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The 100 Gina Dies

The 100 Boss Explains [Spoiler]'s Loss, Previews Clarke's Future With Lexa

If you were expecting Thursday’s peace summit on The 100 to actually result in peace, you clearly haven’t figured this show out yet.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jason Rothenberg about this week’s twists, but first, a quick recap of the biggest events:

A surprise attack at Mount Weather claimed many lives, including Gina’s; Clarke’s attempt to kill her traitorous ex ended with Lexa — no friend of the Ice Queen — renewing her loyalty to their people; Raven was forced to take a long, hard look at herself; and Arkadia became officially recognized as Earth’s 13th Clan.

Now, for some insight:

“When Clarke agrees to stay, she’s doing it largely because she still doesn’t trust Lexa,” Rothenberg acknowledges. “Now that the Sky People have become the 13th Clan, they need an ambassador — and who better than ‘Wanheda’ to stay there and make sure Lexa follows through on what she promised? At the same time, there’s no doubt that Clarke feels tremendous amounts of attraction towards Lexa, but it’s something she’s still resisting. As you saw, when she tried to kill her this week, she couldn’t; there’s something too strong there for her to fight.”

As for the episode’s other big event — the death of Bellamy’s girlfriend Gina, among others — Rothenberg says there’s a method behind the massacre.

“I wanted Bellamy to have some skin in the game,” he explains. “I wanted him, when Mount Weather was destroyed, to lose someone significant so that his turn to the anti-Grounder side has even more reason behind it. He already has no affection for that culture, unlike Octavia, but I wanted there to be that one thing that would justify him really taking up the mantle of ‘all Grounders are bad.’ That, coupled with Pike’s influence, is what pushes him in that direction. It’s going to be hard to watch for fans who want him to be perfect.”

But before you freak out too much over that last sentence, Rothenberg insists that Bellamy isn’t devolving back to his Season 1 self.

“He was a selfish a–hole in Season 1, doing everything to save his own ass,” he reminds us of Bellamy. “There was always his love for his sister, which was enough to make people still root for him on his journey to becoming a hero, but it’s different now. He’s making choices to defend his people.”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for the future? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Katy says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong though the grounders didn’t attack mt weather that was the ice nation why should he be anti grounder?

    • Christoffer says:

      Well, we see this in our own culture. Muslim terrorists are only a fraction of a % of all Muslims. 99.9% of all Muslims are just regular Joes, they work, they go to school, they love their family and their friends, and they pray a little more than a christian. But that’s it. And yet, there are people that hate all Muslims based on what a few of them does. This is what’s happening here. They don’t see Azgeda who hurt them or Trikru who are their allies. They just see Grounders. (Grounders being everyone born on Earth) And Grounders are bad.

      • Katy says:

        How though? When Bellamy and crew showed up and figured out the Ice Nation had snowed them, that’s when Lexa said there would be repercussions and took all the Ice Nation there prisoner it wasn’t the grounders I dunno I just dont get it.

        • Christoffer says:

          But it was Grounders. A grounder is a person born on earth. Everyone from Azgeda is a grounder. Everyone from Lexa’s clan, the Trikru is a grounder. Saying Grounder is like saying American. It doesn’t matter if a person is from Texas or California, they’re still Americans. It’s a catch all term. So Pike, and a lot of people, doesn’t give a crap what clan the people belonged to. A Grounder is a Grounder.

      • Fish says:

        99.9% ? Somebody is a sjw. Maybe 80%, and thats still being generous

        • Christoffer says:

          Well then, America is frelled if that’s the case. There are roughly 1.6 billion, that’s a B, Muslims in the world. If we use your “conservative” number of 20%, plus round -down- to get a nice, even number, that’s 300 million terrorists. That’s almost one Muslim terrorist for every US citizen! Given the fact that terrorists doesn’t value human life, it’s fairly safe to say that they could wipe out most of the US if they got their fecal matter together.

