Vampire Diaries Originals Crossover

Vampire Diaries/Originals Crossover: Klaus and Stefan Bond Over [Spoiler]

Now that The CW has confirmed a Vampire Diaries/Originals crossover for later this season, it’s time to talk details.

“The crossover was born out Stefan needing a place to escape,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “He’s on the run. He needs to go somewhere where magic can’t find him, and we realized he can go to New Orleans where there’s that bar where magic doesn’t work.”

Plec planned to leave it at that, a fun episode of The Vampire Diaries with special guest star Klaus Mikaelson — that is, until Joseph Morgan joined the conversation:

“Joe said, ‘I’ll happily do it on The Vampire Diaries, but can we do this on The Originals, too?’ We said, ‘If we can come up with something good, absolutely,’ and then we realized we have the perfect storyline already happening: the sire line and the war [between] all the trinity, and the prophecy saying that one of these Originals will die or all of them will fall. The fear of that impacts Stefan directly, and so he sticks around for an Originals episode to participate in the latest dilemma to come out of that situation.”

Klaus hasn’t seen Stefan since the hero-haired Salvatore started dating the supposed love of Klaus’ life, but if you’re hoping to witness an all-out battle for the affections of Caroline Forbes, you’re going to be pretty disappointed.

“Stefan’s now with Caroline, and Klaus, of course, has just gone through everything he’s gone through with Cami,” Plec reminds us. “They actually have a surprisingly civil and honest conversation about love — what it means and the sacrifices that you have to make in the name of it.”

Your hopes for the long-awaited crossover? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. erica says:

    lmao just had the convinient storyline lmao sure try selling it like the cw didnt force it!

    • Michele says:

      Eww Sterocest needs to go. Their sibling relationship turned romantic is cringe worthy and needs to be stopped. I honestly could care less who Stefan/Caroline dates as long as it’s not each other. But I’m here for Stefan/Klaus sharing scenes again.

      • Cara says:

        AGREE! I can’t watch them when they come on screen. The only pairing with chemistry on tvd is Bonnie and Damon and they’re not using them!?! Like wth? When your shows ratings are in the dumpster why wouldn’t you use everything in your arsenal to try and revive them? It doesn’t make sense. This crossover has come a little late as well although I’m glad for Klefan scenes but also would’ve liked Bonnie to c/o…she could’ve gotten lessons on her magic. It’s like these writers have no imagination what so ever but they sure like to throw around the word “organic” when I have yet to see anything organic on tvd for four years.

        • Whitney says:

          Finally someone said it! Bamon is the only dynamic worth watching. Does no one get there was a ban on their scenes together, Hello?? Nina gave them a gift and they are wasting it on Steroline!! PLEASE someone needs to have JP’s head examined. And to waste a scene on a cross over, that should’ve happened many years ago, on some bloody dull, blech, no chem romance is a crime. I can’t believe that MN agreed to this, he’s the only one with brains between the two shows. I like Stefan and Caroline, Stefan is one of my favorite characters but them together just does not work. Paul and Candice have no romantic chemistry and it’s painful to watch. Stefan and Caroline need dynamic characters (WITH chemistry) that they can play off of. P.S. I also find it interesting that there seems to be a ban on Stefan and Bonnie scenes. If they’re so obtuse about Bamon then let’s see if Stefonnie can hold our attention, anything has to be better than steroline.

          • Maisy says:

            Oh yeah, I think you just pin pointed what was making me feel bored by Steroline scenes, I shipped their friendship hard and was interested to see how their romance would evolve, but they had the markings for a great healthy romance, but they took a really ugly path instead, which was a shame. But I was surprised to feel all ‘meh’ about their romantic sense, and just realised that you are right, they do need a dynamic character to bounce off.

      • Allie says:

        I have to agree with all of you, a romance that people can root for is what’s missing on TVD now that Dobrev has left. I’m sorry but Plec/Dries turned tvd into a soap opera and people want romance because we can all agree mythology hasn’t been on the Plec/Dries top priority list for seasons. SorrynotSorry Sterosnore is not cutting it. They were much better as friends and they don’t have the dynamic to be a romance. So agree that Paul and Candice have no romantic chemistry they have friend chemistry and that’s what we all loved about them. What should’ve happened was that both brothers should’ve been left single at the end of season 6 so that the writers could have more room to breathe and build (in Stefan’s case introduce) a new romance. If they weren’t going to use Bamon (which boggles my mind they don’t) then they should’ve brought someone else in for Damon. I have been so disappointed by this season and was hoping for so much more with Dobrev’s exit.

