his alliance to the Strix this week? I wasn’t expecting him to turn over a Knight of Pentacles card at dinner, and I’ve got to say, I’m thinking less of him less as a result. And the fact that Josh is trying to re-partner with Marcel in an attempt to stop the Strix is making me nervous that he’ll be reunited Aiden sooner rather than later. #NoGuestStarIsSafe

‘KLAYLEY’ MOMENT | I never thought I’d see the day when Klaus and Hayley manage to have a civil conversation, and yet, here we are. “You will always have a home here,” he told her, confirming executive producer Michael Narducci’s tease about Hope’s parents finally burying their hatchets.

GHOST TOWN | In exchange for a spell to reunite her with Kol, Davina agreed to ally herself with the Strix, a promise she regretted within minutes of reuniting with the love of her life, now in the body of Nathaniel Buzolic. Sadly, their big romantic reunion was cut short when it became clear to Davina that staying in dead-world would mean certain death, though she vowed to bring Kol back to our side one day.

PREMONITION IMPOSSIBLE | Of course, Davina wasn’t the only Big Easy resident to work with Aya this week; Elijah also paid a visit to the Strix leader, who promised she could track down the mysterious Originals-killing weapon. Naturally, his meeting with Aya’s seer — played by Chasing Life‘s Haley Ramm! — was all bad news: a little “unending darkness,” some “pale horse” action and, lastly, of a “flame that will burn you all.” Faaaantastic.

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Hopes/fears for the future? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Kayla says:

    I’m so embarrassed by how dumb they’ve made Klaus. In what world would a real IN CHARACTER Klaus have anything that could kill him laying around in his house??? We are talking about the most paranoid, untrustworthy creature in the world. I’m done with show after this. Can’t deal with how OOC they have made him.

    • Cheryl says:

      I feel like they are trying to humanize him, but they don’t have to make him a naive idiot in the process.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      It was a sentimental piece from their childhood, he never destroyed it likely becuz he figured no one would ever know what it was made from, and it had a special meaning to him.

      That’s what he gets for trusting someone…

    • Aruti says:

      Nobody knew that the black horse was a danger to them. They just found that out. Its probably his love for Camile that’s making him so naive.

      • LEENA says:

        Still doesn’t make sense why he legit burned a freaking bridge because it was made out of white oak because he knew it could kill him and kept a little toy that he KNEW was made out of a weapon that could kill him. He’s not sentimental right there. Like him keeping that intact is still incredibly out of character. It’s so dumb and I can’t believe they made him like that. I’m done with it. He’s not Klaus anymore

    • Jon says:

      in his oh so slight defense. They pretty much spelled out that he didn’t know that it was made of white oak when he made it. He just took some of the kindling Elijah gathered, and Elijah gathered it from all around.
      It wasn’t until after hearing the pale horseman, and being reminded of Rebekah that he realized it was made out of white oak.

  2. Sharon says:

    I remember when he used to be like one step above everybody…

    • I also remember when he was a soul-less narcissist who didn’t care about anyone but himself. I’ll take the occasionally naive Klaus with a conscience over the old P.O.S. any day.

    • Justice says:

      The Almighty Klaus!

      Too bad.

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:




  3. Cheryl says:

    Cami, a very newly turned vampire deceiving Klaus seemed like lazy writing. C’mon guys….

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      I agree, I missed the Klaus that was 2 steps ahead. They got to bring back the sociopath , that hint of good but darkness that scares he’ll out of you and you know better. Please writers get it together.

    • How is it lazy writing? Cami, the human, was one of the few people in his life who kept him connected to his humanity. More importantly, she knows how to screw with peoples’ minds.

      • Chase says:

        It’s lazy writing when you realize how OOC it is for him to keep a weapon that could kill him out in the open and then was quickly deceived by a newborn vamp.

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          Yes, Yes, Finally the writers want to show his soft side ok, Now it’s time for him to be not so dunk a dunk!!!!
          It’s enough already
          Cami passes me off, If she isn’t on the Mikaelson’s side, which strike one she took the horse that can kill an original and their vampire line. I don’t like for her to be this vampire.

    • Marieme Niass says:

      I honestly think Cami should’ve just died

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        I agree ,I think she should of died period, point blank, simple.

        I hope Klaus see that he can’t trust her anymore ,no matter if she may or may not be TEAM MIKAELSON

        To me that’s a wrap, you don’t give a person a second chance to screw you. If it was me she would have been DONE.

  4. exs113030 says:

    Davina being back was the best part of the episode! I didn’t realize how much I missed her. Also glad to see that she has just as much chemistry with this Kol. Can’t wait to see their story amp up!!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      When Davina seen the REAL Kol this episode and was like “Kol?!” I had like almost the same reaction lol. Followed by cheering. So excited for the REAL Kol to be back, or coming back!