          The most pessimistic rapports put ISIS’ strength at less than 300k people, and that’s the biggest, baddest terrorist organization around. So all in all? Maybe a million terrorists. But hey, let’s keep being pessimistic. Let’s double, no, triple that. 3 million Muslim terrorists! Now, if we go check the numbers that comes out to… 0,2%. My bad. 99,8% of Muslims are regular Joes, not 99,9. You, and a lot of people, really need to stop confusing SJW with “Not agreeing with faulty my opinion.” My god, read a little yourself and stop taking what other people say as gospel.

    • Jordan_Strummer says:

      Ice Nation is a Grounder clan so them blowing up Mt. Weather still means that Grounders are responsible; just not the Grounders we’ve come to know

    • A fan of TV says:

      Ice nation are grounders. All clans are grounders except the sky people, so 12 if 13…

  2. Kat says:

    I love when writers create female characters who have no purpose but to die so a man can be sad and motivated. It’s my favorite thing ever. I never get tired of seeing it. Over and over and over and over again. So original. So daring. So not lazy and cheap. A+ storytelling choice.

    • Christoffer says:

      I agree that it’s so overused. It’s genuinely, genuinely sad. It would have been one thing if we’d have met Gina back in season one and seen her develop over the seasons. Still not great, but she’d have had her own journey, you know. But a three episode stint just for the sake of killing her off in the end is just weak =/

      • Josh says:

        Gina is the woman Bellamy saved late last season along with others who were being drained of their blood by Mount weatherians

        • Christoffer says:

          If she was, it was by another actress. Everything says that she first appeared in “Wanheda: part 1” You sure you’re not thinking about Echo? And even if she was, we just saw her briefly then. A far cry from meeting her in season one and getting to know her likes, dislikes, past, dreams for the future. All that jazz.

        • ugh. says:

          No, ECHO is the one who was saved by Bellamy. Gina was introduced in the season 3 premiere, seemingly ONLY so she could be killed off to make Bellamy sad. Which is straight up fridging.

          • Correct… In Gina’s case, yes, her whole existence was just to be killed so Bellamy can have a “justification” for the following stupid things he will do. I agree that is overused and crappy in general.
            HOWEVER, I think now we are just being picky for the sake of being picky… In a show where there are at least 6 WOMEN with ALL the power, more power than ANY men… That doesn’t happen in ANY TV Show currently. NONE. I think we can let them sly one :P

    • Jordan_Strummer says:

      Yeah, I agree – especially since this show is lacking in female characters with their own storylines, or who don’t exist solely as love interests for men, or who are allowed to be complex….oh, wait. This show has all that. If Bellamy were a woman they would’ve killed off her boyfriend, it had nothing to do with gender in this specific case. Don’t let the sins of other shows haunt this one

      • Josh says:

        Exactly! Last I recall a woman is the lead character of the show and a Strong Badass one at that. This show has a nice balance of story with Octavia, Bellamy, Jasper, Monty, Abby and Raven getting their own storylines as well.

      • Kat says:

        Having other well written female characters doesn’t excuse how lazy this storyline was. They wanted to give Bellamy a solid reason to make the choices he’s about to make, but they chose not to kill anyone we’d actually seen him develop an attachment to. Instead they created a character who literally had no purpose except to die. She had no personality, no depth, no reason for existing except for Bellamy to be sad. She could have been a cardboard cutout for all the emotional resonance writing the story this way created. No show exists in a vacuum, the fact that I’ve seen this storyline 10,000,000,000 times before is absolutely going to factor into how I view it, but at the end of the day even if that was a rare problem this was just a lazy, shallow attempt to tug heartstrings without putting in the work to set it up worth a damn, and the 100 can do better.

        • Sawyer says:

          I think his hate for the Grounders is not Gina it is Clarke staying with Lexa after she betrayed them the first time..Gina and the trading post chic were all rebounds. Shallow but true. The Ice queen is a bitch. Seriously Bellamy was more upset with Clarke staying with Lexa than oh well Gina is dead. which is funny because the writers are great on this show. We know Bellamy would die for Clarke. The best thing about Clarke and Bellamy they don’t have a clue they really belong together. I love Bellamy and Clarke. I also love Lexa and Clarke.

