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Suits Season 5B Spoilers

Suits Boss on Why [Spoiler] Revealed Mike's Secret — Plus: Is Spousal Privilege a Possibility?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Suits

Suits on Wednesday narrowed down the list of people who could have sold Mike out to one very unexpected and definitive answer.

After discovering that Anita Gibbs received an anonymous message from a Harvard email address, Mike and Harvey immediately set their sights on professor Henry Gerrard. But the real truth-teller was Louis’ former fiancée and Harvard employee Sheila Sazs (played by Rachael Harris), who put two and two together after being approached for an article about fast-rising lawyer Mike Ross.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh explains why Sheila’s well-intentioned move had to be the way to go and why another possibility was too “insane” to make sense. Plus, the EP weighs in on whether or not marriage can save Mike from landing behind bars.

TVLINE | There were plenty of candidates who had good reason to turn Mike in. How did you land on Sheila?
Suits Sheila Turned Mike InI didn’t want to have someone who had good reason to turn him in, like [for] revenge or some ulterior motive. I specifically wanted someone [whose] only reason was it was the right thing to do. Many of the ideas the writers had of who did it, ultimately, were people doing it for some selfish or personal gain. For example, Logan Sanders to get back at Mike or try to get Rachel. Or Rachel’s parents to try to get him away from their daughter. Or Claire to try to get him away from her. I wanted somebody that finally found out and just did the right thing. That’s the thing to do. So Sheila seemed like the perfect candidate.

TVLINE | Did you ever seriously consider anybody else?
In my mind, it was Sheila, but the writers had many different people, for many different reasons. I just had a different approach. When they gave me their people, I certainly listened, and I certainly thought they were good and interesting, but… Yeah, I guess I was pretty set on it being Sheila from the beginning.

TVLINE | Some people thought it was the priest.
No, that was insane to me. He’s a priest. He’s bound by the confession. For him to do that would be horribly unethical, and to what purpose would he do it? I never understood that one. You’re not allowed to do that. That would make him a horrible priest. And it would also make him, in my mind, very malevolent to Mike. I don’t know why he would do that. Just to punish Mike? Confession is confession. I didn’t get that. [Laughs] All the other ones I got. But that one would make him pure evil, and he cares about Mike.

TVLINE | At first, Sheila said she wasn’t going to come forward, but by the end of the episode, she did. Why the change of heart?
That question will be answered in the next episode. Things are not always what they seem, and Anita Gibbs doesn’t always tell the truth.

TVLINE | Will Rachael Harris be back?
We will absolutely see Rachael Harris again. Sheila’s involvement in Mike’s situation is far from over.

TVLINE | I can’t imagine Louis will handle it well.
He’s upset about it. The other reason I like it being Sheila, when he says, “Why didn’t you come to me?” she thinks she’s doing him a favor. She thinks she’s helped out in catching somebody that was perpetrating a fraud on the institution that each one of them loves, Pearson Specter Litt and Harvard. Why would she think Louis wouldn’t like that? And then she realizes, “Holy sh-t, Louis is in on this!” Moving forward, he feels betrayed by the fact that she said she wouldn’t come forward and he feels like she did. But as I’ve hinted, we’re going to clear that up in the next episode. This whole situation is going to advance [Louis and Sheila’s] story in certain ways.

TVLINE | Anita Gibbs came after Donna through her father. Who’s next on her attack list?
They’re all up for grabs, and next up is one of our six that hasn’t been come after yet.

Suits Season 5B SpoilersTVLINE | If Rachel and Mike got married, would they have spousal immunity? Would that help them in this battle?
It is my understanding that spousal privilege does not extend to prior to when you are married. So they would have to have been married a while ago. That topic is discussed and explored in the back six [episodes] in a, hopefully, interesting way.

Suits fans, what did think of the Sheila reveal? Did you see the twist coming?

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  1. soaplover says:

    Best show on tv. Period

  2. Knnbccb says:

    Cb knn lanjiao! Put spoiler in search engine headline for what? Simi sai

  3. Paul says:

    This show has literally gone from strength to strength and is hitting us with the best episodes of the entire series.

    Everyone involved with the show is doing an outstanding job and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!

  4. Suits is absolutely fantastic. The whole episode was explosive. The story, the actors, the characters are the best! Excellent!

  5. sarah t says:

    I think this is one of Suit’s strongest seasons yet and I’m definitely interested to see how (or even IF) they’re going to be able to get out of this.

  6. Bwhit says:

    I think it was brilliant to have it be Sheila. This show and its actors do not get the credit they deserve from all of the award shows. I think team Mike (that’s what I’m calling them now lol) is going to find something on Gibbs, she has to have some skeletons in her closet! I may be a little too hopeful but I actually think Mike and Rachel will survive this intact.

    • Nichole says:

      Personally I hope Mike and Rachel survive intact, but that’s mostly because I couldn’t stand it if the show went back to the “will they won’t they” on again off again stuff that’s been going on for the last few years (or forever it feels!). Last season it got to the point that I would fast forward through their relationship drama parts of the show lol. Though this season feels to me like the best since it’s first year. The drama between Harvey and Donna and now Mike’s secret being out, and Sheila being the person that did it has made for some fantastic TV :)

  7. Jo Jo says:

    Just thinking. Could there be a picture of Mike taking the test & not his so called friend on the day of it. That would prove Mike took & passed the bar.

