Post Mortems
Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman Dies

Legends of Tomorrow EP Explains What's Next in Wake of Tragic Twist

There would appear to be a vacant seat aboard the Waverider.

This week on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter’s team tracked Vandal Savage to an illegal arms sale, where during the ensuing, guns-a-blazing skirmish part of Ray Palmer’s Atom suit snapped off and got left behind. In Savage’s hands and if reverse-engineered, the tech is projected to fast-track the immortal’s fire-and-brimstone conquering of Earth for the year 2016 — 150 years sooner than feared!

As part of the team sought out a sensor (in the possession of professor Stein’s 1975 self) to track the missing tech, Ray and Snart set out to steal the ancient dagger that is capable of ending Savage’s long, long, lonnnng life. And though their thievery gets interrupted by the Big Bad himself, Hawkman aka Carter Hall ne Prince Khufu (played by Falk Hentschel) gets his hands on the artifact and plunges it into his arch enemy’s chest…

…only to see it have no effect.

Instead, a laughing Savage pulls the blade right out, unscathed, and then drives it into Hawkman, fatally. (As the hirsute menace explains, only Hawkgirl/Kendra/ Chay-Ara is able to use the dagger to truly and forever kill Savage.)

Since Hawkman is fated to be reincarnated, does that mean that the next baby born in 1975 will be his latest self? Putting him at about 40 years old when Kendra et al return to 2016? Not quite.

“It gets a little complicated because he died ‘out of time’ essentially. He didn’t die in 2016” but during a time trip, Legends executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains. “But the way that the reincarnation works is once they both die” — the latest incarnations of Khufu and Chay-Ara — “that’s when the clock gets reset for them, and that’s when two babies are born.”

Again (and again), Guggenheim notes that the specific circumstances of Hawkman’s latest death are “complicated.” So perhaps viewers won’t have to wait for Hawkgirl to also die — and then wait out/time-jump ahead 20 to 30 years — to see him again?

“It’s totally possible,” the EP allows.

What did you think of Part 2 of the series premiere?

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  1. Jason. P says:

    Only tragic to the few people that like Carter. I don’t care about his character one way or the other to be honest. The whole “destined to be” has be a turn off

    • steve says:

      he is part of mythos of how to defeat savage though. having him and hawkgirl and getting to know them was something i was looking forward to. i will still watch show and so far i love it. that said i am sad to see them kill him off if only from a mythos point of view.

      • ? says:

        I had a feeling they wanted Hawkgirl on this show without Hawkman, but there really wasn’t any way to do that given her backstory (and without making her an alien). So this “twist” doesn’t surprise me. Also, the actor they picked for the role made it seem even more likely, because they could have done so much better. That said, I still expect him to show up from time to time–a version of him exists in most time periods it would seem, so still, maybe they should have cast better?

  2. herman1959 says:

    I thought Part2 was better than last week, but why was Damien Darhk dressed like Mao Zedong?

  3. Mare says:

    Killing of Hawkman was a bad move IMO. I liked him better than Kendra. And there was so much to explore between the two. Bad move. I’d rather have lost the annoying Captain Cold or Heatwave.

    • prish says:

      Nurturing couples don’t seem to be a priority in TV and movie plotting, these days. Short sighted, imho.

      • Jaenelle says:

        The Hawkman/Hawkwoman couple wasn’t nurturing. It was way creepy, especially the way he kept pressuring her relentlessly. I get that he remembered and she mostly didn’t, but nonetheless it was one of the creepiest “relationships that were supposed to be good” I’ve seen in both the comics and the tv shows. Why anyone thinks that was supposed to be nurturing or, god forbid, romantic is beyond me.

        I’m kind of glad he’s gone. Maybe when they bring him back (and you know they will) the stalker/creeper vibe will be gone.

        • prish says:

          I haven’t seen the show yet, waiting for catch up time in the household. Thanks for the heads up. It does sound like it could have been written with a nurturing development, and it is too bad creep and crap is in.