          • Anon says:

            I have to agree you got it in one!

          • Eva says:

            See, it’s because of how little development Gina got that people are still able to completely disregard Rothenberg’s explanation and twist his words. Classic example of “tell, not show”, which is always a mistake. That doesn’t change the fact that Bellamy’s hate for Grouders WILL BE motivated by Gina’s death, not Clarke’s staying in Polis. Not developing Gina better just makes his motivations seem more blurry than they are.

          • E says:

            So you are saying that Bellamy will start killing grounders not because someone he supposedly loved was murdered or 30 other arkers died but because the girl he likes decided to prefer someone else’s company instead of his? Do you realize how that sounds? I love Bellamy and I do hope to God that he would not be one of those men who go on a killing spree because the girl he likes likes someone else more. IF he would be pissed that the grounders took someone away from him, wouldnt it be Octavia???

        • Charissa29 says:

          It wasn’t to tug at heartstrings, it was to advance plot and I agree it wasn’t a perfect choice. It is something that stands out because all the other female characters drive plot. It is a device which with this producer was not a gender decision. Bellamy likes girls, so he had a girlfriend and she was killed to shift his allegiances. Clarke will pull him back to the right side!

        • A fan of TV says:

          This argument that it’s lazy is a little bit old. The show doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. There have always been hundreds of extras, and Gina was ‘always there.’ People talk about redshirts as if it is a pandemic, but let’s be honest about Bellamy: only the deaths of Octavia or Clarke could possibly hit a guy like him harder, and neither one of them is expendable. What you call lazy I recognize as necessary to get Bellamy to the point they needed to get him to without losing characters we can’t lose. Creating an expendable girlfriend took effort, actually.

          • cfish26 says:

            That’s what I hate about it most, actually. That what they want Bellamy to do was far enough out of current character that they had to go through that effort of creating a big excuse. And that’s what everyone knows it is. It really turns me off the show. I agree that they couldn’t kill off Clarke or Octavia to serve as the motivation… but maybe that just means it wasn’t such a great idea.

            Of course, I’m hoping that I’m wrong and that I love the next episode, but I’m not very optimistic.

        • Like I said… This show has more strong women leading characters THAN ANY other TV Show in existence. You are asking for the show to kill of a MAJOR character in episode 3!!! That cannot happen. The killing of main characters, when it happens (and it rarely happens) is in the midst of the mid-season finale or the season finale… A main character cannot be “wasted” in any random episode.
          That is why, the need of someone to die, married with a justification for Bellamy to become a jackass plus the impossibility to make it a major character with whom Bellamy already had a developed attachment, gave us GINA.
          Which, I don’t care that we only saw her literally 1 minute in total… Her death was horrible and touching and she died a hero saving Raven and Sinclair.
          Not so bad for a cardboard cutout…

    • ugh. says:

      this this this this this. This was totally lazy writing. They fridged Gina. There were more organic ways to set up this conflict that didn’t create a throwaway girlfriend. I don’t believe that Pike would believe Echo. I don’t believe that Clarke changed her mind that quickly about the coalition and Lexa to the point of bowing to her. I like what this episode INTENDED to do, but overall I vastly disliked how it did it.

      • Kat says:

        Yes, exactly. I understand what they were going for and I can get behind the broadstrokes idea of it, but the execution was shoddy, and I don’t usually feel that way about this show. They can do better. That’s why it’s so frustrating.

        • Sawyer says:

          I think when they wrote and filmed the episode, the writers hurried through this episode. The 100 original order was for 13 episodes, then they found out later on 3 more episodes was added to the order. They have no time for filler episodes. Did anyone really believe Bellamy loved Gina, she was just a girl friend. I never heard either one say I love you. I feel they have 13 more episodes and the scripts will be much better written.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I hear you. I will say this, though: The 100 is responsible for giving us some of the strongest, most admirable female characters on network TV. Gina might have been killed, but Lexa/the Ice Queen/etc. remain rulers.

