Gilmore Girls Revival Spoilers

Gilmore Girls Revival: AS-P Talks 'Single' Rory, F-Bomb Dropping Emily, Netflix Rollout Wish (Part 2)

A lot of attention has been paid to who may or may not be participating in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. But series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s still reeling from the loss of the one person who definitely won’t be back: the late Edward Hermann, who played patriarch Richard Gilmore during the show’s original seven-season run.

“Ed’s dying [in 2014] was so f—ed up,” laments the writer-director. “It was unexpected. He didn’t really let anyone know he was sick. He was a very proud dude. So none of us really got to say goodbye to him. It was very hard, especially for Lauren [Graham] and Alexis [Bledel]. He was like their other father.”

Incorporating the veteran actor’s passing into the four-part continuation was never a question, insists Sherman-Palladino. “He was part of us, and he’s gone,” she sighs. “You couldn’t just say, ‘Oh, Richard died peacefully in his sleep, and now we’re going to go to the cherry-picking festival.’ It’s painful. I still choke up when I talk about it, because I wasn’t prepared for it.”

What impact will the loss have on Emily, Lorelai and Rory? In Part 2 of my Q&A with AS-P, the revival’s co-architect addresses that question, while also weighing in on which of Rory’s men will re-enter her orbit, how she hopes Netflix will release the four 90-minute installments (hint: not all at once!) and whether or not cuss words will make their debut in Stars Hollow. Oh, and does Gilmore‘s infamous AS-P-less Season 7 exist in this world? Yep, she tackles that, too.

TVLINE | What can you say about the role Richard’s absence plays in these four episodes?
When the series first started, we picked up with Lorelai having this life in place and then something changed where she had to bring her parents back into the mix, which was basically going to start a whole new existence for herself. Rory was going to leave her cocooned environment and go to a new school with a bunch of kids who were very different. She was falling in love for the first time, so she was changing. And Emily had been dealing with not really having her daughter or granddaughter as part of her life and suddenly she manipulated them back into her world. So her life was changing, too. So the pilot started where all three women were at a change in their lives. And it felt like, well that’s where we need to start [the revival]. It’s later in their lives and we’re meeting up with them and finding out what they’ve been doing but, more than that, that all three of their lives are going to change. And for Emily, it had to be that Richard was gone. And what did that mean? What does it mean for all three of the girls? [A tragedy like that] brings up thoughts of, “Where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?” Because it’s mortality. Something they loved is gone, which means things you love will not be around forever. And you can’t take them for granted.

The Gilmore house [where Richard and Emily lived] isn’t done yet. It’s the one set I’m really prepping myself for. Because Lorelai’s house is done. And The Dragonfly is done. Stars Hollow was Grease up until an hour ago. [Laughs] We get it back today and we start making it Stars Hollow again. It’s walking onto that Gilmore set that is going to be a very different feel, because one piece is missing. So it looms large over the work that we’ll do. And definitely the stories are of where the ladies are and where they’re going.

TVLINE | The events of Season 7 — do they exist in this world?
Well, it’s not like it’s “The Lost Weekend” and they’re John Lennon and they don’t remember. The good thing about Season 7 is, it didn’t take certain story elements from me that I would’ve wanted to play. We had to sort of catch up on Season 7. We did a lot through asking our friends who are obsessive Gilmore fans and have watched every moment to talk us through what happened. And I’ve seen bits and pieces. But the main thing was: We weren’t going to take something and do it even though Season 7 negated it. That wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going to say to the fans who stayed through Season 7, “Hey, you all wasted your f—ing time for a whole season. So, ignore all that!” We had to pick them up where they left off. Luckily, the elements that we really wanted to play were not taken or destroyed by whatever they did in Season 7. So it actually worked out quite nicely.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Rory’s men. Who’s coming back, who isn’t…
Deals are not done yet. [Laughs] Even though we’re filming tomorrow. This is why I’m 100 years old. I just want to say… I’m 100. Our plan is to get as many of the lovely men back as possible. We’ve also had certain storylines we had to [tweak] because, apparently, there are still budgetary restrictions in Hollywood. I don’t understand that. I sort of feel like, “This is the story I want to tell, and somebody should just pay for it.” [Laughs] Apparently, it doesn’t work like that. Very irritating. So, certain storylines — one of which involved one of the boys — had been taken out of our hands. We’re still dealing with who’s going to be in it. We definitely want to see them. And we have storylines planned. I just need someone to tell me they’re going to show up.