    • Mcgee says:

      On the one hand, I totally see where you’re coming from; I thought the same thing from the Savage/mythos perspective. But having both Hawks was redundant (same with Heatwave and Firestorm but I digress), Carter was the weakest link in the ensemble and just seemed boring to me (maybe it has been the actor). Plus I suppose the whole guilt/grief gives Kendra more to work with?

      • Jaenelle says:

        Well, Heatwave and Firestorm actually have significantly different powers. There’s a big difference between shooting a flamethrower (Heatwave) and having nuclear superpowers (like, say, the ability to absorb a nuclear blast?). They aren’t redundant at all, except in the special effects department. LOL.

        Whereas the Hawks were almost completely redundant. I say “almost” because Carter had most of his past life memories, so was a good plot driver, and he had more practice flying and hitting people with a mace. But if the writers want to make things harder for the characters regarding Savage, then Carter needed to go so he couldn’t help the heroes too much with past knowledge.

        Plus, he was just plain creepy. They wrote him like a stalker. Hopefully, when the writers bring him back (you know they will), they will tone down the stalker/creeper personality a lot.

  4. Gail says:

    Save Carter Hall. The TV DC Universe must not like him very much, he also was killed on Smallville. Hawk girl was already dead on Smallville. So they her son and her baby papa in the first 2 episodes. At least they could have made Prof Stein miss meeting his wife permanent, I don’t think they had any children.

  5. N says:

    So whats up with Damien Darhk being in 1975 looking just like his present day self, is that all apart of his powers, does he not really age? Also why didn’t Ray or Sara, former team arrow members, react at all to Damien Darhk of all people being there. The whole thing was really weird.

    • darhk is supposed to be very old he’s not as old as ra’s but he is very old

    • Madison says:

      I found it odd they didn’t have at least Ray react to Damien Dark in some sort of way. He held him captive after all. I can’t remember if Sara has had face time with him on Arrow or not. I know they are trying to keep Legends somewhat separate but the cameo is kind of pointless otherwise. Glad I’m not alone.

    • Luminus says:

      Ray was inside of Martin’s pocket the whole time, so he didn’t see Damien. Sarah doesn’t know Damien, and he left before Ray started flying around, so there’s your answers.

  6. Gail says:

    Now Kendra can be Cisco’s girlfriend. Producers admitted that this incarnation of Carter is gone for good but since they travel in time they can meet past or future versions of him so the actor will be back. Perhaps she will meet an incarnation of Carter who has lost his Hawkgirl. Very Dr. Who with Rose’s parents.

    • Jaenelle says:

      This version of Carter (both when he was re-introduced in the comics and also this tv version) was written like a stalker. I’m glad he’s gone. When the writers bring him back (I don’t believe for a minute he won’t be back) hopefully they will tone down the stalker personality a lot. The fact that Kendra finally remembered should help with the creepiness factor to their bizarre and dysfunctional “relationship.”

  7. James D says:

    liked this episode better than last weeks. Am I the only one who laughed really hard when they showed the huge Austin Poweresque clock on the side of a Nuclear Warhead. as for Carter, I’m peeved about it but I saw it coming, I’m only peeved because Hawkman is one of my Favs in comics. hope he comes back soon.

  8. Carrie says:

    If she weren’t one of only two female leads, I’d say they should’ve killed off Hawkgirl instead. The character has been very boring thus far and the actress is not very good. I wasn’t that crazy about this Hawkman, whereas I loved Smallville’s version. I’m sure we’ll see him again, though. Probably in flashbacks, or they’ll meet up with him while time traveling.

  9. Bwhit says:

    Liked that Ray and Leonard started (slowly) chipping away at their animosity towards each other. That was terrible what happened to Carter but if any good came out of it is that they are now United as a team. Hey Rip isn’t so bad, he wanted to show Stein that he did indeed meet his wife again. I’m loving this show and these characters!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “…but if any good came out of it is that they are now United as a team.”

      Loved when Snart made that comment about “We didn’t know Carter from Adam, but if anyone takes out a member of my team….” Guy has a code.