      • Kat says:

        And they should absolutely get credit for that, but that’s part of why it’s so frustrating. They are capable of better. It’s not just that Gina died. Lots of people die on this show, I don’t think women should have plot armor just because they’re women. But the writing was just so shockingly lazy. I haven’t seen such a blatant example of fridging in a long time. Gina literally had NO PURPOSE but to die. At least Wells got a personality and a little bit of a plot/character arc in the few episodes he was in. I have issues with his death as well, but at least they TRIED with him. Gina was just…so disappointing coming from these writers because they can do so much better.

        • I get what your saying but this isn’t a new thing. The power of The 100 is that they are constantly raising the stakes and to do that, people have to die. In almost every episode, we are introduced to characters who exist soley so they can die later to motivate characters, introduce threats, show the gravity of existing threats, introduce new storylines etc,. Sure these characters are soley plot devices but that’s ok because we are given other strong characters to care about. If they developed every single speaking role, the show would go on forever. The writers are lucky in that they have 100 or so characters who they can just gradually introduce when they need them. I think if they fleshed Gina out more, the show would be so cluttered – there are so many stories going on that it would have been too much. I also think some kind of love-triangle storyline would be even lazier. Gina came, filled her purposes (showing that time has passed and Bellamy had attempted to move on without Clarke and then refuelling his contempt for Grounders with her death.) It was the kind of character arc we’ve seen countless of times in this show so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    • Sawyer says:

      Like Lost when Juliet my favorite character was killed off in season 5. I was so happy in season 6 to see Sawyer so sad and Lost with out her. I am serious it pissed me off that Juliet was axed. I am just glad I didn’t get a chance to know Gina, or the chic Clarke had sex with in the first episode.

    • James says:

      Seriously? Yeah they killed off a female character to give more depth to a male character. Did they really need to go further with that character though? We all would of hated her in the end when she inevitably got in the way of Clarke and Bellamy. That to me would be more offensive. This show writes their female characters stronger then the men. Doesn’t mean all of them have to be. But the core women are. Let’s get over one insignificant death shall we?

  3. Lola says:

    I think Clarke is misguided in her plan to keep a eye on Lexa. More like foolish! What does Lexa have to do for Clarke to realize she’s a snake-stab Abby perhaps? I don’t like this story at all. After that betrayal at Mount Weather, that was it for any potential Clarke/Lexa truce. Clarke had to make a horrible choice that ultimately killed innocence and children because Lexa was a weak coward only out for her people. But do you Clarke. Just don’t be surprised when the next betrayal comes.

    • E says:

      “Lexa was a weak coward only out for her people” You do realize this is what it means to be a good leader to your people? To always put them first? Or how would you feel if the president sacrifized lots of american lifes to save a handful of citicens from other countries?
      Additionally, that sentence sums up every single Arker perfectly. None of them have ever really cared whether grounders die or live, they are always only concerned with their own survival, with very few exceptions and usually only because they care about a specific grounder and not all of them. Abby wanted to leave the grounders inside mt weather repeatedly.
      What is your alternative really? Should all the arkers kill all the grounders until they are left alone on earth? Clearly they are neighbours, so they have to have some sort of cooperation. Cooperation means treaty. Its not like the Arkers dont constantly break all the rules in their agreements either (just in the first ep this season they went into ice nation territory despite not being allowed to). And now when they went into polis with guns. Im not saying what Lexa did is something the Sky people should be happy about, but from a political standpoint, it was the only move she could possibly make and still be a good leader to her people (also presumably to survive, because I feel like the oppositition from the clans would have been immense if they found out she sacrificed hundreds of grounders only to save a few sky people). And if we want to argue legal semantics, at that point the deal she had made with Clarke was already off the table. Lexa promised her army in exchange of Clarke getting her into the mountain and at the point she took the deal, it was already clear Clarke would not be able to open the main door and get the army in. They were sitting ducks, waiting to be killed of one by one. The only reason they could slip in through the back later, was because the Mountain Men thought they had already won and stopped watching.
      If you stop thinking based on which characters you like and which you dont like and look at how this parallels political events in our world, there are lots of countries who have broken treaties with each other and they still make new ones. Why? Because short of killing everyone on earth, cooperation is the only way to peace and survival. Of course you can be forever pissed that Country X did this against their word to Country Y, but in the end, the only thing that leads to is hate and war. If we lived that way, no country would ever be able to deal with any other country on this earth, because you’d be hard pressed to find one that did not break a treaty in our thousands of years of history. If you just take France and the US – France helped the US in their fight against England and in exchange US promised to help France in their revolution. And then they did not. Should France never again sign a treaty with the US because they US broke their word once? And at that time it was not a live or die situation for the US, they werent going to lose lives of their citizens.

