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The 100 Clarke Lexa Reunited

The 100 Boss Breaks Down the City of Light Reveal, Talks [Spoiler]'s Return

The 100 continued its third season on Thursday with a barrage of surprise reunions and emotional breakdowns, plus enough out-of-nowhere twists to leave even the most grounded of Grounders with whiplash.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jason Rothenberg about two of this week’s biggest moments, but first, a quick recap:

Lincoln and Octavia led the charge back to Mount Weather, following an attack on Nyko by the Ice Nation; Kane attempted to share the message of Grounder love to an old war buddy; the City of Light was revealed to real… and apparently a place where death doesn’t stick; Jasper finally reached his breaking point; Monty was reunited with his mother; and (Prince!) Roan took Clarke not to the Ice Nation, but to the capitol, where she was reunited with Lexa… and proceeded to spit in her face. [Insert deep breath here.]

First, we questioned Rothenberg about that “huh?” City of Light moment, which is apparently going to be explained in digestible bites throughout Season 3.

“It’s real,” he confirmed. “It’s a real place, and it becomes a big deal this season, but the story simmers for a little while before it boils over. We’re trying to get the audience used to this new story we’re telling; it has a whole new visual vocabulary, and its own language in many ways. You’ve only just begun to see where that world is going and what it’s all about.”

We also needed the inside story on that long-awaited “Clexa” reunion, and Rothenberg was happy to take us on a tour through Clarke’s brain.

“It was always pretty clear that when Clarke saw Lexa again, she was going to have some murderous rage bubble up,” he said. “She feels abandoned. She spent three months in the woods denying her own responsibility and blaming Lexa. That was never going to be a happy reunion. It’s going to take a while, if ever, for those scars to heal.”

Did the “Clexa” reunion live up to your expectations? What do you make of the very real City of Light? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below. 

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  1. Steven says:

    I don’t care about Roan or whatever his name is. BELLARKE PLEASE

  2. All I saw was Bellarke and how Bellamy is so in love with Clarke and they are both willing to die for each other.Excuse me while I cry until next week.

    • Jenn says:

      their relationship this week was so beautiful that my emotions are just in shreds. No mention of their gorgeous reunion?? It’s was heartbreaking and amazing!

  3. Gina says:

    I don’t care about Clarke and lexa or
    Her and roan. I just want bellarke darn it! Lol

  4. Lou says:


  5. J J. says:

    I think Lexa is the only one who can truly understand Clarke. Being made a leader, making the hard choices.

    I know it will upset people, me saying this, but I see Bellamy as more of a brother for Clarke. The books may have gone another route, but the show is vastly different from the books. So seeing something between them at this point really feels more of wishful thinking than reality. He was just as eager to find Octavia whenever she was in trouble. I think Bellamy just feels responsible for taking care of people, like his Mom instilled into him.

    Anyways. Great show. Loving the direction of the season.

    • Sawyer says:

      I have to disagree in regards to Bellamy and Clarke. Bellamy is in love with her whether he knows it or not. Bob Morly acting last night was very convincing he is in love with her,
      Clarke pleading for Bellamy life, I think in time season 4 hopefully Clarke will fall in love with Bellamy and realize she can’t live with out him. I do think Lexa and Clarke will have a very tense love/hate relationship this season. I don’t know, but seeing Clarke looking like a Grounder leader makes me think that Lexa and Clarke will have some type of marriage ritual, and Lexa will be killed. I think Clarke becomes the leader of the Grounders and unites them.

    • Sawyer says:

      Man I can’t believe Clarke spit in her face. Good job writers. I have a feeling that’s why she wants Clarke to bow to her. I think eventually Clarke will understand, Lexa was trying to save her life. Why did Indra go to Kane and Bellamy for help to save Clarke. I think Lexa knew Bellamy would find her in case Roan did not deliver Clarke to her. Lexa always has a purpose. I do think Lexa is in love with Clarke and was trying to keep her safe, but she also know the legend of Clarke is powerful and she want’s all the Clans to know that Lexa is the most powerful grounder of all.
      Man great episode. I love Clarke trying to kill Roan and what is she 5’5″ and a 120 pounds compared to Roan 6’3′ and 250 pounds. Clarke washed those red berries out of her hair quickly. Personally Clarke is blond beauty.