        • Mak says:

          The thing is Plec & Dries are fans of Delena…Elena’s current fate makes it really hard to pair Damon up with someone right now. If Elena had died would be easier. But they made Elena’s exit in a way that would be tough to have Damon be in another rship again whilst Elena is in that coma, how would they even explain Damon being with anyone let alone Bonnie when elena is in ‘limbo’.
          Maybe drunken hook-ups with randoms..yes, but a real rship for Damon right now would be tricky to explain. And Plec has also already expressed that she’d wish to have Nina back for the series finale if possible…meaning at some point before the series ends DE will/might reunite.

          • Lauren says:

            I think that’s why Allie said both brothers should’ve been single at the end of s6 so this season would’ve given them room to work with. Have to agree they painted themselves into a corner by not having Elena go out of town or die last season. Although they did have her say “live your life” so to me that means Damon should date. Not everyone is a de fan so we want him to move on because the show can’t just have the lead character chained to a coffin for how many ever seasons are left. Even if this season was going to be the last, the lead should’ve been able to move on so it wouldn’t have left the show in stagnation. I think Plec was trying to hold on to as many viewers as she could and thought the sleeping beauty sl would be a good idea to hold on to those ratings. She gave the de fans a good ending so this season should’ve been character development for Damon. Plec really did waste a good opportunity to turn things around.

          • zed says:

            I agree with Lauren. Both Stefan and Damon would have so much more interesting if they didn’t have Caroline and Elena attached to them in one way or the other. Bamon would have been a great thing if only the EP’s realized that- it would have been so fresh and new- and now all is just stale. Elena should have just gone to live her human life somewhere-

        • Olivia says:

          I see your point and I think that Klaus should come back to Caroline.

      • Lorna says:

        Agreed. They have no romantic or sexual chemistry. Yucky Steroline.

  2. Kathy says:

    YAY thank goodness, I’m happy with Steroline. Love them.

  3. Ari says:

    Stefan is really the only TVD character I would want to see crossover because he always had such an interesting relationship with Klaus. I’m pleased with everything I’m reading about this crossover so far.

  4. Jess says:

    Is it wrong that I’m dreading this? It feels too late and too shoehorned. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but not holding my breath.

  5. Kinsey says:

    Happy it’s not gonna be added love interest drama. I’m here for Steroline.

  6. M says:

    Yaaaay! Love Steroline and Klamille. Can’t wait to see how Stefan and Klaus talk about the love of their lives! Stefan about Caroline and Klaus about Camille :)

  7. Anny says:

    Steroline and Klamille is all that matters Yasssss!I’m so excited to see the Klefan dynamic again,they were great!

  8. Stacey says:

    I’m looking forward to it! Glad it’s not gonna be a romantic type crossover, I’m happy that Stefan and Caroline are together now.

  9. watchqueen86 says:

    Loving Klaus and Cami…keep up with that :)

  10. Maddie says:

    Steroline is my favorite ship so I’m happy the writers aren’t gonna be making it into something else, great news. I can look forward to the crossover now. <3

  11. Angie says:

    We waited 2 years for Klaroline…and we will stay here no matter what!#HoweverLongItTakes

    • Jill says:

      Not gonna happen

      • Maisy says:

        Well………except for when it is I guess? Like in the three upcoming scenes where its established that they have been keeping abreast of each others lives, and that Klaus is the person that Caroline flees to with her children when seeking safety. But sure, whatever you say.

        • Julia says:

          And Klaus isn’t in NOLA to be her safe haven when she gets there. Which makes it pointless.

          • Maisy says:

            Pointless? How so? It establishes in the narrative that Caroline trusts with both herself and her children’s safety. Just because its open ended, doesn’t make it pointless, in fact it opens up all sorts of questions like; Where is Klaus? What happened to him? Will Caroline find his family and ask? What happened shortly in the TO timeline that makes Klaus disappear for so long? Its a thread that potentially ties the shows together to unravel the mystery. I think its the opposite of pointless.

  12. astrid says:

    oh interesting using klaroline to sell your story andy but i guess you like everyone else in the media knows klaroline is the only thing selling this crossover!

