Arrow Felicity Father Calculator

Arrow Boss Shares the Story Behind Big Reveal, Previews the Reactions to Come: 'Felicity Is Really Conflicted'

The following contains spoilers from this Wednesday’s episode of Arrow.

Pop quiz: What does the Green Arrow’s latest adversary have in common with Oliver’s fiancée Felicity?

That answer, in a moment.

This week on the CW series, former team member Roy “Arsenal” Harper (played by Colton Haynes) was blackmailed by a hacktivist known as The Calculator to pinch some Palmer Tech toys. After Roy was rescued from his forced servitude, The Calculator (Everwood‘s Tom Amandes) faced off against Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), over the computer wires and thus never laying eyes on each other. Ms. Smoak would emerge the victor in that clash of keyboards, but her business with the mysterious menace was far from over. Because after giving a rousing presentation to the Palmer Tech board, she came face-to-face with The Calculator’s public persona, Noah Cutler. Or as she knows him, “Dad?!”

With that reveal capping the episode, TVLine turned to showrunner Wendy Mericle for exclusive insight on the awaited introduction of Papa Smoak, how chilly a welcome he will receive and for how long he might stick around.

TVLINE | Before we get into who Felicity’s father is, I wanted to walk about who he isn’t. Why did you so freely dismiss the Damien Darhk theory at the beginning of the season? And why did you nix him as the eventual reveal?
You know, we did talk about it, and being perfectly honest, we knew Andy Diggle was going to be working with H.I.V.E. and with Damien, so we felt that if we had every relative of our core teamArrow Season 4 Spoilers somehow involved with H.I.V.E. it would feel very “Tiny Town,” very coincidental. It was purely a choice based on that. It kind of narrowed the scope of the world too much, and we felt it was better to find an organic way to bring in Felicity’s father. The other piece is that if it was Damien or tied to H.I.V.E., it would make it harder to bring him back, say, in Season 5.

TVLINE | I was going to say, Damien is probably a little too evil for these purposes.
It’s too close. And also it’d be very close to Thea’s discovery [about her own father, Malcolm]. There were a lot of things we felt we had skirted and done before, and we didn’t want to repeat stories.

TVLINE | So how did you arrive at The Calculator as his identity and the particular way you introduced him?
It was kind of a double whammy. We knew we wanted to bring Roy back, and we wanted to do that in a way that was organic. When we sent him off, we pretty much sold the world on the idea that he was the Arrow and he was gone, so we needed somebody who was going to be able to dig out that information and be really smart about it. We wanted Felicity’s father to be somebody who had a very similar skill set to her, to kind of explain the genetics of her brainpower, and it just seemed like a perfect marriage to have Roy working for this guy who seemingly has a higher, better agenda, something that has some socially conscious angle, but doing it in ways that are very questionable.

TVLINE Why now, with Felicity’s dad? She’s got a lot on her plate at the moment.
[Laughs] It was really motivated off of what happened in [the midseason finale]. The fact that she goes through what she goes through and has to deal with this disability and the wheelchair, we feel like that really put her in the public eye and put her back on her father’s radar.

TVLINE | So, has he been keeping tabs on her?
I would say he has not been for most of her life, only in the past few months. It’s sad to say, but he’s not Arrowa devoted father! You’ll see a bit more of that [next week], his reasons for doing what he did. But he’s a complicated character.

TVLINE | It won’t be one of those things like, “Don’t worry, child, I’ve been keeping track of you from afar. I was actually there when you graduated from high school….
That’s a little stalkery, yeah. [Laughs] But he did turn up in a fun place at the end of [this week’s episode].

TVLINE | What distinct reactions will Felicity and Donna (Charlotte Ross) have?
Well, Donna will be very clear — she knows who he is and what he’s capable of, and she wants nothing to do with him. But Felicity, we really wanted to play the real of someone who is in her twenties and really has not known their father, and what kind of emotions would that bring up for somebody in her position. I think she’s really conflicted. She wants to believe that her father loves her and that he has a vested interest in who she is and knowing her and having a relationship with her, and she feels very torn about that — even though she knows right off that bat, at the top of [next episode], who he really is.

TVLINE | And as you said, you also want keep it different enough from the Thea/Malcolm reveal and tension.
Very much. There were a lot of echoes and we went down a lot of avenues as you would do when breaking a story of, “Oh wait, we did that with Malcolm and Thea.”