      Now on a completely different note is if Clarke can ever trust Lexa enough to date her, because Lexa by virtue of her position will always have to put her people before her love life – like she did when she did not go to war for Costias death with the ice nation but instead welcomed them to the coalition. But that is an issue that also works the other way around. If the Arkers were in mortal danger and the only way to save them was to betray Lexa, Clarke would do it. So this is more an issue of can two leaders of two different clans have a relationship without it ending in doom? That is seperate from, can the two leaders make deals with eacher for their people because they are neighbours and need the trade and peace.

      • Em Johnson says:

        Couldn’t have said it better! Once you get over the shock of Lexa betraying Clark and think about what the Commander did to save her people – you cant really hate her for it. I mean yeah it sucks ass that it lead to Clark killing all those people BUT from the stand point of her people – Lexa did the right thing.
        Ok now am going to play devil’s advocate. I think that Lexa could have made it work with Clark. I mean think about what it means that MW offered them a deal – after years and years of treating their people as little more than blood bags to suddenly talking to them? That shows their desperation; they were lowering themselves to the Grounders level. That right there was a huge advantage. Yes, people (Grounders and Skypeople) were going to die but its part of their culture to be violent in their pursuit of justice – Blood will have Blood. If Lexa had refused to take the deal with MW, there would have been a lot death on both sides but in the end they would have won. Of that I have little doubt. MW people were all huddled up on one level with a small number of soldiers (compared to hundreds of Grounders) to protect the civilians.
        Don’t get me wrong, Lexa doing what she did made sense but sticking to her deal with Clark would have also made sense – just not sure if it would have been good TV

    • Kris says:

      what, did you think clarke was going to do when they stormed in there? even if lexa hadnt left they would’ve killed countless, if not all, the people inside. your logic is severely flawed and you placing blame on the wrong person, sweetheart. would lexa have irradiated the building to prevent clarke from doing so? you better believe it. would clarke feel any less guilty? not a chance.

  4. Drew says:

    Clarke is still attracted to Lexa? Seriously? She should want nothing more than to kill that woman. Why would she possibly still be attracted to her?
    And Bellamy’s girlfriend was dead the second she appeared on screen. They should have just dressed her in nothing but red shirts the whole time she was on. They did nothing to build that relationship, and using it as something to motivate his arc now is just cheap.
    Are they putting any thought or consideration into these plots?

    • Kris says:

      their relationship and lexa – the character – is more complex than that. if your logic were in place in season 1, then clarke would’ve killed bellamy for destroying the radio.

  5. Cornelius says:

    At the end of the episode who was the guy asking about Clarke?

    • Cornelius says:

      Nevermind it’s Toby Levins character Carl Emerson the only survivor of Mount Weather. Also just noticed Brenda Strong is Queen Nia how could you Mary-Alice!

