Undateable Renewed or Cancelled

Did Undateable Just Air a Series Finale?

Undateable‘s first live season came to an end on Friday night with something that sure felt like a series finale.

In the hour-long “Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar,” Justin called upon the eponymous boy band to help propose to Candace. The question-popping, which came as something of a shock, particularly upset Danny, who wasn’t told by his best friend that it was forthcoming. What’s more, the engagement meant Danny would be losing his roommate of three years, and if that wasn’t enough change for the perpetual man-child, Charlotte was also forcing him to spend more time with her four-year-old son.

The inevitable feud led to a series of (live!) flashbacks, including a reenactment of the meet-cute in Justin’s office that kicked off their bromance in the pilot episode. As usual, the duo eventually forgot what they were fighting about, but the anger was still enough to induce a (live!) Backstreet Boys music video to symbolize their heartache over splitting up as friends.

After a pep talk from Shelly and Leslie, Danny realized he had to make it up to Justin for being a jerk about his engagement, and went to retrieve a diamond that belonged to Candace’s grandmother from her stripper ex-boyfriend Trent. The jewel was retrieved, and Detroit’s most dysfunctional friendship was back on. Meanwhile, after a quick interruption from “TV’s Scott Foley” — who was very upset not to be considered Justin’s best friend — Justin declared that his wedding to Candace would have to happen in the summer or fall, because there sure as heck wasn’t enough time this season.

In the midst of Justin and Danny’s latest feud, we also found out that “Lurski” is officially on. After going on their first date two weeks ago, Burski’s dream of calling Leslie his girlfriend has finally come true, and the improbable couple exited Black Eyes Bar while inadvertently crashing into various tables and lighting fixtures in the process.

Now that you’ve watched the Season 3 finale, we have to ask: Could this week’s Undateable serve as a satisfying conclusion to the experimental NBC sitcom should it not be renewed for Season 4? Grade the episode in our poll, then sound off in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I hope it gets another season. I think they did this just in case they dont get renewed. The live aspect was fantastic. And it would be a damn shame not to be renewed. Plus, we need to see Nicki again (anyone remember her?)

    Really impressed by the whole show. Great cast chemistry.

  2. Ken says:

    I agree Michelle and we need another season!

  3. Allie says:

    We need a season 4. I need to see just how badly Danny will mess up Justin & Candice’s wedding!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Fantastic season finale. They need a wedding for the series finale maybe, so need one more season!

  5. If NBC axes this but keeps the trainwreck that is ‘Superstore’ there’s no justice. This show is consistently must-see-tv. When’s the last time the peacock network had a show like that (other than SVU)?

    • The Watcher says:

      Honestly they best thing they could do for Undateable would be to pair it with Superstore at this point and get the word out. I only tuned in to Undateable midway through this season after TVLine did an article mentioning the Live attempts at cracking each other up. Went back and watched all the LIVE episodes (Both East & West Feeds) and one of my favorite things to do is watch each episode in tandem now.

      Definately needs a 4th Season and stop hatin’ on Superstore.
      “Jonah touched a Dead Guy!, Jonah touched a Dead Guy!”

    • Agustín says:

      I think Superstore is brilliantly fresh! Telenovela is unwatchable… Undateable is decent.

  6. Larry says:

    It was awesome. Need more eps.

  7. Melissa says:

    Who is the posterboard of?

  8. Bianca says:

    I hope they renew this! The live aspect has just been fantastic! Even though ratings aren’t the best, it’s not that far off from what Telenovela is getting and that is in a much better time slot. I hope NBC gives it another chance! Finale was funniest episode of the season. Plus the whole cast has a great chemistry.

  9. Kevin W. says:

    I hope it comes back. I think they just did all that stuff is in case they don’t get picked up.

  10. Cheap Chip says:

    I hope they get another season but if this was it, they couldn’t have ended it better. BSB, a proposal,Dewey from Girl Meets World, Justin singing, Danny doing high kicks, and most importantly, TV’s Scott Foley.

  11. Lee says:

    Undated lexis the only comedy I watch. The writers hit a home run each week and the antics of the actors keep me coming back for more! I watch the east and west feeds and laugh as hard the second time as I did the first airing!!!!

  12. Billy says:

    Best show on tv. Love the live version. Hope it turns out for seasons to come. Clasic. Also best show of its kind in for a long time.

  13. Teresa says:

    I absolutely love watching undateable live. Its the best show on and i really hope it comes back for another season!!!!

  14. sktaylortrash says:

    This is literally the only show on TV that I would take the time to watch twice in the same week never mind the same day. Not only is the show fun but watching both airings to spot the differences is a lot of fun

  15. cadfile says:

    I hope it gets renewed. It was one of the funniest sitcoms this season. I just wish if they come back that Whitney Cummings doesn’t return she just seems to drag the whole show down in her scenes.

  16. Jeannie says:

    Every now and then watching a sitcom you’re able to figure out the next line, this show (Undateable) you NEVER know what’s going to happen next.
    It’s very entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. Thank you for bringing something fresh to my TV

  17. Ivan Brawley says:

    Undateable is one of the best shows on tv …. It has been from the start I can’t understand why it would be on the fence….. It should already have been renewed !!!

  18. Nj Olson says:

    This is our Friday night treat. I’ve watched this weird little show since the first episode. The live aspect made it exponentially funnier, breaking the 4th wall, ability to incorporate current events good and sad (“goodbye Starman!”) Plus the cast, writing team, producers are fan friendly to a fault, Tweeting and Periscoping like crazy. The energy is off the charts, everyone looks to be having fun… And anything can happen. If NBC doesn’t at least order short seasons of this per year, they’re just stupid. Here’s the demographic in our house: 61 yr old and 47 year old. We make money and we spend it!