    • Jill says:

      Tell me how klaroline is selling this crossover? Not a word has been said about that dead ship by any writers/producers lol
      Stay dellusional

      • Maisy says:

        Lol, there have been 10+ mainstream media articles that reference Klaroline as the point of main interest in the crossover, some in great depth. Which is pretty funny as we know they are careful to not even mention Caroline by name when talking about her on TO.

        I get that some people would like that ship to be dead, but doesn’t the fact that there are currently tons of media articles out about them atm, and they have trended what? 3, 4? Times this past month, and that there is the Klefan conversation, the Klaroline phone call, and Caroline running to Klaus wither magical babies in a TVD flash forward. I mean call me crazy, but a strong media presence, social media domination and multiple scenes coming doesn’t really spell dead to me?

      • morgan says:

        lol did you not read the article itself….

  13. Leah says:

    Here For Klaroline Always And Forever ❤

  14. Anna says:

    Too little too late in my opinion. Personally I gave up on TO cold turkey after Tyler’s crossover, and Stefan’s presence won’t change it. This is too calculated, & too much has been said & done from the writers- all their lame excuses of “fitting in a crossover”. If they couldn’t think of ideas from the get-go than maybe Plec needs a creative writing class or two.

  15. Can’t wait to see the crossover and for Klefan to talk about Klamille and Steroline!

  16. Clara says:

    Supposed love of Klaus’ life? But they never bonded over anything? It was just random sex in the woods? He stabbed her and treated her badly, threatened her, her current boyfriend and her friends and didn’t stop stalking her until she gave in and had sex with him? He promised that he would never come back if she had sex with him? What kind of love of life is that? Hello?

    • Tyanna says:

      They have bonded over things. Like their strained relationships with their family members (him with his father and her with her father and mother). In fact, she was one of the first people outside of his family that he spoke candidly to about his relationship with his abusive father . He has saved her life twice and she has saved his too, so that was something they bonded over.

      I think those two stopping (not ending, there is a difference) with giving into their physical attraction to one another was a bit of a disservice to the fans and honestly a cop out by JP. Klaroline was more that a physical attraction, they connected to each other in very emotional ways (abandonment by parents, insecurities and fear etc). The only reason why they had sex in the woods was because JP wanted it to be that way, NOT that they weren’t capable of anything else.

    • Maisy says:

      Well I have to admit that I prefer it over the horrifying mental rape that Cami suffered at his hands. I mean heartfelt teary eyed moments where you confess that your sanity being unstable is something that haunts you, your greatest terrifying fear, only for the person who you told to turn around and thoroughly screw with your mind, making you doubt your sanity, pimping you out to date the man he wants you to spy on, using you as his wet tissue, to vent his mainpain into.

      How is that a romance? Cami calls out Klaus, only to turn around 5 mins later to excuse it all as manpain and offer her doe eyed forgiveness, she is an enabler. I find it almost as gross as Damon/Caroline.

  17. Jovana says:

    This is great news! Klefan, Klamille, Steroline.

  18. Mari says:

    Sad that she squanders the best pairing, for the two subpar ones. Won’t be watching this.

  19. Mary says:

    We know Caroline is going to Nola to find Klaus…so we can wait!We did it for 2 years.. #KlarolineAlwaysAndForever

    • Julia says:

      Except Klaus isn’t in NOLA to be her saviour when she goes to find him. So her fleeing to him is pointless – he’s not there.

      • Maisy says:

        Yeah its super exciting, the fact that she goes to him, and he is missing is massive. It kicks off so many questions, and the timing? That he has been one for 3 years, that means what happens in TO this season is probably the reason why- so what happens next? What I think you are calling ‘pointless’ is actually a pretty massive deal, and looks to me like a tie between the shows, should one be cancelled, and them re-joined. I am really excited by what you have tried to dismiss- time jumps, the mystery of Klaus missing, what Caroline does next, its more exciting then the snooze fest we have had lately that’s for sure.

  20. Ana says:

    Klaroline Always and Forever ❤️❤️
    I’m not hopping for a battle Klaus is a gentleman and he intends to Caroline’s last love he knows she has to experience other love stories before he can be her last.

  21. Lou says:

    We already know there will be a Klaroline scene during it so I can’t wait for it because let’s be honest, it’s the only interesting scene on this crossover !

  22. I hope Stefan gets to interact with some of the other characters on The Originals. Anyone else wanna see a scene with Stefan and Marcel?

