Outlander Brianna Cast Sophie Skelton

Outlander's Brianna to Be Played by British Newcomer Sophie Skelton

O. M. Bree.

Starz’s Outlander has finally cast the role of Brianna, with newcomer Sophie Skelton nabbing the part, the network announced Thursday.

Warning: If you don’t want to be spoiled about Season 2 and beyond of the historical drama, leave this post now.

As you can see from the photo at the top of the post, the actress has already adopted red tresses for the role, described in Diana Gabaldon’s novels as Claire and Jamie’s statuesque, ginger-haired, very smart and rather grounded 20-something daughter.

Per the official description, “Strong-minded and intelligent beyond her years (traits inherited from both her mother and father), Brianna has a distinctly scholastic mind-set and a healthy dose of Fraser stubbornness.”

Fans of the books know that though Brianna — sometimes called Bree — is Jamie’s child, she is raised in America and grows up thinking Frank Randall is her father. She also spends plenty of time with Roger Wakefield, a part recently filled by Scottish actor Richard Rankin.

Skelton, who hails from Cheshire, England, has appeared in several UK series, including Foyle’s WarWaterloo Road and Casualty.

Outlander will return for Season 2 in April.

What do we think of Skelton as Bree, Outlanders? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mags Lang says:

    Well pleased..Sophie looks like a great addition to the family 😆😆

  2. Alichat says:

    Smart to cast an unknown I think. She looks like she could be their child. I wonder how tall she is??

  3. jtrattray says:

    I take they’ve run out of Scottish actors so desperate for fame and money that they’ll work on this pish.

    I mean who reduced my nation’s history to shagging and man pain. It obviously written by someone who has never studied actual Scottish history, she’s obviously just one of these weird women with a ‘men in kilts’ kink. She would’ve been better writing fanfic.

    • Kim says:

      Brianna isnt scottish she is American!

    • Leah Thomas says:

      I never – and I mean never – get involved in ‘internet arguments’ – however I believe you should read all Diana Gabaldon’s books before you throw stones – they are full of history not just ‘shagging and man pain’. Before you ask, no I’m not American.

      As for the choice of actress to play Brianna – she looks great!

    • Susan says:

      Last I heard, Scotland didn’t even have access to the show. Have you even seen it? Also, Gabaldon is known for her attention to historic detail. You’d be wise to give it a read before posting an opinion. The author has a PhD, after all.

    • “Pish?” You couldn’t be further from the truth. If the series isn’t your cup of tea, don’t watch. It’s very simple. There are literally millions of fans who DO like what they see. Go find what floats your boat, and the rest of us will do the same.

    • Jackie says:

      You haven’t read the books so you’ll be very surprised who Brianna IS and where she comes from. Wait before you judge too harshly. An English actor can do many accents if needed.

    • Debra says:

      Spoken by someone who’s obsiously never read the books. Maybe you should not blindly cast stones. You never know when it may richochet & hit you in the inflated ego.

    • Anna Bolic says:

      Except for the first book, which was written for practice and never intended for publication, these books are NOT romances, kilts of otherwise.

      DR. Diana Gabaldon, Ph.D., is, by training, a RESEARCH scientist with three advanced degrees. She is an inveterate researcher who knew her way around a library before there was even an internet to do research on. She recently shared with readers photos of her home office, which is piled from floor to ceiling with thousands of books and other paraphenalia from which she draws her material. Few historical works are so well-researched and footnoted.

      Maybe you should do a little “research” yourself before mouthing off about things you know nothing about? Just a suggestion!

    • Becky says:

      You have so obviously not read any of her books, that it makes you look foolish. And Brianna is not Scottish. Born, raised in Boston.

    • Anna Bolic says:

      The fact that you assumed that this role required a SCOTTISH actor says everything about what you know about this series. Brianna is an American.

    • Dita Strutt says:

      Meow 😾
      Who is this jtrattray and if she doesn’t like the books, don’t comment.

      Ps. I have seen better choices for Roger,but you never know how it will turn out. Claire and Jamie are fantastic and I had my doubts. Bree looks good. Can’t wait to see! !!!

      • A fan of TV says:

        jtrattray is a man. This is clear from their comment, which drips with the sort of paternalistic nonsense that any man who hears about things through a grapevine without looking into it themselves would have to say.

    • fairmont1955 says:

      It’s fiction, sweetie. If you want accuracy, don’t watch a fiction time travel TV show and then complain.

    • Angela Missouri says:

      It’s a friggin’ story! It’s not real! This series is NOT an Encyclopedia Britannica Scottish History fact telling story! It’s fiction!! Make-believe. Pretend. Entertainment!! Get a grip!

  4. Tina says:

    Excellent choice for Bree! She is lovely! Can’t wait to see her bring our Brianna to life! Way to go, casting. This is perfect
    Casting to bring a newcomer. That way, we won’t have any preconceptions about the actress from pervious roles. Exciting!