  10. Sammy says:

    Ugh. So cliche killing a main character that shouldnt be killed because they make the villain more villainous. Honestly what was the point of Carter then? I still say they should have gotten someone else to play the character…

  11. They can find an EARLIER incarnation of Hawkman.

  12. Drew says:

    So what happens if the old lady version of Kendra dies (just before our version is born, I guess) in the 80’s? Will that count as Kendra dying, and bring about another Carter? Maybe a twin, separated at birth? He would be the reincarnation of the Carter who died tonight, so he would have all of the memories up to that point!
    (Hey, it is as likely as anything else!)

    • Gail says:

      The Hawks have always been killed by Vandal Savage so I don’t think Kendra has ever died from old age. They will meet at least one other version of Carter. They mention he will also appear in flashbacks now that Kendra remembers her previous lives.

      • Drew says:

        But a version of Kendra or Carter would have had to die right before Kendra and Carter as we know them were born. That puts them after Carter’s death in 1975.

  13. JC1 says:

    As someone who was introduced to Hawkgirl through the Justice League cartoons, I can’t say this breaks my heart. I know this Hawkgirl isn’t the Thanagarian version (more’s the pity) but I’m perfectly fine with her kicking ass and taking names all by herself (along with her team of course). She doesn’t need to come as part of a matched set.

    • DavidJ says:

      Totally agreed. Hawkgirl is more than cool enough all on her own, and I was quickly tiring of the stiff and boring Carter anyway.

  14. Amy Dean says:

    This was really bold. I’m so used to disliking characters early in a show’s run and then loving them later (like Cisco in Flash and the Doctor in DS9) that I just put it down to the show trying to find it’s feet and I just wave it off as “oh they’ll make them better!”.

    At least that’s how it usually works… the creators see the wrinkles and iron them out. Here they dropped a bloody anvil on it.

    I reckon they’ll travel to a time where Carter is alone, having lost Kendra years earlier and… yeah… you know…

    I didn’t hate Carter. But I was willing to give him a chance at least until the seson ended. I’m quite sad about it really :S

  15. peterwdawson says:

    Thank goodness, Hawkman was easily the worst character on the show. Plus his death was a solid hook for the show and it definitely had meaning, not to mention potentially having some delicious time distortion shenanigans. Goes to show that sometimes a character can, in death, make things more interesting.

  16. murley says:

    I hope that killing off Hawkman will allow them to incorporate Kendra more into the group dynamic. The Hawks were so isolated in these first 2 episodes and the acting between them fell flat, in my opinion. Even though they are crucial to the mythos, their scenes sort of ground everything to a halt and messed with the flow of the episodes. Hopefully bringing Kendra more into the group dynamic will improve her characterisation. I have always really loved Hawkman and Hawkgirl so I am really hoping that aspect of Legends gets better because so far it has been the weakest link.

    • herman1959 says:


    • cobalt says:

      This! It felt like he was holding Kendra hostage and trying to bully her into loving him, which was super awkward to watch. They’ve only had like 5 lines with the rest of the group and I don’t think the show has even passed the Bechdel test yet! I won’t miss him, and I think his death will definitely foster more of a team dynamic.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Carter wasn’t trying to force them to be together, it’s just he remembered more than she did, and he was trying to jog her memory, get her to remember her, how she felt, etc…. Have you ever seen the movie 50 first dates with Adam Sandler? It’s kind of like that, but instead of every night, it’s every lifetime, and a lifetime of memories forgotten each time.

        I doubt he’ll be dead for long. Kendra’s in rough shape, that was a pretty big dagger she got stabbed with, unless she can heal pretty fast, like flash fast lol, they’re gunna need some new Hawks

  17. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome episode! I liked it more than Part 1, just kind of wish they aired them together I feel like it would have flowed better. This episode had more action, but still a good amount of humour and character development. I think maybe this episode gave a lot of nods to the affect on the timestream the legends are going to have.. First, remember Stein in season 1 of the flash, he had all that research on trying to figure out time travel and it’s been a life long passion of his… Hmm I wonder why now lol.