  6. Annie says:

    All of the online episode reviews I’ve seen thus far have comPLETELY ignored the fact that part of the episode centered on Bellamy’s desperation trying to get Clarke back, and the very emotionally charged if not incredibly brief reunion that followed. Why is no one talking about arguably the biggest arc of the episode? I get that Lexa/Clarke is the darling of this show, but I don’t feel like that calls for completely ignoring the very really Bellamy/Clarke partnership

  7. michelle says:

    ughhhh no one cares!!! the bellarke reunion hit me straight in the feels! BELLARKE 4 LIFE

  8. Angel says:

    i hate all this hate lol I love clexa but i also dont mind Bellarke, can we just keep giving our approval to this amazing show so that it can continue telling the stories we need it to tell

  9. Lindsey says:

    Alycia Debnam-Carey has such a presence as Lexa, she just exudes power and strength. Can’t wait to see how Clarke and Lexa work through their issues over the coming weeks. Their dynamic is explosive.

  10. Eva says:

    Yeah, but is the city of light really real, or real like the matrix was real? I’m guessing the latter, sorry. And it was weird how the big dude fell down dead after Murphy’s grounder GF only gave him a small cut. He lost what, two spoons of blood? Maybe they didn’t want to show too much blood on the show, but maybe there is something more funky going on.

  11. Bellarke says:

    *shrugs at Clexa reunion* I do like their dynamic and love that Clarke is pissed, but they are not a healthy couple. I like to see them interact, but compared to the way Bellamy was all about Clarke this episode…Seriously, no mention of the Bellamy arc in this episode? It was the heart of the episode! Bellamy and Monty… I have so many feelings. And the Bellarke reunion was amazing!

    I also love to see Clarke and Roan together. Very nervous about Pike. So scared for Lincoln. So excited for next week! This is one of the best shows on and it deserves so much more attention

    • Jane says:

      I’ll have to disagree with you regarding clexa’s relationship. I don’t say that I’m happy with the decision Lexa made at the end of season 2, but everyone makes mistakes even leaders and it was pretty obvious how not proud of her decision she was but sometimes there are no right decisions to make. But I do believe that not Bellamy and not anyone else can understand Clarke better than Lexa, because the are both leaders and no one else is able to understand the harsh decisions you sometimes are obliged to make. So I do think that Clarke and Lexa share a really strong bond that is now buried under Clarke’s wrath for what happened, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and we can also see how vulnerable and maybe soft Lexa becomes every time she encounters Clarke, but she just tries to hide it because it’s a scary feeling for her. But I do agree with you in the part that the show is great.

  12. Shocking but no surprise how Bellamy’s heroic efforts at attempting to rescue Clarke played out, Clarke begging for his life, and his total meltdown also Monty’s efforts at talking him down, along with Jasper and Octavia moments in Mt Weather.. were totally not mentioned at all… yes focus on the 30 second Lexa scene… and how she again backed out of a deal she made with someone, true to form..

  13. This article did a total disservice to the viewers that witnessed incredible acting by Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin and Devon Bostic ! These three guys absolutely slayed it ! (Eliza as well, but she always gets props.).

  14. Jane says:

    This Clexa reunion was explosive, I love every interaction between the two of them!

  15. J Smith says:

    The city of lights is only a virtual place, for what I undestood, you have to place that little chip in order to see it, and the holographic projection is lying. A.L.I.E.N

  16. Luli says:

    I do like Clexa, but right now i’m all about that, brief, but great reunion between Bellamy and Clarke. I love them, but I’m torn between both couples. Eliza Taylor was amazing in that last scene. She’s been really great as Clarke.

    Part 2 was soooo much better than part 1. And those last five minutes!! (Bellarke! Clexa! Prince Roan of Azgeda?!?!) I can’t wait to see Brenda Strong as the Ice Queen.

    Pike means trouble…. Love Indra and Kane. Monty storyline (mom?) ! I’m looking forward to the next episodes. I read that the next two are big Clexa ones. I hope those include big Bellarke moments too. So excited to see the Polis sets.

  17. Lisa says:

    I am not a fan of Bellamy and Clarke as a couple. I like them as separate and friends. I don’t think that they have chemistry in a romantic way at all. Yes, I do think that Bellamh cares for Clarke, but not romantically…it’s more of a sisterly way. It is almost the same eagerness to find Clarke as it is whenever Ovtavia disappears. They have a connection, no don’t about it, but it is definitely not a romantic connection. There is no chemistry there.

    Now Lexa and Clarke…they have something. The way they glance at each other…you can see the heart stops and the lip bites. It is definitely something between them. They stare at each other when the other isn’t looking. There is something there between them that is undeniable…a flicker and a flame that cannot be put out…no matter how hard they try to fight it. There will be the betrayal that Clarke feels that Lexa did to her, not understanding the greater reason behind Lexa’s actions and the fact that she made the most difficult decision of her life…choosing her people over her love. Now that they are back in the same vicinity of each other the flickering flame will ignite again and Clarke will find it boiling inside of her again and she will not be able to deny it… You can’t fight the fates.

    Clarke and Lexa are truth…not Clarke and Bellamy!