  5. Linda says:

    Does she have the Fraser blue cat eyes? And I thought an American actress would be cast, but I guess that is what you call acting- adopting an accent for the part

    • Maren says:

      It could also be a work permit issue. They have to prove a UK citizen wasn’t deprived of a job. Easy with the DeNiro and Roberts of the world, not so much with an unknown.

  6. Susan says:

    I was holding out hope for an American actress, but Ron has been spot on so far. I’ll trust them. Let’s see what she can do. Bring on season 2!

    • fairmont1955 says:

      ^Woot, someone who is sensible and not acting like the world is ending because, you know, she’s only 5’8″ or her eyes are a different color! The show is in solid hands, this should be an amazing season :)

  7. Kimberly says:

    She looks like Bree! Can’t wait to see her come to life…… love the show!

  8. DancingLeaf06 says:

    I’m just glad this search is over…I’m so tired of people asking when the character would be cast and who should play her…taking on the mantra of “our” Brianna is a tad too much…she’s just a character in a series very good books. I just hope the next speculation will not be if Sam is dating her or Rick for that matter.

  9. Tom says:

    Ok I think we found the first female Doctor right here

  10. jryd69 says:

    She looks great! Side note: does anyone think Tom Hiddleston would make a perfect John Grey?!?!?!

  11. She is only 5′ 8″ tall. With Jamie (Sam Heughman) being 6′ 2″, she will not be able to look at him “in the eyes.”

    • Winter says:

      Well in the book he is 6’4 and she is 6′ so it is the same height difference. I’m sure camera angles will make it work fine.

      • Anna Bolic says:

        Sam is 6’3″, so the height difference is actually 5 inches.

        Not all that important, though. The casting noticed specfied 5’8″ or over.

      • Chris S says:

        no, the height difference is 4″ in the book. In your description (6″2″ and 5″8″) the difference is 6″. Not that it matters, I think the choice is fine – she looks great, hazel eyes and all.

      • scmaize says:

        You may recall that there are 12 inches in a foot, not 10.

  12. Liz says:

    Well, FINALLY!!!

  13. lqza says:

    I watched half an hour of a woman running around a forest. I got very bored and have not been back since.

  14. Sandy Harding says:

    If Claire is English and she had Brianna in England and living in England wouldn’t it only be fitting that Bree be English? I don’t understand why everyone thinks she should be American. Am I missing something? I am up to date with the books.

    • Kathy says:

      Bree was born and raised in Boston. I think that is why some were looking for an American actress to play the role.

    • Lauryn E. Nosek says:

      Claire is English but Brianna was born and raised in Boston so I can easily buy a Brit doing an American accent playing Bree – she would have British English at home and American English at school and everywhere else so it actually works really well for me.

    • Amy G says:

      If you were up to date with the books you would know exactly where and why Brianna was born and raised where she was (not England). It’s a huge component of the 2nd book!

    • Nixmom says:

      The books often reference Bree’s “Boston ” accent, since she was raised in the States.

    • Anna Bolic says:

      Yes, if you’re thinking that Brianna was born in England, you’re missing some really big chunks of story. Perhaps it’s been many years since you read it?

      This might be a good opportunity to go back and re-read,

    • dancingleaf06 says:

      The character Brianna was born in the USA, Boston, Mass. to be exact, Claire and Frank immigrated to the States when Frank accepted a position at some Ivy League University ( I forgot which one).

  15. Donna Bailey says:

    Excellent choice!!! She’s a great combination of the two, Sam and Cat💟💟💟

  16. Mandy says:

    Erm, TV Line… She is a Londoner born in Woodford. Cheshire is up north….. She is a great actress and I quite like her. Eyes, hair colour, height – whatever! That is the beauty of hair dye, contacts and camera angles. What matters is the fact that the girl can act.

  17. pat says:

    her physical similarity to jamie is quintessential for the storytelling. she doesnt seem their child. im not a nitpick person for the other roles. but she should be pretty similar to jammf…

  18. Guest says:

    Wish she was an inch or 2 taller but Ron Moore is so amazing when it has come to the casting of Outlander so far I have complete faith in this actress! I actually LOVE her natural eye color.. I know Bree in the books is suppose to resemble Jamie in the height and eye color department, but with both Balfe and Heughan being blue eyed beauties, this actress having that natural “sherry/whisky eye color” like Claire’s are in the books I’m totally down if they don’t give this actress blue contacts! At least someone in the tv show family will have those leopard colored eyes!!! :) they got the hair color perfect as well! Wish we had a photo of her side by side with Balfe and Heughan so I can see the awesomeness come together!
    Love Outlander!