  19. David Benjamin Haven says:

    Hoping it gets renewed , but I hope they step away from having LIVE episodes, they and better ratings in Season 2.

  20. Aly says:

    Those flashbacks were everything! I hope they’ll get renewed, would be a shame if not.

  21. Ric says:

    Keep it going. It, Telenova and Carmichael are the only funny shows NBC has.

  22. Ethel says:

    I am not a regular viewer of this show but while watching it last night, I felt as though it definitely was a series finale.

  23. CourtTV says:

    Last night was my first episode. It better return. I last ghee so much!!

  24. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good and so funny. Hope they’ll get renewed for season 4! It’s such a good show!

  25. Sally Henry says:

    We absolutely love Undateable!! We DVR it so that we can watch again when nothing good is on TV. It has been a long time since we’ve watched a sitcom that made us laugh so much.

  26. 134sc says:

    I really hope it comes back. Last night was hilarious. Great show.

  27. Jay says:

    RENEW RENEW RENEW! Best show on TV. NBC needs to promote it more and give it the timeslot it deserves.

  28. Marcia says:

    It definitely needs to b renewed. One of the funniest comedies on tv. Please renew it!

  29. Colleen R says:

    My family loves this show!! We watch the next day so we can watch the east coast version. And the west coast version back to back!! Never gets old!

  30. Magali says:

    I have loved this show from episode 1 season 1. The live format made it even better! We need a season 4 and NBC desperately needs this show to stay relevant.

  31. Jude Choizy says:

    I love all the characters from this show and NBC had really stepped up its game to do all of the episodes of undateable live. Enjoy every one of them.

  32. connie says:

    I love this show. Hope we get at least one more season

  33. supertapping says:

    I thought this was its first season. Now I have to find those other two seasons.

  34. partisan says:

    This show has gotten so much better since they began doing it live. I went from watching the occasional episode to a loyal live viewer. If they dump this now they lose a show with great potential.

  35. HAP says:

    It’s unique to television these days. And it has what I can only describe as a cult following. I really don’t think NBC has given this show enough support advertising-wise. And it has a horrible time slot as the cold open on a Friday.

    Fingers crossed about renewal.

    And for whoever dissed Whitney Cummings, I get the distinct impression that either she or Chris reached out to get her on the last four episodes. They do have history, of course.

  36. Nancy Thistlethwaite says:

    I LOVE Undateable, especially since it started going live. I will be so sad if it is not renewed. It’s rare for me to get hooked on comedies these days. This one is great! Superstore and Telenovela don’t cut it and I gave them both several tries.

  37. NP says:

    Much like last year’s live finale led to a live season, I hope this episode leads to a season of hour long live episodes

    • Mike M says:

      I’ll second that, the whole hour gives them so much more time to loosen up – you can clearly see the difference. It is a big ask to do two live one hour shows in a night – but I have no doubt whatsoever the cast would all be up for it. Cult show now that’s really only just catching on properly, be pretty criminal if they can it – but it does have pretty big internal support at NBC so I’m picking it will be back.

  38. big cheddar says:

    Not bad. If it does get renewed i hope they reign in some of Chris’ miming (it’s eats up time) so they can have more storylines for the other castmembers and keep Whitney Cummings (i really enjoyed her on this show). Oh, and let Burshski speak more!

  39. Kevin says:

    Need season 4

  40. Stephen Bass says:

    Please please please bring it back. My favorite cast out of all other tv. I love the episodes being live. I’ve been to one taping and tried but was unsuccessful for 2 other tapings. This show is great!!!

  41. Nicky says:

    *crosses fingers for another season*

  42. Janis Saylor says:

    I LOVE Undateable being live! I only glanced at this show before and wasn’t enthralled, but the energy is so captivating and the ad-libbing is so funny! I hope so much that it returns for Season 4.

  43. Stacy says:

    It needs to be renewed and release a DVD set with both East and West coast versions. My one thumbs down for this episode is that I can’t find the West Coast feed anywhere!!

  44. Lilian says:

    This can’t be the series finale, we need another season… Please don’t cancel

  45. Jim J. says:

    “Did ‘Undateable’ Just Air a ‘Series’ Finale?” If I had said “Yes” to this question, it is because “Undateable” has low viewership (less than 3 million viewers per episode), and with all three of its seasons abbreviated (totaling 36 episodes), I doubt it’s going to have enough episodes for syndication. These could also be the reasons that “Undateable” is a bubble show.

    Also, I never got to catch any of the Season 3’s “live” episodes, and I never had any interest in “Undateable” for those same reasons, so what do I care?

  46. jj says:

    i love this show and really hope it gets renewed but it does feel like there was some closure in case it doesn’t

  47. Tricia A. says:

    “Undateable” is so much better now that it’s gone live. It fits a cast of 4 seasoned stand-up comics who shine at improvisation. Not only do I hope for a Season 4 and beyond, but I hope it keeps its live format, gets a better timeslot, and is promoted better than it was this past season. It’s the best underated sitcom right now and it deserves another chance!

  48. Nicholas says:

    We need to see what happens with
    #Lurski and maybe Shelly will find someone . This show is my favorite show on Tv .

  49. John says:

    UndateableLive has been the funniest show this season. So unpredictable and fun to watch. You can tell the cast are having a great time. Live flashbacks in the season final were hilarious.
    This funny show with the Live concept should definitely continue. I hope NBC sees the gem they have and renew.

  50. Bonnie Skaggs says:

    Undateable is hilarious, often breaks the 4th wall which the fans love. Undateable has a loyal group of fans, nicknamed JSquad because in an earlier episode Danny was going to be an extra in a movie as member of JSquad. Cast & crew tweet with fans. I want a 4th season, be a mistake to let this gem go.