Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls Revival

Melissa McCarthy on Gilmore Girls Revival Cameo: 'No One Asked Me'

The invitation Melissa McCarthy was sent to appear in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival? She claims it never reached her.

In response to my story on Monday, in which Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said McCarthy has an open invitation to appear in the four-episode continuation, the actress issued the following statement on Twitter:

“She’s really f—ing busy,” Sherman-Palladino acknowledged in the Q&A. “But the thing I have said [to her team] is, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene. Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] — even if for just a cameo — we would be totally game. And if it’s a last-minute thing, I would write her in and we would figure it out. That’s the way we left it.”

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  1. This is baffling to me.

    • Annie says:

      Same. I find it extremely hard to believe an offer for GG wasn’t passed along by her agent – random TV show, sure, but not GG. Soooo … I got nothin’. But something’s very odd about this. Let’s hope they can get it straightened out and bring her back for even a small appearance. (Though I’d rather have her “all the way” back, if you know what I mean. Stars Hollow just won’t be the same otherwise.)

      • Patrick says:

        Or, maybe, it has something to do with ASP, who is not exactly the most trustworthy person on earth. She took a dump on the entire series, and all its fans, because the CW wouldn’t write her a blank check when her contract came up. Does anyone here sincerely think that MM would go public with this if it were her agents’ fault? Really? Or is it more likely that ASP didn’t make the offer, for whatever reason? ASP (I’ve always found it hilarious that her initials spell the name of a deadly reptile) probably thought MM would never go public and call out ASP’s lie. ASP is a great writer, and seems to think that whatever she writes is the way it is. Basically, she can say whatever and have that be the reality. MM called her on it, and I am thrilled.

        • thelorianlibrarian says:

          Your read of ASP’s leaving is a bit silly. The creator of a show who had spent six years living and breathing the most successfully thing in her life wouldn’t destroy it just because negotiations didn’t go well. And all she was asking for was a two-year contract instead of a one-year (so that she didn’t have to go through the negotiation shenanigans again in a year) and a full time producer/director and another writer so that she could actually take a break every now and then. You need to calm down. :P

          • BlittleU says:

            I have to disagree, ASP did not get what she wanted from the network so she went scorched earth on her own series. Now she is bringing the show back “for the fans.” Mmm hmm, I think her utter lack of post Gilmore Girls success has more to do with the revival. I am glad the show is coming back, but I will never forget the crap ASP pulled in season 6.

          • Temperance says:

            I agree completely. You can’t allow people to walk all over you, and as a woman, the men of this industry not only make a lions share of the cash, they a gleeful when throwing their weight around doing it. Blame the right party – the folks above ASP’s pay grade.

        • A fan of TV says:

          Or the offer was made and, for the reasons you allude to, Melissa isn’t interested but doesn’t want to tell as much to GG fans.

        • Annie says:

          No I quite agree. I can’t imagine MM went public with this without double checking with her agent. Which leaves “offer never received” as the most viable explanation.

        • Nancy G says:

          ASP stated that she needed more help, writers etc…it was not all about money. WD provided, CW could have provided that…Amy can be a little crusty with language but she is a great writer, thinker! If you don’t like it don’t watch it but as for me,
          I CAN’T WAIT! I can watch with my grand kids and so kudos to the writing and the characters. I want Max back!

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, this 1000% feels to me like a bit more of a “I didn’t want to do it but it’s easier to say this than answer why for the rest of my life” than a “nobody asked me!” situation. Not to say that Melissa McCarthy should have to come back, of course, but she hasn’t really expressed any enthusiasm about the revival and I’m just assuming at this point that she’s not interested. “Wish them all the best” is not quite the same thing as “I’m in if they invite me!” so I really think this is just a cop-out. It’s too bad, I loved Sookie, but I have absolute respect for MM’s desire to stick to her movie career.

  2. Drew says:

    Is this another case of agents making decisions without informing the actors? Or did they really not even try to get her back?

    • Ben says:

      Almost certainly.

    • Brooke says:

      Didn’t ASP’s interview mention Melissa’s “people”? So maybe they just never passed it on to her.

    • L says:

      I remember an interview with Calista Flockhart on The Talk where she mentioned that her agent or someone initially passed on the role of Cat Grant w/o her knowledge because she was busy with something else at the time.