    • Chris S says:

      Genetics says that 2 blue eyed people can’t have a brown/haze eyed child so they didn’t get that right. That said, who cares – she looks great and as long as she can act I’m sure it will be fine.

      • Guest says:

        “Genetics says that 2 blue eyed people can’t have a brown/hazeL eyed child so they didn’t get that right. That said, who cares-” well that was a contradictory statement if I ever saw one.
        Seems I’m the one who doesn’t care about the eye color, genetic laws be damned. At least SOMEONE in the tv show family (as I said before) will have those interesting colored eyes. And I don’t think I ever said anywhere that she doesn’t look great, because I think I specifically said she does, only wishing for the actress to be an inch or 2 taller isn’t saying she looks horrible.

      • Anna Bolic says:

        Because the two genes depend on each other, it IS possible for someone with blue eyes to actually be a carrier of a dominant trait like brown eyes. Therefore if two blue eyed parents are carriers, then they can have a brown eyed child.

        • SJ says:

          Nope. Sorry 😊. Blue eyes are a recessive gene trait. You need two recessive genes for blue eyes to be expressed so if both parents have blue eyes there can’t be any brown eyed genes in the offspring. Not that it matters really. The quality of the acting will bring the character to life. Cait has the wrong colour hair and eyes for Clair and is too tall yet she brings Claire to life.

          • tvfanatic says:

            Not entirely true regarding the eye color. Yes blue eyes are recessive, but both my parents have blue eyes and yet my brother was born with brown eyes. Either my brother is a freak of nature (not arguing the fact that he may be) or genetics aren’t as set in stone as some would like to think they are. I do agree with you regarding Caitriona bringing the character to life despite not perfectly fitting the description of the character from the books. I watched Sophie’s demo reel on her IMDB page and she’s quite a talented actress. I look forward to seeing what she brings to the role when she debuts later in the season. Given Ron’s track record with this show I’m going to bet she’s going to nail the part.

            To those complaining, what would you rather have a crap actress who can’t pull off the part but looks like the character in the book or an outstanding actress who deviates only slightly from the book description and nails the part? Personally I’ve been expecting and hoping for the latter because I’d rather have someone who has the acting chops to pull off the demanding acting this role calls for than someone incapable of the massive range this character requires. Good on Ron and company for this casting. April seems so far away.

          • Leslie T says:

            Actually the punnett square for eye color which we learned in high school is an over simplification and it actually is possible for 2 blued eyed people to have a brown eyed child. Probably more informatin than anyone really wants to know but two of the most important genes in eye color are OCA2 and HERC2. Both come in versions that can cause blue eyes. And they need each other to work. (In genetics, a relationship like this is called epistasis.) These two facts provide one explanation for how blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed child. But this is television and the ability to breathe life into the role is much more important imho

      • Shardoll1 says:

        Actually they can. I am living proof. I do have a degree in science and yes, I know my parents are really my parents. If both blue eyed parents carry the dominant trait for brown eyes then, they can have a brown eyed child.

      • Leesa Pratt says:

        Um, I beg to differ. My mother and father both had hazel eyes. I have most distinctly blue eyes , not grey, not hazel. My brother has brown eyes. And no, there’s no question about paternity. http://genetics.thetech.org/how-blue-eyed-parents-can-have-brown-eyed-children

      • Julia says:

        Not true – my best friend’s parents both have blue eyes and they’re child (tested as well) has brown eyes and the sibling has the parents blue. It’s all about what’s in the family gene pool. My best friend’s sibling has the blue eyes, but my friend has the father’s look. And one of the grandparents had brown eyes, which is where my friend got the brown eyes from.

  19. Rita Parker says:

    I don’t understand how Jamie being so young himself has a child so old? And how did she get to America? And no I do not read the books, eyes to bad.

    • Kat says:

      The short, simple, but still VERY SPOILERY explanation – time travel, and time jumps. Claire travels back to the future and gives birth there, and raises her daughter there. More time travel happens, Jamie and Claire are reunited. But they spend 20 years apart and Jamie doesn’t raise his daughter. Diana Gabaldon does not shy away from the heartache.

    • Dancing!eaf06 says:

      I highly recommend you read the books (Outlander and Dragonfly In Amber) to get the answers to your questions.

    • Julia says:

      I listened to them via Audiobooks. Very enjoyable story!

  20. barb wild says:

    You can’t change stupid people. Great Job for choosing and doing your job. I am with you!

  21. Liz says:

    hmm, was still hoping for Karen Gillan. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how she is

  22. DavidJ says:

    Gotta say, as someone who hasn’t read the books but is enjoying the hell out of the TV series, I’m a bit bummed that such a seemingly huge plot twist has already been given away in just the casting announcement.

    I wish they had just described it as a “mystery role” or only provided the character’s first name or something.

