Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Spoilers Abbie Missing

Sleepy Hollow: 12 Teases to Hold You Over Until the Midseason Premiere

You don’t need a mystical spyglass or charmed orb to get a glimpse of what will happen when Fox’s Sleepy Hollow returns on Friday, Feb. 5 (8/7c)… because we’ve seen the episode and — like Betsy Ross with enemy soldiers on her heels — can deliver crucial intel about the supernatural drama’s midseason premiere.

Of course, in the interest of keeping you intrigued-but-not-spoiled, our teases can’t be too specific; we’re not, for instance, going to tell you whether or not Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills shows up during the hour, titled “One Life.”

But we can assure you that the premiere is worth your time — and it even sets up some interesting developments that may or may not turn into something much bigger, further down the line.

So grab your tricorn cap, and let’s do this thing!

* Betsy Ross proves once more why General Washington chose her for his secret team: She’s ruthless when she needs to be.

*  Ichabod cautions “patience in caution” in one scene… then goes out of his way not to follow his own advice in the very next scene.

* Married life may not be as idyllic for Pandora and The Hidden One as we first were led to believe.

* Speaking of Pandora, we find out how she came to be possession of that box.

* Ichabod, Jenny and Joe aren’t the only people interested in Abbie’s disappearance.

* Context-free snippet of dialogue: “You see what I’m getting at?” “That scientists are jerks?”

* Ichabod debuts a new cooking technique.

* There’s a visual callback to a fan-favorite moment.

* Sophie’s back story is fleshed out a bit.

* The Creepy Thing of the Week is sufficiently scary.

* Jenny and Joe share a significant moment after a trip to a storage locker. (It’s more moving than it sounds, we promise.)

* By the end of the episode, Ich, Joe and Jenny have a new ally — and a new problem on the horizon.

What are your predictions for the second half of Sleepy Hollow‘s third season? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brian says:

    The first half of the season wasn’t too bad. I did enjoy the Fall Finale. Hopefully this second half can be even better and the ratings can at least be decent so the show can get a 4th season.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    The move to Fridays should be “bad news” for Sleepy Hollow’s return.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      Fridays aren’t always where shows go to die. X Files was on Fridays and did fine as did Fringe. The move to Friday gets Sleepy Hollow away from the very stiff competition it faced on Thursday.

    • LMK says:

      Friday night is better than Thursday nights. They should have left it on Monday nights. I really like this show but I will be surprised if it gets a season 4.

      • preta4 says:

        LMK, Re: Monday nights, if fox could move their 10:00 news, I’d try everything in my power to get them back on Monday’s at that time. If not, wait until Weatherly leaves NCIS, then perhaps try for that time slot.

    • Cali says:

      I don’t think so. I think even despite it being placed on Thursday nights if you look at the ratings as a whole it did well all things considered. Roughly the same amount of people tuned in each week, very little drop off. Where it did succeed in my opinion is the +7. When you factor in the OnDemand, DVR and Hulu platforms it really did well in those. So hopefully the same stays true. I think if the same amount of people show up and follow it through to the end of the season that it will get renewed. I recently read where the network said that if they do decide to cancel SH they will give the show ample warning so that they can wrap the series up properly. So if the ratings hold current on all platforms including live broadcast then things may not be as dire as it being on Friday nights and SH may in fact have found its new home. Lets hope that is the case at least. I would hazard a guess and say that if we don’t hear that SH has been cancelled by the end of February beginning of March then it might be safe to say we do get a S4 out of it.

  3. Kate says:

    I had to pause for a moment with, who is Sophie. If I’m correct that means she is the undercover cop, right?

  4. KayCeeCee says:

    Can’t wait!

  5. Mango Cherry says:

    You lost me at “Betsy Ross proves once more why…”

    • JanetS says:

      Yeah, she lost me too. The review do not seem interesting at all. A lot of the same stuff to me. Just no Zoe. I think I will pass on watching it.