      I mean, I’d love to see Melissa come back as Sookie even if it’s just a glimpse of her, but I won’t blame her if she really can’t make it.

      • Drew says:

        There is a story from season 4 of “Buffy”, where Lindsay Crouse’s character (Maggie Walsh) was killed off because her agents apparently told the show’s producers that she wasn’t going to be available for the whole season. I can’t find the story right now, but apparently, the actress was bummed that her character was killed due to a misunderstanding.

    • Simon Jester says:

      It seems entirely plausible to me that AS-P extended the invitation via her agents, who scoffed at the idea of their film star doing a Netflix cameo and binned it.

      • Annie says:

        For literally any other show ever, I’d agree. For GG? Doesn’t sound likely to me.

        • Ben says:

          Her agents won’t have any attachment to what the role is. They will have attachment only to the dollar sum and her calendar. It is unfortunate that so many agents are like that and don’t seem to consider more emotive aspects – but its true of most agents. Actually, as someone in the legal profession, it’s true of most lawyers. It’s the rare one that actually applies context to the information they have.

      • dlraetz says:

        There is an easy resolution to this now that both sides have made a statement. If Melissa can fit an afternoon of filming into her schedule she should be in the show

    • stopthestatic says:

      100% sure this is what happened. It kind of sucks that because of Melissa’s superstardom now, Amy can’t call up and have a chat with Melissa directly either… the way I’m sure she’s talked to several of the other cast members (Milo said he was emailing back and forth with Amy and Dan, etc)

      • Drew says:

        If I were Melissa, this would result in a big talk with my people. It’s one thing to make decisions about new projects, but to make decisions about something that she already has a relationship with seems out of line to me.
        This part of acting would drive me nuts. Having other people make my decisions and speak for me would be frustrating.

        • Marcie says:

          Hey, she’s clearly on the Internet/Twitter or she wouldn’t have found out that people were wondering if she’d appear. If she could find out about that, she had to have known about the new episodes and expected an invite. I don’t believe her team acted behind her back. I think she’s just looking for a way to get off the hook without having her fans turn on her. Not that we would.

      • IR0413 says:

        I’m having trouble believing that this would happen. Anybody who is anybody knows that Gilmore Girls is #trending in every universe, on every social media platform, in every news outlet right now. This is not something that can easily be passed up with such a growing and passionate fan-base. Why would her team assume, unless they wanted to get fired?

        I’m truly, truly baffled. I sincerely hope that ASP didn’t just assume she would be too expensive or too hard to schedule with and never actually invited her to join. That would be a HUGE misstep .

        ASP will have to respond.

        • gilmoreguru says:

          Nah. People are forgetting just how huge a movie star Melissa is right now. It transcends beyond trending topics. I don’t think her team would even want to humour negotiations for a Netflix cameo for a supporting role, even though it’s a show she was involved in previously. She’s making millions and getting top billing in huge box office blockbusters and it’s their responsibility to pick and choose what’s best business-wise for her. And they don’t have any kind of attachment to a show that ended 8 years ago. I can totally see them not giving a request for her to appear on GG the time of day.

          • Drew says:

            All of that is true. But they are her employees. If there is something that they know she might have a personal interest in, they shouldn’t keep it from her. Actors take jobs that are “beneath” them all the time, because they are personally invested. She has a relationship with the producers of this show, as well as every other actor involved. That should give them some level of respect with Melissa’s people, unless Melissa wasn’t on good term with those people when the show ended.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I think MM doesn’t want to do it, based on all of the info we all have. That’s just my take on her very dismissive, door-slamming ‘wish them all the best!’ Only fan outcry would bring her into it now, imo.

    • Lauren says:

      My thoughts exactly. Her team was contra, they said no because she can make more money elsewhere and never passed the message.

  3. jimbo says:

    Outrageous! Michael, do something. :-(

  4. Roger says:

    Well, this is awkward.

  5. rantonio says:

    uhhhhhh… what. the. heck.

  6. Translation: ASP and Netflix already knew they couldn’t afford her. ASP’s “she’s really busy” doesn’t actually mean she turned them down.

    • Tw123 says:

      That’s my read on it as well.

    • Then we need to start Crowdfunding!