TVLINE | Is Rory single or attached when we meet up with her in “Winter”?
She’s…. single in the sense that she’s not married. But she’s dating like any young woman with that face would be.

TVLINE | Do you know if Netflix plans to release these four 90-minute installments all at once? Do you have a preference?
My preference would be they would not be released at once, because I feel like there’s going to be anticipation, and I think the diehard fans would enjoy it more with a little separation. Because the last thing you want is for someone to jump to the last episode and [ruin] it for everybody — which I think would happen, quite frankly, in this day and age of binging. So my preference would be to release them at least a day apart. Let people get a little sunlight and go for a walk around the corner. [Laughs] We have not spoken to Netflix about it, so I don’t know what their thought process is yet. But we’re planning to throw it out there.

TVLINE | You’re on Netflix now, which means you can curse. Will we hear Emily drop an F-bomb?
We’re debating that still. [Laughs] The weird thing about Gilmore is… you’ve lived a life with these people and there is a language to them. And the minute that somebody steps out of that it just feels weird. We’ve [written] a couple of lines where we’ve thrown [curses] in and it’s sort of… just feels weird. We’re just trying to find that right balance. We didn’t really have that problem [during Gilmore‘s original run]. It’s like when you see a show on ABC about drug dealers and they’re all going, “Hey, man…. frak you!” You’ve got cops out on the beat and they’re saying, “You creepy guy! Get down on all fours!” It’s like, what? You need to say, “Get down on all fours you f—ing piece of s–t!” There are venues where you need language for the stories you’re telling. We never needed that, honestly. We never needed Taylor to go on a foul-mouthed, “You f—ing a–holes in Stars Hollow.” For us, our language is more about Hepburn and Tracy and less about f—ity f–k f–k f–k.

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  1. Karen says:

    Season 7 was better than what Amy did in season 6. Why do people forget that?

    • PL says:

      I’d agree with you to a certain extent. There are parts of season 6 that I loved and parts of it I hated (anything involving April, for example). Same goes for season 7. Finally resolving the question mark that was Lorelai and Christopher was helpful and provided one of Lauren Graham’s most heartbreaking lines on the series (“You’re the man I want to want.”).

    • Lauren says:

      I’m not going to say it was better… But she introduced April and Anna and put Lorelei in bed with Chris. So she is not sainted in all this. You, know what? The second half of season 6 was pretty awful. That episode where they go to Martha’s Vineyard is so uncomfortable. Maybe it was worse than season 7, haha. You turned me!

      • c-mo says:

        The Martha’s Vineyard ep was one of my least favorites of the entire series; it was AWFUL!

      • Jenna says:

        Is Rory and Logan going to get back together

        • S. says:

          I’d be fine with that, or someone new, or maybe she and Logan reconnect but it’s going in that direction and doesn’t resolve with some walk down the aisle, just the implication of one. I just don’t want her with Jess. Ugh. Hey speaking of people ending up with people, can we get Lane divorced and running into Dave somehow? Rory could end up with ‘none of the above’ on the boyfriend front if I get Lane/Dave.

          • sportylady says:

            I’d take Jess over entitled Logan. He’s the guy who sent Rory into some dark days (dropping out of Yale for a bit). And his family was awful to her.

        • Amanda says:

          I really hope so I really want them to he’s in all four episodes so hopefully they will they should have ended up together in my opnion they are amazing together

    • Tatiana says:

      I would agree with you, except it really wasn’t.