TVLINE | Plus whatever Wally and Joe are going through on The Flash.
That, too!

TVLINE | For how long will Tom Amendes be around?
We love him. He’s one of those rare actors who can be both menacing and really warm and kind and fatherly, so we would love to keep him around as long as possible. It’s just a question of us having a lot of other fish to fry this season. But our goal would be to have him play a part in Felicity’s life going forward.

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  1. I am so excited for this development. FINALLY we get to Felicity and her father. Really excited to see what they do with this this season and hey, if they want to keep it open so he can come next season too? Bring it!

  2. BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON, easily! It made me even like Felicity (this is how I like her: with no one kissing her butt which makes her prove herself!) and Roy’s return … Oh my god it nearly stopped my heart! Lol

  3. Janine says:

    Glad to see Felicity’s dad has arrived and I love the actor (Dr Abbott!) but I felt like this episodes – or maybe even this stretch of episodes – are already too crowded to fully deal with this in a decent way. Hope I’m wrong!

    • Effie says:

      I 100% agree with you. They’re cramming so many things into each episode that it’s almost enough to give you whiplash, and this is one storyline that should be explored to its fullest. I’m wary but hopeful.

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree this episode was crammed full of stuff but I think they’ve set up Felicity’s dad for more than one episode and probably for season 5 too. There’s a lot of potential there.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Felicity versus the Calculator was the best part of the episode and that’s saying a lot because I enjoyed mostly everything. They had great chemistry over the comms! Kinda rapid fire. It’s so great to see Felicity get an arc that’s about her. I’m such a happy Felicity fan right now.

  5. Nic says:

    So glad Nyssa is back and getting an arc she deserves. Now I’m just hoping they don’t kill her.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Sadly with Merlyn being a regular, well, never bet against the regular… Which is a real shame since Nyssa really should have killed him last season.

      • Patrick says:

        I wouldn’t bet against Merlin anyway. He’s a very wily survivor. He’s very calculating and thinks strategically and tactically. Nyssa will be in a situation where she thinks she’s won, only to find out she was doing exactly what Merlin wanted her to do. He’s put her on a path to restore the Lazarus pit. He knows it will be too difficult for himself, or the league of assassins, to carry out. But a splinter group acting AGAINST him, will be successful. They’ll succeed, only to see Malcom swoop in and reclaim the pit.

        • peterwdawson says:

          A pity, perfect time to finally hold him accountable for all the horrible things he’s pulled yet give him a noble sacrifice by trading his life for his daughter’s, not unlike how Moira Queen died.

  6. jrex says:

    Another caution regarding Felicity’s father, shouldn’t she be suspicious that he suddenly shows up now that she is successful and wealthy due to Palmer Tech? He wouldn’t be the first relative to show up when someone suddenly has a lot of money.

  7. amb1973 says:

    And Oliver’s visiting the kid and lying to Felicity more and more. What a scumbag.

    • Drew says:

      I would have felt more sorry for her if they hadn’t shown us what a bitca she was when she did find out about the kid in the other timeline. Her reaction was the last straw for me when it came to Felicity.

      • Lizzie says:

        She definitely could have given him some more time but how is she a bitch for wanting the man she loves to be honest with her?

        • Drew says:

          Oliver flat out told her that his world just exploded and he needed a minute to deal with it. When someone you love tells you that, you don’t chew them out because you you you. It’s not like she’s always told him everything about herself, as soon as it happened. She lied to him all summer about giving up the superhero game and living a normal life.

          • Lizzie says:

            They’re different situations. Felicity didn’t tell him that she was still helping Team Arrow. Oliver didn’t tell her that he has a child. A CHILD. That’s huge, and as he was planning on marrying her, that affects her life too. I agree she reacted harshly and I didn’t like that at all but I think wanting him to be honest is completely fair.

          • amb1973 says:

            Finding out you have a kid is not equal to your world exploding, for goodness’ sake. What an exaggeration. And he had way more than a minute and lied to her face.