    • Patrick says:

      I suspect that ASP doesn’t want anyone on set who can tell her to F off and make it stick. ASP has been so disingenuous, so often, and so brazenly, that I don’t believe anything she says. I suspect she didn’t ask, and assumed that MM would never call her out, publicly, on it.
      Her agents didn’t kill this. They’d be fine with a one day walk on. Heck, 4 of those wouldn’t bug them, even if she only got scale for doing it. This reeks of ASP shenanigans. Which is why, I’m pledging right now, that will not watch this on Netflix. If you can’t find something, on line, and for free, within 48 hours of its premier, you are too stupid to use the internet.
      I mean, I would steal this, in effect, if I cared. After what ASP did to the show, I hate to reward her by watching the new project. I’ll read the Wikipedia (also don’t contribute money there) write up of this the day after it airs.

    • A fan of TV says:

      But she does in fact state categorically that she spoke to MMs team, which MM herself does not dispute at all. I assume it came down to money or personality conflicts or both, but only massive fan outcry at this point could potentially bring her in even for a cameo, imo.

      • She actually didn’t say that she spoke with her team – if you read more clearly you’ll see that the editor/writer added that bit into the article. If you read it without that… it sounds to me like she didn’t ask her because her busy schedule would give ASP a headache .

        • Hb says:

          When something like [team] is used, it’s typically the editor/writer condensing down a longer phrase. I’m betting ASP actually NAMED the people she talked to and since those names aren’t important (or weren’t now people would probably like to know who exactly she spoke to) it’s easier to say “[team]”.

  7. IR0413 says:

    wtf is going on here!!!!

  8. Carol says:

    Wow. Really???
    I loved Sookie and Melissa.
    Yes, Michael, please please get this going!! We are all counting on you :)

  9. This is weird. Maybe her team didn’t pass the message along?

  10. abz says:

    Oh come on. Now this will start a bunch of drama and rumors speculating around the show and how fame has possibly gone to her head.
    I don’t understand why Melissa felt the need to put that tweet out in the public. If she truly hasn’t heard back yet and is actually game for a cameo, then just phone AS-P and tell her you’re in. Clearly, the show is still negotiating with old cast members as AS-P mentioned in the other interview how she still needed confirmation of which of Rory’s love interests will be returning. If AS-P for some odd reason says no, then fine, write that tweet to save face. Until then, I don’t see a need to start drama by writing that tweet unless you have to.

    • lariet50 says:


    • Ann says:

      lmao what, why is it melissa’s responsibility to contact ASP??? that’s just ridiculous, if no one reached out to her at all how was she even supposed to know what was happening? i highly doubt she spends her time searcing the internet for information about a gilmore girls revival. it’s pretty clear ASP just assumed they couldn’t afford her or wouldn’t be able to match up the scheduling.

      • IR0413 says:

        Says in the interview that she spoke to Melissa’s team though. That’s the part that doesn’t make sense.

        • IR0413 says:

          oh wait, the [to her team] is in brackets. Meaning Ausiello assumed Amy talked directly to Melissa’s team. Is there the possibility that ASP never actually invited her to join officially? Could that have really happened??

          • Hb says:

            Brackets just means condensing down. Or when someone says she/he or some such thing where the reader can get confused. Brackets allow for clarification. She probably said the names of the actually people she spoke with and instead of naming them all (as at the time their names weren’t important) since they were all part of MM’s TEAM it’s easier to put brackets and say team. So ASP could’ve said “I talked to Jane joe and John and said she can come back” but it’s written up as “I talked to [her team] and said [MM] could come back.” Condenses out names not important and adds clarity to who the “she” is.

      • abz says:

        Regardless of how much free time she has on hand to peruse the Internet, I find it hard to believe that the news of the revival was never made known to her and that no one mentioned it to her. In ASP’s interview, it is mentioned that she spoke with Melissa ‘s team and asking them if she has a spare day or few hours to come and make a cameo. Now because of this tweet it’s gonna turn into a she said, she said thing. If it were me I’d want to avoid any rumours or gossip. Look at how the behind the scenes drama on The Good Wife between Margulies and Panjabi has spiralled sparking endless rumour spreading. Now almost every comments section I come across is more speculation that Margulies is feuding with Barankski or Alan Cummings because the characters weren’t talking on the show or that Josh Charles left because of her. Any person would realize that a tweet like that would start drama. If it were me, I would have spoken with my team and/or ASP and found out if they didn’t inform me and how I could make it happen if I can find the time. It would certainly be good press for her to return to the show and make her look good and show that she hasn’t gotten too big to return to the show. Everyone knows how important this revival is. All of this just seems fishy to me.