    • scyren says:

      Amen. I could care less about that stupid character who doesn’t even seem to fit in that time period. I really hope they don’t keep Abbie away for long because I watch the show for Abbie and Crane and their dynamic. They don’t even have to put them together, but squelching their chem almost made me stop watching this season.

      • Chloe says:

        It was so obvious that NB and TM were told to squash their natural chemistry. I hope that has ended. If the producers don’t want the characters together romantically, fine. I prefer a slow burn anyway. But even if they never ever get together, their platonic friendship with all of the electric undercurrents is more than satisfactory. It got us through two seasons, and it’s capable of carrying us through the end of the series, which will be sooner than the producers like if they smother their best asset.

  6. Lisa says:

    The first half of this season was pretty weak, honestly. These tidbits are not doing much to get me excited. Another baddie of the week? Oh good.

    • disgusted says:

      Certain fans screamed and yelled that they didn’t want to see Crane’s “manpain” (actually, they don’t want to see anything to do with him), so the show literally killed everything that gave him agency (Katrina, Henry, Headless), and eliminated all emotional development from everyone. So Crane is a rudderless goof with no purpose or story (he went on a date? Whoooooo), Abbie is a career obsessed bore, and all they do is run around solving supernatural crimes. Snore. Congrats, loud bratty fans. You got exactly what you asked for, and you ruined the show.

      • Ann V says:

        The ruination of the show is on the heads of the the trinity, Goffman, Katrina and Henry/Jeremy. And no matter how bad SH gets, I am glad those three are gone.
        Good riddance…

        • disgusted says:

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. All you fans screaming this like a broken record are so so so wrong. Foolishly wrong. Downright silly. Those who know what happened would laugh at you if not for the fact that your wrongness destroyed a once-great show. Anyone who thinks this nonsense fluff that is S3 is preferable to the complexities of S2 is a fool.

          • Ann V says:

            You have to be Standra or one of her weird minions. Just give it a rest already. The witch and her evil spawn is dead, so let it be. Find something constructive to rant about. It is not that serious. Furthermore I thought you all were through with SH. I guess not…HA.

          • wow says:

            And there it is! Anyone who disagrees with you guys is “Standra.” You’re soooooo predictable. And so immature. A laughingstock, really.

          • Ann V says:

            OK, Standra, or whatever or whomever. As far as I am concern you all ARE the same.

        • ..... says:

          Same. Those characters were totally unsympathetic and drug Crane down with them.

          I’m gonna be that person and say IMHO opinion there is still plenty of pathos to mine with Ichabod but it is entirely wrapped up in his feelings for Abbie and him finally adjusting to the present.

          But I feel the the powers that be don’t wanna touch that with a 10 foot pole because oh no the fish-out-of-water hijinks would get harder, and all those fans out there crying about how Ichabod being so stubbornly stuck in his gross era is like 99% of his charm or how seeing Abbie get stereotyped as the Black Best friend is just soooo “refreshing”.

          Yeah those are the fans we should be thanking if this season feels less than inspired. Still… Its still better than season two. Season Two was all about pulling the rug out from the fans feet every chance they got. It was like series finale of How I Met your Mother on repeat.

          • herman1959 says:

            Ooooh, you may have something there.

          • Lisa says:

            I have to disagree that having Ichabod’s pathos “entirely wrapped up in his feelings for Abbie” is a good evolution for him. Both of these characters need to have other things in their lives. Crane used to be interestingly conflicted, with his attachment to Abbie and being a Witness coming into conflict with missing his own past, trying to figure out all the ways he had been in the dark about what was really going on in his past, his conflict with Headless, and, yes, even missing his wife. Making him all about Abbie now makes him waaaay less interesting and, ironically, a less compelling partner for Abbie. If you want to see some really good character development and relationship development, he can’t just be her companion and nothing else.

          • ..... says:

            @Lisa You will notice that I ‘him finally adjusting to the present’ was part of my original post too. That should provide plenty of conflict on its own and doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with Abbie because survival sounds like good motivation in itself. There is some really meaty stuff there especially considering Ichabod once was portrayed an abolitionist. Tons of conflict to be explored between the men he admired but didn’t deliver on their ideals etc. But the show will never go there because again to many fans think his stubborn clinging to a romanticized version of the past is charming. Its not.