          • Drew says:

            Oliver literally just found out that the child he thought was dead was in fact alive, that his mother paid his ex girlfriend to keep the kid a secret, and that his ex kept the kid a secret from Oliver despite not wanting the money. She stole years of his child’s life from him. You don’t think that that’s a huge bomb to drop on his life?
            He probably would have told Felicity, but he needed time to process the information for himself. And sorry, but she isn’t entitled to know everything about him the second it happens. He has the right to get his footing before he tells her. Her outburst was completely selfish and completely out of line. She’s lucky that he can’t remember that tantrum.

          • kath says:

            And in the second timeline, when he had as much time to think about it as he wanted, including the trip back to Star City, he straight out lied to Felicity.

            The problem is not only the lying itself but that it makes all his protestations of true love to her false. If you really love someone as your partner, you don’t lie to them.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            I agree 100% with Drew.

            Oliver had the right to process the information and get his footing, and that doesn’t mean like an hour or two, or even the same day that they were fighting an immortal psychopath. He just found out he had a son! That his mother paid the mother of his child off to stay silent and hide the knowledge from him, and that she didn’t take the money but still hide the fact from him. But still threatened to never let Oliver see his son if he told anyone, not even Felicity, which was specifically pointed out.

            There’s a double standard here that I feel a lot of people are failing to recognize.

          • Ashley says:

            Oliver doesn’t remember how Felicity reacted in the alternate timeline (and her reaction was that way solely for plot related reasons). So he really can’t use that as an excuse. He’s HAD time to deal with it this time. He still hasn’t told her. As for when she does find out, anyone in real life, finding out their S/O had a secret kid and they were lying about it for a while, would react badly. That would be the expected reaction. And how exactly would the kid’s mother know if he told Felicity?? Felicity would keep it a secret for him if he told her the mother threatened him. The mom would never know. I’m not hating on Oliver, I get why he mistakenly thinks he has to lie, but it’s still a mistake.

          • kath says:

            The stupid of this storyline, it hurts.

          • Ann Mack says:

            Why does everyone overlook the part when Felicity straight up asks Oliver “when we’re you going to tell me” and he looks her right in the face and says “I don’t know”. So BS about time Oliver decided to keep it a secret because a woman who lied to him blackmailed him. He can’t tell Thea either. Dumb storyline with characters acting OOC for plot purposes ONLY.

          • Ugonna Wosu says:

            The time to chew thing was an excuse by Oliver. He wasn’t going to tell her, period. How dare you make me defend felicity?

          • Maria says:

            He knew a while ago he was the dad. He just wanted confirmation. Plus when he went back to the house it was night time. Meaning he had all day to think about this news. He wasn’t even going to tell her either if you were paying any attention to the episode.

      • Ana says:

        We are talking about Felicity, the woman who has been by his side all the time, no matter what! It was a confidence thing and Oliver did not trust Felicity on this serious situation! She is all heart, an emotional person who had never thought that the love of her life would lie to her. In this case, Oliver chose to do what a woman who was blackmailing instead of the love of his life, he should have told her the truth!

    • Janine says:

      Yes! They casually slipped that line in about how he’s running back and forth to Central City. I wonder what cover story he’s telling Felicity when he sneaks off to spend time with his secret son? That plot is like a ticking time bomb, and it taints all the scenes in the past two episodes of him being a great partner to her.

      • amb1973 says:

        I can’t even watch anymore. Every second between them is a lie. All these heart-eyes gifs all over Tumblr make me sick. Plus now he’s in love with Malcolm and wanting to make a deal with DD, who just PARALYZED Felicity? Yeesh.

        • Shep says:

          Y’all are exaggerating. Remember the reason Oliver is lying is cause the baby mama told him he couldn’t tell anybody if he wanted to be in their son’s life.

      • Kevin M says:

        yep, a time bomb! Not looking forward to this. This relationship is so good and I hate to say it in a past tense… guess I need to trust the writers but I remember the angst of S3 and I cringe!

    • kath says:

      That was the only disappointing part of the episode. With Felicity hurt because of him and Thea fighting her demons, Oliver should have put even thinking about the kid on hold.