    • Ines says:

      What I find more weird is how her reply goes from “I haven’t heard back, no-one invited me” to “I wish them all the best”. It’s too polite, like when you don’t want to do something but feel obliged to the nice. I’m thinking she probably has someone responsible for social media. It’s clear that communications failed, maybe ASP and Netflix assumed she was too big for this, maybe Melissa’s people don’t think this is something worth bothering her with, maybe she simply doesn’t want to do it. All I’m saying is don’t bring it out to the public, it causes unnecessary controversy and ruins the revival.

  11. says:

    I kind of don’t believe her at all. Just be honest and say you don’t want to do it! Or pull a Harrison Ford and come back to have Sookie killed off if you want (spoiler?)

  12. Erica says:

    Girl, bye!

  13. Guy says:

    All right. Who’s the Julianna Margulies here?

    • Literati says:

      That is the FIRST thing I thought of when reading this.

      Actors need to figure out how to negotiate amongst themselves and not put out slightly shady comments over twitter…especially when something as important as having Sookie back is at stake.

  14. IR0413 says:

    Mike Ausiello please clarify and PLEASE FIX THIS!

  15. OyWithThePoodlesAlready says:

    Great Sookie won’t be in it but knowing ASP and my luck, the annoying C will be in it. If I see that name on the invitation list, they can keep the revival and put it you know where.

    • gilmoreguru says:

      Is C supposed to be Christopher? Because yes, he’s in it. David Sutcliffe confirmed on twitter and he’s currently driving to LA to shoot the show.

    • IR0413 says:

      I’m sorry – why shouldn’t Rory’s father be in the revival?

      • WatchNLearn says:

        Because Gilmore fans put shipping wars over every other story on the show, unfortunately. Same reason people don’t want April to appear – forget that it’s Luke’s daughter – she came between Lorelai and Luke!

        • No, Luke and Lorelai came between Luke and Lorelai. They had communication issues. Nothing April said or did caused the breakup… I hate when people blame an innocent child (even if she is just fictional) April was brought on to cause conflict between Luke and Lorelai, but she didn’t actually cause the breakup, she just wanted to get to know her dad. She couldn’t help how Luke reacted.

          • WatchNLearn says:

            I agree with you 150%, but other fans obviously don’t see it that way.

          • brandydanforth81 says:

            Exactly!!Thank you!!I was telling someone the other day it wasn’t April that broke Luke/Lorelai up, it was they handled the introduction of April but not April herself.I mean,it’s not like April plotted to break them up and did it.

    • abz says:

      I liked Christopher. He and Lorelai didn’t work and probably weren’t really supposed to and yeah there was some stupid drama, but regardless, I always thought Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe had really good chemistry together on the show. And David Sutcliffe was very easy on the eyes too.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing a cameo with him. No matter what happened between him and Lorelai, he’s still Rory’s dad and

      • IR0413 says:

        …and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day.

        I’m a Lorelai/Christopher fan (I know, it’s lonely being me) so I obviously I agree about their chemistry. It might have something to do with the fact that Lauren Graham is rumored to have gotten along better with David Sutcliffe than she did with Scott Patterson ;). I can understand why Luke/Lorelai fans would be nervous about his return though, but I highly doubt they’ll play out that love triangle story-line again. They already ruined that with season 7.
        I’m sure he’ll come in just because he’s Rory dad and he’s present in her life.

        • c-mo says:

          I’m an L/C fan as well. From what I remember, Christopher and Lorelai ended the show amicably, they were both at Rory’s graduation party and their exchange was friendly. Lorelai even told Chris that Logan had asked permission to marry Rory.

        • forg says:

          I like Lorelai and Christopher but it’s so hard to be in the minority. I did like Luke and Lorelai but when they got together I just didn’t feel that spark with Lorelai and Christopher

  16. Katie says:

    Sounds more like she was too expensive for Netflix/ASP so they went to her team and asked for a small cameo at a lower cost and they probably declined on Melissa’s behalf because it wasn’t enough money. Sad it probably will come down to money and she won’t do it because of that.

