Grimm Season 5 Spoilers Eve Bitsie Tulloch

Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch Previews Eve's 'Laser Focused' Mission, Encounter With Nick & Co., Thoughts on Adalind

Sure, Grimm‘s Juliette was passive at worst and destructive at best (or vice-versa, depending on your point of view), but star Bitsie Tulloch says she’s going to miss her old alter ego.

“I will definitely admit that I had mixed feelings when the producers called me in March” to alert her that Juliette was going to die, the actress told reporters during a recent conference call. But the fact that her new character is a kickass mystery woman with a “laser-focused” drive — the beginning of which we’ll see on Friday’s midseason premiere (NBC, 9/8c) — helps a lot.

“Nothing can get her off her mission, which is basically to eradicate Black Claw,” Tulloch says, referencing the monster-uprising movement. “In her head, that’s the only reason [she’s] alive right now and not wreaking havoc and destruction on people [she loves].”

Which is good news for Juliette’s stymied-and-still-grieving almost-fiancé, Nick.

“What better antagonist do you have than the woman who is the love of his life, whom he trusts implicitly, to be the one who is now out for blood and involved in the death of his mother?” Tulloch asks.

Read on for more highlights from the conversation — including how far the series went to protect the secret of Tulloch’s return.

* We don’t know much yet about the Wesen-fighting group Hadrian’s Wall, but in Tulloch’s mind, they’re good people. “Hadrian’s Wall knew how powerful she was, kidnapped her and broke her down and turned her into a fighting machine,” the actress says approvingly, adding that HW’s tutelage helps the Hexenbiest — yeah, she’s still a Wesen — keep her powers in check.

* Remember Nick’s nightmare from the beginning of the season? Originally, Tulloch was supposed to be in it. “It was ultimately decided that if they were gonna really sell this, really have fun with this and really convince the fans… they wanted to extend it a little longer.”

* The series’ Portland, Ore., set went into lockdown when it came to keeping the secret that series regular Tulloch was still shooting scenes… even though Juliette was a goner. On the call sheet, she was referred to by her given first and middle names — Elizabeth Andrea — and her name was scrubbed from everything, including her own trailer door! “My cast chair was taken away, with my name on it,” she says, laughing, adding that Eve’s scenes were filmed almost exclusively on soundstages rather than on location “so that I could be hidden” and so no passersby would be able to get photos of Tulloch in the production.

* How does Eve feel about Nick having a son with his (and Juliette’s!) former nemesis, Adalind? “Eve does not have an emotional attachment to the baby or to Adalind,” Tulloch says. But what about those pre-Eve days, when Juliette found out about the pregnancy? “Did it send her spiraling downward further? Yeah, I’m sure it did,” she adds. “But she was on that trajectory, anyway.”

Are you looking forward to learning more about Eve in this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Maryann says:

    I have a problem with Juliette’s wesen personality, much less Eve. It is just not written realistically. Is being made a hexenbiest supposed to turn someone into a mad dog? It’s the same problem with the old comic book suppervillans — just way two dimensional. I am a fan of magic and fantasy — but not in personality development.

    • tvjunkie says:

      So on a show about monsters and other supernatural stuff this is where you draw the line on realism? LOL.

    • NDFan says:

      No, I know exactly what you mean. Juliette’s entire personality changed when she became a Wesen (which was no fault of her own). I hated what they did to her character.

  2. jef says:

    it’s a stupid idea

  3. jef says:

    I hope she dies

  4. jef says:

    dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies dies

  5. John NYC says:

    Tuning in to see how the writers met the challenge of having her (not)back.

    Bitsie I’ve always liked so from that angle this could be fun.

  6. Kansas Blutbad says:

    It is still a great show. What about those keys?????

    • Rosember says:

      You will have to wait until episode 10, since they have said that episodes 10,11 and 12 are episodes related to the keys.

      5×10 Map of the Seven Knights
      5×11 Key move
      5×12 into the Schwarzwald ( into the Black Forest)

  7. Rtc says:

    I am glad they brought her back. She supported Nick through this whole thing. I’m glad she’s not really gone even though she’s a totally different person now. I know a lot of people didn’t like her but I always did. It’s Adalind I hate and I’ve been rewatching from season one and let me tell you it just makes me hate Adalind even more and I hate the thought of Nick and her being involved

  8. Kingmose1 says:

    SOOOO glad she is back! I like the entire cast, I’ve even gotten to the point that I tolerate Adalind.

  9. Jake says:

    Agreed, don’t like the idea of Nick and Adalind, especially since she was the cause of Juliette turning into a hexenbeast and everything that followed. FWIW, I never disliked the Juliette character, I think that the writers just never gave her anything good to do.
    Looking forward to the show’s return.

    • snowqueen says:

      In change the main of us Love Nick & Adalind. We have seen EVERYTHING between Juliette and Nick. So bored as the hell.

    • Idgie says:

      I really like the character of Adalind, now that she is human. It seems to be that Hexenbiests are innately not “good” wesen. Hence the very negative reaction even other wesen have about them. All of them have been preternaturally bad or at least of questionable character including the one that tried to help Juliette and Sean’s mother. Add to their propensity for being “bad”, the fact that an innocent Juliette was created unnaturally (which only added to her powers and her tendency to be bad with the total lack of any real support and an understanding attitude from everyone especially Nick…just fueled her evil character. Nick and friends helped create the monster she became despite her innate “goodness and selflessness” as Juliette pre Hexenbiest!

