Orange Is the New Black Renewed for Seasons 5, 6 and 7

It looks like the ladies at Litchfield Penitentiary are in for an extended sentence.

Netflix announced on Friday morning that it has renewed its Emmy-winning prison drama Orange Is the New Black for three additional seasons, extending its run through at least Season 7.

“Jenji and her team have produced a phenomenal and impactful series that is both funny and dramatic, outrageous and heartfelt,” said Cindy Holland, Vice President of Original Content at Netflix. “Audiences around the world have come to love the ladies and men of Orange is the New Black, and we are eager to see where three more seasons will take them.” 

The hour-long series, which boasts an ensemble including Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Kate Mulgrew and Laura Prepon, returns for Season 4 on Friday, June 17. 

Are you surprised by the extended renewal for OITNB? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. El S Boy says:

    Netflix just lost his mind…

  2. ABG says:

    Wow. Love the show but this is crazy.

  3. Steven says:

    Weeds 2.0

    • The Truth says:

      Yeah last season already started to lose me. May not be able to make it through the next one.

    • David4 says:

      Exactly. Last season I never even finished because it wasn’t that good.

      • dan says:

        Season 3 got better with the last four or five episodes. I agree some of the earlier episodes weren’t as strong as Seasons 1 and 2, but it ended strong. I re-watched the last episode of Season 2 last night and it is the best episode of the series thus far. Hopefully Season 4 will be as consistently good as the first two seasons.

  4. Pat says:

    Wow, not even AMC with The Walking Dead, which unless the world ends is gonna get 3 more seasons easy, goes that nuts at once.

  5. Spence says:

    If Big Bang Theory could get renewed for 3 advanced seasons, it’s only logical that a quality dramedy would do the same. Great news!

  6. retsim says:

    Not good enough to warrant 3 seasons just because it won an award .You can only stretch a drama so far .Will be giving it a miss from now on.

  7. Eran says:

    Yeah…this has cash cow over quality storytelling written all over it. Jenji Cohen suffers from severe Ryan Murphyitis – she can’t see a story arc through without utterly destroying every ounce of likeability in her characters in the process. I’ve already started seeing signs of that in season 3 of OITNB and I predict it will go down a similar Weeds gutter.

  8. This is the best news ever! Season 1 to 3 were amazing… Can’t wait for season 4 to start.

  9. H says:

    Then Netflix will release all 39 episodes all at once!

  10. Annie says:

    OMG THIS IS THE BEST. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. tomus225 says:

    No, I’m not surprised! It’s a GREAT show and they were smart to lock in the talented actors so it can continue! What? Didn’t watch all of last season? You CAN’T be serious. We binged watched in one weekend! #pooryou

  12. LT says:

    Couldn’t make it past episode 6 of the first season, but I’m happy for all you fans.

  13. A fan of TV says:

    TVLine trivia gods and monsters, was the last time a show got a three-season renewal when ABC announced s4 + 5 and 6 to end-game for LOST?

    I’m excited for this news, but the scoop I really want is whether we can expect to get Miss Claudette, Nickles, and Ruby out of SuperMax in s4. The show needs them all.

    • Phil says:

      I think, for scripted television, that would be “The Big Bang Theory’s” renewal for season 8-10.
      Syndicated shows like Wheel of Fortune and Wendy Williams have longer cycles (sometimes), but I think Big Bang was the last.

  14. Zoe says:

    I worry when shows get renewed for multiple seasons, because the shows don’t have to try as hard, and dip in quality.

  15. Amanda says:

    I actually don’t watch this show but I’m confused anyway. How long is her sentence supposed to be? A day in the real world must be an hour in the slammer. ;)

  16. Lauren Zorn says:

    Just discovered the show last night & binge watched til 4 in the morning. It’s great !!!

    • Filli Nigrantium infernalium says:

      Me too,I,m finnishing season 3 ,started watching it 4 or 5 days ago,great that’s being renewed for 3 more seasons!!

  17. season 4 was AWESOME!!!!! I watched it straight thru – all 13 hours of it. When is season 5 coming out? I NEED to know what happens. OMG this show is a complete hit!

  18. Delynn Ervin says:

    Having a difficult time figuring out why people who quit watching the show a long time ago because they don’t like the it, or don’t watch it all are posting about it. I love the show, but a lot of that is about watching it with my son. Couldn’t wait for this season to start, but as an old woman who know little about Netflix, I didn’t know it would all come out at once. Now I have to try and pace myself so I don’t go through Orange is the New Black withdrawal again.

  19. Lisa Ingersoll says:

    Loved season 4 when is season 5 coming out? So excited

  20. Kris says:

    Ok, so I’ve watched all of season 4 already. When will season 5 be out?