            It’s not Abbie fans problem that the show burned through Ichabod’s background so fast and so badly. It was bad story telling. And its absolutely not our fault that his replacement backstory in Betsy and Zoe is not catching on. All Ichabod has left is Abbie and again that is absolutely not our fault.

          • Lisa says:

            ….. says: I think they could explore Crane’s background more, they just don’t want to. Yeah it’s harder with Katrina gone but Headless was still a huge link to his past. Or they could have explored more of his family story. Or more on how he became a Witness (maybe that will happen in this second half of S3). And what his life was like, as they did in Tempus. And yes there can be pathos in his adjustment to the modern world but only if they Give Him His Past Back*. There has to be that sense of loss and what he had before. They just don’t want to go there at all and instead want to pretend his past consisted entirely of hanging out with Betsy Ross and popping in on founding fathers occasionally. I’m hoping the second half will give him a little more agency and give Tom Mison something more to work with.

          • ..... says:

            @Lisa I think it is disingenuous to say that the writers are somehow ignoring Ichabod and Tom by not exploring his past enough this season. When every ep we see Betsy, Paul Revere, or some other founding whatever and then he gets dates with his fangirl, Zoe, on top of all that. Ichabod gets plenty of screentime and storylines they just aren’t appealing to anyone. Same as what they did to Katrina, Henry, and Headless – it appealed to no one. Not the fans, not the media, not to anybody. At this point they are clamoring to find ways to give Ichabod story and it such a mess that are literally sacrificing there own cannon to get it done cause Betsy makes no sense in the timeline they had already established. But you really think more history for Ichabod is the answer when he is already the Forest Gump of the American Revolution? We have already seen enough of his history. They would benefit the most with letting him grapple with that history in realistic ways. And by that I don’t mean mourning the wife and son that tried to kill him or trying the save a man who decided to be a harbinger of the apocalypse because he got rejected by a girl or continuing to idolize slave owners. I mean let him move on.

      • scyren says:

        I won’t apologize because the show had no balance and the writing was poor. It was bad enough to complain about. They totally gave up the whole flow of the show for Crane family drama when the show was supposed to be about the witnesses and fighting evil. No one asked them to take away Ichabod’s soul. We just wanted the season one dynamic because it was really good. If you think no one should have complained about that crapfest then clearly your taste in what is good is questionable.

        • disgusted says:

          But you DID ask them to take away Ichabod’s soul by demanding they take away everything that grounded him in HIS time. By demanding that we not be allowed to see him grieve for his wife. By demanding that the *only* thing in his life be Abbie Mills. And the writers obliged. He’s a a shadow of the character he was.

          • Ann V says:

            To me this is a vicious cycle. The REASON he IS a shadow of himself IS Goffman, Katrina and Jeremy/Henry. So, I suggest you blame someone other than those who wanted the best for the show, but was given a senseless Soap Opera. NO ONE, I repeat , NO ONE wanted to see Ichabod grieve for his wife. My God, the woman tried to kill him. Just No…

      • Katrina and Henry were killed off because they tanked the ratings and brought tons of bad press, not because of “loud bratty fans.” They wouldn’t have tied the show into knots trying to make Katrina central if they’d cared about what fans wanted. They still don’t. As for Headless, they ruined him in order to do the 200 year-old love triangle between Abraham/Headless, Ichabod, and Katrina that nobody asked for. That’s why he was “killed.”

        Goffman’s willingness to kill the show for his favorite character (Katrina Crane) is what ruined it. He deconstructed everything important to come back to Katrina , ruining some of the most exciting things about the show and making it impossible to continue this season. So the momentum of Season One can’t be regained, which is sad because ‘Sleepy Hollow’ poised to be something BIG and iconic.But nope.

        But seriously, your comments are ridiculous. You must have been one of the people who were comfortable seeing Katrina begin to replace Abbie as the lead woman of the show.