      • NDFan says:

        I like the way you explained that. Makes me feel a little better about the whole thing, though she rrally did get a raw deal. Though I still don’t enjoy Adalind. I just have trouble getting past what she did to Nick.

      • Alichat says:

        I don’t know that I would say Nick and friends helped create the monster. I think she too easily embraced the anger and evil in herself. Once she stopped hiding everything from them and told them what was going on, they tried her help her….tried to support her….and be understanding. She would get mad and lash out at them….because they wanted to help her. They tried…but Juliette is primarily responsible with becoming the monster she was.

    • prish says:

      All this does make the head spin, doesn’t it? I liked Juliette, too, until they wrote her assisting in that death. Now, if they have Kelly pop back up doing her grimm thing, I’m ok with her coming back.

  10. smartysenior says:

    They may be taking this whole thing too far into the dark side for me. It seems to have lost its light touch and good side that was the balance that worked before. I’ll give it a try but if it’s all doom and death I’ll kiss it a fond farewell for what fun it used to be.

    • Idgie says:

      The fact that the show went darker is exactly the reason why I really enjoy the show now and think it is much better than before. The supernatural genre is not meant to have a light tone. I think that is why a well written and acted show like IZombie is not doing as well as other darker CW shows. The original Grimm fairy tales were very dark and scary and this show should never have been as light as it used to be, as it is thematic of the Grimm Fairy Tales. I think one reason it had a lighter tone was because dark themed shows, let alone supernatural or paranormal as a rule do not do very well on Mainstream Network TV. They either get cancelled unless they get a large enough cult following, ex. Lost, Fringe,The original X-Files but they are rarely ratings bonanzas like the NCIS or The Big Bang . If you really want a lighter tone, there is always the Good Witch on Hallmark Channel. By the way don’t get me wrong, I do watch shows with a lighter tone, but supernatural and light are not meant to be in the same sentence. Just my opinion.

  11. Murica! says:

    I was so happy when I though juliette was dead last season. I can’t stand her. I hope she dies soon and that she stays dead this time.

  12. snowqueen says:

    i think that this character, Juliette, has lost all her dignity.
    If i´d be Bitsie i had told to the writers a resounding “No”. Because in the promotional photos this new woman, Eve, looks like a real clown with these cheap wigs colors. Because what is she really? I never liked Juliette, even me must confess taht she was much better as human, though she was bland and bored. Now is a kind of little monster resurrecter with Zero soul dressed like a tranvestite? Bad writing for her. For an actress is a little humilliating.

  13. prish says:

    The husband asks, “She’s got to fight for something. Who is she going to fight for? I am getting used to this relationship with Adelind. I like the Adelind character. She’s vulnerable and just got in with the wrong type of association. They’re getting complicated, way too complicated.”

  14. Pia says:

    I binged the last five episodes while home on cold meds, so I’m confused about two things: who beat up Trubel? Why did Meisner have her locked up? Did I miss something or fall for editing?

  15. snuck says:

    Don’t nobody want her back. I don’t care if they renamed her eve. Who cares. All these people talking about they hate adalind she not the one who set up nick mom and had her killed. Bringing eve to the show was a very bad idea. And that’s why the ratings drop. I hope the writers realized that before its bye bye Grimm.

    • jef says:

      you’re right

    • VickiDM says:

      Well seeing as how Eve hasn’t even been in the first half of the season I can’t see how you can blame her for the ratings drop. Most people who have stopped watching have commented that it’s because they can’t stand the thought of watching Nick and Adalind and even more people are saying if they put them in a relationship they will stop watching. There is so much criticism of this online if you look beyond ‘shippers’ pages. That is what is causing the ratings drop.

    • NDFan says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious by the comments here that many people DO want her back. Sorry you’re not a fan but not everyone feels the same as you do.

  16. The trailer and the books were destroyed, but the guy that Truble was with had a set because his dad was a Grimm. Will Nick ever get those books back?

  17. KayCeeCee says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  18. I don’t know uf this is good idea or a bad one but it’s done. Yes, Juliette’s character needed more rounding out, but making her a super hexenbeist? I will weigh in more once I see what happens. I love the series and want it to continue. And who knows. . . Even though she has supposedly been “remade ” some of her deep seated feelings for Nick may resurface and they make a new go at it. Never say never is my motto. They’d make a great duo: bad ass Grimm and super charged hexenbeist. The way Nick has worked with a lot of other wesen makes this very plausible.

  19. jeff says:

    Juliette is a murder of Nick’s mom and the Neighbors and burning the trailer. I will never forgive her. has to die permanently

    • Sorry you feel that way, however having Juliette come back and tell Nick she didn’t know Kenneth was going to do that paves the way for a rekindling down the road, in my eyes. What she did to the trailor was revenge on what she lost : herself. Not all was lost and I know the writers will find a way to replace a lot of ut, possibly thru Garidai b s

  20. sis1951 says:

    Should of left her alone. I liked Juliette messed up there. Not liking it.

  21. grimmania says:

    I’m looking fwd to next episode. Think Eva totally different personality than juliette so hope people Stop ragging on her. Liked her total support of nick before hexenbiest took over. Don’t know where that’s going. Disagree with the fan that says there is no place for some lightness in supernatural series. That’s one of the things that makes the characters human and likeable. Where would we be without Monroe ‘ s humor. Hope they continue infusing the series with the light side of the characters. This is one of the things that meld the characters together.

  22. Sandie says:

    I love the fact that Bitsy is back on the show, especially now that she is in control and equal to Nick in power! Now Nick doesn’t have to worry about keeping her safe. She can take care of herself!