  8. MMD says:

    I remember posting last week that I read that Korsh had said that it was ‘someone who did it for the right reasons’ but I also though he had said or I interpreted that it was one of the core 6. I damn near drove myself crazy trying to figure out who it was this week and finally I settled on Sheila Saz for 2 reasons. 1. Her greatest love is Harvard and she gave up Louis because of it and 2. I read she would be in the upcoming episodes. That made it a no-brainer as to who it was.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I thought about this way way more than an average person should regarding a tv show but because the writing is always so good and sharp, I was truly intrigued and it was basically driving me nuts!!!

    I do not think that Sheila Sazs comes forward willingly but is forced by Gibbs who discovers that she had a relationship with Louis so that is her leverage.

    As for Mike being made partner, I always figured that would come back to bite the firm in the butt. I just didn’t know when or how.

    The big plot twist that I didn’t see coming was Gretchen’s reveal. She did say when she was hired by Harvey how great she was and her tremendous experience so really I shouldn’t have been surprised but yet I was. Great curve ball!

    Now, if only next Wednesday would hurry up and arrive!!!!!

    • Mo says:

      I also thought that if Sheila figured out out, she would turn him in. I hadn’t heard she would be back though, so I expected it to be someone else. I know Sheila told Louis that she never planned to come forward, but she never said she wouldn’t talk if they tracked her down.

  9. TC says:

    Don’t put the spoiler in the freaking title of your column.

    • Give me a break –

      Here is another spoiler for you – Harvey got Donna’s Dad out of trouble.

      If you didn’t watch – don’t look.

      • TC says:

        It showed up on my news aggregator. I had no chance to avoid it before getting a chance to see the episode today. In the world of the internet, you don’t put spoilers in article titles. It’s just common sense. I’ll be blocking this site now.

  10. Gerald says:

    Best Show on TV. LOVE IT.
    Sheila was a great choice. She was certainly one of the ones I thought might have turned him in. I hope they don’t have to discredit her to get Mike off.
    WHY is there only 4 episodes left!!!! This show should have new episodes 52 weeks a year (me being selfish)

  11. Patrick says:

    SUITs is like TV crack to me. I love the show. My wife gets irritated sometimes when I get so emotionlly involved with the show. I know it’s just a show, but it’s great drama. I hope the USA network keeps renewing the show.

  12. Ali says:

    I just searched up “suits” on google because i didnt know if episode 12 came yet. And right in the headline of this site gave away a HUGE SPOILER. My god, someone should be fired.

  13. aph1976 says:

    I think it was brilliant to have Sheila be the one who turned Mike in because now Louis could be torn because to save Mike they may have to discredit her.As for Mike and Rachel, they could make it look like they eloped awhile ago but kept it quiet for some reason.

  14. madhatter360 says:

    I don’t understand why Sheila jumped straight to “Mike isn’t a real lawyer” rather than “Mike went to law school somewhere other than Harvard and lied on his resume to work at a law firm that only hires Harvard grads”. Other than the fact that if she concluded that, the natural reaction would be contacting Jessica or Louis, not the DA.

    • Ashley says:


    • MMD says:

      That is a really good point and you are the only one that thought of it. After all, if Sheila had truly looked into Mike’s background she would have seen that he was in the Harvard database and he had also passed the bar which would have only raised more questions for her about her memory.

      Madhatter – I’d say that you win the prize for best comment! The next time Matt or Michael interviews Kosh that question needs to be asked.

      Kudos to you!!!!!!

    • Beezy says:


    • dia says:

      it’s because this is a Tv Show! Everyone keeps saying this show is very well written but when you think about it it’s actually not…sooo many legal and plot mistakes and that is just because Korsh has said many time that he just goes with the flow and never plans ahead for where the story will go. Bad idea!

      For example in the US you need an undergrad degree to go to law school. But when Louis found out about Mike he said that he looked and found no record of Mike graduating from anywhere with an undergrad. So all Gibbs has to do is look for that and she has him. I don’t know I feel like they have a lot of plot mistakes and it’s annoying me

  15. suzyku says:

    This is a wonderful well written, superbly acted show!

  16. angela says:

    I want Mike to get away with it. I know it’s wrong but I like all of them so much!!

  17. Femi says:

    Can’t wait for next episode… best tv show in years…..though at the long run i dont foresee a happy ending for jessica with the firm.

  18. I don’t get this, this is the third Lawyer to want to go after Pearson, Spector and Litt for playing dirty, by playing dirty. If you are going to go after lawyers you think are dirty, I would think you would need to be crystal clean first, or I guess stupid enough to think those so called dirty lawyers aren’t dirty enough to find your dirt.

  19. Mark Wood says:

    What I especially like is that with using Sheila’s file’s as the basis for this, at least as presented, the writer’s and at least three characters have an out.

    Her file’s have been shown to be accessed without her permission previously on the show, by Louis. Louis even tells Donna that he has gone through her files, and this is where he starts to consider Mike a fraud.

    If files aren’t secured that leaves the possibility of someone tampering with them. again, mike doesn’t have to prove he’s a lawyer, they have to prove he isn’t.

  20. zee says:

    Saw it coming somehow. But not sure if it’s true. If it is, I guess ‘coz she’s emotional and she felt betrayed but I think, along the way, she and louis will connect again. This case will be thrown in the long run due to ‘her error’ or because she was hurting and she’s using this to hurt louis or something. In the end, shiela will be willing to bend her principle because she loves louis. BOOM! Haha

  21. Shannon says:

    I didn’t even think about Sheila but in a way I’m glad it was her and not someone with malicious intent. Just like Louis figured it out on his own so did Sheila. Who put the writer onto Mike Ross and the article and go to Sheila in the first place? That seems odd to be doing it now especially since mike name is removed from most paperwork and not in the limelight. Sheila like Louis is smart and would have put it together. I think there is more to everyone’s story though…