        • Jane says:

          I agree, in fact they completley destroyed the mythology they set up for the show for the family nonsense, that’s why we have Pandora and no more horseman now. Quite frankly this season is not much better, more useless characters and barely touching the emotional development of the leads. We know they are there for each other, how many times is Abbie going to literally physically sacrifice herself for everyone. Didn’t she do that in the season 1and 2 finale? How many times is Jenny going to be possessed? They are repeating narritives because they don’t want to push and really get deeper with the main characters. I’m sorry but it’s lazy as hell and plain to see.

      • That’s unfair. I actually liked Katrina in her limited capacity as the witch helper to the witnesses. A few people got carried away but not anywhere as bad as the Abbie haters did. Katia was a good actress; she couldn’t help the stuff she was given. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but the whole group seemed to be friendly. However, they did NOT know what to do with her once she was out of purgatory. I really thought it would have been better if she was revealed as evil straight from purgatory. It was the perfect setup, having been surrounded by evil for hundreds of years. Even as a witch, how could she not be influenced during all that time? Ichabod and Abbie were nearly lost after five minutes in that place. During the course of the season two, they dropped little hints that she’d be evil, but contradicted it so often that you couldn’t really tell what Katrina’s purpose was. The character would’ve been better received if they didn’t stupidly cast two leads of opposite sex…AND ONE OF THEM HAS A WIFE. WTF? What show does that? Illogical. Maybe Katrina could have been a girlfriend or just friend or even his sister; this show is so loosely based, anything could have been done. And I think most people hated Henry as the almost cartoonish villain only. John Noble was awesome as the humble sineater and they should’ve left him as such to help the team here and there…and getting rid of Orlando, Sleepy’s biggest cheerleader, was beyond dumb. I agree, this season is lacking, but it was the monumental missteps of season two that brought us here. It’s not all bad; it’s just not Sleepy Hollow. Headless needs to return IMMEDIATELY.

        • Robin says:

          I agree with you. I didn’t hate Katrina either but it was obvious that the show runners were surprised by the success of the first year and didn’t think through what would be Katrina’s role. I also agree that she should have given a wink and a sly smile to Moloch as she left purgatory with Ichabod. She should have glanced off in Abbie’s direction as a head’s up to Moloch and the plot to destroy the witnesses would have been the second season instead. Katrina and Headless could have still been on the show as the enemies of the Witnesses. The second season would have flowed better and the original cast would have still been intact. The show made the mistake of focusing on the characters that they understood the least instead of the LEAD characters that the show was about. That torpedoed the show. It’s sad.

      • Lisa says:

        This is a little extreme but Fox definitely decided to get over-correct and get rid of everything that could potentially give Crane “manpain” – which also means he has nothing left to connect him to his old self, his old world or anything outside of “fitting in” in the modern world. Or give him emotional complexity or depth. And they’ve given him zero stories except a date, yes. The material they’re giving Mison this season is sad for such a good actor.

  7. Clair says:

    Thanks for the tidbits! I’ll be watching but I’m getting nervous with what I think it’s the path here. The more Betsy Ross, Sophie or Danny gets into the story, more likely they may be plotting pairings for either Ichabod and Abbie that will reduce screen time for one of the leads. We have Joenny, we have the incoming Papa Mills and of course the monsters . So all that makes it very unlikely that any time will be dedicated to Ichabbie development or even pure Ichabod and Abbie bonding. If at least they cut the extras ( Sophie, Zoe, Danny, Betsy Ross) but it seems they are invested in bringing those characters in between the witnesses. Cautiously pessimistic here for the rest of this season.

  8. jnfr says:

    It would be hard to be worse than Season Two, so I’m hopeful.

  9. Joan S says:

    If Sophie backstory has nothing to do with the team, who cares. All of this is turning me off. And Betsy….Urggh.

    • me says:

      How do you know that? Her last name is Foster. Go look at Abbie’s family tree again.

      • Joan S says:

        I saw the tree and still do not care about that character. So, what is your point. I doubt very much she WILL have anything to do with Abbie’s family. The writers are not that smart to make it so.