    • Maisy says:

      I think he teams up with Hayley, so yeah.

    • Katie says:

      Stefan and Marcel having a chat? That would be cool to see, just to see what that conversation could be like. And any scene with Charles Michael David does me a world of good. Of course so does Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gilles-you get the idea! I know a lot of people don’t trust or like JP (As I’ve said , only watched TVD once for fifteen minutes-didn’t like it.) as everyone said she ruined TVD, so I’m always worried she’ll do it to TO. Fortunately, Michael Narducci just about runs TO, in my opinion, the writing is good (knock on wood) and he doesn’t seem to be overly fond of JP himself. I don’t think he takes a lot of crap from her, either. So I have faith in TO but not so much in the other one. Oh well, let’s just wait and see.

  23. Jewels says:

    It’s not the crossover we anticipated, nor was Tyler’s and dont even get me started on Dobrev. Tatia was NOT a crossover.We were willing to wait…was even anxious about the spin-off & gave Joseph Morgan & the gang a shot in 2013 but things got laughable very quick.Stefan’s not worth my time either & at this point I wouldn’t want TO Klaus touching Caroline with a ten foot pole. Sounds like he’s turned out to be the most annoying character on CW. Klaroline’s continuity was necessary but now I don’t think anything can help Plec

  24. Zainab says:

    “supposed love of Klaus’s life”- can Andy Swift be anymore pressed about Klaroline, we all know that Klaroline is the only thing anybody’s going to talk about when the episodes air. Anyway excited about the Klaroline scene and Caroline going to NOLA, not even going to bother watching TO until Queen Care arrives…

  25. Stacy says:

    If there is not any Klaroline, JP will see the ratings for both of her shows plummet even more. My friends and I stopped watching both shows, we dislike Steroline and Klamille and to sit through those scenes is torture so better to stop watching. Not a good idea to alienate the second largest fandom, behind Delana.

  26. Lorna says:

    JM such a class act. Just love him.

  27. Vanessa says:

    Yay! Steroline and Klamille <3 I'm kind of excited they are going to talk about love.

  28. Nour says:

    i’m here for Klaroline always

  29. Amy says:

    “Klaus hasn’t seen Stefan since the hero-haired Salvatore started dating the supposed love of Klaus’ life” – this line made me laugh. Nicely done.

  30. LiLy says:

    I can’t wait for episodes 7×12 7×13 7×14 3×14 7×15 all have Klaroline hints and I love it!!!!

  31. Vampie says:

    So the Crossover involves only Stephan going to The Originals but not Klaus going to The Vampire Diaries?

    I was expecting something more dramatic and powerfurl for this crossover to take place, not just some stupid lame love talk between the two about their respective love of their lives. What a waste of airtime that will be then.

  32. Freya says:

    This sounds like an epically boring crossover. How untalented are these writers & show runners & how unsupportive of the Originals as a show if it was Joseph Morgan who had to suggest the Cross Over extend into his show?
    And again instead of capitalising on the key lingering relationship between the two shows characters of Klaus & Caroline (a, let’s be honest about this, media & general fan favourite past pairing) it looks like they are now going to use it to prop up the increasingly problematic & boring Steroline & the more boring & unpopular Klamille. (Sorry it’s a personal opinion but I have watched the pairing and if Klamille was a color it would be beige). And why Stefan as the cross over figure? Is this some chance for Plec to indulge Paul Wesley in hanging out with his real life girlfriend – honestly we could see that in the Tabloids.
    I’m so unenthused by this cross over at this point. It’s too little too late & just demonstrates again the lack of creative ‘organic’ juice in both shows.

    • Hannah says:

      Beige would be the color of Sterobore as well. There’s nothing they can do to make them an interesting pair, when there’s no chemistry there’s no writing anyone can do to make it worth watching.

  33. Jared says:

    A crossover that nobody cares about lol. I still watch TVD’s but this seems very forced and about 2 years too late.

  34. Stephanie says:

    I’m very happy with the details I’ve seen about the crossover. Klefan all the way <3 I can't wait to see a new scene with them. P.S: Klamille & Steroline will only grow! o/

  35. Tyanna says:

    I am glad there is going to be a crossover. Both shows clearly need it because rating forms them are down and not improving. The shows seem to be suffering with slow (and frankly uninteresting) chemistry between characters and poor, recycled plotlines. They both need to bring new energy to both shows with fresh dynamics between characters and a much needed twist and depth the the shows storylines.