      • Viv says:

        I know! Together they look like an even more evil Bonnie and Clyde…

        And how the hell ubercreepy were those ancestors?! Sooo terrifying.

    • Lorna says:

      I prefer the younger Kol, cause NB had always been too whiny and bratty for me. I still do, but NBs version did not irritate me for once.

  5. I was perplexed with the episode at first but Cami did die in the most horrific way on Christmas Eve. All her agency was stolen from her. Her family always met the same horrific fate by the supernatural world. All she had left were those dark objects that her uncle left. It was the last extension of the memory of when she was human cataloging and discovering all those secrets. Cami’s mind is in over drive and her emotions off kilter. Hoping Klaus will now be the friend she needs and not a bodyguard. And Leah Pipes slayed her character this episode!

  6. LEENA says:

    Just cringing at how bad they made Klaus’ character. There is no way he would have forgotten about anything that he carved from THE ONE THING THAT COULD KILL HIM. Like seriously, stop dumbing him down to prop up other poorer characters. It didn’t work last season, and it’s making me give this show up. I miss the REAL Klaus.

  7. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome episode! Cami is still Cami, but with a dark, rebellious twist, likely related to her being Renekahs sireline and the current prophecy.

    OMG! YES! It looks like the REAL Kol Mikaelson ( Nathaniel Buzolic ) might finally be returning to the series!! So excited about that! I’ve been waiting years!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Finally justice for Kol!! Elena is burned and Kol looks like he may be resurrected! So happy about this! The reasoning behind why Elena had Kol killed was ridiculous, so glad his character might finally be redeemed! Loved his character before annoying Elena had him killed.

  8. Phoenix5634 says:

    Make Klaus what he was in season 4 of TVD. I’ve more than enjoyed every single episode of the Originals, I love the show and NEVER want to see it end. Like it literally the show I look forward to most every week on CW. But I have to admit, the Klaus and Elijah when they first got their TV series roots were amazing.

  9. Phoenix5634 says:

    Andy, or any Admin who reads this, next time you have a inside source question/answer session, ask about Klaus’ daughter, Hope on the Originals. When is she going to grow up, and be something other than a defenceless infant ? After all she’s 1/2 werewolf, 1/4 Original vampire, 1/4 witch.

  10. zed says:

    Nae Buzolic!!!!! Yes, please get him out of that ghost Hell!!!

    And may I just say the last scene with Hayley holding Jackson’s shirt and crying so sadly- OMG- so sad and so beautiful at the same time- I was not even bothered about Elijah being there. I guess, Elijah knows so well how it is- as it must evoke memories of Tatia!!!!

    • Aruti says:

      Elijah and tatia is a different case to that of Hayley because Hayley didn’t love Jackson, all she feels is guilt. Her true love is Elijah. Sorry to say but am glad Jackson is dead, Elijah and Hayley will finally have a chance together. Lol, so glad your back, I hope you will help your family and not be against them. Freya didn’t appear in this episode, really love her so much and how much she’s protecting her siblings.

      • zed says:

        For Elijah it is much worse- he loved Tatia, and he was the one who killed her. The guilt is inadvertently there – even though he could not help himself as he could not control his monstrous side. And, Hayley loved Jackson- maybe, she wasn’t madly in love with him like she is in love with Elijah, but there was love. Otherwise she would not be able to be so cut. She feels guilty and selfish because she knew what it meant to be around the Mikaelsons – they have enemies of the worse kind. and she chose to be with Jackson to have some normality- I guess. Anyway, that is my take on it. LOL- not writing an essay on it- although Narducci does a good job with the characters lately.

      • Lorna says:

        I think Hayley loved Jackson, just not the way she loves Elijah. Jackson was a favorite of mine. He will be missed.

  11. Saggurl says:

    Well wow what an a great episode. It is great to see davina 👍🏽back it will be even greater when she is finally able to bring kol back as well.👌🏽 I could not help but to shed a tear for Haley at the end of this episode. I do feel the same as most of you that Jackson character probably should have died along time ago however I guess the writers wanted his death to really mean something and it did to Haley regardless of how she still feel for Elijah. So seeing that kind of emotional presence being felt from her for him was amazing to see. As far Elijah killing Ariana that just him learning from past mistakes of not killing someone when you have the opportunity to. I am curious as to why he bit her instead of just breaking her neck or ripping her heart out though those thoughts are just brutal thinking about ouch! Cami is learning quickly huh😨 I mean she manage to manipulate klaus not once but twice👀. I think eventually that toy horse she took she will give it back once she realizes what she has done. Some of the photo promo show Haley training her if some sort so if she was a real threat to them Haley would not be training her. Aya is something else there would be nothing she could tell me after what she did to Rebecca and freya but Elijah is up to something 😆 and I can’t wait to see what it is.