  6. Angel says:

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, I understand why some people may be angry with Gina’s death but come on, it’s not like the show can be PERFECT. It has given us so many amazing characters, doesnt matter if they’re men, women, black, gay etc, just like the walking dead, there are far more important things…cant we just give it a break

  7. Sawyer says:

    Damn it is just a show. I knew as soon as Gina was introduced she would be dead by episode 3. I was a little worried Raven was going to be killed off. I loved the episode. I thought it was a little predictable. I thought the best scene was really when Lexa bowed down to Clarke. Clarke will always save her people first. Clarke had the chance to kill Lexa, she couldn’t she is in love with her. Which is probably more painful, because she would have betrayed Lexa to save her people. Lexa and Clarke have amazing chemistry and it is obvious. Abby is to blame for the attack on Mt. Weather she made a mistake by moving into Mt. Weather. The Gina storyline was never going to go anywhere. Gina was there for Bellamy, because Clarke had left to deal with the decision she made to kill all those people at Mt. Weather. Bellamy was moving on, it was pretty obvious she was just a girlfriend and the way he looked at Clarke, Bellamy was more concerned about Clarke being safe than his girlfriend dying. I think season 3 is going to focus on Pike, Bellamy hating the grounders for taking and killing there people. I don;t agree it was lazy writing. The only part that surprised me was Bellamy reaction when he learned Gina was dead, he had no reaction because he knows he is losing Clarke and he needs her. I loved how they are setting up the season. Once again action packed and never a dull moment.

  8. Eva McGee says:

    More Lexa & Clark!!! And please don’t kill Lexa off like everybody is saying is going to happen.

  9. Anthony says:

    It was a good episode. I didn’t like how they just killed Gina off like that even if she was a prop for Bellamy. Also this “love” Clarke has for Lexa… Can anyone show me any proof of this after one kiss and Lexa’s betrayal at the Mountain??

    • E says:

      She couldnt kill her for one.

    • almabelly says:

      Meh, I don’t think it’s love … I think it’s more like respect, admiration, sexual attraction …

      I think that in a certain way Clarke respects and admires Lexa’s ability to put feelings aside for her people – and as much as Clarke hates herself (and Lexa) for the Mt.Weather snafu, she knows that innocents were going to die anyway. Also, like Lexa finally got Clarke to admit, (or silently agree with) Clarke would have done the same … or something similar.

      Basically, I don’t think Clarke would like to forget what happened at Mt. Weather, but to be able to live with it, the way that Lexa is able to

      Finally, aside from physical attraction, I perceive those two women are largely attracted to each other’s power. Cute couple

  10. lame says:

    If there’s anything that can possibly go wrong in this show, it does, you can put money on it.
    I like this series for smashing through boundaries, if something can go bad it does, if someone might die, they do, if there’s any possible cataclysmic event that can befall the Arkers it will crush them with devistating results, oh what great fun,ha!

  11. Marsha says:

    My jaw was on the floor by the end of this episode. Good god… Clarke and Lexa’s scene’s were overwhelming. In an INCREDIBLE way. So much tension and complexity. And when Lexa bowed to Clarke?! Oh my god, I died and was immediately resurrected.

  12. Iris says:

    To some extent I agree with the rage about Gina being just a plot device without any actual backstory (yes, it will make Bellamy’s turn harder to watch) but at least Rothenberg doesn’t dance around it and acknowledges that it was her only purpose. Sad, but at least a bit refreshing.
    What I’m concerned about now (based on the promos)… Bellamy will give them guns. We know that Pike noticed Octavia (not in a good way) but I’m more worried for Lincoln. So, I hope that the first thing Pike doesn NOT do is killing the only official Grounder in Arcadia. But to me it would explain the rage that we know it’s coming (from Octavia).
    Penny for your thoughts?

  13. ? says:

    I’m more upset they blew up Mount Weather, because I think THAT was lazy writing. The trust issues between the grounders and the sky crew over this super powerful resource in their midst had tons more storyline potential. But yes, it is lazy writing to introduce a main character’s surprise girlfriend just to kill her off. The move doesn’t deserve criticism for anything other than being lazy writing.

  14. SAM says:

    I can’t even watch the show anymore. I’ve never shipped anyone on the show to be honest and thought it was so refreshing that it seemed to carry its own weight without having to resort to relationship-heavy plots… God knows there’s enough of that doing the rounds as it is!!