    • actually, ASP alluded to the fact that one of the guys (the trio) was too expensive and that they were having to tweak the story-line as a result…. wouldn’t she have gone ahead and admitted that about MM if that was the problem…. The whole thing seems a bit odd to me, but in all fairness… what happened today… MM couldn’t or wouldn’t leave well enough alone and stay quiet. It makes very little difference who did or didn’t contact her…. She sent out a tweet…. which in fact has caused drama…….. What AS-P said didn’t cause drama… say what you want about her…. but what she said was safe… no drama… no problems… no issues. What MM did… has in fact caused MAJOR drama…. MM is not stupid… she’s actually pretty smart and I would imagine that she thought that tweet out… before putting it out there. Remember also… The ATX festival.. the reunion…. she could have gone, but she was just “to busy”. That reunion was VERY well publicized and I’m sorry… unless she’s been living under a rock… she knew about this revival. If she wanted to do it…. she could have contacted “her people” and told them that she wanted to be in it… if possible.
      Invited or not…. she should have stayed quiet…. could have stayed quiet and people WOULD have accepted the… “she’s busy” explanation… and the drama would have been avoided it. Stop and think about it……. the drama going on here…. with “this” is all MM’s doing. Let it go… and I believe that you’ll see a massive change come from somewhere… prob. her.

      • ChBH says:

        I disagree simply because someone tweeted to her, she has every right to respond to a fan. Just because other fans started drama doesn’t mean she has to remain quiet.

        • Charli says:

          No one has to respond to any question on Twitter. Fan or not. Do you know how many tweets celebs, musicians, writers get each day? Do you know how many they ignore? How many simple inquiring questions? Some have stated “I have nothing to say to this right now.” Or they’ve put out ” I have no info yet”. Simple.

          MM knew what she was doing. I agree. She stoked the fires by responding that way. She could have easily said ” I can or cannot confirm” or the above ” I have no information to relay at this time”. Or she could have ignored it. Seriously, she could have. When speculations on the revival first started Lauren Graham did the former response because she couldn’t let out any info and negotiations were just starting.

          It was a blatant way of stating she had no interest in being part of it. She was too busy for ATX(and rumors abounded that Too busy meant didn’t care) where every other cast member showed but her.

          Of course it’s going to put it all on ASP. And the fans who don’t know how to read between the lines are instantly going to jump up and down thinking ASP is the big, bad wolf.

          And if she was interested YES she could have/would have said something to her agents/people. Not to mention she could have herself contacted ASP or anyone else associated with the revival and said “Hey I’m in if this is happening”. Other actors did as much on Twitter.

      • forg says:

        I agree that MM probably shouldn’t have tweeted that because of the drama it is causing now but in her defense on the ATX Festival, she really couldn’t go there because it was on the same time she was on a promo tour for SPY.

  17. emmaoneill89 says:

    Calling bs on this. Either ASP knew they couldn’t afford her (which would by S*** considering this show gave her her foot in the door), or Melissa turned them down. Everyone knows how much this reunion means. I doubt they’d not even try!!

  18. lariet50 says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t actually care that she won’t be in it? I mean, I loved Sookie, but Melissa is so over-hyped now that I’m just sick of her. And Sookie really added almost nothing in the last few seasons of GG.

    • Patrick says:

      I liked Sookie, but she didn’t really move the core stories along. She was great as someone for Lorelai to play off, but she wasn’t central to the mother/daughter dynamic, nor was she necessary to the romantic relationships. She was comic relief and a friend to Lorelai. Which was necessary in a 20+episode season. In a four part series, comprised of 90 minute segments that cover an entire season, with all necessary time jumps, how necessary is Sookie? Enjoyable, yes. Immensely enjoyable, yes. Necessary? No. She doesn’t move the core plot, at all. She’s a supporting character that probably isn’t all that valuable.

    • Lindsey says:

      I liked Sookie, as well, but I don’t see her as an essential part. Yes, she’s Lorelai’s best friend and business partner and was fun to watch, but she’s no more essential than, say, Lane when you really get down to it. As far as I’m concerned, Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Luke are the most important ones. Anyone else is a bonus. I don’t understand the outcry to have her be involved, even though we obviously want everyone who was a regular to be there. If she didn’t have the same level of fame, I doubt many people would be so desperate for her to be in it.