    • Lucy G says:

      Agreed. People act like Amy is such a saint, but between her sabotaging the show during her contract negotiations (leaving us with Season 6’s mess) and now her snarky talk about the salvaged remains that made up Season 7- “Luckily, the elements that we really wanted to play were not taken or destroyed by whatever they did in Season 7.”- I’m really turned off by her. I need to stop reading interviews with/about her so I don’t lose my Gilmore love entirely!

      • MJ says:

        I completely agree with you. I don’t like her attitude about Season 7. I enjoyed the last season.

      • Ann says:

        I’m totally with you. I can’t stand AS-P or the way gg fandom talks about her. She destroyed the show when she left, the s7 writers were just trying to clean up the huge mess she left behind!

    • Ben says:

      I’m not sure subjective preferences are as relevant as whether or not she can tell the story she wants to tell.

    • Frances says:

      Super cool party people bid you super cool adieu! Haha I really enjoyed Season 6 if you couldn’t already tell 😊.

    • Jaime says:

      Season 6 has its problems but a lot of Season 7 fails because there’s no heart anymore. It’s just going through the motions. But worst of all, the characters don’t behave like themselves. They feel like pod people versions of themselves.

      Luke’s Diner is destroyed and Rory LAUGHS about it? That’s not Rory! She would never do that. Lorelai marrying Christopher? That was AWFUL stuff.

      Fortunately it ended quite well. But I’m looking forward for what’s to come.

      • limonali says:

        My thoughts exactly. While I did not love what happened to the characters in s6, they were still themselves. Maybe stretched but still believable. S7 just uses the same actors but everything is different. Luke isn’t Luke, Lorelai isn’t Lorelai, Rory isn’t Rory. Stars Hollow is some unrecognizable little town, populated by ghosts with familiar faces and voices but no character.

        • shar67 says:

          Sorry but I disagree with anyone that says Luke OR Lorelai were themselves in season 6. No way Lorelai would have put up with that whole thing with April, if it were the Lorelai of seasons 1 through 5. She wouldn’t have EVER let someone push her to the side with lame excuses like Luke gave, but then Luke wouldn’t have been as stupid about April as he was written either. The whole existence of April was bad enough but then she turned Luke and Lorelai into pod people. Neither one of them were like the characters we saw through season 5. In season 6 all the sudden we have two characters who are timid about talking about things, when up until that point they would have screamed what they were feeling at each other!

          Season 7 wasn’t perfect, there were issues sure but the character that ASP created in season 6 certainly WOULD have married Christopher, in fact ASP herself set it up for her by actually making Lorelai go back to him and get in his bed! Why people choose to ignore that I have no idea. Season 6 has a few good episodes but mostly it sucks and it sucks because ASP chose for it to be that way since she knew she wouldn’t get to write season 7.

      • ? says:

        Yup. Season 6 may have had some bad plot decisions but the spark that made the show special was gone in season 7. That spark being ASP having the voice of the characters and the inventiveness or tone of the dialogue or whatever combination of the two. I did think season 7 gave an admirable try, but it was never going to work. ASP should have stayed and done the final year under any circumstances placed upon her, legacy is important when it comes to art. I’ll never understand how she could have walked.

    • Guy Mann says:

      Season 7 is one of the worst seasons in television history. You can’t write something created by an author with such a unique voice and writing style, which is why the language, the writing and the characters were completely different. Horrible, horrible, horrible television. Classic CW right there with the ninth and tenth seasons of Smallville.

    • ericcartman23 says:

      Season 7 is one of the worst seasons in television history. You can’t write something created by an author with such a unique voice and writing style, which is why the language, the writing and the characters were completely different. Horrible, horrible, horrible television. Classic CW right there with the ninth and tenth seasons of Smallville.

    • Randi says:

      Season 7 has one of my favorite Gilmore Girls scenes ever (the I Will Always Love you scene) but I feel like that’s ALL Lauren Graham. 100% her. Less the writing.

  2. Steven says:

    I’d like to hear Emily use one big curse while crying about Richard being gone. That would just throw me over the edge. I need a good cry.