  8. GirlvsTV says:

    I was so excited for this episode and I wish there had been more Felicity vs Calculator stuff. Interested in seeing Felicity deal with this new reveal. That being said, the episode itself was pretty much ruined for me after Oliver mentioned he’d been visiting Central City. Sorry, but the thought that he is continuing to lie about the secret kid to the one person (his future wife) who deserves his honesty while she is also dealing with a major life-changing injury is so foul. This, plus the fact he ditched Felicity in the hospital and then tonight he ‘thanked’ Malcolm, whose actions ultimately put Thea in the position she’s in now, has me massively disliking Oliver’s character. Like I really really hate him right now. And that is soooo frustrating because I was really invested in the growth Oliver had shown up until the crossover.

    • Michelle says:

      Felicity does not have the right to know about his son. Oliver made a promise and he intends to keep it. Felicity fans act like children because Oliver is actually trying to do the right thing by his son and his son’s mom. Oliver has kept his promises and that’s been constant the entire series so no, he should not have to disclose his child until his son’s mom says it’s okay,

      • Jenn says:

        That’s BS. Felicity is going to be that child’s stepmom. Oliver is building a life with her -presumably even having children with her one day. He should tell her and she has a right to know as she needs to make space for that child in her life. And the kid’s mom has no right to say that Oliver cannot share that information with his partner. Oliver has rights over/to that child regardless of the mother’s opinion of it or her liking it (both in the fictional world of Star City and in the real world of child custody law). I would completely respect Oliver agreeing to Felicity having no relationship with the boy. I even respect the mom’s right to limit Oliver’s relationship with his son as they adjust to each other. But Oliver has every right to tell whomever he wants about his child. And, most importantly, that should be to the woman he is already spending his life with and planning on continuing to spend his life with.

        • GirlvsTV says:

          THIS. Sorry, but Oliver is absolutely the villain in this tale. Ludicrous that the Oliver we saw at the beginning of this season would lie to Felicity in the first place, but having him continue to lie to her after he proposed is too awful for me. I might have come around if he’d only lied the one time, pre him snuggling her boobs at the end of the crossover, but the idea that he is continuing to lie to her has really soured me on his character.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            There’s a double standard here, but it’s hard to recognize becuz girls always know when they have a child becuz they go through pregnancy. But just for second imagine if it were possible the girl found out she had a child she never knew about, and the father had custody, and the only way she could ever see her child was to lie to the man she currently with….

        • anacat says:

          In real life, Oliver would be classified as an absent parent, he would have no rights (pr) towards the child. Also, if you want to play devils advocate, felicity is not going to be the child’s step mum as there is no ring on her finger and the marriage is off in the future. . . .

          • Lizzie says:

            Oliver could totally fight Samantha for custody in the real world. He has rights, especially if they learned that she purposefully kept his child from him.

          • kath says:

            In the real world, Oliver would have a helluva case for suing Samantha because she kept the existence of his child from him.

      • kath says:

        It was a promise she had no right to ask for. Either she wants to keep her son away from Oliver entirely because people around him get hurt, or she lets Oliver be a father to her son. And if it’s the latter, the woman Oliver is going to marry and be Williams stepmother definitely should know about his son.

        • anacat says:

          Oliver had NO rights to his child, he is currently an unofficial unregistered father. The dna test was nit offical and wouldnt count to courts. He couldn’t sue without rights and NO judge anywhere would remove a 6/8 year old boy from his mum who is demonstrating she is perfectly fine to look after him. Williams mum could leave, not tell him where she is going and he could do nothing . Also she has a pretty air tight case for oliver and his family and friends not to see william, she told him about the pregnancy , he told his mun and his mum paid her off to have anabortion. Oliver did not contact her or remain in touch. . . At best he would get supervised visitation if Williams mum deemed it ok then their relationship could build up from that. The ball is totally in her court.
          I realize that in Hollywood/ day time specials children social services turns up on some unsuspecting, unknowing fathers door and says ‘hey, here’s your kid’ but irl that child would put up for fostering or adoption. if as father in the usa you are not registered with the state, you have zero say in your child’s life .

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Oliver had no idea he had a child becuz SHE decided NOT to tell him. If he took it to court the only way he’d lose is if her lawyers figured out he was the Green Arrow. In the publics eyes’ Oliver Queen is a great citizen and running for mayor, versus a mother who hide the child from his father and made the kids’ entire life a lie. Plus that cheque would close the case. Each side could have a secret chip that would ruin the other, but even without those, Oliver is still the victim and would likely get custody of his son.