      • Joan S says:

        Furthermore, I did not stipulate or question one way or another IF Sophie was related to Abbie’s family. Again, if her story is not related to what the team is involved in, who cares about her background. It will just be a waste of screen time. The show is on it’s last leg and it do not have time to waste on secondary characters, unless it is related to what Team Witness is trying to accomplish.

  10. Debbie says:

    Well the writers actually have the east coast and midatlantic on February 5th , captured due to the weather. Hope they don’t blow it. The show is the witnesses so I don’t see how they can be written out of the story. No more monsters make the show more appealing to biblical and historical buffs. We will see on Friday.

    • scyren says:

      You would think they couldn’t but they already squelched their chem which has killed it for me. I’d like a balance of both like in the first season. I love the historical part and I liked them fighting against a good villain. But who knows cause what I want and what ends up on the screen have been two different things. I hope they don’t blow it because even though they piss me off I watch because I want it to be good again.

      • Driven to Distraction says:

        Ahh…. The most prescient comment here. This could have been a great show if they stuck more to history of the Revolutionary war, Freemasonry, Illuminati, and more extended flashback sequences in the 18th century. But alas, I am just a history buff.

  11. Cory says:

    Season 3 is sadly so boring compared to the excellent second season (well except those horrible final two eps) but I’m still so happy the hiatus is over soon. I have missed Abby and Crane.

  12. sam says:

    So a bunch of uninteresting characters doing very little and no Abbie. Pass.

  13. Pat says:

    I am excited for Sleepy Hollow’s return and Friday nights at 8 o’clock is just fine with me. This will give me something good to watch during that time and then I will follow up at 9 o’clock with Grimm. So two of my favorite shows will be keeping me happy on a Friday night.

  14. There are way too many new characters in this season. Fox already lied and said this season is about Ichabbie–it has been anything but so far. Season one was so great. The Headless Horseman is a staple of any incarnation of Sleepy Hollow and should return immediately. Get these other useless characters out of here so we can get back to basics.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think whiny Abraham’s Headless is going to be all that scary anymore. If Headless is reintroduced, he needs to be a compilation of all the evil in Pandora’s box in Headless’ form. Then NuHeadless can be ruthless with additional powers.

  15. Bill says:

    Sleepy Hollow cancelled after poor season 3 ratings. Expect those headlines in May. Fox’s replacement, Lucifer, will replace the failed show. Fox and the Lucifer will win. No more boring, predictable plots, Lame monsters and slow, no go, boring romances. Bye Sleepy Hollow. See you in Hell with Lucifer.

    • ..... says:

      I absolutely might be wrong but I’m expecting Lucifer not to be quite as strong once it doesn’t have it’s X-files lead in. The X-files only has 4 weeks left…. and Lucifer seems sooo… repulsive.

  16. nancy says:

    if sleep hollow is cancelled, I think Tom Mison would be an excellent replacement for Tim Weatherly on NCIS. Put a Brit in that position that all spit and polish on the outside and hard as nails on the inside.

  17. Deb says:

    Do you people have nothing better to do than criticize and over analyze this show??? SH is the best show on TV…with the best actors and stories, period! Don’t spoil it for the rest if us that are true fans and look forward to getting a season 4.

    • Ann V says:

      And do YOU have anything better to do then to criticize those who criticize a show that is NOT at this moment the best on TV. Yes, some of the actors are good, but the story telling and continuity is NOT so good. At this point the bad outweighs the good, therefore there might not be a season 4, for you so called ‘true fans’.

      • Deb says:

        If you don’t like the way the show is being written, why do you bother to read the posts about the show? We both are entitled to our opinions, but I’m just frustrated with all the negativity on the Internet. For me, this show is excellent and I enjoy it immensely. And yes…I am a true fan and will be loyal to the end!