    But Clarke “in love” with Lexa after one kiss and her betrayal – have a word with yourselves. You can certainly tell who wrote this episode… I still have her pathetic playground-esque “oooh, yay look at me – I made Clarke’s bisexual” tweet echoing in my head except she’s actually being portrayed as a lady-lover not bisexual – again, it seems to me, to prove a point. I recall the show-runner constantly going on about how this wasn’t one of *those shows* defined by love/romance/relationships/sex yet for the sake of ratings that is exactly where we are. I don’t appreciate the cynical attempts to manipulate by focusing so heavily on the sexuality of a character to the point of using it in a child-like fashion to try and win brownie points. And come-on Clarke was never Lexa’s “lover” – talk about over-exaggerating one kiss!!! And there’s been no follow up on her obvious grief at killing/losing Finn – no, because a complete 180 in the sexuality stakes is all it takes to forget about the one you actually loved and lost.

    I don’t buy it for a second that Clarke would give Lexa the time of day after what she did even if she could 1) understand it or 2) still had the “faux-feelings”.. I think Clarke’s guilt alone wouldn’t allow for it because surely everytime she saw Lexa she would be reminded of what she did – which totally undermines her reason for leaving Camp Jaha on the basis that facing her people everyday would only serve as a constant reminder.

    • LS says:

      You do realize that a) all relationships have varying complexities, and b) love doesn’t have to be expressed physically for it to be love, yeah? You complain about this show being defined by love/romance/sex, and yet it hasn’t even come close to that. Ultimately, relationships of any sort are going to become the ties that bind one to a place or a people. We’re not talking about Clarke (or anyone) playing house in Pleasantville here. She’s been on a mission this entire time. To survive, then to save her people. She and Lexa developed an obvious bond last season. And we still don’t know what she went through, in terms of the grief process, during her time away from “Arkadia.”

    • E says:

      You don’t stop being bisexual because you only hook up with women for a while. Clarke hooked up with three people over three seasons (if you count the kiss) and they were of varying genders – she is bisexual. Dating a guy won’t make her straight and dating a girl won’t make her a “lady lover” as you said. I don’t want to undermine your points, but the way you talk about sexuality makes it sound very homo- and biphobic. Clarke never did a 180 in sexuality. She was always bisexual. And Jasper fell in love with Maya within how many days? And Clarke knew Finn how long before he was her “love” as you called him? Why is that believable (and clearly does not bug you) but with Clexa it does? I’m not saying Clarke loves Lexa, but there is clearly attraction there and you dont need to know a person for a long time to have a crush or attraction at all. I would even argue that to some Finn and Clarke didnt know each other long enough for that to be anything more than a crush and attraction. Same with Jasper. This show moves at a fast pace with everything.

      And it’s a bit telling that you are clearly bothered only by Clexa being a main plot point, while Finn/Clarke did not bother you and you never mentioned Lincoln/Octaiva or Jasper or all the others who also had relationships. Ultimately at the end of the day, none of the Clexa scenes were about their relationship, they were mostly about politics and how to prevent a war. They just cant help also talking about their relationship, but that is not the intent. Which is what Jason means with the show is not about relationships.

      • SAM says:

        Bore off with your condescending *you must be a “phobe”* comment.. seems to be a par for the course come-back whenever someone expresses a differing view in these threads..

        • G says:

          I think you really need to reread the comment and try and wrap your brain around it before jumping to get offended. It seems perfectly reasonable to you that you are okay with every straight ship on the show, all of which jumped to love/intimacy way faster then the Clexa ship, but then with Clexa, its unbelievable, forced, just for ratings? It’s just about, as you put it, a 180 on sexuality? It sounds like you are the one focusing on sexuality and not on plot.

          Maybe rewatch the episodes building up to the kiss without expecting Clarke to be straight, or be with Bellamy, or whatever, and maybe then you’ll see what’s going on?

          I get that straight people often have a hard time perceiving these more subtle things (flirtation/interest/etc) between same gender couples, because they’re not used to it or they think unless it’s blatant stereotypical come ons there’s nothing there … But imagine one of them was a boy, maybe, and then their attraction to each other will probably become obvious to you.