    • Delirious says:

      “For us, our language is more about Hepburn and Tracy and less about f—ity f–k f–k f–k.” – actually, that’s EXACTLY how I’d picture Lorelei or Rory cursing. F***ITY F**K F**K is my new motto, defo.

      But yeah, it wouldn’t shock me if Emily let out an F-bomb while finally showing she’s hurting, and surprising Lorelei with both things.

  3. Lisa says:

    Personally, I hate the Season 7 bashing. Season 6 is the one that sucked! Season 7 had to clean up season 6 which was a joke. Regardless, can’t wait for the revival.

    • MJ says:

      I enjoyed Season 7 better too. The whole April storyline and Lorelai and Rory going so long without talking. I hated that.

    • xomylifexo says:

      This. She set them up for failure with a terrible 6 then they had to spend all of 7 cleaning up after her.

    • c-mo says:

      Completely agree! It took me at least 3 years after the show ended to purchase the S6 DVDs…when I watched, I went from S5 to S7. I still have a hard time with S6 all these years down the road. 😏

      • Amanda says:

        Completely agree. Even now I just watch the first couple eps of 6 and then jump a couple eps into 7 (skipping the awkward Paris wedding)

  4. MJ says:

    I actually wanted to see her with Logan. I wouldn’t mind seeing Logan or Jess. I’m ok without seeing Dean.

  5. xomylifexo says:

    All 4 episodes should go in at once. Binging is what Netflix is for, I honestly HATE it when they try to space episodes out. There will be spoilers and people who race to the end first no matter how they go in.

    • Kylie says:

      I can’t believe I’m going to say this since I love Binge Watching shows. However, if they are all released at the same time I won’t be able to stop myself from watching them all at once. Seeing as this is only going to be 4 episodes, I’d actually like to have at least a week between them so I can savour it more and anticipate the next instalment. It would make it last longer.

  6. sneakers says:

    I didn’t think season 7 was that bad and I actually liked the last episode. I thought it ended well considered they didn’t know they were going to be cancelled and loved how it wrapped up with the girls at Luke’s, just like episode 1. I don’t know why ASP can’t just watch it…

    • Steven says:

      I see where she’s coming from. She create this world. It would be really difficult to sit through 22 episodes knowing it wasn’t what she would have done. That would hurt.

      • brandi says:

        Isn’t she the one that wanted to leave and not finish the last season? Maybe she should have stuck it out one more year instead of bailing to do other things.
        I think I disliked the story line of Rory and Lorelei not talking in season 6 more than anything that was done in season 7. Season 7 did feel out of place and off track, but what AS-P did in season 6 was worse IMO.

      • TAB says:

        Well it’s not like she had to binge watch it. She could have watched it over time with a glass of wine in hand. It’s really odd to me that she hasn’t seen it, but that’s her prerogative I guess.

  7. emmaoneill89 says:

    Who do you think upped their prices? Obviously Melissa is one of them, but which of the boys are now out with budget?

    • MJ says:

      I would guess Matt. Milo hasn’t done a whole lot and Jared I think would do it.

    • PL says:

      It’s got to be Matt or Jared.

    • Ginny says:

      I’m guessing Jared. His being on Supernatural probably raised his price quite a bit.

      • Danielle says:

        I definitely think Jared is the issue for both money and timing. Supernatural has been on forever and he’s probably more expensive as a main character than Matt is on The Good Wife. Milo has been doing stuff, but as far as I can tell its a lot of smaller projects since Heros ended. And at present I don’t think he’s involved in anything that would keep him from making an appearance. I think as far as the guy characters go he’s got the most potential to have a storyline as well. Both Dean and Logan presumably have gone on with their lives with less to bring them back into Rory’s world other than in passing. Jess on the other hand has family in Stars Hollow. He has his Mother, Sister, Stepfather and Uncle there. He was never actually supposed to leave the show. Bad negotiations that led to them never following through on his spin-off in California messed that up. I always thought it was very telling that ASP used him to bring Rory back to her senses when she had quit Yale. He was the guy who pushed her to be the better person, like she did for him.