    • Lorna says:

      Bc julie plec wanted to copy buffy yet again. In s1, the master bit buffy’s neck and let her fall into a pool in the hellmouth and drown. So many scenes or storylines have been copied from buffy or angel. It’s irritating. Julie is better than this.

  12. liame says:

    I can’t anymore, this show is ridiculous. I love JM and DG but this show is wasting their talent. I love to see these two cast in a crime drama series that has nothing to do with vampires, werewolves or witches.

  13. Klamille is the best way & Haylijah too! I love the vampire Cami!

  14. Bia says:

    The ending scene was PERFECT. #Haylijah

  15. Nikki says:

    Truly what an amazing episode! Kudos to the writers, TpTp, cast and crew! The Cami turning into a vampire scenes were to be expected. These are new emotions and feelings she has never experienced before. It is a whole new world for her. Klaus is very well aware of this, as it is new to him being in love with a woman who is in transition. I am assuming he hasn’t experienced that much or at all. I’m not buying or hearing that Klaus and Elijah are watered down versions of their TVD selves because this is not that show. This is “The Originals” and it’s written differently and the character motivation is not the same as before. Klaus and Elijah are still “Original Vampires” and ready to kill whoever crosses their paths and whoever f’s with their family. Last night episode proves once again, how family ties bind them and how “Family is Power”. It’s so wonderful having Kol back! I am a huge fan of Kolvina and Nate and Danielle have amazing chemistry! I hope they can get Kol out of Hell purgatory SOON. Let’s return that vamp to the land of living, so he can help save his family from this looming prophecy. The piece de resistance for me was the Elijah and Hayley ending scene. So amazing, filled with so much pent up emotion and build up. Finally we heard from Hayley on how she was feeling. (After Cami aka her bff and truth-teller, shed some light on her feelings for Elijah) Sometimes it takes a friend or family member to help you see the light. Remember Beks? “Elijah, admit you fallen for her.” Well that talk was long over-due and those feelings pouring out were like a fountain out truth. Finally! We are so happy to see them making progress.

  16. Katie says:

    Hey, I enjoyed last night’s episode. It was great. I liked seeing Davina reunited (briefly) with the original Kol, Camille being a straight up B. and the appearance of Hope. I’ve suspected for a while that Marcel was against the Mikaelsons-Marcel cares only for his own advancement, taking over the city again and so forth. Outside of Davina he basically cares for himself. Of course, he learned from the best! That final scene with Elijah and Hayley was so good. She admitted that she was feeling guilty, not really loving Jackson as she claimed. Actually, that’s the most sympathetic I’ve felt towards her since season 1. As for the Original killing weapon being in their hands all that time with Klaus never realizing that was white oak-ooops! He let that one slip right under his nose-tsk tsk, Klaus. Quit hovering over Cami, let her figure her own crap out and get back in the game. Your family is in a boatload of trouble. Two complaints though: why bring Will Kinney back in it if your aren’t going to use him for a real purpose? That’s a waste of the actor. And Hope-seriously, that child is going on near two, she is Klaus’ daughter and you don’t bother to use that kid in the story? There, I’m off of my soapbox! Next week looks really good. Looking forward to it.

  17. Deion says:

    What we’re seeing is how Cami affects Klaus. Old Klaus would have compelled Cami to behave, but he won’t do that to her, so she gets to stomp all over him. Is it me, or did Cami have the fastest transformation from new vampire to total bitch across the history of both shows?

  18. Akamen says:

    Haylijah moment at the end was awsome. Elijah didn’t know what to say, but he was there for her like he has always been. Hayley was feeling quilty, because all along her marriage she loved Elijah too and she wanted to blame him for her husband death. Elijah understand why she wanted to blame him. In season one Elijah didn’t wanted to start anything with Hayley because he was afraid it would be death sentence to her. I think Hayley gets it now.

  19. Bradley says:

    What mouth does the originals return to go on tv

  20. Bradley says:

    Do they bring AIDEN back from the dead

  21. edyn says:

    Cami is a new vampire and in the flashbacks of the Mikaelsons, it seems Klaus was exactly like the way she is now except he had support of Elijah and Rebekah to keep him grounded. Camille is pretty much by herself. Klaus tries to teach her, but she does not want his help. She warned Klaus about what is inside her when she becomes a vampire. The horse probably reminded Klaus of nicer days when not everyone was trying to kill them. When they get a moments reprieve of running, they enjoy themselves. I hated Cami for taking the horse because she would never do that as a human. Her humanity left and Klaus does not like the new side of her. What is wrong with the writers showing how sentimental or human a Mikaelson can be? They show Elijah very dapper and well-spoken and nice when he wants to be. What is wrong with that?