  19. Nicole says:

    Guess that’s her way of saying no…

  20. Vicki says:

    Bridge this alleged communication gap and get Sookie to come Michael. If anyone can do this its you.

  21. Kristina says:

    I feel like if she was going to post something like this she would’ve checked with her people first to make sure there actually wasn’t an offer.

  22. Tru says:

    I believe it. I mean since Gilmore Girls she went on to be an Oscar nominated, emmy winning actress. Nobody expects a big time movie star like her to come back to the series. I mean the rest of the cast has nothing really going on for them but she shooting movie after movie. Headlining the female ghostbusters reboot. She had the #1 movie open when the rest of the cast gather in Texas last summer. So its very possible they didn’t bother asking her.

    • K. says:

      Lauren just wrapped the critically acclaimed show Parenthood last year, is currently developing a pretty hyped up movie with Mae Whitman, wrote a well reviewed book and has a movie in post production. I’m not arguing that she’s as busy as Melissa, but she certainly does not have “nothing going on for [her].”

  23. IR0413 says:

    I really, really hate to say this….but the more I read/think about this, the more convinced I’ve become that ASP never actually invited Melissa to join.

    Which is truly awful if it is true. Yes she’s famous, yes she’s probably expensive, but don’t assume she won’t do it and forgo including her altogether. Doing an interview with Ausiello saying “sure we’d write her in we’d love to have her” is not the same as reaching out to her team directly and asking her to be a part of it.

    Someone needs to explain. But this is the explanation that makes the most sense. I highly, highly doubt Melissa’s team would neglect to tell her about an offer. And I’d like to think Melissa wouldn’t just lie to save face.

  24. dijeizasin says:

    What I don’t get is this – why didn’t ASP ask Melissa directly? Like arrange a face-to-face coffee and do it personally, rather than coldly through agents and representatives.

    • wysloos says:

      When Gilmore Girls ended, Melissa went straight on to Samantha Who? And I distinctly recall Ausiello registering his surprise to learn that SW was actually in first place… ie should GG have continued, Melissa would have either left the series or had a much reduced role.

      So by the time the series ended, Melissa was more than ready to move on. And that was 8 years ago… long before she became the big movie star that she is today.

      In light of that, either her agents or ASP would have very good reasons to assume that she wouldn’t be interested and so wouldn’t want to waste her, and their, time by discussing money and time schedules.

    • Lo says:

      Is this a serious question?

  25. Jenny says:

    Wait so you added “to her team”? Where did that come from?

    • Brooke says:

      Brackets are always used in journalism to add context or clarify a statement.

      • Jenny says:

        Right, but did ASP say this casually and then Michael added it in, or did she imply it and MIchael added it in to clarify? Because it matters if ASP explicitly said she had already reached out to her team

    • Lindsey says:

      I would imagine she actually said something like “them,” and he changed it to “to her team” to clarify who “them” was. It’s possible he asked if she reached out to her team, and she used the word “them” or something in response, but he obviously didn’t publish every word that was said, so that part is clarified.

  26. I would love to see Sookie in the show, but I can see how her absence could be very, very easily explained too. There are at least a dozen ways on the top of my head on how to write her out and explain it. It really wasn’t a HUGE part… she was, basically, a side kick… an adult for Lorelai to confide in…. she was a fun character, but not the most necessary. MM’s desire to send out a tweet that could only ever cause drama… is, perhaps, very telling… or perhaps it maybe a ploy to stir up people in order to push for a high offer…. in order to say… see, I’m in demand… without me… you don’t have a show…. when it all fairness… Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop are the only ones with that particular power here.

  27. Deb416 says:

    Michael, HELP!!! You’re our GG consigliere!

    Even if MM really isn’t available and/or too $$$, I’d still hate to think there was a tear in the fabric of the Stars Hollow crazy quilt! Please try to broker a convo/make peace.

  28. Erin says:

    Maybe she’s like the pretty girl who never gets asked to a dance because everyone assumes she already has a date. People just assumed she is so big and so busy, she would t want to do it. Or maybe her people don’t think it’s a worthwhile project and “forgot” to forward the invite.