          • K says:

            oliver thought she had a miscarriage and she told him not to contact her. Shortly if not immediately after that he was missing for five years. They wouldn’t take the kid away from her but any court in the world would give him visitation. Samantha’s demand was completely outrageous and if Oliver had any functioning brain cells he would have just responded, “gee, I already told Felicity but I won’t tell anyone else.”
            The only reason this lie is happening is to break up Oliver and Felicity. Temporarily, anyway.

          • darkevan13 says:

            completely agree with K, right now I hate Oliver, I mean can you be more dumb than him? he never learns, the stupidity of the character (and de writers) it´s reaching new levels.

          • kath says:

            The court would not take William away from her but it would order a DNA test and if Oliver was found to be the father, it would order access and visitation for him. Not supervised because Oliver has not been found to be negiligent or have a criminal record.
            The ball is entirely in Oliver’s court if he wants to take it there. Which makes it very stupid that he didn’t and just agreed to her demands. Maybe he knows a good lawyer, like one who wears black leather and works beside him.

            What Moira did is irrelevant. Oliver was never given a chance to be a father to William.

          • aph1976 says:

            The courts i’m sure wouldn’t just remove the child from his mother’s care unless it was proven she was a danger to him but Oliver could sue for visitation rights and the court would order a paternity test to verify that Oliver is the father.Plus i don’t think Oliver would sue full custody of his son.

          • Jenn says:

            Though this is mostly off topic from Arrow, I’m going to give my response anyways. What you said is completely untrue (lawyer here). Fathers who neglect or abandon their child often have their rights limited based on previous patterns of care used to establish custodial time, but rarely -if ever- do courts completely sever a parent’s rights (even for convicted felons). PLUS Oliver did not abandon his child or actively decide not to be in his life. He was unaware of the existence of his child. 5 minutes in court plus an official DNA test would result in Oliver at least having visitation -and likely unsupervised visitation at that. And his involvement in William’s life would only grow as the court saw that he was a good father. FURTHER, even if Oliver was deemed as to having no rights to his son, it does not limit him (legally or morally) from telling the whole world that William is his, biologically. People often think that mothers/custodial parents have lots more rights than they actually do.

        • John NYC says:

          Oh she certainly can ask for whatever she wants, but HE didn’t have to agree. Either walk away and avoid the introduction of a toxic element of lies into his relationship with Felicity (and telling Felicity about the situation) OR sue openly sue Samantha for visitation rights based on her lying about and abducting his child.

          But, in true Oliver fashion: he goes to “fix” it all On. His. Own. One more time. Like just about every character on the show called him out on just last night.

          • kath says:

            They can’t make him all fixed just yet. There are a couple of seasons still to go on the show. Hopefully.
            Last season he learned (for the third time) that he can’t do it alone, he needs his team to help.
            Maybe this season he’ll learn not to keep secrets from them.

          • John NYC says:

            That’s a great point, it is very much a journey show about Oliver from that beginning to wherever.

      • Lizzie says:

        Disagree. Samantha asking Oliver to lie was a terrible thing to do. Oliver doesn’t owe her anything, especially when she’s the one who kept his son from him for 8 years. And the lie is pointless because if she really didn’t want her son dragged into Oliver’s messy life, she wouldn’t let him see William at all. And she definitely wouldn’t let him see him knowing his fiancée was just seriously hurt because of their connection. If anything she would have seen that Felicity had been hurt and called Oliver and cut all ties. It makes no sense that she would allow him in William’s life. No sense at all.

        • Shep says:

          Maybe you don’t agree with some of these character’s decisions but they all have reasons for making them. No need to jump on some just understand why they are doing it and don’t rip them apart. Oliver is lying cause Samantha told him too. Samantha told Oliver to lie to protect her son. All of this makes sense!

          • kath says:

            If Samantha were making Oliver lie to protect her son, why is she letting him spend time with William which puts the boy at risk? Telling Felicity that he has a son wouldn’t make the information go public; Felicity knows how to keep his secrets (season 1 reference).

            Samantha is making Oliver lie and subesquently risk his relationship with his fiance to protect herself. And Oliver is an idiot for agreeing to it. I bet he gets caught in his visits to Central City.