    And wasn’t the nuke that Jax destroyed, the same one we seen Damien Darhk with in one of the Arrow episodes? And wasn’t Darhk the leading bidder before the Legends interfered?

    Also Savage knows about them now, so I doubt he’s going to let them get that dagger again after 1975. We also learned that he can control objects made out of that element.

    I expect we’ll be going to Egypt to pickup some new Hawks shortly, I doubt Kendra will heal before Cronus catches up to them again, they’ve been in the that era longer than last time he caught up. They’re going to have to deal with him this time. I’m getting the feeling Kendra’s going to die too, becuz they can’t time travel until she’s better, and they’ve got Cronus and a very angry Vandal Savage looking for them in this era. And they already told us where we can find two Hawks together.

  18. Katar Hol was much cooler. I wish they’d bring him back already.

  19. pblo78 says:

    i am glad they got rid of that … insert any pejorative adjective to describe that character… Anyway i was more Cisco-Hawkgirl shifter. :D

  20. Jared says:

    Hawkman wasn’t around long enough for viewers to really care about his death. I could take it or leave it to be honest. On a different note, LOVED the scenes with Brandon and Wentworth.

  21. Ryan says:

    Sad to see Hawkman go, I actually liked him. The only thing I found a bit annoying in this episode was Rip’s absence. Why isn’t he babysitting these guys a little better since they keep screwing things up & apparently have never seen Back to the Future? I also absolutely love Captain Cold. Just don’t get rid of him!

  22. Kathy says:

    I think it was ridiculous that hawkgirl just stood there and watched him die and did nothing. After that Savage just stood there and watched her while she grieved for a few minutes instead of going over and killing her too.

  23. Phoenix5634 says:

    Just a thought, wouldn’t there be a Carter and Kendra in their current time?

  24. Luis says:

    Hawkgirl could be better off being allowed to develop as a character without all of the “Egyptian mythology” baggae.

  25. LT says:

    I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW!!!! So much fun, it’s my favorite of the three DCs on The CW.

  26. Dominique says:

    i was afraid they were going to do something like this. i figured they wouldn’t want BOTH of them to be on the show permanently, because for some reason, you can’t have happy people on the show. everybody has to be miserable.
    i really hope we get to see carter soon again, i quite liked him, and him and kendra together.

  27. Jewels says:

    I’m not sure how this furthers the plot, really. Like him or hate him, his fate and hers were entwined. Losing a main character so early in a series makes it feel empty. They attempt to make it a rallying point but even our “Legends” aren’t really buying it. There will probably be some odd timey wimey thing that brings him back later but right now? It feels silly.

  28. RFelices says:

    Enjoyed the series, but if they can go back in time to change a circumstance, why no go back just far enough so Hawkgirl would use the dagger and do away with Savage instead of Hawkman? Frustrating to watch a series where the bad guy always wins.

  29. JD says:

    As far as characters go I saw no chemistry between Carter and Kendra in my opinion and I just love Snart’s dry wit. It was no surprise that he died no love loss there.

  30. I actually liked the show. But now we have a time paradox. How can a person die out of his own time?? The oldest that Carter and Kendra would be around 30, so how could Carter have died in 1975 when he was born sometime after 1986? I guess Arthur Darvill can get an Old Friend to help him with this. :)

  31. Rasha says:

    Just reading this gives me a headache.

  32. fanta says:

    Oh thank goodness. I hated him in The Flash. Now that he’s gone, I can finally check out this show.

  33. Yaines says:

    “So perhaps viewers won’t have to wait for Hawkgirl to also die — and then wait out/time-jump ahead 20 to 30 years — to see him again? “It’s totally possible,” the EP allows.” Anyone else think they’re making this up as they go along??! *rolleyes* I won’t lie – LoT has not lived up to my expectations… I’ll give it a few more eps to let it get into its stride but it would want to get better soon!

  34. Gail says:

    Spoilers Alert

    There are pictures available online that show Carter’s body on a table Vandal Savage performing some kind of ceremony in this week’s episode. Speculate about what that means.

  35. John taylor says:

    Does anyone know the poem on the blade that is given to hawk girl