        • brandi says:

          I agree, I would rather have Jess back than both Dean and Logan put together. Jess has more potential story line. And in the end he’s the one I want Rory with. It wasn’t always that way. He was an arrogant little prick when he first showed up, but in the end I liked him most. All Rory can get from Dean is baggage and he’s a cheater. His cheating was with her, but still a cheater. Logan never seemed a good fit to me for some reason. I know Dean and Lindsey were having problems and maybe they got a divorce paving the way for a reunion between Rory and him, but it feels forced. If Jared does come back I hope he cuts that awful hair (yea right I know) or wears a wig or a pony tail or something.

        • Liz says:

          Your right he does have the most potential of having a storyline. But I hope that him and Alexis are on good terms or amicable enough to do a good Jesse and Rory story line. I’m with everybody on Jared being the most expensive. I mean for 11 years now he has been the co-lead and a fan favorite show. And since it doesn’t look like it’s going to be canceled over there on The CW I am pretty sure he isn’t cheap anymore.

          • Hso says:

            Yeah that does bother me quite a bit… like maybe one of them would only sign the contract if there’s a ‘no physical contact’ clause. :)

        • Tania B says:

          Well said, I feel like Amy was bringing him back in the end and I loved seeing how his character evolved. I think he is the most fitting for Rory, he’s the one guy who actually SAW Rory and understood her while being able to tap into HER world, independently of anyone else. Logan was the big prick, he was never worthy of “pippi longstocking” as Luke once described her. Dean, cheater of course, but he was also pretty simple and couldnt ever fuel her or help her achieve her potential.

      • Ames says:

        Even still, jared (i’d think) would want to do the show and he’s almost finished filming the current season of supernatural and he doesn’t do a whole lot else on his off season. I have a feeling he too will be back.

    • cnomad says:

      Probably Matt? He’s been on The Good Wife for the past seven years and it’s a big, critically acclaimed tv show. Supernatural has been on longer, and the fans love it, but it’s not quite on the same level as TGW (aka, nobody on SPN has gotten a Golden Globe for their work on it)

    • Bwhit says:

      I’m selfishly hoping Matt or Jared upped their price. I really want Milo to return, Jess has more than just Rory as the connection to Stars Hollow, he’s Luke’s nephew and I’d like to see them together again.

    • Mm says:

      I’m hoping it is Jared who is too expensive. Dean was controlling, jealous, and insecure and his role in Gilmore world is pretty played out and resolved. I never liked how it ended with Logan and him just walking away, so I hope we at least get more satisfying closure with that. I think we all agree Milo would not be as expensive as the other two.

  8. Dannie C says:

    ASP Is a LEGEND!!! Thank you so much for the awesome content Michael.
    I really hope that the 4 instalments are released with good time between them & not all at once.The show & the revival is so special it would be a disservice (i feel) to release all at once
    I can just tell there are going to be so many happy & sad tears while watching.

  9. Whoever wrote season 7 had to deal with the mess she created halfway through season 6 (April, Anna and, later on, putting Lorelai in bed with Christopher). She’s not a saint.

  10. Babybop says:

    Okay, this actually makes me feel a little less nervous… I wasn’t happy with the way the story was led in season 6, and season 7 was definitely damage control, but I love ALL of Gilmore Girls and don’t resent season 7 at all (in fact, Santa’s Secret Stuff is one of my favorite episodes of the series). I’m glad she’s remaining faithful to the canon, but if she breaks up Luke and Lorelai again, I will be HIMYM mad.

  11. IR0413 says:

    I LOVE the idea of spacing out the episodes. I would like them even more spaced out than a day apart, but I’ll take any separation I can get. I would genuinely be overwhelmed by having 6 hours of new Gilmore arrive on my tv at the same time. I would try to space it out myself, but I’d be running the huge risk of getting it spoiled for me in the meantime. I know a few friends who agree with me.