  29. Deborah says:

    Seriously ? No one ‘asked’ her ! When rumors of a revival started everyone else made public comments saying ‘I’m in if you want me. ‘. Melissa was dead silent. Why did she need a personal invite ? She couldn’t chime in ? And now when it’s public that they want her she says ‘sorry. Can’t. Nobody asked?’ Sounds like she is part of the Ashley and Mary Kate Olson club. Somebody has forgotten where they got their start.

    • Joe says:

      Sadly, I agree with this assessment.

      • Lacey says:

        Seriously? I sure don’t–remember, “Never “assume” it makes an ‘ass’ out of you and me.” ASP “assumed” McCarthy was “f—ing busy” and spoke with her team. Not her–someone else. As far as the rumors of the revival, well, that’s all they have been–rumors. Do you both believe everything you hear and read? The woman is busy with many projects–but, per you two, she should chime in on every rumor out there–really? Sounds like a little jealousy going on here.

        • K. says:

          Do you understand how the industry works? Unless you are extremely close to the actors and still keep in touch, you can’t arrange a face to face meeting. Do you think Melissa still has the same phone number she had 8 years ago? How did you expect ASP to schedule that face-to-face meeting with her? You go through agents. That’s what you do in the industry. I wish I could schedule a coffee with MM! Let me go grab her number of the phone book.

  30. John NYC says:

    Fine with me that running gag wore thin.

  31. Someone is lying……. I have friends in the “business” and usually you go through proper channels IE: Agent, Booking Agent. I am a good friend with an actress/singer and if I wanted to have her sing at a event I was hosting, I’d go through them first before asking the actress/singer and then mention it to her in passing to let her know.

  32. Anoneemus says:

    She was the reason I would watch. Not because of all the others. Sookie was the one to watch.

    • I agree with you, Sookie was the reason I ever watched Gilmore Girls ! If Melissa McCarthy isn’t in , I won’t watch it, and, neither will many, many of her loyal fans !
      Please get her back !

  33. Bob Smith says:

    Screw her then. If she wants to thumb her nose at the show and fans who put her on the map, so be it! Maybe Jackson will be a widower.

  34. matty says:

    My hunch is that her team probably got and rejected an offer on her behalf assuming she was either too busy or just not interested in going back to Gilmore Girls.

  35. Jared says:

    Who is Melissa McCarthys agent because how she didn’t know Mike and Molly was cancelled or that Gilmore Girls wanted her back is beyond me.

  36. Tee says:

    I feel like they should have reached out to her when the writing was being worked on, to know what size of a part she could handle if anything. Sookie should be a bigger part of the story, if Melissa was up for it, than oh I’ll slip her into a scene if this gets back to her and she pops by some afternoon.

    Can Ausiello do some mediation to make this happen? :(

  37. A fan of TV says:

    So her team either deliberately kept the thing from her cuz price wasn’t right, or she’s lying now because price isn’t right. She’s definitely shutting down the possibility of doing it by saying ‘wish them all the best’ and ending it there.

  38. jj says:

    this makes me sad :( I would hate to miss out on a sookie cameo because MM was contacted/wasn’t contacted early enough

  39. Simone says:


    If she never got an invite, you’d think she’d insist on being in show anyway. Invite yourself, you’re Melissa McCarthy. You would know that Sookie needs to be in the series. And it’s not like anyone would say NO.

    I’m more than curious about where the communication failed

  40. Evan says:

    Everyone says they want Sookie, and I don’t see anyone asking Anna Paquin if she wants in. :-)

  41. Adam says:

    Now I’m confused. Who deserves the ‘Julianna Margulies Award’ for bad liars?

  42. Anlgsp says:

    If I recall correctly Melissa was a no-show at the ATX Festival Gilmore Girls reunion last June and I am 100% sure she got invited to it, still she didn’t go. Aside from Ed, she was the only one missing.
    I don’t want to blame this all on Melissa and her stardom or whatever, but I can see why she may not be interested in backpedaling all the way to Gilmore Girls when she’s a big movie star now. Still, a little gratitude would be appreciated since this show is what got her to where she is now.
    I cannot imagine ASP sitting down and purposefully writing out Sookie, she probably knew before hand that Melissa wouldn’t be up for it, so when she contacted her “people” (whoever they are) she didn’t ask her to commit to a full time job, but rather for a cameo or a small part.
    It is hard to believe her “people” didn’t pass on the message, this is a big deal and it’s making news around the world, it’s been more talked about than her soon-to-be-released movie with Kristen Bell and her Ghostbusters movie, so I don’t think they didn’t at least informed her of Amy’s offer.
    This show would feel very very different without Sookie, especially because with Sookie we also lose Jackson and Martha and Davey and the whole Dragonfly Inn dynamic, so she is a big part of this show. Sure she was not a main character, but neither was Gipsy, yet Rose Abdoo is coming back.
    Melissa made a bald statement there, facts need to be checked here….Mike??