    I hear that Caroline and Klaus will share a phone conversation this episode, which is fantastic. Both characters, while not together and seeing other people, have had a significant impact on each other’s lives and it will be a shame to not acknowledge that. If it weren’t for Klaus, Caroline wouldn’t have been as outspoken and self assured as she is known if it weren’t for Caroline, Klaus wouldn’t be as merciful and tactful of a man as he is now. Yes, they aren’t together,and may never be on tv (romantically or otherwise), but that doesn’t mean they can’t be apart of one another’s lives and reconnect.

    Either way, I believe in Klaroline. They had a very interesting and intriguing relationship. To see that go to waste on other characters (like Stefan and Camille) who cannot hold a candle to Klaroline in terms of chemistry, depth and believability, is sad. Klaroline would’ve been great together. I just wish JP would have never thrown it away.

  36. Brie says:

    UGH! I was excited for the crossover until I read they are forcing a conversation about steroline. Seriously Julie? I don’t want Stefan and Klaus talking about the most dull ship you’ve created when we FINALLY get a crossover. I can only hope Candice doesn’t come back from her maternity leave so we won’t have to endure another sterozzz scene.

    • Vampie says:

      Totally agree with you. I mean seriously a crossover where the main plot will be a love talk of Stephan about Caroline and Klause about Camille? Julie you can do better than than. I mean what the writers are thinking? Are they under some kind of vudu juice or something to come up with that stupid plot for the crossover??

      ALl the hype about the crossover only to learn that the plot will be the most boring lame stupid one out there. It was better not do it it in the first place.

      Boycott the shows for this lame crossover. I mean I thought it was going to be about some action drama, blood, revenge especially coming from Klaus

    • Amy says:

      I agree!! Soooo boring.

  37. Larkin says:

    Yes finally the perfect couples are made clear for once, Im so happy for Klamille and Steroline, both these guys deserve the right woman to be happy with, for the rest of their eternall life. :) It’s so right.

  38. Beba says:

    The crossover is about Klaus and Stefan

    • Julia says:

      Yup – but Klaus gives his blessing for Steroline and Stefan is there when Klaus buries Aurora alive and tells Stefan that it was payback for what Aurora did to Camille (who is now a vampire). So it’s about their respective pairings too.

  39. JT says:

    Sorry TVD now you can’t get me to watch the crossover. I don’t want the two most powerful vampires (ripper Stefan) from both shows to talk about their boring love lives. I want to see them act like the vampires they are. Steroline should’ve died way before now, don’t know what Klamile is like because I don’t watch TO but I’m sure it’s boring as well. When are the vampires going to start acting like vampires on a vampire show? smh

    • Vampie says:

      I agree wtith you JT, Im here for them to act like vampires not about love stories. Is that the crossover? Geez Im not watching it then. What is wrong with Julie?? Get youra cto together and make a crossover worthy of watch it. If it is about love stories I better tune to watch a soap opera.

  40. Kristina says:

    Excited to see that hopefully Klaus’ character evolution will (hopefully) stick and he isn’t going around backstabbing everyone around him. I think he and Stefan could have some really fun interactions.

  41. Maisy says:

    Wow, they are really back peddling on the whole Klami thing huh? Klami is the new Voldemort, nobody is talking about it, they dance around talking about it- just like they kept talking about her worth is as a friend for years. I say Klami fans should enjoy whatever they can, while they can- romances on this show never end well, or last long.

    Steroline, oh Steroline, what have they done to you? I swear Julie Plec suffers from a rare form of obsessive compulsive romantic triangle disorder, what else can explain the Steferine 2.0 that is Valerie? Caroline getting lied to and sidelined, and eventually replaced by (in the flash forward) Val, I mean hasn’t she suffered enough? Getting burdened with the mess that is the whole forced surrogacy to her high school teacher, who killed her father. Cant a girl catch a break?