    • luvtheheaven says:

      I hope each one is released 1 week apart or something even longer than a day. Even a month apart I’d be okay with. More than that and I probably couldn’t handle such long gaps, though… :P

  12. I could do with them getting released a day apart. I think that’s a good idea. Give people a chance to enjoy and rewatch (multiple times, let’s be real) and then move on to the next episode. Also I am intrigued about the storyline that had a high budget for one of the boyfriends? Something with travel possibly, a fight?

  13. Drew says:

    She didn’t even watch the last season after getting the okay to make the revival? How do you write something without knowing what you’re working with? It’s not like she would have to spend a month in isolation to get it done. Just watch the episodes!!!
    It was more than season 7 that messed things up. By that point, Rory was already a pain in the @$$ little snot who was fine and dandy sleeping with a married man. Lorelai and Rory’s relationship had been pretty much broken. The show was a mess. It’s like they took everything that worked about the show and decided to throw it out the window after Rory graduated high school. The only part of it that was interesting was that Lorelai at least accepted the fact that she’d raised Rory as a best friend and not a daughter, and that was a mistake.
    I really want to see Rory redeemed a bit in this revival. But if she ever fulfilled her dream of working on CNN, her soul might already be gone.

  14. Diggory says:

    Didnt Lauren say that the scripts are already written? I think Amy just wants people To be surprised by who is coming back…

    • c-mo says:

      Scripts are oftentimes rewritten as the actors are speaking their lines. AS-P has already said that she’ll rewrite for Melissa and I’m sure she’d do the same for the boys, regardless of how many show up on set. She wouldn’t be an effective writer if she didn’t have multiple storylines running through her head for each character.

  15. Linda says:

    I hope they do bring Dean (Jared) back and have him happily married and 100% finally over Rory. The other two I don’t care about.

  16. Jared says:

    Good thing I really love the cast of Gilmore Girls because ASP turns me off so bad and rubs me the wrong way.

  17. stopthestatic says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Matt/CBS that Amy is referring to in terms of the boyfriends/budgets. Tanc Sade tweeted yesterday that he was notified that Finn will be returning in the revival. My guess is they’ll have Finn update on Rory on what Logan is up to now as a proxy, instead of Logan doing it himself.

  18. Liz says:

    hahaha loving this interview! And loving that we’re not getting it all at once (so I’m thinking I’m with AS-P on the releasing the seasons at least a day apart!)

  19. jj says:

    Michael I just want to say i’m really enjoying all of these interviews. I get more excited with each one

  20. Bill says:

    Agree with your must-see’s perhaps in different order. This show launched a lot of careers and those people are big enough now (we’re talking about you Melissa McCarthy) to make time to at least do one episode. One must is Michel – he’s got to be back. He is the Dragonfly!!

  21. San Summer says:

    I really, really hope that Jared Padalecki will be one of Rory’s men who is coming back!

    If not, then Sam Winchester better have an amazing storyline this season on “Supernatural.” Otherwise there won’t be any payoff to Sam being on the sidelines.

  22. Frances says:

    As much as I would hate to have to wait for each of the different seasons, I think I would prefer a longer wait time between them. I’m interested to see what Luke and Lorelei’s relationship will be like after all these years.

  23. LilCece says:

    Thank you Ausiello!!! Stellar job and between you, those little podcast Guys and Netflix keeping it alive, The Gilmores have a chance to end properly and it’s fantastic! Go Mike!

  24. Tania B says:

    AHHHH! YAY AMY, I’m so excited to see my most favorite show come to life I was a sophomore in high school when the first episode aired. I watched the premier and I remember thursdays were my favorite days because that is when the show ran. I’m so excited to see the ending it was meant to have. Thanks for the determination and love for the fans!

  25. Luis says:

    I’ve figured out the final four words of the series.

    Luke: “More coffee/”
    Lorelai: “Yes, please!”

  26. Michelle says:

    MARTY!!! Make him an inventor or discovered something, some tech thing he sold for millions to Apple or something. He has always been there for her, he loved her, she has always gotten along with him. They adored each other. What a twist that’d be!!!!