    • Anna Bolic says:

      I know, right? I’m a reader of the novels, but I hate seeing spoilers ruining it for people who haven’t. Part of the experience of the books is the surprise and discovery of them.

    • Drew says:

      Don’t worry. There are still some pretty big twists involved between what you know and what you think you know. :)

    • Miranda says:

      She’s introduced right at the beginning of the second novel. It’s not that big a spoiler.

  23. pam says:

    She is supposed to be 6ft tall. She’s only 5’8″?! Not happy about that. Her extreme height sets her apart in the 18th century. Remember how so many people commented on her hugeness in the books? Big part of her character and personality. Could b a deal breaker for me. Too bad

  24. She is lovely but just noticed she has brown eyes in this photo. That won’t do! Also she is not tall enough. She is supposed to tower over Claire and be closer to 6 feet. 5’8″ is hardly “huge” as she is described SO MANY TIMES in the books. That is how Jamie describes her when they first meet. Maybe they can do wonders with camera angles (they made Sam move around quite a bit in the cemetery scene with Jenny so he looked much taller than her). All in all I guess they finally had to settle on a good actress and will somehow make her appearance fit the bill. I hope so anyway. Good luck to you Sophie.

    • danit84 says:

      I guess they could work miracles with camera angles, but that would be a miracle. Laura Donnelly, the actress who portrayed Jenny is 5’4″, so it wasn’t so hard for Sam to appear taller when is almost a whole foot taller than her.

    • SJ says:

      I’d rather have someone who embodies the essence of a character than have the correct physical attributes and her acting fall a bit flat. Cait is too tall for Claire and has the wrong colour hair and eyes yet she so embodies the ‘nature’ of Claire that It doesn’t matter.

  25. Ruth says:

    At last! Best wishes to her. Based on past Outlander casting decisions, I’m pretty sure this one will turn out well, too.

  26. Disappointed in the choice for Bree. She doesn’t look anything like Jamie(Sam). No way Bree can have brown eyes. What was casting doing all this time? What alet down! Was looking forward to the Roger/Brianna romance. Not anymore. Wasn’t too impressed w/ Roger either. Nothing against the actors. They just don’t look the parts.

    • Drew says:

      It is a myth that blue eyed parents can’t have a brown eyes baby. It is rare, but it happens.
      And it is no rarer than the gene that allows one to travel through time with magic rocks. :)

      • Guest says:

        Thank you!!! :) at least someone in the family will have the whisky colored eyes!!

      • Anna Bolic says:

        It’s not even rare. If two blue eyed parents carry the brown eyed gene (they have a brown-eyed parent or grandparent, for example), they can easily have a brown-eyed child. I’m living proof!

    • Zoe says:

      Oh come on. You are no longer looking forward Bree/Roger romance because she has brown eyes and he doesn’t look like you imagined him? Neither Caitriona nor Sam match their book descriptions, she doesn’t have her famous ass or whisky colored eyes, he doesn’t have cat eyes, wide mouth or facial features of Viking – yet everyone love them. Give those two a chance.

  27. Jan says:

    Just looking at her gives me the impression of all the traits Bree posses. I think she is perfect for the part, and she does resemble Jamie. A perfect choice!

  28. Marny says:

    Sam Heughan should play Lord John! He could have his real blonde hair and use a wig for the Jamie part (he may be wearing a wig for it already). He has the perfect face for it. And this way he could show that he can play dual roles, just as Tobias Menzies does in the series

  29. Jane N says:

    She is verra pretty She can wear HEELS that takes care of the height issue Blue contacts and you have BREE! She looks young BUT ROGER is supposed to be 6 yrs older ! I think You got the wrong fellow to play him! JAMMF will be 44 when they meet Claire will be 47 when they meet back up OIL Of Ole for Claire?????

  30. Rosemary Knight says:

    I have read 6 of the books and agree that Bree should be taller and should have blue eyes, but as many here have commented, that can be accomplished. She’s already dyed her hair red — the most prominent trait mentioned in the books. Blue contacts and heels can take care of the rest. Plenty of short actors have played “taller” characters. I do hope that the producers will take these features into account. Yes, Claire should have been plumper and have brown eyes, but the fact that the actress doesn’t have these features, doesn’t take away from the stories. However, Bree’s height and eyes are very important in the stories — especially since they are traits she inherits from Jaime. Bree shouldn’t be shorter than both her parents.

  31. I think in the expert hands of Ron, Rik and Sophie will embody the true essence of Roger and Bree, and I am thrilled to watch them come to life! There is a certain amount of creative licence, when adapting for television story telling. Diana, as their consultant must be part of the process with Ron throughout, as in casting with Cait and Sam. I’d love to hear her take on these new actors, I imagine she gave them a hearty Mrs.Fitz,”whoop!” Very excited!

  32. Kasey says:

    Dan Stevens looks like I see Lord John in my mind. He would be a good pick.