        • Ann V says:

          Just because I do not like how the show is presented do not mean I should not have an opinion on it one way or another. I am not a sheep as you seem to be and accept any thing presented to me. I bet your sticking with it has a lot to do with Ichabod/Tom Mison’s looks more than anything else. The show’s storytelling and continuity is very much not up to par, so that could not be why. Maybe IT WILL get better, but I doubt it, because the writers are all over the place. And my expectations at this point is very low. I hope they surprise me but I very much doubt it. And if you are so frustrated with the posts, STOP READING THEM.

          • Cali says:

            Well Ann V, Deb is right….this is nothing but a bitchfest by those who think the show should have gone a specific way but because it didn’t according to those it is nothing but a “waste of time, exercise in futility, yada,yada,yada”….I’m tired of seeing nothing positive out of any of you. You would think that there would be something positive, but you negative Nancies are what will truly tank the show. If I were someone new coming in here to look at SH and I saw this, why would I tune in after reading your posts? I wouldn’t. That’s the point. I’m not saying I have liked every single thing this show has presented down the line in S1, S2 or S3 so far but it is a far sight better than a lot of the other crapola that other networks serve up on a regular basis (I don’t know how people watch HTGAWM to be honest with you but that is just me).

            People could get invested in this show if y’all stopped the negativity towards it and your obsession with all things the romantic pairing of Ichabod and Abbie. Once the shippers took over the direction of this show is when it ended. If any of you read anything remotely close to the real Sleepy Hollow then you would know just how central Katrina was to Ichabod and why her death weighed so heavily on him or would have. You can’t take someone who was so squarely rounded in the 18th century and bring him to the 21st and expect that he is just going to be fine and not bring some of that over with him, in fact all of that over with him. That’s just how things were done in those days. There was not “hugging it out” in the 18th century. IF you did you were either mentally unstable or very promiscuous neither of which was acceptable behavior in the 18th century. So if Ichabod had to mourn it would have been done as he did while he was away from Abbie for those 9 months or so. While investing so much in an Abbie/Ichabod romance you are all forgetting what drew you to the characters in the first place.

          • Ann V says:

            Hey Cali of course you think Deb is right,. As soon as you mentioned Katrina, I saw there was no use in giving a long drawn out response to your post. At least Deb tried to mask her delusion concerning Katrina and try to pretend like it was all about her love for the show. Katrina is dead. She tried to kill her husband, so why should she be cried over. So get over it. And next time get to the point and not try to mask your post for what is really is about.

          • RamonaQ says:

            Ann, even though I do not agree with Deb she made no mention of Katrina. But as you mentioned Cali’s post is suspicious. She was giving her two cents concerning the ‘shippers’, negativity, etc, but all of a sudden it turned to Katrina and Crane’s mourning her. I think she was being disingenuous at best.

          • Ann V says:

            First of all I would like to apologize to Deb for putting her name into Cali’s rant.

            My final say on the subject is that it is ridiculous to blame other fans for the
            downward spiral of SH. The buck stops with the writers, EPs, FOX, etc. They have no
            confidence or respect for the show, because if they did they would be doing a better job of writing it and promoting it. So do not blame other fans for all of Sleepy Hollow’s woes.

            As far I am concerned none of the ‘Shippers’ got what they wanted. Katrina died, so no Ichatrina. And Ichabbie is a big question mark. Instead of ranting about being true fans and other fans being negative, some people need to look at themselves and what they are doing. Some are being disingenuous, by praising TPTB for doing a good job when they know they are not. Some want a S4 regardless of the quality of previous episodes.

            SH has a very vocal and opinionated fandom and that is good. I feel if you care about something you speak out about it, whether what comes out is good or bad. If
            you are going to accept the status quo due to a character’s looks, etc, then you get what you deserve. Then again, maybe some people do not want more. To them mediocrity of good.

  18. LMK says:

    This was my favorite show when season 1 debuted. After season 2 and now this season, its just gone down hill. I hate seeing that it has. They need to bring back the headless horseman. That is what Sleepy Hollow is about. Also, they need to get rid of Betsy Ross. Her character makes absolutely no sense. Crane and Abbie just need to get together.

  19. Gail Hall says:

    Make sure Abbie comes back there is no show without Ichabod and Abbie