  27. TAB says:

    I find it a little ridiculous that ASP didn’t at least watch season 7 herself. She asked friends to walk her through it moment by moment? Wow. If it had been me I would have watched the season and taken notes to make sure I understood exactly what happened while I was gone, not have other people tell me what happened. I don’t understand showrunners.

    • Jimmy says:

      I know, she always sounds bitter and a bit petulant when she talks about it. I know it came down to budget issues and Sherman-Palladino’s workload, but hey isn’t that what negotiations are for?

  28. Jules says:

    So excited for the Gilmore girls revival. I am a huge fan! And I am enjoying all the coverage TV Line is doing. Although, I am getting tired of all the season 7 hate. I enjoyed it, and I am a huge Luke/Lorelai fan. I found the second half of season 6 really hard to watch, and still do and the Lorelai/Rory not talking storyline. Whereas in Season 7 I didn’t hate any story lines. Any ways, can’t wait for Gilmore girls: Seasons! And yes they should air all episodes at once-that’s what Netflix is for.

  29. JK says:

    Isn’t Alexis is pregnant in real life? Or was that a rumor? Will they hide it? Write it in, during a season? These are the questions I want to know. And Sookie’s return.

    • Jimmy says:

      She pregnant with her first child in. Would make for an interesting story. Maybe a 4th Lorelei?

    • Lisa says:

      Rumors have been circulating since, what, Novemeber that Alexis is pregnant. At the SAG awards last weekend she didn’t look it. I would think she’d be at least four to five months along if those rumors were true.

      • Lindsey says:

        Someone said they saw her in November, and she looked ready to deliver. It’s possible she already had the baby, but they kept it a secret for a long time.

  30. Stacy says:

    As for Rory’s exes I’d enjoy seeing Jess and Logan, but I think Dean’s storyline is all wrapped up and over with.

  31. cycworker says:

    So looking forward to this revival, even though I know I’ll be disappointed in terms of where Lorelei & Rory end up romantically. Lorelei belongs with Christopher. The way the series was structured initially, everyone else was just a roadblock to them finally making it work. Rory belongs with Logan.

  32. hc says:

    swearing isn’t necessary at all. please don’t add that to gilmore girls.

  33. Felicia says:

    Milo did say in a intervew last year that amy did asked him if he wanted to be in it so its not him (#teamjess)I wish its matt but think its Jared :/

  34. The last seasons of GG were a disaster – Rory in bed with Dean a married man, Loreli and Christopher together instead of Loreli and Luke, GiGi and April – and no amount of clean up in season 7 could fix all those ills. So AS-P and company need to admit they spit on their own show and their fans and left a mess for others to clean up. So these four 90 minute movies better be the biggest love letter of an apology ever created.

  35. Jimmy says:

    Season 7 wasn’t perfect but I think they did their best to pull things together for the final few episodes. Season 5 was probably that last truly great season of Gilmore Girls.

  36. Simone says:

    Amy should really accept what happened in Season 7. I don’t think it helps anyone, especially her to sit there and pretend it was terrible. I’ve got way more of a gripe with things that happened in seasons 5 & 6, than anything that happened in Season 7.

    However, if we’re going to see some storylines she always wanted to tell, gimme me… now! :D

  37. Scott K. says:

    Nice articlem On the Lost Weekend reference I think she actually said Jack Lemmon as he was in that movie. I also agree GG does not need cursing, they were grateful without bit and now it would be weird. I also hope Netflix spaces out the rollout.

    • Jen K. says:

      She was referencing John Lennon’s year where he was split from Yoko and kind of went nuts in L.A. He termed it his “lost weekend”.

  38. Kim R says:

    I don’t think she should change the “language” that served them so well for 7 seasons. It is part of what made Gilmore Girls so special. Another reason, for me, would be all the younger girls that have discovered GG on Netflix and who watch it with their moms. It is unnecessary to add curse words to the rich characters who never needed them before. My 2 cents.

  39. Tanya Shea says:

    I am still n shock when I found out of the GG Revival. I can’t tell u how many times my DVR has recorded the reruns. My husband says ” not again “. Now I have the whole collection on DVD, I can watch whenever I want. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and all the cast members. Lorelai and Luke a must please….. Rory and Jess….. They push each other, they understand one another.