  21. SALLIE HUNT says:

    Please tell me what’s goin on with season 5,6 and 7 because I’m done with season 4 and cant wait a whole year for just one season

  22. Donna VB says:

    Sorry, but after watching Wentworth, this show completely lost all credibility and me as a viewer.

  23. ChloeRichards! says:

    oh my god! I can’t wait for season 5,6 and 7 I’ve already watched all of season 4..
    does anyone know when the new seasons are due?

    • You♡Wish ;) says:

      Your ONE viewer do you know how many of us actually LOVEEE this show , it’s your loss it’s not gonna hurt the show bc you don’t know a good show when you see one !
      I watched season 4 I’m so ready for 5 OMGGGG !! <3

  24. Cynthia Flores says:

    I’m so happy that there will be more seasons. I love this series of orange is the new black. The best, I guess it will be to extended thier sentence, go ahead so there can still be more series. Love those characters!!!

  25. itasara says:

    Am surprised for the extended renewals so early but then last one was a cliff hanger so I knew there must be more coming. I hope they don’t take so long; it is difficult after a long period of time to remember the seasons before it , especially the details, and I just don’t want to take the time to find older seasons on demand. As crazy as this show is, I get glued to it and mostly because I love the actors; they are so good that I forget they are acting and get wrapped up in their characters.

  26. neeneehuddy says:

    Love orange is the new black! The best show on tv!!! Keep it coming. Don’t take Lollly away!

  27. Marie O Connor says:

    cnt wait 4 s5 dnt want to wait so long

  28. Trina rossburden says:

    I truly enjoyed this season 4 of Orange is the New Black can’t wait until season 5

  29. Tori says:

    Seasons need to be released faster love the show but please stop making us wait so long please

  30. karen says:

    i love this show! i have watched all the episodes and cant wait for more episodes !!!! get them rolling!!!!! l

  31. Carmen says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the seasons of OITNB. Love the actors, saddened by Poussey gone. Hopefully there will be a dvd collection out, I’d buy.

  32. D forward says:

    I’ve enjoyed all series of orange is the new black please can you tell me when we get to see series 5 can wait well done to all

  33. Lissia says:

    Omfd I sincerely enjoyed every second of series 1-4 and seriously can’t wait for series 5!! 😱 I was so drawn into the life coz it was “a thing” for me! I discovered it was more about dealing with cultural differences and diversity coming together while surrounded by simple and touch daily challenges!

  34. Sally says:

    When will series 5 start on Netflix?

  35. season 5 is the best by far. so emotional i dont even know what to do with myself

  36. Shari says:

    Season 4 left me in tears like seriously and wanting more PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM JUST WAITING FOR Netflix to say they have more seasons Idk what other people talking about or what they don’t understand but they lost anywho keep up the good work and please bring more seasons

  37. Stan says:

    Wasn’t sure about this at series one. But wow. It carries you along with the storyline and we have now finished watching series 4 and sat there thinking… there’s gotta be more… but all good things eventually come to an end. But not just yet. 😎

  38. Jannet says:

    This is awesome news !!! I’m addicted to OITNB…love it love it love it !! I got hooked towards the end of season 2 and season 4 was total of the map !!! Way to go and keep Litchfield going !!!

  39. Jessica M Ferris says:

    When will season 5 be on Netflix…

  40. Sherry says:

    I was not one for these kinds of shows but I must say, Orange Is The New Black is out standing. I find myself watching them as soon as they come out. All the actors are great …. Please continue with more episodes. Thank you all . I end with just this……..

    Orange Is The New Black, YOU ALL ROCK Thank you,

  41. Jessica M Ferris says:

    Why can’t we watch any further then season 4 says there season 5-7 left but not on Netflix why ?

  42. Brianna says:

    Okay but when is seasons 6 and 7 gonna be on Netflix. Dude it’s killing me they gonna shoot that MFer or not??

  43. Tina says:

    I really got hooked on this series. I would watch episode after episode. My favorite characters are Poussey, Red, Taystee, Daya, Murillo, Suzanne, Bennett, Purtudo .
    Can you bring Poussey back from the dead. And bring Bennett back so him and Daya can ride off into the sunset.

    I’m sick of seeing Piper and Alex Vause.

  44. Monj says:

    I’ve watched all 4 seasons of OITNB n yes season 4 got a lil un interesting but the last couple episodes took it to a whole new level n just watched the season 5 trailer n looks like the shiznick is gonna hit the fan I’ve already set my reminder for S5 stoked!!!

  45. Stacy says:

    I just finished watching season 5. Personally I think the seasons should be longer than 12 or 13 episodes. How long do we have to wait for season 6. Season five left us hanging and I don’t want to wait another year. To find out what happens I want to k ow now.