      • Ashley says:

        No, that’s not true, she has a right to know. It would be different if it was a casual relationship. He intends to be with Felicity forever. If Oliver told Felicity he had a kid and the mom threatened him if he didn’t keep it secret, Felicity wouldn’t tell anybody. I’m not mad at him but he’s still making a mistake. He has his rights as a parent, too.

  9. Joe says:

    Great episode, but I’m just wondering how she didn’t notice her father sitting next to Oliver while giving her speech?

    • Ashley says:

      I think when you’re giving a speech you can easily miss people in the crowd because you’re so focused on what you’re doing, but it was a bit of a stretch in order to make sure he could say that cute line about Felicity to Oliver, ultimately.

  10. James D says:

    First really enjoyable episode for me this season. While it was obvious as soon as he was announced that he was Felicity’s father they have certainly introduced him in an intriguing way. Great stuff felt more like season 1 and 2 which is what this show needed. can’t wait to see how this develops.

  11. Drew says:

    Things that I liked about the episode:
    Seeing Roy and Thea together again. I’m not entirely sure why Constantine never fixed her when he was in town, but it was still nice to see them together.
    Laurel’s line about Roy: “Last year he didn’t even know how to spell ‘computer’.”
    It was really mean, but funny.
    Nyssa. Tatsu (who I’m amazed made it out of the episode alive, with Suicide Squad coming out).
    Things I didn’t like:
    Everyone who was dead is back this season. Everyone who disappeared is back. They’re all connected to each other, and then connected to the group. In the interview above, they say that they wanted to avoid what’s been done before, but they failed miserably.
    And honestly, it’s starting to feel like the writers are bored with Arrow and don’t want to be there anymore. Oliver went to hunt down a bad guy in his normal clothes. If it wasn’t Roy, what would Oliver have done when the bad guy went on the news telling people that the mayoral candidate was kung-fu fighting through town? (and for that matter, wouldn’t the contact camera have told the Calculator that Oliver was fighting Roy?).
    None of the decision on the show are made out of logic. The episode are just thrown together without any care at all. And I don’t like saying this, because I truly thought of this show as one of the best on TV a couple of years ago.
    Maybe they should call it quits when the flashbacks catch up to the present, and focus on the shows that they obviously have more fun writing. They can always bring Team Arrow in for guest spots on The Flash and Legends.

  12. JamesF says:

    Felicity is a hero and if you say so otherwise or she is a rip off of Barbara Gordon prepare to be attacked by hundreds of angry Felicity fans.

    Felicity fans are the worst and are some of the most vile, obnoxious, rude discriminative loud mouth trolls I have come across on the internet and I have been an admin and a paid moderator on forums in the past and dealt with a lot of trolls before but these people are psychotic. They spend their days bullying and putting down people with their multiple profiles who don’t like the Felicity character and at the same time and then turn around and do the same thing with Laurel but instead use personal insults about Katie Cassidy’s looks, weight, height, her Father, past relationships and how she is jealous of Emily.

    The IMDB boards are a good example of this and I was a member of that site for over a year and posted frequently on other boards but it wasn’t until I posted on the ‘Arrow’ section I started receiving abusive private messages, attacks on having ADHD and OCD (which I wrote about on another section) and surprisingly even death threats all because I said I preferred an action show over a romantic drama.

    • Lizzie says:

      You realise this goes both ways right? I’ve seen nasty vile Laurel fans too. Emily Bett Rickards has people tweeting her that she’s fat and she should just kill herself. Please don’t accuse Felicity fans of being the worst when there’s bad fans of everyone. I’ve been on IMDB myself and there’s a lot of rudeness directed towards Felicity there. You’re being pretty selective with your information there, FYI.

      • Lizzie says:

        Oh and let’s not forget all the Laurel fans on Facebook who tells Olicity fans that they’re a cancer and should kill themselves. My point is there are bad fans everywhere because this is the internet. Singling out one group is unfair.

        • Michelle says:

          Of course but there’s always that loud group in every fandom. In Arrow, it’s the Olicity fans, in the Flash, the Iris fans, etc.

          • Lizzie says:

            It’s not always the Olicity fans. Try looking at all the hate the hardcore comic book fans spew. Telling Felicity fans they’re a cancer. I mean, cancer?! WTF. It’s gross. So no, I don’t believe in singling out one group of fans like you’re doing here. Everyone can be as bad as each other at times.