    • SAZMO says:

      If Clarke has been physically and emotionally running away from what happened in season 2 and isn’t facing up to anything then it’s a safe bet she also hasn’t allowed herself to grieve for Finn. I think the powers that be already have their agenda and not everyone will like it and are free to express whatever opinion they have but it doesn’t make anyone more right or wrong than anyone else it’s all just opinions at the end of the day. I think it’s pretty awful that some people can’t express their view without being labelled homophobic or biphobic or whatever E said. Not liking the direction a story is taking doesn’t mean someone is anti-LGBT it just means they don’t like the direction a show is taking. I don’t see what the Clexa camp see when they talk about Clarke and Lexa in season 2 I have watched it several times and still do not see this chemistry that is alluded to. I also think the kiss scene wasn’t convincing but that is my opinion. I think there is more believable chemistry from the Bellarke angle and not in a brother or sister way but as I said before it seems the writers have set their agenda and are going with it. Does this make be homophobic or biphobic? No, I don’t believe it does. Maybe if sexuality in a particular direction isn’t supposed to be such a big deal, like if the post-apocalyptic people aren’t fussed one way or another then why should we be, then I do think it would be naïve to think the powers that be are making such a big deal about it for reasons other than publicity for the show, ratings and renewals.

  15. Sarah9 says:

    It was an amazing episode and almost felt like a season finale!!
    I don’t think Gina dead was the plot needed to make Bellamy more weary of the grounders and make him side with Pike..if that what happens.
    It seems it was more of a combination of her dead and all those people at Mount Weather because he trusted Echo, a grounder, who he thought he could trust after and it accumulated with his already mistrust of Lexa intensions is the fuel needed to make him reconsider if trusting them at all its a good choice. I hope he doesn’t let himself be swayed by Pike ideas, he is already hateful towards all the grounders.
    Clarke made the right decision in joining the clans because we already saw that the Ice Nation was going to war no matter what and no peace treat would work…
    I hate Echo..what a backstabbing bitch!!
    So Emerson is the reason they had the code..i just hate him so much right know!! All those innocent people :( I’m just glad Raven and Sinclair are ok..
    The music was beautiful during the ceremony :)
    Can’t wait for next week!!

  16. JTAR says:

    As long as Bellamy doesnt go down the road like Finn in s2, ill be fine.

  17. creativemoments says:

    Was Montys mom in mount weather when it exploded?

  18. Meneer Vevie says:

    The Gina subplot was extremely lazy. I think that’s obvious. I understand they did it to advance the plot. I don’t blame them. But they could have used a more inventive way to advance the plot. At least gave us a full episode with lots of Gina and Bellamy screentime. You should of gave us a reason to care about Gina. Why would we care now? We hardy knew Gina. She was a cartboard expendable charachter. I think it is very well established that we are all fans. We all love the show. But does that mean that you can’t call a spade a spade? Even if your a fan, you should be able to address and assess things fairly. And I read some talk about Lincoln. I don’t mean to ruin the show for anybody, but Lincoln will surely die in one of the upcoming episodes. Ricky Whittle has been cast as the lead in American Gods, so his availabillity for this show will become less and less. So they will have to cut him out, or hope dat he will be able to stay on as recurring. I don’t see that happening. Lincoln is surely a goner.

    If my english was a little spotty: I am not a native speaker. Just a fan from Holland.

  19. Atia says:

    Anyone else here happy not to see Jaha and his VR girlfriend this ep? I like Murphy and hope he gets drawn back into to the story, but I couldn’t care less about the City of Light.

  20. Sawyer says:

    Damn the episode was great last night not perfect. The episode last night was so fast paced, I had to pause it and say wtf is going on. New characters being introduce. Did Clarke just marry Lexa to keep her people safe. Bellamy wanted Clarke to come with him, he was pretty angry she chose to stay with Lexa. Did Bellamy forget that Gina was his girl friend and was dead? The show is about survival and people will die would you prefer Ravin gets killed or Monty, Abby, Kane, Murphy and hope to hell Jaha gets killed.

  21. BrianR says:


  22. spyridoula says:

    Why clarke she din’t kill lexa?