    • You’re missing the fact that ASP never actually said she called her people. Re-read it. That was in parentheses and assumed by the writer of the article. It’s entirely possible they assumed she was too busy for both this and ATX and didn’t even attempt to ask her.

  43. dancmh says:

    Do these people really not have phones?

  44. Walkie says:

    How will the world go on?

  45. Nikki says:

    It sounded like an open invite. If she’s now aware of it and willing to do it, it sounded like they were willing to find some way to incorporate her still.

  46. bluemoonx says:

    Why is everyone blaming the agents? She tweeted out that she was not asked. I’m sure that is not something she would have tweeted out if the agents had automatically rejected the offer without informing her first. Sadly in the new Palladino world, there is no room for Sookie.

  47. canadian ninja says:

    These comments are kind of hillarious. What movie career does everyone think Melissa McCarthy has? She’s making movies, yes. She probably makes more per movie than she did in all seven seasons of Gilmore but…is her career really this juggernaut of might that everyone seems ready to believe a) her people kiboshed the offer or b) she’s so big they didn’t even bother with an offer.

    Although I’m scratching my head trying to think of exactly what did happen…

    • bluemoonx says:

      Yep her career is a juggernaut at of might at this point. It became that way when she got her oscar nomination and lead roles in moves with budgets over 100 million. She has become more successful than everyone else on Gilmore Girls.

    • Viv says:

      Not counting worldwide fame & awards — Our little Sookie is a rockstar!
      Since 2011, Melissa’s movies have made almost a Billion dollars. Since 2013, she makes $10 million a year on just Mike and Molly alone. Last 3 years, Melissa has made about $60 million in just salary. Personally, she was my favorite character… So sorry she can’t be there for whatever reason…

  48. SNPiperPilot says:

    They need to be careful or they’ll turn this into reunion and not a continuation. They made that mistake with Veronica Mars and ended up with an homage to the show and the fans but not a very good movie. You don’t need all three boyfriends, it’s not likely that any of them aside from Dean who lives there are in their lives. Same with anyone else save Emily and Luke. there are 4 essential people anyone else should support the story and not just be there to be seen.

    • Except this is four movies essentially so it’s much easier for them to have little cameo pop ups here and there for the fans and still tell a great storyline for the main characters. Plus, Gilmore Girls is a fast paced show – they can fit 3 hours worth of content into an hour and a half as they always have – so while the girls (and luke) are the main players, if you look back at any episode of the show they always include the supporting characters – several in an episode. They could easily spread the supporting characters out among four episodes.

  49. chaosrainz says:

    I know MM has been busy the past few years and in addition to a hot career, she’s also got a husband and kids…but has she been on any of the panels or reunions that the rest of the cast has done? It’s seemed to me there’s been a disconnect for a while between them but as to who had a falling out with who, we may never know.
    It just seems like SOMEONE would still be in contact enough with her to mention it one way or the other like, “hey, let them know I’d be happy to come back” or “next time you talk to her could you tell her we’d love to have her do a cameo?”
    I think one party is definitely not interested in her coming back…I’m just not sure which side it is.

    • misery chick says:

      Great point.

    • forg says:

      I agree with you and sadly I think it might be Melissa :( I was defending her but that tweet gave me a pause. Felt like public relations move. I hope I’m wrong. I still like her though despite this

    • K. says:

      I agree. Does anyone know if MM has even mentioned GG since it ended? I’ve only ever seen one interview where she briefly said something about it but kind of avoided the questions. I’ve been wondering about bad blood since it ended. I saw Lauren talk about how much she loved working with MM and how she’s not surprised at all by her fame, but never see MM talking about anyone. It makes me curious as to what happened.

  50. It sounds like she would have preferred a direct invitation, not through her “people”. She probably felt they had the kind of relationship that would warrant that.