    • Ana says:

      Look at the words you are refering here to the fans of Felicity? You are the one bringing the war to this article, not the Felicity/Olicity fans! I’m not going to the Arrow FB page anymore because people like you (fanboys that can’t accept that Arrow is a show based in the comics but not the comics) because they are so rude and violent and not the victims! The IMDB is other place I can’t go if I want read the comments in peace and enjoy the reviews because fanboys and lauriver fans are angry about the way the show is coming and even against the good results, continue to attack writers, producers, actors and fans! What we do, Felicity and Olicity fans, is to defend ourselves and it is so frustating when you need to defend yourself and your fellows from people that call themselves ‘the real fans’ (really??) only because they know the comics doesn’t mean they are better!
      JamesF what you wrote here was an example of the arrogance and stupidity of what we, Felicity and Olicity fans suffer every day all over the internet! Thank you for showing others the kind of behavior that we have the misfortune to face every day

  13. GirlvsTV says:

    Okay, but wait – why does badass Nyssa need to use Thea to get Oliver to kill Malcolm aka R’as al Ghul, Jr for her? Is it for the same reason Malcolm used Thea to get Oliver to kill R’as al Ghul, Sr last year? Which is to say – no reason at all other than making characters twist themselves into knots to fit into these lazy recycled plot lines? Also, poor Thea. Will she ever get to be anything other than a human bargaining chip for people to use against her brother?

  14. niloofar22 says:


  15. ? says:

    Thye really broke the bank on guest stars this week, eh? Seriously, how much do you think they all must have cost? Haha. Great episode. I can’t believe this reveal about Felicity’s dad didn’t leak.

  16. I luv Arrow fell n luv with the show but hate wen they put felicity with him& her 2 gether tho that sucked he was doing 2 much should have let her stay luv n the handsome boss she were working with wowwwww

  17. dancmh says:

    I like any scene with Nyssa and/or Malcom in it. I thought the flashback was a pointless waste of time but otherwise liked the episode a lot.

  18. Pat says:

    An awful lot to digest in one episode but I loved it. Wow, the question is will Oliver actually kill Malcom to save Thea? Even though Thea has no love lost for that man, there is still a part of her that may not forgive Oliver for doing this. I got a little excited when they mentioned Constatine’s name, thinking that might open the door for him to return but I guess that is not to be. Roy’s return was great but it had my heart racing when I thought he was going to die and he was the one in the grave. Thank goodness that did not happen. Also, the touching scene between him and Thea brought tears to my eyes, especially when they were talking about what life would have been like if they were together. Papa Smoaks, yikes! I am just wondering if he ends up being the one who helps Felicity walk. The man is a sleaze but maybe there will be an ounce of love that he will have for his daughter to do this. One last thing, on last weeks “Legends of Tomorrow” when Ray and Sarah were at the auction did they not see Damian Dhark and if so why would they not try and get word back to Oliver and the team about this. Especially since it looks like this man does not age.

  19. Kevin M says:

    Love Felicity and seeing any side of her is incredible. Oliver sitting beside his woman’s father was a great touch. I am intrigued so far.
    Arrow this season has been so great! Also a plus when Oliver/Felicity are together and a team within themselves they are a great couple. Though knowing drama is coming is a whammy but I hope it is done well and the relationship drama doesn’t overshadow all this good we’ve had with this great couple.

    • Ana says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you! This season has been better and better every week and I’m sure we will have Oliver and Felicity solving their problems of an adult and mature way, as always!

  20. mike says:

    I like that they made him the Calculator. It ties in nicely with DC Universe Online game that I just returned to after a long absence.

    Now..side question: Back when Felicity told Oliver “you need to find that sob and kill him” did she specifically refer to Damien? Was his name actually mentioned. I can’t recall. Because i’m positive that the person in the grave is Donna, and daddy dearest killed her.

  21. Corinne says:

    I love that we finally got to meet Felicity’s father! I am really looking forward to that storyline, especially because he is not a good guy. I am really looking forward to the reveal that they battled each other as well!

  22. Ashley says:

    I’m really excited about this story. Obviously a lot of people have been anticipating the reveal of who Felicity’s father is, and Calculator seems like a good choice that will lead to lots of good material for Emily. Should be exciting to see what his motives are for appearing in Felicity’s life again, and how Felicity’s mom reacts when she finds out. I’m really happy with the way the show is treating Felicity’s character this season and her relationship with Oliver. The episode was great. It’s been nothing but good episodes, especially these last two, since the show has returned from the winter hiatus.

