Billions Renewed for Season 2

Showtime is bullish about Billions.

The network announced Tuesday that the Damian Lewis-Paul Giamatti drama about the showdown between a hedge-fund king and an ambitious U.S. attorney has been renewed for Season 2.

Billions premiered earlier this month to just under a million viewers and a 0.2 demo rating. In its second outing, it ticked up to a 0.3 rating. The pilot episode, which was available on demand and online starting Jan. 1, had the best-ever debut ratings for a Showtime series, according to the network, with its pilot being viewed by 6.5 million viewers across all platforms.

Excited about Billions‘ renewal? Sound off below!

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  1. JRS831 says:

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and with the exception of the opening scene (no spoilers but those who have seen the first episode know what I mean) I’m a fan. This is a smart, well written show and I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I didn’t care for the first scene either, except I ended up really liking how it set up that last scene of the first episode.

      • Kristen says:

        Once I saw the end of the first episode, I was okay with the beginning. It tied everything together and made sense.

        In my opinion, if you aren’t watching Billions, you need to be. Suits is one of my favorite shows, and I get that same feeling with this series. Axelrod is my Harvey. Love this show!

  2. kmayne says:

    Very good drama. Very happy that I started watching it

  3. Beth says:

    Brilliant show so far.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    Hope Damian Lewis returns for another season like he was on another Showtime series in Homeland.

  5. jj says:

    I tried to get through the second episode but the dialogue was so cheesy and cliche that I had to turn it off. This is good news for the fans but I wish the writing was better considering the caliber of the actors involved

  6. Stephanie Nielson says:

    I’m watching Billions because Damian Lewis is starring in it. He’s as close to Steve McQueen as your ever going to get. I hope the writing gets better in Season 2. It’s not as compelling to watch as Homeland but because Damian Lewis is in it, I would watch it even if he was just reading a phone book. Suits is my other favorite show but it’s the writing that captivates although all the actors are equally wonderful.

  7. John anatra says:

    The best show on cable by far axe rocks Maggie ziff n Damon Lewis great actors love it hope there’s 10 seasons

  8. Kim says:

    This is the worst show ever. Terrible dialogue. The plot is so predictable. The show is beneath the level of the all-star cast and I am more than disappointed that they would want to even be associated with these terrible scripts. The staff meetings are just filled with tired cliches. “Yo momma” jokes would seem more natural. I can’t believe I actually sat through 6 episodes. I was hoping that it might get better. Anyone who thinks this is “brilliant” needs an IQ test but then, the intelligence level of the world is getting lower all the time.

    It is an ultimate waste of time. Between Shameless and Billions–Showtime is really hurting for quality. It doesn’t matter how good the actors are–if the writing and directing is as abysmal as it is on this show–no amount of talented acting can make it good. This show is lowest common denominator and those who like it are brainwashed lemmings.

  9. Rick R says:

    Started watch after Episode 2……………..had to catch up on previous episodes…… hooked……….am a fan of the show and don’t miss any episodes…………..great writing, Damian Lewis is believable as Axe, great actors…………………….

  10. Debbie Young says:

    I love the lead actors (Giammati and Lewis are a great yin and yang). And both wives are terrific. I enjoy the show for what it is…basic soap opera. I read the reviews going in and the critics were disappointed; they believed the show could have been more substantive. They’re right but not everything has to come from the loins of an Aaron Sorkin. This show is like reading In Style magazine. It’s fun but I’m not going to learn anything. It’s just a sweet indulgence.

  11. Robert Bruce says:

    Wille Reale’s screenplay for already relentlessly intelligent series deserves an Emmy for tonight’s season finale episode alone.
    …screenplay = brilliant:
    “I know and you know a smile is a gateway to multiple orgasms.”
    “This isn’t IKEA is it?”
    “No but it works the same.”

  12. gaynor and john henry says:

    Absolutely addictive. Who knew an hour could go so quickly. Totally believable and totally brilliant. Everyone is excellent in their roles. Can’t wait for next season.

  13. Lenore says:

    This program has been getting better every episode. So glad it’s renewed.

  14. S Fran says:

    Best series on tv. Great moral battles, love the characters. My favorite scene is when Axe is having the fake sceaming contast with Dollar Bill…had to watch it 3 times. Hilarious!!!

  15. Gary Blomquist says:

    Love’d “Billions” and am looking forward to season 2.

  16. Lauren says:

    My favorite show hands down. Love Ax!!!!!

  17. Jonathan Slocumb says:

    I just finished the finale and am ANXIOUS for season 2. It’s THE BEST DRAMA on television. CONGRATS SHOWTIME! Oh and THE DIVERSITY is absolutely splendid!

  18. Joel Rios says:

    I love this show!!!!!!!!
    Kudos Showtime!!!!!!!!!!

  19. gaynor and john henry says:

    Holy Smackers what a finale!!! Now we all have to wait. Love this show! But there is Ray Donovan to look forward to.

  20. Kbmcgil says:

    Billions is great! Damian Lewis plays a fantastic anti-hero. Paul Giamatti is wonderful as the jealous and self righteous DA. Some good twists and turns in the story line. Looking forward to viewing the second season!

    • Stephanie Nielson says:

      I’m glad it was renewed. However, I only watch Billions because Damian Lewis is starring in it. I also like Paul Giamatti, even though I hated the movie Sideways. That was a boring movie. It took me a long time to like him again after that movie, but his brilliant acting makes me like him. As far as Damian, he’s not only a brilliant actor but he’s also mesmerizing on the screen. He’s just magnificent! Homeland was my favorite. Would love to see him star in more TV Series and Feature films.

  21. Sharon says:


  22. Tracey says:

    Great series, downloaded the whole series, cannot wait until 2nd series. Love Damien Lewis

  23. Denise Morales says:

    Small Spoiler Alert:
    Paul Giamatti ” The only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources , is a man with nothing to lose. And that is what you are looking at right here”…..cut to the song ” DIMED OUT”…
    Perfect choice!!!
    I can’t wait until Season 2..
    I 💜 Paul & Damien Lewis. What a great pairing of characters!!

  24. Oveta Fleenor says:

    I like the show because it is different from a lot of series. The cast is unusual and great. I’m glad the series is being renewed.

  25. Ann says:

    This very quickly became one of my favorite series. Glad to know it’s coming back.

    • Stephanie Nielson says:

      Only watch Billions because I like Damian Lewis. Hope the writing gets better this season.
      Homeland was riveting, but Billions is just ok. Damian Lewis should be offered better roles. Life wasn’t much better. It was just ok too, but I watched it because Damian was so brilliant in Homeland. He could be another Steve McQueen if he was offered better dramatic roles instead of off best comedy. Would love to see him in a feature film.

  26. It’s a good show. It is about a bunch of annoying pricks and not one person is likeable but the writing is tight and I can’t stop watching it. I am glad it has been renewed.