    They have had two and a half years to do a decent crossover, lets not pretend that this isn’t forced by the network, and dismal ratings. But hey at least we can get Stefan to prop Hayley, he hasn’t been used for that yet, unlike every show

  42. Katie says:

    Wow, there’s a whole lotta hatin’ goin’ on here! Pure and simple my friends: Just. don’t. watch. it. Turn it to another station, put in a DVD, or just turn off the television and do something else. TO is the only show I watch (almost) religiously but other than that, I don’t watch a lot of series. When Buffy went sideways, I did all the things above and then some. Still do. I even read. So, just enjoy what shows you do watch and let go of the ones that, in your opinion, have gone stale. And by the way, shipping isn’t the b-all to end-all, at least to some of us. Overall, let’s just agree to disagree. And..I can’t wait until next Friday’s mid-season premiere! Yippee!

    • Larkin says:

      OMG seriously i n cringing at some of the things i read. Very uncomfortable, Why watching something that is so hateful for some people and be party poppers for others loving the two shows and couples? How sad…If i do not like something i do not watch it, i could never spew so much hate man…If there are things in life that we must hate surely are not bloody fake characters and shows, those supposed to be for fun.

      • Vicky says:

        I’m laughing at the people bothered by other people not liking the same things you do. How is it hard to understand that not everyone will share the same opinion? Not everyone is going to like the same things about a show. Forums like this is for people to state their opinion and YES they different. Your opinion doesn’t mean more than someone elses. My suggestion is if you don’t like reading someone else disagreeing with you don’t read them, SIMPLE or just get over yourself. LOL

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          I think the point is tho that we all love these shows, so why are some people being so childish and negative, your only hurting the show you love, when you could just as easily turn ur negative comment into a creative one that could help.

          • Maisy says:

            Isnt that the nature of critique? I know when I am using critical thinking to discuss some form of txt, I don’t try to make my points sound other then what they are- honest opinion.

            I find it hilarious that the same people that chastise others for voicing their opinions, have no issue sharing theirs.

            I mean, the shows, their plot directions even their change of renewal are all up in the air atm. There is a good chance that some big changes are coming. Why? Because the show in its current form is haemorrhaging viewers. So what if the format you love does change? What if the ship you love gets abruptly dumped and one you don’t like is pushed forward? What if the shows recombine, and your fave is still there, and you still love them, just not the goings on around them. Don’t tell me that you are not going to vocalise your opinion.

            People need to stop trying to censure and shame others just because the vocalise a dissent they are uncomfortable/ don’t agree with.

  43. Phoenix5634 says:

    So excited for this crossover, can’t wait! The Klaus and Stefan dynamic was always really good.

  44. Des says:

    Honestly, I’m dreading thw crossover. Not the TVD one because honestly the show is bad either way, Klaus may even spice it up a bit, but the TO one? No TVD character has actually been acknowledged in it and it’s just out of the blue. I can sense 3×14 being a filler ep. I really hope I’m wrong, but…

  45. Alvaro says:

    Are both shows even on the same moment in time? I mean I’m not sure, but I feel like TVD has done bigger time jumps between seasons than TO.

  46. Maryann says:

    I am very much looking forward to these crossovers. They just feel organic and right.

    As far as ships go, the only romance I care about in either show is Klaus and Cami. And of course friendship scenes (not romance) between Bonnie an Damon. Klaus and Caroline is just sick, and Stefan and Caroline have zero chemistry.

  47. anonymous says:

    So I stopped watching TVD after Nina Dobrev left so I have no clue what’s going on with it. Will I need to know what’s going on in TVD to understand what’s going on in The Originals crossover episode? Does anyone know?

  48. Daneesha says:

    I absolutely love both shows so for this to be happening I can already tell its going to be amazingly entertaining👏👏👏

  49. Isis says:

    I do love their storyline, Camille and Klaus (TO) and Stefan and Caroline (TVD). They are perfect couples.

    • Larkin says:

      Yeah i agree loving them so much. So amazingly written and the chemistry is off the charts, i m excited to see Stefan and Klaus reunion for the right reasons, helping each other.

  50. Whitney says:

    Who wants to see them talking about boring sterocest? I’m only here for Klefan and they need to bring in a kicka$$ love interest for Stefan not whiny baby talking Caroline

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      How about Valerie and Stefan together… What does the “shipping” crowd think about them ?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I hope the Orignals and the heretics have a storyline eventually. Klaus would be very interested in their abilities, and especially Julian’s phoenix sword or whatever it’s called. For that matter, so would the Strix.

      Stefan and Valerie might be a good way to introduce the heretics to the Originals. Also Klaus and Stefan are fantastic when they share scenes, so is Elijah and Damon tho.