  23. Dj says:

    Last night with Thea getting sick and in a coma it kind of eliminates her from being in the grave for me. It is almost like Felicity getting shot once that happen you knew it wasnt her.

    • Joe says:

      Laurel…she is the only character with no storyline this season….she is at this point a guest star being paid lije a series regular…boat has sailed on bc/ga romance and if tptb want to recast bc their is always earth 2…

    • kath says:

      I think it makes it more likely to be Thea. She goes into a coma, is in the hospital for the next few episodes, and then dies. Felicity is furious and tells Oliver that he has to kill “him” aka Malcolm Merlyn for creating the situation by having Thea kill Sara in the first place.

  24. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was great. It was great to have Roy back & working with the team again! Sad what’s happened to Thea. Surprised The Calculator is Felicity’s dad. Can’t wait to see more scenes with her & her dad in next week’s episode!

  25. Stuff says:

    Wow, just reading these comments is interesting. We do all realize that this is just a TV show and not the real world? It is fantasy. I am invest in the show but as much as I use to be because I realized that this will go whichever way the writers and the showrunner wants, fans be damed. Look at what happened to Vampire Diaries!!!! Enough said.

  26. herman1959 says:

    Sorry, I’m late to the party because I just saw the episode today. This was the best of the season because EVERYTHING happened, the dialogue excellent, and the casting was superb. Tom Amendes doing his chill/brainiac/devil thing is always a joy to behold. And Colton…

  27. aph1976 says:

    I’m wondering if Felicity’s father will play a part in whichever character dies.So then Oliver could go after Felicity’s father and she’s stuck in the middle.

  28. Azerty says:

    Did Felicity mentionned Cadmus at some point?? the same week that Supergirl has a Bizarro episode and that a cross over between Flash and Supergirl is announced it can’t be a coincidence right? As a kid I litteraly loved the Cadmus arc in Justice League and even in Smallville and somehow between the multiplication of meta humans and the travel in the future in Legends they must do something like that that would be so great! It’s a shame they have killed Waller last week, it would have been such a good use of the character.

  29. Brigid says:

    Great episode last night! I love when the romance takes the back seat and the action is in the forefront. I was dying every time Felicity said she hated The Calculator name. Very funny! Even Laurel had a couple funny lines. It did feel a little more Season 1 to me and the reveal at the end was good. So glad her dad isn’t Damien Dahrk.

  30. I’m so thrilled to finally see Felicity Smoak’s dad. I can’t wait to see what they’re doing with it next week — and the door is open for more appearances? YESSS! Tom Amandes is a solid actor and I’m so excited to see him with Emily Bett Rickards and Charlotte Ross.

  31. Hmm says:

    Someone please wake me up when this show returns to being about The Green Arrow and not Felicity Smoak.

  32. Gail says:

    There seems to be a contradiction between what was said on this week’s Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Since I don’t see a recap of Legends I am posting here. This concerns Sara’s blood lust. On Legends tonight she told Rip that she has blood lust that she has to fight against. However on Arrow when Thea got ill, Malcolm says Thea’s blood lust is a balancing of an equation. ie her life was restored so she has to take a life. If she doesn’t take a life, her life is taken. Malcolm says John Constantine restored Sara’s soul and restored her balance. If Sara doesn’t have the need to take a life why would she still have the blood lust? I do believe this is an error between the two shows.

    • Kensi says:

      I think it’s more of if Sara doesn’t kill anyone and thus controls her bloodless like Thea has been that she won’t die, not necessarily that she doesn’t have blood lust. I think the act of just going in the pit gives you blood lust, but if Thea doesn’t kill she’ll die whereas Sara is also battling blood lust but if she doesn’t kill she’ll be fine since the cosmic balance has been paid/settled by Constantine. Or at least that’s my understanding of the shows :)

    • kath says:

      I think it’s another case of where the Flarrowverse left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

  33. Elaine says:

    Love Tom Amandes – have for years. Glad to see he got this part.

  34. Geeta says:

    I think that Felicity father is going to be the big bad next season