  40. Diggory says:

    Guys! They are shooting it as we speak!

  41. sarah says:

    I hope it’s not Jared Padalecki who won’t be in the revival because of the budgetary restrictions , since he mentioned after the reunion at ATX TV Festival in June , that ASP wanted him and Jared assured her that he was happy to be back on GG ! Plus as a fan , I would love to see the older Dean with a loving partner and a happy life !

  42. Nicole says:

    I just want Logan to come back. They left it really badly with him and Rory and while yes Dean loved her, Dean also got married and cheated on his wife with Rory. Logan at least was more honest with his F’d up personality. They made each other better. I would be totally okay if Jess did not show up again.

  43. anna says:

    Netflix wouldn’t be Netflix if they didn’t upload everything at once. Does she expect them to change that for her? And whinging about the budget…no wonder ASP lost control of the show with an attitude like that.

    Also I really hope that Rory doesn’t get with any of her high school or college boyfriends. That would make her look pathetic.

  44. Brooke says:

    I can’t even tell you how excited I am! I’m a huge Logan fan but I will be surprised to see him back. Being a big star on The Good Wife! Oh and please oh please don’t add the F word! That’s what I loved most about your show I could watch it with my daughters and really not have to worry. That’s really hard to find these days!

  45. Amy says:

    I feel like ASP is not being truthful. She. Said that Melissa would not be on but did not even ask her. They have started filming but she does not know which of the boys will be back. Don’t you need to have your script written BEFORE you start filming? I get some small rewrites but adding a person in would change the whole story. I really hope she does not screw this up! I loved season 7 and Logan. #TeamLogan

  46. Joe says:

    Well, Logan is definitely IN, so so much for the Good Wife Upped His Asking Price theories…and as far as S6 & S7? With the exception of things wrapping themselves up just a wee bit too quickly (Logan just walks away, and days later Rory is going, “Oh, the rocket…” all pouty-lipped, made me want to say, “Hold your horses, Little Miss Horsey Holder!”), I had no problem with any of the story-arcs or characters behavior. I started GO post its original run, and had no knowledge of AS-P, her contract dispute, and sudden departure. Maybe that gave me a certain viewing angle that others, aware of things from the beginning, did not have, and maybe not. All I know is with just 4 90 minute episodes, I’m gonna be a mess of O So Happy! and O Gawd Why Why Do They Have To Go Away AGAIN?!? 😊

  47. If they do only one f bomb laced scene, it should be one hundred percent Emily and be near the end of Fall!

  48. April says:

    Please don’t bring back April, Anna Nardini, Liz, or TJ!!!!!!

  49. Hal says:

    I grew up with this show it is one of my all time favorite T.V. series ever. I would love to see them all back in Stars Hollow. I am very sad that Edward Hermann is no longer with us.

    There are so many questions like

    How are Lorelai and Luke doing?
    How is Emily going to handle Richard’s death?
    Who is RoRo going to be dating or is she?
    How are Lane, Zack and the twins?
    How are Sookie Jackson and the kids?

    And I can go on and on. I loved watching this show growing up. I hated to see the show end the way it did I had so many questions. I am hoping that this short series answer most of my questions. I can’t wait till it comes out.

  50. Hal says:

    I grew up with this show it is one of my all time favorite T.V. series ever. I would love to see them all back in Stars Hollow. I am very sad that Edward Hermann is no longer with us.

    There are so many questions like

    How are Lorelai and Luke doing?
    How is Emily going to handle Richard’s death?
    Is Rory going to get back with Jess? (I hope she does. I mean I liked Dean but I really like Jess better)
    How are Lane, Zack and the twins?
    How are Sookie Jackson and the kids?
    What is going on with Paris?
    How is Mrs Patty, Kurt, Michele?

    And I can go on and on. I loved watching this show growing up. I hated to see the show end the way it did I had so many questions. I am hoping that this short series answer most of my questions. I can’t wait till it comes out.